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Республика Федерального России – Russian Federation __________________________________ Russia Санкт-Петербург – Saint Petersburg Санкт-Петербург – São Petersburgo


Saint Petersburg

Founded by Tsar Peter the Great on May 27, 1703, it was capital of the Russian !pire St. Petersburg was founded by Tsar Peter ., the Great, in 1703" .n 1721 the sa!e tsar / co!in$ for !ore than two hundred years" #eased bein$ the capital in 1%1& after the Russian fro! the Ro!ano' 0ouse / proclai!ed the Russian !pire, which beca!e 1nown as Russia and Re'olution of 1%17" 2t" Petersbur$ was its capital for !ore than two hundred years" The city also had the na!es of The city(s other na!es were)and Petrograd *1%1+,1%2+and Leningrad *1%2+,1%%1Petro$rad *1%1+/1%2+after the 1%17 re'olution, 3enin$rad *1%2+/1%%1-"

Peterhof Palace / the su!!er palace / in fact consisted of a series of palaces and $ardens,
and was intended to house the founder of the city / Tsar Peter the Great"

Peterhof Palace , 4uilt between 171+ and 1725, the !a$nificent palace had its construction
planned since 1705, two years after the foundin$ of 2t" Petersbur$, the 6#ity of 2aint Peter"6

Peterhof Palace , 72a!son8 , one of the !any $arden9s fountains, and the
canal o'erloo1in$ the Gulf of Finland / an ar! of the 4altic 2ea"

Peterhof Palace / The 4lue :rawin$ Roo!

Peterhof Palace / a sleepin$ roo! .

Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography the oldest !useu! in Russia / 1727 .

rococo style. located in the district of Tsars1o'e 2elo *now Push1in-" The $reat #atherine Palace was na!ed for #atherine . was the su!!er residence of Russian tsars. with o'er 300! facade..The atherine Palace. the wife of Peter the Great / 171&" .

atherine Palace in Push1in / a!ber roo! .

atherine Palace / ban. in honor of the $reat Russian poet" .uet hall" The Palace is located in the city which was later rena!ed Push1in.

/ the poet whose 'ast 1nowled$e of Russian lan$ua$e and richness in its use influenced authors such as Go$ol.2tatue of Ale!ander Push"in in front of the <cade!y of Fine <rts * 1757. 3er!onto' and Tur$uenie' " .

it was fro! here that the Tsar ruled 22.#inter Palace built and continuously chan$ed since the late 1730s until 1&37.!perial Russia / not only by the i!!ense area as well as by the !a$nificence of its 30! hi$h. was the official residence of Russian !onarchs fro! 1732 to 1%17" #oncei'ed with the intention of reflectin$ the stren$th and power of .000 1!2 *al!ost one si=th of arth9s lands.+00.and !ore than 125 !illion indi'iduals by late nineteenth century / 17>"+ !illion at its apo$ee" .

with 1.500 roo!s and 117 staircases" .057 roo!s.51>! ​ built area.7&> doors. +>. 1.%+5 windows. 1. 1.2 The #inter Palace has a 250! lon$ facade.

$ermitage Museum as seen fro! the ?e'a Ri'er" Founded in 17>+ and inau$urated in 1&52. the lar$est bein$ the for!er Ainter Palace / official residence of the tsars" " . the Museu! occupies fi'e ad@oinin$ palaces.

%&ortso&aya S'uare / <le=ander #olu!n and General 2taff buildin$. seen fro! the Ainter Palace which houses the 0er!ita$e Museu!" .

$ermitage Museum ( white and $reen Rococo. and epoch9s coaches" .

uare with the <le=ander #olu!n" .$ermitage Museum seen fro! the side facin$ the :'ortso'aya 2.

atherine ))* the Great* .ts collection e=ceeds three !illion wor1s. 3eonardo da Binci" Paintin$ of atherine )) by . wife of Peter ))).'an <r$uno' .uisitions too1 place in 1&>5 / The Madonna and #hild *Madonna 3itta-. was the first i!perial occupant of the palace that is now the 0er!ita$e Museu!" . and one of its first !a@or ac.

n 1&25.Ale!andra+s . fell in lo'e and was fully reciprocated by his wife Ale!andra Feodoro&na. .edroom / . despite ha'in$ been !arried for con'enience of fa!ilies. ascended to the throne -icholas ) who.

