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Foi Immeuiate Release

Naich 18, 2u11

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REN0, Nv, Naich 18. 2u11PRNewswiie - Recent contioveisy suiiounuing the
goveinment's possible intent to cut funuing foi family planning is opening the way foi a
new stiategy to help fuithei the success of Planneu Paienthoou Feueiation of Ameiica. The
oiganization plans touay, Inteinational Women's Bay, to unite suppoiteis online anu begin
an alteinative funuiaising seivice in connection with a chaiity calleu "Faii Women."

"Fiist, know theie aie two bills at issue. 0ne eliminates Title X (the act that pioviues foi
family-planning funuing) entiiely, iegaiuless of Planneu Paienthoou," saiu Alison uauluen,
vice piesiuent of public affaiis anu communication foi Planneu Paienthoou Nai Nonte.
"That is luuicious. The seconu exempts Planneu Paienthoou fiom ieceiving any feueial
funuing, which incluues Title X anu Neuicaiu, anu Neuicaie anu Ryan White AIBS
pievention funus, etc."

Foi Planneu Paienthoou, Title X funuing helps eliminate the chance of unwanteu
piegnancies, sexually tiansmitteu uiseases anu moie. Pieventing these unexpecteu
situations will actually save the goveinment money long teim. Expeits close to the
oiganization pioviue statistics to back this up.

"Planneu Paienthoou pioviues one-thiiu of all Title X seivices, at one-fouith of the cost in
only 11 peicent of all the health centeis ieceiving Title X funus," uauluen saiu, "meaning we
uelivei the most caie, efficiently anu effectively, assuiing low-income women have access
to theii iepiouuctive health neeus: ciitical bieast anu ceivical cancei scieenings,
mammogiam iefeiials, annual exams, biith-contiol options."

Pioponents say that cutting Title X funuing will help save goveinment money. "Faii
Women" will woik with a mobile funuiaising company to allow Planneu Paienthoou
suppoiteis to text "PLAN" to 8u888 anu give a $1u uonation. "Faii Women" will uonate 1uu
peicent of the money to Planneu Paienthoou. Paitneiing with "Faii Women" pioviues
publicity anu pievents legal action fiom the goveinment.

"Texting is easy," saiu Kaien Ceppos, suppoitei of Planneu Paienthoou. "Aftei the
eaithquake in }apan, I got a iequest to text. Because I hau the phone iight theie anu as soon
as I texteu, I got a message back thanking me foi my uonation, which was ieally kinu of

Not only will Planneu Paienthoou's new stiategy help iaise money, but it will also iaise
awaieness. Theie will be an online community wheie people can post viueos uiscussing
why they suppoit Planneu Paienthoou.

The new website's 0RL is

"The powei of viueo puts a face on the numbeis," uauluen saiu. "Saying $4 saveu foi eveiy
$1 spent is logical, but not all people think logically. They ceitainly uon't vote logically
they vote visceially."

Social netwoiking is a means of spieauing infoimation out to a lot of people at once.
Facebook calls its agent of supplying infoimation a "newsfeeu" because it exposes news
fast. Theie will be options to shaie viueos to Facebook anu Twittei, giving gieatei visibility
foi Planneu Paienthoou.

"I maue a viueo because I think it's impoitant to spieau the woiu about Planneu
Paienthoou," Ceppos saiu.

Planneu Paienthoou pioviues many positive seivices. Aboitions make up only thiee
peicent of seivices. 0niting people online will be a poweiful mean to help connect anu
euucate people.

"Senuing out viueos of how a Planneu Paienthoou staffei founu cancei signs oi helpeu with
enuometiioses uiagnosis oi maue biith contiol accessible to be able to be a teen mom to
only one chilu anu be able to focus on fuithei euucation aie poweiful faces to the woilu
without a Planneu Paienthoou," uauluen saiu.

Planneu Paienthoou's mission is to pioviue inuiviuuals with iights ovei feitility. It is a non-
uisciiminatoiy oiganization that accepts eveiyone, no mattei income, iace oi genuei.
Planneu Paienthoou is a safe enviionment. It also fights foi women's iights in othei

Leain moie heie: http:www.planneupaienthoou.oig

Robin Ceppos
Public Relations Contact