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by Mike Donnelly Visceral S ren! " # $er%or&ance' LL(

T"is )ork is license* +n*er a (rea i,e (o&&ons A rib+ ion-S"areAlike ./0 License 2

DIS(LAIMER1 T"e con en con aine* )i "in "is &an+al is 2ro,i*e* %or e*+ca ional 2+r2oses only/ Yo+ s"o+l* cons+l )i " yo+r 2"ysician be%ore e&barkin! on any 2"ysical %i ness or *ie 2ro!ra&/


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3/ 5/ ./ 7/ 4/ 9/ 6/ :/ </ 30/ 33/ In ro*+c ion///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////4 My s ory//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////6 $"iloso2"y/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////30 8asic layo+ ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////3. Le,el 3////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////34 Le,el 5////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////39 T"e Ini ial Assess&en ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////36 E;ercises////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////3: (on*i ionin!//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////.< Reco,ery////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////73 $+ in! i all o!e "er//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////7.


asc+lar an* res2ira ory %i ness/ Tr+s &e' "is is "e )ay o !o/ Here>s )"a yo+ can e.ery &e "o*s o "el2 yo+ !e back in o yo+r )orko+ s' re +rnin! %as er an* s ron!er 5 .in! yo+ a )orko+ o% "e &on " or )eek/ I *on> belie.0 2o+n*s o% soli* &ass in 5 )eek@ &+scle ra! "y2e b+lls"i / W"a I *o belie.ercises 2+ in o a balance*' 2ro2erly2ro!ra&&e* rainin! 2ro!ra&/ (on*i ionin! *rills an* e.en c"allen!e yo+r 2erce2 ion o% )"a i &eans o ?be in s"a2e@ Yo+ see' I>& no !i.e in "e ?9-)eeks o 50-inc" ar&s@ an* ?Gain .el/ o *e er&ine )"ere yo+ c+rren s an* in yo+r ➢ Si&2le' i&e.en i&e an* i&e a!ain o 2ro*+ce res+l s Wi " "is book' Layin! "e Gro+n*)ork' I in en* o *o A+s )"a "e i le i&2lies1 !i. en*e* 2erio* o% i&e/ T"a "as 2ro.asc+lar an* res2ira ory %i ness le.Introduction So' yo+ )an o !e in s"a2e' "+"= Well' yo+ *i* *o)nloa* "is e-book' so yo+ ca&e o ri!" 2lace/ 8+ )"a I>& !oin! o ell yo+ 2robably )on> &as" &+c" )i " )"a yo+ )ill "ear in &ains rea& %i ness 2+blica ions/ In %ac ' )"a >s con aine* in "is &an+al &i!" e.erall %i ness le.els ➢ ➢ ➢ 8asic n+ ri ion in%or&a ion o !e yo+ s ar e* on "e ri!" %oo / Reco.e in is s ickin! )i " a cer ain rainin! e&2la e %or an e.erall car*io.2ec %ro& "e %ollo)in! in%or&a ion in "is i le1 ➢ An ini ial assess&en! yo+ a %o+n*a ional &o*el )"ere yo+ b+il* %+nc ional' balance* s ren! "' alon! )i " a soli* base o% car* e* bo*y)ei!" e.ercises "a )ill increase yo+r )ork ca2aci y an* o.

e i >s a li%e-lon! Ao+rney %ro& "ere on o+ / Are yo+ rea*y o ake "e 2l+n!e= 6 .Ul i&a ely' I *on> belie.e i >s abo+ ?!e in! back in s"a2e@ or ?re +rnin! o yo+r !lory years@/ I belie.