<le=andra prioritiCed si!plicity and pri'acy" .#inter Palace Ale!andra+s toilette suite" :espite the sophistication that still can be seen in all its roo!s.

Russia was resu!ed in the person of her belo'ed husband . but always !ade it ​ clear that for her. . 2he has always been closely lin1ed to her ho!e fa!ily. de'oted and lo'in$ !other.Dne of the roo!s of Ale!andra+s suite . perfect in her role as #onsort !press.

$ermitage Museum . interior balcony .

now 0er!ita$e Museu!" .ordan Staircase of the Ainter Palace.The !ain or .

architecture and chandeliers" .$ermitage Museum .

$ermitage Museum . the old royal library .

the $reat roo! of .talian <rts .$ermitage Museum .

Dne of the Throne Roo!s / there are a !uch bi$$er throne roo!. but this one is the !ore attracti'e" .

is a copy of the fa!ous Gallery created in the 1>th century in the Batican Palace" There are 13 arches for!in$ a $allery of >5 by + !" . a #atherine ..(s wish.$ermitage Museum / Raphael Loggias .

uestrian statue of Peter .The .uare was erected a !onu!ent on a stone pedestal with about 1..500 tons / the lar$est e'er !o'ed by !an / car'ed durin$ its transport to the present place" The e. considered one of the !ost si$nificant wor1s of Russian 3iterature" The statue is now one of the sy!bols of 2t" Petersbur$" *clic1- .ron0e $orseman . fro! 1&33. and only after 12 years it was co!pleted / 17&2" The na!e 4ronCe 0orse!an co!es fro! the poe! by <le1sandr Push1in.. in the 2enate 2. was co!!issioned by #atherine . the Great.

. the !ain cathedral of the !etropolis of 2t" Petersbur$" .athedral of 1ur Lady of 2a0an *1&10/1&11.

architectural detail" .athedral of 1ur Lady of 2a0an / in neoclassical style e=terior.

uadri$a featurin$ ?eptune and sy!boliCin$ !ariti!e co!!erce is !ounted abo'e the buildin$9s portico" . 1&11 .The 1ld Saint Petersburg Stoc" E!change buildin$ . and the south Rostral #olu!n are e=a!ples of Gree1 <rchitecture re'i'al" < sculptural $roup si!ilar in for! to a .

?e'a Ri'er and the Twel'e #olle$es of the 3ni&ersity of St. to$ether with the <cade!ic Gy!nasiu! and the <cade!y of 2ciences of 2t" Petersbur$" . 172+ by a decree of Peter. Petersburg. the Great. in continuous operation since 1&1% as the successor to the uni'ersity established in Eanuary 2+.

built in 1&1%/1&25.Mi"hailo&s"y Palace. houses the State Russian Museum since 1&%5" .

4usupo& Palace / The !ost su!ptuous non/i!perial palace was built in 17>0F in 1&30 was bou$ht by the :u1e ?4 4usupo&" Dn a 'isit to .taly the eccentric :u1e fell in lo'e with a white !arble staircase and bou$ht the whole palace only to transport its stairs to 2t" Petersbur$" Today this palace is a !useu!" .

" This was the ori$in of the 1rthodo! athedral of St. which too1 +0 years to build .The construction of a church in 2t" . )saac.saac 2.uare was already ordered by <le=ander . fro! 1&1& to 1&5&" .

t is also decorated with 12 statues of an$els" . )saac5s athedral / the !ain do!e reaches 101"5 !eters hi$h and is all $old plated" .St.

and ballet theater *Giro' 2tate <cade!ic Theatre of Dpera and 4allet fro! 1%35 until 1%%2-" The na!e Giro' is now used by the 4allet #o!pany only in its e=cursions outside of Russia" . opera. is a historic orchestra.Mariins"y 6heatre / Dpened in 1&>0.

interior and royal bo= .Mariins"y 6heatre .

