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• The Intel Mobile Chips That Could Take The World By y Storm • Are Budget Gaming Laptops Just A Myth? • Top Tips For Windows Media Player
14  20 JUNE 2012 2 ISSUE 1213

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but the world of technology is still largely dominated by men. Why aren’t there more women working in technology and what’s being done to redress this imbalance? Sarah Dobbs reports Whatever you think of Apple. then this week’s group test is for you.Contents This week. But can you really get a ‘budget’ gaming laptop? . what do you need for it to be classed as being gaming-capable? Mark Pickavance answers these questions and more in this special feature Motherboards On Test Need an Ivy Bridge motherboard suitable for a gaming PC build? If so. there’s no denying its influence on the computing world.. but what’s even better is if it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. but is it running out ideas? Mark Pickavance examines where it might go next and questions whether it can stay at the top of the pile Gaming Laptops On A Budget 4 Issue 1193 34 42 Ivy Bridge The idea of a gaming laptop is an appealing prospect. It’s made a business out of incremental upgrades for its products. because Leo Waldock has been lining up a selection of possible candidates and putting them through their paces WorldMags. What Next For Apple? 08 08 What Next For Apple? Women In 34 Gaming Laptops On Technology A Budget 18 18 Women In Technology We live in enlightened times..

SAVE A BUNDLE Call 0844 844 0082 Basic annual rate UK: £77.subsinfo. but this time it’s not just because he’s had too much coffee Your Letters The Latest News StrokesPlus Regulars Subscriptions Ad Index IT Essentials Classifieds Logging Off 70 Top Tips For Windows Media Player Over the next few weeks. he’s discussing how to choose your components and put them together and how to install the operating system 72 Pocket Intel It’s the media player that pretty much every Windows user will have on their PC somewhere. 90 92 94 76 77 78 79 80 20 22 58 82 84 86 96 Experts Ask Aaron Ask Jason Ask James Linux Amiga Mobile Retro Gaming Specialists 64 The Ubuntu Server Project.42 64 Ivy Bridge Motherboards On Test Group Test 42 43 44 46 48 49 50 52 53 54 55 56 57 ASRock Z77 Fatal1ty Professional Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H Intel DZ77GA-70K MSI Z77A-G45 Sapphire Pure Platinum Z77K Sum up Zotac GeForce GTX 670 AMP! Edition iClone 5 Pro Imagination Studio 3 Portrait Professional Resident Evil Raccoon City Distant Worlds NecroVision: Lost Company 7-Series Motherboards For Intel Ivy Bridge Reviews The Ubuntu Server Europe: £185 Rest of World: £340 Online subscriber service Change your address and renew your subscription at www. to get things started. Ian McGurren looks at mobile media. Part 1 Kicking of a short series looking at the state of mobile technology today. Could the release of the Orange San Diego change that? Kevin Pocock looks at what it has to offer and ponders whether an x86 mobile chip is really what the world wants or needs WorldMags. Leo Maxwell is going to show you how to get an Ubuntu-based server project off the Email: micromart@servicehelpline. but things have moved on considerably since then and there are plenty of new developments on the horizon Yes. so ARM is the king when it comes to mobile CPUs. whether they use it or not. This week.. It all started with the Issue 1213 1193 5 . has failed to convince the world it has a worthwhile As things stand. This week.. it’s yet another social network but one that’s made its creator a very wealthy young man News 95 App Of The Week: David Hayward has been waving his mouse around erratically. Part 1 75 Company Profile: Tumblr 60 The State Of Mobile Media Also In This Issue. Intel. David Hayward shows you how to get the most from it Subscribe to Micro Mart today and save 24% on the shop price.

net .WorldMags. .

Part of that stems from the super-secret nature of product development at the company. If the last few months are a good example. where employees are under no W 8 illusion what fate might befall them if they reveal company secrets to the press or public. Issue 1213 WorldMags.Apple’s Undiscovered Country Mark Pickavance wonder whether Apple is on the edge of a stunning futuristic vista or a deep abyss e’re not entirely averse to a little prediction here at Micro Mart. the passing on of the Apple leadership baton to new CEO Tim Cook hasn’t altered the company’s persona in this respect. even if the technology runes can be especially hard to read. In respect of Apple. It still likes to prime the rumour mill discretely with one hand while deploying legal representatives to deal with anyone intent on stealing its product launch thunder. and the path is as much a surprise to Apple as it is to anyone else. because it often appears that the company has little or no idea where it will go . this is always a thankless task.

Because of Steve Jobs’s focus on the ‘user experience’. quite what advantages this might bring over the Retina display already in the iPhone 4S isn’t clear. which in many aspects isn’t much of a stepping stone from the iPhone 4 it replaced. What else? Well. where could Apple take it from next. more rumours have emerged that the display Apple will go with is even bigger than the one that Steve blessed. Samsung and HTC all went with larger displays and demonstrated that they would be popular even if Jobs had written them off for the iPhone. the obvious other step that goes along with a bigger panel is a higher resolution one. coupled with the expectation that it would be the iPhone 5 that was actually appearing. That. its last two major product launches. choosing instead to rework the model of their predecessors in predictable Issue 1213 9 . Probably the most critical of these was his obsession with screen size. As I reported in a recent Logging Off. and that he was “on board” with it. So has Apple run out of ideas about making new devices or is it just waiting to invade new territories with something radical and new? work for the company was assessing a new iPhone 5 with a bigger display. The Future Of The iPhone Many people got concerned when they saw the iPhone 4S. LG. much in way that Apple enhanced the iPad with the Retina display. However. meant there was a degree of disappointment with the iPhone 4S that probably it didn’t deserve. the iPhone 4S seemed a modest improvement that meant proud owners of the new phone were forced to tell their friends about it. and some designs look quite believable WorldMags. which was. and also break a number of applications that are resolution sensitive. but that’s hardly revolutionary. so clearly once it crossed that physical rubicon. Compared with the distinctive step-change that it went through when moving from the iPhone 3GS. Apple just kept on going. However. Since then. and it might be rather pointless. rather than it be obvious they had the latest design.5”. Apple has now changed its mind about big phone screens. given the capabilities already in the phone. It’s seems safe to say the iPhone 5 will have a bigger display.APPLE’S UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY However. Neither broke any new ground. both raised questions about where Apple goes from here. where he entirely discounted the notion of a phone screen greater than 3. a number of a rules were laid down early in the development of the phone that provided Apple’s competitors with lots of opportunities to exploit the market. it served to underline a greater concern. the iPhone 4S and the new iPad. and has even done some preparation of the message change by suggesting covertly that Steve Jobs’s last The world is full of people who would like to design Apple’s next phone or tablet.

But Apple. can access the LTE service. hated the idea of extensive product ranges and. the iPhone 5 is very likely to offer it. Other likely featutes include NFC (Near Field Communication) for mobile payments. but it might not set the technocratic hearts aflutter. does it? The first iPad didn’t have a camera. a small slice of Apple history turned up on eBay. but this creates issues with the presentation of applications. A number of pundits have vaunted the idea of a mini. because otherwise you’ll get to the point that the iPhone has reached now. where it comes up with increasingly unimportant extras that nobody uses. which. and it’s started to reduce the scope of the Mac product line. where you’re struggling to find new features to add. second or even third incarnation of the device. because it allowed the iPad to play video in its natural landscape mode when mounted on a dock. and it’s not a strong . as such. is that you don’t put all your best ideas in the first. It’s registered some patents for a Kinect-like control system so that iPad and iPhone users can operate their devices without leaving smudgy prints on them. and more subtle marketing. it only makes two variants (WiFi and 3G+WiFi) and three different memory sizes of each. and the just approved Nano-SIM. which doesn’t seem implausible. and without much commotion. and which it’s taught the world. and with it an interesting insight into how Apple likes to ration design improvements. or rather not in the current iPad. Even if a very small portion of the US population. or it even takes features away in a desperate attempt to inject something ‘new’ into its software sales. So where is this feature now? Not available. so a multi-threaded/multi-core update might make the phone operate more dynamically.or a maxiPad. Unless Apple has a technical ace up its research and development sleeve. The prototype of the original iPad had one distinct feature. The Future Of The Mac Quietly. The iPhone 5 will undoubtedly sell well. 10 Issue 1213 WorldMags. I think we’ll see that on other tablets almost simultaneously. and so on.I can say with some certainty that the iPhone 5 won’t be this cool. If none of this sounds super-exciting to you. allowing it to be charged in both horizontal and vertical orientations. is a very tight line-up indeed. Traditionally multi-tasking came late to the iPhone. There isn’t a show-stopping feature mentioned. The next iPad will undoubtedly be better. which begs the question of which direction it will go in. which was dual ports. What other manufacturers would do under these circumstances is provide a range of iPads. That would suggest that Apple won’t take the iPad down that route. However. and not all the ones listed are likely to make it into the phone. because the company with this technology won’t be granting Apple an exclusive licence on something with such wide application. This was a nice feature. then join the club. then it’s operating on the basis that fans of Apple will buy the product irrespective of almost every feature already being part of an existing design. The Future Of The iPad Just before I wrote this. but it would require some major recoding of iOS to exploit. targeting different markets and pricing. and almost none of Europe. bumping them into future versions of its products. or rather Steve Jobs. a wider product range that needs more tooling. What Apple has learned. Yet it’s still developing OS X. wireless charging. and it’s been launching some new systems with the very latest Intel Ivy Bridge technology and its new Thunderbolt port. but it was a selling point of the second. This is one of a number of areas where Apple now seems to be the follower. but that doesn’t exclude it from future models. rather than the leader it once was. Apple got out of the server business a while back. so we’re likely to see that. compared with many product lines. There’s also talk of glass that can resist smudges entirely through a special coating. That’s six different products. even if Apple would love it to be It’s pretty much accepted that Apple will go with an quad-core ARM processor. but it seems unrealistic to expect any radical departures from what’s already been seen. along with improved Siri voice control. This isn’t entirely unlike the problem that Microsoft faces with each iteration of Office.

net .WorldMags.

A concept for a 3D iPad that appeared on the Mac Life website. The coolness of this concept might be tempered by Nintendo’s experience of delivering 3D system on portable computing devices

So is the world of the Mac safe from major tinkering? I think not. A large number of Mac fans have noticed a design creep where features and design models from the iPhone/iPad and iOS have been making their way to the Mac, first in OS X Lion and more recently in the Mountain Lion refresh. Oddly, Apple has also dropped the term ‘Mac’ from the name of the operating system, which is just referred to as OS X, and no longer Mac OS X. The suspicion is that Apple would like to end the Mac, even if this might seem like a culture shock for its fans that would make its transition to Intel seem like a minor inconvenience. Others think that Apple will stop making desktop systems next and just have portable Mac computers, which will eventually merge into the iPad and disappear altogether. From a profitability viewpoint, compared with the iPhone and iPad, the computer division doesn’t generate much and it sucks a huge amount of resources from the company, so from a purely fiscal perspective, these rumours have some credence.

That said, there is a hardcore of US Apple supporters who started with the Mac and have stayed with the company through the various ups and downs, and they’d feel rather betrayed if Apple stopped making computers completely. No announcement seems imminent and, whatever happens, Apple is unlikely to take advertisement space to promote its intentions. What’s more likely is a controlled withdrawal, where Apple offers less computers and more sophisticated alternatives in an attempt to move the company away from these legacy devices and into a new era where it gets a share of all software sales for its devices . Of all the hardware that Apple makes, it seems ironic that it’s the Mac that now seems to be the runt of the litter, given its iconic status in the history of computing. Hold on, doesn’t Apple already have a product called ‘Apple TV’? Yes, it does, but confusingly it isn’t an actual display; it’s a simple iTunes media-playing box. However, rumours have strongly suggested that Apple will actually launch a physical TV some time in 2012. It wanted to call this device the iTV, but that’s a problematic name in numerous geographic locations. My guess is that it will be called iHDTV or iVision or something similar. We’re aware of the existence of this product from multiple sources, not least an interview that Tim Cook gave to The Wall Street Journal, and reference to it in the recent Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. Further support for the assertion that the arrival is close come from within Foxconn, Apple’s most trusted supplier, which, according to several sources, has been given the green light to product the first Apple television. So what else is known about the TV and its abilities? The rumours may or may not be accurate but most of them sound plausible. It will supposedly come in sizes from 42” to 55” , with maybe a 32” one too. The display technology is LCD, as even Apple shied away from OLED at these scales. As with the Apple TV box, the on-board operating system will be iOS, so essentially these will be like huge versions of the iPad, but without the touch sensitivity. Control will be by gesture and voice (Siri v2), and they’ll integrate into the exiting app and media selling

Apple TV

Flexibility might be a direction for the iPhone and iTouch, though they might have problems getting people to pay more than £400 for a bendy piece of plastic


Issue 1213

Apple did make a Mac/TV combo in the past, but more than $2,000 for a 14” TV and a slow Mac computer made even Americans decline this deal

Apple’s premise is that once you have an iPhone, you’ll want an iPad, a Mac and the TV when that comes out. Why? Well, each of the devices, while interesting on its own, is something of a digital island. In fact, if you refuse to use iTunes, they’re practically useless. Once you accept that you must use iTunes and iCloud, then they start to work together in a subtle but very effective concord. It’s this harmony that attracts methodological people, as it demonstrates just how elegant a technical solution you can create when you control everything. It’s the same argument for totalitarian states, where the trains run perfectly or someone gets shot. The problem with that logic is that there aren’t many countries with the disposable income that allows the full Apple experience, and given how rapidly the product range evolves, you need even deeper pockets to maintain the synergy. While this thinking has so far made Apple a small mountain of hard cash, it does exclude it from the larger portion of humanity, and there is very little indication that it intends to make a cheaper iPhone or an affordable iPad. Marketing people in Apple have worked out that the high pricing of its products in itself creates a demand, much like Prada handbags, which when you strip away the branding, do much the same job as a Tesco’s plastic carrier bag. So the key is the infrastructure, building and maintaining an evolutionary ecosystem that allows the products to deliver more than the sum of their parts, and also hooks people into having the whole range and not just one item. Seeing Apple’s strategy in that context, the products themselves aren’t the key; it’s the App Store and iCloud that are critical. Should Apple start to find that most people jailbreak their devices so they can decide where they source their media and content from, then the foundation of the whole model is seriously undermined. To that end, the walled garden that Apple has created seems likely to get higher walls, armed guards and probably a minefield around it. While the product launches always generate a satisfying buzz for Apple, its world isn’t entirely cheering tame journalists and product award ceremonies. There’s a darker side to Apple, where it’s very keen to maintain its market position, irrespective of what it takes in legal terms to achieve that. To this end, with Microsoft, it’s embarked on a policy of patent litigation that has now become the norm for tech companies across the world. They’re all dragging each other to court, blocking the sale of their competitors’ products or defending their own. Initially these ventures went well, but increasingly Apple appears to have come to a gunfight with a knife, and having made plenty of powerful enemies, some of whom it actually has supplier relationships with (Samsung, for example), at some point these chickens will eventually come home to roost. Concerned about such an eventuality, surviving co-founder Steve Wozniak recently called for Apple to drop its patent attacks on Samsung while talking at Seoul’s Hanyang University. He also suggested that patents and their associated litigation are damaging many companies’ ability to innovate, adding “Patents are being overused, and many companies are limited by patent laws to produce the same products continually.” He and others have suggested that the patent war is something that Apple shouldn’t have involved itself in, but without a change of direction it seems unlikely that it will be tempted to stop until forced to. That’s also not the only legal issue it’s facing, because it’s also the focus of an antitrust case that’s looking into the possible price fixing of ebooks, something Apple and its partners stringently deny.

infrastructure. Pricing is reportedly between $1,500 and $2,000, making these some of the more costly TVs on the market, though not the most expensive. An interesting piece of trivia on this subject is that this won’t be the first television that the company has made. In 1993, Apple briefly produced a product called the Macintosh TV, which merged a 14” Sony Trinitron TV with a Mac Performa 520. It only made 10,000 of these, which is a good indication of just how well it sold. Is this the next big thing for Apple? I doubt it. While it fits into a natural niche in the Apple line-up, the Apple TV has failed to excite that many people over three generations, and Steve Jobs once described it as a ‘hobby’. Merging that technology with an actual TV rather than allowing you to buy one yourself seems somewhat retrograde, though the gesture control and Siri might make them seem more desirable. That said, Panasonic and Samsung already have ranges of gesture-controlled smart TVs out on the market, and they first appeared in early 2011. It will be interesting to see exactly when the Apple-branded TV is officially acknowledged, and what the reaction to it is when it does arrive.

Dark iClouds On The Horizon

It’s The Infrastructure, Stupid

In an attempt to get some insight into Apple’s greater strategy, I spoke to an old friend who is currently located within the Apple offices in California, working for a parts supplier for the iPhone and iPad. He’s been an Apple fan for some time and, as such, has all the toys to prove his allegiance. His take was an interesting one, as he gets to see rival products in the context of how they compare with Apple and also the synergy of the whole solution.


Issue 1213

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then it can bemoan the state of patent law as its problem. As for future products. it’s about time that Apple had a product that was a complete stinker. and it’s praying that it comes along without too many patent problems in the near future. which is likely to get even shorter product ranges. a product that has either been passed over like the tablet PC. it might have difficulty in court arguing that these restrictive practices don’t represent abuse. rather than the actual product range. because it is. mm Will we see the iPad integrated into other non-Apple products. unpredictable. pumping out new iPhones and iPads to those who like them. Its immediate problem is that it’s built up a rather amazing track record since the launch of the iPod. Given how it’s tied this down in terms of removing applications that allow you to buy services and not pay Apple a large proportion. and will use its patents to bash those who might reasonably try to compete for sales. even if that’s grossly unfair. If this happens now. given the natural order of success and failure. It will be interesting to see if the effort that goes into creating legal anarchy through aggressive litigation becomes the primary focus of the company. which many think is already excessively inflated. Of course. and the potential collapse of the euro zone. and not the responsibility of anyone else. What it desperately needs is another iPad. There are only a few things that can effectively put paid to these developments. iPad and TV products for the next five years or more. Apple is one of the major abusers of said law and. The iPod. which might well affect the company’s share value. The fall therefore. the infamous patent troll. What has changed is the perception of Apple. In the meantime. and the success it’s had in recent years doesn’t provide an immunity against it happening again. by definition. should it come. Apple. Future Shock Looking back over the decades. it’s a condition that it’s brought on itself. it’s entirely possible that Apple has some amazing technology that it’s been keeping mum about. while Apple has made great attempts to eliminate any ebook or app selling transactional business on their devices through anything but its own portals. it will be business as usual. that would be remarkably bad timing for Tim Cook. will have extra impact. dead or living. I’m sure it’s developed roadmaps to exploit its iPhone.It’s counter-accused Amazon of stirring up trouble in an attempt to damage the app store business model. which is emanating an unrealistic air of invincibility. So what are Apple’s future products going to be like? Very similar to the ones we have now. with the exception of the . I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Apple doesn’t have this product idea now. The upshot off all this activity is that when Apple products start to get substantially less different between iterations. However. like cars perhaps? 16 Issue 1213 WorldMags. because it will be seen as his Apple failure. iPhone and iPad have all made an iRod for Apple’s back. with some marginal improvements on board to convince customer to upgrade. despite having ceded a huge portion of the smartphone market to Android in the past couple of years. just waiting for the right moment to launch it on an unsuspecting world. and one of them is the world’s current economic woes. or a wholly new idea. with which it is likely to be beaten if its next major launch is a misfire on any level. and any product that fails to deliver something revolutionary is going to be seen as a failure. But the reality is that for every iPad in Apple’s history there has been a Newton. is not an unimaginable future. as such.

What a relief. Titanium and the t-ball logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Trend Micro. Stop the Nooo! Face before it starts.Trend Micro UK Ad Live: 185 x 272 mm Trim: 210 x 297 mm Bleed: 232 x 308 mm Here’s a sad truth. So your entire digital life can be protected. Trend Micro. It just isn’t good enough. © 2012 Trend Micro. Most people who suffer from an online attack actually have some kind of security software already running on their PC. Inc. Trend Micro is Titanium Internet Security 2012 April 2012 . AVAILABLE AT: ADVANCED+ -REAL WORLDPROTECTION TEST ADVANCED+ ON DEMAND DETECTION TEST JUL 2011 AUG 2011 LABS WINNER WorldMags. All rights reserved. We stop threats in the cloud before they reach you.

net . technology. Obviously. but it seems fair to assume the situation isn’t much different in the UK. but the number of women in the IT workforce has dropped dramatically since the late 80s.How can the technology world woo women? It’s a problem that keeps being brought up but never effectively addressed: why aren’t there more women in technology? Sarah Dobbs looks into initiatives designed to solve the problem A ccording to statistics published in a White House report. women make up only about 25% of the workforce in science. engineering and maths-related professions. So what can be done to attract more women to technology? What Are Companies Doing? Most of the big technology companies run initiatives to encourage more women into the workplace. for instance. IBM. For years. and offers both flexible working hours and extra bonuses for women who return to their jobs after having children. has set up support networks for women in its employ. that number is based on the US workforce. IBM also co-sponsors a 18 Issue 1213 WorldMags. people have been trying to find ways to get more women involved in the technology industry.

companies listed their reasons for wanting to hire more women: one company said hiring more women would improve its reputation as a company.if women don’t want to work in technology. part of the British Computer at the higher ranks . as well as supporting them once they’ve entered the industry. a programme specifically aimed at getting women to ‘excel’ in computing and technology. in spite of the odds: • Meg Whitman Currently the president and CEO of Hewlett-Packard. Here are just some of the women who’ve made it. seem likely to be more effective than events aimed exclusively at women. It’s not about altruism or being seen to be socially progressive. Another example of a company that offers a range of benefits to women is Microsoft. before that. DreamWorks. Although there might be fewer women working in technologyrelated industries . More controversially. there’s BCSWomen. the industry benefits from employing them. Jepsen is the founder and CEO of Pixel Qi. Companies who aren’t already looking to improve their gender diversity probably ought to think about it.GETTING WOMEN INTO TECHNOLOGY research internship for women. Women Who Tech. including both men and women. run by the Anita Borg Institute. and worked her way up through the company. She has a PhD in optical sciences. Sheryl Sandberg Sandberg is currently the chief operating officer at’s not like there aren’t any. It’s yet to be shown whether these are effective at drawing in female audiences. There are also plenty of examples of organisations designed to get women participating in technology. the higher its sales were. while some argue that safe. though many of its initiatives are also open to men . Whitman is a Harvard graduate who’s previously worked in senior positions at Disney. there’s the annual Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Conference. But since the scales are currently so unbalanced. and. Google was recently named the best place to work in America. Initiatives that focus on encouraging diversity. there are several scholarships the GeekGirlMeetups. maybe anything that gets women together and talking about technology is a good thing. from director of engineering for Intel’s Mobile Products Group to director of the Corporate Platform Office. Ginni Rometty Rometty has worked at IBM since 1981. In the McKinsey report ‘Women Matter’. offering ten weeks paid work at its research locations to female undergraduate students majoring in science or Issue 1213 19 . Diane Bryant Bryant joined Intel in 1985. Getting more women into technology is important from a business perspective. another that female employees offered better consumer insight. and the first female engineer the company hired. that alone probably isn’t enough. which tries to get more women involved in open source programming. and also has a Working Parents Community. then general manager of the Server Platforms Group. mm Why Does It Matter? WorldMags. starting out as a systems engineer and working her way all the way up: she’s currently the company’s president and CEO. to help female students who want to take technology- • • Maybe anything that gets women together and talking about technology is a good thing related degrees. and the company also runs the Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship. There have been studies that showed companies that employ more women at a high level tend to be more successful. where mothers and fathers can support one another and also discuss potential policies the company can adopt to help them. too. and so on. She has a master’s degree in computer science from Stanford. and is currently serving as vice president and chief information officer at Intel. women-centric spaces are necessary. Hasbro. and she holds patents for many display-related innovations. held the position of vice president of online sales and operations at Google .or even studying to get the necessary qualifications. It’s not just that women stand to benefit from careers in the technology industry. • You might be wondering why it matters . questions of gender equality aside. named after Ada runs a Diversity Forum. High-Profile Women In Technology • • What Else Can Be Done? Companies can’t hire women if women aren’t applying for the jobs . there’s the Ada Initiative. why should they be persuaded to? Well. However. Conferences and other kinds of learning opportunities also exist to promote and encourage women in technology. some women-only technology events are starting to spring up . Google. There are dozens of other examples of individual companies trying to reach out to women. designed to help the company understand employee lifestyles and potential problems. Procter and Gamble. others feel that these kinds of events risk creating a kind of women-only ghetto. it offers up to $10. and another found that the more senior women it had in its sales team. and eBay. in the UK. mostly in the US. there are good reasons for wanting to get more women involved in science and technologyrelated industries. and the company proudly declares its commitment to diversity on its employment pages. There are several women in prominent leadership positions at Google.000 to female students who’ve proven themselves academically and want to continue their IT-related studies. and. and frequently shows up on Fortune’s list of the 50 most powerful women in business. published in March. and is currently Google’s vice president of location and local services. Marissa Mayer Mayer was one of Google’s first 20 employees. McKinsey’s previous reports have found that a company’s success was linked to the number of women in its governing body.she helped launch the company’s charitable arm. which provides support and networking opportunities for women entering the computing industry. For starters. The Vanguard Women in Information Technology Scholarship Program is just one example. Mary Lou Jepsen Formerly the chief technology officer of One Laptop Per Child.

