‘No real progress in PH if dynasties not dismantled’

When our dad passed
away on May 29, 1980, our
mother, Fausta Reyes Ramil,
became the matriarch of our
family. She decided to stay
at our house in Livermore,
California by herself. It was
Cesar and Lindo, who live
just a couple of miles away,
who were the closest to her
and as expected were the ones
who visited her more often.
April 25-May 1, 2014
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April 25-May 1, 2014
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Ben Maynigo Msgr Gutierrez Zena Babao
Arnis Baston Grips
or Holds .. p 10
Pansol still PHL hot spring capital
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Poverty not a hindrance to UP
summa cum laude’s success
CES on the Hill ..
p 9
In Good and Bad
Times .. p 8
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US-based Pinoys call on PNoy to ask Obama
for TPS approval, drone technology
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Father and Son, USN Retired
The Life Stories of Quintin Ramil, Sr. & Jr.
By Quintin R. Ramil, Jr
Chapter 26
Family Matriarch
For Whom the Bell Tolls
The Boston Marathon Bombing
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Alexander John Cruz, BSCE
By Paolo G. Montecillo,
Philippine Daily Inquirer |
MANILA, 4/16/2014 --
The Philippines remains a
fragile democracy despite the
Aquino administration’s gains
that have not been enough to
make up for “nearly a decade
of regression” during the pre-
vious administration.
A new report by Bertels-
mann Foundation, a German
think tank, said true progress
in the Philippines would
be out of reach unless the
improbable was achieved:
Dismantling of oligarchies
that control both politics and
“Since the election of
Benigno Aquino III as presi-
dent in May 2010, the overall
development of democracy in
the Philippines has regained
momentum,” the group’s 2014
Bertelsmann Transformation
Index (BTI) 2014 report read.
“However, the corruption
and patronage under Gloria
Macapagal-Arroyo’s admin-
istration left behind a diffcult
legacy for the current presi-
dent,” it said.
Bertelsmann said the
dominance of entrenched fam-
ily clans in politics and the
economy should be reduced
in order to make politics and
economics more transparent
and competitive. The antidy-
nasty law, which has been de-
bated in Congress since 1987,
must be passed, it said.
This, however, would be
“highly unrealistic” since
President Aquino himself and
about 80 percent of lawmak-
ers come from these dynas-
The group’s BTI report,
published every two years,
analyzes and evaluates the
quality of democracy, mar-
ket economy and political
management in 129 develop-
ing and transition countries.
It measures successes and
setbacks on the path toward
democracy based on the rule
of law and a socially respon-
sible market economy.
The Philippines ranked
36th overall in the 2014 rank-
ings, improving from 48th in
2012. In terms of political and
economic transformation, the
"…..any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore
never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee. – John Donne, 1624.”
By Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
Publisher & Editor
Asian Journal San Diego
The Original and First Asian Journal in America
San Diego, California
April 19, 2013
(Editor's note: To commemorate the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, we are
reprinting this article published a year ago)
Like many people, I was glued to the television two days after the Boston Marathon
bombings. I was working at home with the computer monitor in front of me while the tele-
When my family visited her
after driving for more than
eight hours, it really meant so
much for all of us. She seems
the happiest when we are with
her and we never suspected
that she was just putting on a
show. We learned that after
we left, she would cry and cry.
This went on for fve years
before we discovered the
truth. So we all decided that
she should sell the house and
move in with Gloria and her
family in Concord. This was
the best thing that happened to
all of us.
She quickly adapted to the routines of
the Omanias and was never happier than
when playing the part of a grandmother,
mother, housekeeper, cook (she was
very good at this), baby sitter, fan,
cheerleader, volunteer and you name
it. She was involved in everything that
Gloria did. Mom was Gloria’s BFF
(best friend forever). Louie converted
their house from an “L” shape to a “U”
shape using the additional spaces for
ABS CBN News | MA-
NILA, 4/24/2014 – For Alex-
ander John Cruz, summa cum
laude and valedictorian of the
University of the Philippines’
chemical engineering class of
2014, poverty is not a hin-
drance to succeed in life.
Cruz made the statement
as he shared his story in an
interview on “Umagang Kay
Ganda” on Thursday.
Born and raised in Nueva
Ecija, Cruz said he initially
planned on continuing his
studies in the province be-
cause his family cannot afford
to send him to a university in
Metro Manila.
But because he has been doing well in
high school – he graduated valedictorian
– Cruz was offered a DOST scholarship
and was able to study in UP for free.
New adventures in old Pansol
ABS CBN News | MA-
NILA , 4/24/2014 – Visitors
to Calamba, Laguna not only
can visit the house where Jose
Rizal was born, they can also
bathe in the hot spring once
frequented by the country’s
national hero in his youth.
This little fact, shared by
business columnist Wilson
Lee Flores, who owns the
Neruda Hotspring Resort in
Pansol, amply suggests the
long history of this barangay,
which has become the Philip-
pines’ hot spring capital.
Historical accounts dating back to
the early years of Spanish colonial rule
have already mentioned the hot baths
in the area, which is not unusual given
that nearby Mount Makiling is actually a
dormant volcano.
In 1590, the Spanish missionary Fr.
Cuyab hot springs in Calamba,
GMA News | Manila,
4/24/2014 -- Days before
United States President Ba-
rack Obama's visit to the Phil-
ippines, a US-based Filipino
group has asked Malacañang
to discuss the protection of
Filipinos both in the country
and in the US with him.
US Pinoys for Good
Governance (USP4GG), in a
statement Thursday, pushed
for the granting of Temporary
Protected Status (TPS) to the
Philippines and for Washing-
ton to provide the Philippines
with drone technology to
"keep China at bay."
Beyond protecting Filipi-
nos affected by Typhoon Yo-
landa (Haiyan), the TPS will
grant both legal and illegal
migrants permission to stay in
the US, employment authori-
zation, and travel permits.
"This grant of TPS will also signif-
cantly positively affect the economy of
the Philippines and increase the coun-
try's dollar reserves," USP4GG chair
Loida Nicolas-Lewis said in her letter to
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Our Life & Times
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website at www.asianjournalusa.com
by Simeon G. Silverio Jr.
A Monthly Forum hosted by and for the Fili-
pino American Community of San Diego
The Boston Marathon
Legal Buzz
Law Offces of Chua Tinsay & Vega
by Atty. Lilli A. Baculi
Read Atty. Baculi’s previous articles by visiting our
website at www.asianjournalusa.com
Read the Asian Journal digital edition on
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vision set was on its side. I
could hear the TV broadcast,
as I occasionally watched
while working.
The coverage was gripping. The au-
thorities had cordoned off an area where
they thought the remaining suspect was
hiding in Watertown. It was just a matter
of time before they could catch him, and
I did not want to miss the moment.
"What a bad time it is for Heather to
be in Boston, huh?” my wife casually
stated upon walking inside the room.
"What do you mean?” I asked back.
She was referring to our youngest
daughter who worked as an investment
analyst in San Francisco.
"She few to Boston last night to
attend school orientation for today and
Heather had been at the Harvard
Graduate School of Business in Boston
and planned to pursue her Master in
Business Administration degree in fall.
"I didn’t know that,” I said.
Immediately a father’s caring instinct
engulfed my being. I was worried for
her safety, knowing she was in the eye
of a storm. The authorities imposed a
lockdown not only in Watertown but
also in the surrounding areas including
Boston. They were afraid pedestrians
roaming the streets might hinder their
operations and endanger lives. Nobody
was allowed outside. They were also
worried there might still be bombs
planted all over the city.
I punched my daughter’s cell phone
number to make sure she was safe, but
she did not answer. This made me more
agitated and helpless.
"She won’t answer your call,” my
wife said. "She just texted me and said
she’s fne.”
Still, worry remained, especially since
hours went by without the suspect being
caught. At around fve in the evening,
San Diego time, the authorities gave up
and lifted the lockdown.
"Let’s go out for dinner,” my wife told
me. "I didn’t cook tonight.”
For some reason, I was craving tofu
and suggested the Tofu House Restau-
rant nearby.
I was hesitant to leave, however, for I
knew the suspect would be caught soon.
The end of the long wait was near. I de-
cided to record the coverage so I could
watch the exact moment of his arrest.
Over dinner, my wife checked the In-
ternet in her cell phone: "They got him!”
Right away, I called up my daughter.
This time she answered.
"Don’t worry, Dad,” she said. "I’m
Her hotel was included in the lock-
down, and nobody was allowed out. She
spent her day networking with the other
incoming students from different places.
Since they could not leave, they just
hung out in the hotel bar, drinking and
getting to know each other.
This reminded me of my experience
with my second daughter, Ashley, then
attending the Universidad de Alcala
in Madrid as part of her Study Abroad
Program. She was pursuing a Bachelor
of Arts in English and Spanish at the
University of California in Berkeley.
Terrorists bombed a train in the Spanish
city; people died.
"That’s the train I always took when-
ever I went to town,” Ashley told us.
"It’s good I did not leave the house that
Indeed, nobody is safe in the turmoil
all over the world these days.
"All you can do is always pray,” I
keep telling my children.
A day after the Boston tragedy,
someone posted in the Internet a mes-
sage with the famous quote from John
Donne’s Meditation 17:
"No man is an island, entire of itself;
every man is a piece of the continent,
a part of the main; if a clod be washed
away by the sea, Europe is the less, as
well as if a promontory were, as well as
if a manor of thy friend's or of thine own
were; any man's death diminishes me,
because I am involved in mankind, and
therefore never send to know for whom
the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”
Bostonians are not alone in this event.
We share and are a part of their grief, for
we too are all victims. It could happen
to any of us throughout the world.
September 11
Someone lamented that our way
of life had completely changed since
September 11th, 2001. No longer can
we feel safe and secure when travel-
ling. We have to submit ourselves to
security checks at the airport, despite
the inconvenience. A lot of people had
complained, especially when bodyscans
of passengers were imposed.
While some Americans were not hap-
py with this, Filipinos have more reason
to complain. Unlike in the U.S., security
checks are imposed in Philippine malls
and other public places. Whenever one
enters a mall or a big hotel in the coun-
try, there are usually two lines: one for
males and another for females. There,
one must pass through and be subjected
to a body search for weapons or other
harmful items. This is not true in the
U.S., where passengers in American
airports are subjected to only one body
search before entering the premises. At
the Ninoy Aquino International Airport
in the Philippines, there are two. First
By: Lilli Berbano Baculi, Esq.,
4/25/2014 -- The United States Im-
migration and Customs Enforcement
(ICE) has already announced its renewal
procedures for individuals granted
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
(DACA) for the periods of June 15,
2012 – August 15, 2012. However,
individuals who were granted Deferred
Action by U.S. Citizenship and Im-
migration Services (USCIS), will have
to wait for further instructions. USCIS
anticipates publishing a new form in late
May 2014, to be used for both initial
DACA requests and for DACA renewal
Beginning September 2014, the initial
two-year grants of deferred action for
early recipients of DACA from USCIS
are due to expire under their own terms,
and USCIS is actively preparing for the
DACA renewal process so that eligible
individuals can request and receive
an extension of their deferred action
without experiencing any lapse in their
lawful presence or work authorization.
Many young individuals have already
taken advantage of the Deferred Ac-
tion for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
program. While this does not provide
a pathway to getting lawful permanent
resident status (i.e., a green card) or citi-
zenship, this nevertheless allows young
individuals to remain in the U.S. and ap-
ply for a work authorization document.
A key element to qualify for deferred
action is that an individual “must not
have been convicted of a felony, a sig-
nifcant misdemeanor, or three or more
non-signifcant misdemeanors, and not
pose a threat to public safety or national
security.” For example, a conviction for
a felony, “signifcant misdemeanor,” or
“multiple misdemeanors” will automati-
cally bar eligibility for DACA unless the
Applicant is able to show “exceptional
What about Juvenile Delinquency
Juvenile Delinquency is an act that
would have been a crime if it were com-
mitted by an adult.
Juvenile delinquency adjudication var-
ies from state to state. However, under
Federal Law, a disposition of juvenile
delinquency is defned as a fnding
made by a juvenile court of a violation
of law committed by a person prior to
his or her 18th birthday. The Board of
Immigration Appeals has ruled that “to
determine whether state juvenile pro-
ceeding results in a criminal conviction
or civil delinquency adjudication, [it]
will compare the judgment in question
with adjudications under the Federal
Juvenile Delinquency Act (FJDA).”
What counts as a conviction for a
A felony is a federal, state or local of-
fense that carries a potential sentence of
more than one year.
What counts as a conviction for a
signifcant misdemeanor?
A “signifcant misdemeanor” is a
federal, state, or local criminal offense
punishable by imprisonment of one year
or less, but more than fve days and is
an offense of domestic violence; certain
crimes involving a controlled substances
(distribution or traffcking of controlled
substances); burglary; driving under the
infuence of alcohol or drugs; or any
other misdemeanor for which the person
received a jail sentence of more than 90
What counts as a conviction for mul-
tiple misdemeanors?
Applying for DACA with a Juve-
nile or Criminal Record
“Multiple misdemeanors” are three
or more non-signifcant misdemeanors
not occurring on the same day and not
arising from the same act or scheme
of misconduct. For this purpose, a
misdemeanor is a federal, state, or local
criminal offense punishable by impris-
onment of one year or less, but more
than fve days.
Each Application is assessed on a
case-by-case basis to determine whether,
under particular circumstances, a favor-
able exercise of prosecutorial discretion
will be granted to an Applicant. So, an
expunged conviction and juvenile con-
victions will not automatically disqual-
ify an applicant. However, if you are a
juvenile but was tried and convicted as
an adult, you will be treated as an adult
for purposes of the deferred action for
childhood arrivals process.
The Application asks “Have you ever
been arrested for, charged with, or con-
victed of a felony or a misdemeanor.”
Failure to disclose a juvenile adjudica-
tion might be considered fraud and lead
to the initiation of removal proceedings.
Even if the juvenile case is under seal,
there is no guarantee that the incident
will not appear on the FBI rap sheet.
The Department of Homeland Security
(DHS) is taking biometrics (fngerprint-
ing) of all DACA Applicants, and thus
can access FBI rap sheets in each case.
It is important to know your options,
and understand the process involving
the DACA program. An experienced
immigration law frm or attorney will
be able to help you navigate through the
DACA application process, including
how to handle a criminal history or
juvenile record.
Atty. Lilli Berbano Baculi is an associ-
ate attorney with Chua Tinsay & Vega, A
Professional Legal Corporation (CTV) -
a full service law frm with offces in San
Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, and
Philippines. The information presented
in this article is for general informa-
tion only and is not, nor intended to be,
formal legal advice nor the formation of
an attorney-client relationship. Call or
e-mail CTV for an in-person or phone
consultation to discuss your particular
situation and/or how their services may
be retained at (619) 955-6277; (415)
495-8088; (916) 509-7280; lbaculi@
Page 3 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com April 25-May 1, 2014
Quiet Neighborhood
in National City. No
smoking. No drugs.
Arts & Culture
May 10–June 14, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday,
May 9, 6:30–8:30 p.m.
Film about Jan Staller by
Dale Schierholt: 7 p.m. in
the Athenaeum Studio

La Jolla, CA (April 23, 2014)—The
Athenaeum Music & Arts Library is
pleased to present the artwork of Jan
Staller and the SDSU Art Council
Scholarship winners.
It's not what you look at that matters,
it's what you see.
Henry David Thoreau's remark could
well apply to the photography of Jan
Staller. Images from his published
monographs Frontier New York and On
Planet Earth will be exhibited in the Jo-
seph Clayes III Gallery in the Athenae-
um. These photographs depict the urban
and industrial landscapes he made in
the greater Metropolitan New York area
over the late 1970s through the 1990s.
Also exhibited will be pictures from
travels to places as far fung as Asia and
as near as New Jersey. Selected from
more than 30 years of work, these works
plot the range of his interests while
demonstrating a consistent investiga-
tion of the expressive possibilities of the
photographic medium.
Staller's philosophy and process will
be examined in a documentary flm
currently in production by independent
flmmaker Dale Schierholt. The flm
will be screened at the Athenaeum in
conjunction with the show.
Involved with photography from
childhood and educated with a bach-
elor’s degree in fne art from the Mary-
land Institute, Jan Staller moved to New
York City in 1976. He was soon com-
pleting assignments for The New York
Times Magazine, Life, Fortune, Forbes
and other publications. At the same
time he began his personal work: color
photographs of the industrial and urban
landscape of Manhattan and the greater
metropolitan area. Before long these
photographs would appear in photogra-
phy journals and art galleries. Staller's
infuential nighttime photographs have
been exhibited and collected by galleries
and museums worldwide, including
Julie Saul Gallery, The Museum of
Modern Art, Whitney Museum and The
New Museum.
He has been awarded a National
Endowment for the Arts grant. Two
monographs of his works have been
published: Frontier New York, and On
Planet Earth, Travels in an Unfamiliar
Land. His most recent photographs
of a Manhattan construction site were
published in the November 10th issue of
The New York Times Magazine.
Rotunda Gallery: 12th Annual
SDSU Art Council Scholarship Exhi-
The Athenaeum presents for the
twelfth consecutive year an exhibition
of artwork by scholarship winners of
the San Diego State University School
of Art, Design, and Art History. The
SDSU Art Council selects students from
the upper division undergraduate or
graduate programs. Each of the award
winners receives the opportunity to
present their artwork or thesis paper in
the Athenaeum's Rotunda Gallery.
The show is a consistent highlight of
the Athenaeum's exhibition calendar.
Please join us for the opening reception
on Friday, May 9 at 6:30pm. A short
ceremony in the Rotunda will honor the
About the Athenaeum Music & Arts
The Athenaeum Music & Arts Library,
located in the heart of La Jolla, in
San Diego County, is one of only 16
nonproft membership libraries in the
United States. This rare cultural institu-
tion offers a depth and accessibility of
resources and programs found nowhere
else in the region. The library, devoted
exclusively to music and art, has an
outstanding and ever-expanding col-
lection of books, periodicals, reference
material, compact discs, videocassettes,
DVDs, sheet music, and librettos, as
well as one of the most signifcant col-
lections of artists' books in Southern
GMA News earned its fourth George
Foster Peabody Award for the Network
and the country for its special coverage
on the assault and aftermath of super
typhoon Yolanda.
The GMA News coverage of typhoon
Yolanda was broadcast overseas via
GMA Network’s fagship international
channel, GMA Pinoy TV and the inter-
national news channel, GMA News TV
GMA news teams were reporting
from all over the Visayas region on
the 8th of November 2013, when the
super typhoon, and the powerful storm
surge that followed, took the lives of
thousands in just a few minutes. In
the aftermath, families were in search
of the missing and surrounded by the
dead. There was no food or water and
no communication with the outside
world. News teams were documenting
the victims of the disaster even as they
faced the same conditions.
“Facing logistical challenges and
sharing in the national shock in the
face of what may have been the most
powerful typhoon in history, GMA news
teams provided desperately needed spot
news coverage and information, gaining
strength and perspective as they worked,
and followed up with solid reporting on
the aftermath, heroic acts and relief ef-
forts,” cited the Peabody Awards Board.
GMA News won the Peabody for
its overall Typhoon Yolanda coverage
which was composed of entries from the
newscasts 24 Oras, 24 Oras Weekend,
Saksi, State of the Nation and the public
affairs magazine show Kapuso Mo,
Jessica Soho. It is a precious win that
the network shares with the Yolanda
survivors who continue to struggle to
rebuild their communities.
The George Foster Peabody Awards,
the broadcast and electronic media
equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize, aims to
recognize the stories that matter. Win-
ning requires a unanimous vote from
the 16 member board. Besides GMA
News, this year's list of winners include
the series Breaking Bad, House of
Cards, Orange is the New Black, three
HBO documentaries, twelve programs
by the broadcaster PBS and a personal
award for journalist Tom Brokaw.
GMA Network was frst recognized
by the Peabody Awards in 1999 for the
I-Witness documentaries “Kidneys for
Sale” and "Kamao" by Jessica Soho
and Jay Taruc’s child labor story on
“Brigada Siete.” Kara David’s I-Witness
episode "Ambulansya de Paa" was
awarded in 2010 followed by Reel
Time’s "Salat" in 2013.
GMA is the only news and public
affairs organization in the country to
have received this prestigious award for
excellence in broadcast journalism. The
73rd Annual Peabody Awards ceremony
will be held on May 19 at the Waldorf-
Astoria in New York City.
For more news on the Kapuso Net-
work’s programs visit the website www.
gmanetwork.com/international, Face-
book pages www.facebook.com/GMAP-
inoyTV, www.facebook.com/gmalifetv,
and www.facebook.com/gmanewsinter-
national, and Twitter pages @GMAP-
inoyTV and @GMA_LifeTV. (30)
GMA News Wins a Peabody for
Its Yolanda Coverage
Jan Staller’s Regarding the Disregarded and SDSU Art Council
Scholarship Exhibition
California. The Athenaeum also presents
an eclectic, year-round schedule of art
exhibitions, concerts (classical, jazz, and
new music), lectures, studio art classes
through its School of the Arts, tours and
special events.
The library is open to the public Tues-
day through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5:30
p.m., and Wednesday, 10 a.m. to 8:30
p.m. The library is closed on Sunday
and Monday. Members can check out li-
brary materials for a modest annual fee.
For information on the benefts of be-
coming a member, call (858) 454-5872,
visit www.ljathenaeum.org, or stop by
during normal library hours, 1008 Wall
Street, La Jolla, CA 92037.

