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Petiola Manu Axana King Soc 1010 4/22/14 The Two Nations of Black America The United States

has the largest black middle class, as well as the largest black underclass, and what is even larger is the gap between the two. And, surprisingly that gap is growing more rapidly than the gap between white middle class, and white underclass. The black middle class has doubled since 1965, and is still growing today. One might wonder why that gap is so large. And how it got to be? Well there are many factors on how and why the gap is where it is at, such as historic racism, as Henry Gates Louis, Jr. says The civil rights movement is still unfinished. Eldridge Cleaver mentioned in the film, they were Marxists in the Black Panther Party/Movement, during the 1960s, and 1970s they were all about social economics. And as Julian bond also says in the film, growing up his neighbors were often in poverty, or on welfare, compared to now where his neighbors are people Just like him. This is symbolic interaction, another sociological perspective along with Cleavers reference to Marxism. After the civil rights movement ended, and while there were certain, and some blacks that moved into middle class, more than half were left behind, and even though times are different from 1968, the oppression of people and struggles those face are still strongly alive today, in the United States. While the color line may have disappeared it was quickly replaced with a class line.

Cornnel West makes some interesting statements when asked, about the differences between black middle class, and black underclass. He remarks with almost a certain gratitude that he and others in middle class wouldnt be where they are right now, if it werent for African Americans before them paving a way, he says they (the black middle class) are An extension of the black community. And also some interesting remarks from William Julius Wilson, when he responds on how he, and black professors who are being paid more than white professors (since they are in demand) cannot be compared to inner city kids striving to make ends meat. Henry Gates Louis, Jr. also goes on to say I have more in common with white colleagues than my brothers and sisters in the Ghetto. Race is no longer a factor, making the judgment in todays society that one should have similarities with one another simply based on the fact they share the same skin color, is somewhat ignorant. After listening to these black professionals, and their opinions, they simply dont relate to others without their same educations, and standard of living, not because of race, but because of class. Which leaves me to this conclusion; while half of the blacks were moved up to the middle class after the civil rights movement more than that were left behind, it is almost Social Darwinism Survival of the Fittest. No longer is there a color line, but a class line across the board, for all genders, races, and ethnicities. There is not only a problem within the alarming gap between black middle class, and black underclass, but a problem with Americas social class.