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Trivial N Questions Answers 1 What are the three states of matter on Solid, liquid and gas. the Earth?

2 What is the state of matter in the stars? Plasma. 3 How many planets are in the Solar Eight. System? 4 What is the planet closest to the Sun? Mercury 5 What is the planet furthest from the Neptune Sun? 6 What is the third planet in the Solar The Earth System? (From the inner part to the outer part). 7 What is atmosphere? - It is a layer of gases that surrounds the Earth. - It is a mixture of gases called air. 8 What is the boiling point of water? 100 C (100 degree Celcius or degree centigrades) 9 What is the melting point of water? 0 C (0 degree Celcius or degree centigrades). 10 What are the layers of the atmosphere? Troposphere, Stratosphere (that includes the ozone layer) and Ionosphere. 11 What is the fourth planet in the Solar Mars System? (From the inner part to the outer part). 12 What substances make up the stars? Hydrogen and Helium. 13 Is granite a homogeneous or Heterogeneous mixture. heterogeneous mixture? 14 When two or more substances can be Mixture separated by physical changes it is called a 15 What is the nearest layer of atmosphere Troposphere. to the Earths surface? 16 What is the fifth planet in the Solar Jupiter System? (From the inner part to the outer part). 17 Name the two types of properties of -Intensive properties and extensive matter. properties. -Quantitative properties and Qualitative properties. 18 Name one separation technique for Decanting / Filtration / Magnetic attraction / mixtures? Sifting / Precipitation / Crystallization / Distillation 18 What are the gases that compose the Mainly oxygen and nitrogen. atmosphere? Other gases are carbon dioxide, water vapour and ozone. 20 What type of planet is Pluto? Dwarf planet. 21 What are the four states of matter? Solid, liquid, gas and plasma. 22 Name a property of matter. Density, mass, volume, color, hardness, lustre, smoothness, taste 23 How much mass is there in 1L of distilled 1 kg water?

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What layer of the atmosphere reflects radio and television waves? What is the red planet? When does the spring equinox take place? What is the second planet in the Solar System? (From the inner part to the outer part). What state of matter doesnt have a definite volume? What is the sixth planet in the Solar System? (From the inner part to the outer part). What is the name of our galaxy? What is the gas that destroys the ozone layer? What is the satellite of the Earth?

The Ionosphere It is Mars. It takes place around 21 March. Venus.

Gas. Saturn.

The Milky Way. CFC or chlorofluorocarbons The Moon