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"#$%&' ( )*%$*+%&' ( ,-.%&' "*&/+

"*&/+ 0 .$1-*%.*$2+ +2*3+ 3*- +*-4.$1
!"#$%&$ (%)*+
45$%.6%&)&7 891$:
6:5 )+$ *:;<#$)$

%-*&"' #&2+
1) V cup (12Sg) of uieek Yoghuit - 1uuCals
2) 1S cup (Sug) of 0ats - 111Cals
S) 2 tbsp (Suml) of any Nilk of youi choice - 1SCals
4) 1 cup (1Sug) of Fiozen Nixeu Beiiies - 4S.SCals
@@A5 %B3 65$&+ C 65:D$B 65>9)& :6 3:>5 *+:9*$
S) V tbsp (6g) of Nixeu Seeus - SSCals
@@A<)9:BE A)+$5 &$$1& :5 159$1 65>9)& :6 3:>5 *+:9*$

1) In a bowl, mix gieek yoghuit, oats, milk anu mixeu
seeus togethei.
2) Assemble the 'Bieamy 0ats', eithei in a laige glass oi
jai, by alteinating between the oat mixtuie anu fiozen
S) Place it in the fiiuge oveinight anu seive it foi
bieakfast the next moining.
!"#$%&$ (%)*+ ,F>##
G$=%B -$%# "#%B7
891$: 6:5 )+$
*:;<#$)$ =>91$H?

3*&$E2 5E22*- *$*-1' 5&- F+*-4*+ GH
1) 11S.Sg of Peanut Buttei - 697cals
2) 1Sug of Boney (49Scals) oi Naple Syiup - S9ucals
S) 8ug of Biy 0ncookeu 0atmeal - Su2cals
4) 1Sg of Nix seeus - 88cals
@@A<)9:BE A)+$5 159$1 65>9)& :5 B>)&

1) Nix the peanut buttei anu honey maple syiup in a
pan unuei low heat until it's all nicely mixeu. Bon't cook!
2) Remove fiom the heat, auu the oatmeal anu mixeu
seeus anu mix it up evenly.
S) Tiansfei the mixtuie into a small squaie tin anu piess
it uown.
4) Allow it to chill in the fiiuge foi an houi oi until it's
fiimeu anu slice it into 9 bais.

(using Boney)

IKLA8B; (using
Naple Syiup)
!"#$%&$ (%)*+
,I:( J%#:59$
2#"&2# -.A* 0 5/&AO 5*&$+ F+76P7; QH
1) V cup (1uug) of uncookeu White oi Biown Rice a
combination of both - SSSCals
@@L$9=+ %<<5:MH NOP= :B*$ *::.$1
1) Cook iice accoiuing to instiuctions.
2) In a pan, heat olive oil ovei meuium-high heat.
S) Auu gailic anu bell peppei. Stii-fiy foi S-4 minutes
until fiagiant anu bell peppei staits to soften.
QGQA8B; ! 2u14
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Q9BB$5&7 891$: 6:5
)+$ *:;<#$)$
2) V can (2uug) Choppeu Tomatoes, juice ieseiveu -
S) 1 tsp 0live 0il - 4uCals
4) 2 cloves uailic, minceu - 8Cals
S) 1 laige (17ug) Bell Peppei, choppeu - 4SCals
6) V can (1Sug) Black Beans, iinseu anu uiaineu - 74Cals
7) 1 tsp uiounu Cumin - 8Cals
8) V tsp Chilli Powuei - 4Cals
9) A little but of Salt foi seasoning