Page 4 April 25-May 1, 2014 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com
and must bring all original documents.
All applicants are advised to transact
their business directly with Consulate
offcials and not through travel agencies.
Fees must be paid in person at the
scheduled appointment. The Consul-
ate will only accept payments in cash,
postal money order or cashier’s check.
Personal checks will not be accepted.
Payments should be paid directly to the
collecting offcer/cashier of the Consul-
ate during the outreach program and in-
side the venue only. Please be informed
that the Consulate has not authorized
other people or entities to collect fees
for all consular services rendered.
- ePassport: $60 processing fee + $6
for passports to be returned to the ap-
plicant by mail
- Dual Citizenship: $50 processing fee
- Civil Registry: $25 processing fee +
$6 for documents to be returned to the
applicant by mail
Contact Information
For information on consular matters,
interested parties may contact the Con-
sulate at 213-637-3021/213-637-3018
(for passport applications), 213-637-
3014 (for Reports of Birth/Marriage/
Death & Legalization/Notarization of
Documents) and 213-637-3021 (for
Dual-Citizenship). For information on
the venue and similar details, contact
Den Dominguez at 619-477-4090.
Public Relations, COPAO-San Diego
Tel # 619-477-4090
Quiet Neighborhood
in National City. No
smoking. No drugs.
Health and Wellness
Email: saldanadental@yahoo.com
website: www.saldanadental.com
Quiet Neighborhood in National City.
No smoking. No drugs. 619.746.3416
PHL Consular
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(Continued on page 15)
by Dr. Ofelia Dirige
Founder, President & CEO Kalusugan
Community Services. www.flamwellness.org
Contemporary Asian
American Issues
When we do everything we’re told
to get healthy and it just doesn’t work,
what do we do next? We eat what we’re
told to eat, avoid what we’re told to
avoid, pound the pavement, hit the gym,
and nothing. No change. We might start
to think, “That’s just how I am.” We
might say defantly, “That’s me, that’s
fne, and I like it!” It’s our reality, we
need to accept it. Even if it’s not where
we want to be.
It’s good to like who you are. You’re
likable! But it’s not as good to give up
on the idea that you can be inspiringly
healthy and feel great. Especially when
the big obstacle is that we might be fol-
lowing the wrong instruction manual.
There are some fairly common
misconceptions about healthy behavior
that simply drag us down, keep us at the
doctor, and hold us where we don’t want
to be. Some of these conceptions come
from popular wellness culture. Some
come from beliefs doctors held 10 years
ago, but have since been proven incor-
rect. Often these things aren’t instantly
damaging, and are just fne in modera-
tion. A little of nearly anything is pretty
much fne!
But in our natural drive to be healthy,
we might do a whole lot more of some-
thing than “just a little.” So it’s impor-
tant to know where all these guidelines
come from, and which ones might be
weighing us down. Here’s a start.
10 “Healthy” Behaviors That Might
Not Be Healthy
1. You exercise hard. You refuel hard.
You party hard (a little). Repeat.
2. You know your calorie counts and
tally them responsibly at every meal.
3. You’ve got a bathroom scale. You
keep track of that dial.
4. You’re up on the latest diets. You
give them all a try.
5. Yoga might feel nice on a rest day,
but you know you need to push it hard.
No pain no gain.
6. You read your food labels carefully
at the supermarket. No fat or low-fat
only. If it’s got oil, you’re not going
near it.
7. Vegan food only, please! And that
goes double for desserts.
8. For meals on the go, you always
carry some food bars.
9. You need your protein. You know
plants don’t have enough, so you get
your daily serving of meat in there.
10. You use the internet as your pri-
mary source of health information.
Luckily, you can turn each of these
things around.
10 Healthy Behaviors That Will Get
You Healthy
1. Exercise easy, release stress rather
than add it. Watch yourself become a
more effective caregiver of you.
2. We’re told to count calories. For
most of us, this is a good one to let go.
Focus on how you feel and respond to
that, not to numbers on a page.
3. Throw out your scale. You can aim
for numbers, or you can aim for feeling
good. Try the second one.
4. Diets fail without fail. They belong
to someone else, not to you. Begin with
your own feeling. Experiment. Try
things. See what works for you, and
make your own food rules.
5. Rather than running away from
ease, try running toward it. If you work
in a way that puts tension into your
body, your health is likely to suffer and
your injury rates rise. Instead, practice
in a way that lets tension leave your
body; no pushing or struggling. Your
athletic performance will improve, and
so will your health.
6. If it’s got a label, it’s not exactly
food; it’s something constructed. That’s
fne, but try to eat, as much as possible,
foods that don’t come with a label. They
grow in nature. And when it does have a
label, keep it simple. You shouldn’t need
Google to fgure out what’s in there.
7. Vegan food — especially the pre-
tend foods, heavy sauces, and desserts
— is some of the most dense stuff you’ll
fnd. After you eat, it will often feel like
you just swallowed a cannonball. Stick
with simple, stick with nature. You’ll
feel much better this way.
8. Food bars often have scary things
done to their ingredients. Do you know
what a “protein isolate” is? Again, stick
with nature. Have a banana. Have a few
9. Get your protein from wherever you
like, but drop the misconception about
plants. Eat what makes you feel best.
Plants have just as much in the way of
essential amino acids as animal meat.
Keep in mind that your body doesn’t
take muscle from a cow leg and put it on
your arm. It breaks all protein sources
into amino acids, and reconstructs them
as your own body.
10. Wait a second, what’s up with
#10?! Well, there’s a trick. The internet
is great. Here we are, talking to each
other about health, inspiring each other.
But this isn’t the primary source.
YOU are the primary source of health
information. The rest is support. You’re
it. Nobody will ever know how you feel
better than you. And that’s what you
need to go on. How you feel.
10 “Healthy” Behaviors That Are Dragging You Down
ScienceDaily.com | 4/9/2014 -- Physi-
cal activity in midlife seems to protect
from dementia in old age, according to
a study carried out at the University of
Eastern Finland. Those who engaged in
physical activity at least twice a week
had a lower risk of dementia than those
who were less active. The protective
effects were particularly strong among
overweight individuals. In addition,
the results showed that becoming more
physically active after midlife may also
contribute to lowering dementia risk.
Several modifable risk factors for
dementia have been suggested, but
further refnement of this informa-
tion is essential for effective preven-
tive interventions targeted at high-risk
groups. Leisure-time physical activity
(LTPA) is a particularly important due to
its broader effects on health in general
and cardiovascular health in particular.
Previous research has yielded inconsis-
tent evidence on the association between
LTPA and dementia, possibly because of
short follow-up time, intensity of physi-
cal activity or population characteristics
such as sex, body mass index, age or
genetic risk factors of dementia.
Recent fndings from the Cardiovascu-
lar Risk Factors, Aging and Incidence of
Dementia (CAIDE) Study demonstrated
that those who engaged in leisure-time
physical activity (LTPA) at least twice
per week had lower risk of dementia in
comparison to less active individuals.
Although these protective effects were
observed in the entire study population,
regardless of their sex or genetic risk
factors, they were particularly strong
among overweight and obese individu-
Becoming physically active after
midlife may still lower the risk of
Further staying physically active, or
becoming more active, after midlife may
also contribute to lowering dementia
risk, especially in people who are over-
weight or obese at midlife. The fndings
were not explained by socioeconomic
background, age, sex, genetic risk fac-
tors, obesity, weight loss, general health
status or work-related physical activity.
These results suggest that the window
of opportunity for physical activity in-
Physical activity
is beneficial for
late-life cognition

Easter is an event that the westernized
world could hardly miss. Truly, even the
most secular or non-religious person’s
mind is caught up with the obvious
misappropriated displays of some sort of
celebration called Easter. The colored-
eggs, the rabbits, the candies, and fancy
dresses, do not come close to defning
Easter. Whatever display one sees at the
many malls around do not speak at all of
the meaning of Easter!
Easter in some areas of the world: The
true meaning or signifcance of Easter is
probably more illustrated or experienced
by many followers of Christ especially
those found in the cities and hinterlands
of Asia, Africa and all around the world.
They are persecuted or imprisoned for
not converting to some national religion
or national trend, but decided to be a
follower of Jesus Christ.
In this short article, I bring to your at-
tention the rightful interpretation of Eas-
ter - - the resurrection of Christ! If you
are reading this short article, I assume
that you have some minor acquaintance
with the church, some part of it. Assum-
ing you have some acquaintance with
the church, I would like you to accept a
challenge - - open a Bible (borrow one if
you do not have one) and read citations
indicated so you would gain a greater
understanding. (To help you understand
Bible citations: John 3:16 - - means 3rd
chapter of the book of John, 16th verse).
Uniqueness of Christ: Resurrection
(the rising of Christ from the dead on
that Sunday, three days after He was
crucifed) is the word that is used to
describe the event that happened in his-
tory known as Easter. We read of other
teachers, philosophers, or founders of
great religions of the world. However,
there is no proven historical event of
anyone rising from the dead but whose
bodies were left decaying and turning to
dust. No other teacher or philosophical
leader or religious teacher has ever been
proclaimed as a Savior. Instead they
have shrines and have crypts for they
are ordinary humans like you and me.
History tells us that Jesus the Christ rose
from the dead!
Resurrection of Lazarus: There are
two resurrections in the New Testament
I would like to point out. The frst is
that of Lazarus (John 11: 1-44), a great
intimate friend of Jesus, whose sisters
are Mary and Martha. Lazarus has
been dead for four days and his body
was decaying when Jesus fnally got to
Bethany. All around were various specu-
lations that death could not come to his
friend if He was around. After praying,
Jesus commanded, “Lazarus, come out!”
and Lazarus came to life. In Lazarus, we
see how Jesus embodies the love and
compassion of God.
Lazarus’ resurrection was the ultimate
“sign” of the many works and miracles
Jesus did in His life, demonstrating that
He is the “Son of God” (John 20:31).
The raising of Lazarus was a high point
of Jesus’ life-ministry, and shortly
thereafter came His own death (John
Life after death: Life after death is part
of the mystery why Jesus came to earth.
When Jesus said, “I am the Resurrection
and the Life” (John 11:25), He was not
talking only about physical presence or
existence of which we are all subjected
to at the present but a life that moves on
into a different dimension- - a spiritual,
resurrected life, living eternally.
The life and ministry of Christ, full of
miracles and “capped by the raising of
Lazarus from the dead” was recognized
by God in the resurrection that took
place on that Sunday morning (now
erroneously called and celebrated as
The Resurrection of Christ: Simply,
Christ’s resurrection proves He was
from God- - the way, the truth, and the
life (John 14:6), the risen Savior and
Lord. His resurrection marks Him out
and authenticated Him as God’s Son.
(Romans 1:4, Acts 10:36-43, Acts 2:22-
26, Matthew 12: 39-40).
The resurrection marks Jesus as the
one and only Redeemer and the only
means of access to God! The resurrec-
tion authenticated His claim as, “the
Way, the Truth, and the Life” (John
14:6). Jesus died to save us from sin, to
experience forgiveness, and fnd a new
life of faith in God. Jesus’ resurrection
from the dead means we will experience
eternal life with Him and God!
Gasat Belo is a retired minister with
the International Students Incorporated
and has worked in various capacities
with IBM, Farmer’s Insurance and oth-
ers. He is the husband of Perla Dirige
Belo, the oldest sister of Dr. Dirige.
Rev. Perla Belo is an ordained minister
in the Presbyterian Church and served
as Director of Asian Ministries for the
American Baptist Churches. They have
two children, Nathan and Ariele and
two grandchildren, Ezekiel and Jaedon.
They live in Seattle, Washington. Both
graduated from Fuller Theological
Easter- Event That’s Changing
The World
Page 5 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com April 25-May 1, 2014
The SANDAG iCommute program
is honoring ten organizations and two
individuals with Diamond Awards for
their outstanding contributions to pro-
moting and participating in alternative
transportation choices in the San Diego
region. These winners help relieve
traffc congestion, reduce greenhouse
gas emissions, and improve mobility by
carpooling, walking, biking, taking tran-
sit, teleworking, working a compressed
schedule, or a combination of these.
Diamond Awards were presented
in eight categories at this morning’s
SANDAG Board of Directors meeting:
All-Star Award:
UC San Diego has reduced commute-
related greenhouse gas emissions by an
estimated 16,000 metric tons per year
since 2001. The university operates a
shuttle system that provides nearly 1.5
million annual rides; offers an online
system for bicyclists to fnd the loca-
tion of 7,000 bike racks; and sets aside
premium parking for carpools.
Program Excellence Award (present-
ed by size category based on number of
local employees):
San Diego County Bicycle Coalition
(SDCBC) improves bicycling in the
region through educational programs.
In 2013, SDCBC offered bike valets at
more than 20 community events, hosted
free safety workshops, and sponsored
San Diego’s frst open streets celebra-
tion, CicloSDias.
Parsons Brinckerhoff employees
regularly commute by bike, carpool, and
transit. About half of its employees take
advantage of compressed workweeks.
Employees get tax-free transit passes,
and receive help planning transit com-
mutes and fnding carpools.
RECON Environmental, Inc.’s
employee-driven gREenCON committee
promotes company-wide environmen-
tal stewardship programs. Fifty-fve
employees participated in the iCommute
2013 Rideshare Corporate Challenge
and logged more than 1,550 alternative
commute trips.
Thermo Fisher Scientifc increased
the number of employees enrolled in
its commuter program by 28 percent
last year. Its Green Team developed an
intranet presence to promote alternative
commute benefts, displayed signage
in break rooms, and communicated
benefts to new hires.
Best New Program Award:
JO Communications made bicycle
commuting part of its company culture.
The home offce has a biking motif,
showers, and a kitchen stocked with
on-the-go food. Employees have “col-
lapsible offces” so they can easily bike
to meetings.
Agency Leadership Award:
The Port of San Diego offers em-
ployees reimbursement for carpool,
vanpool, and transit commute costs, as
well as free bicycle lockers. Forty-two
percent of Port staff work an alternative
schedule, eliminating more than 20,000
commute trips per year.
Outstanding Educational Institution
Award (K-12 and University):
The Encinitas Union School District’s
(EUSD) walk and ride to school efforts
have been recognized by the City of
Encinitas, County of San Diego, and the
California State Department of Educa-
tion. During Wellness Week and Earth
Week, each school encourages healthy
alternatives to driving to campus.
University of San Diego (USD) was
designated a Bike Friendly University
in 2013 by the League of American
Bicyclists, the only university in San
Diego to earn this distinction. About 75
percent of USD students use sustainable
Community Champion Award:
City Heights Community Develop-
ment Corporation (CHCDC) has been
active in the sustainable transportation
movement, working with community
members, leaders, and partners to trans-
form City Heights. In 2013, CHCDC
installed green and buffered bike lanes
on University Avenue, as well as im-
proved pedestrian access to the El Cajon
Boulevard Transit Plaza.
Workplace Champion Award:
James Sinclair is an ambassador for
Vertex Pharmaceuticals’ alternative
commute program, where he volunteers
to educate co-workers with clinics such
as Advanced Bike Fit and Bicycle Com-
muting. James cycles 32 miles to and
from work. In 2013, he rode 170 days
and 5,440 miles.
Commuter of the Year:
Sigurd Kallhovde bikes to work daily,
inspiring students and parents at La
Jolla Elementary School with a total of
6,000 miles logged in 2013. He funds
and manages the sdbikecommuter.com
forum where cyclists can communicate
and motivate one another.
Diamond Awards receive support
from iCommute Annual Partners: Pure
Financial Advisors, Metropolitan Transit
System, and North County Transit
The San Diego Association of
Governments (SANDAG) is the San
Diego region’s primary public planning,
transportation, and research agency,
providing the public forum for regional
policy decisions about growth, trans-
portation planning and construction,
environmental management, housing,
open space, energy, public safety, and
binational topics. SANDAG is governed
by a Board of Directors composed of
mayors, council members, and supervi-
sors from each of the region’s 18 cities
and the county government.
2014 Diamond Awards Winners Announced
SANDAG Honors 12 Award Recipients for
Embracing Sustainable Commute Choices
2014) – Rep. Juan Vargas (CA-51) is
a proud cosponsor of H.R. 4249, the
Helping Hungry Students Learn Act,
introduced by Rep. Dina Titus (NV-1).
This legislation is a 365 day approach
to addressing childhood hunger on
school days, during the summer and on
“Combating childhood hunger is a
top priority for me. It is tragic that
nearly 16 million American children
struggle with being food defcient on a
regular basis,” said Rep. Vargas. “The
Helping Hungry Students Learn Act is
a necessary step towards ensuring that
all children have access to the nutritious
meals they need and deserve.”
On average, students who eat school
breakfast achieve 17.5 percent higher
scores on standardized math tests, and
attend 1.5 more days of school per year
than those who do not. Students who at-
tend class regularly are 20 percent more
likely to graduate from high school. As
such, federal programs play an impor-
tant role in addressing childhood hunger
and helping students succeed. In 2013,
21 million students participated in the
free or reduced-price lunch program and
eleven million participated in the free or
reduced-price breakfast program. Three
million low-income children received
free meals during the summer months.
“Children who face chronic hunger
not only suffer from health issues, but
also tend to exhibit higher levels of
behavioral, emotional, and academic
problems. We cannot continue to allow
hunger to stand in the way of our stu-
dents’ success,” said Rep. Vargas. “Our
children are counting on us to fght for
them and give them the tools they need
to thrive.”
Vargas represents California’s 51st
Congressional District, which includes
the southern portion of San Diego
County, all of Imperial County and
California’s entire US/Mexico border.
Vargas is currently serving his frst term
in Congress. He represented the 40th
California State Senate District from
2010-2012, the 79th California State As-
sembly District from 2000 – 2006 and
served on the San Diego City Council
from 1993 – 2000.
Rep. Vargas Combats Student Hunger
California Communities
Quiet Neighbor-
hood in National
City. No smoking.
No drugs.
Deportation Defense
Specializing in all difficult cases
Criminal & Immigration Defense Specialists
Atty. Hom ■ 38 Years Experience
Unhappy with your attorney?
Call us, we want tough cases
We specialize in Appeals too.
Former INS prosecutor
Criminal Defense With Immigration Consequences
Atty. Dulay ■ 25 Years Experience
Save Time and Consultation Fees
Phone Inquiries
San Diego Office:
110 West “C” Street, Suite 910, San Diego CA 92101
All Major
Credit Cards
For 24 hours on May 6th (midnight to
11:59pm PST), the San Diego Founda-
tion will be hosting an online network-
ing and giving event that will make it
easy for you to support the nonprofts
that are making an impact in our global

That gives you 12 days to consider
making a donation to support interna-
tional exchange as an effective way to
create cross-cultural understanding and
build global relationships.
giveBIG San Diego on May 6th

Your support is needed this year more
than ever to help us close the current
San Diego Diplomacy Council $32,600
funding gap for this fscal year caused
by government shutdowns, sequestration
and other program cutbacks.

