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For over a decade, I have produced a body of work on enhancing human beings. This has included work on the ethics of the use of genetic selection to have children with the best prospects of the best life (I coined the term, “Procreative Beneficence” now widespread in the literature) and the use of technology, particularly biotechnology, to enhance human capacities. The primary focus has been cognitive enhancement but it has also included enhancement of relationship and physical performance (including doping in sport). More recently, the emphasis has shifted to enhancement of moral dispositions. I have also included some incomplete material following this on Synthetic Biology. This could be incorporated into Human Enhancement as it is a technique which could be used to enhance human beings but I have left it as a separate potential topic.


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J. experts in medicine. Oxford (21 May 2009) 11 April 2008. Symposium Programme . Cambridge. Hinxton. delivered keynote speech at ‘Human enhancement . Received CHF 37. and representatives from its advisory group (staff from Universities and university clinics with expertise in the relevant fields and in bioethics). (2011). ‘Biotechnology. workshop on ‘Justice and Reproduction’. Cambridge ADD 2010 Hinxton Conference wherever ends up – text currently in Industry section ] Government. ‘Human Liberation: 5 Ways to Produce Better Humans’. London (31 January) 22 April 2008. Australia 8 September 2008. The NDH requested that we hold this workshop for a delegation of 27 people who constitute its National Bioethics Advisory Committee. Japan Conferences Organised involving non-academics Savulescu. 12 . trainers and the general public. Lent Lecture Series. J. Ethics and Policy Challenges of Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Gametes. US 18 April 2008. 30 November – 1 December 2010. Sweden 20-21 October 2009. law and science working on these issues at the Directorate. King's College London. and the Future of Human Nature'. St Cross College. Melbourne. and the use of genetic screening for traits that are beneficial for sports athletes and it was for held for the benefit of athletes. The Moral Obligation to Enhance Human Beings. J. J. (2010). Norway (16 March) organized by The Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board in collaboration with Anti-Doping Norway.NonHuman Chimeras and Transgenesis: Should We Modify Human Nature?’. Petrie Flom Center for Health Law Policy. and Savulescu. Oxford. Geneva. (2008). (2008). Advice Savulescu. This workshop was organized for the Norwegian Directorate of Health (‘NDH’) which is responsible for applying and interpreting laws and regulations in the health and care sector in Norway. ‘Relaxing the Ban on Doping’. Human enhancement and genetic selection. Oxford (11 March 2008) Savulescu. Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing Workshop. scientists.biotechnology in sports’ Conference in Oslo. Oxford (11 November). Ethics and the Free Markets’. Switzerland. (2009). J. Tokyo.Savulescu. Policy. Collaborated with Ethox Centre in organising a one day workshop for 60 delegates. Biotechnology. Mont Pelerin Society Annual Conference. M. ‘The Moral Obligation to Create Children With the Best Chance of the Best Life’. Hinxton 2008: Science. University of Gothenburg.500 funding from The Brocher Foundation Sheehan. CAPPE Seminar. Harvard law School.Human Enhancement: What Should be Permitted? Brocher Centre. Biotechnology and Bioethics. ‘The Ethics of Creating Human. University of Illinois in Chicago College of Medicine.Harvard Video Link 'Ethics. Chicago 16 July 2008. Primary focus of the conference was the use of gene doping.

