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Lucas Verville Malcolm Campbell English 1102 1/20/13 Topic Proposal: The Powerful Effects Music Can Have on People Introduction/Overview The main focus of m topic proposal !ill be to!ar"s musical l rics an" ho! it can affect the personalities of teenagers# Music can be a ver influential tool on people$ paving the !a the act$ "ress an" even have a sa on their personal hobbies as it has the abilit to mo"if ones moo"# %t a ver oung age$ infants as earl as one can "istinguish the "ifference bet!een happ

an" sa" music thus$ altering their moo"# This earl recognition can pla a role in "efining important subgroups !ithin the a"olescent culture an" helps teens establish their i"entit # &t is from here !e see the groups that ten" to emerge !ithin a t pical high school setting !ith their musical preferences' the metalhea"s$ goths/emo(s$ countr $ alternative$ hip)hop an" rap as e*amples# +hen a"olescent teens !ant to feel a certain behavior the usuall turn to music as gui"ance "epen"ing on their preference# % stu" base" on California high schools in the southeastern region sho!e" that on average$ eighth an" ninth gra"ers alone listene" to music more than 20 hours a !ee,# %nother stu" sho!e" that over -00 schools in Minnesota listen to music more than 2. hours !ee,# /oth of those stu"ies !ere base" on me"ia usage inclu"ing television an" pla ing vi"eo games# This goes to sho! that listening to music is a huge interest# %lso$ it is right aroun" these late mi""le school/ earl high school ears that mar,s a sharp increase in the amount of time teens not onl

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"evote their time listening to music but also pa more attention to the l rics an" soa, them in# 0o base" on the amount of time teenagers spen" !ith music an" the t pes of music that the listen to$ the affects can start ta,e shape# 1rom here !e can start to see people in /ob Marle shirts start to roam the hall!a s an" others loo,ing li,e Mac,lemore !annabe(s# /ase" on a stu" at &o!a 0tate 2niversit $ Those !ho are avi" listeners of heav metal music have a statistical ten"enc to perform less !ell aca"emicall than those !ith more mainstream taste# The also foun" out that the have "epressive an" anti social feelings an" thoughts# %lso$ the ten" to be more "istant from their parents an" have a ten"enc to see, pleasure an" thrills through various behaviors# +ith rap an" hip)hop there is glorification for the 3gangsta life4 an" shining the light on !omen in a se*ual "egra"ing manner# % stu" sho!e" that teens !ho spen" tons of time vie!ing music vi"eos on rap to the point of "epicting them are three times more li,el to stri,e an a"ult an" over t!o times more li,el to get arreste"# There is also Extreme Music more !i"el ,no!n as goth)music that alienate" or "epresse" teens ma listen to in or"er to cope !ith their emotion of sa"ness$ loneliness or even suici"al thoughts# 5o!ever$ this t pe of me"iation can actuall !orsen their current state# 0everal of recent teen school shootings !ere ,no!n to have been big fans of Maril n Manson# 1or m preliminar research & mainl loo,e" at online articles that gave me beneficial evi"ence !hile also loo,ing at stu"ies that !ere available to me on the &nternet as !ell# There !as an abun"ant amount to choose from an" & learne" 6uite a bit from 7ust the fe! & rea"# %lso there !as a ver interesting "ocumentar calle" Hells Bells: The Power and Spirit of Popular Music that & !atche" a couple ears bac,# Narrate" b a former har" roc, guitar pla er !ho converte" to Christianit $ it prett much tal,s about ho! music has the po!er to affect people an" covers all the genres !hile also tal,ing from his o!n personal e*perience# & !as able to fin"

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all the parts on 8outube$ but$ it being over si* hours long & !as onl able to !atch parts of it# & plan on !atching the "ocumentar in its entiret in or"er to help me !ith this topic# This topic is ver comple* an" can easil be seen as a matter of opinion# 9ne coul" thro! a!a the notion an" sa $ Oh its just a son ! the words don"t mean an#thin $ M point is not to con"one the t pe of music !e listen to because that !oul" ma,e me a h pocrite# & love to listen to some heav metal music$ most of !hich !oul" probabl ma,e some people cringe# +hat & hope to learn$ is that there is a correlation bet!een the music !e listen to an" the earl establishment of our i"entities in our a"olescent teen ears an" if so$ ho! much:

Initial Inquiry Question s! ;oes constant e*posure to e*plicit music containing se*$ violence an" "rugs have an affect on the behavior of oung teens: ;oes music preference pla into the establishment of subcultures in teen societ an" the frien"ships that !e form: ;oes to"a (s mo"ern music reall "iffer from that in the earl <0(s$ =0(s an" >0(s:

My Interest in this Topic

&(m intereste" in researching the possible effects musical l rics can have on human behavior because & fin" it reall intriguing that base" on the overall tone an" theme of songs$ it can stri,e "ifferent emotional chor"s !ithin us thus bringing out "ifferent emotions li,e anger$

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regret or happiness# This can be "one on a fre6uent basis because !e listen to music so often !hether !e are "oing home!or,$ "riving to school$ cleaning aroun" the house or training for a marathon# &f &(m in the g m "oing po!erlifting an" & nee" to get cra@ in or"er to successfull lift heav !eights & can 7ust cran, up heav metal music li,e %istur&ed! '(%( or 'll That )emains an" the heav guitar rifts accompanie" b the lou" screaming can put me in a focuse"$ cra@e" moo" for that important moment# /ut mainl $ & fin" it more an" more irritating at ho! the mannerisms of to"a (s teen societ have "ecline" an" & !oul" li,e to "ive "eeper into this m ster # Coul" constant e*posure to the themes of se*$ "rugs an" violence an" the artists( uplifting of them be the lin,: This is !hat & !oul" li,e to fin" out$ especiall since & m self am a huge fan of heav metal music an" & fin" the potential correlations ver interesting#

"e#t $teps

& !ill continue to fin" articles online that !ill be beneficial to m topic$ !hile also e*pan"ing m ,no!le"ge on the sub7ect# %lso$ & !ill ta,e full a"vantage of "igging through the librar (s "atabase for an information that !ill be helpful to me in an !a !hether it be a maga@ine article$ ne!spaper clipping or even statistics on musical interest an" it(s influences# & !ill !atch the "ocumentar Hells Bells: The Power and Spirit of Popular Music again online as there !as tons of useful information !ithin the si* hour long film that coul" be of e*tremel goo" use to me# %lso$ & can arrange to intervie! ran"om stu"ents on campus an" ps cholog professors about their opinions on music#

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