a whole 20MB .is stuck and he cannot come up with an answer. I’m given an error message along with ‘this command should be used in the console’. the National Lottery. but I have not seen one for quite some time. It may well be that there have been several articles on how to repair Windows.Broken Windows What about an article on how to repair Windows 7 followed the next week by another article on repairing Windows XP. from 8-bit to 16-bit. the word would have been TOS. his remark that “Whether you’re being forced to use Internet Explorer by an outdated and underfunded government site. Dick Pearson GET IN TOUCH. may I Twitter Look for @micro_mart and please follow us Facebook Give us a Like and post on our wall 20 Issue 1213 WorldMags. I personally think the PC was a retrograde step. My favorite machine to date was the 8-bit 65XE(5/14 1050 Drive) . If any other readers would like to see a particular article in Micro Mart. I’m an administrator. please do let us know. PiPeVVOrm the remark understates the problem by pointing the finger at government alone. Explorer Of The Internet Online forum. but much more consistently in Micro Mart 30 Cleveland Street London W1T 4JD James Hunt’s ‘Plug-in of the Month’ . More importantly. but along with the cloned data are also the problems of corrupt files and other faults. Two things that struck me: 1) There were replacement desktops for the ST. Philip Coggin Thanks for getting in touch. Also.and I have the original disk in the drive. Really pleased to se the article on the old Atari ST in issue 1186 . frankly is what lost them the game. All of them work ‘well-enough’ in . The 286 was nothing short of rubbish frankly.14 different on-board programing languages and a whole new world to be discovered. A Few Words About Atari I was very much an Atarian. However. the BBC.. but Windows won’t let me repair it. Many large sites work in a flawed manner to some extent in Firefox and this is especially true of their formatting for printing. but finding the time to use it would be another issue.not small players by any means. and even to the games machines it produced such as the Jaguar.IE Tab v2 . The command I have tried is: SFC / SCANNOW . but nothing I have done seems to work. I’m not so sure we would all be working DOS today. By email By post micromartmag@live. This sounds like a great idea. Even a professional I asked . I’ve tried the DOS prompt through I’ve cloned it to a more reliable drive. Philip. which I did . as it is somewhat unfair and also only partially true. which I do recommend.then things became very much like the PC is today.. and we’ll see what we can do. it complains that I do not have administrator powers . 2) I’d love to see a column on the ST in MM.I have and I’m also the only person using my machine. Royal Mail .although he won’t admit it . or you could do it with software from a disk temporarily. Lloyd’s his Download Directory article in Issue 1211 made me smile. not just your MM.” is actually misleading. Most government sites typically do work well with Firefox these days. whatever happened to the idea of an O/S on a ROM? Instant desktops are only just becoming available now via Windows with a solidstate drive and a minging processor some 25 years later! If you had a hard drive.a real blast to the past seeing the old GEM desktop again. PCtools . Included in the sites that really are best run using Internet Explorer include. but that will not work. the reasoning behind this is you will not have to keep going from one version to the other. Microsoft’s marketing as opposed to Atari’s lack of it. whatever that means.BIG deal! Atari had a full-blown desktop that booted from scratch in seconds. if Atari had carried on. An article such as this will make a pleasant change from all of that mobile nonsense we keep seeing in the magazines. as I remember. I’m a Firefox user and a user of IE Tab.. My main reason for this letter is that I’ve had trouble with a faulty hard drive. it came as a ROM replacement.micromart.

from any device. anytime! How does MyPC Backup work? Sign up today for your free MyPC Backup trial. You can access your files at WorldMags. Sync your files between multiple computers and share files with your friends or family. 100% Automated Sync Multiple Computers Access Files Anywhere 256 Bit Secure Encryption Tr y i t Fr e e ! www. Your files are automatically and securely backed up .The most secure way to backup your files online FREE TODAY Try Us Access your f iles anywhere.mypcbackup. download the application and let us do the rest.

net . Microsoft quietly went about its business of unveiling the release preview of Windows 8.Rock Out On Your iPhone Unleash your inner Jimi Hendrix Windows 8 Release Preview Released A It’s here. The Metro interface.. Microsoft has some ground to make up here. Some of the new features not included in the last consumer preview include some third-party apps. multi-monitor support and some improvements to IE10. so championed by the firm. If you buy a new PC between now and 31st January. If you haven’t already. 22 Issue 1213 QUICK BITS. and it’s hopeful that Windows 8 will bridge the gap.. remains at the heart of the matter. and why wouldn’t it be? There’s little doubting that it has to get it right this time round if it’s to stand a chance of keeping up with the mobile generation. as does the adoption of the mobile and tablet arena. The full release should be with us all come the autumn and will come some three years after Windows 7’s rather successful launch. Roll on the autumn. Facebook suffered a bunch of service disruptions at the start of the month. you’ll be able to purchase a download of Windows 8 Pro for £14.. Microsoft is clearly keen to push this. and here’s another bit of news worth noting.99. leaving many of us unable to post WorldMags. s the Queen divided opinions over whether we should live under the watchful eye of a monarchy or not.. you can download the preview from Microsoft’s Windows site and see for yourself the “tens of thousands” of under-the-hoods changes made to this allimportant redesign of the world’s most popular OS.

This drip feeding of features is irritating for the customer.. The effects themselves cost from $0. the UK smartphone market. Or perhaps not. Orange has released the first Intel mobile to reach European shores.99 and there’s a try before you buy feature too. Will pay as you go customers be tempted to pay the £199. it was a massive success. Intel’s move into the mobile market reflects much the same thinking as Microsoft’s. Surely. that Apple would add these things in later models. you simply can’t afford to be left behind. it can’t go on forever. and that’s what Mark Pickavance has been thinking about in this week’s lead feature. while the now obligatory HD support comes in the form of 1080p video capture and an HDMI-out. regardless of what it leaves out for future generations. Anyway. you have to be serious about this guitar pedal. We rather like the sound of this and if you do too.. we could really wow the crowds with our rendition of Sweet Child Of Mine. Hopefully. the San Diego supports HSPA+ and Intel’s XMM 6260 platform for fast browsing. I was not impressed at all.e’ve always fancied ourselves as rock gods. though. Costing a not cheap £159. Apple has no problem shifting its products. if you’re actually quite handy with the guitar. or at the very least make a dent in. then. It’s a problem that many technology and software companies face. digitech. Europe’s First Intel Phone H Orange heads for San Diego oping to shake up.03” capacitive display. Will it be Apple that delivers again? Who knows. A n t ho n y Anthony Enticknap Issue 1213 23 Editor about what we were going to get up to over the JubileeWorldMags. which bucks the trend by being a mobile not based on an ARM processor. Indeed. the iStomp from DigiTech might be of genuine weekend . It’s actually Intel’s third smartphone. Guitar in hand and voice in suitable state of warbling. as most people did. instead connecting the included Smart Cable W to an iOS device and then downloading one of over 20 available effects to the unit. The big appeal of this is that guitarists don’t have to buy a new pedal for each desired effect. It spite of that. The fact is we’re reaching a point where what we have is pretty much all we need. with the company having already reached markets in India and China and it’s planning to release devices via Motorola later in the year. Powered by the Intel Atom Z2460. but you can see why Apple does products/istomp is the web address for your browser. but I wouldn’t bet against it. When the first iPad came out. Chinese firm Gigabyte is behind the San Diego’s hardware.1 raise further interest. there’ll be some true innovations that will reinvigorate the technology industries pretty soon. A-GPS and Bluetooth 2. I could see it was missing things and I knew.99 asked of them? Intel will be keen to find out. while a 4.

There are also more serious articles about planning a trip to Japan. for the lessthan-experienced traveller. and he got back safe. Simply enter the details of the journey you want to take. among this is a great series of photos .twinned with Google Map references . “We used it loads. but one which is really the key to entering Japanese Bearing in mind what we have mentioned how ‘alien’ everything can feel in Japan. A personal favourite of mine is the short series called How To Be A Baka Gaijin. but suffice to say he reckoned it made a “very complicated transport system. What’s unexpected is that it’s a very dynamic resource for... If you’re ever out and about in Japan and wondering what a sign means . the synth-infused funk of the band Japan provided a good aural representation of the country . if you’re European/ A totally predictable and totally deserving number one. So there’s a thumbs up! 24 Issue 1213 QUICK BITS. * He didn’t really say “pie”. an advert. Sometimes you can look around and there’s nothing that you recognise not a logo.that guide people around key places to visit in Tokyo and beyond. Much of it is irrelevant.japan-guide. Find out what the hell I’m talking about here.hyperdia. 5 Night Porter www. if you’re of a certain age. this site is enough to give anyone the confidence to dive into a holiday or business visit with much less apprehension. That thought was ‘David Sylvian’. and the Hyperdia system will offer you a range of options for the trip. A great read.nightporter.Top 5 Japan 4 Culture Japan www. ThoughtWorldMags. Japan Guide provoking stuff . getting around can be a stressful thing (John still has nightmares about being lost on the Osaka subway in 2001 . really) Our resident games expert. though often funny and entertaining blog-type content. is that there can be a bewildering cultural disconnection to acclimatise to. as a primer for a state of mind that offers a little insight into the world you’re entering when you arrive in least in our minds. a complete piece of pie*” and that’s good enough for us.just take a picture and post it up. So this week we’re dedicating the Top Five to him. Having said and lots of information to be found on learning the language . It’s easy to see why: packed with feature content and advice about this wonderfully inaccessible country. thanks to its active. Japan Guide was the first (and very quick) answer Ryan gave me when I asked for his recommendations for this The thing about visiting Japan. especially if you like travelling by train. referencing up to date timetable and pricing information. 3 Tofugu 1 www. you’ll be amazed how quickly someone will offer an explanation.highly likely . Ryan Lambie. a child of the 80s when Japan seemed like the ice-cool world of the future. It’s not so much a guide to geography or especially difficult task. friendly forums. though one that takes a much more irreverent take on the subject. and certainly not a sign post. That’s where sites like Culture Japan can make you feel a little more comfortable.. That’s where Hyperdia will come in handy.” said Ryan. has just returned from a long-planned odyssey to the place that some would see as his natural habitat: Japan. 2 Hyperdia www. Tofugu sets itself up as a cultural primer for life in Japan. but you certainly feel that you know a little more about the Japanese mind set when you’ve read it for a Much like Culture Japan. is a blog chronicling some of the abuse handed to female online gamers. basically) that deals with Japanese etiquette in a ‘You’re Doing It Wrong’ kind of way. I can’t print Mr Lambie’s exact eulogy to the site. (stupid foreigner. but not before we’ve tangentially shifted to the first thought that popped into our addled brains when we came up with the idea.

and diagnostic information. which comes standard with Smart-UPS 5 kVA and below.. and risk assessment reporting so you can identify and proactively manage threats to availability (e. and diagnostic log menus in up to five languages. APC. network closets. your UPS must safeguard both your uptime and your bottom line. ‘The Seven Types of Power Problems’. CO2 emissions monitoring to reduce environmental impact through increased and energy-saving design features. and stand a chance to WIN an iPad 2! Visit www. and other distributed environments. the display rotates 90 degrees for easy viewing. Intelligent UPS management software PowerChuteTM Business Edition. and Legendary Reliability are trademarks owned by Schneider Electric Industries SAS or its affiliated companies. 250 South Oak Way. alphanumeric LCD display to keep you informed of important status. enables energy usage and energy cost reporting so you can save energy and money by tracking energy usage and costs over time. Best-in-class UPS Our intelligent. Reading. more intuitive APC Key Code 17391p Call 0845 0805034 • Fax 0118 903 7840 ©2012 Schneider Electric. more than ever. But that’s not all. branch offices. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Specifically.Now. a unique battery life expectancy predictor.. energy-saving APC Smart-UPS represents the combination of more than 25 years of Legendary ReliabilityTM with the latest in UPS technology including an easy-to-read. Schneider Electric. email: esupport@apc. like a patent-pending ‘green’ mode. reducing heat loss and utility costs. interactive. about. interactive. aging batteries) Only APC Smart-UPS saves money and energy without sacrificing availability Today’s more sophisticated server and networking technologies require higher availability. every cost matters and performance is critical. APC UK – Unit 1. Why Smart-UPS is a smarter solution Intuitive alphanumeric display Get detailed UPS and power quality information at a glance – including status. the APC Smart-UPSTM family now boasts models with advanced management capabilities. All Rights Reserved. That’s why you should insist on the more intelligent. RG2 6UG • 998-4016_GB_B WorldMags. Configurable interface Set up and control key UPS parameters and functions using the intuitive navigation keys. Green Park.g. PowerChute.apc. On rack/tower convertible models. ageing batteries). In today’s economy. Smart-UPS. Only APC™ by Schneider ElectricTM helps you meet both of these pressing needs. including the ability to manage your energy in server rooms. Download the White Paper.g. manage both your UPS and your energy proactively CO2 Energy usage and energy cost reporting: Save energy and money by tracking energy usage and costs over time CO2 emissions monitoring: Reduce environmental impact through increased understanding of CO2 emissions Risk assessment: Identify and proactively manage threats to availability ( . Now. Ground Floor. configuration. retail stores. Energy savings A patent-pending ‘green’ mode achieves online efficiencies greater than 97 per cent. That means you need more sophisticated power protection to keep your business up and running at all times.

Here’s what you made of it all: • • • • • • • • • • idunno: “Joe really hoped that the cymbol on his head would make people not notice his dodgy beard!” tighthead: “His first drumming lesson could have gone better!” John Davies: “It doesn’t mean anything . thanks to everyone who entered. of course. 26 Issue ue 1213 1213 QUICK or head to the forum at forum. and a round of applause for tighthead from the forum. Urbanista is giving you the chance to do just that with its Los Angeles headphones. Doctors tell him he’s suffering from a percussion. at times sorry really does seem to be the hardest word. This is quite a neat little site. The set comes with an integrated microphone. Weʼre planning a date with Driver .net PS2 games to the PS3 via the cloud. at least do so in virtualforgiveness. Costing £” Thomas Turnbull: “The mushroom people told me to wear it. a full size offering that promises a rich sound experience in what the company labels a modern design made from laser-cut metal and soft-touch materials. As always. If you’re thinking you could just use your existing email to apologise in the virtual world. Sony is rumoured to be considering streaming PSOne and WorldMags.5mm plug and a choice of two stupidly named colours: Fluffy Cloud and Dark Clown.. why not take the coward’s way out and apologise in the virtual space? Virtual Forgiveness allows you to receive apologies and to clear the air with family and friends. to get involved in all this silliness. If you find it hard to swallow your pride face-to-face. then they’re wearing percussive instruments on their heads and growing silly pretend beards. email us at caption@ micromart. The website for all this goodwill is to be found at www. of course. who came up with “Wikipedia’s hi-hat entry causes confusion!”. Virtual Forgiveness uses mail messages to contact the guilty or innocent party and is private.Caption Competition Rich sound promised from LA headphones “Wikipedia’s hi-hat entry causes confusion!” Young people today.” John Davies: “The Keith Moon tribute band trying to leave the hotel incognito..” Will Wright: “Parents try to drum some sense into their son. and does make the forgiveness process a bit of’s just and look in the ‘Other Stuff’ section.” Gladys King: “Drummer/motorcyclist shows off his new crash hat.” Thomas Turnbull: “I was told you can use cymbals in computer programming but I can’t seem to do it.” Darren Gray: “Never in my life have I wanted to bash a drum so much. 3. virtually Forgive Me! As ever. Clear the air. you can buy them now from Amazon.” Rod Tenterton: “Drummer falls off stage and bangs his head. The idea for the website came into being after its founder upset his wife by working late. you’d be right.” New ‘Phones From Urbanista I t’s a fact of life that any public transport vehicle is now full of headphonewearing chaps and chapettes keen to get their fix of music on the move. Completely free. A s Elton John once sang. If they’re not cyber-chatting on their interweb telephone whatnots or spending all their money on sweets and fizzy pop. If you’re part of the pack.

net .WorldMags.

“Farmers Don’t Need Broadband”
MPs don’t really do themselves any favours at times. A Labour MP has claimed that farmers don’t need broadband as part of his campaign against rural broadband investment. You’ll remember we mentioned the same MP in the news pages previously - this is the same guy that said rural broadband investment would only benefit the rich. Graham Jones has said that farming has existed for years without broadband and will continue to do so. Hmmm. Countryside campaigners aren’t happy with the comments but he’s certainly good value for the press.

Doom Returns... Kind Of
Let’s raise Hell... again
hen Doom 4 was announced in 2008, few thought we’d still be waiting for a sight of the shooter today. When id Software spoke up about the franchise recently, then, imagine our excitement, followed by a sense of inevitable disappointment when it turned out that the company is actually releasing a remastered version of Doom 3. Arriving for your PC in the autumn - or so we’re told at the moment, anyway - we’re promised greatly enhanced graphics with improved rendering and lighting, plus support for stereoscopic 3D. Gameplay will get a revisit, thanks to a revamped save point system, plus the introduction of


an armour-mounted flashlight while firing - useful in those dark corners. There will be more ammo too, apparently. The BFG Edition will include the Resurrection of Evil expansion pack and seven new single-player levels (titled The

Lost Mission) and copies of the first two Doom games, all alongside the core Doom 3 title. While Doom news always raises a smile, we can’t help but feel slightly short-changed with this one. Just where the heck is Doom 4 anyway, guys?

Activision Row Settled
Activision has settled its legal differences with a couple of developers of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The row concerned royalties generated by the game (millions of dollars’ worth, in fact) as the programmers had sued Activision over claims it had sacked them so that it didn’t have to stump up $1bn in royalties. In response, Activision had said that the developers, who have since set up Respawn Entertainment, had breached the terms of their contract. Whatever the previous issues between the pair, it has been settled out of court for an undisclosed sum.

We still hold a place in our hearts for the Doom franchise

Chromebox Revamps Google’s Line-up
Takes its cues from the Mac Mini

Wii U Goes Social
Nintendo has revealed that the Wii U console will include the Miiverse social network. The Miiverse will encourage console users to see what others are playing and, more importantly, share game content created by themselves. Nintendo has also announced that users will be able to connect to the Miiverse via the Nintendo 3DS, PCs and smartphones, in time. The Wii U Game Pad controller will include a small touch-screen which can be used to send handwritten messages and doodles. The Game Pad still looks really big, though, which may take a while to get used to.


oogle and Samsung have teamed up to launch the Chromebox, a desktop PC that appears to follow in the footsteps of Apple’s Mac Mini. A Google blog post told us of the little box of tricks at the back end of May and you can buy one from PC World for the princely sum of £279.99 (in theory, although the website was out of stock when we last checked). Much cheaper than a Mac Mini, then, although there are a few reasons for that... The Chromebox comes with the following key specs: a 1.9GHz Intel Celeron B840 processor, 4GB RAM, Bluetooth 3.0, wi-fi, six USB 2.0 ports (no USB 3.0), 16GB SSD and Intel HD graphics. Reading

through that list, the standout points are the processor and that rather low storage space (it’s presumed that you’ll also adopt the cloud, of course). Low-cost option though this may be, it’s hardly a spec that’s going to be causing Apple too many sleepless nights. What it does do, however, is provide a very smart and interesting looking entry to Google’s Chrome OS and we can’t knock it for that. Together with this new product launch, Samsung’s Series 5 Chromebook has been handed a refresh (more memory, different processor - that sort of thing) and all this points to a developing future between the partners. We hope both products see some uptake, because the Chrome OS could do with a leg-up.


Issue 1213

The best budget PSU for casual users
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Micro Mart Community Corner
Join us
This is the part of the magazine that belongs to you. Want to show us your messy computer desk or send us a picture of Windows crashing in a public place? Perhaps you’ve got a picture of yourself holding Micro Mart while on holiday? If you have any news you’d like to share with the rest of the Micro Mart readership, please get in touch via email ( or one of the following: Twitter: Come and join us on twitter at mart, or send us a message via @micro_mart. MM on Facebook: Yes, we’ve now got a Facebook page at www.facebook/com/micro.mart.mag! We hope you like it! MM Forum: Head to for discussions about all things PC, networking, OS, mobile, and tech related. MM Folding Team: With a home on the forum, the Micro Mart folding team is a productive part of Stanford University’s distributed computing project. To find out more about folding, and to put your spare GPU or CPU cycles to good use, head to, say hi and help us fold!

Sapphire’s Radeon HD 7950 Flex Edition


Eyefinity comes as standard

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iPad Prototype Fetches $10,000


eBay seller could be in hot water

n online seller of an iPad prototype could be in a spot of bother. The iPad prototype was sold on eBay during America’s Memorial Day weekend, while Apple workers basked in the holiday sunshine rather than trawling the auction site. The anonymous seller spoke with Wired about the issue, which quoted him as saying “I wasn’t expecting the auction to finish. I was expecting Apple to take it down.”

The tablet prototype has a couple of dock connectors and the seller claims that he purchased it from a co-worker, but that he doesn’t know how the co-worker got his hands on it. Wired also quotes the seller as saying that it came from an Apple lab in California and that it’s “most likely stolen”. Apple have involved the police in reclaiming stolen prototypes, so if the seller is found out and tracked down, they can expect trouble.

apphire Technology has announced the Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 Flex Edition, which brings the company’s Flex technology for multidisplay gaming for its HD 7000 series of cards for the first time. The Sapphire Flex family can support three DVI monitors in Eyefinity mode without any need for active adapters, with the third monitor being connected via a supplied HDMIto-DVI cable with no additional hardware needed at all. The card’s core clock speeds are faster than the standard edition HD 7950, clocked at 860MHz and 1250MHz, and a new

version of Sapphire’s overclocking tool, TriXX, should appeal to the performance geeks among you. Ready for DirectX 11.1 and Windows 8, the card also supports Stereoscopic 3D with enhanced frame rates of 60Hz per eye and further details, including stockists, can be gleaned over at www.

