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Weaknesses & Opportunities Strategy Expand business into new geographic area (W5, O1, O6) Hong Leong bank is a leading inancial ser

!ices pro!ider in "ala#sia with a wealth o experience that co$es with it is the oldest local inancial institution in the countr#% HL& reaches out to their custo$ers through an extensi!e network o '(( branches and sales centres throughout "ala#sia, 1 branch each in )ingapore and Hong *ong, + branches in ,ietna$ and 1 branch in -a$bodia% .n ter$s o expansion, Hong Leong bank has basicall# achie!ed in "ala#sia the $ature stage, where a$ong their co$petitors theirs earnings ha!e grown to a stage where the# are airl# co$parable to others

co$petitors%/he expansion to new $arkets $ight create the sa$e le!el o business that to $eet out banking or the inancial $arkets in 0sia such as .ndia, 1apan or /hailand% 2or the next de!elop$ent phase, HL& has the opportunities which are $ulti3channel sales and network, ac4uisitions and 5ointure !enture to expand business into new geographic areas% )o, the continuous on expanding into new $arket whether do$estic or international to wider their business in 0sia countr#% &# existing the $ulti3channel network, HL& can sales their products or ser!ices to attract $ore custo$ers in the 0sian countries or cities% 2urther$ore, in "arch '616, HL& together with &ank o -hengdu, obtained regulator# appro!al to co$$ence the operations o )ichuan 1incheng -onsu$er 2inance Ltd% -o% which is a 5oint3!enture co$pan#% /hese can gi!e a plat or$ to support HL& and bring their business globall#% .$pro!e online securit# (W', O7, O5) Hong Leong &ank o er a stronger, broader range o product and ser!ice like e3banking ser!ices to theirs custo$ers% /his e3banking ser!ice o er to the bank custo$ers which

n ter$ o i$pro!e$ent custo$er relationship. a well3recognised and trans or$ed business ranchise with a ull range o banking experience.can $anage account through online such as ordering che4ue books. HL& $ust $ore take ad!ance and control the securit# s#ste$ in the e3banking or data send !ia the internet% /hus. HL& represent well in e!er#thing the# do such as ensuring brand !alues o integrit#. social $edia can allow custo$ers and potential custo$ers to interact with HL with si$ple tap o a touchscreen% . social $edia is a power ul co$$unication !ehicle with do$estic or international reach% While. HL& ha!e to $ake sure and alwa#s $aintain on strong $arket position. bill pa#$ent.t is used or login with passwords to authenticate transaction% )o. . an established histor# and good.t will be loose the lo#alt# custo$ers in HL&% /here ore. unds trans ers. entrenched relationships with co$$unities% HL& ha!e a large share o the consu$er seg$ent% )o. in!est$ent purchase or sales and loan transaction% While. HL& $ust ai$ or keep up to close to theirs custo$ers on the ground.t also can 4uickl# gain the . O5) Hong Leong &ank is a 4ualit# bank with a strong $arket position.t is an online banking plat or$s to allow the custo$er to $onitor theirs account and ease on other transactions% /here are so$e transaction raud cases that $ake the online banking user lost a great aith in that online transaction% . the i$pro!ing o securit# process is i$portant which to reduce the risk o unauthori8ed online access to a custo$er9s records% One o the exa$ple in securit# s#ste$s is pin:tan s#ste$% . understanding theirs needs and wants% .ext.$pro!e custo$er relationship ()'. the i$pro!e$ent on e3banking securit# s#ste$ can attract $ore custo$er choose on HL& to $ake theirs transaction as well and bring the bank $ore closer to consu$er% . trust and ser!ices% .

eedback whether positi!el# or negati!el# ro$ the custo$ers% /here ore. social $edia pro!ides the opportunit# or banks to show their co$$it$ent to corporate social responsibilit# and help regain con idence ro$ their custo$er and the public as well% .