Trinity College. Czech Republic-. Oxford Leadership Advantage Programme (Said Business School).. London.. ‘The Ethics of the New Biosciences’. 14 April 2008 Savulescu. ‘Enhancement as a Human Right’. Oxford 12 November 2010. June 4. Presidential Commission’ on Bioethics Briefing Book (July 2010) to consider the scientific. J. J. Oxford 2 February 2011. ‘Unfit for the Future? An Ethical Discussion’. SAB Miller Executive Ethical Challenges Programme (Said Business School). Allianz. Oxford Leadership Advantage Programme(Said Business School) for State Farm Insurance Company. Systemic Risk Programme (Said Business School) for State Farm Insurance Company. Oxford 23 September 2008. SABMiller Engaging with the Future Conference. Directors Conference.S. Oxford Savulescu. ‘Better Than Healthy . what are we to believe?’ Savulescu. Also led debate: ‘Medical Technologies: Enhanced Lives and Evolved Businesses.Human Liberation : Implications of Overcoming Human Biological and Psychological Limitations’. 28-29 October 2009. Oxford 19 November 2010. Oxford Union. European Commission. 13th Forum of National Ethics Councils: Neuroethics. for State Farm Insurance Company. SABMiller : Emerging Ethical Dilemmas. House of Commons. J.part of Czech EU presidency Savulescu.. Current Ethical Dilemmas: A Rational Approach. 2009. Centrica General Management Programme (Said Business School). J. 29 September 2008. Munich. Oxford 13 October 2010. Oxford Union. J. Savulescu. Ethics of Human Enhancement. 21 June 2006 Business/Industry consultation 22 March 2011. 23 March 2010. Prague. ‘Engaging with the Future: The Ethical Questions and Dilemmas’. Savulescu. J. J.. ‘Visionary Ethics: Two Concepts of Sustainability’. Presentation as part of Brain Awareness Week at the European Parliament Savulescu. T. Executive Education Programme (Said Business School). Debate From Stem Cells to Neuroethics.. McKinsey & Co.) ‘Synthetic Biology and the Ethics of Knowledge’ (later published in the Journal of Medical Ethics. Munich 13 .Julian Savulescu co-authored paper (with Douglas. Engaging with the Future. 18 March 2009. J. Oxford Savulescu. November 2010) which was included in the U. Submitted Evidence on Human Enhancement technologies in Sport to the Science and Technology Committee. social and moral implications of these new developments. ‘How Do We Conceive Health in 2018?’ Digitalized Globe 2018.

heraldsun. in response to Sunday Herald Sun article below. I appeared with Nigella Lawson. Ethical Aspects of highly-respected national ABC News 24 television and many subsequent repeats. (2010). Leon Kass (Advisor to President Bush’s Council on Bioethics). the Australian Broadcasting Commission’s major public 7 February 14 February 2011. London as part of its ‘Late’ series. invited article in the Guardian in response to ‘How should the state regulate reproductive technologies?’ Part of the Guardian’s ‘The Question’ series. Michael Sandel (of Harvard University. half-hour long interview with Andrew Denton. On this programme. Savulescu. former Reith Lecturer and author of The Case Against Perfection) and John Harris (Lord Alliance Professor of Bioethics).net. renowned BBC World Service radio programme. (2010).com. 14 February 2011. Other Bio-Bites interviewees are likely to include Baroness Mary Warnock. feature article interview in ‘Sekret Firmy’ . Interview broadcast live on ‘The Naked Scientists: Science Radio’. on the widely-followed Sydney Talk Radio in response to Sunday Herald Sun article J. discussing how our identity is shaped by genetics and moral imperatives to enhance. interviewed on 2UE News Talk morning programme. Video and transcript is available at http://www. Interviewed about social and business impacts of biomedical enhancements. ABC TV. Special recording at the Science Museum. http://www. J. J. (2010). Enough Rope. on the popular Melbourne Talk Radio network. J. Interview to be broadcast shortly on Philosophy Bites and several other internet websites. Business Savulescu.Media A selection of highest impact appearances: 29 September 2008. Sunday Herald Sun (13 February)http://www. (2010). (2011). by programme host Jane Hutcheon 14 . Appeared on ‘Forum’. A leading Australian ethicist has advocated genetically screening embryos to create a smarter society of superior "designer babies" with higher IQs. 16 September 2010. (4 July) Savulescu. high-profile Russian business magazine on human enhancement. interviewed on ‘One Plus One’. interviewed by Nigel Warburton discussing ‘designer babies’ for upcoming BioBites series of 10 interviews in which leading thinkers on bioethics tackle controversial subjects arising out of recent scientific advances. an award winning BBC weekly radio programme run by physicians and researchers from Cambridge University (21 November) Savulescu. Savulescu. interviewed on ‘The Steve Price Breakfast Program’. November 2010. Enough Rope is the highest rating programme on ABC. http://www.htm.