Issue 1213

QUICK BITS... Londonʼs Kensington and Borough Council has blocked plans to install high-speed broadband cabinets as they would be something of an eyesore

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This controller lets you mix. you could always go for Native Instruments’ excellent Traktor Kontrol S2. It’s an incredibly compact controller.99 from Scan (www. The Numark DJ2Go comes with Virtual DJ LE software. and the Kontrol S2 is equipped with hot-cue buttons. This really is a bargain price when you consider that you’re getting a high-quality Modern mixing is more than fading one track into another to that exact point when you next press the button. It has a built-in soundcard that outputs audio to the dancefloor or an audio recorder while you prepare your mix in your headphones.e Compon Watch nt Fancy Record Players Jing is no longer a purely analogue domain dominated by phonographs and walking beards with a passion for gaudy clothing and their own voice. scratch and remix tracks easily and and the free-to-use Mixxx ( and Novation Twitch (www. org). DJing controller. It’s now an unashamedly digital realm in which highly creative people remix tracks on the fly. but whichever controller you choose. especially when it also comes with Native Instruments’ superb Traktor Pro 2 software. which also saves a bit of money. Ableton Live (www. and many come with software. This means that you won’t be able to cue and mix tracks privately in your headphones unless your PC has two audio outputs. Modern mixing is more than fading one track into another. however. Pioneer DDJErgo-V (www. 32 Issue 1213 WorldMags. Perhaps the cheapest and most effective way of getting into digital DJing is the Numark because it doesn’t have a soundcard of its own. You can either set an automatic loop of a specific length or you can manually set the loop in and out points. denondj. These devices needn’t cost a but you need some extra hardware to control the software naturally and effectively. such as the Denon MC-3000 (www. effects controls and loop controls. synchronise the tempos of two tracks and load tracks into your virtual track decks without touching your PC’s mouse or touchpad. but don’t know what to buy? Andrew Unsworth gets funky with two bargain controllers tracks using a crossfader. There are other good controllers that you should check out too. such as Traktor ( the DJ responding to the audience. Digital DJs use PCs and one of the popular . because you can press one hot-cue button. Multiple tracks are mashed together while people dance. Hotcues let you remix tracks while they’re played. play decent tunes that your audience wants to hear. which is currently available for £49.scan. You must use your PC’s own internal It also has highquality channel faders that let you smoothly increase or decrease the volume of a track. If you have a bit more money to spend. and a high-quality crossfader that can withstand hardcore scratching. but you can smoothly fade between D Want to DJ. Hot-cue buttons let you set markers at specific points in a track so you can go You can currently get the Traktor Kontrol S2 for just £389 from Hard To Find Records (www. which is used by some of the world’s top DJs. let the track play for a while and then press another hot-cue button to jump to another point in the track.mixxx. The Kontrol S2’s loop controls do something similar by letting you repeat a section of track. .

so the faster it is. you should generally take it. as you’ve probably already guessed. The snag. holiday. and what should you look for when purchasing one? THE REALITY OF GAMING LAPTOPS G simulation are dramatically less. If you’re away on business. is that they aren’t cheap. both with the latest series and the prior one. the more data will arrive at the GPU and the game will be smoother. but What Features To Keep In Mind You’re in the market for a gaming laptop. rather than increasing levels of detail. better memory technology (GDDR5 not DDR3) and bandwidth all play a part in delivering a better experience. and it also impacts on other design aspects such as battery life and screen size. If you like role-playing games or strategic titles. Look for bandwidth of greater than 25GB/s. the demands made on the GPU compared with an FPS or flight 34 Issue 1213 WorldMags. It’s worth asking yourself what types of games you play most or are likely to do on the mobile computer. because the power needed to run games smoothly at decent resolutions costs more than a simple office workhorse. In that generalisation you should also factor in the ability to Hyper-Thread. The CPU will feed the GPU. Video/Audio I’ve added some reference grids to show what each of the mobile GPU technologies have at their disposal. The focus of developers appears to be returning to playability and online interaction. but what aspects of the design do you need to focus on? Here are some of the critical considerations. it’s an attractive option. but frankly most games don’t actually exploit multiple cores well. allowing a single core to process two threads simultaneously. gigaflops of better than 250 and 1GB of video memory or more. Processor The move these days is towards quad-core and even higher. with the proviso that you have at least a dual-core. with the most recent games working on video technology that doesn’t need to be cutting edge. Working for you in this equation is that the cycle of games needing more and more GPU power appears to have abated. Therefore I’d recommend that if you’re offered fewer cores but a higher clock .Mark Pickavance examines the gaming laptop and wonders if it’s possible to get one on a budget aming with a portable system is a desirable thing to do. So what constitutes a ‘gaming laptop’. or would just like to not be stuck where your desktop PC resides. Obviously more stream processors.

where GPU power rules supreme. what else is a necessity? An optical drive is probably a must. memory is so cheap. and not actually integrated into its CPU technology in a remotely elegant fashion. though you might want to consider 7200rpm units over the usual 5400rpm ones that most laptop makers use. So does that mean it knows what it’s doing with gaming? No. It will also reduce battery life. then it can’t access more than 2GB of memory anyway. depending how much you’re spending overall. as wi-fi tends to introduce additional lag to your connection. If you’re an online gamer. its latest integrated designs are donkey’s years old. From one perspective you’d like a 1080p (1920x1080) panel. usually for the first irst year at. For all its fine words. Most hardware makers kers offer a basic return-to-factory warranty. I’ve decided. you might also want to use HDMI to send the video to a bigger screen reen such an an HD TV. it might well be worth the additional investment. Intel actually sells more GPUs than any other company. Other Features Beyond having a decent processor and a good mobile GPU. You can purchase an extension to that. most gaming systems come with less. Display The size of a gaming display is a double-edged sword. if you’re likely to be limited by that. Those are the critical hardware needs. The faster drives. which was first introduced in 2006 or possibly earlier. that’s a choice that needs to reflect how many games you’re likely to install and how big some of those titles might be. so you get exactly the same resolution that you’re most likely using on your desktop system. More than 4GB is possibly gilding the lily. As there are only 50% of the pixels on the lowerresolution panel. However. As such. And if you end up with a powerful model. Intel I’m going to be blunt: Intel is the sickly child of gaming video technology. though: with less pixels to process for each frame. WorldMags. ection.GAMING LAPTOPS going for the highest-specification CPU will bump the price up dramatically. with 1366x768 being a popular Issue 1213 35 . In short. because the CPU performance isn’t game friendly. the integrated video it includes in its products underperforms ATI and NVidia in all respects. and it even questioned the future of discrete GPU technology. But (and this is where the world is just plain wrong). On the Intel Atom systems. and frankly I don’t think we’re any closer to getting GPU-less gaming graphics than when Intel’s people first spouted this rubbish some years ago. The CPU And GPU Makers While there are some odd video solutions floating around. though you could ld network one from another PC in a pinch. that’s not an area it’s remotely interested in. And because of that. Here’s my assessment of each of these choices in the context of buying a gaming laptop. because 90% of all computers sold have its integrated graphics. and video technology from them or NVidia. we’re still waiting for that epochal event. What you can’t fudge are external connections. if someone tries to sell you a ‘gaming laptop’ and it has any version of Intel’s Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA). As for hard drive storage. Unless you have money to burn. and 500GB is a more realistic goal. The vast majority of its Core i3 and Core i5 products use Intel HD Graphics 3000. but you won’t want one of those. The very best you can hope for is Sandy Bridge HD Graphics 4000. What annoys me most about it is that it makes all sorts of wild claims for its GPU technology. although it does have a 4000 model now that’s supposedly DirectX 11 certified. It’s only DirectX 10. that could make a big difference to how smooth games play or what other quality features you can activate while still retaining playability. The operating system will likely take up 30GB. but it’s also so useful s an to consider what happens to your laptop if there is unfortunate accident or failure.1 and a clock speed of 1150MHz. once its amazing processors get to the level that CPU-based ray-tracing is possible. the GPU will have less work to do and will therefore achieve a higher frame-rate than it would at 1080p. the vast majority of laptops use processing technology from either AMD or Intel. 200GB can be eaten up rather quickly. Memory/Storage I wouldn’t buy a computer with less than 4GB of RAM these days. Shader Model 4. specifically USB. then a LAN port is always s useful. don’t consider SSD technology. and once you’ve loaded your favourite app selection and a few games. but that’s only going to be equivalent to the lowest-specification discrete video card that you’d get on a desktop PC. and of ownership. then walk swiftly away. because unless the title is specifically 64-bit. as games still generally come on disc. and hybrid designs like the Seagate Momentus XT. which might have 21. That cloud has a silver lining.1 compliant. do reduce loading times. of which you’ll want a few for mice and other r peripherals. it’s introduced a PowerVR licensed GPU. Well. and when you look at its specification that’s entirely to be expected. I wouldn’t consider a drive smaller than 320GB.3GB/s of bandwidth. it would seem a silly saving to have less.

4 25.0 . It also has discrete mobile GPUs.2 4.0 11. The only problem is that the laptops with the 7700M or 7800M series video aren’t cheap.1 11. Its integrated offering is built around its ‘Fusion’ concept. you’ll see that almost every GPU option that AMD makes is better than the best Intel offering.4 14. but you’ll have an idea.2 4.2 4. Generally.0 11.2 4.6 25.2 4.6 30. if the mobile coding is in the The Radeon HD 7xxxM Series . If you’re unsure exactly what power you’re likely to get. In general. 2048 2048 1024.1 11.2 4.2 4.8 14.8 64 64 64 64 153.2 4. which in the context of this article are the ones you want for gaming enjoyment.Mobile Graphics Radeon HD Model 7430M 7450M 7470M 7490M 7510M 7530M 7550M 7570M 7590M 7610M 7630M 7650M 7670M 7690M 7690M XT 7730M 7750M 7770M 7850M 7870M 7970M Model Number Memory (MiB) 1024 1024 1024 1024 1024 1024 1024 1024 1024 1024 1024 1024 1024 1024.6 14.2 4. If you look at the table of Radeon HD 7xxxM Series.0 11.4 12.1 11.2 4. some of which have decent GPU power alongside their integrated GPU technology.6 28.0 11.2 4. I’m going to be blunt: Intel is the sickly child of gaming video technology That said. however.1 11.6 25.2 4.2 Seymour Pro Seymour Pro Seymour XT Seymour XTX Whistler LE Whistler LP Whistler Pro Whistler Pro Whistler XT Whistler LE Whistler LP Whistler Pro Whistler Pro Whistler XT Whistler XTX Chelsea LP Chelsea Pro Chelsea XT Heathrow Pro Heathrow XT Wimbledon XT 160:8:4 160:8:4 160:8:4 160:8:4 400:20:8 400:24:8 400:20:8 400:20:8 480:24:8 400:20:8 480:24:8 480:24:8 480:24:8 480:24:8 480:24:8 512:32:16 512:32:16 512:32:16 640:40:16 640:40:16 1280:80:32 36 Issue 1213 WorldMags. 2048 1024.6 14.6 25.4 25.2 4.4 25. is one of AMD’s dedicated mobile GPUs. AMD has two entirely different paths to video performance. where the CPU and GPU are merged into a single piece of silicon: the APU.4 25. one of which is more orientated towards gaming than the other. then balance the number coding against what you might reasonably think about the desktop video equivalent.2 4. some of the APU units using the previous generation.2 4.2 4.0 11.0 11.6 Memory Bus type DDR3 DDR3 GDDR5 DDR3 GDDR5 GDDR5 DDR3 DDR3 DDR3 GDDR5 DDR3 GDDR5 GDDR5 DDR3 DDR3 DDR3 DDR3 GDDR5 DDR3 GDDR5 GDDR5 GDDR5 GDDR5 GDDR5 GDDR5 GDDR5 GDDR5 Bus Width (Bits) 64 64 64 64 64 64 64 64 64 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 256 API Support (Version) DX 11.2 4. and neither is a HD 6450M. in desktop video cards a HD 6450 isn’t remarkably fast for games.4 14.6 25.0 11. The translation isn’t perfect. For example.2 4.2 4. and the top end ones are actually very impressive.0 11.0 11.1 11. 2048 1024.6 57.AMD Interestingly.0 11.0 11.8 57. An even better choice. avoid the low-power E-Series.6 28.8 57. have both the internal video and an external Southern Islands GPU working in CrossFireX mode.2 4. and look at the A-Series APUs.0 11.0 11.6 28.0 11.1 OpenGL 4. 2048 2048 2048 2048 Clock rate Core (MHz) 600 700 750-800 800 450 450 450-550 450-650 600 450 450 450-550 600 725 600 725 575-675 575 675 675 800 850 Memory (MHz) 900 900 800 900 800 950 800 900 900 800 900 800 800 800 800 800 900 900 900 900 1000 1000 1000 1000 1200 Config Core Bandwidth (GB/s) 14. .

1 No 21. here are a few possibilities that won’t break the bank. Core i5-430M Core i5-520E Core i5-5x0M Core i7-610E Core i7-620M 38 Issue 1213 WorldMags.1 3.1 4. but Core i5-3720QM depending on the Core i7-3820QM Core i7-3920XM memory used. To help anyone who is considering purchasing a gaming laptop.1 10. What you need to watch out for is those parts that. and its HD 6470M GPU. built around the If you can afford a laptop with one of these in. delivering good bandwidth and excellent shader numbers from the 550M that used in AMD GPUs.0 2. 7 Home Premium 64-bit edition. this is a really nice . but GDDR5 is . then you’ll quad-core AMD A6-3400M processor. A good rule would be to avoid DDR3 designs. the 610M. even if you’re You get 6GB of RAM.1 21. The previous 500M Gaming Laptop Recommendations series isn’t chopped liver either.8 Core i3-330UM Core i5-520UM Core i7-620UE Core i7-6x0UM Core i7-620LE Core i7-6x0LM Celeron P4xxx Pentium P6xxx Core i3-3x0M 266–566 12 500–667 17. can either be wonderful or much less so. and if Pentium B9x0 you scan through its current 6xxM series Core i3-2330E specifications. as GDDR5 models often have double the bandwidth.0 1. Everything else is significantly better. Intel HD Graphics API Support Graphics CPU Core Clock (MHz) Execution Units Shader Model DX OpenGL OpenCL Memory Bandwidth (GB/s) Celeron U3xxx Pentium U5xxx 166–500 12. 500GB of hard drive space and Windows used to desktop video. The key is DDR3 use. the 640M LE can also be quite potent. depending which memory model they use.£600 good sign. The sweet Core i5-3427U spot in its range Core i7-3520M 6 HD Graphics Core i7-3667U 650–1150 16 5. below those numbers you’ll need to do some testing to find out if you have sufficient power for your needs.3 4000 (Ivy must be the GeForce Core i7-36xxQM Bridge) GT 635M.6700M to 7700M range or above then you’ll have a better gaming experience. then Core i3-23xxM you’ll soon see why.0 11 4.3 Only its lowest Core i5-24xxM HD Graphics 650–1300 12 Core i5-25xxM 3000 (Sandy rung. probably be happy with the gaming experience. For the money. is Core i7-26xxM Bridge) at the level of Intel’s Core i7-2710QE GMA and AMD’s Core i7-27x0QM Core i7-29x0XM lesser offerings. AMD makes some good mobile graphics options. and you can get them on both its own processor platforms and Intel’s too.1 No HD Graphics (Ironlake) NVidia 500–766 This company’s parts have been the mobile gamer’s Celeron B710 HD Graphics weapon of choice Celeron B8x0 350-1100 6 (Sandy Bridge) for some time. Core i5-2510E 4.0 10. and its high-end Core i5-3320M stuff is wickedly Core i5-3360M quick. which isn’t a Acer Aspire 5560G . .

HP Pavilion G6-1331EA . as its Alienware gaming systems are outrageously expensive when new. but the Pavillion doesn’t rely on it alone.4GHz). However. if your standards aren’t too high and your expectations are suitably curbed. but some good deals can be found. choosing instead to use the NVidia GT555 GPU. Asus N53SV-SX858V . it was never going to be that cheap. when you look at the specification.£600. irrespective of your budget.87. Final Thoughts Gaming on the go is always going to be a compromise. it’s entirely possible to have a decent gaming experience on a laptop. If you have a little more money.6” HD Acer CineCrystal LED panel. but thankfully Lenovo didn’t use the Intel GMA. 1GB of video RAM. Included in the price is a very slick aluminium shell. It has the AMD Radeon HD 6970M on board. and this starts to look quite desirable. a Blu-ray reader/DVD writer. which uses the powerful Intel Core i7-2670QM. HP has added in a 7450M (a rebranded 6490M) with 1GB of dedicated GDDR3 for some dual-GPU fun. I was able to find this Dell XPS L702x.The display is a 15. Asus styling and some sharp pricing makes this an attractive option. though I’ve since seen it even cheaper. The GT 540M has 260 gigaflops of processing power. Blu-ray reader. which has an integrated 6620G GPU. Then again.£660 This is another Intel platform. these items come with a limited warranty. Obviously. which Dell is offering for £881.very close to the GT 630M on the current series. making a system portable means that it could never compete directly with a desktop system. However. and what they have available at any time is highly variable.99 When I first saw the price of this. Whatever equipment you buy. It has Core i5 2430M dual-core CPU (2. Acer’s speakers are a little weedy.£419. I wondered if it was a mistake. which has a natural resolution of 1366x768. 750GB of storage and 8GB of main memory. then it might be worth giving its Factory Outlet a look. The IdeaPad Y570 uses the Intel Core i5 2450M. In GPU performance terms. there’s not enough room for the highest-end GPU tech or the power consumption they demand.8GB/s . this is probably at the low end of what’s acceptable. this is actually a really good deal. and with a name like Asus behind it. for some serious 3D gaming performance. It uses the powerful A8-3520M APU. 4GB of RAM and a 640GB hard drive. and it comes with a DVD-RW drive and a six-cell battery. Dell XPS L702x (Refurbished) . but it gives you an idea of what a proper mobile gaming platform is likely to cost you.£750 This isn’t especially cheap. the real selling point is the NVidia GeForce GT 540M. It’s addressed the inherent GPU weakness with an NVidia GT 555M. 750GB of hard drive space and the excellent HP Brightview display. so you might want to consider getting some external ones to go with this system. giving this system some proper 3D video poke. which takes over from the entirely duff Intel HD Graphics 3000 that the processor came along with. but the price is excellent for what’s on offer.19 I’m not usually in the business of promoting Dell. NVIdia GeForce 6xxM series Mobile Graphics Model GeForce 610M GeForce GT 620M GeForce GT 630M GeForce GT 635M GeForce GT 640M LE GeForce GT 640M GeForce GT 650M GeForce GTX 660M GeForce GTX 670M GeForce GTX 675M GeForce GTX 680M Code Name GF119 GF117 GF108 GF117 GF106 GF116 GF108 GK107 GK107 GK107 GK107 GF114 GF114 GK106 Memory (MiB) 1024 2048 1024 2048 1024 2048 1536 2048 1024 2048 1024 2048 1024 2048 2048 1536 3072 2048 4096 Config Core 48:8:4 96:16:4 96:16:4 96:16:4 144:24:24 96:16:4 384:32:16 384:32:16 384:32:16 384:32:16 336:56:24 384:64:32 768:64:24 40 Issue 1213 WorldMags. This would make a very capable gaming system. however. What’s amazing about this PC is that even with the power it has. along with 8GB of main memory RAM. Add 6GB of RAM. Lenovo IdeaPad Y570 . with 3GB of its own video memory. and a bandwidth of 28. Lenovo managed to squeeze four hours of battery life out of it. That said. in the same location I also found an Alienware M17x R3. if you’re looking for some cheap gaming .

especially if you’re willing to accept last year’s technology. One day all mobile devices will have such massive GPU power that we’ll be gaming on the cheapest hardware.2 4. but the machine he ultimately bought wasn’t a gaming PC on any level.GAMING LAPTOPS What concerns me is that those who enter the retail environment without doing sufficient research might end up with hardware that’s at best borderline.2 4.2 Bus Type DDR3 DDR3 DDR3 GDDR5 DDR3 GDDR5 DDR3 GDDR5 DDR3 GDDR5 DDR3 GDDR5 GDDR5 GDDR5 GDDR5 GDDR5 WorldMags.1 11. A gaming laptop can only truly be called that if you can enjoy gaming on it. His budget wasn’t enough for gaming performance.2 28.0 96.8 64.0 11. Once armed with that information. but he just said that he’d lower his expectations.1 11.8 28.0 11. I think it is.0 11.2 50. and then researching what the typical frame rate is likely to be on the types of games you mostly play. then many retail locations are happy to demonstrate their equipment to you.0 Issue 1213 41 . People who game with a laptop learn to love ‘medium’. or both.0 72. and some that are sold are debatable on that point.2 4.0 11. whatever the promotional material says. The problem is that you can call it whatever you like.2 4. but for now it’s a matter of not investing too heavily in equipment that will be overtaken by developments in a couple of short years. Under those circumstances it’s worth identifying what GPU a system has.2 43.1 11.1 OpenGL 4. Any system that comes with an Intel processor and its video solution isn’t gaming capable. so to speak.0 11. and occasionally ‘low’ unless they have something special. and at worst entirely unsuitable for gaming.2 4. The only caveat to that is that systems are rarely preinstalled with suitable test titles. I suspect.8 50.1 11.2 API Support (Version) Bus Width (bit) 64 128 64 128 128 192 128 128 128 128 192 256 256 DirectX 11.0 11.4 28.2 4.2 4.0 192. you can either decide to reduce your expectations or increase you budget. mm Memory Clock Speed Core (MHz) 900 625 672 800 675 762 500 625 850 735 835 598 620 1006 Shader (MHz) 1800 1250 1600 1350 1524 500 625 850 735 835 1196 1240 1006 Memory (MT/s) 1800 1800 1800 1800 3130 1800 1800 1800 4000 4000 3000 3000 3000 Bandwidth (GB/s) 14. I talked about a friend who asked about a gaming system and mentioned a budget that just wouldn’t buy one.8 28.2 4. as far as I was concerned. It isn’t. Is it possible to get a gaming laptop on a budget? Yes. People who game with a laptop learn to love ‘medium’.8 28. and I’ve even seen salespeople attempt to pass off smooth video playback as being indicative of gaming performance.0 64. If you wish to test the waters. and you’re not expecting to run at 1080p with all the settings on ‘ultra high’. and occasionally ‘low’ unless they have something special A while back in ‘Logging Off’.2 4.2 4.

asrock. The F-Stream Tuning utility looks a bit clunky but seems to work well enough and has tabs for Hardware Monitor. That's annoying. and the heatsinks on the chipset and power regulation hardware are sizeable to say the least. presumably as a warning. The Fatal1ty branding is pure bunkum and while we applaud Mr Wendel for earning some cash.99 for an upgrade to a full version. because they're not illuminated and are difficult to tell apart.8GHz was listed in red. which froze during PCMark7 and instead ended up at 4. and then run the driver disc.10 to v1. 4. but why on earth does a gamer require that many USB ports? Could it be for their printer.20). One feature we adore is in the UEFI setup screen.2GHz. profiles) for 4. Fatal1ty Mouse Port. and that makes the job very fiddly. ASRock includes a 3. If that's the case. And then Windows 7 blue screened. which includes a feature called System Browser.8GHz. We have a problem with the on-board power and reset buttons. though.0 ports and no less than six USB 3. ASRock XFast LAN (which shows your network traffic) comes with a 30-day trial of cFos Speed traffic shaping and Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi MB2 costs US$24. we really need to park that idea. which offers options to install individual drivers. Overclocking. ASRock APP charger and F-Stream Tuning Utility are useful pieces of software. Three graphics slots is a fine idea. 4. Once you've installed Windows. you may need to install the system memory before you install the cooler. 4. it's all nonsense. Click on the SATA or I/O sections and you're presented with an enlarged picture on those areas showing what's plugged into each port or socket. where you'll find HDMI and DisplayPort connectors hidden in among six USB 2. The thing that makes us cautious about the gamer schtick is the enormous list of features that ASRock has included in the package.TEST 7-Series ds For Motherboarridge Intel Ivy B GROUP 7-Series Motherboards For Intel Ivy Bridge ASRock Z77 Fatal1ty Professional • Price: £190 • Manufacturer: ASRock • Website: www. to install all drivers or to install all drivers and utilities.6GHz and 4. Other than that. but when the heck does the need for ten SATA ports arise? That's six SATA 6Gbps and four SATA 3Gbps. because gamers enjoy that sort of hassle. Lucid Virtu. then you'll find that the CPU is effectively hemmed in on all four sides. we love the ASRock to pieces and feel it's a fine piece of hardware. 4.e. but once again we query their value for DETAILS T Leo Waldock compares five motherboards for Ivy Bridge gaming he ASRock Z77 Fatal1ty Professional trades on the name of professional gamer Johnathan Wendel to push the idea that this motherboard is ideal for the hardcore gamer.0GHz. but it's nothing to do with professional gaming.0 ports that also has a bracket for rear mounting. which might well prove useful to the man in the street.5" drive bay with two USB 3. so it's fine provided you pick and choose. What we have here is a superb motherboard that's packed with features. ASRock employs its Combo Cooler Option system with two sets of mounting holes that allow you to choose either an LGA1155 or LGA775 cooler. which is pretty feeble as you can achieve the same end by adjusting the Turbo Boost setting. That's brilliant for a regular person trying to build a high-end PC. Depending on the size of the cooler and how much it overhangs the RAM slots. Within the UEFI screen you'll find Optimised CPU OC Settings (i. Quality Value 9 7 Overall 8 42 Issue 1213 WorldMags. Norton Internet Security 2012 is only a 60-day trial. We made the latter choice and found a fair amount of clutter appeared on our drive. scanner and iPod? No. which is a picture of the motherboard.6GHz. Added to that. Energy Saving and XFast RAM. For instance. you can use the AMI Win flasher to update the BIOS (in our case from from V1. Fan Control. There's no denying that the ASRock Z77 Fatal1ty Professional looks very purposeful with its black and red colour scheme. so we tried 4. Move the mouse cursor around 'your' motherboard and it lists the details of your CPU and RAM and also tells you what is installed in each expansion slot. which must surely be about six ports more than any gamer needs.4GHz. That's okay. It's a similar story on the I/O panel. as ASRock has included connectors for IDE and also for . and caused an error in Catalyst Control Centre the moment that Windows started.0 ports. There's a retro touch. but Intel Smart Connect.