Please mark your calendars for May
6th to visit our customized giveBIG
event webpage and choose your dona-
tion amount (minimum gift is $25).
There is no limit to how much you can
SAN DIEGO—April 18, 2014,—
NAWBO San Diego will continue
its seminar series on May 9 with a
presentation from Lorin Beller: Making
Your Vision A Reality: Tips, Inspiration,
and Tools. The seminar will be held at
Brandman University, 7460 Mission
Valley Road, from noon to 1:30 p.m.
Your greatest business tool is your vi-
sion, a long term vision. You may have
one when you frst launched your busi-
ness. Is it alive and well? Or is dusty
and dingy? How do you design it? How
do you use it to guide you each day?
How does it align with your goals each
year? These and more questions will be
Making Your Vision A Reality: Tips, Inspiration, and
Tools A Seminar for Women Business Owners
Participants will:
 Leave with your vision written
 Learn how to use it each day
 Learn how to update it each year
Beller will show you how this greatest
business tool will guide you to success!
Lorin Beller is an author, entrepreneur,
speaker, strategist, coach & inspirer.
Since 2001, she has owned, Lorin Beller
& Co, a business & professional devel-
opment frm designed for women busi-
ness owners to support them in business
strategy. Lorin & Company integrates
hard-core business skills with a spiritual
approach to success.
NAWBO members have the option of
attending this seminar for free (without
lunch) or $10 (with a box lunch). The
fee for visitors (which includes lunch)
is $25.
Registration is available through noon
on May 8 at www.nawbo-sd.org.
About NAWBO San Diego
NAWBO San Diego is one of 80 U.S.
chapters of NAWBO, a national non-
proft organization of more than 7,000
members that represents women busi-
ness owners across all industries. Since
1975, NAWBO has helped women
evolve their businesses by sharing re-
sources and providing a single voice to
shape economic and public policy. For
more information, visit nawbo-sd.org.
give on the 6th and matching funds will
be available to all participating non-
profts. Thank you in advance for your
generosity and loyal dedication to the
impact of citizen diplomacy.

We would like to thank the San Diego
Foundation for their continued support
in providing this easy way to lever-
age your contribution to the San Diego
Diplomacy Council and multiply your
tax deductible philanthropic giving for a
good cause: giveBIG May 6th.
Get the best results for your
with our 3-in-1 PRICE offer via
online+digital+print editions.
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Page 6 April 25-May 1, 2014 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com
(Continued from page 1)
US based Pinoys
A team from the Philippine Consulate
General in Los Angeles will conduct a
Consular Outreach Program in San Di-
ego, California on Saturday and Sunday,
April 26 & 27, 2014, at the Council of
the Philippine American Organizations
of San Diego County, Inc. (COPAO)
Center, 832 “E” Avenue, National
City, CA 91950. Service Hours will be
from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. The consular
outreach program is being undertaken in
cooperation with COPAO.
The following consular services will
be rendered:
1. Applications for Electronic Passport
(ePassport) (Cost: $60), to be returned
to the applicant by mail at an additional
cost of $6.
2. Applications for the retention and
re-acquisition of Philippine citizenship
pursuant to Republic Act 9225 or Dual
Citizenship Law (Cost: $50). Oath-tak-
ing will be scheduled on the same day
for qualifed applicants.
3. Applications for Report of Marriage
& Birth (Cost: $25) will be accepted but
this will be processed in Los Angeles
and returned to the applicant by mail at
an additional cost of $6.
ONLY (by following the applicable
scheduling steps below) AND WITH
Appointment Scheduling Steps for
ePassport Applicants
1. Visit the Philippine Consulate web-
site (www.philippineconsulatela.org) to
download and accomplish the ePassport
application form; and,
2. No later than April 18, 2014 or until
the Consulate receives 280 applications,
whichever comes frst, send an advance
copy of the completed ePassport ap-
plication form and data page (bearing
the name and photo) of the expired or
expiring passport to the Consulate (Attn:
National City Outreach) by fax (213)
639-0990. Thumbprints (if needed) and
signature must be affxed and all perti-
nent data on the application form must
be completed. INCOMPLETE FORMS
a. Personal appearance is required in
all cases (including applicants who are
65 years old and above and minors who
are below 18 years old).
b. Do not bring passport pictures.
Passport pictures are to be taken by the
c. The applicant must wear decent
attire (no sleeveless and/or collarless
attire) and without eyeglasses/colored
contact lenses.
d. No facial piercings allowed.
Appointment Scheduling Steps for
Dual Citizenship Applicants
1. Visit the Philippine Consulate web-
site (www.philippineconsulatela.org)
and print the Dual Citizenship Applica-
tion form;
2. Complete the Dual Citizenship Ap-
plication form; and,
3. No later than April 18, 2014, or
until the Consulate receives 100 ap-
plications, whichever comes frst, send
an advance copy of the completed
Dual Citizenship application form and
supporting documents to the Consulate
(Attn: National City Outreach) by fax
(213) 639-0990. Other than the thumb-
print and photo which will be done on
site, all pertinent data on the application
form must be completed. Otherwise,
incomplete forms will not be processed.
1. Oath-Taking will be scheduled on
the same day for qualifed applicants.
2. Applicants should take their oath as
Dual Citizens in DECENT ATTIRE. The
Consulate shall refuse oath-taking to
applicants wearing inappropriate outfts
such as sleeveless shirts, skimpy clothes,
shorts, sandos or slippers.
Appointment Scheduling Steps for Re-
port of Marriage (ROM) & Birth (ROB)
1. Visit the Philippine Consulate web-
site (www.philippineconsulatela.org)
and print the ROM or ROB form;
2. Complete the ROM or ROB form;
3. No later than April 18, 2014, send
an advance copy (one set only) of the
completed form and supporting docu-
ments to the Consulate (Attn: National
City Outreach) by fax (213) 639-0990.
Incomplete forms will not be processed.
The Consulate regularly updates the
appointment schedule posted on the
website upon receipt of completed ap-
plications. The fnal list of all applicants
with confrmed appointment schedule
will be posted at the Consulate’s website
(www.philippineconsulatela.org) by
April 21, 2014.
All applicants are required to PER-
SONALLY APPEAR during their ap-
pointment time for data verifcation, fn-
ger printing and photo/signature capture
Philippine Consular Outreach
In San Diego April 26 & 27, 2014
(Continued on page 4)
The first Asian-Filipino weekly in Southern California
An award-winning newspaper & San Diego’s most
widely circulated Asian-Filipino newspaper!
Ashley Silverio
Assistant Editor
In Pursuit of Excellence
Eugenio “Ego” Osin, (1946 - 1994)
Joe Cabrera, (1924 - 1996)
Soledad Bautista, (1917-2009)
Dr. Rizalino “Riz” Oades, (1935-2009)
The Asian Journal is published weekly and distributed in all Fili-
pino & Asian communties in San Diego County. Print publication date
is every Friday of the month. Advertising deadline is Wednesday prior
to publication date at 5 p.m. For advertising rates, rate cards, or in-
formation, call (619) 474-0588. Subscription by mail is available for
$50 per year (56 issues). The Asian Journal is not responsible for unso-
licited manuscripts and photographs but welcomes submissions. Entire
content is © 2012 copyrighted material by Asian Journal. Materials
in this publication may not be reproduced without specific permission
from the publisher.
Genevieve Silverio
Managing Editor
Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
Publisher & Editor
Miles Beauchamp
Associate Editor
Santi Silverio
Associate Publisher
Read previous articles by visiting our website at www.asian-
by Benjamin Maynigo
Take It From
My Barber
Quiet Neighborhood
in National City. No
smoking. No drugs.
Bill’s Corner
Read Bill Labestre’s previous articles by visiting our web-
site at www.asianjournalusa.com
by Bill Labestre, MBA
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At Large...
Miles is Assistant to the Dean and Assistant Professor in the
Shirley Hufstedler School of Education at Alliant International
University where he teaches new media and diverse writing courses.
He has been with the Asian Journal since the 1990’s.
by Miles Beauchamp, PhD
My barber is elated about the latest
development on the Pork Barrel Scam.
He heard about Janet Napoles, the
suspected architect of the scam meeting
with Justice Secretary de Lima swearing
to tell all that she knows.
In fact, the meeting was held at the
Ospital Ng Makati before her scheduled
surgery. She signed an affdavit declar-
ing everything she knows about the pork
barrel scheme. Aside from the usual
suspects Senators Enrile, Revilla, and
Estrada, she supposedly implicated over
a hundred government offcials from the
present and previous administrations.
Former Senator Ping Lacson who
refused using his pork barrel allocation
during his days as a legislator, was pro-
vided a copy of the list by the Napoles
family. According to Ping Lacson who
is also the current rehabilitation czar,
the list includes at least 13 current and
previous senators, many congressmen
and even Cabinet-level offcials.
He added, “The participation of
offcials implicated by Napoles was
not necessarily in the form of receipt
of kickbacks and commissions but in
the transaction that made up the entire
I told my barber that this means that
some of them may be not be charged as
principals or co-conspirators but as ac-
complices, accessories or even innocent
As PNoy said, “Follow the evidence.”
After all, government funds were used,
misused, and abused by certain govern-
ment offcials.
Justice Secretary de Lima is having
the sworn statement of Janet Napoles
evaluated to determine its veracity. It is
also being checked on how it corrobo-
rates the existing evidence that had been
gathered by the NBI and Department of
Justice coming from the whistleblowers
and other sources.
Napoles applied to be a State Witness.
The evaluation will be submitted to the
Ombudsman who will make the fnal
recommendation to the Sandiganbayan.
Should Janet Napoles be made a State
I answered this question from my
barber in a previous article: (http://
“I told my barber that my preference
is for Napoles not to be made a State
Witness if it could be helped – mean-
ing that the Ombudsman is prudentially
certain that, even without Napoles’
cooperation, she would be able to suc-
cessfully prosecute and convict all the
public offcials and private parties who
allegedly committed Plunder.
I further said that Napoles’ acts, as a
shrewd businesswoman who has been
taking advantage of the Pork Barrel
system and the corrupt minds of the
legislators, deserves to be punished for
her criminal acts.
But I am not averse to making Na-
poles a State Witness. This is especially
true if it is determined that this would
guarantee the conviction of certain arro-
gant public offcials who have consis-
tently abused their power and exercised
that “Wang Wang” mentality and culture
of impunity to go with culture of cor-

May Napoles qualify as a State Wit-
ness? I contend that if Ombudsman
Morales chooses to do it, Napoles could
be one.
First of all, she is not as “Big” a Fish
as any of the Senators, Congressmen,
and other public offcials from imple-
menting agencies who could be pros-
ecuted and convicted with the help of
the testimonial, documentary, and other
relevant evidence that she will pro-
vide. State Witnesses are used precisely
to go after the “Big Fish”.
Secondly, Napoles does not appear to
be the “most guilty” as envisioned by
the anti-graft, anti-corruption, and plun-
der law. The law is primarily directed
to prosecute corrupt public offcers and
others who participate in the commis-
sion of the crime by the said public
A Senator or a Congressman who
is suspected of Plunder is a public
offcer entrusted by the electorate
with the responsibility of safeguard-
ing and protecting public funds. He
is empowered under the Pork Barrel
system to appropriate funds to satisfy
some identifed needs of his constitu-
ency. Misappropriating such funds for
self-aggrandizement at the expense of a
trusting electorate numbering millions is
an offense of the highest order punish-
able by life imprisonment.
The principal power of discretion and
judgment is with the Senator or Con-
gressman. Correspondingly, the ultimate
responsibility is with him. In the crime
of Plunder, he is the principal suspect
with private parties like Napoles as will-
ing participants and benefciaries.
Napoles could not have been the
“most guilty”. While she was an ef-
fective and effcient executor of the
legislator’s greedy wish to misap-
propriate public funds, she was not
indispensable. As cited by COA and as
reported by GMA Research News, she
was not the only person who was used
by the legislators to implement such
a scheme. There were others involv-
ing more lawmakers, fake NGOs, and
probably more money. It is just that her
operation was the frst to be exposed
because of whistleblowers that included
a relative who accused her of serious
illegal detention. “
The goal is to seek the truth, the whole
truth, and nothing but the truth. Janet
Napoles has to tell ALL. She should not
exempt anybody who participated in the
scams (Pork Barrel and Malampaya).
Each accused will have the opportunity
to counter her version of the truth. The
judicial system has procedures to deter-
mine and flter the truth.

What are the consequences for the
accused public offcials?

I also answered this question in the
previous article:

“Plunder charges against them will
have the following legal effects:
1. They will be arrested and detained
without bail as the trial proceeds; and
2. They will also be suspended from

