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VSNA 2010 Convention

Prepared by:
Yuvaraj Patil
Prepared for:
Varshikotsava 24th Oct 2009
Main objectives of convention
 d£À-d£À PÀÆr ªÀÄ£ÀzÀ ªÀiÁvÁr, £ÀPÀÄÌ-£À°ªÀ ªÉâPÉ DUÀ¨ÉÃPÀÄ.
¸Á»vÀåzÁVgÀ¨ÉÃPÀÄ. PÀ«-IĶ ¸À0vÀgÀ DzÀ±ÀðzÀ°è ¸ÀªÉÇðÃzÀ0iÀĪÁUÀ°
 To foster unity of Veershaivas in North America. Unite
people on the basis of shared values, shared culture and
shared philosophy for the shared charitable cause.
 To show case unity and strength of VSNA organization
to be able to implement Dasoha projects together.
 To show case talents of VSNA members at large and
younger generation in specific.
2  To present world view of Veershaiva Philosphy to all.
Fund raising
 Total budget is ~110K CAD
 Central VSNA and Sister Chapter together 20% of funds
 Some of our chapter member families have pledged $500
 We need seed money from local Chapter (from existing
funds) ~2K
 Registration makes ~50-60% of total budget
 We are thinking ~$125 as registration fee per person for
local chapter members
 Fund raising committee would be setup soon.
 Each one has to reach one to solicit funds, in addition to
requesting them to register we need to seek donation.

Our thinking now
 Venue: We have three options open: School, Convention center
with nearby hotel and Hotel with banquet hall.
 Size of attendance: We are thinking around 500 people [based on
attendance of recent convention, level of interest, broader
economic situation etc]
 Budget: ~100K, 50% from registration, 20% from VSNA and
Sister chapters under VSNA leadership. Central VSNA and local
chapter together need to raise rest of the funds from different
 There are many volunteers who have expressed interest,
committee formation has to happen soon.

Why Volunteer?
 Volunteering builds your community
Volunteering encourages interaction between people living in a community and
strengthens community connections.
 Boost your own health
Feeling connected to community can also play a key role in how healthy you
feel. According to researchers from Harvard University, volunteering is a
reflection of social connectedness, which is strongly associated with the health
of the people in that community.
 Find new purpose
As we grow older, volunteering appears to give new meaning to life, reducing
anxiety and depression and increasing life satisfaction.
 Benefits beyond your health
In 2000, the National Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating found
that people were able to describe the benefits they gained from volunteering:
 79% of volunteers said that their volunteer activities helped them with their
interpersonal skills, such as understanding people better, motivating others
and dealing with difficult situations;
 68% of volunteers said that volunteering helped them develop better
communication skills;
 63% reported increased knowledge about issues related to their volunteering.
 Toronto chapter has experience and energy to host
 There is consensus on focusing more on spirituality
and younger generation
 Fund raising is challenging task in present economic
 We have about 40 weekends left to organize
convention we need to get to action soon
 Lot of help required from all of you
 Araamba maaduve gurupujegendu