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February 29, 2011

Mr. James P. Ward President and General Manager Walter-Kidde Portable Equipment, Inc 1016 Corporate Park Drive Mebane, NC 27302 Subject: THE SMOKE DETECTOR FRAUD Dear President Ward: I am responding to your letter to me dated January 3, 2011 which was a response to my letter to Mr. Louis Chenevert, Chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation, the parent corporation of Kidde. I enclose a smoke detector ad that I previously provided to Mr. Chenevert (enclosed with the referenced letter). This ad (dated July 1969) which was circulated to fire chiefs across the United States within the Fire Journal of the National Fire Protection Association Note that the ad has a picture of a firefighter holding a hose and presumably attacking a fire. The ad says, FIGHT FIRE . . . the easy way . . . before it starts. This ad was one piece if misinformation during a 15 year long campaign by a number of smoke detector manufacturers intent on convincing the fire chiefs of America that the device being sold would warn of a fire before flames or smoke would appear. Honeywell said it in a slightly different way. A Honeywell ad (dated July 1972 within the Fire Journal) said, The new detectors see unseen particles of combustion . . . in a fires incipient stage. The stage when you can do something about it! . . . before smoke, flames and heat build up. Before sprinklers are activated. There were many such ads beginning during 1965 until 1980. During this time there also were technical reports published that presumably gave the scientific explanation of how ions are emitted by a combustible being heated and how this supposed super fire detector could detect these emitted ion and sound an alarm even before an actual fire, or even the smoke occurred. Eventually the performance lies were believed by the fire chiefs and they began to help sell the device and solicit the legislators to mandate the installation of these devices in homes. These performance lies were disproved by the Dunes Tests of 1974. However, the data proving the device to be incapable of performing as claimed was buried at the rear of the report and the

research engineers lied about the results of the tests. Indeed, the smoky fires usually required in excess of an hour to detect the smoke and often failed to sound at all during the testing in real homes. What this proved is that not only were the fire chiefs lied to; when the truth began to surface there was a deliberate (and I say criminal) cover-up. It is my estimate, based on federal loss data, approximately 35 to 40 thousand children have so far burned to death in homes containing the ionization devices where they failed to perform as advertised or not at all. A friend and retired judge explained to me that the false performance claims, the falsified testing (both in the field and at Underwriters Laboratories and the cover-up of the consequences equate to felonies. Also, he claimed that when deaths result from a felony the perpetrators can be charged with murder. Also he claimed that all persons who cooperate in the fraud (crime) can be considered equally guilty. That appears to say that those within the Kidde organization who originally joined the conspirators deceiving the fire chiefs (and the public via the chiefs) public and those who are still covering up the crimes could be considered part and parcel of the fraud. Within your January 3, 2011 letter you imply that Kidde was not at fault because at the time that Kidde was not manufacturing any of the ionization type smoke detectors. I find that to be somewhat like the accused perpetrator who claims that he should not be tried for shooting that man because the gun was made by others. You say that both the NFPA and NIST have consistently claimed that the devices will perform. That is not surprising because NIST was the agency that conducted the Dunes tests of 1974 and deliberately falsified the testing to hide the defe cts of the device. Yes, NFPA, NIST, USFA and the CPSC all are reluctant to admit that they were conned by the smoke detector industry, as were the fire chiefs. Once the manufacturers of the ionization device were able to sell their performance lies to all involved, there was a reluctance to tell the public the truth because the outrage would also fall upon those who were paid to protect the public and ended up betraying the people. I guess the lesson here is if you plan to defraud the public it is best to get the government agencies helping to promote the fraud. Then government will also be reluctant to let the truth out. What has happened during the past five or more years is that a very profitable fraud that has killed an incredible number of children is coming unraveled. Now there is many who no longer fear to speak the truth. The facts and details of this deadly fraud are on the internet. Thus it is becoming most difficult to hide the crimes. So, I guess that all you can do now to save face is to say it is, the other guy who made me do it. However, because the children are still dying and the phony fire detectors are still in about 90 million homes; it would seem (based on the information received from my legal friend) that those who continue the cover-up today must be considered to be part and parcel of this deadly fraud. For this reason (and others) I believe that it would be wise for Kidde to initiate a campaign of honesty and begin to advise the public that the smoke detectors in their homes are defective and that if a fire occurs they may not warn in time to escape. Also, an honest fire alarm company would realize that the corruption that is part of the NFPA code system has been incredibly deadly in other ways as well. An honest fire detection company would stop complying with the corrupt NFPA code and produce an honest code that included reliable fire detectors(smoke and heat) within an honest fire code.