very high-profile three part series presented by Dawkins about the science of genomes and resulting ethical issues http://www. Daily Mail (2 July) http://www. Monash University alumni magazine. Inspirers and Thinkers who want to shape a different world’. www. Radio Romania. Superman’ article featuring interview with Oxford Today. June 2010 1 June 2010. concerning drugs in sport. interviewed on ‘Radio Planet – The World We Will Live In’. AFR BOSS magazine on leadership and management published in the Australian Financial Review. ‘Enhancing the Lives of children: How far should we go?’.uk/debates ‘Academic focus: Professor Julian Savulescu’. interviewed for the article and extensively quoted. broadcast of interview by Richard Dawkins for BBC Radio 4 ‘The Age of the Genome’. Savulescu’s research on the use of performanceenhancing drugs in sport. Update 2 (24 June) and Closing Statement (1 July). Savulescu 15 . interviewed on ‘Newshour’. with a focus on cycling. 16 February 2010. Update 1 (17 June). ‘Banning Performance-Enhancing Drugs Neither Ensures Fair Play Nor Protects Athletes’ Health’. The debate proved very popular and the public posted comments throughout the debate which closed with a public vote (5-9 July). Guest on Talk Radio Europe ‘Maurice Boland: The Mid Morning Show’ discussing a new genetic test which can give individuals their odds of reaching the age of 100 (8 July) Savulescu. quoted in article on Royal Society of Medicine Conference 14 July 2010. widely-respected BBC World Service radio programme featuring leading thinkers from disparate fields. University of Oxford magazine (Michaelmas issue 2009). featured in ‘Oxford in Westminster’. feature article as one of the eight individuals about artificial life and other research interests. 3-4 July 2010. http://www. (2010). high-profile BBC World Service radio Savulescu. August 2010. Savulescu as an international leader in the field of Cover feature article in Summer 2009/10 issue of Praxis (2009/2010 issue).August 2010.ox. Weekend Australian. a guest on ‘The Forum’. Reports on J. (2010).dailymail. J. The Vancouver Sun. ‘Woe. Abortion celebrating J. 29 November Will you live to 100? Scientists pinpoint 19 markers that tell you if you will have a long life. 14 June-1 July 2010 led the University of Oxford Online Debate proposing the motion: Performance enhancing drugs should be allowed in sport: raise the bar or draw the line?’ Published Opening Statement (14 June). ‘Welcome to the New Ice Age’.html 7 July ‘Change Makers: Meet eight Innovators.

html Savulescu. The Age. (2008). Faster. “PM Endorses Emerging Leaders Awards for Encouraging Young Australians”.25769320-23289. The Australian 26 June 20 2009. True Tube (educational videos online) videocast on drugs in sport 18 June 2009. Reports on The Australian Savulescu..html 16 . 1 September 2009.25653002-5013871. (2009).au/story/0. Future” Reports on Julian Savulescu’s research on love drugs. Sydney http://www. (2009). Julian Savulescu on 'I want to be a superhero'. True Tube (educational videos online) (8 July) Savulescu.theaustralian. “Julian Savulescu on ' discussing genetic testing http://news.html 1 July 2009. (2009). “Leaders of Tomorrow are Acknowledged Today”. Insight TV programme. Savulescu. Savulescu’s research on love drugs 13 July 2009. Reports on J. Changing the Nature of Human Beings. The Australian http://www. In your genes. Unfair May Be Fair as Genetics Conflate Steroids (Interviewed 25/02/08) http://www. The Australian. (2008).html 17 June 2009. Unfit for Life:Genetically Enhance Humanity or Face Extinction SlowTV online broadcast of Sydney Festival of Dangerous Ideas presentation (October) Kuriloff. Quotes Julian Savulescu odcastsGET J. “Gallery: Weekend Australian Magazine's Next 10” “Genetic Discovery Stirs IVF Debate”. The Australian.theaustralian. and Eichelberger.html 17 June 2009. J. “Enhanced Brains Say Know to Drugs”.00. 19 August The Australian.25649833-5012694. J.25649698-5012694. Article Announcing Julian Savulescu's Top Emerging Thinker Savulescu. ‘Perfect to a Fault’.smh. J. J. Applied Ethics and Human http://www. (2009).com.00. Interview with Oliver Lewis for University of Oxford podcast (12 September) http://media. Savulescu’s research on the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport.theaustralian.theaustralian. Prospect. “The Age of Enhancement”. Rudd Names 10 Emerging Leaders”.uk/oucs/oxonian_interviews/savulescu_interview.00.