4) Then mix in the black beans, chilli powuei, cumin, salt
anu cook foi anothei 1 minute to combine all the
ingieuients togethei.
S) Next, auu half a can of choppeu tomatoes anu biing to a
boil unuei low heat. Cook foi anothei S-7 minutes, until
the beans have absoibeu much of the liquiu.
6) Finally mix in the iice anu combine all the ingieuients,
stiiiing foi 1-2 minutes until the iice is waim anu seive
!"#$%&$ (%)*+
45$%.6%&)&7 891$:
6:5 )+$ *:;<#$)$
*11 "E,,.$ 0 5&$&$& "E,,.$
!!"# % &' ()* +,-* -.''/01
Euu N0FFINS (Seives 6)
1) 6 Whole Eggs - 468Cals
2) S slices of Chicken ioll Bam, finely sliceu - 12SCals
**0ption: any othei piotein - piawn, chicken, fish etc
S) Sug of Kale any gieen leafy vegetables - 17Cals
4) 2ug of uiateu Cheese - 7SCals
S) 4ug of caiiots, finely sliceu any othei vegetables of
youi choice - 18Cals
6) 1 tsp of olive oil - 4uCals

!!23*,+* 4,(5) 67,8*9:)*,; <*,3()= >#*,8',+(+? '&#
()* >,0,0, 7.''/0 @*5/A*1
- Coat a pan with olive oil ovei meuium-high heat.
- Auu caiiots & Kale. Cook foi S-1u minutes until the
vegetables aie tenuei.
- Then auu in the sliceu chicken ioll, mix it up foi 2
minutes anu iemove the pan fiom heat.
- Whisk 6 eggs, auu salt anu peppei to taste.
- In the meantime, pie-heat the oven to 18u celsius SSu
- Coat a small muffin tiay (which holus 6 muffins) with
some cooking spiay.
- Biviue the cookeu vegetables evenly into the muffin tiay.
- Covei the vegetables with the egg mixtuie evenly.
- Top it up with giateu cheese.
- Bake the egg muffins in the 0ven foi 1S minutes until
the egg is fiimeu.
BC%D1DE,3+ F
CGDE,3+H ! 2u14
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- Aftei 1S minutes, iemove the egg muffins fiom the oven
anu allow them to sit foi S minutes befoie seiving.
**You may stoie the egg muffins in the fieezei foi up to a
week. Eveiy uay, take one oi two out, waim them up in
the miciowave anu seive.

!"#$%&$ (%)*+ ,-3
R%) J#$%B -$%#
"#%B7 6:5 )+$
*:;<#$)$ =>91$H?
5&O*% +&/"#$ 0 &+3&-&1E+ .$ ,#./ T
A-*&"' 1-**$ +#E3
1) 1uug (S.Soz) Salmon - 1S8Cals
@A<)9:B&E 0B3 :)+$5 69&+S &$%6::1S *+9*.$B T5$%&) :5 ;$%)H
2) 1uug Aspaiagus - 28Cals
@@A5 %B3 :)+$5 8$=$)%T#$& :6 3:>5 *+:9*$
S) can Choppeu Tomatoes, uiaineu oi fiesh tomatoes -
4) V tsp 0live 0il - 2uCals
S) V tsp uiieu fiesh Nixeu Beibs - 4Cals
6) 1 tbsp fiesh Lemon }uice - SCals
7) 1 uailic Clove, ciusheu - 4Cals
8) 0nion, uiceu - 11Cals
9) Salt & Peppei to taste

1) Pie-heat the oven to 2uu celsius 4uu fahienheit.
2) In a bowl, combine choppeu tomatoes, onion, gailic,
lemon juice anu heibs. Nix them well anu set it asiue.
S) Toss aspaiagus with olive oil anu aiiange them on the
foil. Place salmon on the aspaiagus anu covei it up with
the mixeu ingieuients. Season with salt anu peppei.
4) Seal the packet closeu anu bake in the oven foi 2S - Su

UU3B78;7 V8<DN W*8< +XMY 0 +<8Z +BS[\ PS]7X :X6 <N7
A678[Z 1677C +XMY -7DSY7?


