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23-Apr-14 Amit Gupta Somya Tank

00. Myntra. Supply chain or case study of a Brand – STFU This brand is owned by Angnarboll sherpa and Amit rajak. Ashutosh Lawania. It left its mark of innovation through online coupons and store circulated a large number of Myntra promotion codes. and Vineet Saxena. Mumbai.Supply chain management of Myntra • Myntra – Is Started in February 2007 by Bansal. Myntra is. the largest online retailer in the fashion and lifestyle segment. Quantium) Customers . Bangalore Myntra Logistics and outsourced logistics (Blue dart.000 visits and the network has grown to cover 1. today.000 transactions daily and daily traffic has grown to over 4. It is focused on womenswear and they launch a new collection in every 2-3 month. Prahladpur) Designing-STFU Customer E-Com order placement Myntra Photoshoot and website upload Mynta warehouseGurgaon. It is currently doing over 8. Sourcing and other details of STFU Fabric Source (Nehru Place / Lajpat Nagar) Cut. In the last 3 years.200 towns and cities across the country with over 350 of the best national and international is one of the E-tail players to popularize online shopping which is a new mode of shopping in India. It is currently operational in over 12 cities across the country and plan to reach as much as 70 per cent of the customers directly via their own logistic network by the end of this year. It is an Indian online shopping retailer of fashion and casual lifestyle products and have Headquarters in Bangalore. Sew and Assembly (Badarpur . Myntra has become the most popular destination for personalized products in the country.

Inc. such as Nike. Carlton London and Red Tape to name a is an aggregator of many brands.  To maintain. Myntra currently offers products from more than 350 Indian and international brands. Puma. etc.  Technological: Myntra maintains its website which provides the only means by which a customer can make a purchase. Adidas.  Myntra has used mostly viral marketing and internet for its popularity coupled with occasional discounts and referral discounts. . upgrade and improve the website and the user experience..It offers free shipping within India on all products It can ship internationally to all major countries.  Myntra. It launches major marketing campaigns every year. •  There are also casual and dressy footwear for women from Catwalk. It can be given a rating of 3/5. Reebok.  Myntra has successfully used social networking websites Facebook and Twitter to expand its customer base. Asics.  Myntra positions itself as a fashionable new age brand.  Its business model is based on procuring current season merchandise from various brands and making them available on the portal at the same time as in respective retail brand outlets  Order Processing and Delivery: Myntra attempts to order and ship every order within 24 hrs. Myntra employees many computer science engineers and experienced professionals. Lotto. In February 2012. Myntra rolled out an OOH (out of home) campaign across 2 cities to build brand awareness and promote online shopping.Supply chain management of Myntra Myntra Success facts and its plans • Myntra has tied up with top fashion and lifestyle brands in India. to offer a wide range of current season merchandise from these brands. Lee.

They then keep track of the lead time and try to reduce it with collaboration from the courier company. store them at their various warehouses and then ship them to the customer when ordered. they receive the finished goods from various brands. .  Outbound logistics is one of the critical activities for Myntra. They use a third party courier for their outbound logistics.  Marketing and Sales is a core activity of Myntra. Through proper marketing Myntra is creating awareness among customer & enhancing their online shopping experience. It is their responsibility to give the demanded product to the third party courier as soon as possible.Supply chain management of Myntra  Procurement is important for Myntra as they deal in merchandising.

Supply chain management of Myntra .