e* 2layin! co&2+ er !a&es an* )a c"in! )ere "eal " n+ s' an* "+s "ey really beca&e "e %ocal 2oin o% &y li%e/ I also lo.en +ally ca&e *o)n )i " a nas y case o% 2ne+&onia "a "os2i aliDe* &e %or abo+ a &on " an* al&os kille* &e/ I )as ol* "a i% I )an e* ano "er 50 &in+ es o !o o "e ER' I 2robably )o+l*n> "a.ersal benc" 2ress s a ion )e "a* se +2 in o+r base&en / Like e.e &y %a&ily' &y 2aren s ne.e* )i " &y %rien*s in e.i*eo !a&es an* ea s+!ar-la*en A+nk %oo* +n il I !o o "i!" sc"ool/ D+rin! &y %res"&an year' I )as a re ar* in &any )ays/ I ran cross-co+n ry *+rin! "e %all' an* I )as a 2re y *ecen r+nner an* 2os e* res2ec able 4k i&es &y/ I "o+!" I )as oo cool o )ear a coa in "e )in er' so I )o+l* ac +ally !o o+ si*e in 50-*e!ree )ea "er )i " A+s a 2olo s"ir on/ Ine.My story As )i " any "in! in li%e' beco&in! s ron! an* Aacke* reB+ires yo+ o s ar s&all/ Cor &e an* &y li%e "+s %ar a 54-years-ol*' I kno) B+i e a bi abo+ s ar in! s&all/ W"ile &y s ory is no ra!ic or "ear break' or really abnor&al in any sense' i is one "a yo+ &i!" rela e o' an* "o2e%+lly' ake a)ay so&e "in! %ro&/ Gro)in! +2' &y %a&ily al)ays 2+s"e* &e o 2lay s2or s an* !e in.ision' )"ic" &a*e &e %eel like cra2' b+ a "a i&e' I *i*n> kno) any be er/ As &+c" as I lo.ol.i ably' I e.i ies o+ si*e o% sc"ool/ W"ile I like* 2layin! s2or s an* e.ercise/ I all s ar e* )i " a +ni.ery eena!er' I )an e* a bi! benc" o bra! abo+ ' b+ "e 2roble& )as' I )asn> .e &a*e i / I *on> kno) i% I belie.ery s ron! I co+l* barely *o "e bar %or 30 re2e i ions a %irs ' b+ soon' I a**e* 5/4 lbs on eac" si*e an* slo)ly s ar e* o b+il* +2 a soli* benc"' )i "in a year I )as benc"in! aro+n* 3:4 lbs %or . ra-c+rric+lar ac really ins ille* "eal "y "abi s in o &y li%es yle/ I )en "ro+!" &y early years con in+in! o )as e i&e 2layin! .e "a or no ' b+ "a >s )"a I )as ol*/ A% er I !o o+ o% "e ER' I s ill %el like s"i an* I con in+e* o ea cra22y %oo* a sc"ool an* si aro+n* a "o&e/ I )asn> +n il "e en* o% &y %res"&an year "a I %o+n* )"a I nee*e* "e &os 1 e.ercisin! o+ si*e' "ose "in!s ne. se s o% 30/ T"is 7 .

ery ni!" be%ore !oin! o be*' an* in a s"or i&e' I )as seein! "e res+l s/ Me at 16-years old 8+ ' +n%or +na ely' I soon *isco.eral years o% i&balance*' bo*yb+il*in!-s yle rainin!/ S+re' I !aine* siDe' b+ &y a "le ic 2er%or&ance *i* no i&2ro.4@/ I )asn> a 2ro!ra& base* aro+n* !e in! ?"+!e@ 2er se' b+ i *i* 2ro&ise !rea s ren! " res+l s/ 8 .e o a !rea *e!ree' o "er "an bein! able o "i "in!s a li le "ar*er an* %+r "er/ I )as all abo+ +22er-bo*y e.)as alon! )i " *oin! 300 2+s"-+2s an* 300 cr+nc"es e.e !i.enin!' co&2le ely b+rne* o+ %ro& en*lessly 2er%or&in! concen ra ion c+rls s+2erse e* )i " 2reac"er benc" c+rls' I )as in searc" o% so&e "in! ne)/ I "a22ene* o co&e across a 2ro!ra& calle* ?S ron!li% s 4.ere* "e )on*er "an is M+scle # Ci ness' an* "a se %or " se.e* in Misso+ri' )"ere "ere )ere no ac +al beac"es o be %o+n*/ So I con in+e* "a y2e o% rainin! %or abo+ "ree years' +n il one e.en )o s"i s abo+ rainin! le!s' beca+se i )as all abo+ "e beac" &+sclesE Too ba* I li.ercise' b+ like &os "or&one %+ele* eena!e boys' I co+l*>.

en "o+!" I co+l* li% a lo o% )ei!" ' I no ice* "a )"en I 2laye* s2or s' I )asn> as ni&ble an* a "le ic as "e o "er 2eo2le 2layin! or as I +se* o be &ysel% )"en I *i* en*less re2e i ions o% 2+s"-+2s an* si -+2s in &y roo& a ni!" / So I s ar e* o incor2ora e bo*y)ei!" rainin! back in o &y c+rren 4.i*en*s in "e lon! r+n/ T"a >s )"y' in &y "+&ble o2inion' i >s "e 2er%ec )ay o s ar !e in! in o li% in!' beca+se yo+>re li% in! a )ei!" yo+ carry on yo+ all "e i&e' so &i!" as )ell &ake "e bes +se o% i / 9 .4 ro+ ine an* slo)ly b+ s+rely' I ca&e back o &y ol*' ni&ble' a "le ic sel%/ I soon realiDe* "a 'really' all yo+ nee*e* o !e s ron! )as yo+r o)n bo*y/ Yes' I s ill *o li% )ei!" s' b+ I also s ay on o2 o% &y bo*y)ei!" rainin! an* %o+n* i 2ays *i.I )as a li le ske2 ical a %irs / A% er all' I )an e* o !e HUGE' so )"a *i* s ren! " &a er= 8+ ' alas' I *eci*e* o *o i si&2ly beca+se i )as so&e "in! *i%%eren / So I rie* i o+ ' an* s+re eno+!"' no only *i* I beco&e A LOT s ron!er' I ac +ally !aine* SIFE/ E.