Yes. Taken together that's a lot of ports and a big thumbs up for Gigabyte.68GHz. The main screen of the setup screen is a picture of a motherboard that is similar to the Z77X-UD5H. There's a flick switch at the foot of the board to change from the main BIOS to the backup BIOS with an LED next to each BIOS chip to show which one is operating. which is a nice touch. It's a similar story with the SATA connectors. so you still have the scope to connect two more of these ports.4GHz/4.0 headers. At the top right of the screen the CPU and RAM clock speeds are displayed. The Intel Z77 chipset supports six connectors but that's not enough for Gigabyte. an eSATA on the I/O panel and an internal SATA connector at the foot of the board. Gigabyte hasn't gone completely mad with the ports and connectors and has pulled back from including legacy PS/2. you can install the Easy Tune 6 overclocking Issue 1213 43 . Between the CPU socket and primary graphics slot you'll find an mSATA connector that can be used for Intel's Smart Response Technology. And you get headers for another FireWire port and four more USB 2. one FireWire. This software has three presets for our Core i7-3770K: green for 4. so there are two add-in Marvel chips that each support two more connectors.18GHz. two USB 2. that's five connectors. DisplayPort and HDMI graphics DETAILS I f you want an object lesson in how to pack in the ports on an I/O panel. Mouse over an area of the board and you can jump directly to the relevant section of the setup screen for graphics. we have VGA.0 ports. so it's clear that Easy Tune is applying a series of preset options to the BIOS. Reading from left to right. RAM or whatever. Click the Advanced button on the setup screen and the appearance changes to a more conventional UEFI look and feel. ASRock does a better job in this regard. Despite this fact.0 unit in the package that uses one of the two USB 3.gigabyte. amber for 4. DVI-D. but if you read the Gigabyte screen legends carefully you'll find that the F9 key displays system information. to change the SATA setting from legacy to AHCI but it doesn't give you any idea which SATA drives are connected to which SATA ports. optical S/PDIF. WorldMags.0. lovely UEFI screen. so there are two more SATA 6Gbps connectors. not so impressed by the performance. because they share a controller so you can't use them all simultaneously.7-Series s for motherboarddge Intel Ivy Bri TEST GROUP 7-Series Motherboards For Intel Ivy Bridge Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H • Price: £150 • Manufacturer: Gigabyte • Website: uk. Gigabyte includes a front panel USB 3. click the button and watch the system restart. Nice piece of hardware. You make your selection. PCI Express. The ports and connectors come in a solid block without any wasted space.0. for example. one eSATA. so we went for Amber instead. dual gigabit networking and six audio mini jacks. Once you're in Windows. floppy or IDE connectors.43GHz and red for 4. It's interesting to note that Gigabyte has installed the MOSFETs of the power regulation hardware on the back side of the board while leaving the capacitors and chokes on the front. one ATX4P. This approach certainly gives them more space to work and the board looks very tidy despite the huge amount of hardware that has been accommodated.5GHz zone that every motherboard should be able to manage with the Core i7-3770K processor. you need to take a look at the Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H. which is in the same 4. This makes it easy. four USB 3. Quality Value 8 8 Overall 8 Gigabyte uses a dual UEFI BIOS and also a 3D BIOS. Updating the BIOS using the Q-Flash feature with a USB flash drive was quick and easy as it always is with a Gigabyte board. the red choice refused to boot.

For our CPU the slider control can be dragged between 3. instead of using on-board cache. Included in the package is a Bluetooth/802. so if you're using the add-in Marvell chip. Wireless devices should connect to your router or possibly to other wireless devices. Sustained Mode Power Limit. and its famed 'Back to BIOS' button.5GHz in 100MHz steps.0 ports.0 ports. you'll need to ally an SSD with your hard drive. you'll find those devices are invisible. If you wish to connect your phone to your PC it's easy to use a cable. which will recover your PC from any incident short of being destroyed in a house fire. This means that we're looking for the latest features and cutting-edge technology. two. That's the Basic or Simple setup approach. Shame the Overclocking Assistant doesn't go higher though. enable or disable SpeedStep. graphics and memory. but if you're not careful you could pay over £200 and that is absurd. as it has clearly been designed as a showcase for the Intel Z77 chipset and Ivy Bridge family of processors.8GHz and 4. the DZ77GA-70K is a showcase for UEFI technology and the importance of USB ports. BIOS version.7-Series Motherboards For Intel Ivy Bridge Intel DZ77GA-70K • Price: £185 • Manufacturer: Intel • Website: www. Perhaps the Z8x chipset will drop SATA 3Gbps and move across wholesale to 6Gbps. We found this model on sale at £185. the layout of the ports isn't especially intelligent and we can see a good deal of fresh air such that Intel has provided only an HDMI output for the integrated graphics. which we regard as redundant and outdated. you need to visit the UEFI setup screen. There are two black USB 2. This is where the Intel technology showcase gets into its stride. for instance. CPU model and Management Engine Firmware version. because HDMI is a real pain when it comes to PC drivers and screens and we are truly surprised that Intel has ignored mid-board header. Intel also includes a FireWire port. Quality Value 6 5 Overall 5 44 Issue 1213 WorldMags. That's not to say that Intel is staid or boring. The Advanced Screen has clearly been developed for navigation with a mouse rather than the dreadful keyboard DETAILS T he Intel DZ77GA70K follows a pattern with Intel Extreme motherboards. Intel calls the UEFI setup screen a Visual BIOS. Another curious omission is the absence of Intel Extreme Tuning software. the connections are only displayed for the six native SATA ports. Although Intel has a pretty picture of the eight SATA connections. On the I/O panel we have no less than three colours of USB ports.0 that supply extra power for fast charging of devices such as iPads and there are four USB 3. It contains an Overclocking Assistant for the CPU. two yellow USB 2. voltages and the SATA connections on the . In case that's not enough. but we don't understand this thinking.11n module that connects to a USB 2. So yes. CPU Voltage Offset and Turbo Boost limit. although it can be a little conservative. Click the Advanced Setup button and the appearance of the UEFI changes to something more akin to a traditional BIOS with seven tabs across the top. Burst Mode Power Limit.0 headers for case mounted ports and two USB 3. It gives you pause for thought when you see that Intel has used an add-in SATA controller to complement the six SATA connectors that come with the chipset. At each step you can see the settings that will be applied for TDC Current Override. three or four cores. where the other manufacturers run as high as 2800MHz in the case of ASRock. because we fully expected it to push the use of flash memory to speed up your system. there are three USB 2. On the downside. Click the arrow to the right of the screen and you move across to the hardware monitor where you can see graphics and readouts for fan We would have been far happier to see the inclusion of a DVI connector. temperatures. but the rest of the board is a bit dull and the price is horribly steep. Intel has also ignored mSATA and that is also a surprise. and Intel even includes a 3. you can choose the Turbo Boost limit for one. Click to the right and the third screen shows system information including the motherboard model. The idea is that you can link devices wirelessly to your PC. while staying strictly within Intel's design guidelines.0 headers.5" drive bay module with two USB 3.0. the four DDR3 memory slots support up to 32GB of memory running up to 1600MHz. It delivers far greater control over the settings so. Intel includes its Desktop Utilities for monitoring the hardware but if you wish to make any changes. For instance. If you want more oomph. This is exactly what you would expect and it works very well. or change the power limits to your preferred figures.

from IT to . The Ultimate Guide To Top Windows Phone handsets tested and rated Find out all the tips. in one place. tricks and shortcuts The best apps and games to download Order your print or digital copy direct from magbooks. and Fitness to Lifestyle WorldMags.Everything you need to know about Windows or call 0844 844 0053 MagBooks cover a range of topics.

In fact.0 ports. the driver disc and a handful of SATA cables. There are no legacy PCI slots. The second logo is OC Genie II. which looks distinctly mean and while it's true that MSI has included a header for two more USB 3. One point of interest is that MSI has included a small Clear CMOS button on the I/O panel. solid aluminium items that are screwed into . It seems that their main function is to carry marketing messages: one message is Military Class III.0 ports. The solder bumps are in place. which allows you to control BIOS settings within Windows. We have no idea what you would do with all those PCI Express slots. The price of this model is very low but we would expect nothing less. a third graphics slot with four lanes of bandwidth and four PCI Express 1x slots. The heatsinks are large. First impressions of the Z77A-G45 are favourable and we like the understated colour scheme that uses MSI's standard combination of blue and black. there's no bracket in the package to supply those ports. so we can only assume that the logo is intended for a more expensive model that has a larger set of features. The problem is that MSI has managed to supply a large number of ports that aren't especially necessary while missing out on the USB ports that we all use day to day.msi. since DisplayPort can be considered a bit exotic and not entirely useful. but we would like it even more if there were four USB 3. which doesn't compare very well with boards that offer four or six of the faster connector. It's a similar story with the V-Check Points at the side of the board. which seemed like it might be an obstacle. MSI Control Centre for overclocking and Green Power. it caused no problems. the Z77A-G45 is rather basic and a bit DETAILS M SI rushed us an early sample of the Z77A-G45 in a plain box.7-Series Motherboards For Intel Ivy Bridge MSI Z77A-G45 • Price: £95 • Manufacturer: MSI • Website: uk. To be honest.0 header is laid down alongside the SATA ports. There are six SATA connectors. It's not as if MSI has loaded the I/O panel with USB 2. which refers to the MOSFETs.0 ports on the I/O panel. DVI-D and VGA. MSI has chosen to fill the I/O panel with a full set of audio connectors (six mini jacks plus optical and coaxial S/PDIF) and a decent array of graphics outputs for the Intel GPU. but it's saved from the abyss by MSI's usual excellent package of software. This is a good thing and is a similar set of technologies to Gigabyte's Ultra Durable 3. Taking a tour around the Z77A-G45 makes it plain that MSI has added very little to the features that are part of the Z77 chipset. which is the simplest way to keep the BIOS and drivers up to date on your motherboard.0 sots that support CrossFireX. so hardcore overclockers may well be disappointed. which is fair enough.0 ports on the I/O panel. There are some handy utilities in the shape of Super Charger for iPad/iPhone 4. as there are only four of these slower connectors installed. is Live Update 5. which are modern solid items. The choice of expansion slots is likely to please some customers while annoying others. which is considerably more accessible than the jumper that is positioned above the second graphics slot. We like the way the USB 3. Still. but instead you get two PCI Express 3. We also liked Click BIOS II. Quality Value 5 7 Overall 6 46 Issue 1213 WorldMags. but the multimeter check points are not included. capacitors and chokes. The thing is that this model doesn't have the OC Genie button that provides instant access to overclocking. There are two USB 3. The jewel in the crown. albeit with mid-board headers for six more ports. which works with Intel ME. The connectors consist of HDMI. We downloaded the manual from the MSI website and saw that the only things missing were the I/O shield. because it's rather basic. but we weren't convinced about the black plastic shrouds on the two heatsinks on the power regulation hardware. which means you only get two SATA 6Gbps. as ever. because this this model comes with very little in the way of extras in the package. so you'll need a suitable case. Instead. which is repeated on the PCB down by the SATA connectors. it does a decent job. .

there are four long PCI Express slots (and two 1x slots). you get power and reset micro buttons and an LCD debug display and there's enough PCI expansion to gladden the heart. just like a decent router provides QoS. In essence. which has seven large buttons across the top with system information displayed across the button that shows clock speeds. Sapphire supplies its TRIXX utility that allows you to adjust Quality Value 6 6 Overall 6 base clock speed. it could do with a bit more polish and glitz. That brings us to the weak points. On the plus side Sapphire provides a full array of graphics connectors HDMI. Specifically. which is that we have no idea of the UK price. The dual networking ports are both gigabit. so we're going to take a wild guess at a UK price and say it's £129. which used to go by the name of Bigfoot Networks. In essence. Gigabyte and Intel. as you would expect.but on the downside this only leaves enough room for four USB 2. but you should be able to work it out. Overall. We believe it sells across the pond for US$149.0. Oddly enough. The coolers on the chipset and power regulation hardware are solidly mounted.99 • Manufacturer: Sapphire • Website: www. but these days is a real mouthful and is called Qualcomm Atheros Killer Network adapter. Sapphire has taken an aged process and updated it for Windows 7. so you can be sure that you always have a good BIOS to save the day when things go wrong.7-Series Motherboards For Intel Ivy Bridge Sapphire Pure Platinum Z77K • Price: estimate £129 as US price is $149.0 ports. we found the hardware was average. but it lacks the finesse offered by ASRock. Sapphire also provides a dual BIOS feature with a hardware switch. The first and second slots each get eight lanes of PCI Express 3. The idea is that a clever control panel prioritises network traffic for gaming. The bay comes with a bracket that allows it to be used at the rear of the case should you prefer. one of the main features of the Sapphire board isn't immediately apparent. but the third and fourth slots only support four lanes of bandwidth each. movie streaming or whatever you prefer. but it's easier to visit the UEFI and make your changes to the Turbo Boost figures there.5GHz if you wish to avoid a blue screen. Updating the BIOS within Windows requires you to unzip a file and run the include BAT file to kick off the . DVI-I and VGA . the UEFI is a tidied-up BIOS that you can navigate using a mouse. DisplayPort. The other is a Killer E2200 port. so you can change the CPU speed to whatever figure you like. It's a similar story with the UEFI setup screen. but honestly. The documentation is feeble.99.sapphiretech.0 ports and two USB 3. as it feels like a solid piece of hardware and looks really smart.5" drive bay unit in the package with two USB DETAILS O kay let's start with the biggest problem that we have with the Sapphire Pure Platinum Z77K. That lowly number is helped by the inclusion of a 3. but the limit on standard voltage continues to be 4. 48 Issue 1213 WorldMags. just like every other board in this group.0 ports. The setup screen is limited and you work with typed numbers rather than sliders. That pushes the Sapphire towards the lower end of the price spectrum in this group and that's unexpected. voltages and temperatures. the UEFI setup screen was average and we guess that the price is relatively low. voltages and multipliers within Windows. The I/O panel is a curious mixture of features. and one is a conventional Realtek port.

2 mid-board) 10 (4 on I/O. 6 mid-board) One PS/2 Six mini jacks.254 8. HOW WE TESTED.017 9.342 8.0 (1x16 or 2x8) CrossFireX 32GB DDR3-2667MHz in 4 DIMMS HDMI.0 Ports USB 2.0 (1x16 or 2x8) CrossFireX 32GB DDR3-1600MHz in 4 DIMMS HDMI.212 8.0 (1x16 or 2x8) CrossFireX and SLI 32GB DDR3-1600MHz in 4 DIMMS HDMI Yes 4/4/One No One 4x/Two 1x/Two 8 (4 on I/O. a Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 graphics card and Intel 510 SSD running on 64-bit Windows 7.612 7.. VGA No Two/4/None No Two 4x/Two 1x/None 4 (2 on I/O.869 7..722 7. 6 mid-board) One PS/2 Six mini jacks and optical S/PDIF Realtek and Killer E2200 gigabit UEFI Yes/Yes Five ATX 305mm x 245mm TRIXX 5. Sapphire Pure Platinum Z77K Price Inc VAT Graphics Expansion CrossFireX And SLI Memory Support Graphics Outputs Lucid Virtu Universal SATA 6Gbps/SATA 3Gbps/ eSATA mSATA Slot PCI-E/PCI Slots £129 estimated Dual PCI Express 3. ASRock Z77 Fatal1ty Pro Decent hardware and Gigabyte's superb 3D BIOS combine in a compelling motherboard. DVI-D. one FireWire Five mini jacks and optical S/PDIF Dual Intel gigabit UEFI Yes/Yes 4 ATX 295mm x 244mm Overclocking Assistant 5. DVI-I. coaxial and optical S/ PDIF Realtek gigabit UEFI No/No 4 ATX 305mm x 245mm MSI Control Centre 5.7-Series s for motherboarddge Intel Ivy Bri TEST GROUP E DITOR’ H Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H Intel DZ77GA-70K MSI Z77A-G45 £95 Dual PCI Express 3.668 One 4x/4 1x/None 4 (2 on I/O.532 8.497 8.679 WorldMags. We tested the motherboards using a Core i7-3770K processor with 16GB of G. 2 on bracket.655 USB 3. VGA No Two/4/None No £185 Dual PCI Express Issue 1213 DED EN HO SC I CE 49 . 2 mid-board) IGHLY MM CO A highly specified motherboard that drips with features and all manner of shiny features.0 Ports Other Ports Audio connectors Ethernet BIOS Or UEFI Setup Screen Debug Display/Micro Buttons Fan Connectors Form Factor Overclocking Tool PCMark 7 Overall 3DMark 11 Performance 3DMark 11 Graphics Score 3DMark 11 Physics Score 3DMark 11 Combined Score 10 (4 on I/O.178 9.210 9.671 8. 6 mid-board) One PS/2.Skill Ripjaws DDR3-1600MHz. DisplayPort. 2 on bracket) 10 (4 on I/O.

like Heaven 3. the one that's 36% more? Not so much. drinks in the same wateringhole. makes this card something of a bargain. DVI-D. not least in being about £120 cheaper. And if you're not running the very latest software. This issue here is that most of the benchmarks I ran aren't restricted by the GPU any longer but rather the CPU. if a little dated in places. With 14% less shaders. and the boost that Zotac has added for its AMP! branding is also the same. Even on the hardest tests. 2GB RAM. the difference was just 7%. It requires the same amount of PCIe power lines. They are hardware twins. as I've yet to see a HD 7000 series of any model get near these numbers. I was curious to find out if the Zotac GTX 670 AMP! just looks like its big brother or if it can pound pixels as furiously. 1176MHz (boost) 2GB GDDR5 memory Memory clock: 6608MHz (1652MHz x 4) Custom dual-fan cooler 256-bit memory interface DVI-I. Perhaps a dual GPU one might. the GTX 670 is • Required spec: Windows 7 for DX11. it has exactly the same memory bus. given the price difference. single PCI-Express x16 slot. On paper. 550W PSU or bigger. HDMI and DisplayPort outputs PCI Express 3. which. which in this case is about as good as you can get. marginally less than AMD is asking for its flagship HD 7970 and about the same as the HD 7950. dual PCIe six-pin power lines.99 • Manufacturer: Zotac • Website: www.zotac. . takes up the same space. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Those wondering why I didn't stack AMD's scores against this one. running its 2GB of GDDR5 at the same speed.0. with a following wind. Its GPU clock is also very similar.REVIEWS Zotac GeForce GTX 670 AMP! Edition Mark discovers that Zotac's second-tier card is almost as potent as its first DETAILS • Price: £329. Yet. this is an identical card to the Zotac GTX 680 AMP! that I previously reviewed. 330MB HDD space O n first impressions. then the difference between this card and the GTX 680 can be nominal.0 interface NVidia GPU Boost technology NVidia 3D Vision Surround capable NVidia FXAA technology NVidia TXAA technology NVidia SLI ready NVidia Adaptive Vertical Sync DirectX 11 technology and Shader Model 5. and therefore the same overall bandwidth available. surely the GTX 670 is going to be a shadow of the superior card. I think my selection. it was to hide its shame. and it is also denuded of a few texture mapping units. offers a good cross section of what people are actually using their video cards for.2 compatible Hardware-accelerated full-HD video playback Blu-ray 3D ready Lossless audio bitstream capable TrackMania 2 Canyon 3-Day Game Pass included 50 Issue 1213 WorldMags. divided at birth. it uses the same custom Zotac cooler.0 OpenGL 4. the GTX 670 has just 1344 shaders. 192 less than the GTX 680. and this is critical. Given that pricing. Specifications 1344 SMX unified shaders Engine clock: 1098MHz (base).

mm Mark Pickavance Almost all the power that NVidia offers at a more palatable price Quality Value 8 8 Overall 8 Zotac GeForce GTX 670 AMP! 159 P33793 P9499 X3240 140. This card is all good news for the consumer. although anyone building a gaming rig at this level should already have a decent power supply. then you can have it without having to pay silly money. and with Zotac's special AMP sauce it's an even tastier option. and many do.5 107. As for Zotac. Windows 7 64-bit WorldMags.TEST Reviews ON Obviously. by delivering extra power at mainstream pricing. on a number of Test HAWX 2 3DMark Vantage 3DMark 11 Resolution 1080p DX11 Default Avg. You also need a PSU with dual PCIe sixpin lines. That's a choice you'd need to make. but I can confirm that for an investment at that level you get almost all the Kepler GPU goodness that spending £450 will return. The only question I'd ask is whether £330 is still too much to spend on a video card. FPS Avg.0 Benchmark 8xAA 16xAF Tessellation Normal AVP 1080p 16xAF Benchmark's performed with a Intel DX79SI motherboard. FPS Avg. This card is all good news for the consumer. If you want Kepler power. FPS Avg. as such. you need plenty of space inside your PC to house it.5 Zotac GeForce GTX 680 AMP! 166 P36059 P10302 X3490 149. And. then the appearance of this card is probably going to push the cost of the 7900 and 7800 cards down rapidly.67 297 58. this is a much better deal than the GTX 680.83 277 305 62. Core i7-3960X CPU. FPS levels. FPS Avg. it's delivered on its signature AMP promise.3 Default Default 1080p 8xAA Far Cry 2 Street Fighter 1080P 8xAA IV 1080p Batman:AA 1080p Heaven 3. on a number of levels The only appreciable downside to this card is that it's not physically any smaller than the GTX 680 and. Crucial M4 128GB SSD.25 269. if you still like AMD. FPS Performance Performance Extreme Avg.5 Issue 1213 51 . 16GB DDR3 quad-channel memory.

I appreciate that this review only scratches the surface of the product. to get a character to move. game designers have been using it to good effect for some time. making it easy to create quite complex animations. Reallusion introduces the new G5 characters. for example.0. useful for creating demos for first-person perspective games. Some of the G4 . DirectX 9. the chest is designed to expand and contract properly. Windows XP SP2 or later I n the past. this gives you more control over facial expressions. Although its target market is primarily the home user. It can also be used to control your characters live. In fact. Ultimately.0c. If you need something more specific. Incidentally. able to produce animations with great depth and realism Quality Value 9 8 Overall 9 With a higher polygon count. the new G5 characters are more realistic 52 Issue 1213 WorldMags. When you combine these new features with body puppet motion. the Reallusion site has many more packs you can buy. or perhaps a realistic walkthrough to show clients your new architectural design. In fact. This is basically a special camera (like Microsoft’s Kinect Sensor) that uses the Mocap plug-in to capture your actions in real time. but you would need to invest in a Mocap device and purchase the Mocap plug-in. designed to create complex 3D animated sets and realistic characters without any prior knowledge of animation techniques. The animators still have to create the scenes and • Required spec: 2GHz processor. You do this by playing one of the built-in actions. Undoubtedly iClone5 is a very powerful program. 2GB HDD space. there’s a better method of recording your own actions in iClone 5. but the laborious work of animating is done by sophisticated software like the product featured here.iClone 5 Pro Become a movie director in you own home with iClone 5 DETAILS The program ships with a decent selection of sets. Shader Model 3. they also have better bone structures. available to download from a number of talented designers' websites. Then you can animate and record individual parts in real time using the mouse. the video tutorials on the Reallusion website are . because their heads have a higher polygon count and 3D teeth. simply because there are so many options on offer. the program looks daunting. These recordings are simply overlaid. so it’s always worth a visit. With this version. characters and miscellaneous objects to get you started. you have the facility to record your own actions and profiles. However. you can download a fully operational trial version from the Reallusion website. I also found a large resource of thirdparty freeware components and characters. so if you want to know more. they would draw it in a slightly different position in each cel. Today. most of the on-screen controls are designed to simply refine what you’ve already created. textures.reallusion. mm Joe Lavery • Price: £ 159. 1024x768 display. the Reallusion marketplace offers a new freebie most days. most of this work is done by computer. while masking certain body parts. as I learnt later. because it provides them with an almost instant method of visualising and testing their designs. So. For example. 1GB RAM. while interacting with on-screen smart props that react automatically when you touch them. These are more advanced in terms of realism.G5 characters supplied with the program A very impressive product. quickly demonstrating how to create a fully animated scene in just a few minutes. animators were highly skilled artists who created movement by drawing at least 25 individual cels for every second of screen time. Initially. iClone 5 is the latest release from Reallusion. giving your avatars the ability to breathe.00 • Manufacturer: Reallusion 3D Software • Website: www.