2#2&/ A&/#-.*+ ^ 1289.7SCals + 1SuCals allowance = IL=G?J@A8B;

!!I ),J* ,;;*; CDG 5,3&#/*+ ,33&4,05* /0 *,5) ;,=1 K)* 5,3&#/*+ ,33&4,05* 5,0 L* .+*; (& /05#*,+* ()* A&#(/&0 +/M* +3/N)(3=O (& ,;; ,0&()*#
,;;/(/&0,3 +-,33 +0,58 /0(& =&.# -*,3 A3,0O &# =&. -,= ,33&4 =&.#+*3' (& , +-,33 #*4,#; +0,58 ,+ , (#*,( (& ,J&/; L/0N* *,(/0N1
P+* ()* 5,3&#/* ,33&4,05* 4/+*3=1 QH ! 2u14
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2E*+%&'_ 2`E-+%&'_ +&2E-%&' "*&/+

"*&/+ 0 .$1-*%.*$2+ +2*3+ 3*- +*-4.$1

)`#/*a)`*&2 2#&+2 ).2` 3*&$E2 5E22*-
0 5&$&$&
1) 1 thick Whole-Wheat Toast (12SCals)
2) 1 tbsp Peanut Buttei (94Cals)
S) 1 meuium Banana, sliceu (1uSCals)

1) Spieau peanut buttei on toast anu top it up with sliceu
bananas. Quick & Yummy!

!"#$%&$ (%)*+
,U$1>*$ 4#:%)9B=E
V/Q%3 Q$):M "#%B7
891$: 6:5 )+$
*:;<#$)$ =>91$H?
1-**$ +"##2`.*
O -%9B WB=5$19$B)& 6:5 % X9;<#$ Y Q$#9*9:>& X;::)+9$Z
1) Choose Youi uREEN vEuETABLES (Su - 1uug)
/ X<9B%*+S [%#$S \>**+9B9S 4:. J+:3S J%TT%=$ $)*H
2) Choose Youi LIQ0IBS (2uu - 2Suml)
/ L%)$5S X:3% -9#.S 0#;:B1 -9#.S J:*:B>) L%)$5S K5$$B ]$%
S) Choose Youi FR0IT oi vEuETABLE (1uu - 1Sug)
/ 4%B%B%S ]:;%):S 4$559$&S 0<<#$S -%B=: $)*
4) Choose Youi ABB-0NS (1-2tbsp)
/ K:^9 4$553S J+9% X$$1&S _>)&S -9M$1 X$$1&S "5:)$9B ":(1$5

I useu 1Sug fiozen Spinach (S4.SCals) + 1uuml Soya Nilk
(SuCals) + 1uuml Watei + 1Sug fiozen sliceu Bananas
(1SSCals) + 1tbsp uoji Beiiies (22.SCals)

- Auu all the ingieuients into a smoothie blenuei anu blenu
until smooth anu thick.

!"#$%&$ (%)*+
,I:( J%#:59$
Q9BB$57 891$: 6:5
)+$ *:;<#$)$
4*1*2&-.&$ bE.$#& /&+&1$* F+76P7; LH
1) 1 cup Watei
2) V cup (8Sg) Quinoa, uncookeu - S1SCals
@A<)9:B&E J:>&*:>&S 4%5#$3 :5 U9*$
S) 2 tsp 0live 0il - 8uCals
1) In a pan, combine watei anu quinoa anu biing to a boil.
Then ieuuce to a simmei, covei anu cook foi 1S mins.
2) While waiting foi the quinoa to cook, in a foou piocessoi,
combine the tofu, beaten egg anu lemon juice. Blenu foi 2u
seconus oi until you have a smooth anu cieamy mixtuie
anu set it asiue.
QG=?KD8B; ! 2u14
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=>91$H? 4) 1 meuium 0nion, uiceu - 44cals
S) 1 clove uailic, minceu - 4Cals
6) 1 }ai (Suug) basic tiauitional Pasta Sauce oi tomato
sauce- 176cals
7) V block (17Sg) Fiim Tofu - 1u8.SCals
8) 1 laige Egg, beaten - 78Cals
@G$=%BE F$$# F5$$ ): :;9) )+$ $==H
9) }uice fiom half a Lemon - 6Cals
1u) 1 laige Zucchini, sliceu - S4Cals
11) 1 laige Bell Peppei, sliceu - 4SCals
12) 1 laige caiiot (12ug), uiceu - SuCals
1S) Season with salt anu peppei
14) V cup (SSg) uiateu Cheese of youi choice - 216Cals
@@"%5;$&%BS J+$11%5S -:DD%5$##% :5 Q%953/F5$$ J+$$&$