Upon fnal conviction,

1 The penalty shall be life imprison-
2. Any and all ill-gotten wealth
and their interests and other incomes
and assets including the properties and
shares of stock derived from the deposit
or investment thereof forfeited in favor
of the State; and
All retirement or gratuity benefts will
be lost.”
Indeed, PNoy’s GPS (Grand Prosecu-
tion of the Sleazy) is also GPS (Guiding
Path to be Straight)!
PNoy’s GPS (Grand Prosecution
of the Sleazy) is also GPS (Guid-
ing Path to be Straight
Once, they were the “apple of our
eyes” but now, it’s more like big lumps
on our heads. We are still trying to
fgure out if something is wrong with us
or what is entirely wrong with them. We
can’t get rid of the feeling of uncer-
tainty. We are not sure how can some
of this wonderful children be able to
survive on their own. Have we created
this problem?
I used to think it’s only us Filipinos
having this situation but, I found out
other frst generation immigrants have
them too. We never wanted our children
to suffer what we did during our child-
hood. We wanted to be different from
our parents who were strict and mostly
dictatorial. We became soft, forgiving
and very diplomatic with our kids. For
most of them, all they did were to ask,
beg or complain and they got what they
ever wanted. They barely learned the
value of working hard, or the value of
money. They were being rewarded for
simple accomplishments and maybe for
doing nothing at all.
So now we are wondering how we
failed with our poor parenting skills.
Maybe we never had time to develop
our skills. We were all too busy earning
a living in order to have better lives and
better future for them. We never spent
enough time teaching them the basics
of life and the value of being self-
In some cases, we felt guilty so we
showered them with toys, gadgets and
gifts. Maybe you’re one of those parents
who asked their kids the same question,
“What do you want for your birthday or
for the coming Christmas”?
Most of us did not realize until later
that our children were born and raised
in a different environment. We had big
dreams and expectations for them. We
thought that they would be like us but,
they’re not. Most may still be short,
tanned skin, with dark hair and brown
eyes but, they are more Westerners than
the natives. They are Americans.
Good for those parents who raised
their children like real Filipinos in
customs and old traditions. The kids
are multi-lingual and respectful to their
elders. The rest of us were swallowed by
the Western society and raised our kids
in a different way. We did almost every-
thing for them and we seldom assigned
them chores at home. As long as they’re
good at school, we’re happy. We did
not allow them to get a part time job on
their teen years. We even bought them
new or near new cars when they learned
how to drive.
Yes, most of these kids are bright
and excellent college materials. A few
hang out at community colleges for
over 4 years and still undecided. Some
worked on felds far away from degrees
earned. Others are still enjoying the
free lodging, the free food and the free
housekeeping service.
When was the last they offer to
pay the rent/mortgage or utility bills?
Were you ever treated to a nice lunch
or dinner? Have they paid you back for
the gas money they borrowed? Why are
they still in your car insurance policy?
Well, don’t feel bad, you’re not
alone. Most of these kids can only see
themselves. You were just the bank,
rescuer and now a free babysitter.
Our wonderful children
President Benigno Aquino III.
While she commended the Philippines'
move to bring its territorial dispute with
China before an international tribunal,
Lewis said the country "realistically"
needs weaponry to neutralize China's
Drones, which can carry out un-
manned attack and reconnaissance
missions, are needed to supplement the
country's lack of conventional arma-
ments, she said.
"If the Philippines had access to this
technology, we could effectively utilize
it to keep China at bay without endan-
gering the lives of our soldiers. The cost
will be less than that spent for jet planes,
ships or helicopters," Lewis noted.
According to Foreign Affairs spokes-
person Charles Jose, the Philippines on
December 13, 2013 formally requested
the US government to designate the
country under TPS following the
onslaught of Typhoon Yolanda in the
Visayas, which left over 6,000 dead and
millions more desperate for livelihood.
—Rie Takumi/KBK/JL, GMA News
Over One Billion People
Take Part in Earth Day, the
World’s Largest Secular
Tuesday was Earth Day, and over one
billion people in 192 countries were
planning action to protect the environ-
ment. From Sydney to San Jose, New
Delhi to New York, Rome to Cairo, Bei-
jing to Beirut, Amazonia to Honolulu,
Washington, D.C. to Moscow, people
everywhere organizied demonstrations
and rallies, demanding climate action,
cleaning up their communities, meeting
with their elected offcials, planting
trees, and teaching their children about
protecting our planet in honor of Earth
“Earth Day is the most powerful force
the environmental movement has ever
known,” said Kathleen Rogers, presi-
dent of Earth Day Network. “Millions
of people will be permanently recruited
into the environmental movement, join-
ing the more than a billion people who
already use this day to focus on the ur-
gent need to stabilize global greenhouse
gas emissions, fght climate change, live
more eco-friendly lives and protect their
children’s futures.”
Green Cities
This year Earth Day Network is focus-
ing on Green Cities. On Earth Day and
throughout the year, cities are working
with their communities to catalyze a
transition to a more sustainable future
through effciency upgrades, investment
in renewable energy, and regulation
reform. As part of the campaign, Earth
Day Network is working directly with
cities across the US—from Jackson,
Mississippi to Santa Fe, New Mexico—
to implement sustainable programs and
policies at the local level.
“For the frst time in history, most
people on Earth live in urban areas.
Many of these cities are desperately
trying to transform themselves into
models of effciency and sustainability,
and some are preparing to face the perils
of climate change. We’re working with
these cities, local governments, citizens,
and other stakeholders to convert these
cities into “green cities.” That means re-
designing their transportation infrastruc-
ture, modernizing their energy systems,
and rethinking the way they build,” said
Franklin Russell, Director of Earth Day
at Earth Day Network.
Across the world, millions of school-
children and their teachers from around
the world will take part in education,
civic, and outdoor programs that will
teach them about the importance of
clean air and water, how to begin a life-
long practice to civic participation, and
experience the wonders of nature.
In almost every country on earth, citi-
zens will be making demands on their
governments to enforce their laws and
take action to solve the climate crises
and begin a lifetime of staying involved.
That is the legacy of Earth Day, the larg-
est and most active citizen engagement
campaign on earth.
To learn more about Earth Day 2014 and
how you can get involved, visit: www.
Earth Day Network-India Launches
Pathways to Green Cities
Growing out of the frst Earth Day,
April 22, 1970, Earth Day Network
(EDN) networks with over 22,000
partners in 192 countries to broaden,
diversify and mobilize the environ-
mental movement. More than 1 billion
people now participate in Earth Day
activities each year, making it the largest
civic observance in the world.
The theme for Earth Day 2014 and 2015
is Green Cities. To focus on the theme,
Earth Day Network-India has compiled
an eBook "Pathways to Green Cities
–Innovative Ideas from Urban India."
The eBook was released on Thurs-
day, April 17, 2014, at 6 pm at Oxford
Bookstore, Park Street, Kolkata 700016
by US Consul General Helen LaFave.
First Lady Padmini Narayanan, wife of
Hon’ble Governor MK Narayanan was
the Guest of Honour.
A discussion followed the release
around some of the stories featured
in the book from Kolkata. These are
- Where Have All the Parks Gone?,
Ragpickers Turn Entrepreneurs, Butter-
fy Parks, Art Inspires Civic Action and
Backseat Buddies.
The book presents 24 case studies from
13 cities across India on innovative
strategies that have already been imple-
mented to make cities greener. Many
of these are related to water and waste
management. Others to increasing the
green cover, developing green buildings,
traffc control, reduction of air pollution,
use of renewable energies, and the judi-
cious use of natural resources.
EDN hopes that those who read the
case studies are inspired to adopt and
replicate the novel ideas in their cities
as well. To facilitate that, they have
provided in the book contact informa-
tion for each of the organizations written
Content: Earth Day Network
Through the dedication of Twenti-
eth Century Fox Home Entertainment
(TCFHE), Earth Day Network (EDN)
and 17 partner organizations around the
world, the Avatar Home Tree Initiative
has proven a great success, exceeding
its original objectives for conservation,
sustainable development and environ-
mental awareness.
2014 Focuses on Green Cities
Page 7 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com April 25-May 1, 2014
mom. It also served as our venue for
our slumber party whenever we visit.
Our mom was always a model for all of
us. She never showed any bad feelings
to anyone and part of her motto in life
was “Always be good to everyone, love
Last December 19, 2010 we celebrat-
ed the 100th birthday of our mother. It
was at the Hilton Hotel in Concord,
California. Every one of the siblings
with their families was present. We
occupied one wing of the hotel and the
event was at one of their main pavil-
ions. We had a big poster board with
our family tree complete with pictures.
There was even a life-size balloon of
our mother displayed in the lobby. The
program included a Carinosa dance
number by the siblings and of course
each sibling with their respective family
members put on a talent number.
Our family sang Hallelujah with four
of us doing a solo each. Roxanne and
Rob accompanied us with their harp and
guitar. This was followed by the Hawaii
gang doing a Hawaiian dance. Then
Louie and Arden did their duet to the
delight of the audience. The Hunting-
ton Beach Boys did a song and dance
number wearing Filipino fag attire. The
great grandchildren also had several mu-
sical numbers with many of our cousins
who formed a choir and sang several
Filipino renditions. I did a version of
the old TV show, This Is Your Life. I
narrated her life story and called several
people in the audience who played a part
in the past events to come to the stage.
My mom was working as a seamstress
at a haberdashery store owned by a rela-
tive, Mr. Zacahrias Biglang-awa when
she met our dad. The owner of that
shop has a son and daughter living in
California. The daughter, Precy Orbeta,
is my cumadre as I am the Godfather
of their daughter, Liz, who lives in San
Diego. The son, Eleazer, is my boyhood
friend and lives with his wife, Lally, in
Fremont, California, near the house of
Ram and Analise. That is why we meet
them every now and then. I called El-
eazer and his family to the stage as I was
telling the story of where my mom and
dad met 66 years before. It was almost
like the way Ralph Edwards did it.
Our DJ was Jay Castro; his father Ju-
venal Castro did a Lawrence Welk num-
ber with an accordion that thrilled us all.
It was a celebration of her life that was
carefully planned by our sister, Gloria
Omania. Gloria sometimes amazes me
as she is so good at what she does and
of course her protégé, Melanie Ramil is
the upcoming event planner. When it
comes to planning an event, leave it to
by Atty. Susan V. Perez
Immigration 911
Read Atty. Susan Perez’s previous articles by
visiting our website at www.asianjournalusa.com
(Continued on page 10)
(Continued from page 1)
Father & Son, USN
those two. After the talent show, it was
the public dance and of course the dance
foor was always full.
This was followed by acknowledge-
ments from Gloria and me and a short
remark by State Senator Tom Torlakson
who was accompanied by his wife, Mae
Cendana Torlakson. Tom was always
considered by our mom as her own son
especially during the campaign seasons
as she was always a volunteer for him.
She actually campaigned for Tom at
Filipino gatherings by giving talks in Ta-
galog. It was she who would introduce
Tom to the Filipinos in the crowd.
That night mom refused to go to
bed and stayed on until after the party
concluded. She was so happy seeing so
many friends in the crowd. I am sure
she was so delighted because many
friends and relatives from Novaliches
were present. Among those were Fred
and Hilda Ramirez, Eleazer and Lally
Biglang-awa Soriano, Arcadio and
Charito Reyes. Also present were Brig
and Nancy Tamayo, Roger and Tessie
Biglang-awa, Tony and Gwen Tamayo,
whose family was with us in Novaliches
during the war.
A fnal trip to the Philippines
In January of the following year,
our mom wanted to come with us to
the Philippines. She wanted to see
her hometown and also some of her
relatives. Gloria had to get permission
from her doctor. The doctor said she
could go but she had to stay in the hotel.
We were booked at the Dusit Thani in
Makati and our cousins found a care-
taker for her as most of us were in a golf
tournament. Most of our relatives came
and visited her at the hotel.
One Sunday we were able to take her
to Novaliches to her old church to attend
the service. She was also able to visit
the Reyes family mausoleum at Holy
Cross Memorial Park in San Bartolome
where her father, mother, brother and
sister-in- law were laid to rest.
The fnal chapter of a great life
America has become a scarier place
to live for non-citizens. Over the past
three years, Immigration and Customs
Enforcement (ICE) has intensifed
immigration enforcement activities by
conducting several large-scale worksite
and community raids throughout the
country. The increasing anti-immigrant
sentiment makes it important for minori-
ties to possess proof of citizenship or
legal status.
An individual may be a citizen of
the United States under any of several
different laws or principles. The most
common way is by birth in the United
States. This is called the principle of jus
solis. It is guaranteed by no less than
the U.S. Constitution that those born in
the United States are its citizens. This is
true regardless of the immigration status
of the parents. Another way of getting
citizenship is by naturalization. This
is done by fling a formal application
and complying with several require-
ments such as residency and good moral
character, among other things. The
most common problem I encounter is a
situation when a child was born outside
the United States, but his or her ancestor
was a U.S. citizen. This is the principle
of jus sanguinis, which states that one’s
citizenship is determined by his or her
ancestor’s citizenship. This article
will look at how one establishes U.S
citizenship when he or she has American
ancestors but he or she was born outside
the United States.
Example 1: Maria was born in the
Philippines in 1975. Her mother was
born in California in 1949 and died last
year. Maria’s parents were not married
when she was born. Analysis: Children
born out of wedlock are U.S. citizens
if their mothers were U.S. citizens with
one year continuous physical presence
in the United States prior to the child’s
birth. If the U.S. citizen parent was the
father, for children born after November
15, 1968, the father must legitimize
or acknowledge the child prior to the
child’s 18th birthday, or paternity must
be established by a competent court,
and the father must fulfll the resident
requirements listed in the statute. For
births after November 14, 1986, the
father needs to establish fve years of
physical presence in the United States,
at least two after the age of 14. Maria
can submit a passport application with
her birth certifcate, baptismal certifcate
and proof of mother’s residency which
can be shown by Social Security state-
ments, tax returns, driver’s license and
mortgage payments.
Example 2: Maria was born in the
Philippines in 1973 and became a U.S.
legal permanent resident through mar-
riage to a U.S. citizen. Two years after
she received her green card, she was
arrested for shoplifting. Her mother is
a citizen of the Philippines and remains
a resident of the Philippines. Maria’s
father was born and raised in Califor-
nia. Maria’s parents were married but
separated when she was born. They got
divorced before Maria’s frst birthday.
Maria’s father refuses to acknowledge or
in any way help Maria. She is in depor-
tation proceedings. Analysis: Maria
is the legitimate daughter of a U.S. citi-
zen father. Thus, if Maria’s father lived
in the United States for 10 years, at least
fve after the age of 14 prior to Maria’s
birth, Maria is a U.S. citizen. All Maria
needs is her birth certifcate to prove her
relationship to her father and proof of
his residency in the United States. U.S.
citizens cannot be deported. Maria can
move for dismissal of her deportation
proceedings once she established her
Example 3: Fred was born in Califor-
nia, but has lived since age 2 in Mexico.
His wife Maria, and 10-year-old daugh-
ter, Stephanie, are Mexican citizens.
Five years ago, Fred decided to move
the family to the United States and fled
I-130 petitions for his wife and daughter.
Four years ago, Maria and Stephanie
received their visas as legal permanent
residents. Analysis: Under the Child
Citizenship Act of 2000 (CCA), Stepha-
nie is a U.S. citizen automatically if she
is (1) admitted as a permanent resident
and (2) is residing in the United States
in the legal and physical custody of one
U.S. citizen parent. Both of these events
must occur while the child is under
18 years of age. To prove citizenship,
Maria needs to present her legal per-
manent resident card, birth certifcate,
school records, and proof of her father’s
citizenship, father’s driver’s license, and
tax returns.
Example 4: Gabriel and Susan were
born in the United States in the 1930s.
Their son, Michael, was born in Cali-
fornia in 1963. When Michael was 4,
Gabriel and Susan moved their family to
the Philippines. Michael has visited his
cousins in the United States, but has not
resided in the United States since 1967.
Michael married a Filipina and has two
children: Angela and Tiffany. Both Ga-
briel and Susan are alive and living with
their grandchildren. Analysis: Angela,
age 19, and Tiffany, age 14, did not
acquire U.S. citizenship at birth because
their father, Michael, did not reside in
the United States suffcient time prior to
their birth to transmit U.S. citizenship.
Angela is eligible to immigrate to the
United States but she will not acquire
U.S. citizenship because she is over
18. Michael could apply to immigrate
Tiffany and she would acquire U.S.
citizenship if she resides with Michael
in the United States. If Michael were
deceased, Gabriel or Susan can apply
for citizenship on behalf of Tiffany.
Since Michael did not live in the United
States for fve years, two after age of
14, the application cannot be based on
Michael’s residence. However, because
Michael’s parents were U.S. citizens,
both of whom resided in the United
States from birth until their mid-30s,
Gabriel or Susan can fle for Tiffany’s
U.S. citizenship based on her grandpar-
ents’ residence. The grandparent mak-
ing the application will need to present
proof of their citizenship, residency in
the United States, birth certifcates of
Michael and Tiffany.
Example 5: Preciosa was born in the
Philippines on April 1, 1946. Her father
was born in New Jersey in 1925 and
went to the Philippines as part of the
U.S. Army during World War II. Pre-
ciosa’s mother was born in the Philip-
pines in 1927. They married about two
years before Preciosa was born. When
Preciosa was about 6 months old, she
and her mother went to San Diego as
military dependents. Preciosa’s mother
naturalized a few years later. Analysis:
Preciosa can establish her U.S. citizen-
ship in three different ways. First, since
Preciosa is the daughter of a natural-
born citizen father and a naturalized
citizen mother prior to her 18th birthday,
Preciosa could have become a citizen
automatically if she was admitted to the
United States as a permanent resident.
Second, since Preciosa is a legitimate
daughter of a U.S. citizen father, she
could be a citizen if her father lived in
the United States for 10 years, 5 years
after the age of 12. Third, Preciosa was
born at the time the Philippine Islands
were a territory of the United States.
At that time, birth in the Philippines
did not confer automatic U.S. citizen-
ship because their parents were merely
considered “nationals” of the United
States. However, Preciosa is a U.S.
citizen because her father as a U.S.
citizen. Under the Nationality Act of
1940, a child born with one U.S. citizen
parent and one U.S. national parent was
a citizen at birth.
We welcome your feedback. If you
have any immigration questions, please
feel welcome to email me at susan@
law-usimmigration.com or call 619
819 -8648 to arrange for a telephone
Establishing U.S. Citizenship
for Children Born Abroad
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Lower Your
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Spiritual Life
©2014 Virginia H. Ferrer. All rights reserved.
About the Author: Virginia H. Ferrer is a Retired Filipino Language
Teacher who once taught at Otay Ranch High School in Chula Vista.
Quiet Neighborhood
in National City. No
smoking. No drugs.
by Michael Brown
'Pope Of My Secret': The
Link Between John Paul II,
Mercy, And Coming Events
Like it or not, the death of Pope John
Paul II shows every sign of igniting
renewed interest in, even fervor for, the
prophetic, and that interest may have
grown during his funeral Friday when
in a eulogy Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
accented both the Pope's dedication to
the Blessed Mother and his focus on
Divine Mercy.
"He interpreted for us the paschal
mystery as a mystery of Divine Mercy,"
the cardinal pointed out to history's larg-
est television audience. "In his last book,
he wrote: 'The limit imposed upon evil
'is ultimately Divine Mercy' (Memory
and Identity, Page 60-61)."
Divine Mercy rings a prophetic bell
because it was established as an offcial
feast day of the Church by John Paul
II -- who then died on its vigil, April
2, and on the ninth day of the annual
Divine Mercy novena.
That feast was originally inspired by
St. Faustina Kowalska, a mystic who
was from the Pope's native Poland. The
frst Mass said for the Pope after his
death was a Mass of Divine Mercy --
and it was John Paul who canonized St.
The connections are clear and the pro-
phetic component comes in with one of
St. Faustina's revelations that (quoting
Jesus), "I bear a special love for Poland
and if she will be obedient to My Will,
I will exalt her in might and holiness.
From her will come forth the spark that
will prepare the world for My fnal com-
ing" (Diary 1732).
This has dovetailed with the intuition
of many who believe that the Pope's
passing will signal great changes or
even a shift of era in the world, although
the Church, especially in the U.S., has
been cautious and often reluctant to
consider the prophetic component.
As one blogger pointed out, "It has
also been noted that not only did John
Paul II die on the last day of the Divine
Mercy novena and the eve of the feast
itself, the traditional nine-day novena-
mourning period for the Pope will end
on the third Sunday in Easter -- which
this year just happens to be the eve of
the feast of St. Stanislaus of Krakow,
who was a patron saint of Poland, the
Pope's predecessor as archbishop of
Krakow, and a personal hero of the
Pope's." Reportedly, John Paul even
briefy considered taking the Polish
saint's name.
And then, there is the Marian devo-
tion. So dedicated was the Pope that an
"M" for Mary was placed on his casket,
and this too circled into the Faustina
revelation. As Cardinal Ratzinger point-
ed out in his funeral homily Friday, "the
Holy Father found the purest refection
of God's mercy in the Mother of God."
Perhaps most direct was a message
from Father Stefano Gobbi, an Italian
locutionist whose writings have been
in wide circulation among priests and
Marian laity alike and whose messages,
if not deemed as offcial locutions by
the Church (and each to be discerned
individually), seem, at least in a number
of instances, to have infusions of the
inspirational -- as in the one cited above,
which correctly foresaw that contents of
the third Fatima secret nearly a decade
before it was revealed.
That secret cited the shooting of a
"bishop in white," which the Vatican
said represented the pontiff ("bishop
of Rome"), who was shot on May 13,
1981. The secret was later released by
John Paul II -- who believed that the
attempt on his life was thwarted by the
intervention of the Fatima Virgin and
even alluded to this in his last will.
On May 13, 1991, anniversary of the
frst Fatima apparitions and tenth an-
“The limit imposed upon evil
is, ultimately, Divine Mercy” --
Blessed Pope John Paul II
At a stadium celebration of the Feast of Divine Mercy in the Philippines, thousands in prayer, witnessed a very
special grace, confrming the message of St Faustina: “Jesus, I trust in You”. The Glory of God’s Promise of his faith-
fulness to His people long ago in the old Testament made clear again in His Rainbow on Divine Mercy Sunday, April 7,
2013. The Rainbow spanned the sky above the largest Divine Mercy Shrine in the world, the shrine towering at 75 feet;
the Divine Mercy statue at 50-feet. The shrine is located at Divine Mercy Hills in El Salvador City of Misamis Oriental
on the island of Mindanao.The Philippines is on fre for Divine Mercy, and it all started with simple prayercards printed
by the Marians of the Immaculate Conception. U.S. servicemen brought these Divine Mercy prayercards with them to
the Pacifc Theater during World War II. The message and devotion found a beachhead in the Philippines, and the rest
is history! (Contributed by Jane Juetten, Communications Director of News and Faith.com) -- Photo by sunstar.com
niversary of the assassination attempt,
Father Gobbi reported a locution (or
"voice"), supposedly from Mary, that
said, "You are aware of being spiritu-
ally very much united with my Pope,
John Paul II, this precious gift which
my Immaculate Heart has made to you,
who, in these very moments, is in prayer
at the Cova da Iria [in Fatima], to thank
me for the motherly and extraordinary
protection which I gave him, by saving
his life, on the occasion of the bloody
attempt made upon it, which took place
ten years ago in St. Peter's Square.
"Today I confrm for you that this is
the Pope of my secret; the Pope about
whom I spoke to the children during
the apparitions; the Pope of my love
and of my sorrow. With great courage
and with superhuman strength, he goes
about every part of the world, heedless
of the fatigue and the many dangers,
in order to confrm all in the faith and
thus he carries out his apostolic ministry
as successor of Peter, Vicar of Christ,
universal pastor of the holy Catholic
Church, founded on the rock of my Son,
That the Pope was not only shot on
the Fatima feast day, but also was the
Pope who revealed the third secret
and who at the same time oversaw the
beatifcation of two of the Fatima seers
-- and that his death so closely followed
that of the third Fatima visionary, Lucia
dos Santos, who died in February -- only
adds sinew to arguments that the life of
this man was prophetic.
According to Father Gobbi, whose
writings have at times ignited con-
troversy (but have circulated to tens
of thousands of priests), the Blessed
Mother allegedly went on to describe
the Pope as giving "the light of Christ in
these times of darkness."
"When this Pope will have completed
the task which Jesus has entrusted to
him and I will come down from Heaven
to receive his sacrifce, all of you will be
cloaked in a dense darkness of apostasy,
which will then become general," she
Coming full circle back to prophe-
cies that some link to a manifestation
of Christ, or even the Second Coming,
the priest asserted that during the same
"message," Mary told him that there
would be the faithful "remnant" which
would fnd refuge in her heart.
"And it will be this little faithful
remnant, prepared and formed by me,
that will have the task of receiving
Christ, Who will return to you in glory,
bringing about in this way the beginning
of a new era which awaits you," she
allegedly said.
Originally published in Spirit Daily.
com 4/8/05
Joke of the week: As the banquet was
about to begin, the chairman realized no
minister was present to give the invoca-
tion. He whispered to the main speaker,
“Sir, since there is no minister here, will
you please say the grace before meal?”
The speaker arose, bowed his head, and
with a deep feeling said, “There being
no minister present, let us thank God.”
Scripture: First Reading: Acts 2:
42-47. The passage from Acts enumer-
ates what the community members
have in common: the Apostles’ teaching
and preaching (didache and kerygma),
fellowship (koinonia), the breaking
of bread (agape), and prayer. Second
Reading: 1 Peter 1: 3-9. In what is
considered to be his Easter baptismal
homily, Peter, speaking with apostolic
authority because he had seen the risen
Lord, addresses those who don’t have
the same experience, yet believe on the
testimony of others. Gospel: John 20:
19-31. The evangelist tries to answer a
main problem within the post-apostolic
Church: how could one have faith in the
risen Lord without seeing him? Seeing,
as in the case of the doubting Thomas,
does not automatically guarantee faith.
Hearing the word of the risen Lord
himself and hearing him speak through
those who are sent to witness for him
leads to belief.
Reflections: Often times we think
that having faith is a guarantee that we
are certain of freedom from pain and
suffering and an assurance of glory and
joy. Though it is true that faith involves
