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English 213: British Literature Reading Response Essays The reading response essay is a 3-4-page paper written on your

choice of potential topics that I will provide you. (When I say three pages, I mean three, not 2 .! These papers are to "e very succinct, using details (particular scenes, words, phrases, dialogue! from the te#t to support your claim. In such a relatively short paper, there is not room for $filler% or plot summary, nor is there room to go ram"le a"out your chosen topic. &ou will need to esta"lish your argument and prove it relatively 'uic(ly. In addition to the length, the other requirements for the three reading response essays are that ).! They need a discerni"le thesis that is not "latantly o"vious (i.e., have a thesis that I could theoretically disagree with!. 2.! They need an introduction that leads the reader into the topic and does not simply summari*e the wor(. 3.! They are organized effectively, with logically ordered paragraphs and helpful topic sentences. 4.! They must meet "asic grammatical mechanical standards. +.! They must offer support from the te#t (references to specific scenes, 'uotations etc.! to !ac" up any and all claims you ma(e a"out the wor( and,or characters. -.! They should have a thought-provo(ing conclusion that does not merely ("oringly! summari*e what /ust read, "ut leaves me with something to thin( a"out. 0.! They must have a clever title (i.e., no titles such as $1eading 1esponse 2),% unless you want to irritate me and ris( your grade!. 3.! They should "e printed out and stapled "efore you come to class. 4o loose pages, please. 5.! They should "e in proper #L$ format. If you don.t (now what 678 format is, see the samples at, or as( me. )9.! 8 wor(s cited page is not re'uired as long as you do not refer to any te#ts other than those in the sylla"us. %%%%% &rint t'o copies of your final essay( )n the top of one copy, put the prompt that you chose for your paper( *his copy 'ill !e for'arded to the English +epartment for re,ie'( -or your secon reading response essay, you may choose from one of the follo'ing topics or create your o'n .'hich must !e pre/appro,ed !y me0: A Brave New World models a dystopian society. :sing a te#t you have previously read, discuss the characteristics of a dystopian society and then draw parallels to our current times. ;ne critic stated that technological advances (specifically internet and television! are $goading modern Western culture to "e li(e what we see in Brave New World, where people are not so much denied human rights li(e free speech, "ut are rather conditioned not to care.% 8gree or disagree with this thought "y using specific e#amples from A Brave New World. <ritic 7ionel Trilling famously remar(ed that, =no one, I "elieve, has ever found it possi"le to li(e the heroine of Mansfield Park.. Indeed, some critics have viewed >anny as essentially a morally perfect individual, lac(ing in dynamic tension. ?iscuss >anny.s character in light of whether or not you agree with Trilling. @#amine the significance of love as possession in $8rcadia.% @sta"lish the characteristics and discuss how it affects relationships in the stories.

1ere is a rough guide of ho' you may e2pect your essays to !e graded: 8n $8% paper will possess 8ll of the re'uired elements of the essay, found on assignment sheet 8 solid argument and a clearly stated thesis that answers the 'uestion @vident mastery of the wor((s! in 'uestion Auperior use of details to support all significant points, including relevant 'uotations and e#planation of 'uotations Aophisticated analysis of the 'uestion at hand @vidence of original thought (i.e., analysis or interpretation that goes "eyond or deviates somehow from issues "rought up in class or on the discussion "oard! >ew, if any, grammatical or punctuation errors 8 $B% paper may have 8 solid argument, though perhaps lac(ing in originality or not argumentative enough 6ost of the re'uired elements, "ut lac(ing one or two Cood analysis, "ut not as sophisticated as an 8 grade would merit (perhaps neglects important details or doesn.t ela"orate enough to "e convincing or simply reiterates class discussion! :se of details, "ut inade'uate use of 'uotations to prove mastery of the te#t Aeveral distracting grammatical or punctuation errors 8 $<% paper might 7ac( a clear thesisD some argument is evident, "ut is confusing or vague ?emonstrate misinterpretation of a te#t >ail to mention very important details of a te#t that affect the argument Be deficient in inclusion of details to support ma/or pointsD no 'uotations whatsoever (or perhaps an over-reliance on "loc( 'uotations to ta(e up space! 7ist many details "ut ma(e no connections "etween them Cive plot summary instead of analysis Ignore several of the re'uirements for the essay <ontain multiple grammatical errors 8 $?% paper Eas a confusing or misleading thesis Ignores many of the general re'uirements for the reading response essay ?emonstrates little grasp of the material 1elies mostly or entirely upon plot summary rather than analysis Is overwhelming in the num"er of grammatical or punctuation errors 8 $>% paper Eas no thesisD there is no apparent argument Is plagiari*ed (in which case, the writer would earn a *ero! ?emonstrates a"solutely no grasp of the material ?oes not follow "asic directions or guidelines Is perhaps unreada"le due to grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors %+on3t forget that I deduct 14 points for e,ery day that an assignment is late(