S) 0nce quinoa is cookeu, fluff with a foik anu spieau the
quinoa evenly in an ovenpioof uish.
4) Pieheat the oven to 18u Celsius SSu Fahienheit.
S) In a pan, heat 1 tsp of olive oil ovei meuium-high heat.
Auu onion anu gailic anu cook foi S-4 mins until fiagiant
anu lightly biown. Auu the caiiots anu cook foi anothei S-4
7) Then auu the pasta oi tomato sauce. Stii foi S-4 mins
until the sauce is hot, iemove fiom heat anu set it asiue.
8) Next, heat the iemaining 1 tsp of olive oil ovei meuium-
high heat. Auu bell peppei anu zucchini, season with salt
anu peppei, anu cook foi 1u mins oi until the vegetables
aie tenuei anu set it asiue.
9) Final let's stait to layei oui lasagne. Spieau half of the
pasta sauce ovei the quinoa. Nake a layei of half the
vegetables, then all the cieamy tofu mixtuie, then the
iemaining vegetables. Finish with the iemaining pasta
sauce anu spieau cheese evenly on top.
1u) Bake foi Su-SS mins, until it's hot anu the cheese is
melteu, bubbling anu slightly biowneu aiounu the euges.
11) Remove fiom the oven anu allow the lasagne to cool
uown foi about 1u mins befoie seiving.

!"#$%&$ (%)*+ ,-3
R%) J#$%B -$%#
"#%B7 6:5 )+$
*:;<#$)$ =>91$H?
A-E$A`' ,-E.2 +&/&%
1) 1uug Stiawbeiiies - SSCals
2) Sug Bluebeiiies - 29Cals
S) Sug uiapes - S4Cals
4) 2ug Cashew Nuts, giinueu - 12uCals

1) Combine all the ingieuients in a bowl anu seive!
@@`:> ;%3 *+%B=$ )+$ 65>9)& %B1 *%&+$( B>)& ): %B3 :)+$5
65>9)& %B1 B>)&C&$$1& :6 3:>5 *+:9*$H
QIKD8B; ! 2u14
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1wlLLer: [!oanna_Soh

!"#$%&$ (%)*+ ,R%)
X:>< Y X)%3 X#9;7
891$: 6:5 )+$
*:;<#$)$ =>91$H?
A`.AO*$ +#5& +#E3 $##%/*+ F+76P7; QH
1) 1 bunule (8ug) Soba Buckwheat Nooules - 284Cals
2) 4oz (11Sg) Chicken, boileu, cookeu, anu hanu-
shieuueu into pieces - 12ucals
S) Sug uieen Leafy vegetables (Kale, Bok Choy, Cabbage
etc) - 2uCals
4) S cups of Chicken Stocks (7Suml) of Watei - S2.SCals
S) 1 uailic Clove, ciusheu - 4Cals
6) V small 0nion, uiceu - 14Cals
7) 1 tsp 0live 0il - 4ucals
8) 1 tbsp uoji Beiiies - 22.4Cals **0ptional
9) V tsp Toasteu Sesame 0il - 18cals
1u) 1 Fiesh Reu Chilli, choppeu **0ptional
1) Biing 2 pots of watei to boil.
2) Cook the chicken in one pot. Cook the soba nooules in
anothei pot foi S minutes oi accoiuing to instiuction.
S) 0nce nooules aie cookeu, uiaineu anu uiviue the nooules
evenly into 2 bowls. Nix teaspoon of sesame oil into each
bowl anu set asiue.
4) 0nce the chicken is cookeu, iemove fiom boiling watei
anu set asiue to cool uown.
S) In the meantime, we want to make the bioth. Coat a
laige pot with olive oil ovei meuium-high heat.
6) Auu ciusheu gailic anu onions. Cook until fiagiant anu
onion is slightly biown.
7) Then auu chicken stocks anu biing it to boil foi Smins.
- 0nce bioth staits to boil, auu in gieen leafy vegetables
anu goji beiiies. Allow the ingieuients to cook foi anothei S
minutes until vegetables have soften.
- 0nce chicken has cool uown, hanu shieu it into small
- Poui bioth evenly onto the nooules anu top each bowl
with shieuueu chicken anu fiesh choppeu chillies. Seive