!eans the street or a'enue in a strai$ht line. in Russian.-e&s"y Prospe"t. planned by Peter the Great to be the be$innin$ of the road to ?o'o$orod and Moscow" This city9s proud !ilestone was cut throu$h nearly +"5 1! of forest *c171&and its width 'aries between 25 and >0 !eters" . or -e&a / * still the !ain a'enue of 2t" Petersbur$.

t was opened in 1&75 and is re$istered in the architectural herita$e of the ?orthern #apital .Grand $otel Europe / a fi'e star hotel situated on the fa!ous ?e's1y street" . 2t" Petersbur$" .

lood in bac1$roundH .n a su!!er ni$ht with the hurch of 1ur Sa&ior on Spilled ..

H the sa!e place""" at a winter9s day""" .

lood.""" and the colors of 2prin$ returnin$ to 2t" Petersbur$. built between 1&&3 and 1%07" This !ar'elous Russian/ style church was built in honor to the !peror Ale!ander )) and in the place where he was assassinated in 1&&1" . better 1nown as the hurch of 1ur Sa&ior 1n the Spilled . enhance the beauty of the hurch of the Resurrection of hrist.

. or the hurch of 1ur Sa&iour 1n the Spilled .lood.<rchitectural details of the hurch of the Resurrection of hrist.

Egyptian . intersection of 3er!onto' <'enue o'er the Fontan1a Ri'er" 62phin=6 by sculptor Pa'el 2o1olo' / 1&25/1&2>" .ridge .

ridge / pedestrian brid$e o'er the Griboyedo'" .. sculpted by Pa'el 2o1olo' / nineteenth century" . decorated with four !ytholo$ical $olden/win$ed $riffons.

6 published in 1&>>" .%ostoye&s"y Memorial Museum / Fyodor :ostoye's1y. writer whose wor1s / includin$ 6#ri!e and Punish!ent6 and 6The 4rothers Gara!aCo'6 / ha'e had profound and lastin$ effects on intellectual thou$ht and literature. wrote in this house 6#ri!e and Punish!ent.

has initiated and beca!e a sy!bol of the Dctober 1%17 4olshe'i1 Re'olution" Today.Aurora ruiser . launched in 1%00. and directin$ cannon fire a$ainst the Ainter Palace. a doc1ed !useu!" . participated in the Russo/Eapanese war of 1%05.

6roits"y bridge / a land!ar1 of <rt ?ou'eau. was co!pleted in 1%03. in ti!e for the bi/centenial anni'ersary of 2aint Petersbur$" .

uilding .at the corner of ?e's1y Prospect with Griboyedo' #anal and in front of GaCan #athedral. it is officially reco$niCed as historic/cultural herita$e of Russia" . created in <rt ?ou'eau *1%02/1%0+.7Singer7 .

where the first boo1store of 2o'iet Russia was installed / %om 2nigi .Facade of the 7Singer8 building.

.The authoriCation for the construction of this brid$e by -icholas ) was part of a de'elop!ent plan for the city" 0owe'er it was built !uch later and inau$urated in 1%11 with the na!e of Peter the Great .ridge.

Petersburg.depose 6sar -icholas )). and socialists. the a$$re$ation of political opposition forces *liberals.<t the will of 0istory in March 15. bour$eois. lost its title of capital of the !pire to Moscow / capital of Russia" . startin$ the Russian Re&olution" The Tsar was later !urdered alon$ with his fa!ily" St. 1%17. that at that ti!e was already called Petrograd.

<=><?@ APetrogradoB .9:.

org Music .)mages ( from )nternet* Cith credits to authors* or from #i"ipedia+s site CCC.rasil ( São Paulo ( G))) ( HIIJ reedited in G) / HIKH *clic1- CCC.Ci"ipedia. #alt0 of the FloCers from the nutcrac"er suite .com English &ersion ( Re&isionE Fla&io Musa de Freitas Guimarães laudia Ricci .erlin Philharmonic conducted by SeiDi 10aCa Ale!anderAle!andro& ( Russian -ational Anthem with the Red Army hoir reation* research and formatingE %el0a %ias Ferreira del0adferFgmail. 6chai"o&s"y .

6he End .

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