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BSc(IT), MSc(CT),

To ac.uir" a s"t o/ s-ills /or s"l/%0"1"lopm"nt an0 gro2th o/ th" organi3ation through continuous l"arning 4 support. )illing to 2or- as a t"am play"r o/ support syst"m in "1"ry 5usin"ss sch"m". Academic Records:


Post Graduation: #ass"0 /ull tim" MSc in Com uter Science /rom Bur02an 6ni1"rsity in 2712 2ith &'#89 :+;. Graduation9 #ass"0 !Sc in "n#ormation $ec%nolo&' /rom Si--im Manipal 6ni1"rsity in 277( 2ith GDTPA: 74.75%. SAP A!AP S(ills:

Permanent Address:
Shyamnagar, oapara By !an" #.$.%&arulia, 'ist% 2(parganas ( orth), )B%*(+1++.

8 Training has 0on" on S8#%8B8# /rom an "<p"ri"nc"0 pro/"ssional an0 consultant.

%&oo0 -no2l"0g" o/ syst"m -"rn"l an0 communication an0 int"gration t"chnologi"s an0
thr"" tir" archit"ctur". %&oo0 -no2l"0g" in 8B8#=( programming li-" 'ata 'ictionary, Mo0ul"%pool, Classical 4 Int"racti1" >"ports an0 list proc"ssing an0 also in 0ynamic programming. %&oo0 ,no2l"0g" in S8#%SC>I#TS an0 SM8>T?$>MS, /unction groups an0 /unction mo0ul"s. %85l" to us" 8B8# 0ictionary ta5l"s an0 o5j"cts. %85l" to us" S@! Trac" an0 >un tim" analysis. %&oo0 -no2l"0g" in $5j"ct ori"nt"0 programming. %&oo0 in MIS r"port cr"ations. $ec%nical S(ills: !anguag" ,no2n 'BMS=>'BMS $p"rating Syst"m )"5 an0 Multim"0ia E># #ac-ag" Aar02ar" P)P S(ills: 8 Training has 0on" on #A# /rom a )"5 0"1"lopm"nt pro/"ssional an0 consultant. 9 #A# B, Ca1aScript, ATM! an0 C. 9 MyS.l, MS%8cc"ss, $racl" 17g, #!=S@!. 9 )in0o2*= Dp, )in0o2 S"r1"r277+ 9 ATM!, CSS, DM!. 9 S8# 8B8# ECC:, 9 8ss"m5ling, installation o/ so/t2ar" an0 har02ar" 0"1ic"s, trou5l"shooting, "tc.

Current location: ,ol-ata

%&oo0 -no2l"0g" o/ #A# co0ing an0 0"1"lopm"nt.
%&oo0 -no2l"0g" o/ /orm 1ali0ation through Ca1aScript an0 #A#. %&oo0 ,no2l"0g" in ATM! co0ing to 0"sign 2"5 pag" 2ith 5asic CSS. %85l" to us" S@! .u"ry through Mys.l. %&oo0 un0"rstan0ing o/ $5j"ct ori"nt"0 programming. %a5l" to 2rit" co0" in DM!. %Basic us"ag" o/ j.u"ry. -able to understand and usage of Ajax. % also a5l" to un0"rstan0 o/ MFC archit"ctur". %a5ility to han0l" multitas- an0 prioriti"s o1"r chall"nging 2or-loa0. P)P !i1" #roj"ct 'uring Mast"rGs '"gr""