happiness, yet it does not exempt any-
one from sadness and toils. Faith is alive
both in good times and in bad times, in
the wounds as in glory. Faith does not
remove the pain and suffering of life,
rather it transforms and makes them
Thomas renewed his faith in the risen
Lord through the wounds of the Master
(“unless I see the mark of the nails in
his hands and put my fnger into the nail
marks and put my fnger into his side,
I will not believe”). True faith is alive
both in times of unbearable wounds and
inexpressible joy.
Disappointment occurs when our
expectations are unrealistic. Doubts
about God’s love and care for us, skepti-
cism about whether he listens to our
prayers, and even loss of faith occur
when we believe that because we have
faith we are not vulnerable to pain and
suffering. The disciples were caught
fat-footed. They expected that Jesus
was a political Messiah who would set
Israel free from the foreign domination
of the Romans. Thomas was not so sure
what to believe because he had seen
his Master crucifed. The apostles and
disciples mistakenly expected Jesus to
be what he is not. It is no surprise why
all of them were seemingly disappointed
with the outcome of his crucifxion. Yet
it is in their disappointment that they
found the Lord because they did not
completely close their heart to the pos-
sibility that his words would be fulflled:
he would rise on the third day. When we
are wounded and disappointed but don’t
refuse healing, miracles happen!
SUNDAY. It is a time for us to refect
on God’s immense mercy in spite of
our sinfulness. God is always ready to
forgive us even though we do offend
him. As proof of his mercy, he sent us
his only begotten Son to redeem us from
our sins. The following story shows
how God similarly treats us in spite of
our evil ways. In New Zealand, a Maori
was known as “Warrior Brown” because
of her violent temper. Eventually she
joined the Salvation Army. One day
while addressing a group of Maoris, she
was struck by a potato thrown by one of
them. Retrieving it, she returned home,
cut it up, planted it and harvested it. On
visiting the village again, she sought out
the man who had thrown the potato and
gave him the potatoes she had harvested.
Trivia: The frst eight days of Easter
season make up the octave of Easter:
from Easter Sunday (April 24) until the
following Sunday (May1). These days
of octave form “the early hours” of this
“great Sunday” with accounts of the
Lord who rose early in the morning, and
the early preaching of the disciples who
were witnesses to the resurrection. At
Mass, throughout the octave a double
Alleluia is added to the dismissal and its
response. The paschal candle, a symbol
of the presence of the risen Christ
among the people of God, remains in the
sanctuary near the altar.
Quotation of the week: Faith is
to believe what we do not see, and the
reward of this faith is to see what we
believe. St. Augustine of Hippo.
2nd Sun. of Easter (Divine Mercy): April 27, 2014
In Good and Bad Times.
Para Ano Pa
Ikaw ang tunay na dahilan nitong lahat sa akin
na siyang nagbibigay liwanag sa gitna ng dilim
wala akong pagkatakot kahit mag-isa kong dalhin
ang problemang pinapasan basta'r ikaw ng kapiling.
Sa tabing dagat nuong ako'y nakaapak ng lumot
napasigaw ako ng malakas dahilan sa takot
madaling napawi ang lahat pati galit at yamot
dahil sa kung kasama kita ay malayo ang lungkot.
Sa unang pagsilay pa lamang ng silahis ng araw
at hanggang sa gabi ng ating tahimik na paghimlay
isa-isa kong pinaglalaro sa aking isipan
ang walang nang kasingtamis pa nating paglalambingan.
At kahit saan lugar pa man tayo ay naroroon
sa tahanan man, sa bukid o sa itaas ng burol
bawat halakhak natin pag-ibig ang siyang katugon
hahanap-hanapin ko 'to hanggang dulo ng panahon.
Ang iyong iyak,lungkot at pati na ang iyong tawa
ang siyang nagdudugtong ng buhay sa aking hininga
kung ikaw ay wala na ano pa kaya ang halaga
para ako ay mabuhay sa mundo ng nag-iisa.
Page 9 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com April 25-May 1, 2014
Tech IT
from My Barber
by Benjamin Maynigo
METRO MANILA $ 55.00 $ 50.00
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Drop off your BOX at Pentagon Cargo Office
And Receive an Additional $ 5.00 Off.
Basta Kahon, Mag Pentagon Cargo Na!
FAA upgrades PHL aviation
safety rating to Category 1
GoodNews Pilipinas | 4/13/2014 --
The US Department of Transportation’s
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
has upgraded the Philippines’ aviation
safety rating to Category 1.
“The return to Category 1 status is
based on a March 2014 FAA review
of the Civil Aviation Authority of the
Philippines. A Category 1 rating means
the country’s civil aviation authority
complies with ICAO standards. With the
International Aviation Safety Assess-
ment (IASA) Category 1 rating, the
Republic of the Philippines’ air carriers
can add fights and service to the United
States and carry the code of U.S. car-
riers,” the FAA said in a statement on
The FAA said in order to maintain
a Category 1 rating, a country must
adhere to the safety standards of ICAO,
the United Nations’ technical agency for
aviation that establishes international
standards and recommended practices
for aircraft operations and maintenance.
US Ambassador to the Philippines
Philip Goldberg made the annoucement
on his offcial Twitter account.
“Good news! Philippines compliance
with international #aviation safety over-
sight standards earns Category 1 Safety
Rating,” he said.
An upgrade to Category 1 status allow
airlines from the Philippines to expand
and mount additional fights to the US.
“This upgrade cements a landmark era
in the Philippine aviation sector. From
one major achievement to another in a
span of less than 2 years, the country
has made great strides in enhancing its
aviation industry to one that is at par
with the best in the world,” Transporta-
tion Secretary Joseph Abaya said.
Abaya said the upgrade is expected
to boost the country’s tourism industry,
help airline companies expand their op-
erations, and improve trade and business
relations between the 2 countries.
The DOTC chief said among the
benefts of this upgrade are:
The country’s airlines in addition to
fag carrier Philippine Airlines (PAL)
can now fy to the US.
PAL can now use more fuel-effcient
PAL can add new routes to and from
the US.
PAL can increase fight frequencies to
and from the US.
In 2008, the US FAA downgraded
the CAAP’s safety rating to category 2,
upon the recommendation of the United
Nation’s International Civil Aviation
Organization (ICAO). A category 2
status meant the FAA assessed CAAP as
having failed to comply with the ICAO
safety standards.
Philippine air carriers were permitted
to continue current operations to the US
under increased FAA surveillance, but
have been unable to mount new fights.
Richmond, VA (PRWEB) April 24,
More older adults (ages 50-64), as
well as seniors 65+ are continuing to
do further research of important aging
topics online, as seen on SeniorsGuide-
Senior Guide’s increase in an older
audience online also correlates with a
recently released study of Internet Adop-
tion and Social Media use among senior
citizens by Pew Internet.
For more information and specifcs
from the study, read Seniors Guide’s
summary at http://www.seniorsguideon-
“We are seeing more interaction
and engagement from our posts on
Facebook,” says Katharine Ross, Vice
President of Sales and Marketing for
Seniors Guide Magazine and Seniors-
“Each year we can track that seniors
are more comfortable using the Internet
and using social media sites like Face-
book and Pinterest,” says Ross.
Study shows a majority of older Inter-
net users now go online on a daily basis.
The Pew study found that more adults
are going online as a part of their daily
habits. By either spending time on
Facebook, checking their email or other
sites on the Internet, going online is
becoming integrated into the daily lives
of more US seniors.
Of adults ages 65+, 71% claimed that
they go online daily, while 11% went
online 3-5 times per week. The numbers
were higher in adults ages 50-64. The
study found that 79% go online “every
day or almost every day”, while 8%
claimed to only go online 3-5 times per
“We continue to still see a great num-
ber of leads to retirement communities
and home health care services from our
Seniors Guide Magazines in Virginia,
North Carolina, Ohio and Indiana,” says
“Seniors and their adult children are
reading our magazines and then going
online for further research of assisted
living, independent living, and other
retirement housing options.”
Seniors Guide is also seeing a rise in
traffc to their website in visitors who
are looking for products and services
like Adult Daycare (also known as
Respite Care), Home remodeling modi-
fcations for aging in place, elder law
services, and more.
“Our audience is becoming more
comfortable fnding products online and
reaching out to them to either inquire
more information or to make a direct
purchasing information”, says Ross.
To take advantage of marketing to
an older audience online, visit Seniors-
GuideOnline.com to create your web ad
at http://www.seniorsguideonline.com/
Seniors Guide, a Richmond, Va.
-based company publishes Seniors
Guide magazines throughout Cincinnati,
Ohio; Dayton, Ohio; Indianapolis, Indi-
ana; Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina;
Richmond, Virginia; and Roanoke-
Lynchburg, Virginia and features a
correlating website of SeniorsGuide-
Online.com. Seniors Guide’s mission
is to help seniors and their families fnd
the information they need on options
available in senior housing, senior care,
assisted living, independent senior
living, retirement communities and
other retirement living needs. Seniors
Guide also has resources at http://www.
HomeCareChoice.com for Cincinnati,
Ohio; Dayton, Ohio; Raleigh-Durham,
North Carolina; and Richmond, VA.
Ross Publishing, Seniors Guide’s parent
company, began in 1991 and has been
publishing helpful, free publications and
websites ever since.
Social Media and Internet Adoption
by Seniors, Older Adults Continues
to Increase in 2014
The Consumer Electronics Associa-
tion (CEA) is an organization that unites
2,000 companies within the consumer
technology industry. Led by its dynamic
President and published author of sev-
eral books, Gary Shapiro, the members
of CEA tap into valuable and innovative
members-only resources: “unparalleled
market research, networking opportuni-
ties with business advocates and leaders,
up-to-date educational programs and
technical training, exposure in extensive
promotional programs, and representa-
tion from the voice of the industry.”
CEA is the organizer of the most
effciently and effectively managed
International CES (Consumer Electronic
Conference) held every year in early
January. I attend as a credentialed mem-
ber of the Press representing ASIAN
It also runs the CE Week in New York
that is held every summer, which I also
attend regularly.
On April 30, 2014, I will be at the
CES On The Hill – an invitation-only
event that is also produced by the Con-
sumer Electronics Association (CEA).
As stated in their announcement,
CES On The Hill has been organized
precisely “to provide policymakers the
opportunity to interact with the technol-
ogy companies and products that are
changing the way we live, work and
play. Members of Congress, key Hill
staff and DC media will experience the
innovative technologies at the center of
today’s policy debates.”
The event will be held at the Rayburn
House Offce Building Cafeteria (Rm-
B-357), which is located at the intersec-
tion of Independence Avenue and South
Capitol Street in Washington, DC.
I was just reminded of the fact that it
was in this same place where our organi-
zation, Asian Pacifc American Chamber
of Commerce (APACC) hosted the late
Philippine President Cory Aquino dur-
ing her frst Presidential State Visit in
the middle 1980s.
Any group that seeks to initiate or
change policies must go to the Hill.
Among the Public policy issues that
CEA is interested in are the following:
1. Increasing Spectrum and
Mobile Broadband;
2. Enabling Innovation by the
Best and Brightest through Support
for Immigration Reform;
3. Encouraging Industry-Led
eCycling Policies;
4. Stopping Patent Litigation
5. Furthering Industry Sustain-
ability and Green Initiatives;
6. Ensuring Access to Innovative
7. Advancing Energy Effciency
Programs and Initiatives;
CES on the Hill
8. Supporting Industry-Driven
Solutions for Design, Labeling, and
Use Mandates;
9. Promoting Safe In-Vehicle
Technology; and
10. Expanding Free Trade Agree-
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on Twitter @asianjournal
Page 10 April 25-May 1, 2014 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com
The Philippine Council for Industry,
Energy and Emerging Technology Re-
search and Development (PCIEERD) of
the Department of Science and Technol-
ogy (DOST) is inviting Filipino experts
(i.e. scientists, engineers and technol-
ogy entrepreneurs) who are based in
the United States of America to assist
in the implementation of the country’s
National R&D Agenda.
PCIEERD is a sectoral planning
council, which is tasked to implement
individual and institutional capabil-
ity building programs to complement
research and development (R&D)
support programs. For information on
PCIEERD’s priority sectors, please visit
this link: http://www.pcieerd.dost.gov.
Invitation for Filipino Experts to Assist in the Implementation of
the Philippine R&D Agenda
(Continued from page 1)
Filipino experts to actively assist in
the Philippine science and technology
(S&T) development. Interested ap-
plicants can go to this link for the BSP
guidelines: http://bsp.dost.gov.ph/index.
For further queries, please do not
hesitate to contact PCIEERD’s Human
Resources and Institution Development
Division (HRIDD) headed by Engr.
Ermie M. Bacarra at telephone numbers:
+1 632-553-86-37 or +1 632-837-2071
to 82 local 2101 or email: ermie_sc-
mst@yahoo.com .
Among these capability building
programs is the Balik Scientist Program
(BSP), which enjoins foreign-based
The stick, known as baston in Arnis
or garrote and olisi in Eskrima, is one
the weapons in the Filipino system of
martial arts. Over the years there has
been an ongoing friendly argument
among Filipino martial artists regarding
the proper grips or holds of the stick.
Usually the issue is not the grip itself,
but the distance of the grip or hold from
the bottom of the stick.
Some groups prefer the grip to be two
inches from the butt end, while other
groups go for as high as four inches.
Both groups advance their own reason
for doing so. Each style or choice
of grips has its own merit and disad-
vantage. By holding too close to the
bottom, the stick has a higher rate of
slipping from your grip. On the other
hand, holding the stick four inches from
the base is an invitation for a quick
disarm by the opponent.
The argument has been going on, with
each group never giving an inch (pun in-
tended!). In my humble opinion it is the
length of the stick itself that determines
Arnis Baston Grips or Holds
where you should hold the stick. If you
use a short stick (24 inches) then you
should hold it near the base to provide
enough reach. With a long stick (32-36
inches) balance is better achieved by
holding it farther from the base.
The Batangas Baston Arnis system,
which my late husband, GM Narrie Ba-
bao, learned from his father, Buenaven-
tura “Turing” Babao, and which we
teach in our Babao-Arnis system, has
three main grips or holds:
Normal or Bolo hold
The normal or bolo grip is the stan-
dard hold in the Babao-Arnis system.
Distance from the bottom end is ap-
proximately from one to two inches, the
same distance when you hold a standard
bolo. The protruding butt end can be
used for striking or disarming. The
proper length of a Batangas baston is
equal to that of the practitioner’s arm’s
length (from the shoulder to the tip of
the middle fnger).
When forced to use a longer stick,
practitioners will automatically switch
to a higher grip. If you are using a sharp
but thinner bolo and you are standing on
a solid concrete foor, the only strikes al-
lowed to hit the ground are the “hampas
lupa” and the “tumbok” – both aimed at
the opponent’s foot or ankle.
Baliktad or Reverse Hold
Instead of holding near the bottom, the
grip is about two inches from the top.
In combat, you use the reverse hold as
soon as you disarm your opponent. It’s
just like grabbing any kind of weapon
similar to a baston wherein you don’t
have a choice whether to use the normal
hold or the reverse hold.
Bayo or Pounding Hold
Bayo is a unique way of holding
the mid-section of the stick, patterned
after the way Filipino farmers of long
ago used the pestle to pound rice to
remove the husk. It is used mainly for
in-fghting or close combat when the
normal or reverse hold would not be as
While holding the mid-section of the
stick, you can deliver 4 strikes: to your
left and to your right using both ends of
the stick alternately. You could also add
one more strike by punching with your
closed fst while holding the mid-section
of the stick.
Since the stick is closer to your body,
the Bayo won’t get you easily disarmed
when you are surrounded by opponents
in a cramped or narrow space.
Bastoneros, as Arnis practitioners in
Batangas were once called, are trained
not to look for their bastons when they
are disarmed or when the sticks are ac-
cidentally dropped. Focus should be on
the opponent instead of in searching for
their sticks. In that way, they could still
defend themselves while they are using
their feet to locate their lost sticks.
Top: Normal or Bolo Hold. Middle: Baliktad or Reverse Hold. Bottom:
Bayo or Pounding Hold
Should the opponent attack before
the stick is recovered, the practitioner
will have to fght empty-handed. But as
soon as the stick is recovered, the prac-
titioner can go back and use any of the
three holds mentioned here. – zena
Quiet Neighborhood
in National City. No
smoking. No drugs.
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Light &
Read Zena Babao’s previous articles by visiting our website at
by Zena Sultana Babao
(Continued from page 7)
Father & Son, USN
In September of 2011 all of us siblings
were called by our sister, Gloria, to
come to Lotus as mom was getting sick-
ly and asking for us. Most of us stayed
in Lotus the whole week but others had
to return home. Suddenly, however, we
were again informed by Gloria to come
back. My wife and I were landing at
Oakland airport when we were informed
by our son, Ram that my mother passed
away peacefully. I was able to hold her
as soon as I got to Concord. She was
still warm and I talked to the funeral
people and asked them to wait a couple
more hours before they picked her up.
It was around 4:00 pm on September 16,
2011 when she passed away.
Gloria found several boxes containing
her diaries; her frst entry was in 1956
when we left the Philippines. She con-
tinued over the years to make daily en-
tries and now Melanie has created a blog
of her diaries and it is available through
the internet. The funeral was in Liv-
ermore where our father is laid to rest.
The Ashbury Methodist church allowed
us to use their facilities for the reception
after the funeral. The service was held
at the main chapel. Her grandsons were
the pall bearers and she was laid to rest
next to our dad. Her marker was made
of bronze identical to our dad’s VA is-
sued military marker and it was placed
on a granite base with a fower vase in
the middle. There were so many people
who attended the funeral service and the
reception venue was perfect. The plan-
ning was very well organized. Reverend
George Cruz, whose father was also an
IEMILIF minister and a good friend of
our family, conducted the service and
did a very good job. The date of our
mom’s funeral was the same date as
when we celebrate the town festa of
Novaliches. Her obituary written by
Melanie and Anthony and appeared in
newspapers in the Bay area and in San
Diego. And now, this obituary will con-
clude Father and Son, USN Retired as it
is a ftting memorialization of our grand
matriarch, Fausta Reyes Ramil.
- AJ
(To be continued)
(To order a copy of this book, call
“Sa totoo lang po, hindi po ako dapat
mag-aaral sa Metro Manila… Dapat po
sa Nueva Ecija kasi po wala po kaming
sapat na pera para mag-aral po ako sa
Metro Manila,” he said.
“Kaso noong nagkaroon po ako ng
scholarship sa DOST, nabigyan po ako
ng opportunity para mag-aral sa UP
ng free tuition fee. Tapos meron pong
monthly stipend,” he added.
Cruz’ mother, aunts and cousins
strived to fll the role left by his father,
which he never knew. This and the daily
struggle of poverty were among the
many problems Cruz had to go through
as a student.
“Inspirasyon ko po talaga sa pag-aaral
ang family ko sa probinsiya. Kasi unlike
po sa ibang mga bata na parang nasa ka-
nila na ang lahat, mag-aaral na lang sila,
ako po marami pong mga challenges
sa buhay kagaya po ng kakulangan sa
pera. Tapos po ‘yung mga challenges
sa family ko, so ‘yun po talaga ang
naging drive ko para magpursige,” Cruz
Feeling “overwhelmed” and “ful-
flled” that he was able to fnish at the
top of his class in college, Cruz said he
hopes to give back to the community by
being part of the academe.
“Una, gusto ko pong magkaroon ng
isang stable job dito sa Pilipinas. At
saka po sa dulo, gusto ko pong mag-give
back sa bansa by being a professor in
UP, bumalik sa academe para mag-in-
spire ng mga kabataan kasi hindi naman
po kasi talaga hadlang ‘yung kahira-
pan,” he said.
“Yung sa mga kabataan na sinasabi
nila na hindi nila kaya ‘yung pag-aaral
sa Manila, ‘yung mga mahihirap na
lessons sa school, pagka po nag-pursige
lang po sila, for sure magtatagumpay
sila sa kanilang mga endeavors,” he
Pedro Bautista (who later became a
saint) supposedly set up public baths
after discovering that the waters in the
hot springs had medicinal value. He was
also credited for renaming the nearby
town Los Banos, which translates to
“the baths.”
But Flores laments that today’s Filipi-
nos seem to have forgotten the medici-
nal benefts of soaking in Pansol’s hot
Instead, Pansol has become famous
as an inexpensive excursion destination
for budget-conscious Manila residents,
which gained momentum in the 1970s.
“They have something unique about
that place na hindi nila mina-maximize,
which is the health beneft,” Flores said.
“Karamihan they don’t know the me-
dicinal benefts of the hot spring.”
Benefts to health and wellness
It was in the 1970s when former sena-
tor Jovito Salonga decided to build a
country home in Pansol, which Flores,
who is a real-estate broker by profes-
sion, bought recently.
“We listened to the advice of my reha-
bilitation doctor, Dr. Antonio Periquet,
who said that wading and swimming in
a warm spring pool would be good for
my damaged nerves. After the construc-
tion, we made it a point to invite some
of our friends to enjoy the waters of
Pansol during weekends. My doctors
apparently enjoyed the yearly event,
exchanging reminiscences and listening
to the love songs of well-known artists,
before and after the anniversary lun-
cheon,” Salonga wrote in his 2001 book
“A Journey of Struggle and Hope.”
According to Flores, Salonga’s weekly
visits to Pansol helped him recover from
the Aug. 21, 1971 Plaza Miranda bomb-
ing which had originally confned him
to the wheelchair. It was his recovery
from soaking in the area’s hot springs
that prodded Salonga to build his Pansol
home in 1974.
Flores said he plans to restore this
1,027-sq.m. property with two bunga-
lows and a swimming pool as a place for
physical and spiritual wellness, seminars
and celebrations.
Small beginnings
Another Pansol property that had its
beginnings in the 1970s is the La Vista
Pansol resort complex. Its general man-
ager, Nicolas Donato III, recalled that at
the time Pansol residents started using
fresh spring water for their swimming
pools and opened them up for day-trip-
pers and group outings.
Donato said his father, who was a doc-
tor, was given a small lot in Pansol as
payment for medical bills by a patient.
The family then built a summer house
with a pool.
“Siguro mga 1970,” the younger
Donato recalled. “‘Yung pasyente niya
wala nang masyadong pambayad, so he
offered the place for a very cheap price.
Pero maliit lang siya, portion lang. ‘Yan
na ‘yung original vacation house namin,
tamang-tama lang sa amin.”
Donato said guests would drive to
Pansol and literally knock on their door
during summer, asking if they can use
their pool when resorts in the area would
get fully booked.
“During summer, kapag puno sila,
wala nang mapag-swimmingan ‘yung
ibang guests. So may mga iba nagba-
bakasakali. They go here kasi alam
nilang may pool kami. Magsasabi ‘yung
mga guests, ‘Pwede kaming mag-swim-
ming? We’ll pay you P1 per head.’”
It was later proposed to just convert
their home to a resort so they bought the
adjacent lots in the area to expand their
“Little by little, we developed it by
buying properties and nag-loan din kami
from the bank and unti-unti naming na-
develop ‘yung resort. From siguro 1,000
square meters, umabot na siya ng eight
hectares,” Donato said.
Trees inside the property provide fresh
air in the resort.
Today, La Vista Pansol offers numer-
ous swimming pools in different sizes,
with slides and water playgrounds, with
one even having a roof over it. The Bu-
kal, which used to be the longest pool in
Calamba back in the 1980s, is undergo-
ing renovations and will be transformed
into the area’s frst wave pool.
“Naunahan na tayo ng Bulacan at
Cavite, sila lahat may mga wave pool.
Dito, iisa pa lang. So sabi namin let’s
upgrade. I proposed sa board na i-push
through ‘yung wave pool,” Donato said.
Donato said guests come back to the
resort because unlike their competitors,
La Vista Pansol offers more than just
swimming pools. “Yung mga regular
guests namin, they like it here dahil
unang-una, malaki ‘yung place. Marami
silang nagagawa, We have complete
facilities -- basketball, volleyball, pools,
playground,” he said, adding that it
just started to offer extreme sports like
paintball, mud karts and a zipline, which
are popular for team-building.
Apart from tourist activities, the resort
even has the Wildlife and Rescue Center
for rescued animals initiated by veteri-
narian Nielsen Donato.
Improving Pansol
But large resort operations like La
Vista Pansol are exceptions, not the rule,
as far as the area’s tourism development
is concerned, stressed Flores, noting
that the vast majority of establishments
in Pansol are still small, private resort
types – not much different from the
“Everybody built their own. Every
house, may sariling private resort,”
Flores said. “It is still popular for birth-
days, parties and team building but it’s
a very seasonal business -- summer lang
siya and minsan Pasko.
“It’s still the nearest area for excur-
sions for most people and very afford-
able,” he added.
While Flores said this strategy isn’t
necessarily wrong, he noted that in
Japan, hot spring resorts or onsens can
charge high rates because of their thera-
peutic positioning.
‘”Yun sana ang gawin ng gobyerno,
i-push ‘yung medical tourism. Pansol
could be a major tourist spot sa Pilipi-
nas,” Flores said. – Report from Fidea
Encarnacion, ABS-CBNnews.com
Page 11 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com April 25-May 1, 2014
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By Thelma Sioson San Juan
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Who is the architect in Zsa Zsa Pa-
dilla’s life now? That has been the buzz
everywhere for weeks now, especially
after she and he were shown on TV, so
sweet, watching the Gary V concert last
For me, the answer came as a surprise,
but easily. I only had to ask the architect
himself—“That’s you on TV?! You and
Zsa Zsa are an item now?”
Yes, Conrad Onglao said, half-amused
that I was trying to hone in on a story (at
the expense of his privacy).
Better than just getting a candid reply,
I had dinner with him and Zsa Zsa last
Tuesday, for Conrad is an old friend.
They looked so happy together. All
these years, I’ve never seen Conrad hap-
pier and demonstrative with his feelings.
They couldn’t keep their hands off each
(Our old private joke goes that I
would be his “best man” at his wedding,
if ever.)
Zsa Zsa is the beautiful, talented wid-
ow whose sad, teary eyes the country
cannot forget as it watched her bury her
lifelong partner, Dolphy, the comedian/
actor/performer, indeed the “institution”
who had helped shape Filipino culture
since the postwar years.
But she had not been an idle widow
the past two years. Even long before she
and Dolphy got together, a move that
literally stopped the press more than
two decades ago, Zsa Zsa was already a
Filipino talent in her own right, having
recorded songs that have become clas-
sics, and acted on TV and the movies.
The past two years of her widowhood,
her career didn’t skip a beat, either.
She’s been busy.
However, she’d never been linked
or seen with any man since Dolphy’s
death—until now.
Moving on
Even as we stood at the door of
Conrad’s beautiful home, ready to step
out to dinner, they excitedly shared their
They’ve been seeing each other for a
month now, Conrad said. “A month and
15 days,” Zsa Zsa corrected him.
It all started when megastar Sharon
Cuneta, whose house Conrad is design-
ing and building, asked the architect if
she could set him up with her friend;
Sharon didn’t say who, at frst.
Then Sharon asked her close friend,
Zsa Zsa, if she was ready to go out on a
date again.
“Yes, I told her, I’m tired of mourn-
ing,” Zsa Zsa recalled with a bit of life,
but the sadness of the recent years still
taking over her gaze.
Curiously, right before Sharon’s
text, she had asked Dolphy’s son, Eric
Quizon, a renowned actor and direc-
tor himself, if he could help her stash
away Dolphy’s stuff, particularly his
clothes and photographs. And there were
hundreds and hundreds of photographs,
including their travels together. These
comprised a rich lifetime of memories.
The task entailed at least two days of
crying again over a past life, but Zsa
Zsa knew she needed to move on and
literally clear her space and open it up to
fresh energy, a new life.