ABC Unleashed Opinion Piece. (2008). Raleigh News & Observer newspaper in North Rudd Names 10 Emerging Leaders.00.25197.htm 05 October 2008. (12 March 2008)http://www. The Edge of Ethics. Says JS Interview with Peder http://www.00.00. The Dilemma of Pills that Boost Brain The Australian. The Australian. http://www.html Tue 16 June/ Sat 20 June 2009 Morality in Michael 15 August 27 October 2008.25649698-601. 2008: 12 February'Whose Baby Is It Anyway'.html 01 September 2008. Breeding Perfect Babies. The War Against 3 December 2008. The Right to a Level Playing Field. Radio Netherlands World Wide.html 17 June 2009.newsobserver. Gallery. J. Julian Savulescu. Baby the Wrong Gender? Abort it. The Moral Maze.5057990-601-6.theaustralian. 10 Emerging Leaders.shtml 18 June 2009. Matthew Liao.html 18 June 2009.. The Toronto Where Next for Human Evolution? MSN Online Quotes Professor Savulescu http://environment..25649833-2702.html Savulescu. Quotes Professor Savulescu on Drugs in Sport.aspx?cp-documentid=13644697 14 17 June 2009.. http://www. ABC Unleashed Opinion Piece by Julian ABC Unleashed Opinion Piece with Dominic Wilkinson http://www. The Australian http://www.24273462-5006785.theaustralian. in Evening Standard. Letter responding to 'Bolt Can Become Greatest Sprinter Ever'.bbc.00. ABC Unleashed Opinion Piece by Anders Sandberg. BBC Radio 4. http://www. And Radio Netherlands Worldwide Podcast interviewing JS on Drugs in Sport 17 .com. Aubrey de Grey and Nick Bostrom. 12 November. Invited Question 17 February 2009. PM Endorses Emerging Leaders Awards for Encouraging Young The Australian http://www. Spotless Minds. Leaders of Tomorrow are Endorsed Today.thisislondon. The Australian http://www. Report on debate given at Neuroethics Society Annual Meeting November 08. Reith Lecture. Death Fiction and Taking Organs from the

the brain and doping at the Olympics. 10 March 2008 http://www. Press Association.mp3 10 August 2008. 15 April 2008. BBC News. 15 April 2008. Times Online.jsp?d=114&a=437210 4 August 2008. Interview with BBC journalist to discuss selection of deaf embryos. Interview with Professor Savulescu on Drugs in Sport 19 July 2008. http://news. Changing the Nature of Human (Media Relating to Hinxton 15 April 2008 http://www. Science Weekly: magic. Interview with Julian Savulescu on Drugs in Sport. Com. Unfair May Be Fair as Genetics Conflate Steroids (Correct).uk/tol/comment/columnists/guest_contributors/ Artificial sperm and eggs 'may be created in the next five years'.bbc.jhtml?xml=/news/2008/04/15/nchild115. Daily Mail. Synen på dopning behöver förnyas.stm Scientists warn over 'interference'.telegraph.dailymail. 9 – 11 April 2008) Stem cell advances could help childless couples. and 14 April 2008. Ingdahl. Telegraph. Quoted in ‘’Is It Wrong to Select a Deaf Embryo’.ece 30 April Sydney Morning Herald.html?in_article_id=559728&i n_page_id=1797 Sperm and eggs from stem cells 'in 15 years'. The Quotes Professor Julian Savulescu quoted extensively from interview with Aaron Kuriloff http://www.timesonline. Is It Wrong to Select a Deaf Embryo?.ece 'Limit' to lab egg and sperm Ein Verbot von Doping funktioniert Same sex couples could create Interview on human enhancement.smh. http://www. Podcast 30 July 2008. Let Them Take Drugs: The Safe Ones. http://www. in GÖTEBORGSPOSTEN 2008.stm 18 .co.shtml 10 March 2008.tamilstar. Tamil Star http://www. 14 April 2008. Tages Anzeiger. General Media Continued 11 March 2008.omroep.http://download1b. Guardian. Guardian.html?page=fullpage#contentSwap1 7 August