Each application. viewing various tutorials. Titles. you can split the work between Acid Music Studio and Sound Forge Audio Studio. Sony includes a number of bonus items.6GB HDD space. requires a serial number with online registration and product activation. There are tools for MIDI editing and sequencing. TruePianos Amber Lite (piano synth). These offerings are Studio Devil. photos and music as you select from over 50 DVD themes supplemented with your own efforts.0. The other three main elements of this package have interfaces that are slightly more appealing. The manipulation of titles has been greatly enhanced with this version. Sony also has a software string to its bow. Imagination Studio offers a piecemeal approach to its installation. mm Michael Fereday A well-featured collection of tools for the enthusiastic media developer Quality Value 8 7 Overall 8 WorldMags. including 3D Blu-ray. Completing the main package is DVD Architect Studio. While this subdued approach does has the benefit of not distracting you while working. As well as burning content to optical media. A pair of cardboard anaglyph glasses is included in the box for previewing 3D content. TruePianos Amber Issue 1213 53 . Although there's some duplication. 2GB RAM. with the final two requiring the entry of a supplied serial number. accessed from its own desktop icon. or jumping right in to begin work. DVD Architect Studio 5. it's a little on the drab side for my taste. so you don't need to type the data every time. Windows XP or later N ormally associated with hardware. One such software offering is the company’s Imagination Studio currently standing at version 3.TEST Reviews ON Imagination Studio 3 Michael Fereday has a go at using his Imagination DETAILS • Price: £114. you also get Studio Devil (guitar and bass amp). Sound Forge Audio Studio comes into its own when recording content . You can add effects such as glow and blur plus animate individual characters for eye-catching results. Each of these items has its own installation • Required spec: 2GHz processor. You can download and work with loops as you mix and trim items to suit your needs. An opening overlaid menu gives you the option to start a project using presets including region. Vocal Eraser (Sound Forge plug in to remove vocals) and Photo Go (photo editing). Sound Forge Audio Studio 10. 3. This latest version of Vegas Movie Studio has support for 2D and 3D content. photos and audio plus DVD authoring. When dealing with audio. Fortunately. The main Studio element consists of Acid Music Studio 8.0. your registration details are retained after the first entry. With the longest pedigree (it's version 11).95 • Manufacturer: Sony • Website: sonycreative software. Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum is an obvious place to start. add effects and create your own CDs. Each one opens with an option to discover how to carry out tasks with a 'Show Me How' box. this software has an interface that is predominately grey in colour. The Imagination Studio contains tools for working with video. Acid Music Studio will be your application of choice. video format and destination media.0. a mixing console and playback facilities.0 and Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11. Offering a range of video Manipulate video clips The file explorer editing features. For working with pre-recorded content. As mentioned earlier. menus and special effects can be added before the results are burned to optical media. you need to be working with a multi-core CPU or multi-processor system. The Sound Forge software can also be used to will need to provide the microphone. it can be exported to YouTube. As well as the main applications. For best results with 3D. This software can handle videos. This is a collection of individual items rather than a fully integrated package. Vocal Eraser and Photo Go.

95 (special offer) • Manufacturer: Anthropics • Website: portraitprofessional. a full skin blemish . Position the masks An easy-to-use professional portrait photographic tool that shows how good you could look Quality Value Change of hair colour 9 9 Overall 9 54 Issue 1213 WorldMags. I should have said that both of us could benefit from our photographic images being touched up . By scrolling through the various facial categories. instructions attached to it. nose and mouth. Windows XP or later / Intel Mac OS X 10. The data gathered will be used to create adjustable masks that are placed over the eyes. Hair. Once you've loaded your • Required spec: 1GHz processor. You will then be led through the process of marking the outside edges of each eye. this next software title could be ideal for one of us. Lighting and overall Picture. Portrait Professional is available in Standard. You also have access to a touch-up and restore brushes with adjustable size and strength attributes. A dummy image will be provided to help guide you through this process. Perhaps. eyebrows. At the conclusion of this process. although you can make minor adjustments to the neck. Developed by Anthropics and now up to version 10.Portrait Professional Make your face a bit more appealing with this handy software the tip of the nose and the edges of the mouth using a mouse cursor that has. Eye. which is the approach I took. Portrait Professional’s total focus is on the subject’s head.5 or later Portrait Professional’s total focus is on the subject’s head point. I was impressed with the functionality and ease of use of Portrait Professional Studio. which generally takes under a minute. General markers indicating the hair and jaw lines adjusting facial features categorised as Face sculpture. Letting your mouse cursor hover over a slider bar will bring up a brief description of its features plus images showing the possible results of using this tool. You can easily switch between a two and one image view showing just the After portrait. 1GB RAM. You also get a mini image of your subject that can be used to select a particular area and then zoom in for a closer look at the main image(s). you do get a number of samples on which you can practice. 75MB HDD space. if truth be told. You can fine-tune these masks with regards to their positioning and shape by dragging on set anchor points. Pressing the spacebar will can also be adjusted in the same manner. Skin. Again a dummy image will show how the masks need to be adjusted. This review is based on the Studio version. woman or man as the image is displayed in a central screen position. While many of the slider bars make subtle adjustments. Mouth and Nose. which includes support for RAW image format and can be used as a Photoshop add-on as well as performing as a stand-alone this software. you will need to inform the software whether the subject is a child. mm Michael Fereday DETAILS • Price: £49. at this allow you to move on to the next mask. whether in full frontal. you can select from different aspects that can be adjusted. will be performed. Studio or Studio 64 editions. threequarters or profile mode. Regrettably it had no effect on my mirror as it only works on photographs. others can have a more dramatic effect such as changes to skin tone and hair colour.alright completely remodelled . You will then be shown a Before and After view of the portrait alongside a panel containing slider bars for A s I remarked to a longstanding member of the team responsible for the publication of the UK’s most enduring weekly computer magazine.

4GHz or • Required spec: Core 2 Duo 2. there are the online modes. Windows XP or later O f keen interest to dedicated fans of the series. it's all based on kills and victories. 10GB HDD space. Leon Kennedy. but more often than not matches were rather unbalanced and over in minutes. but nothing jaw-dropping Quality Value 6 7 Overall 6 WorldMags. medicine. It's set during the events of Resident Evil 2 and 3. field scientist. as those dedicated enough to reach the higher character ranks took the glory. Each of these has comparable abilities to the Umbrella mob.TEST Reviews ON Resident Evil Raccoon City Kevin Pocock dusts off the health sprays DETAILS Valentine and Carlos Oliveira) plus a new • Developer: Capcom • Website: residentevil. although perhaps that's to do with playing elite soldiers rather than a cop with scarce ammo. In multiplayer. or the guns-a-blazing Lupo. Biohazard and Heroes .I struggled to find many to players online unless submitting to the Quickmatch option. if you wanted to. In the campaign mode. you could play the whole campaign through while exiting and reloading as a different character for each objective. However.85 (Zavvi. which I completed in around six hours. reconnaissance. in fact. though. mm Kevin Pocock • Price: Issue 1213 55 . teams of four face off against each other as members of the Umbrella squad battle against some more familiar faces (Claire Redfield. I finished with enough XP for a gamertag rank of 21. 2GB RAM. The fly in the soup is that although there are four different modes . Each of the playable campaign mode characters has a specialised set of skills: recon. the campaign might even last a little less time. I'm hooome! character Vector when it might be easier to play as the demolitions specialist. Online. Here. Resident Evil games lend themselves to interwoven plot lines. XP accumulation is hastened with the collection and reporting of data. Another issue here is the length of the campaign mode. in-game tactics and teamwork do come into it and as the game supports Games for Windows Live you can talk to each other.Team Attack. assault. This had me playing Team Attack again and again. and this particular angle works well enough. and the destroying of CCTV cameras. and it quickly became a little tiring. Storylines cross enough to provide continuity and a few headnodding moments. Ada Wong. It would be nice if you could switch in-game. There's the nuts and bolts of a good game here and zombies aplenty. and if you were persistent enough you could unlock the abilities for both sets of characters and all weapons. you might struggle before eventually beating the level. Each of these adds a bit of extra consideration when going into battle and. demolitions. half of which without even unlocking the passive and active skills each player has. that might not be enough. or the decent selection of firepower on offer. Radeon HD 3850 or better. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City offers a single or co-op campaign and online multiplayer modes. Lone wolf. the likelihood is you'll still get to the end of things without having unlocked everything for every character or reaching a heady personal rank. you're never exactly sure what each level has to offer. and there are 100! Still. Jill A decent addition. apart from some nasties infected with the T-Virus and some persistent US Spec Ops (sent in to find out just what's going on). So if you've opted for the recon Honey. Beltway. but alas it isn't so. The question is whether you'd want to. Survival. and you play one of six elite Umbrella-hired soldiers contracted to go into Raccoon City and cover up an outbreak of the T-Virus. Unless you're a big Resi fan. If you do unlock these early. but unless you're an XP magnet or playing with game-smart friends. but never really do enough to pull you in.

leaving you free to concentrate on the important tasks that flash up on your message board. and realtime strategy buffs will be in their element here. In fact. although it's a long. and it's a game that rewards you for the time you spend playing it. allowing you to zoom in and out of planets and colonies to issue commands. Those who do keep at it are eventually rewarded. The galaxy itself is populated with over 1. There's always plenty for you to do in Distant Worlds detailed and intricate the universe is. When you encounter other races. how quickly A complicated but fun strategy game Quality Value 7 8 Overall 7 56 Issue 1213 WorldMags. you can't get much more of a challenge than ruling an entire galaxy. Distant Worlds is a highly customisable game. I can guarantee they will do with a game this vast.99 • Manufacturer: Matrix Games • Website: www. and you can assign a certain ship to attack or just let the AI handle things. mm Mark Pilkington • Price: £29. you can choose to be diplomatic to them and trade resources. You see what I mean now when I say it takes some getting around? The first few times you play will prove to be a very overwhelming experience. and each planet contains its own separate moons kept busy no matter which of the 20 races you decide to play as. Depending on what ship you're fighting will largely affect your tactics. this game is very complex to play. Playing the • Required spec: Windows XP or later. Scoring top marks for depth. 1. to fight them. there's always plenty for you to do in Distant Worlds. Billed as a 4X game (standing for explore. or if you've developed a sizable army. hard slog to get there. 1GB RAM.Distant Worlds Mark Pilkington expresses his desire to run a galactic empire While played in a real-time environment. you can select the majority of your day-to -day empire governing to be automated. exploit and exterminate) Distant Worlds is a real-time space-age strategy game that's not for the weak hearted. it really is quite impressive just how and different types of terrain. thankfully you do have the option to pause or slow down the action if things become too hectic for you. You'll spend the first hour or so struggling with the numerous menus and options as you try to get your head around the basics a feat that will put many potential players off. A quick flick of your mouse will send you scrolling around the star system. This is definitely a thinking spaceman's game. allowing you to select the size of the galaxy. and you'll quickly be you research new technology and how aggressive your opponent's AI . 500MB HDD space DETAILS W hen it comes to creating an allconquering empire.5GHz processor.000 stars. and it will throw you in at the deep end and expect you to discover how to play it for yourself. nobody ever said running a galactic empire singlehandily would be easy. As you would expect. expand. There's always something going on. As you might expect from a title that features hundreds of star systems and even more planets. Still. each of which contains its own set of planets.

then perhaps this is best avoided. When it comes to graphics. 2GB HDD space. NecroVision: Lost Company is set in the bloody days of World War One. which you can simultaneously fire. although one complaint that could be mustered here is that the levels Nothing cutting edge but rates highly in the gore stakes Quality Value 6 7 Overall 7 WorldMags. For gamers who like their shooters served with gallons of blood.although as you progress you will also get the chance to pilot a fighter plane and take control of an armoured tank . NecroVision: Lost Company ticks all the right boxes. A sequel (or should I say prequel) to the original NecroVision. As you play through each level you'll acquire a multitude of different weapons with which to battle do tend to look a little similar after a while. ranging from a close-combat. but you can find stray clips to pick up as you explore the environments or that have been dropped by your nowdeceased opponents. as you would expect from a World War One shooter. Along with hordes of the undead staggering around the trenches. 2GB • Required spec: Windows XP or later. and owners of older systems will find that they should be able to run the game quite happily. nail-studded bat to ultra powerful machine guns. big guns and plenty of FPS action • Price: £9. Ever since the days of Doom.99 • Manufacturer: Excalibur Publishing • Website: Issue 1213 57 . the FPS and horror have shared a happy marriage together. and it's a regular occurrence for heads and limbs to go flying off as the zombies meet their maker. While hardly being an original idea these days. creating a truly gripping gaming experience in the process. the developer of NecroVision: Lost Company has taken the now familiar concept and added demons and dragons to the mix. but the rest of you should find plenty to make you smile in this fun WW1 zombie mash-up. brutal and gory are the order of the day. but not so much to make a great difference. you're guaranteed a satisfying splatter of blood. mm Mark Pilkington the undead foes.8GHz or better. Ammunition for these weapons is limited. The good news here is you won't need a powerful spec machine to play this on. where the German forces have found a new biological weapon that turns its victims into zombies. and in many respects this is a continuation of the theme. The game's performance and graphics do improve slightly with the latest video cards. The majority of the-game is played from a first person perspective .and in many respects can be seen as a homage to the early days of the genre.TEST Reviews ON NecroVision: Lost Company Zombies. You can also duel wield some weapons. The games environments are suitably dark and gritty. Core 2 Duo 1. such as pistols. you'll also encounter fire-breathing dragons and giant mutants among other unsavoury foes. Get up close to the little critters and your screen will be filled with their decaying faces as they frantically try to bite you something that is quite a sight the first few times it happens. If you're of a squeamish nature. NVidia 8800+ video card DETAILS N azi zombies. Every time you shoot an opponent. .

net .WorldMags.

MEDIA IN 2012 Mobile technology is moving so fast it’s hard to keep up. it could store the whole top 40 on a chip the size of a 50p piece. Essentially a music player around half the size of the standard dard music player of the time.THE STATE OF MOBILE. hampered by their source media. as it be an April Fool’s joke. eren’t the best in terms Cassettes. they demonstrated an amazing zing piece of technology that blew the young ng minds of those who saw it. were the CD-based Discman in the mid . on the BBC’s BC’s Saturday morning kid’s s television show Going Live. however. Sony’s Walkman. although cheap.. though. it’s media on the move A MPman. so let Ian an McGurren put you in the picture. later encompassing d 80s. owever.and indeed it was. the humble cassette or the CD. you are no doubt reading this thinking that we have ve this technology now. it was also voice activated. weren’t of frequency response and users would dread the tape 60 Issue 1213 WorldMags. If that wasn’t impressive . and indeed we’ve even surpassed Mobile media has been a part of our lives since the invention ncompassing digital with of the Walkman in 1979. 23 years ago this all seemed eemed too good to t was later revealed to be true .. This week. Today. . Both. the first MP3 player round 1989. d it by some distance.

compact compared to vinyl but not practical on the move. but these were broadcast television only and required a good signal. The Current State In 2012. The growth in digital music has seen parallel growth in digital video. most notably from Sir Clive Sinclair (the 2” FTV1) and tiny Casio LCD TVs. powerful chips and new video and audio compression techniques combined in a perfect media storm. many could only offer a few seconds at best. CDs were a little more resilient. with high-definition. be it music or video. All this. Cheap solid-state memory. Suddenly music and video could be shrunk to smaller files and stored on large drives. 3D video and more. In 1998. Mobile video was even more of a niche product. released in October more CDs. memory chips or sent round the world via the web . most midrange smartphones will play digital video and any high- Hooking up your smartphone to your TV with MHL WorldMags. the MPMan became the first commercial device to bring this all together. There were a few attempts. history shows us that it wasn’t the MPMan that took digital media to the public consciousness. In fact.MOBILE MEDIA Mobile media has been a part of our lives since the invention of the Walkman wrapping itself around the spindles or warping in a hot car. many of us now own a device capable of playing digital media. cheap hard drives. What’s Issue 1213 61 . Video was the preserve of bulky VHS tapes still. That award goes to a product few believed in from a company fighting bankruptcy: Apple’s iPod. digital video has made more forward leaps that its aural brother. but with memory still expensive at this time. but impossible on the move. VHS tapes or cassettes. and the size didn’t help . if anything. that’s not even its primary function. Buffering would help this. ‘iPod’ has become so successful that it is used instead of the term ‘media player’. it had the same issues that plagued the CD Discman some 15 years prior. Around the turn of the century the landscape changed. but their playback required the stream of bits to be constant or it would skip. It was a quiet revolution. This was easy to achieve at home in a stereo system. However. and even when DVD finally took over. Like the word ‘Hoover’ is used as a colloquial term for a vacuum cleaner. All smartphones from the last 24 months will play MP3 files. The single largest change from the introduction of media players a decade ago has seen them move from being their own discrete devices to becoming just another function of your mobile phone. with 32MB of solid-state memory that could be filled with around a CD’s worth of songs in MP3 format.

the iPad can work with the Apple If anything digital video has made more forward leaps than digital audio TV to show videos on your HDTV. Devices like the iPad. transcoding on the fly if needed. Solid-state memory is now at such a price that it’s possible to store thousands of MP3 files as well as a few TV shows and films on a 32GB micro-SD card that will set you back around £20. able to play HD video of varying formats on screen or on a remote screen with the correct cable. it’s solid over wi-fi but it’s a little flakey over 3G. allowing you to stream music on the move or media round a friend’s place. instead opting to use the improved data speeds for mobile internet and streaming your music from the web. On most devices including consoles. coming soon to phones? end device will play high-definition digital video. Netflix: Finally in the UK. there’s every chance it’s as powerful a media player as you could wish for. Still a bit light in content it’s at least more reliable than the often-buffering Lovefilm. Let’s take a look at some of the best in mobile media: XBMC / Plex: Legendary media centre XBMC. Soon this will be the price for 64GB. it’s now on Android. the Galaxy S2 can be plugged straight into a TV and run HD videos. iOS and Windows Phone. just whatever takes your fancy wherever you want it. However. they’re free. along with its cousin Plex are now appearing on mobile devices in two .excellent for controlling your HTPC (the XBMC one even puts text messages on screen and pauses playback when you have a call). The latest twist has been the phone becoming more than a personal media centre. If you have a modern smartphone. just dock your phone and off you go. and requires the use of an IP redirect and port forwarding. Presently. iCloud. No syncing of devices or transferring onto memory cards. though iThings will need to be jailbroken. The second is as fully fledged media centres. For example. It streams your media from your PC to your mobile device over your network. Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation have the ability to become a home media centre. Netflix is a service that accounts for a third of the US internet traffic by supplying on-demand films and TV shows for a reasonable £6 a month. so it’s not for the techaverse but it’s a promising start. iPhone 4. then 128GB. The first is as remote controls . Best of all. No more using a media box or a console. Skifta: What if you have plenty of media already and just want to have access to it out and about? Chip giants Qualcomm’s Skifta application may well be the answer. and is simple to use. it also does the same out and about. Of course. you don’t have to carry it all with you.Wireless HDMI. host to Apple’s iTunes Match 62 Issue 1213 WorldMags. Services such as Spotify allow you to pay a subscription and have full access to their vast libraries of music on demand.

these three are betting on. In the future we’ll see even more power in your pocket Surprisingly. and if there’s a benchmark to show that the future is here. especially when capped at a measly 1GB or less per month. With this freedom will come an increase in the use of cloud data. Unlike Google it’s not free: $20 per years gets you unlimited uploads and 20GB general cloud space too. it’s free and works on Android. high-definition media centre. The futuristic media player on Going Live in 1989 . all streamed from the internet to our connected devices. combined with the record industry’s fetish for endless repackaging for profit. and now we have thousands of songs. We’ll begin to see a wireless HDMI standard emerge that will allow you to play video on yours or a friend’s compatible TV without a tangle of wires. 24 24-bit bit 96KHz sound files with a greater dynamic range than anything before are beginning to appear. It’s cross platform too. on-demand. Those not in Apple’s library you can additionally upload.full movies.000 of them. anywhere WorldMags. 3. In the world of cloud data and HD video. you can be a walking.we had that 20 years later. What all three have in common is a way of accessing your music from anywhere there’s a web connection. computers and iOS. with high-definition. We’re beginning to see video stored alongside sound and documents. but with high-quality sound equipment becoming more commonplace. you need to have bought them from Google Play or you can upload up to 20. but a super fast network on which to use it. with your media always being available to you anywhere. Amazon Cloud Player is similar to Google Music in that it doesn’t match your files. 1080p screens and playback becoming the norm. though. they need to be Amazon purchases or uploaded. one of the issues holding back mobile media is the UK’s increasingly archaic mobile network.5G mobile internet is not going to cut it. high-definition sound could well be more commonplace in the future. It’s pretty amazing.MOBILE MEDIA Apple iTunes Match / Google Music / Amazon Cloud Player: All similar sides of the same cloud based coin. Finally. How that’s achieved varies slightly. Google Music doesn’t ‘match’ the songs in the cloud space. but it’s only available in the US at the moment. In the future we’ll see even more power in our pockets. It may come to a point where we pay ‘media rental’ in the same way we pay line rental for phones. taking the iTunes Match system that bit further. we may even begin to see the emergence of highdefinition sound. the current state of mobile media is practically ripped from the celluloid of Kubrick’s 2001. Combined with your cloud data and high-speed mobile broadband. Many will argue that MP3 is doing just fine for Joe Public. it’s arguably the world of mobile digital media. mm Coming Soon? Netflix . Apple iTunes Match is a subscription service that scans your library and matches tracks with the same ones in a cloud store you can access on Macs or iOS 5 devices. So while we’re still awaiting jetpacks and matter transporters. However. There’s increasing talk of digital music stores such as iTunes offering a similar subscription package to Spotify. Soon we’ll have mobile networks approaching the speed of home networks a few years Issue 1213 63 . Freedom will increase further when we gain not only truly unlimited mobile data.

net . This week he lays the hardware and software foundations 64 Issue 1213 WorldMags.THE UBUNTU SERVER PROJECT Over the next few weeks. Leo Maxwell will be describing how to build and configure various types of server on an Ubuntu base system.

Unfortunately the piano-black finish makes it quite difficult to get a good photo. I manage a small but quite complex company network of around 30 computers. I lean towards graphical tools. Like most Windows Issue 1213 65 . even in Linux. file servers.the hardware and operating system but over the coming weeks we’ll look at web servers. SSH Hardware required: PC with optical drive or USB stick. so they can be cut and pasted into a terminal. without too much typing. determined to force myself out of my comfort zone and really learn how to manage a server at a low level. showing the motherboard with its passive heatsink (power cable unplugged for clarity) My mini server. some of which you may find surprising. simply incorporating themselves into the existing software base. but I will be keeping it to a limited subset for you to get a taster of what they can do. even in the Windows server world. and in the server it’s frequently more reliable. and in different configurations. However. these days. I’ll also be posting the commands on the Micro Mart forum (forum. you will notice that components are often reused. These building blocks are the basic foundations of the World Wide Web. Many of the projects use MySQL. as well as devices based on all of them.01 Packages required:Ubuntu Server ISO. Apache and PHP or Perl. perhaps to encourage you to experiment further yourself. For example. etc.. media The 23” monitor above it is showing the MythTV menu A s my day job. There are many types of server that can be used in a home. I was surprised by how easy it actually was. The command line is often quicker and more effective than point and click tools.micromart. but I cannot Why A Home Server? WorldMags.THE UBUNTU SERVER PROJECT Load factor: 0. So no two days are the same. I learned that there are several ways of using graphical interfaces with a headless box. the command line and scripting are becoming more common. and support our customers in the field. all of which can be built on this foundation. I work on a mixture of Windows. Command count: 5 What You Need The interior of the mini-ITX server. many websites depend on them. and document it along the way as a sort of aide-memoire. I started this project as a sort of personal training course. The fact that we’re using a headless box means that the command line is unavoidable. and I ended up with a nice little home server as a bonus. All of these projects have been tested in a virtual machine as well as on hardware. security managers. Mac. As we go along. All of these projects will happily coexist on the same hardware. The tools that we’ll be using are very powerful. Linux and BSD systems. installing Zoneminder (a camera manager) on top of MythTV (a TV and media server) will simply insert the Zoneminder database structure. This week we’ll be laying the foundations .

