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The attached letter to the CEO of United Technologies Corporation should send a shiver of fear into many of the professionals of fire protection. Let us consider the Penn State situation. An assistant coach, Jerry xxxx has been convicted of molesting ten young men over a period of many years. Just a year or so ago he was a highly regarded coach on one of the most successful football teams in the nation. He was a hero to the heroes. Today he is serving time in prison and is a nationally reviled man. Probably he will have a very rough time in prison. Joe Paterno was one of if not the most successful of the football coaches in this country. He was an icon. A statue to Paterno was erected at the stadium. He could do no wrong. Now this icon is dead and disgraced. His statue has been removed. All the wins of his team have been erased. Drastic penalties have been levied against the Penn State football team. Why? Because the crimes of his assistant, Jerry xxxx became known to him and he failed to report the crimes to the authorities. The school has been fined xxxxx and several administrators, who also knew of the crimes of Jerry , may also be facing trials and jail time. So, it appears that our society has very little tolerance for those who will damage the young. The attached letter to the CEO of UTC provides more than adequate evidence revealing that a defective type smoke detector has been sold into probably 90 million U.S. homes. But the information within the letter and attachments are but a small part of the evidence I have regarding this amazingly deadly fraud. And if that is not enough, go to and you will be overwhelmed by the posted evidence of criminal activity related to the field of fire protection. Tens of thousands of children have been burned to death due to this criminal operation. Probably 200 thousand children have been injured by fire within homes protected by these fraudulent devices. When we compare the ten children harmed by Sandusky to the number of children harmed and killed by the smoke detector fraud, one must wonder what the penalties should be appropriate for those who knew of these crimes and helped hide them. I do not see how anyone who is involved in fire protection engineering or is a fire chief of a major city can claim that they are presently unaware of the criminal nature of the selling of flawed warning devices for fire into American homes. My advice is this, time is running out. You professionals of fire protection had better get on the right side of this issue soon. Or else it may be too late. I attach a letter to the CEO of UTC and also a copy of my report, Hide a Crime Commit a Crime. You will need lots of luck if you continue to hide the truth from the public. Richard M. Patton