ha0 to r"ach"0 th" proj"cts 0"a0 lin" on tim". Con/igur"0 In/o typ"s. syst"m 5ac-up in $racl" #lat/orm. 9 #A# B. cr"at" cat"gori"s an0 su5cat"gori"s "tc. Th"y ar" also g"tting pri1il"g" to "0it.uic-ly 5y gi1ing a simpl" a01"rtis"m"nt on this sit". on" is front end an0 anoth"r sit" is back end or admin control. Job Descri tion: data5as" maintains. a r"gist"r"0 us"r can post multipl" a0s 2ith any num5"r o/ tim"s. Ain0i 4 B"ngali. Employ"" &roup. g"n"rating commission=T'S r"ports through E># syst"m. E<p"ri"nc"0 in IT /i"l0s as so/t2ar" pro/"ssional o/ /r""lanc" jo5s in 2"5pag" 0"1"loping. 0"signing an0 0"1"loping 2"5 pag"s through ATM!.. suppos" you 2ant to sal" your ol0 Car or you 2ant to 5uy an ol0 Car 5oth can 5" 0on" smartly an0 .Personal Details: DO!: 72n0 $ct 1HI1 Gender: Mal" *ationalit': In0ian Reli&ion: Ain0u Marital Status: 6nmarri"0 #roj"cts Tools 6s"0 #roj"ct 'uration 9 Online Advertisement Portal. #ay Scal" groups 4 !"1"ls. )obbies: !ist"ning to Music. r"tri"1ing mass 0ata /rom syst"m an0 pr"par"0 inc"nti1" sch"m". Duration: MayG277* to ?"5G277I Desi&nation: $//ic"r E># Com an': Th" Supr"m" In0ustri"s !imit"0. 9 Si< months. Duration: '"c 2711 to Cun" 2712 Desi&nation9 ?r""lanc"r ()"5 0"1"lop"r%#A#) Com an': )"5 &lo5al Solutions. Fali0at" 0ata through #A# an0 Ca1aScript. Date: Sujoy Dalal . It is a comm"rcial a01"rtis"m"nt portal /or onlin" a0s post. JavaScri t. 8llocat"0 Int"rnal an0 E<t"rnal num5"r rang" /or th" "mploy""s. pac-ag"s s"ttings /or pr"mium a0s. "<p"ns"s r"l"as"s . up0ating 0ata. A"r" "ith"r on" or 5oth o/ th"m can /in0 th"ir r"sourc"s an0 s"r1ic"s so . cr"ating h"a0"r an0 /oot"r s"ction.A"r" "ith"r on" or 5oth o/ th"m can /in0 th"ir r"sourc"s an0 s"r1ic"s so . Payroll9 #ayroll 8r"as. )ag" typ"s. us"r s"ttings. maintains 4 gi1"s a 0ynamic solutions in /unctional ar"as o/ r"tri"1ing 0ata. #"rsonn"l su5ar"a.. HTML. Th" proj"ct 2as cr"at"0 2ith t2o 1alua5l" ar"as. pr"par" "mploym"nt 0ata5as". &"rman. E<ampl"9 a stu0"nt is s""-ing /or pri1at" tuitions on Spanish languag"J on th" oth"r si0" a t"ach"r also 2ant to t"ach Spanish.erience: Duration: $ct2712 to S"pt271+ Desi&nation9 E<"cuti1" Com an': Godrej Consumer Products Ltd (on thir0 party payroll). installing an0 r"co1"ring op"rating syst"m. an a0ministrator pri1il"g"0 ar"a. up0at". Pro#essional e. Lan&ua&e Pro#icienc' in+ English. 6s"0 Int"gration tools /or trans/"rring 0ata /rom $rgani3ation. 0"l"t" th"ir a0s an0 can chang" pass2or0s as 2"ll as th"ir account s"ttings. maintain MIS r"ports "tc. >ussian languag"s "tc. #ay scal" Structur" an0 maintain. Th"r"/or" th" 5ac-"n0 portion is th" total control o/ th" sit". Personnel Administration: Mast"r 'ata. g"n"rating monthly an0 0aily r"ports. cr"ating an0 up0ating salary structur". ins"rting.uic-ly. Ent"rpris" Structur" cr"ation (#"rsonn"l ar"a. CSS. ATM!. 6s"r cr"ation or r"gistration is th" man0atory part to post a0s through a /orm su5mits a/t"r that. Ca1aScript an0 Mys.l.uic-ly. har02ar" support an0 trou5l"shooting. monitoring syst"ms 0ata5as" through E>#. Skills used: PHP. can "0it 5ann"r a0s. 8lso. Control >"cor0s. In/o groups cr"ation 4 maint"nanc". With regards. Employ"" Su5 group). CSS. CSS as p"r th" cli"ntGs n""0s. #ay Scal" Typ"s 4 ar"as a0justm"nts. installing an0 up0ating anti1irus /ir"2all.