A graphical environment is quite a resource hungry application. If you wish. which is unused on a headless server. disk space is important. I will assume that you have a network (or the server wouldn’t be much use!) and also a broadband router that gives out IP addresses automatically. Some of these tasks might initially seem easier using a GUI.The package selection menu. The total cost was less than £200. Boot from the CD or USB drive on your target PC. The most important of these to add is the SSH . so it could probably be dispensed with. you can follow these articles with a full Ubuntu desktop installed. Towards the end of the installation. A 100Mbit network is the minimum requirement for many of these ideas. which has an Atom D2700 dual-core processor. where you can also find instructions for its use.13GHz. we need to download the Ubuntu server . keyboard or mouse. a dual-core processor might be in order. so Ubuntu Server is by default CLI only. with 2GB of RAM and a 500GB SATA disk in a compact case. running at 2. You can burn it to a CD or install it on a USB stick. and possibly for ripping media discs to the hard drive. apart from selecting a UK keyboard. Perhaps the most exciting screen-shot of the entire article guarantee that they will always behave consistently on different distros or hardware. Most of the options will just need you to hit Enter. if you want to use it as a file server. but using the command line is far more flexible and gives you an insight into the system workings that you can never really get from waving a mouse around.. and gigabit is probably more desirable for some. is unimportant. The video card. Older wi-fi and Powerline adaptors tend to struggle. but that increases the resources required and is quite unnecessary. this will wipe the hard disk and install a basic server system. as such. a tool for creating bootable USB drives. where we need to select the SSH server The Ubuntu installation menu. a gigabit network is advisable. it does not require a screen. Step One: Select And Assemble The Hardware The D2700 has such a low power draw that it can operate without a fan. Step Two: Install The OS The server OS is the basic foundation on which the various server roles can be built This server is intended to sit quietly somewhere in your home. which will be wiped during the installation. much like a Windows installation. especially when shifting large media files around. because the resources required aren’t great. For this series. as you’ll see. after the base system is installed. but you could easily use a retired desktop machine. The server OS is the basic foundation on which the various server roles can be built. you can select from a range of preset packages. If you want to stream HD video to multiple machines. First. The case does have a small fan. but it’s not Installation time will vary depending on the speed of your system and your internet connection. You navigate the menus using the up and down arrow keys. and I chose to use a new mini-ITX PC for my server. This can be downloaded from tinyurl. as long as it works long enough for the installation. For the purposes of this series. and select ‘Install Ubuntu server’. serving as a central store for your files and media and. but I found that the processor heatsink only got slightly warm in use. I used an Intel D2700MUD mini-ITX board. etc. exit a menu with the Tab key. and continue by using the Enter key. By default. My case does not have an optical drive. and as it is going to be on constantly. 66 Issue 1213 WorldMags. after initial The initial screens ask you for your location and keyboard type. I have opted for the free Ubuntu Server OS as the base for our experiments. and if you want the server to assume some of the more demanding roles. An optical drive is useful for installation. Obviously. running as the sole OS on a hard drive.iso image from tinyurl. A virtual machine was used for initial testing. select using the space key. On my test PC it took about 20 minutes. This is by far the most common scenario in the UK. so I used Unetbootin. You could use a small SSD for the operating system and turn over the whole of the hard drive to storage. which we will use to gain remote access. You will also be asked for a username and password. you probably want a low energy system.

0.0.168. The rest of the time. [Continued on next page] Navigating The CLI The first login screen. you will be asked to reboot. WorldMags.jpg’ will rename mypicture. mouse and screen. also used to rename files. jpg. sudo . a little like User Account Control in Windows. This is a security precaution. cd /etc . we need the IP address of the server to remain static. cd / . • Ctrl+C will stop a running process. Mine has obtained 192. and so on.The copy command. we’ll be using a few commands repeatedly. mv . Mine was 192. so ‘Desktop’ is not the same as ‘desktop’.jpg or ‘mv /home/leo/pictures/ mypicture. Type ‘yes’. are reserved for ‘private’ networks.jpg mypicture2. it’s case-sensitive. and should not appear on the internet).jpg /home/leo/Desktop/mypicture. ls will list the contents of the current directory.0. During the series. you operate as a standard user. ‘cp mypicture. Returns the current directory. and then you can log in. Commands Throughout these tutorials.jpg or . but not always. copies the file mypicture. and folder names are sometimes capitalised.g. cd . and use another PC to manage the server. we’ll have to install a screen to find out what it has changed to.14 (addresses beginning Issue 1213 67 .. You will need the following information: • The IP address that you want the server to have. ssh 192. • Commands can be copied and pasted into the terminal from websites or documents. As we travel through the tutorials. we’ll see some of the power of the Linux command structures. but I want to change it to 192. All of these commands have many options. then enter your password. type: ssh username@ipaddress e.168.The change directory command. pwd .THE UBUNTU SERVER PROJECT Besides typing commands. ls . Step Four: Basic Configuration Now we can administer the server. because if it changes. Usage is ‘sudo command’.cp /home/leo/pictures/mypicture. cd . we’ll come across other commands. do not have a default SSH client.This temporarily gives us superuser status.0. so if you want to use a PC with those OSs. ls /etc will list the contents of the /etc directory.g. Those of you who do not have any experience with the Linux command line should note that unlike DOS.95. For example. Vista and Windows 7.Will move to the root directory. if you’ve specified a different user. but I’ll only list relevant ones to keep things simple. you can open a terminal and type: ssh ipaddress e. from where we can get the IP address Once installation is complete.168.jpg’ moves the same file to the desktop. used to list the contents of a directory. For this reason.14 However. Usage is ‘cp sourcefilename destinationfilename’. commands. ‘mv mypicture. but puts it on the desktop.14 You’ll be asked if you want to register the server’s key. This involves editing a couple of text files.jpg to mypicture2. ssh leo@192. you’ll need to install one of the various free SSH clients such as PuTTY. there are a few useful tips that are worth knowing: • The up and down keys will scroll through recently used commands. On another PC on the same network. For example.Print working directory. The first thing to do is to ensure that you can access it across the network reliably.jpg and names it mypicture2. Commands are usually all lower case.jpg mypicture2.The move cp .The list command. unlike Linux or XP.Will move up one level. . • Exit will log you out.0. • The Tab key will auto-complete file names. etc. which is needed for installing software or making changes to the system.jpg /home/leo/Desktop/’ copies the same file.168.14 automatically. When logged in.168. and they’ll be explained as and when they’re used. Step Three: Dump The screen From now on we can dispense with keyboard. You will then be asked for your password. available from tinyurl. which will put it well outside my router’s DHCP range. which is useful if you lose your way. but that could change for various reasons. etc.Will move to the /etc directory. (I will be posting them on the Micro Mart forum for this very purpose). for example. It will have obtained one automatically from your router via DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol). It’s worth checking the BIOS settings to make sure that start-up won’t halt if the keyboard is not plugged in.168. some of which are listed below. you will be able to see the automatically configured IP address of the server on the screen.

and you will need to change them to suit your personal setup.255. and means that the first three numbers in all network addresses must be the same. e.Used to create a secure encrypted connection between two PCs. I will be giving the load average from top for each project in the series. This includes processor. For example. • The gateway address. Press ‘q’ to quit. This figure can guide you as to the stress on your PC.0. If you’re using a Windows PC on the same network.Logically enough.0 to 0. This will open the network interface configuration file.jpg’ deletes the file mypicture. This is a rough guide for comparison purposes only.3. sudo shutdown -r now . If it rises above 6. 192.0. You have to specify a shutdown mode and a time. showing the certificate request Typical output from the top command From now on. ‘rm mypicture. etc. We need to edit the lines below: The primary network interface auto eth0 iface eth0 inet dhcp Modify the last line to read: iface eth0 inet static Then add the following lines right below: • The subnet mask. It allows a maximum of 254 local devices. so it’s counted as four CPUs.1 (my router)192. it’s fairly intuitive and easy to . This will be the address of your router. system load.0.168.A CLI based text editor. Unlike some of the more complex offerings such as vi or emacs. 192. Although a server usually runs constantly. top . ssh . The last number must be between 1 and 254. Mine is 192. occasionally you need to shut it down or reboot.0. typing ipconfig /all in a terminal will give you most of this information. Let’s get started.Shows processes running.95 (this server). I’ll be happy if it stays below 3.Navigating The CLI (continued) rm .0. if you want access to the internet.168. A load figure of 1 means 100% load for a single CPU. so this will usually be the address of your router. sudo shutdown -h now . The load is calculated as a combination of resources.168. memory. 192.168. memory used. this shuts down your PC.0.g. Ideally you want it below 75% for reliable performance.169. This will need to be the same as other PCs on the same network.jpg.1. swap. Mine is 255.99 (my printer) and so on.0. my devices are 192.Reboots your PC. used to delete files. chipset and network.the remove command.0. Most routers act as DNS relays.1. it asks you if you want to install the server’s SSH certificate on your PC. Pressing ‘1’ (the number one) will show the CPU figures separately. which is very common. My hardware has 2 cores with Hyper-Threading. The SSH login screen. but it can give you an idea of how your hardware will perform on different tasks. I will use my settings in the text.Halts (powers down) your PC. When first launched.0. and must be different for each device on the network. 68 Issue 1213 WorldMags. • The DNS server address. The basic system as configured on this hardware gives an average system load of 0. shutdown . The shared certificate is then used to encrypt future connections nano .0. making 100% total load equal to a load factor of 4. Usage is ‘sudo nano filename’. Type: sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces.255.168.2. the system will be really struggling.

1 Of course you’ll have to make entries appropriate for your own local network.168. This downloads the latest package information from the Ubuntu repositories. just exit with Ctrl+X.0. aptitude . with this command: sudo shutdown -h now mm Step Five: Prepare To Add Applications Before we start installing software we need to update the application database.255. Type: sudo apt-get update WorldMags. one after the other.THE UBUNTU SERVER PROJECT Using the command line is far more flexible and gives you an insight into the system workings that you can never really get from waving a mouse around address 192. The install command gives you a list of packages that will be installed. Note: This does not upgrade the distro version. you can shut down your server until next time. Over the course of this series we will look at using it to fulfil various roles. Installing Software From The Command Line apt-get install .255. a dependency on non-free libraries. such as a LAMP server. to be sure that our server can find its way on the network. When you’ve finished. press Enter to confirm. (Note: domain and workgroup names must be entered in uppercase. not meeting compatibility or reliability standards.1 nameserver 192. Type the following: sudo nano /etc/ Issue 1213 69 . mine looks like this: domain HOMELAN search HOMELAN nameserver 192. You should now have a working server. you need to edit them to match.conf Because I have set my router to issue the domain name HOMELAN. some packages are excluded from the standard Ubuntu repositories.95 netmask 255.95 netmask 255. There are several options for doing this. such as a non-free license. This can be for a variety of reasons.1 Press Ctrl+O to save it.0.168.168.This will launch a menu based interface for installing apt packages. as that ensures that your local apt database is up to date.0.0.0 gateway 192.168.168. For example. you can try out a few commands from the boxout. If they are the same. Then we should update the software itself: sudo apt-get upgrade This will apply all of the updates and bugfixes since the server CD was released.0.) Common Windows workgroup names are WORKGROUP (business editions) or MSHOME (home editions).168.This will download and install a package and all of its relevant dependencies. and be found by other PCs. or just because nobody has packaged them. you can use apt-get to download and install it and all its dependencies in one operation. to install Java execute these two commands. Usage is ‘apt-get install packagename’. Not In The Repository Unfortunately. tasksel . Provided that the package you want exists in the Ubuntu repositories (and there are literally thousands of packages). already configured.255. sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre It is always advisable to run apt-get update before installing a package. If you wish. Type ‘y’ and hit Enter to continue. We’ll discuss options for installing this sort of package later in the series. then Ctrl+X to exit.This will give you a menu-based interface for installing particular application bundles. As we shall see.0 gateway 192. You need to know the exact name of the package.255. so that you have the most up-to-date data.0. The file should now look like this: The primary network interface auto eth0 iface eth0 inet static address 192. Next we need to check the DNS settings.1 If the domain names differ from the domain or workgroup name on your other PCs. using apt-get it’s possible to install some surprisingly complex packages.

To listen to these via Windows Media Player. WMPKeys (bit. then you’re doing something very wrong.’ Don’t worry. but it’s actually not that bad as a standard video . some clever coders have created a WMP plug-in that will talk to iPods. If you’re the proud owner of an iPod. Here are some of our favourite WMP plug-ins: • • • • Lyrics Plug-in (bit. then choose ‘Media Guide’ from the list. but where it really shines is as a music player. Go to the Sync tab and make sure WMP has picked up the device and it’s functioning. or so it would Add the music you listen to into your Last. ‘Sync this device automatically’. or create a ‘New Auto Playlist’ by clicking on the button at the bottom of the screen.’ Choose from the vast array of genres. above the iPod image. You might get a message in the main windows saying something like. tricks & tweaks: Windows Media Player Y • • ou have to feel sorry for Windows Media Player (WMP). Click on the drop-down menu. top picks and so on. Indeed. David Hayward shows you how to get more from Microsoft’s media software Internet Radio If for some reason you’re a little bored of your vast collection of music. then install it 70 Issue 1213 WorldMags. Windows Media Player does get something of a bad press. Over the next couple of pages. Go to the Sync tab in the Library view. we’ll be having a little look at what Tweak your sound settings even further. are you’re only choice of syncing applications that will work with Windows and the device. because you can autosync whenever the device is next plugged in: • • • • • Open WMP and plug in your MP3 player. Hey presto. You’ll have to pay for it. tips and tweaks can be applied to Microsoft’s mighty musical media monstrosity. ‘Internet Radio. and you’re forever syncing new music manually across your collection and the device in question. However. Drag and drop the music you want to have on your iPod. Top WMP Plug-ins Plug-ins add and enhance an otherwise standard bit of software. • and plug in your iPod. to the correct page. Choose from the available playlists. just click on the hyperlink and you’ll be redirected. Click on the tick box titled.windowsmedia. why not try out a selection of radio stations available via the internet. within Now you can see what Bob Dylan was actually singing. and a few others. Click on the ‘Start Sync’ icon. to complete the Scrobbler ( profile. plug in the iPod. faster and generally more modern. just click on the down arrow next to the wording. Don’t worry if it doesn’t say ‘Media Guide’. do the following: Open WMP Click on the ‘Media Guide’ button in the bottom left of the screen. under the title of tab. Last. Click on the link in the top right. WMP can now sync and talk to your iPod! Once the software is installed.Tips. but it does come with a 30-day free trial. and WMP has been opened. Using Automatic Sync • • If you use an MP3 player Edit those shortcut keys for WMP. All you need to do is head to bit. ‘The requested page cannot be found: Make An iPod Work With WMP Apples don’t want to work with oranges. then iTunes. and choose ‘Setup Sync’.ly/IVtRPa and download the software. DFX Audio Enhancer (bit. because it’s usually one of the first applications to get replaced by something better.

WMP Enhancements Windows Media Player 12 has been Setting up an auto sync can be fiddly. A brief handful of these enhancements are: Alt+3 Crossfading: In the Crossfading and auto volume levelling window. so care is needed designed to replicate many of the features you would expect to see on a Some of the extra enhancements you can make to your traditional home stereo. This enhancement creates more of a surround sound kind of effect.TIPS. if you have a large collection of music and media. TRICKS & TWEAKS • Be warned though. Good for laptops. show or hide the menu bar Create a new playlist Restart video Switch the view of items in the details pane Show shortcut menu Ctrl+M Ctrl+N Ctrl+Shift+B F4 Shift+F10 • Theatre: Increases dynamic range of all sounds for more dramatic differences between soft and loud sounds and a fuller listening experience. speaker system and tastes. The software equivalent of the myriad of knobs and sliders you’d see on high-end stereo equipment are known as playback enhancements in Windows Media Player.e. Move the slider to the right to lengthen the overlap. It’s down to what works best with the type of music you’re listening to and your stereo/PC setup. Using the built-in playback enhancements for Windows Media Player. you can adjust and optimise audio and video on the fly to best suit your situation. Click the icon in the Keyboard Shortcuts bottom-right of the Player Library to switch to ‘Now Playing Mode’. mixer. complete with a listening experience. headphones or large speakers. Windows Media Player does so by analysing the song during playback. You can have SRS Wow optimised for your speaker type by clicking the text in the top-left with the arrow next to it. panning between left and right channels). and move it to the right to boost the low-frequency sounds. these settings only affect Dolby Digital content. • Night: Boosts dialogue while toning down other sounds. Alt+Enter Ctrl+1 Video size 50% Video size 100% Video size 200% Toggle display for full-screen video Switch to Player Library Ctrl+2 Ctrl+3 Ctrl+7 Ctrl+8 Ctrl+9 Ctrl+B Ctrl+F Ctrl+H Ctrl+J Switch to skin mode Switch to Now Playing mode Add to playlist Add to burn list Add to sync list Previous (item or chapter) Next (item or chapter) Turn shuffle on or off Eject CD or DVD (this doesn’t work on computers equipped with two or more CD or DVD disc drives) In the Player Library. However. Dolby Digital Settings: These settings are similar to the speaker type setting in the SRS Wow effects. equaliser and other audio tweaking Internet radio is very cool and easy to listen to in WMP devices. Move the slider to the left to shorten the overlap between songs. Auto volume levelling: In the ‘Crossfading and auto volume levelling’ window. you must be in the ‘Now Playing Mode’. and then adding the auto volume levelling information after the song has played all the way through. Move the WOW Effect slider to the left to decrease the stereo sound performance and move it to the right to increase it. click ‘Turn on Crossfading’ to have Windows Media Player gradually fade out the song at the end and then have the next song on the playlist gradually fade in. mm WorldMags. which is great for remastered music or live bands. and they’re even easier to use than their physical counterparts. innit? SRS Wow Effects: These allow you to enhance the lowfrequency bass and stereo sound performance (i. Move the TruBass slider to the left to reduce the low-frequency Issue 1213 71 . Clever. Alt+1 Right-click anywhere in the Now Playing window and choose Alt+2 ‘Enhancements’ to see the list of available playback enhancements. To access playback enhancements. Choose from normal speakers. Within this menu you can choose from three different presets: • Normal: Reduces entire range of Dolby Digital for quieter playback. the wrong click of a button can begin syncing everything across to your device. click ‘Turn on Auto volume levelling’ so that Windows Media Player automatically adjusts the volume level between songs to make them more similar. The options here are pretty straightforward.

T E K C PO Intel enters the smartphone market. the gathered journalists were on-hand to admire only the Orange San Diego. I A Good Aim I witnessed what seemed part of the realisation. server and notebook processors. but then it’s not supposed to be. 24-month contract and £199 for Pay As You Go customers buying £10 of top-up credit. Whether the San Diego will deliver on the promise is really up to users. Today the name is synonymous with computing and. of course. but all that seems likely to change. the handset will be free on a £15. The San Diego’s no iPhone-beater or Galaxy S3 smasher. processors. and it’s a rather attainable . system. the handset left many a journalist nodding initial approval. Although the smartphone The San Diego isn’t quite up there with the S3 72 Issue 1213 WorldMags. this was a way to do so. Codenamed Santa Clara. but in hindsight the failure to make such a brand statement was trivial. but the hardware seems to be doing its best to play the part. The immediate desire. In some hands-on time. or tactic if you prefer. and indeed two Medfield (the name of the Up The Sleeves To think of the San Diego as Intel’s wary toe in the water is to ignore the bigger. and Kevin Pocock takes the call ntel may once have been denied the chance of copyrighting the letter ‘i’. Up until now Intel hasn’t been a huge name in the mobile space. and to secure a strong foothold in the mid-range market. global picture. form factor reference designs (FFRDs) have been about for some months. 32 floors above ground level in Central London. will be the company’s first launch in Europe.50. If Intel wanted to make a suggestion as to the height of its ambitions. on first glance. is clear: to provide a good-quality smartphone at a similarly smart price. However. the San Diego is Intel’s first foray into smartphones in Europe. which when connected to wi-fi took as little as four seconds to load a page. I was immediately impressed by the phone’s responsiveness and browsing speed. impressive one at that. Orange confirmed the pricing: Until 24th July. combined with a smart but understated design and some nice hardware specifications. Well. Both of those will be important for Intel and.

though. That being the case. The CPU side of things is handled by the 1. The fact that Intel is actually launching products consumers can put in their pockets (unlike with Moorestown) should hint that the company is fairly serious about its chances here. Motorola mobility. it was intended to represent “a complete hardware and software platform.the Saltwell core of the San Diego being the first .3. but also because it hints at a bigger achievement for Intel. In 2010 it was aiming to deliver a platform with a system on chip (S0C) codenamed Lincroft. And of course there’s the ongoing work of the Android x86 project. Graphically. launched in India in mid-April. It’s fair to say that bringing x86 to the smartphone market raises a few questions. The Medfield platform that the San Diego uses is powered by the Atom Z2460. the Atom processors will be directly competing against other SoC providers. Intel’s cores utilise an x86 instruction set. In building such a smart FFRD as a way to showcase the Medfield platform. It’s not exclusive to Intel by any means. very similar to the Xolo 900. specifically with Moorestown. That makes the San Diego smartphone the third of Intel’s new Medfield-based devices. named Moblin. A familiar sticker in unfamiliar surroundings It’s x86 I See You Tech In Strides Intel has approached mobile before. Yet the San Diego looks very. The system would have at its heart a 45nm Intel Atom Z600 processor. just as the technical specs of the Xolo and San Diego hope to deliver on an appreciation of performance requirements. making it easier for WorldMags. Intel learned from that. They’re also present in Texas Instrument’s OMAP SoCs. Though graphics capabilities will be competitive with many devices. the first Medfield device in China. Although the platform was shown off in form factor designs and did come to light in a few tablets. Intel’s design team has demonstrated an appreciation of smartphone aesthetics. now a part of Google. Medfield is the platform for the San Diego. and as a ‘Backgrounder’ document from the Intel Archives relates.will be directly competing against the cores of other SoC manufacturers. “All of Intel’s x86 support should be included as of Android 2. but it’s likely to not be the only SoC platform we see from Intel. not necessarily lending itself to the singlecore Saltwell processor that is present in the San Diego. First out of the traps was the Xolo 900.POCKET INTEL Intel platform) devices have already been spotted elsewhere in the world.” Such optimisations could theoretically have been included in new versions of the OS. it’s fair to say that the SGX540 is a much-loved graphics counterpart for system-on-chip solutions. customers to deliver compelling handheld devices”. However.1 was ported to work on x86 processors.7. Galaxy Tab and others. The key difference. found in the BlackBerry Playbook. though. alongside an OS few will probably even recall. that’s not a real problem at all. meaning that Intel’s cores .net Issue 1213 73 . Just to delve a little into the graphics side of things. and it seems to be putting Medfield on the same level as its other platform interests. That never really happened. several factors including the arrival of 32nm fabrication processes and a particularly strong grip on mobile processing from ARM meant the 45nm Lincroft processor in Moorestown was never to fulfil its potential. Anand Al Shimpi reported Intel had been “contributing x86 patches to the AOSP [Android Open Source Project] and Google’s internal developer branch for the past two years. and to give an idea of its credentials members of the PowerVR 5 (SGX) series can be found inside the A4 processors that grace some models of iPhones. iPods and iPads. Why is this important? Partly because it has a touch of the iPhone about it (metallic trim anyone?).0. as well as the iPad 2. while the GPU growl comes from the 400MHz PowerVR SGX540. though. and running an x86-based smartphone is a problem if there’s no operating systems you can run on it. Writing in a piece on the Anandtech website. Intel’s SoC should be comparable with SoC solutions produced by ARM and Texas Instruments. it’s not just the San Diego we should be watching carefully. then.” Android’s x86 credentials were given a further boost in December when Android 4. is believed to be preparing an Intel-based SoC device. Then at the end of May came Lenovo’s K800.6GHz Saltwell core. is that Intel’s SoC is based on an architecture it knows well: x86. The 5 series’ slightly more powerful sibling the 5XT (SGXMP) is utilised in the PlayStation Vita. and according to the same piece.