A strange coincidence—just about
the time Zsa Zsa had fnished storing
the stuff, she got a text message from
Sharon asking if she wanted to meet
someone. Sharon forwarded the mobile
numbers of the two prospects to each
Zsa Zsa and Conrad set their date—a
blind date, come to think of it—
through text messages. Zsa Zsa didn’t
know who Conrad is, except that he
is an architect. Conrad didn’t and still
doesn’t know show biz. Both move in
disparate worlds.
The two agreed to meet up for an early
dinner in a Makati restaurant on a Sun-
day, after Zsa Zsa’s show “Asap.” That
dinner stretched to three hours, with the
two bidding each other goodbye in the
parking lot.
The two don’t even remember much
what they talked about—must be what
they do, and their respective kids, they
said. The next day each one hastened
to ask Sharon what one thought of the
Sharon told Conrad how Zsa Zsa
said she was so comfortable talking to
him, but she wasn’t sure if there were
“sparks”—but again, Zsa Zsa told Sha-
ron, it seemed he would make a good
“best friend.”
About this, Conrad replied to Sharon,
“Eh, best friend lang pala ang kailangan
ng kaibigan mo (All your friend needed
was a best friend).”
The couple now laughs over this
In fact, what followed was like in the
movies. After that frst date, they text-
messaged each other continuously, met
up again after two days, and again—all
in a week, until by that weekend, they
were photographed at Legaspi market,
holding hands. The cat was out of the
“I’ve always believed that if you
wanted to know the woman, bring her to
the market,” Conrad said. The architect
is a good cook, by the way, and loves to
cook for friends.
Apparently, Conrad liked it that Zsa
Zsa loved that day at the market.
Since that frst week, the two have
been inseparable, while going about
their respective careers—and moving on
from their respective pasts.
Zsa Zsa became Dolphy’s partner
when she was only 25, became some
sort of stepmom to his many offspring
and took care of him in his ailing years,
as the country watched with interest, if
not admiration. She and Dolphy were
together until his death—a total of 23
Conrad was married to his girlfriend
from his college years—he is a UST
graduate of Architecture—interior
designer Ivy Almario, with whom he has
two sons, both young adults now, with
the youngest barely out of college.
Conrad and Ivy started together a
career in architecture and interior design
in Los Angeles, where they lived for
many years until they decided to resettle
here. Among the frst projects of the
husband-and-wife team in Manila was
the makeover of the Manila Hotel before
it was bought by Emilio Yap.
The couple pursued separate but thriv-
ing careers shortly after their marriage
fell apart. They got their divorce in the
US, legal separation here, and church
annulment. Ivy is noted for many iconic
interior design projects (notably the Ro-
mulo restaurants, The Midas Hotel and
many other private residences).
A-list clients
Like his ex, Conrad is also an archi-
tect/designer of the A-list—Zobels,
Concepcions, Tan Caktiong of Jollibee,
Robert Coyiuto, among them, and busi-
ness projects such as those of Ayala (the
El Nido luxury resort chain in Palawan,
Seda hotel chain) and the Calatagan
sprawl of Iñigo and Maricris Zobel.
Ivy has remarried. Conrad has had
long-term relationships, but has re-
mained low-key in both his career and
private life—until now.
Zsa Zsa didn’t know of Conrad’s
credentials until they Googled each
other before their blind date. Now, quite
impressed with his achievements, she
fondly calls him “my rock star.”
“He’s good to me. He treats me well,”
said Zsa Zsa when asked what drew her
to him.
As Zsa Zsa is unfamiliar with Con-
rad’s architecture projects, Conrad is
almost clueless about her songs.
“Is that really you singing?” he’d
sometimes ask Zsa Zsa as they listen to
her CD.
“She’s funny, witty, simple and so
grounded,” said Conrad of Zsa Zsa.
“What I love about her is her simplicity
and she’s never full of herself; it’s never
it’s-about-me. A sense of selfessness.
And we share values when it comes to
family, career.”
Perfect timing. This describes how
Conrad and Zsa Zsa found each other a
month and 15 days ago.
“Empty nest. We both have grownup
kids, and are ready for a relationship.
We both have good careers,” Zsa Zsa
They also felt they wouldn’t have the
time or the energy to be playing the feld
again, so to speak.
“It fts like a glove,” Conrad added
about their relationship. “And—Sharon
is right—Zsa Zsa looks good even
without makeup,” Conrad recalled
Sharon’s introduction of her friend via
text message.
Then Conrad and Zsa Zsa showed me
Zsa Zsa’s selfe—no makeup—which
Zsa Zsa sent Conrad the frst week after
they met, some fun juvenile (digital)
firtation perhaps.
Dream house
What Zsa Zsa couldn’t possibly have
known, on their frst blind date, was that
Conrad has been building a dream home
the past few years—not a bachelor’s
pad, but a four-story glass house he
planned to share with a lifetime partner
How Zsa Zsa Padilla found Conrad Onglao; Sharon Cuneta played Cupid
SHOW BIZ BUZZ Singer Zsa Zsa Padilla and architect Conrad Onglao.
ZSA ZSA Padilla and Conrad Onglao before the Tuesday dinner with the
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Tell the Politicians
Unless we take action (www.MoreJobsNotTaxes.com), California families and
businesses will pay much higher costs for fuel, driving up the cost of food,
transportation and other goods and services we use every day.
A new regulation by the California Air Resources
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Californians already pay the highest gas taxes
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Pope Francis to
Visit Four Sites
Central to Easter
During His Visit
to Israel in May

As the Christian world anticipates
the visit of Pope Francis I to the Holy
Land at the end of May 2014, tens of
thousands of Christians are expected to
visit Israel to celebrate Holy Week and
Easter in the very places described in the
New Testament. The Pope is expected
to visit at least three of the sites that are
so central to Easter during his May visit
- the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the
garden of Gethsemane, the Cenacle or
Room of the Last Supper and the Mount
of Olives.
There is nothing like experiencing
Holy Week in Jerusalem. Celebrating
the greatest events of salvation his-
tory and of Jesus’ life at the very sites
where they occurred is a moving and
unforgettable experience of faith for all

Further detailed information on Easter
services and celebrations: http://www.