Intelligence Squared News release. 2011 19 . Debating Drug Use in Sport. New York (16 January 2008) More Debate Coverage. http://www.freemarketnews. Oxford Interactions: Debate in the Public Domain Promotes Rational Decisions(Interview with Julian Savulescu). Debate addresses whether sports should allow performance-enhancing drugs Report on Intelligence Squared Debate on Performance Enhancing drugs Jan 15. 19 January 2008. Below are a selection of my own blogs relating to enhancement.html Savulescu.asp?nid=9241 Blog posts (all from Uehiro Centre blog: Practical Ethics in the News) The Uehiro Practical Ethics in the News Blog is accessed by members of the public daily. (2008). report on Intelligence Squared Debate on performance Enhancing Drugs in Sport January 2008. Intelligence Squared Debate Audience Agrees with Dick Pound.asp?nid=9241 20 January 6 January 2008. Free Market News Network. ABC Background Briefing.prnewswire. The American Spectator. Nicer Humans’ (Radio) Online at http://www. http://www. The Globe and Mail USA. Edited version of Julian Savulescu’s Sydney Ideas Lecture. Dale Murphy and George Michael to Keep Steroid Ban in Sports: But Pro-Steroid Arguments Sway Large Segment of Voters at First Debate of Spring 2008 on Intelligence Squared Debate on performance enhancing drugs in sport http://www. Game of Life. Should We Breed Smarter Children? Feb 14. Oxford Blueprint Magazine Savulescu.signonsandiego. Smarter. Article on stem quoting Professor Savulescu 21 January 2008. cloning and human-animal cybrid 19 January Coverage of Intelligence Squared Debate on Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sport Jan 08. My blogs are regularly amongst the highest accessed. The Age. Charleston Daily Mail. report on Intelligence Squared Debate on performance Enhancing Drugs in Sport January 2008. BBC South Today (TV) 27 January 2008. report on Intelligence Squared Debate on performance enhancing drugs in sport. achieving around 1000 hits. J. Public Affairs: Intelligence Squared Brings Oxford Union Debating to the land of Loudmouths. http://www. ‘Stronger. Interview on Drugs in Sport. Intellectual Juicing. J.15 February 2008. (2008).htm with transcripts January 2008. 16 January 2008.

ac.ox. 2011 http://blog.practicalethics.ox.This blog is actually by Neil Levy but relates to a feature length newspaper interview with me. Enhancement and the American Dream 26 June 2009 Oxford Debates – Performance enhancing drugs should be allowed in sport – Proposer’s opening statement 24 June 2010 Why We Need a War on Aging 31 January 2009 20 .ac. Why Bioenhancement of Mathematical Ability Is Ethically Important 4 November 2010 Drugs in sport debate: Proposer’s update 17 June 2010 Drugs in sport debate: Proposer’s update 2 24 June 2010 This blog holds the record for the greatest number of How to Prescribe Smart Drugs to Children Ethically 12 May 2010 Nazi Eugenics Returns to Germany: The Paradox of Eugenics Jan Drugs in sport debate: Proposer’s closing statement 6 July 2010

uk/2008/02/changing-the-building-blocks-of-life-playing-god-andbeing-gods/ Fluoride and the Future: Population Level Cognitive Enhancement 8 February 2008 Other Markers of Public Impact http://blog. Selected as winner of the ‘Thinkers’ category of The Weekend Australian’s top 100 Emerging Leaders awards. A 12 week series of articles culminated in the presentation of the award by the Prime Minister of Australia at an awards ceremony at Parliament House in 21 Preimplantation Genetic Screening: One Step Closer to the Perfect Baby? 24 October 2008 Is it Wrong to Deliberately Select Embryos which will have Disabiltites? 12 March 2008 Brain Boosting and Cheating in Exams: Four Responses 22 May 2008 Ban Cosmetic Surgery in Children? 22 April 2008 Is it Wrong to Deliberately Select Embryos which will have Disabiltites? 28 February 2008 How to Win the War on Drugs in Sport 25 July 2008 http://blog. May How to Improve on Bolt’s Performance 21 August 2008

22 .11) Fellow. comprising four research institutes working with the Mental Health Research Institute and the University of Melbourne neuroscientists to develop more effective treatments for people affected by brain disorders. Royal Institution (2009. People who are setting the agenda or at the cutting edge of their chosen fields and who are inspirational role-models through their work and dedication. 6. 9. It is devised as a list of Australians who are on the rise or newly established in roles of influence and leadership. 5. Professor Ralph Bradshaw (Past-President of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology) Dame Bridget Ogilvie (Past-CEO of the Wellcome Trust) Professor Alan Bernstein (President of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research). Gave 6 public lectures in each Australian capital on Human Enhancement. all international leaders in their fields and one of whom is the recent female Nobel laureate. 8. Australian Society for Medical Research’s (ASMR) National Lecturer and Medallist. University of Melbourne (a further 1 year appointment made for 2010) June 2009. 2005. 17 June 2009. 4. Appointed Louis Mathieson Visiting Professor at Monash University. a very prestigious post held by only three other distinguished professors. 2. one of the world’s top 10 neuroscience institutes. Institute of Biology (2009-) 3. Past Lecturers and Medallists include Nobel Laureate Peter Doherty. 7.Canberra. Melbourne Law School. Continuation of prestigious appointment as Visiting Professor. Society of Biology (2009-) Fellow. Appointed as an Honorary Professorial Fellow at the Florey Neuroscience Institutes (20102013). received the prestigious Monash Distinguished Alumni Award 2009 as an international leader in the field of bioethics Member.