Most telling in regards to the question of an OS is the fact that as recently as the end of May. though. any users opting for the San Diego shouldn’t have to wait too long for Ice Cream Sandwich. Getting the balance between x86-style performance with mobile power considerations is a rather tricky juggling act. Users will care far less about the technology behind the Medfield platform than the performance of the device. Intel says that the doesn’t take off. It should help Intel to manage the power somewhat. Clover Trail and the standby while connected to 2G.ICS). This was corroborated at the San Diego event in London where Intel representatives confirmed that though the device will launch with Gingerbread. Presumably that will be once x86 apps are more available. or deep power down. Of course.” We shouldn’t really be expecting leading battery life. as Intel is scaling down an architecture most traditionally associated with dekstop performance. Future Thoughts Intel’s success in smartphones (and any move towards other mobile devices for which Intel would like to provide SoC solutions) will depend somewhat on the reception of the San Diego. Even in the technical details provided to us by Intel. The other issue that the arrival of x86 to smartphones raises is one of power capabilities . deficiencies in power draw will be certainly addressed going forward. a concession is made: “Leading performance with competitive energy efficiency. Not completely.03”. if the aforementioned emulator does its job in enabling the speedy debugging of x86 apps. suggests that there’s room for improvement But even if. like Gingerbread before it. and 14 dual-core Atom Z2580 are just around hours while connected to 3G. which will allow the Z2460 to effectively switch off while the OS remains ‘on’. and 14nm fabrication processes planned. This question stands to reason. and not at the price of the San Diego. burst capture 10fps battery tests have been a good price. Certainly from the brief glimpse offered to us. and with all of its financial for talk-time or high-performance use and technological clout. but if Intel can wow on a performance for price front. it’d be a brave have been suggested. Intel is now intellectually and financially invested in SoC solutions San Diego should last up to eight hours on for smartphones. HD voice calls. no Other Features 8x digital zoom.6GHz) Saltwell core in the Z2460 Memory 16GB internal (non expandable) is single cored. SIT will put the Saltwell core into what Intel terms the C6 state.3MP front productivity. Medfield (isn’t there always?). but we shouldn’t expect too much from it either. 600x1024 Threading to boost its Cameras 8MP rear.dedicated to this specific marriage of originally non-mobile architecture to a completely mobile-orientated . but it’s fair to say person to think one phone’s arrival that gaming and other similar activities in Europe will probably deplete the battery pretty p is anything y g other than a statement of intent.0. but this is a technology developed in the first instance for laptops and tablets. mm quickly. performance isn’t much of Power Ranges an issue. pretty soon. Currently around 70% of available Android apps will run on the Medfield platform. No figures the corner. it’s Video Capture 1080p not quite the same situation Connections HDMI-out for power consumption. both users and Intel should completed. ICS will be hitting x86. We shouldn’t forget about Smart Idle Technology (SIT). but the information available be satisfied. With 22nm . That gives the rather strong impression that. and if the San Diego can get et across its message of high performance at t Intel’s Inte el’s c current urr r ent en n So SoC oC s solution olutio olu l tio on 74 Issue 1213 WorldMags. 1. the arrival of ICS to the San Deigo should then also bring a more impressive percentage of compatible apps. The CPU Intel Atom Z2460 (1. Not yet from Intel. Intel released an x86 emulator for Android 4. But even then the company is planning ahead. Weight 117g At the time of writing. though. for some reason. whether Intel’s SoC solution can match up to ARMbased ones while still delivering punchy processing. and therefore devices utilising Intel’s SoC solutions. and a range of cores primarily developed for laptop/tablet performance. Intel anticipates an update in the nottoo-distant future. That’s not too impressive. but has HyperDisplay 4.specifically. independent NFC. However.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich .

So far. not the service that’s held responsible for copyright infringement on Tumblr . He was working as a software consultant for UrbanBaby when he noticed a growing trends for ‘tumblelogging’ . David Karp At A Glance Founded: 2007 Founders: David Karp Based in: New York Known for: Blogging. Karp reckoned that if he made things easier. very easy.but it will need to find effective ways to clean up problematic material.Tumblr has an 85% retention rate. Tumblr is all about community and sharing: it’s a very easy platform for sharing not just words but pictures. My guess would be… well.6 million blogs being run through Tumblr. so sickening: Tumblr was an overnight success masterminded by an incredibly young entrepreneur. a new kind of blogging platform was launched. But considering there are currently around 57. since Tumblr makes it so easy to share images.a kind of microblogging. Many social networks or blogging platforms find that while a lot of people sign up. it makes it very very easy for piracy to flourish. Tumblr acquired Tumblerette. It’s a simple idea. The credit for the site goes to David Karp. music and video and. but a very clever one.selling premium blog designs. Since no dedicated platform for that kind of blogging existed. In 2009. and offering users a chance to be part of a high- Tumblr’s founder. it allows you to repost things other users have posted. quite a lot. But in 2007. including venture capitalist Spark Capital. he decided to build Issue 1213 75 . Karp sold 25% of the company to investors. sort of Annual turnover: Unknown Staff: 150 Website: www. dashed-off blog posts. Tumblr was launched in April 2007. But there are two main problems Tumblr has yet to sort WorldMags. it’ll start looking around for a buyer. It seems to have worked . If Tumblr follows the same trajectory as a zillion other tech start-ups. it seems likely there’ll be a way to make money out of the platform. In October 2008. Under US safe harbour laws. it had over 75. to keep them constantly’s the user. and within two weeks. or else decide to go public. a look at the company behind one of the newest social networks profile directory for a fee . The other is money. not as succinct as tweets but mostly short-form.but it’s not enough. here are a lot of blogging tools around. like Twitter. As always. many of them stop bothering to update after a while. The company was valued at $3 million. it’s unlikely to get shut down as a result . Tumblr wanted to make things as easy as possible for its users. If it does.tumblr. and 50% of its users are under 25. users would stick around. making everything feel very interconnected. music and video. all designed to make sharing your thoughts and ramblings with the world very. an iOS app that let it produce its own official iPhone app. for one thing.COMPANY PROFILE Company profiles: T This week. making us all feel like awful underachievers. Blackberry and Android apps followed in 2010. One is that. who came up with the idea when he was just 20. Sooner or later. it’s going to have to figure out how to monetise its users.000 registered users. and the buyout made Karp rich and allowed him to develop Tumblr further. There are a couple of ways Tumblr can make money out of its users . it’ll be interesting to see what the platform is valued at.

or if you really can’t stand the thought of Gnome 3. And it’s blooming brilliant! Which is why I’ve dedicated this week’s entire Linux News section to it. you can make your own Spin. the Fedora team released its latest creation to an ever watchful Linux population: The Beefy Miracle. but we also have Security. has decided that although Gnome 3. it’s come up with Fedora Spins. and not just those who fancy playing with an alternative. is something that Linux desperately needs to keep it a desktop operating system that’s good enough to be used by all. plus we now have Boxes. Have . Fedora 17 Linux Since Fedora adopted Gnome 3. which is tailored for a particular user market.” A Fedora Spin is basically an alternative version of Fedora. being the clever marketer that it is. should you desire. Superfast Finally. containing tailored applications to reflect that market. an LXDE version and an XFCE version. “Different people. I’m sure you’ll find something worth experimenting with. or another computer. Electronics Lab and Robotics spins to cover some niche markets. and all the beefy miracles you can get your hands on O David Hayward has been using Linux since Red Hat 2. and the tag line. It handles better than ever before. and the likes of Linux Mint took up the slack and created a new Gnome/Unity getout clause. different tastes… different Fedoras. In case you’re wondering. businesses and at home. much the same way as Unity is. with links to all the Spins and whatnots from there. or something else.Specialists Where's The Beef? This week David Hayward looks at Fedora 17. Gnome 3. fancy making Fedora boot in 2.4. and with Ubuntu going the way of the Unity. which in my many users. Design-suite. said on one site. Other Goodies The list of new features are far too big to put in here. Therefore.4 is very nice. The idea behind a Spin is nothing drastically new.1. Gnome 3 is here to stay. there are loads of distros that offer one or the other that are based on Ubuntu. you may end up loving it. Spins. more technologies and more flexibility for Linux users of all experience levels. not everyone is going to come running at the sound of a new Gnome. which either makes him very knowledgeable or a glutton for extreme punishment n 29th May. have been exiting in droves. Good luck! 76 Issue Issue 1191 76 1213 WorldMags. Games.5 seconds? Try this boot optimisation: bit.0 in schools. Gnome 3 ended up putting a foul taste in the vast majority of users’ mouths. Spins Fedora. and you never know. So.4. You can find the Fedora good stuff at fedoraproject. and the version that comes shipped with the main release of Fedora 17. but it’s nice to see Fedora keeping everything under one umbrella. contribute to the overall Linux community by offering more choice. But times have changed. has become a more mature environment. but in their way. I admit. aside from the default Gnome flavour. as Robyn Bergeron. “We’ve got over 50 features. except for the hardcore Fedora fans. Fedora Project Leader.” Many of these features are well beyond the scope of the normal user. just have a look at the Spin wiki for more information: bit. Also. the bugs have been zapped and it looks the biz. Indeed Fedora has introduced a number of cutting edge technologies into its latest N5uzzn. Why not pop over to the Fedora page and download the main Gnome distro. then at least have a play with one of the Spins. we have a KDE version of Fedora Scientific. it meant that Linux desktop users came flocking back to old Gnome favourites. Boxes are a new Gnome 3 application that can be used to access other computers and virtual machines.

regardless! It will come with a minimum of 128MB of RAM for the 68040 side and a SO-DIMM slot populated with at least 2GB for the PowerPC. the Amiganised name of the XMOS XS1-L2 co-processor. You can find out more at ultimateppc. Being as the majority of the information is applicable to AmigaOS 4. with the clean minimalistic website it now presents. so don’t take it as gospel). Now it’s a case of seeing quite what can be done with this little co-pro on the Nemo board inside the X1000. It will of course be hugely in advance of any PPC ever available to put in a classic big box Amiga. the wiki is currently populated by the most up-to-date documentation that could be made available. The prototype also appears to have an SD card slot too. which is always nice to 77 77 . though which one is another question. perhaps as a quick boot for OS4 or Kickstart replacement. The site now includes a user account system for AmigaOne X1000 owners as well as support documentation. Classics PPC Amiga Issue 1194 Issue 1213 WorldMags. However.1 users with AmigaOne X1000 hardware. The old site was criticised for being a little too amateurish. Sven Harvey has been our Amiga specialist for over 12 years. though of course other support methods have been put in place such as the developer kit. since no manuals as such have been made available. as further documentation and updates can be made available the knowledge base will grow and be more useful. drawing on his vast computing knowledge which is itself the result of 21 years of retailing computer and video games Gideon Zweijtzer (of 1541-Ultimate fame) and Rutger Bevaart have announced their collaboration on a new PowerPC CPU daughterboard for the later big box Amigas: UltimatePPC. and all the previous site content.. a gigabit Ethernet controller and embedded 2D GPU with a DVI out will be present (though a disclaimer is present to say things may change. Very much a system on a board in itself. of course. Plus there’s a rather tantalising ‘coming soon’ when under As you will be aware. The board features a 33MHz 68040 and a 1GHz Freescale PPC CPU. SATA 2 controller with two ports. The tools developed by LyleHaze are now available directly from the Hyperion Entertainment website for registered OS4. one major point of difference for the AmigaOne X1000 is that the Nemo motherboard within each machine features the nextgeneration Xorro bus with what is romantically monikered ‘Xena’ connected to the main CPU. which now has a set of tools to allow users to program that soft silicon. and perhaps it’s gone a little too far the other way. Xena is. Due to the nature of NDAs still in force on some of the OS components. it’s clear and a doddle to navigate. One can perhaps hope that the video controller gets upgraded to something a bit more 3D Radeony.1 onwards anyway. This is intended to fill the documentation gap since the launch of AmigaOS 4.Amiga News Sven Harvey rounds up the recent news from the Amiga sector A n official knowledge base for the Amiga OS documentation.. This means that some parts may be a little out of date or in some cases obsolete.0 controller with integrated four-port hub. it will have a minimum of a USB 2. has been set up as a wiki. What are Trevor and team planning? Xena Tools A-Eon A-Eon technology has relaunched its website after a short period of downtime. it was felt right to get the wiki up and running for the future with the information available rather than have blank wiki pages! products you select ‘In Development’. both for developers and users.

Unlike ARM though this time in pink as well as black and white. is more your Nathan Drake kind of device . It was like HTC had a giant dog that had given birth to an unexpectedly large litter of puppies and it just couldn’t afford to keep the little mites. The eagleeyed among you will have already made the connection between this phone and the ‘V’-d up Xperia Neo of 2011 fame.3. WorldMags. Finally. dust. This break has given a few of their competitors time to pop out some of their own. presumably for Lara Croft. with Android 2. and come September-time you may well see a more ICS flavour to the device. we have a more dainty device compared to its tough brethren above. The Acro S. Sony Ian is a professional IT analyst. There are some applications that won’t run until recompiled for x86. In practice this isn’t a huge change. notably. the Orange San Diego. Coming in black. water and tigers (well. better known as Medfield.0. the CPU to dual 1. He likes gadgetry and loves making gadgets do things they were never designed to do Intel San Diego 78 Issue Issue 1191 78 1213 Mobile First up is Intel’s curio. powerful. Like the Go. this is Intel’s first step into the wide world of mobile devices after seeing ARM practically run the racket so far. dual-core 1GHz CPU. The screen is bumped to 4.. it’s due to land here around the end of July. though with a slight twist. and unsurprisingly it does follow in its forebear’s footsteps. it’s the Xperia Neo L. Not sure on that one Sony. the Acro S could be your ideal digital companion. is not ARM based. Coming soon on Orange (yes.. T decent midrange handset with an interesting 1024x600 4” screen and is available now for £200 on pay-as-you-go in an Orange shop near you. Ian McGurren checks the specs his time last year you couldn’t move for new HTC phones. the Intel chip ‘inside’. there's more new phones on the horizon.. maybe not tigers). 5MP camera and IP67 certification for dust and water resistance. First up are the Xperia Go and the confusingly named Acro S. so let’s take a look at what’s coming our way. the camera to 12MP. but at present this appears to be in the minority.indeed. with a single-core 1GHz Snapdragon CPU purring away under the hood. Recently HTC has been a little quieter.5GHz. it’s going to surface around July. a semiprofessional writer and a pretty amateur electronic musician.0. unless the price is very right.5” screen. smart and still able to take a fair beating. really). The Go is the smaller cheeky scamp of the two with a 3. meanwhile. Until next . but other than a slight design tweak its much the same as before.3”. maybe getting the hang of only releasing a few handsets at a time (though its naming convention has still some way to go before it’s helpful). 1080p video recording and. Android 2. it’s an Atom Z2460 CPU. possibly a little too closely. but sticks to the x86 instruction set . In its favour is a 4” IPS LCD screen at 480 x 854 and Android 4. The San Diego is a Taking up the mantle from HTC. and both are tough guy manphones for those who might build things with their bare hands or hunt their own food (for example). so if you want to explore in style..3 Gingerbread running with all bells and whistles present and correct.Incoming! Look out. Android 4. Sony has seen fit to release another three devices to add to an already plump array. white and yellow. It’s also proofed against all sorts of trouble from scratches.

micromart. It’s called Scorched Earth. and the king found himself locked away in a tomb while a bitter and unending war ravaged the lands. Scorched Earth is based on a Commodore Amiga shareware game. A once Find Your Soul proud and handsome liege had now taken a beastly form with his human soul taken from him. Commodore 64 and Atari 2600 way back in 1983. head over to tinyurl. The eagerly awaited Soulless. Further information is available from www. such as an A3-sized poster and a special companion CD-ROM and a 14-page but this sort of entertainment software is better with company anyway. but with simpler graphics. which is based on Artillery Duel. This game is available on cassette tape and disk from Psytronik. then please get in touch by emailing shaun@ micromart. coded by Georg Rottensteiner. As usual with Psytronik projects. T Soulless is one of the most anticipated Commodore 64 games of recent times called Scorched Tanks. and cartridge from RGCD. with the obvious consideration being that the better weapons are more expensive. good gameplay is what’s important. isn’t it? To find out more. which are available to purchase separately at any time. or you may use the dedicated retro forum over at forum. you must aim your fire power at the opposing tank after selecting through and purchasing the available munitions. who planned to overthrow Rizek’s rule. from 1994. which he fortunately survived. Despite having its roots in 1983. As you only have a limited supply of cash to begin with. Shaun has a passionate interest in 8-bit computing and gaming. the premium versions of the game will include lush extras. A secret plot was enacted by his warmongering generals. is finally available for the Commodore 64 thanks to a joint venture between Psytronik Software and RGCD. It isn’t clear from the information currently available if there’s a CPU-controlled player. which seems to be the only environmental factor to take into account during play. as Shaun Bebbington reports here’s an unreleased Atari XE/XL game from There is directional wind. you must work out the best and most effective arsenal before the battle commences. released for the Commodore VIC-20. This vast and detailed 2D platform and explorer game tells the story of the mighty Warrior King ScorchedTanks. Anyway. A millennium passed before the chance came to escape the tomb and an earthquake turned his jail to rubble. not that the aforementioned Miggy production was anything to shout about in the visual and 79 79 . and an malevolent and sadistic wizard cursed the sovereign using unholy magic. Taking control of one of two armoured tanks at either side of a mountainous region. and with music by Mikkel Hastrup.Scorched Earth There's new Commodore 64 and Atari XE XL software afoot. designed by Trevor Storey. which is finally being readied its public debut after the original development disk was uncovered. Get In Touch The good old Atari has seen a resurgence in software in recent times And now is the time to reclaim his human soul and bring peace to the land once more. Many loyal subjects turned on the beast. who forged a frail peace across his opinions or comments. and has been finding novel ways to use retro technology since 1994 Retro Issue 1213 Issue 1194 If you have any 8-bit related memories.psytronik.

And if the basic ingredients of light-hearted combat.Specialists Ryan Lambie has loved video games since he first stared up in awe at a Galaxian arcade cabinet in his local chip shop.. Simply put. then the Traveller’s Tales’ Lego games have at least provided enough amusing references and sheer fun to make them more than worthwhile. with the characters and key scenes from those movies all lovingly recreated in Lego blocks. He’s still addicted to chips and still useless at Galaxian s u o i c e Pr Lego Gandalf gets a mini-figure makeover in Traveller’s Tales’ forthcoming Lego Lord of the . With the teaser trailer offering little insight into Lego LotR’s gameplay. Ryan gets a first glimpse of Traveller’s Tales’ new Lego game. Lord of the Rings will be the first game in the series to feature speaking characters. the first teaser trailer for Lego LotR ( hints at a more detailed aesthetic than some of the earlier games. and it has to be said that the choice is an interesting one. or whether it’ll simply offer more of the same combat and collecting that has become a series staple. making Lego LotR far closer to a cartoon-like remake than any game in the series before it. That apparently small change to the Lego formula is probably a sign of how familiar it’s become. This means that such lines as “You shall not pass!” will all be present and correct. Certainly. with Peter Jackson’s atmospheric lighting and sweeping camera moves all applied to the game’s plastic world. 80 Issue Issue 1212 80 1213 WorldMags. and it’s a shame to see this particular aspect of the series suddenly jettisoned. it’s the turn of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings adaptations to get the plastic brick treatment. and finds out exactly why Blizzard is in trouble with Korea’s Fair Trade Commission. Beginning with Lego Star Wars in 2005. the UK’s own Traveller’s Tales has been steadily churning out a charming series of action adventure games that recreate classic movies and comic book properties with Lego bricks. is whether Traveller’s Tales has changed anything else in this latest entry. the series has provided charm and amusement in equal least. This time. For the past seven years. though. the studio’s found a videogame formula that players of almost any age can enjoy. exploration and collection hasn’t changed a great deal between those early George Lucas-themed games and the more recent Harry Potter titles. Plug And Play Now. 28 years on. the lack of voice acting in the previous games gave them a quirky identity all their own. out in the autumn GAMING This week. we’ll have to wait and see whether we’ll see the series take a left-turn into light RPG territory to match the property’s fantasy genre. though. there’s a subtle alteration to the familiar Lego game template. The real question it. Ryan writes about gaming for Micro Mart. Lego Lord of the Rings is due out in the autumn. Where previous Lego games were essentially mimed. until now. raises. and it’s to be expected that it’s stuck to it .. with no voice-over dialogue to speak of. it seems.

Incoming You’d be forgiven for thinking that it’d be nigh on impossible to make a bad action game about giant. irked by repeated login difficulties. and reportedly ‘raided’ Blizzard’s offices in an attempt to find any incriminating documents. Although this may all sound like a storm in a teacup. the long awaited Diablo III has lived up to all expectations.R 2 unfinished.A.E. Korea’s Fair Trade Commission got involved.R series.T. When the company refused. however. and earlier this month. is it? Fall of Cybertron promises to offer lots of laser gun battles and robot fisticuffs. meanwhile. PlayStation and Xbox. Designers Form New Studio A few months ago. Mac. Diablo III has sold a remarkable 6. someone will finally make a decent Transformers there’s a ray of hope. even if its launch was beset by teething problems.R games? We’re certainly looking forward to finding out. it’s been revealed that it’ll be working on a “cross-platform action shooter which will be available for PC.T. S.R.GAMING It may be selling millions of copies. Eugene Kim. even after the application of patch 1. In the wake of GSC’s closure. After all. we brought you the rather depressing news that GSC Gameworld.3 million copies. was closing its doors. in part. at the time of writing. the Russian studio behind the marvellous S.K. we heard that some of its key staff had formed a new studio called Vostock.something that could prove quite costly for Blizzard if the Korean courts agree that a game that can’t connect to overloaded servers can indeed be classed as faulty.A. it’s surely Giant robots slug it out in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. Korean law apparently states that consumers have the right to a refund within seven days if the product they’ve purchased isn’t working properly .T. Having laboured over Diablo III for the best part of 12 years. It’s out on 28th August for PC not beyond the realms of possibility according to Korea Times.K. is being handled by a relatively new studio called Mercenary Technology.E.A. with all the wonders of modern technology.L. WorldMags. and to this end. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron will be available for PC on 28th August. some players have reported) must make for grim reading. leaving S.L.E. after terribleto-middling efforts such as the infamous Mystery of Convoy in the 80s to 2011’s Dark of the Moon tie-in.” Will this as-yet untitled shooter match the brilliance of the S.A.K. is “suspected of having violated the country’s law on electronic commerce and commercial contracts”.E. but plenty of developers have tried and failed. but Diablo III’s server issues have sparked an investigation from Korea’s Fair Trade Commission Online Gaming For most of us. According to a news report on the website KoreaTimes. the FTC says. Issue 1213 81 .K. a number of Korean gamers asked Blizzard for a refund. The story goes that. the sheer volume of internet traffic appears to have overwhelmed Blizzard.T. transforming robots beating each other to a pulp. and the resulting connection errors (which still persist. and the PC port. Over in Korea.02. Blizzard can at least take comfort in the fact that. Still. Blizzard’s fantasy epic has had an even bumpier start than it has in the rest of the world. With Transformers: Fall of Cybertron . we’ve learned. Called Union Studio and founded by the former team leader at GSC.L. repeated Error 37 messages have aroused the interest of the nation’s authorities. “secured related documents and other evidence with which it will determine whether Blizzard broke the law”. we also learned that another development team had been created from GSC’s ashes.

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ASK AARON CD Business I have a big problem with my laptop. software and system building problems. and it works fine. may still be the best option). you could remove the drive yourself. but the drive just makes a noise and doesn’t do anything. and you’re very much welcome to it! Send your questions to: It’s a very common problem. it’s eaten one of my discs. which is the case The Studio XPS range often used slot-loading optical drives. This is easier to use. Be aware that this will likely invalidate any warranty you have. but will invalidate your warranty WorldMags. Aaron 90 Issue 1213 Removing a broken optical drive from a Dell Studio XPS isn’t difficult. making the whole situation moot anyway. I’m afraid I have bad news. Basically. and has happened to a great deal of XPS owners. which is a Dell Studio XPS 16. and I can’t get it back. Not only because of the potential damage to the laptop. Aaron Bich Micro Mart Dennis Publishing 30 Cleveland Street London W1T 4JD Contact Aaron by email at: aaron@micromart. I really would like to get my disc back if possible. and replace the faulty drive. or even a knife. He’s here to help you with any general upgrading. I can’t access the CD. the laptop just doesn’t want to give me my disc back. Please include relevant technical information too. In this case. Should a mechanical failure happen. of course. but I can’t find one. but you’ll be sure the problem is fixed. not to mention yourself. because when I try. so you should only really attempt it as a last resort. but also because you’ll probably damage the disc in the process. but sadly. and open it up to retrieve the disc. much like the ones seen in cars and on devices like the PlayStation 3. Good luck. These drives have no disc tray. but I’ve had a big mishap with the CD Please try to keep your queries brief and limit them to just one question per letter. I’ve tried ejecting the disc several times. Your friend is correct about the manual release on most CD drives. Dell should fix the issue. simply so we can squeeze in as many as we can each week. depending on your technical prowess. with one possibility depending on how old your laptop is. Some people have even got whole new laptops due to the issue. This will take time. There doesn’t appear to be a way to eject the disc manually. I tried ejecting it via Windows’ context menu. First. it’s one of my favourite albums. not to mention owners of other devices that use this CD drive . Windows just locks up and cannot read the disc. This is something I’d highly advise against. Meet Aaron Birch. other than the touch-sensitive button on the keyboard. You basically have two options here. Lucy Thanks for your mail Lucy. but this usually only applies to standard tray-loaders. but they’re also notorious for problems. contact Dell. I’m not exactly sure what to. There’s no easy way to remedy this If your laptop is still under warranty. If the laptop is out of warranty and you don’t want the expense of a PC repair shop (which. He’s got advice aplenty. but it didn’t work either. be sure to consult the official support manual at tinyurl. then you’re stuck. This will show you how to remove the optical drive. and instead load the disc automatically. If you decide to open up the laptop and remove the disc manually. there’s no such option. Many people have said they managed to get the disc out using a credit card. Restarts don’t do any good. The laptop itself is a pretty powerful model. The problem you have is with the type of optical drive. and the method I’d advise. Is there any way to fix this problem? A friend said that all CD drives have manual release mechanisms.