Photo credit Holy Light : DafnaTal
Michigan (PRWEB) April 24, 2014
People can be wonderful and creative
when they want to be however, some-
times people just appear to forget to
use their common sense or even their
mind when they are on vacation. Such
is the case with the following travel
complaints collected over the years.
From just plain ridiculous to unbeliev-
able, take a look at some of the strangest
travel complaints ever made as Island
Trader Vacations reviews 10 funny but
true travel complaints.
We went on a canoe trip but were very
disappointed that no one told us there
would not be a bathroom onboard. It
was very inconvenient.
On our trip to India our son was ter-
ribly disappointed and our trip ruined
when he couldn’t get just a hamburger
anywhere that we went. Someone
should have informed us of what to ex-
pect before we went as we never would
have gone in the frst place.
On our trip to NY the streets were
dirty and we saw people asking for
money, it was depressing. There should
be a warning to travelers.
The water in the Gulf of Mexico was
too salty. No one told me that there
was going to be salt in the water, it was
When I exchanged my money on my
way back from Canada I lost money.
My money should be worth the same as
everyone else's.
Why doesn’t everyone speak English?
We went Spain and no one understood
English. We will never go back there
Our guide told us the reason the big
tree blew down was because the wind
caught the canopy. I don’t understand
why they just didn’t take the canopy
down before the storm, we wanted to
see it and it was gone. That was the
whole reason we went there.
We had to cut our trip short to Yel-
lowstone because we were informed that
they don’t cage the animals at night for
our protection. This is just dangerous
and unacceptable.
My husband was jealous when we
were in Spain because men wanted to
kiss our cheeks. They should know that
that is not polite to do this as we are
My trip was ruined when I got sun-
burned and got sick because of it. They
should warn you that the sun is brighter
in Mexico than it is in the United States,
I would have used sunscreen.
While many of these could just be
someone leaving their brain behind or
perhaps too much to drink, others relate
directly to a lack of understanding with
other cultures. Travelers planning a
trip to a destination with which they
are not familiar are advised to spend
some time learning more about what to
expect upon arrival. Customs as well as
laws may vary not only from country
to country but may also be quite varied
within much smaller geographic loca-
tions as well. Know before you go and
remember to use your common sense
and travelers can avoid seeing their
complaints on a list like this one in the
Island Trader Vacations reviews news,
tips, information and topics about travel
to help keep travelers more informed. A
members-only travel club, Island Trader
Vacations offers its members value
members-only benefts on travel.
Island Trader Vacations Reviews 10 Funny But True Travel Complaints
Riviera Nayarit, Mexico (PRWEB)
April 24, 2014
Mothers are spoiled at the luxury
all-inclusive Grand Velas Resorts in the
Riviera Maya and Riviera Nayarit with
Mother’s Day packages featuring spa
treatments, VIP hotel transportation,
breakfast in bed and more. Mothers
can enjoy a romantic, private dinner
on the suite’s terrace, also included in
the packages for both properties. While
Grand Velas Riviera Maya serves as the
picturesque, private escape for Mom and
Dad, the whole family is encouraged to
vacation to Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit,
which Mother’s Day package includes
up to 50 percent savings on rates for kids
and teens. The Mother’s Day Package at
Grand Velas Riviera Maya starts at $415
per adult, per night, based on double
occupancy and $362 at Grand Velas
Riviera Nayarit.
At Grand Velas Riviera Maya, Moms
travel in style with VIP private airport
transfers, eat like a Queen with breakfast
in bed and even enjoy a romantic, private
dinner served on the suite’s terrace. Each
suite, more than 1,000 square feet in
Breakfast in Bed, Dinner on Suite
Terrace, Spa Treatments and
More Included in Mother's Day
Package at Grand Velas Resorts
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“20+ Years Experience”
Been living in San Diego since 1977
Attorney is available daily on regular business days at the San Diego Office
*Member, California State Bar
Licensed to practice before the US Federal District Court
Southern California and California Supreme Court
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*Former San Diego Regional Coordinator for U.S. Immi-
gration Amnesty for Catholic Community Services, Catholic
Diocese of San Diego
*Legal Advisor, Los Chabacanos of Cavite City
Association, Inc., San Diego, California
*Juris Doctor law degree, University of San Diego (1985),
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Comparative Law (USD), Oxford, England (1984);
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Quiet Neighborhood
in National City. No
smoking. No drugs.
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Senior living
Divine Mercy Home Evangelization
Would you like to pray the Divine Mercy chaplet and 8-day
rosary novena with your family in your own home for a
special intention? For more information, contact Zarina Cruz
at 619.890.2789 or Vi Daen at 619.434.5831.
“Jesus, I Trust in You!”
Bro. Terry, 88
National City
I want to give myself to souls and to fll them with
my love, but few there are who want to accept
all the graces my love has intended for them.
My grace is not lost; if the soul for whom it was
intended does not accept it, another soul takes it.
--- Jesus to St Faustina, Diary 1017
A - Ask for Mercy
B - Be Merciful
C - Completely Trust
Divine Mercy Home Evangelization
Would you like to pray the Divine Mercy chaplet and 8-day
rosary novena with your family in your own home for a
special intention? For more information, contact Zarina Cruz
at 619.890.2789 or Vi Daen at 619.434.5831.
“Jesus, I Trust in You!”
Bro. Terry, 88
National City
I want to give myself to souls and to fll them with
my love, but few there are who want to accept
all the graces my love has intended for them.
My grace is not lost; if the soul for whom it was
intended does not accept it, another soul takes it.
--- Jesus to St Faustina, Diary 1017
A - Ask for Mercy
B - Be Merciful
C - Completely Trust
Laughing Matter
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The Feast of Mercy
During the course of Jesus' revelations
to Saint Faustina on the Divine Mercy
He asked on numerous occasions that
a feast day be dedicated to the Divine
Mercy and that this feast be celebrated
on the Sunday after Easter. The liturgi-
cal texts of that day, the 2nd Sunday
of Easter, concern the institution of the
Sacrament of Penance, the Tribunal of
the Divine Mercy, and are thus already
suited to the request of Our Lord.
This Feast, which had already been
granted to the nation of Poland and
been celebrated within Vatican City,
was granted to the Universal Church by
Pope John Paul II on the occasion of the
canonization of Sr. Faustina on 30 April
2000. In a decree dated 23 May 2000,
the Congregation for Divine Worship
and the Discipline of the Sacraments
stated that "throughout the world the
Second Sunday of Easter will receive
the name Divine Mercy Sunday, a
perennial invitation to the Christian
world to face, with confdence in divine
benevolence, the diffculties and trials
that mankind will experience in the
years to come." These papal acts rep-
resent the highest endorsement that the
Church can give to a private revelation,
an act of papal infallibility proclaim-
ing the certain sanctity of the mystic,
and the granting of a universal feast, as
requested by Our Lord to St. Faustina.
Concerning the Feast of Mercy Jesus
Whoever approaches the Fountain
of Life on this day will be granted
complete forgiveness of sins and punish-
ment. (Diary 300)
I want the image solemnly blessed on
the frst Sunday after Easter, and I want
it to be venerated publicly so that every
soul may know about it. (Diary 341)
This Feast emerged from the very
depths of My mercy, and it is confrmed
in the vast depths of my tender mercies.
(Diary 420)
On one occasion, I heard these words:
My daughter, tell the whole world
about My Inconceivable mercy. I desire
that the Feast of Mercy be a refuge
and shelter for all souls, and especially
for poor sinners. On that day the very
depths of My tender mercy are open. I
pour out a whole ocean of graces upon
those souls who approach the fount of
My mercy. The soul that will go to Con-
fession and receive Holy Communion
shall obtain complete forgiveness of
sins and punishment.* [our emphasis]
On that day all the divine floodgates
through which grace flow are opened.
Let no soul fear to draw near to Me,
even though its sins be as scarlet. My
mercy is so great that no mind, be it of
man or of angel, will be able to fathom
it throughout all eternity. Everything
that exists has come forth from the very
depths of My most tender mercy. Every
soul in its relation to Me will I contem-
plate My love and mercy throughout
eternity. The Feast of Mercy emerged
from My very depths of tenderness. It is
My desire that it be solemnly celebrated
on the frst Sunday after Easter. Man-
kind will not have peace until it turns
to the Fount of My Mercy. (Diary 699)
Yes, the frst Sunday after Easter is the
Feast of Mercy, but there must also be
deeds of mercy, which are to arise out of
love for Me. You are to show mercy to
our neighbors always and everywhere.
You must not shrink from this or try to
absolve yourself from it. (Diary 742)
I want to grant complete pardon to
the souls that will go to Confession and
receive Holy Communion on the Feast
of My mercy. (Diary 1109)
As you can see the Lord's desire for
the Feast includes the solemn, public
veneration of the Image of Divine Mer-
cy by the Church, as well as personal
acts of veneration and mercy. The great
promise for the individual soul is that a
devotional act of sacramental penance
and Communion will obtain for that soul
the plenitude of the divine mercy on the
*The Cardinal of Krakow, Cardinal
Macharski, whose diocese is the center of the
spread of the devotion and the sponsor of the
Cause of Sr. Faustina, has written that we
should use Lent as preparation for the Feast
and confess even before Holy Week! So, it is
clear that the confessional requirement does
not have to be met on the Feast itself. That
would be an impossible burden for the clergy
if it did. The Communion requirement is
easily met that day, however, since it is a day
of obligation, being Sunday. We would only
need confession again, if received earlier in
Lenten or Easter Season, if we were in the
state of mortal sin on the Feast.
Diary, Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska,
Divine Mercy in My Soul (c) 1987 Con-
gregation of Marians of the Immaculate
Conception, Stockbridge, MA 01263. All
rights reserved.EWTN.https://www.ewtn.
Divine Mercy Sunday is April 27, 2014
Have you noticed a step-up in de-
monic attack?
Certainly, many have; it wasn't just
Lent. There seems to be an increase in
dark activity at the same time that the
societies of men seem to continue to
crumble around us.
There is a great plague of indifference.
There is unprecedented focus on money.
There is the destruction of life and what
God has created around us.
This allows the enemy more room for
Evil comes and attaches or "binds" to
us. It attaches to failings. It attaches to
wrong thinking. It attaches to fantasies.
It attaches to lust. It attaches to worries.
It attaches to weaknesses. It attaches to
bad habits. It attaches to misfortune. It
attaches to resentment. It attaches when
we are stubborn. It attaches to those who
lack charity. It attaches to negativity. Of
course, it attaches to sin.
There is a prayer offered by a deliver-
ance minister that he calls the "nuclear
bomb" of breaking such bondages
(which otherwise continue to provoke
us into the wrong activity). Pray it from
the heart.
As at the Last Supper, we bind
ourselves in every way to the Lord and
Binding to Jesus
plead the Precious Blood over every
aspect of our lives.
"In the Name of Jesus....
"I bind my mind to the Mind of Christ.
"In the Name of Jesus, I bind my will
and desires to God's Will and purposes
for my life.
"In His Name, I bind my health to the
Lord's power over all that is physical.
"In the Name of Jesus, I bind myself
to the Truth of God and the Love of
"In the Name of Jesus, I bind my fam-
ily's needs to God's unlimited resources.
"In the Name of Jesus, I bind my fu-
ture to God's infnite wisdom and design
for my life.
"In the Name of Jesus, I bind my body
to the Resurrection life of Jesus.
"In the Name of Jesus, I bind my
spirit, soul, and body to the Blood of
"In the Name of Jesus, I bind myself
to the Word of God, which will renew
my mind and set me free.
"And Father, in the Name of Your
Son, I bind my heart to Your Heart."
A Minnesota couple decided to vaca-
tion to Florida during the winter. They
planned to stay at the very same hotel
where they spent their honeymoon
20 years earlier. Because of hectic
schedules, it was diffcult to coordinate
their travel schedules. So, the husband
left Minnesota and few to Florida on
Thursday. His wife would fy down the
following day.
The husband checked into the hotel.
There was a computer in his room, so
he decided to send an e-mail to his wife.
However, he accidentally left out one
letter in her e-mail address, and without
realizing his error, he sent the e-mail.
Meanwhile.....somewhere in Houston,
a widow had just returned home from
her husband's funeral. He was a minister
of many years who was called home to
glory following a sudden heart attack.
The widow decided to check her e-mail,
expecting messages from relatives and
friends. After reading the frst message,
she fainted.
The widow's son rushed into the room,
found his mother on the foor, and saw
the computer screen which read:
To: My Loving Wife
Subject: I've Arrived
Date: 16 May 2003
I know you're surprised to hear from
me. They have computers here now and
you are allowed to send e-mails to your
loved ones. I've just arrived and have
been checked in. I see that everything
has been prepared for your arrival
tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing
you then! Hope your journey is not as
uneventful as mine was.
P.S. Sure is hot down here!
Wrong E-mail
munities nationwide.
Senior Living SMART has been
nominated in the Best Industry Resource
category for the support of senior living
independent owner/operators.
More information here about specifc
support/efforts/person cared for.
Last year’s awards resulted in more
than 500 nominations and more than
23,000 votes overall. The 2014 Best
Senior Living Awards is set to make an
even bigger impact with the addition of
new categories and other improvements.
Nominations are open today to the
public. Anyone can nominate a favorite
personality, website, blog or other
resource in the appropriate category by
visiting SeniorHomes.com. Popular vote
will determine which nominees will
advance to the fnalist round.
Visit Senior LIving SMART's web
page http://www.seniorlivingsmart.com
to show your support and cast a vote
or click here http://www.seniorhomes.
senior-living-awards/ to go to the
nomination page.
Nominations and votes are being
accepted through Monday, April 28th,
2014 at 12:00PM Eastern Time. Final-
ists will be announced on Tuesday, April
29th, 2014. Winners will be announced
on Monday, May 19th, 2014.
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Physical Activity
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Rosalia Hernandez
City of San Diego
City of San Diego
Notice of Fiscal Year 2015-2019 Consolidated Plan and 2015 Annual Action Plan
Under Title 1 of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, as amended, the City of San Diego (City)
invites any interested parties to participate in the preparation of the FY 2015-FY 2019 Consolidated Plan (Con
Plan) and Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Action Plan (AAP).
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires local jurisdictions to prepare a Con
Plan in order to receive federal entitlement program funds. The Five-Year Consolidated Plan must address the
City’s goals and objectives for four federal entitlement programs: Community Development Block Grant (CDBG),
HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME), Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) and Housing Opportunities for
Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) programs.
The AAP is the yearly update to the Five-Year Consolidated Plan and identifies the projects and programs proposed
to be funded through CDBG, ESG, HOME, and HOPWA Programs for a specific fiscal year. The Con Plan and
the AAP are subject to review and approval by HUD.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City of San Diego’s Draft FY 2015 – FY 2019 Con Plan and FY 2015 AAP
will be available for a 30-day public review period on April 1, 2014. The purpose of the review period is to provide
the public with an opportunity to comment on the planned FY 2015 expenditures of approximately $18 million
in federal entitlement funds for HUD eligible Capital Improvement Projects, Admin and Planning, Community
Services Programs and Community Economic Development Projects; as well as the anticipated expenditures for
the FY 2015 – FY 2019 time period. The draft Con Plan and AAP will be available at select City libraries and
community centers and at the HUD Programs Administration Office located at 1200 Third Avenue, Suite 1400,
San Diego, CA 92101. A listing of these sites will be available at www.sandiego.gov/cdbg. The plans will also be
available for review on the City’s HUD Program Administration website (www.sandiego.gov/cdbg) and the San
Diego Housing Commission’s website (www.sdhc.org). The plans will be discussed during a public meeting of
the Consolidated Plan Advisory Board (CPAB) on April 9, 2014 at 9:00 AM. The CPAB meeting will be held at
the San Diego Civic Concourse, North Terrace Room, 202 C Street, San Diego, CA 92101. In addition, the plans
are tentatively scheduled for consideration by the San Diego City Council during a public hearing on April 28,
2014 at 2:00 pm (time uncertain) at City Hall, 202 C Street, 12th Floor, San Diego, CA 92101.
Please direct any inquiries or comments regarding the Con Plan or the AAP in writing to: ConPlanComments@
sandiego.gov or via mail to: HUD Programs Administration, ATTN: Con Plan Comments, 1200 Third Avenue,
Suite 1400, San Diego, CA 92101. The comment period will be closed on April 30, 2014 at 5:00 pm. To request
information in an alternative format or to request translation assistance, please contact the City Clerk’s office
at (619) 533-4000 (voice) or (619) 236-7012 (TDD/TTY) at least five (5) working days prior to the meetings
noticed above.
3BR/2BA SFR near Bonita HS,
Chula Vista Hills elem school,
Southwestern College, shops,
bus stop. Quiet neighborhood.
Next to park. Email
How Zsa Zsa
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CONTACT: LIZ (858-748-8018)
No real progress
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and his two sons.
“Whoever she may be, even if I hadn’t
met her yet, I was building this home
because I really planned to settle down.
I remember telling my friends, includ-
ing Thelma,” Conrad reminded us of
his positive thinking and belief in the
institution of marriage.
The house has a roof level where
Conrad has his den/offce, a gazebo and
lounging area, and guest room where his
sons can entertain friends. Best of all, it
is al fresco and has a beautiful view of
the skyline, especially at night.
“In the morning, I still can’t believe
how beautiful this house is,” Zsa Zsa
said, her hand sweeping the view and
stressing again how proud she is of her
For his part, Conrad can’t believe how
it is to be pampered by a woman; he’s
been living alone, for the most part, for
many years now.
“I’m not used to being served coffee,
for instance. Or to be asked, ‘want me
to pour it for you?’” He’s who’s used to
being the one serving breakfast, he said.
In a complementary coincidence, Zsa
Zsa is used to looking after her man.
“The simplest things make me happy,
like sharing breakfast. Like even if the
taping ends at 4 a.m., I don’t mind being
up early just for breakfast,” she said.
Gut feel
Both are in the same stage. “The nice
thing about getting older is you trust
your gut feel,” said Conrad when asked
to describe their relationship.
“I am not confrontational. I don’t like
arguments. I will just be in one corner,”
Zsa Zsa describes her approach to the
“Just understand the person. When
one is in deep thought, okay, I am just
in my cave. I’m gonna be patient and
respect his space. Just be keen in ob-
serving,” Zsa Zsa said.
We learned that whenever she is in Ve-
gas, where her parents and siblings are,
she makes it a point to cook for them.
And when she’s on concert tour in the
US, she still takes the time to cook for
them and wash clothes—the diva’s way
of staying grounded when she’s away
from the glare of show biz.
Conrad once in a while would glance
at the tribute tattoo on Zsa Zsa’s wrist,
hold her arm up and point to it teasing-
ly—“Lovey,” it said, which was how
Dolphy called her. It’s Zsa Zsa’s tribute
tattoo to her former life partner.
Conrad also noted how Zsa Zsa would
make time to go to Heritage Memorial
Park to visit and pray for Dolphy—
sometimes before their date.
“The past is past, I am in my present,
but that’s been part of my life,” Zsa Zsa
That’s true. Conrad and Zsa Zsa are
now in a new beginning. A happy Easter.
ThelmaSSanJuan on Twitter; thel-
masiosonsanjuan on Instagram
country ranked 40th and 44th,
In 2010, the country
ranked 49th in the main index
and 51st in 2008. The score
for 2014 was the best showing
for the Philippines since the
index was launched in 2003.
Despite the progress made in the last
four years, Philippine democracy, the
report said, remained fragile.
“After nearly a decade of democratic
regression under Macapagal-Arroyo, the
current administration has so far shored
up the country’s democratic institutions,
but only to some extent,” the group said.
It noted that the former president
presided more than 37 consecutive quar-
ters of economic growth and “adeptly
steered” the economy at the height of
the 2008 global fnancial crisis. How-
ever, the majority of the population did
not beneft from these gains, with just as
many people in poverty at the end of her
term as when it started.
The political gains that would have
been associated with economic growth
were also eroded by corruption scandals
that rocked the previous administration.
Government became more authoritarian
during Macapagal-Arroyo’s term.
These came in the form of the
prevalence of patronage for all govern-
ment positions, a lack of transparency,
a growing number of human rights
violations against regime opponents
and money politics to co-opt potential
partners, the report said.
She also relied increasingly on the
military to stay in power as mass
demonstrations against her shook the
country and many of the political and
economic elites turned away from her.
Many of these elements have been
removed from government. The BTI
report said the Aquino administration’s
success in impeaching former Supreme
Court Chief Justice Renato Corona, a
midnight appointee of the previous ad-
ministration, punctuated these reforms.
“(But) Mr. Aquino still has a long way
to go to consolidate democracy in the
Philippines,” it added.
Bertelsmann noted that the recent
abolition of the pork barrel system
would have far-reaching effects in
reducing corruption and the improve-
ment of checks and balances between
the executive and legislative branches of
Bertelsmann said the lawmakers’ pork
barrels, offcially known as the Priority
Development Assistance Fund (PDAF),
gave members of Congress unjustifed
discretion over public funds. It also
made them dependent on Malacañang’s
good will.
Another key reform under the current
administration was the recent signing
of a peace agreement with the Muslim
separatists, a deal that promises to help
usher in lasting stability in Mindanao.
The government’s success in push-
ing for the reproductive health law that
intends to reduce the steadily grow-
ing overpopulation by providing sex
education and facilitating the use of
contraceptives was also cited as a major
terventions to prevent dementia may ex-
tend from midlife to older ages. Results
from currently ongoing trials, such as
the Finnish multi-center trial FINGER
may give more detailed information
about the type, intensity, and duration of
physical activity interventions that can
be used for preventing late-life cognitive
CAIDE participants were derived
from four separate, independent, popula-
tion-based random samples examined in
the North Karelia Project and FIN-
MONICA study in 1972, 1977, 1982, or
1987. The average age at the beginning
of the study was 50 years. This study
included 1432 participants from Kuopio
and Joensuu region, who attended cog-
nitive tests in 1998 and 2005-2008. To
account for survivor or selection bias,
the analyses were also conducted among
those 3242 North Karelia Project/
FINMONICA-participants who were
from Kuopio and Joensuu but did not
attend the cognitive assessments using
dementia diagnoses from registers.
Journal Reference:
Anna-Maija Tolppanen, Alina Solomon,
Jenni Kulmala, Ingemar Kåreholt, Tiia
Ngandu, Minna Rusanen, Tiina Laatikainen,
Hilkka Soininen, Miia Kivipelto. Leisure-
time physical activity from mid- to late
life, body mass index, and risk of demen-
tia. Alzheimer's & Dementia, 2014; DOI:
Boston Marathon
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you are searched after entering the air-
port itself. Then thirty minutes before a
plane leaves, the passengers must vacate
the holding area and again enter after
passing through a second body search.
I personally welcome these body
searches; the more they are, the safer I
feel. So what if one has to remove his
shoes and other metal items in his body
as he passes through a metal detector?
For me, it is a small price to pay for a
guarantee of safety.
People from before didn’t have
modern conveniences like electric light,
automobile, television sets, telephones
and cell phones, the computers and the
Internet, yet they lived happy lives.
Certainly, occasional body searches
do not ruin our lives. Without them, we
might witness even more days like Sep-
tember 11th and the Boston Marathon
attacks. - AJ