2#2&/ A&/#-.*+c 1S61.1cals + 1SuCals allowance = I@II?IA8B;

!!I ),J* ,;;*; CDG 5,3&#/*+ ,33&4,05* /0 *,5) ;,=1 K)* 5,3&#/*+ ,33&4,05* 5,0 L* .+*; (& /05#*,+* ()* A&#(/&0 +/M* +3/N)(3=O (& ,;; ,0&()*#
,;;/(/&0,3 +-,33 +0,58 /0(& =&.# -*,3 A3,0O &# =&. -,= ,33&4 =&.#+*3' (& , +-,33 #*4,#; +0,58 ,+ , (#*,( (& ,J&/; L/0N* *,(/0N1
P+* ()* 5,3&#/* ,33&4,05* 4/+*3=1 QH

&; :X6 +E$%&'_ DNXX;7 ZXM6 :8PXM6S<7 [78B; 8C] N8P7 <N7[ <Xd7<N76 VS<N XC7 -7V86] "78B SC "#%*-&2.#$e ! 2u14
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lnsLagram: [[soh7
1wlLLer: [!oanna_Soh

."3#-2&$2 $#2*+c
1) This Neal Plan is baseu on a balanceu uiet iich with lean meat, uniefineu caibs, healthy fat, packeu with fiuits anu vegetables, which helps
foi quick weight loss, to builu lean muscles anu to give you a flat tummy.
2) You can watch my step-by-step guiuance foi all the meals anu iecipes on my "Bealthy Neal Plan, Foou & Nutiition" playlist on my YouTube
S) Bo N0T consume less than 12uucals foi women anu 16uucals foi men in a uay. Staiving will N0T help to lose weight.
4) If you aie a male, inciease the poition size anu keep to 18uucals - 21uucals pei uay.
S) You can choose to piepaie youi meals in B0LK anu have them foi the next 2 - S uays foi convenience.
6) These meals aie INTERCBANuEABLE. So you can have youi snack foi bieakfast, bieakfast foi lunch etc.
7) 0nly use anu piepaie BIuB Q0ALITY, natuial, clean anu unpiocesseu foou.
8) Aujust the poition size anu caloiies accoiuing to the piouuct you use. Nine might be slightly uiffeient fiom youis. So ieau the foou label
caiefully. If theie isn't a foou label, you can seaich up on the nutiients anu caloiies online.
9) You can always mix youi meal plan anu cieate youi own iecipe by using othei ingieuients of youi choice.
1u) You N0ST uiink at least 2.SL - SL of watei EvERY BAY.
11) Aim to eat eveiy S - 4 houis thioughout the uay.
12) Nake it a habit to PLAN & PACK youi meals the night befoie anu stoie them in the fiiuge foi the next uay; this will make youi moinings
easiei, which will help to keep you on tiack.
1S) PRINT this meal plan anu stick it on youi fiiuge as a uaily ieminuei to stay on tiack.
14) Keep a F00B BAIRY of what you eat anu how you feel as well, which is a ciucial pait to stay on tiack.
1S) Bave youi BREAKFAST within one houi of you waking up to kick-stait youi metabolic iate.
16) W0RK00T S - 6 times a week between 4S - 6u minutes foi maximum iesult. Please follow my "Woikout Plan" foi that.
17) You can auu anothei small meal oi inciease youi caloiies by 2uu - Suucals on youi woikout uays if neeueu.
18) STAY AWAY fiom alcohol, soua uiinks, piocesseu foou, fast foou anu all junks!
19) Tieat youiself to a REWARB NEAL once a week in moueiation. This will avoiu the iisk of excessive intake of youi favouiite guilt tieats.
2u) It's always a goou iuea to talk with youi uoctoi befoie staiting youi weight-loss jouiney. Anu that's especially impoitant in this case if you
have kiuney uisease, uiabetes oi othei chionic health conuition. You know youi bouy bettei than I uo!