2GHz CPU and 512MB RAM. The YouTube of today requires more horsepower than it did not that long ago. network too. such as a media player. One example is TVersity (tversity. In some ways. but it can also be down to the technology you use. while others will wonder what the point of an upgrade was. or are you simply Neil playing the file from a network share? If the latter is true. I do usually do this wirelessly. this has required more power. and you’ll gain the benefits of proper streaming. of course. in most cases. I had put this down to a poor connection speed or something. this will certainly be affected by overall If so. and has no added buffering or playback capabilities offered by media server or software options. only 1. or connectivity. You are correct in that the primary concern here is connection speed/quality. and I get a lot of buffering and stopping. Some users may notice a substantial speed increase. Both can turn a normal PC into a fully functioning HTPC. WorldMags. I’m assuming that this is part of my issue and was wondering if You mentioned issues when streaming video across your own you would agree. and finding out that it’s now without excessive buffering in Firefox. There’s also the actual streaming player software to consider. and thus. CPU power and RAM can have an effect. I assumed it was connection related. but then I noticed I was getting issues when streaming video at home. and I’ve noticed that I have hiccups there too. so it’s always worthwhile trying an alternate browser when streaming from a particularly troublesome site. for example. There are plenty of free software-based media servers online. I often watch videos out of my network so be sure to check them and over the years.THE EXPERTS Streaming Mimi I’ve noticed of late that I seem to have quite a few problems when it comes to streaming video. Often. Then I read that streaming video and general internet performance can be TVersity is just one free home media sharing solution that can help improve buffering issues affected by more than just your connection. may play fine quite an old spec system. A media sharing device or software package can intelligently share and broadcast the footage. and most users will have run into various performance issues simply loading some embedded media invest in another network device to watch video from? When you’re playing video. but there are plenty of other things that can contribute to overall performance. both online and on your own local network can be troublesome. It’s always worth a try. what can I do to remedy the issues? Should I upgrade. a more powerful CPU can help. can result in problematic performance. This led to me investigating my PC. the video has issues when I’m streaming online. especially as the CPU is still in charge of handling the data. affect playback. The CPU can also govern overall download speed of the data too. but it’s also true that in many cases the results will vary wildly. Certain browsers can also make a difference. in Chrome or IE. Again. be aware Streaming Issue 1213 91 . Often a streaming video that won’t play A media sharing device can intelligently share and broadcast the footage that this simply accesses the file. and. with some being more sluggish than others. and another popular option is Media Portal (www. which will. so again. will make for a far more pleasurable experience. do you use a hardware or software streaming solution.

it’s not even running SP2. we regret that Jason cannot answer your questions personally. It’s also used widely to confirm whether a device’s reported capacity is its true capacity . I bought a cheap MP3 player. a tool for testing flash-memory integrity..names conforming to the 8. can usually read and write to this. Download it at bit. fo However. Vista still needs updating.ison Micro Mart Dennis Publishing 30 Cleveland Street London W1T 4JD Contact Jason by email at: jason@micromart.. Any ideas? The Long And The Short Of It Joe Walker.3 . It’s a Toshiba Satellite L300D-243. via email It’s aI think this is a file-system issue. clearing out Jim’ll Fix It? the toolbars and other nasties. This is the file system used on memory cards with capacities beyond 2GB (the main reason being FAT’s 2GB maximum partition size). we all use long file names. but each one takes up a precious file-system entry. Most memory cards of 2GB and less are formatted using FAT (FAT16). the extra letters in a long file name get split into groups of 8. Windows Update won’t launch . and performing the usual maintenance tasks. ca The sound’s a bit tinny. an 8. 92 92 Jason Issue1193 1213 Issue My neighbour has given me his laptop to sort out. A At first I thought the card w was counterfeit. I can’t seem to load H more than about 500MB of m music onto it. a veteran of Micro Mart’s panel of experts. way before you’ve created 512 . even cheap MP3 players. and it was so slow it took nearly ten minutes to boot! After removing all the bloatware. Thankfully.3 representation of a long name that ensures the file is still readable in DOS (which doesn’t support long file names). This and other limits are lifted with FAT32. Windows joins these groups together (the kludge is seamless and really quite elegant). However. and click Format.the capacity of cheap cards and USB sticks is often faked. so your card merely needs to be reformatted. It cost g £3. Plug in your player. and this only supports 512 entries in the root folder (most cheap MP3 players can’t read from any other folder).3 standard (a maximum of eight characters for the body and three characters for the extension). Entries are gobbled by other things too. but he’ll cover as many as he possibly can each week. it becomes easy to hit FAT’s 512entry limit. In the old many as really just a 5 512MB affair. While we try to cover as many questions as we can. Bear in mind that everything already stored on the card will be wiped Note .I get an error WorldMags. Nowadays. Jason’s here to help with any technical questions to do Send your questions to: Jason D’All. Meet Jason D’Allison. Choose FAT32 and click OK. and that’s still true if all your files use short names . with a 2GB micro-SD £ card costing the same again.ASK JASON Last week. but I’ve tested it w with H2testw and it’s passed p perfectly. but Th for use at the gym it’s great. right-click its drive letter in Windows Explorer. and support for those in FAT is a kludge. including its operating system. such as the ‘alias’. With FAT. As you can H2testw is an essential piece of software if you’ve just bought a flash-memory product off eBay. Please ask one question per letter and remember to include the full specification of your computer. I’ve now got it going at a decent clip. though . I get a Windows m er error saying the card’s full. 512 entries equated to 512 files. It’s a clip-on model . of course.a kind of clone of the secondgeneration iPod Shuffle. most devices.Joe mentions H2testw.

an icon appears on the screen showing that I’m switching wi-fi on and off.. Also.playing the fool on the dodgems at the Bower in Lichfield performance boost (far too many cars..that’s along the sector map . (under the flap on . we might do better taking an ark cost less than a tube instead of a tent). and extra-thick blankets in worthwhile. DDR (DDR1). Instead. It’s not game over. First. As the error suggests. You’ll probably Bits And PCs have just 256MB This week I have been. can you go wrong? It’s also one of those short.. Issue 1213 93 . Jackie. Also. screen while testing a never-shrinking tower of used hard You need a DDR333 drives (when I close my eyes I can still see the cursor crawling SO-DIMM . stubby jobs. but I’m stuck with using a cable. I’ve just got broadband.. because the Inspiron 1200 isn’t one. My son’s phone connects fine. so a card fitted now would probably give a rubbish signal. You probably won’t have that. I’ve fallen foul of it myself . is that this is where you’re at... At £7. Jackie. waiting for someone to brush past it and snap it off. If I press Fn+F2 on the laptop’s keyboard. Currently this will be populated by a spring-loaded retaining plate. of Pringles. There are two other roads to wi-fi on the Inspiron 1200. and this will plug into the bay on the laptop’s left-hand side.. Skype doesn’t require a powerhouse. You’re after a Type II affair. Or perhaps it’s all because you had alphabet spaghetti for lunch last Thursday instead of your usual tuna wrap? Don’t bother trying to fix the problem manually. WorldMags.numerous times. which is The optional card was fitted into a standard mini-PCI slot.buying wellies.11b/g/n model: amzn. My guess. Another option .THE EXPERTS saying there’s a problem with certain services. Windows RT was (when did Windows-on-ARM get officially but even an extra christened?). even though the on/off function remained operational. but that size on eBay will judging by the forecasts. though.reading that the Wii U controller (the gigantic touch-pad Windows XP (the thingy) will have a battery life of between three and five hours default OS). which isn’t practical. not . as it’s likely to result in a better signal . Hotmail Lots of folks come a cropper with this. Laptops that pre-date wi-fi the Celeron M processor and or have a shafted internal wi-fi GMA 900 graphics are quite adapter can often be upgraded or mended with an old-style PC Card good enough for a basic home system. but accessing the slot requires the laptop to be almost completely disassembled. and I can’t seem to connect wirelessly.99. you could fit a USB dongle. but a close friend has recently moved abroad and I want to keep in touch via Skype.. I’ve not used it much.. Compatible cards are still available. of RAM. At under a fiver. some vital Windows service has probably become corrupted or disabled. 256MB would be .listening to the howls of laughter and derision from DDR2 or DDR3. The friends at the pub when it became clear I hadn’t a clue what slot will take 1GB.11b/g/n device would do nicely: bit. Windows has so many ‘Fix it’ tools you might wonder why Microsoft didn’t ‘Fix it’ in the first place. These are also called CardBus and PCMCIA What The Dell? cards. Will the laptop cope with Skype? Yes. Warren..brilliantly chaotic fun into the free slot for everyone!).. ponchos. To be fair. Many years ago I bought a Dell Inspiron 1200 laptop. You’ll waste your weekend trawling through forums offering conflicting advice and increasingly circuitous solutions that don’t work. consider this Belkin 802. In most instances. it should. A stick readiness for Download (I’ll tell you all about it next week.paltry even for . but I’ll still be first in line). models with the card pre-fitted had an antenna in the bezel around the screen. Will the Dell cope? I know I’ll need to buy a webcam. Nine times out of ten this has got me going again within seconds. get a massive . Merseyside On the Inspiron 1200. Exactly why or how is anyone’s guess. it wasn’t fitted. bumping wasn’t banned. You’ll (that’s got ‘fail’ written all over it.the one I prefer.. Something like this Tenda 802. This will inspect your system and correct any areas that might be causing Windows Update to fail. but nothing else happens. Maybe a recently installed program made an inappropriate registry change. Any ideas? Once the laptop’s updated I can hand the wretched thing back! Warren Murray. so it won’t stick out by three a PC Card. however . Maybe it was the work of a virus. Jackie. the wi-fi card was an optional extra. and there by adding some more seemed to be no right way to go round .it’s like screen-burn).to/KPR2Po.watching ViVARD’s blue-and-white DOS-based diagnostics the machine’s base).. hop along to and download and run Microsoft’s relevant ‘Fix it’ tool.

Sometimes. Please ask one question per letter and please keep your questions You should be wary enough about checking your email on one. Although a secure connection should prevent your data being intercepted in transfer. spyware or malware-related issues. if you’re using your own computer on a public wi-fi network. but is it worth the risk? As it happens. If you have any virus. the best thing you can do is get a VPN account and use that to encrypt and shield all of your traffic.mostly public wi-fi. so I’m only going to have unfamiliar broadband connections to deal b with . ever. Choosing a VPN provider is tough (and heavily depends on your needs) but have a look around and you should find a service that’s right for you. you might Meet James Hunt. If you want added security. for example. label it to match the location they’re in. The first way to know that you’re unsafe is if you’re using a computer that belongs to someone else. but for se that reason I don’t want to risk th it getting hacked. He’s here to help make sure you stay While we try to cover as many questions as we can. It’s not likely. sometimes. we regret that James cannot answer your questions personally. with negligible possibility for snooping in between you and your bank. Even if the hotspot is apparently legitimate. there’s no guarantee their router isn’t serving you bogus pages to collect your login details instead. ever put your banking details into a public PC. How safe am I. It’s very difficult (although not impossible. Never. the 3G mobile broadband connection is probably your safest bet for mobile banking access. admittedly) to spoof a cellphone tower. Even if it’s not deliberate. you also have to ask yourself how much you trust the business and its employees not to be scamming you. whereas an imitation wi-fi network can be created on even a halfdecent smartphone. You should never use your banking details on a computer that isn’t solely accessed by you (and people you trust). Now. not so much. but a also the 3G modem I bought a for my laptop. fo My question is whether it’s safe for me to access my it online banking on this kind o of connection. Phillip. then intercept the data you send while thinking you’re on a safe network. please get in contact! Send your questions to: James Hunt Micro Mart Dennis Publishing 30 Cleveland Street London W1T 4JD Contact James by email at: james@micromart. you’re safe. Using a 3G connection means that you know your phone is connected directly to a broadband service. In an internet cafe. James 94 1213 Issue 1194 . I’ll try to explain how you can tell.ASK JAMES Bank On It I’m about to be away from home for a few weeks. This will allow you to use even free. you have no idea whether the previous user has installed a keylogger or set up some malware to invisibly redirect web traffic. Cardiff It depends on the situation. I rely on the o service for my business. public wi-fi connections with confidence. but here’s the thing: how do you know what network you’re really connected to? It’s simple for someone to set up their own hotspot. you don’t know how well their virus scanners perform. such w as web cafes and hotels. and is there anything I a can do to make it safer? c The 3G mobile broadband connection is probably your safest bet think it’d be safe.

However. This is an area where the PC has been dormant for some time. which closes an application. using the mouse to draw with was never my forte). drawing an ‘e’ on the screen may sound perfectly fine to launch Explorer. The actions menu contains a lengthy list of defaults. waiting patiently for one of the default gestures to be drawn on the screen via the initial right mouse button set up.and 64-bit Issue 1213 95 . ‘Google’. whether that’s simply tapping the screen to bring up our emails. It can also be difficult drawing symbols well enough for them to be recognised. It’s a mouse-driven gesture recognition application that will allow you to automate repetitive tasks by simply drawing a symbol or letter on the screen. a new star is on the horizon and it’s called StrokesPlus. Right-clicking the icon in the system tray will bring up a menu containing a wealth of options. the width and the opacity of the draw gesture.2 being the latest edition (at the time of writing) for both the 32. However. Although attempts have been made in the past to create an almost Star Trek-like system for PC task automation. closing. where shouting. Within the preferences you have the option of changing the colour. Once up and running. The same goes for drawing a ‘c’. you’ll be drawing away on your desktop like its second nature. they more often than not. to creating an ignore list. if you take the time to practise the mouse gestures. after which it’s a simple case of double-clicking the MSI to initiate the installer. Or so you’d think. from choosing the drawing button (right mouse button by default.7. or any combo of keys). listing the current actions. kicking off new Word documents and shutting the system down without ever having to bother with those pesky three little icons in the top corner of the window. or having to ever touch the Windows Start button again. surely clicking on the ‘X’ in the corner would be quicker? But perseverance is the key here. it sits quietly in the system tray.APP OF THE WEEK App of the week StrokesPlus David Hayward tries his hand at mouse gestures. Once installed. drop into the settings and simplify the movements. or via voice recognition. plus the ability to create new gestures and actions for use in different applications. Unfortunately this is where StrokesPlus falls apart. launching new tabs within your browser. Image taken from the StrokesPlus site. Being only something in the region of 1. alongside some experimental options that include memory management of the application and playing a sound if the gesture is unrecognised. it can be a difficult recognition system to get to grips with and at first it does seem to take longer to draw a gesture than it does to do the action normally. which can be altered and tweaked. and after a while you begin to see the benefits. changing the preferences and disabling the software. then you’ll soon be opening. the program shouldn’t take long to download. but after the third attempt to get the gesture working. the future of PC command automation may be just around the corner. at your smartphone several times will hopefully fire up a web browser. but can be middle button. it would instead have been much quicker launching Explorer from the start menu. and the poor quality of the ‘e’ being drawn (admittedly. with version 1. In essence. and recalls that art was never his strong point I t came to me while testing StrokesPlus that we often find ourselves taking shortcuts to make our technical lives In short. failed miserably. StrokesPlus can be downloaded from bit. because our attempt looked like a three year old had done it Features At A Glance • • • • Training mode Customise your own gestures Tons of added options Uses only 250-500KB RAM WorldMags.

uk Digital Production Manager: Nicky Baker Group Managing Director: Ian Westwood COO: Brett Reynolds Certified Distribution: 13. Sven Harvey.712 average copies Jan-Dec 2010 96 Issue 1213 Change your address. 70s and 80s. David Hayward. as PR companies like to call Apparently. Shows that would have been cancelled with half the viewers a decade ago get another season. where the message can be targeted at those most likely to buy. Laura Jane Gunnion That Bloke: John Moore Contributors: Mark Pickavance. because as disappointing a reality for advertisers as it is. so we now have the Dish case to explore that territory yet again. In that instance the cost of legal representation eventually bankrupted the company. and not spread it around uncontrollably. Dish implemented a feature on its PVR boxes called ‘Auto Hop’. Joe Lavery. UK Subscriptions: 0844 844 0082 alexa_dracos@dennis. Aaron Birch. Advertising revenue is flowing away from TV to ‘new media’. Kevin Pocock SUBSCRIPTIONS Senior Sales Executive: Alexa Dracos Tel: 020 7907 6799 Save 24% on the cover price: £77. Jason D’Allison. because expectations are drastically lower Managing Director: John Garewal Caricatures: Cheryl Lillie nadine_king@dennis.micromart. I can’t see Sky (who I’m a custromer with) providing that feature.dennis. Leo Waldock. This isn’t the first of this case type. a company called Replay TV launched a DVR with a feature called ‘Commercial Advance’. Ian PRINTING Printed By: BGP Distributed By: Seymour and a proportionally high cost per additional sale. James Hunt. renew subscription or report problems. Andrew Unsworth. However. which doesn’t fit the comfortable model that fed a multi-billion dollar advertisement business through the 60s. there’s a court case underway in the USA between .co. Ryan Lambie. Harry Slater. Tom Bushnell. and the TV networks Fox and NBC. Bags of Jelly Babies. It will be interesting to see where this case goes. but technically it’s possible for a PVR to detect an ad Designers: Kevin Kamal. which seems at best thin to this legally unqualified David NEWSTRADE SALES Newstrade Director: David Barker PRODUCTION Production Controller: Nadine King 0207 907 6129 DENNIS PUBLISHING Group Publisher: Paul Rayner paul_rayner@dennis. I watch for the shows. creating a seamless recording of whatever it was you wanted. You may know this already. which eliminated recording adverts. In 1999. because should it succeed. Craig Grannell. the legal argument being presented is that by removing the adverts that Dish is infringing copyright by altering the for 51 issues by credit card. and in doing so irked copyright Ian Jackson. Justin Bantock. Phil and stirred this particular hornet’s nest. not the mostly rubbish adverts. we might see the ability to fast forward through ad sections EDITORIAL Editor: Anthony Enticknap US Advertising Manager Matthew Sullivan-Pond www. Gordon Hulmes. what didn’t happen in that case was a definitive ruling. to highlight just how seriously some take this ad-skipping problem.Logging Off ADVERTISING Group Ad Manager: Andrea Mason Tel: 020 7907 6662 D o you own a PVR? Do you watch the adverts that you record between shows? No. Mark Oakley. Sarah Dobbs. Visit subscribe. America’s second biggest satellite TV Tel: 0845 126 1014 CEO: James Tye Chairman: Felix Dennis PUBLISHED BY Dennis Publishing 30 Cleveland Street London W1T 4JD Tel: 020 7907 6000 ONLINE SUBSCRIBER SERVICE www. Shaun Bebbington. I see this as symptomatic of a bigger issue to do with how we consume TV these days. me neither. Cheesy Chicken And Bacon Pasta. However. Roland Waddilove. Mark Pilkington. Ian Marks. Michael Fereday. Ron Hogan. and not record it. as it entirely undermines its advertising business model and it’s customer MARKETING Marketing Manager: Paul Goodhead Tel: 0207 907 6393 micromart@servicehelpline.

responsible for developing new surveillance technologies since 9/11. 14 Orbit. 13 Traffic. (Acronym) (5) 16 Differing from a norm or standard. texture. The unpalatable truth is that the era of advert-subsidised content.i. and then our eyes will be forcibly held open during ad breaks. 2 Patent. 10 Acetate.g. (6) 17 A line on a map connecting points having the same duration of sunshine. and along with it the whole syndication model for television shows. of course. Running Man. 19 Silver. (7. we also watched Andy Murray not winning in the French Open and read some stuff about some football tournament that’s apparently happening this month. 5 Win-Win. 22 The Down: 1 Lego. we can’t imagine the Queen. 18 Irony. god bless her. so it can repeat the ad if you weren’t. (6) 9 A repeating process whose outcomes follow no describable deterministic pattern. WorldMags. he was a silicon pioneer and a member of the so-called Traitorous Eight that founded Silicon Valley.4) 4 Not secret or hidden. 15 Invert. (6) 3 One of the top ten contributors to open-source software by amount of code and member of the core steering committee of PostgreSQL. is particularly into chart music. (3. This week. as presented by TV in its current form. Going after hardware makers who are delivering the features people actually want won’t actually change things or even slow the decline in ad revenue.5) 11 Derogatory term for software noted more for its quantity rather than for its quality or usefulness. is dying. 9 Lowell.4) 15 A course or principle of action adopted or proposed by an organisation or individual. 11 Corniche. all of this misses the point that we’re all watching much less TV. On the plus side. While reasonable care is taken when accepting advertisements. (4) DISCLAIMER The views expressed by contributors are not necessarily those of the publishers. in other words. 17 Bridge. investigate any written complaints. e. (2. They will. (7) 19 One dozen. Unfortunately. software or DVDs. and therefore fewer TV adverts. (6) 22 Any of the less common and valuable elements often used to make coins or jewellery. has delivered to the advertisers. or hardness by a process of gradually heating and cooling. (8. 12 Snobs. which we managed to do a pretty good job of ignoring. However. but they’ve probably got a better chance than England.5) Down 1 Mark with one’s signature. that are more likely to succeed. that was no fun at all. made up of private syndicates. the publishers cannot accept any responsibility for any resulting unsatisfactory transactions. Founded in 1871 originally to deal only in marine insurance. (6) 6 An American engineer who co-founded Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) in 1957 with colleague Harlan Anderson (3. a young lady by the name of Jessie J singing some rubbish pop songs with a chap called will. and it’s companies like Dish that are interested in representing the customers’ interests and not those of the advertisers. Images used on the front cover are for illustrative purposes only. Whatever you think about the Royal family. 21 Chat. Somehow. Across 7 A region in California to the south of San Francisco noted for its concentration of high-technology industries. (5) 21 Consisting of or involving two parts or components usually in pairs. 16 Problem. (6) 20 An incorporated society of insurance underwriters in (we think you’ll find that should be ‘William’).net Issue 1213 97 . however.3) 14 The central research and development organisation for the US Department of Defense.THIS WEEK'S CROSSWORD stopped. and we switched it off after about two minutes. If you think that last comment was flippant. 6 Scalable. (6) 10 An arrangement by which a body holds funds on behalf of a client or supplies goods or services to them on credit. Apart from the whole 50 years of Elizabeth II. (6) 18 Extending underneath. (8) 13 Born in 1929.6) 8 Bring to a desired consistency. (7) 12 That is to say. Every care is taken to ensure that the contents of the magazine are accurate but the publishers cannot accept responsibility for errors. (3. everyone had two days off work. 3 Roy Nutt. Mark Pickavance LAST WEEK'S CROSSWORD Across: 7 Megalomaniacs. on TV. Brazil won’t win it for obvious reasons. 20 Frisch. among other outlets. a patent has been issued in the states for a device that senses if you’re watching. Anyway. 8 Modern. Our one bit of interest in the festivities was watching. it meant we had to work particularly hard to get this issue finished. and no amount of legal persuasion is likely to change that. 4 Paula. (5) 5 Made multiple identical copies of. because everyone had two days off work. There are new opportunities that the internet. was dominated by the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. you can probably credit them with having a bit more taste than that. (4) 2 A linear unit of the size of type slightly larger than an em.

plus the usual great mix of . reviews and strawberry unicorns * May be subject to change WorldMags.In Next Week’s Issue* » How to stop your computer from affecting your health » Mobile gaming in focus » What on earth is Liquidmetal and what will it mean for PC design? » Get more from your Gmail account » All this.

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