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Toni Thompson
City of San Diego

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City of San Diego will receive bids for work at the Public Works Depart-
ment, Public Works Contracting Group, 1010 Second Avenue, Suite 1400, San Diego, California, where bids are
to be submitted prior to time specified. Plans and specifications can be obtained from The City of San Diego’s
website: http://www.sandiego.gov/bids-contracts. A pre-bid meeting and/or pre-bid visit to the work site will be
held, if indicated, at the time and place specified in the contract documents. Prospective bidders are encouraged
to attend these sessions.
It is the policy of the City of San Diego to encourage equal opportunity in its construction, consultant, material
and supply contracts. Bids/proposals from small businesses, minority-owned, disabled, veteran-owned businesses,
women-owned businesses and local firms are strongly encouraged. Contractors are encouraged to subcontract
and/or participate in joint ventures with these firms. The City is committed to equal opportunity and will not
discriminate with regard to race, religion, color, ancestry, age, gender, disability, medical condition or place of
birth and will not do business with any firm that discriminates on any basis.
Contractors interested in bidding on projects must be pre-qualified. Please contact DAVE STUCKY of the City’s
Pre-Qualification Program at (619) 533-3474 or dstucky@sandiego.gov to obtain an application.
Sign language or oral interpreting services are available at pre-bid meetings and bid openings with a 5 business
day notice to the Contracting Division at (619) 533-3450.
Bid No. K-14-5766-DBB-3-. WBS No. B-11120. MANDATORY Pre-Bid Date:
May 6, 2014 @ 10:00 a.m. Pre-Bid Location: Conference Room, 14th Floor, 1010
Second Avenue, Suite 1400, San Diego, CA 92101. Bid Opening Date: May 27, 2014 @
2:00 p.m. Construction Estimate: $2,653,000. License Requirement: A.
Al Rechany
Public Works Contracting Group
April 24, 2014
SC's Cybercrime
ruling to be el-
evated to UN
GMA News | MANILA, 4/24/2014
-- After the Philippine Supreme Court
(SC) dismissed all motions for recon-
sideration over the constitutionality of
the controversial Cybercrime Prevention
Act in February, the law's detractors are
now looking to elevate their concerns to
the United Nations.
The Center for International Law
(CenterLaw), which represents peti-
tioner journalist and libel convict Alex
Adonis, said in a statement:
"As all domestic remedies have been
exhausted with the denial of the motions
for reconsideration, CenterLaw will
again submit a communication with
the UN Human Rights Committee to
complain that instead of taking steps
to avoid incarceration of journalists for
criminal libel and prevent similar viola-
tions occurring in the future, including
the review of relevant libel legislation,
the Philippines instead breached its
state obligation with the recent decision
upholding the constitutionality of libel
in the cyberspace."
Violation of UN covenant
CenterLaw chairman Harry Roque
Jr, a law professor from the University
of the Philippines, warned that the
Philippine government will be subjected
to "embarassment" once the UNHRC
fnds out about the SC ruling, which
Roque's camp said was in violation of
the International Covenant on Civil and
Political Rights, to which the Philip-
pines is a party.
The said covenant upholds the right to
free speech and expression, and states
that no defamation law shall be passed
stifing these freedoms.
“We gave our Courts the opportunity
to avoid the spectacle of another view
deploring the Court’s misapprehension
of human rights law. It will only have
itself to blame if its latest decision is
condemned by the international human
rights community as a violation of hu-
man rights law," said Roque.
Sorrento Tower Apartments is currently
accepting applications for studio apartments only
(maximum occupancy is one person) for seniors
62 years of age and older and/or disabled individuals
who qualify with low income.
Starting Wednesday, May 28th applications can be
submitted at the address below on weekdays between
the hours of 10am to 4pm. For more information,
go to www.sorrentotower.com.
Equal Housing Opportunity
Sorrento Tower
2875 Cowley Way, San Diego, CA 92110
Page 16 April 25-May 1, 2014 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com
Housing and Real Estate
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Complimentary BAJA Dinner Seminar..
R-MAC extends an invitation to you and your friends to be our guest to attend a Complimentary Dinner Presentation
about an incredible Totally Green Solar Master Planned Beach Community near San Felipe, Baja, California, Rancho Costa
Verde. No Business is conducted, it’s just dinner and great information, and it’s like bringing Baja to you.
Date: Thursday May 29, 2014 Arrive: 6:30 pm / Dinner: 7:00 pm
Place: Dolfin’s Restaurant , 570 Marina Parkway, Chula Vista California 91910
Please RSVP: Darla Gogin 714-714-5856 or E-mail: darlagogin@gmail.com
We’ll just need the total number of your party......
Once sleepy little fishing villages like Cancun, Ixtapa, Mazatlan, and Los Cabos have now become world-class destinations.
Come and discover why San Felipe is on the verge of becoming one of the next world class resort locations. Discover how
you can OWN, “not lease”, spectacular sea view home sites and build your dream home, insured by Stewart Title Company.
After dinner, we will invite you to schedule your Baja getaway 3 day 2 night weekend trip on us so you can
see for yourself the beauty of Rancho Costa Verde. We will provide deluxe transportation from designated pickup
locations, lunch, snacks & beverages will served, upon arrival, we will have refreshments waiting for you; stroll on the beach
enjoy a Mexican Seafood dinner, relax in our hotel accommodations with ample time to shop, relax and enjoy a sample of
paradise. Rancho Costa Verde, an affordable Eco-Paradise Beach Community offers an incredible stress-free beach
lifestyle, low cost of living, world-class recreation and magnificent scenery. This is an Ideal Location for your Vacation,
Second Home and your Retirement Plans.
I look forward to seeing you and your guests at our dinner and sharing with you some of benefits of our Beautiful Seaside
Oasis. Come Hungry!

Darla Gogin, Your Baja Representative!
R-Mac & Associates, Inc.
Direct: 714-812-5856
Websites; http://www.RanchoCostaVerde.com www.passporttobaja.com www.rmac.com

PS. Remember; whether you become part of our beautiful beach community or not, you’ll still have a great Baja weekend...

Note: Seating is Limited - No Children Please
Guest are welcome No Sales will be offered at our educational dinner.
Our Dinner presentations are BY CONFIRMATION ONLY, PLEASE RSVP, 714-812-5856 Darla Gogin
!Incredible 2 for 1* Seaside Sea View Real Estate Offering
*1/4 Acre Totally Green Seaside Sea View Property from as low as $17,500
*Plus One Week Vacation Every Year in one of our Beach Bungalows for Life!
!All the home sites have incredible 360 degree views of the Sea of Cortez and the Mountains.
!Developer financing is available; no credit checks or processing fees

Rancho Costa Verde
Baja's Premier Green Self-Contained Solar Beach Community
size, becomes a sanctuary of relaxation,
while a private butler-concierge can
cater to her every need. Mothers enjoy
further pampering at the resort’s Leading
Spa of the World, as the package also
includes a 50-minute Velas Fish Therapy
spa treatment. This unique treatment
employs one of nature’s smallest exfolia-
tion techniques: doctor fsh. During the
frst 25 minutes of the treatment, guests
submerge the feet in small pools flled
with the toothless doctor fsh, which then
go to work healing the dead skin cells
of the feet, improving circulation and
beautifying the skin’s appearance. After-
wards, a masseuse completes the healing
treatment with a 25-minute, manual foot
The Mother’s Day Package at Grand
Velas Riviera Nayarit allows for the
entire family to vacation, offering two
complimentary stays for children under
12-years-old and 50 percent savings for
teens. Mom and Dad can have some
private time on the suite’s terrace with a
private, romantic dinner for two, over-
looking the deep blue Mexican Pacifc
and the misty Sierra Madre Mountains.
Mom can also enjoy time to herself and
unwind at the resort’s Leading Spa of the
World with an included 80-minute Exot-
ic Seashell Massage. The gentle massage
with seashells provides spiritual serenity
using the warm sensation of organic wax
and an aroma in a choice of lavender,
rose, passion fruit, or vanilla. Prior to the
massage, Mom can relax for the treat-
ment with a 60-minute Hydrotherapy
Ritual, detoxifying the body using seven
specially-designed, water-based facilities
at varying temperatures.
Grand Velas Resorts all-inclusive rates
feature a la carte dining at a choice of
gourmet restaurants, premium branded
beverages, ftness center with personal
training sessions, 24-hour ensuite ser-
vice, taxes and gratuities and more.
All packages are subject to availability.
For more information and reservations,
please call Velas Resorts at 1-888-323-
4294 or visit http://www.velasresorts.
About Grand Velas Riviera Maya:
Set on 205 acres of pristine jungle and
mangroves and with the fnest pristine
white sand beach in the Riviera Maya,
the AAA Five Diamond Grand Velas
Riviera Maya is an ultra-luxury all-inclu-
sive resort. Guests can choose among
three separate ambiances in this Leading
Hotel of the World, including adults only
ocean-front, family friendly ocean-front
and a Zen-like tropical setting, embraced
by the fora and fauna of the Yucatan
Peninsula’s jungle. All 491 designer-like
suites are exceptionally spacious, more
than 1,000 square feet each and some
with private plunge pools. All feature a
Bose sound system, fully stocked mini
bars, plasma TVs, high speed internet ac-
cess, L’Occitane amenities and Nespres-
so machines. Bathrooms deserve special
mention, all with walk in glass shower,
deep soaking Jacuzzi tubs and marble
interior. Eight restaurants, including
fve gourmet offerings, present a tour of
Mexico, Europe and Asia. Cocina de Au-
tor, at the hands of the disciples of world
celebrity chef Arzak, won the AAA Five
Diamond Award, the only all-inclusive
restaurant in the world to win this pres-
tigious distinction. Grand Velas Spa, a
Leading Spa of the World, is the region's
largest spa sanctuary at more than
90,000 square feet, known for its authen-
tic Mexican treatments, offerings from
around world and signature seven step
water journey. Other features include
24-hour personal butler concierge, 24/7
ensuite service, water sports, innovative
kids club and teens lounge, Karaoke Bar
and business center. The resort has won
numerous awards from Travel + Leisure,
Conde Nast Traveler, USA Today, U.S.
News and World Report and Forbes.
com, which named it one of the Top Ten
Coolest All-Inclusives in 2012.
About Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit:
Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit, a
Leading Hotel of the World, enjoys a
privileged natural setting with fower-
ing, landscaped gardens beside a long
stretch of pristine white sand beach
and a dramatic backdrop of the Sierra
Madre mountains. The centerpiece of the
gardens is a three-tiered infnity pool, a
preferred spot for catching the legendary
sunsets. The AAA Five Diamond all-
inclusive resort features 267 ocean-view
suites, some with private plunge pools,
and all with plasma TVs, high speed
internet access, fully stocked mini bar,
L’Occitane amenities and Nespresso
machines. Of the resort’s fve restau-
rants, three, serving French, Italian and
Mexican gourmet cuisine have received
AAA Four Diamond awards for distin-
guished cuisine and presentation. An
oasis of wellbeing, the resort’s Leading
Spa of the World offers 20 treatment
suites, more than 60 spa treatments,
many inspired by the native traditions of
Mexico and a signature water journey.
Other features include a ftness center,
24/7 ensuite service, water sports, busi-
ness center, tennis, Kids Club, and teen
lounge during holidays. Puerto Vallarta
is just a 15 minute drive away. The resort
has won numerous awards from Conde
Nast Traveler, Travel + Leisure, TripAd-
visor, U.S. News and World Report and
Forbes, which named it one of the Top
Ten Coolest All-Inclusives in 2012.
Breakfast in bed
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Norfolk, VA (PRWEB) April 23, 2014
Homes.com, leading online real estate
destination, has released its February
Local Market Index, a price perfor-
mance summary of repeat sales of U.S.
properties. Utilizing home pricing data,
the Index shows year-over-year gains
for single-family properties in all 300
top U.S. markets. Among the nation’s
top 100 largest markets, three reached
full price recovery in February, includ-
ing Salt Lake City, UT, Albany, NY and
Chattanooga, TN.
Similar to January, February is
traditionally a slower sales month, yet
home values for all 300 markets tracked
gains on a monthly basis. Of the top 100
markets, 93 have increased, up ten from
the previous month’s 83. Though brutal,
winter had little effect on monthly price
appreciation, with eight of the top ten
single-family markets in the Northeast.
For the ninth month in a row, California
dominated the top 10 list with seven of
the top 10 annual gaining markets. Los
Angeles leads price recovery in Califor-
nia, with home values gaining more than
25 percent in value over the past year.
Among the nation’s top 100 largest
markets, three reached full recovery
during February, including Salt Lake
City, UT, Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NY
and Chattanooga, TN. More than one
third of the 300 markets tracked by the
Homes.com Rebound Report have now
achieved full pricing recovery. Price ap-
preciation in large and midsized markets
during February brought the total num-
ber of markets that have rebounded to
98. Among midsized markets, 66 of the
200 markets are now considered fully
recovered, which is up three from Janu-
ary reports. These additional markets
include Joplin, MO, Columbia, MO and
Thomasville-Lexington, NC.
Additional highlights from the
Homes.com Local Market Index reports
Year-over-year increases in all top 300
Monthly increases in 93 of the top 100
markets and in 178 of the 200 midsize
Seven of the top ten gainers on a year-
over-year basis were California markets,
led by Los Angeles, whose median price
has gained 25.84 percent in value over
the past 12 months.
Among the 200 midsized markets, 178
increased month-to-month – up 13 from
last month.
Top markets in both the Midwest and
South consolidated modest gains in
February. As sales pick up with warmer
weather, prices should revive as well.
Additional highlights from the Homes.
com Rebound Report:
98 markets have made a 100 percent
rebound, indicating a complete recovery.
This is an increase from 92 markets in
the previous reporting period.
More than one third of the 300 mar-
kets tracked by Homes.com have now
achieved full pricing recovery.
Price appreciation in large and mid-
sized markets during February brought
the total of markets that have rebounded
to 98, or 34% of the total.
Nearly two thirds (64%) of the Top
300 markets have rebounded more than
50% from the lowest price point since
the housing crash in 2007.
Top ten rebounding markets in Febru-
ary were: San Antonio-New Braunfels,
TX (375.05%); Houston-Sugarland-
Baytown, TX (355.64%); Dallas-Fort
Worth-Arlington, TX (353.08%);
Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos,
TX (348.24%); Oklahoma City, OK
(337.73%); Tulsa, OK (312.48%) McAl-
len-Edinburg-Mission, TX (301.11%);
Pittsburgh, PA (239.54%); El Paso,
TX (222.63%); and Baton Rouge, LA
The bottom ten rebounding markets
are: Providence-New Bedford-Fall
River, RI-MA (16.79%); Lakeland-
Winter Haven, FL (19.21%); Cape
Coral-Fort Myers, FL (19.63%); Las
Vegas-Paradise, NV (20.04%); Orlando-
Kissimmee-Sanford, FL (20.14%);
Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville, FL
(20.23%); Modesto, CA (20.37%);
Stockton, CA (21.04%); North Port-
Bradenton-Sarasota, FL (22.82%); and
Jacksonville, FL (24.84%).
“February’s rebound progress illus-
trates how home prices in most markets
across the country are appreciating,
even in the depths of winter,” said
Brock MacLean, executive vice presi-
dent of Homes.com. “This is unusual
given harsh weather conditions in most
markets, but a positive sign as we enter
peak season. Newly rebounded markets
have restored to homeowners the equity
lost during the decline of the Great
Recession, providing hope to many that
they can sell or refnance as the market
continues to stabilize.”
To provide insight into local sec-
tor housing trends across the country,
Homes.com publishes the Local Market
Index for the Top 100 markets and the
companion Midsize Markets Report for
defned areas ranked from 101-300.
As a complement to the Local Market
Index, Homes.com publishes an exclu-
sive Rebound Report, highlighting how
the housing recovery process is unfold-
ing across the country. It measures each
market’s peak-to-trough decline in index
value, which had been attributed to the
bursting of the U.S. housing bubble.
Download all Local Market Reports,
supporting documents and rebound
percentages for February 2014.
Download the Homes.com Local
Market Report tables and graphs.
Learn more about the methodology
used to create Homes.com’s Local
Market Index and other frequently asked
To receive a comprehensive data
fle, including index values in every
zip code within a local market, contact
About Homes.com
As one of the nation’s top online real
estate destinations, Homes.com inspires
consumers to dream big. From afford-
able houses to luxurious estates, condos,
apartment rentals and more, Homes.com
features more than 3 million property
listings and exclusive distribution of
over 20,000 apartment listings from
ForRent.com in a user-friendly format,
making fnding your next home easy.
Visitors to the Homes.com blog will
fnd a collection of rich information
and posts on DIY projects, painting,
organization tips and more, providing
the ultimate resource for everything
home related. From fnding your frst
apartment to buying your frst home,
upgrading, downsizing and everything
in between, Homes.com is an inspiring
and engaging partner in every phase of
the home buying or renting process.
Visit Homes.com and download
the Homes.com Mobile App, Rentals
Mobile App, or Mortgage Calculator to
assist in your home search. For home
decor tips and more, visit Blog.Homes.
Homes.com Reports: Six New Markets Achieve Full Recovery, Northeast Sees Improvement
Reports Indicate Continued
Nationwide Recovery with
Sandwich, MA (PRWEB) April 23,
SeniorHomes.com, an online direc-
tory and resource for seniors and their
families searching for senior care or
senior housing, has nominated Senior
Living SMART in its SeniorHomes.com
2014 Best Senior Living Awards for
contributions to the feld of senior living
and charitable efforts benefting senior
The SeniorHomes.com 2014 Best
Senior Living Awards, the fourth-annual
awards program for the company, is a
comprehensive program that generates a
list of the best resources, organizations,
and people relevant to seniors, caregiv-
ers and senior living professionals and
recognizes the best senior living com-
Senior Living
SMART Announces
Nomination for
2014 Best Senior
Living Awards

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