e "a *on+ ' an* I in*+l!e e.e i&es )"en yo+ %eel like "a / T"e key is o b+s yo+r ass o "e bes o% yo+r abili ies e.ery*ay %+nc ional ransla ion/ J.en ion J5 K 8r+ e S ren! "1 Increasin! li% s n+&bers' as )ell as "eir! %or )orkin! o+ an* co&2e in! is a )as e* li%e/ Ge so&e %rien*s' !e so&e "obbies' an* *o so&e craDy' in eres in! s"i e.Philosophy My 2"iloso2"y is si&2le1 rain "ar*' ea "ar*' 2lay "ar*/ 8y rainin! "ar*' yo+ are 2+ in! in "e )ork in "e !y& Gor )"! a li%e o+ si*e "e !y&/ T"e "in!s yo+ *o )"ile )orkin! o+ only en"ance yo+r li%e in all o "er areas/ In &y o2inion' beco&in! a recl+se an* only li.ery i&e yo+ rain/ Take yo+rsel% a)ay %ro& "e *is rac ions/ 8y ea in! "ar*' yo+ are only 2+ in! s +%% in yo+r bo*y "a en"ances yo+ in so&e )ay/ 8y "is' I &ean yo+ )ill c"oose B+ali y' n+ rien -*ense %oo*s o.ery once in a )"ile/ I )ill r+ly %+l%ill yo+ &ore "an a )orko+ s+!ar-la*en A+nk/ S+re' "ere>s i&es )"en yo+ A+s !o a "a.O. K $er%or&ance1 S2or s' %i ness e.en sLco&2e i ions' 2ick+2 !a&es' e c/ J7 K (on in+in! Kines "e icL2"ysiolo!ical kno)le*!e J4 K Aes "e ics 10 .ery once in a )"ile ooI i >s 2ar o% bein! "+&an/ 8+ ' "ose i&es )o+l* be "e e.ce2 ion/ 8y 2layin! "ar*' yo+>re co+l*/ W"en i co&es o "e rainin! i sel%' "ere>s a "ierarc"y o% 2riori ies "a I a22ly/ Trainin! Goals Gby 2riori yH1 J3 .erall "eal "' %i ness' an* inA+ry yo+>re rainin!H/ T"is is no A+s !oin! "ro+!" "e &o ions o% a ro+ ine' al "o+!" yo+ )ill "a.

e )orke* )i " clien s in &y 2ersonal rainin! b+siness "a )o+l* co&e in )i " errible "eal "I "ey "a.O.asc+lar )ork' an* lo an* be"ol*' &y 2er%or&ance a!e' an* 2"ysiolo!ical kno)le*!e is !aine* "ro+!" 2ayin! a en ion o yo+r bo*y>s reac ion o cer ain %oo*s an* si +a ions' an* kno)in! "o) o %ee* yo+r bo*y 2ro2erly' 2"ysically an* e&o ionally/ Yo+>ll no ice "a Aes "e ics' or ?bo*yb+il*in!@ %or "e &asses' co&es in las / T"a >s beca+se I belie.e "is s"o+l* be n+&ber one on e.e* *ra&a ically T"e %o+r " 2riori y ies in o all "e o "er ones 2re y i!" ly' an* "a is kines "e icL2"ysiolo!ical kno)le*!e/ 8i! )or*s' I kno)' b+ in lay&an>s er&s' "is &eans kno)in! an* "a. is s ren! "/ I consi*er &ysel% a ?s ren! " a "le e@ so "is is a no brainer/ I lo.e si&2ly base* +2on "o) )e )an o look= So&e &ay say "a a o &o.e "a* &+l i2le 2as "ear a acks' "eir bloo*11 .e "a i% yo+ ake care o% "e %irs 7 2riori ies' "e looks )ill %ollo)/ I% I &ay !e on &y soa2bo.el o% &as ery )i " "e& an* can &ani2+la e "e& o yo+r a*.+ry "a o+r &o*ern socie y "as a%%or*e* +s/ I say "a >s a sy&2 o& o% a sick socie y an* 2eo2le )i " ass back)ar* 2riori ies/ I>.erall i& Gkines "e ic kno)le*!eH an* kno)in! "o) i reac s o cer ain s i&+li G2"ysiolo!ical kno)le*!eH/ Kines "e ic kno)le*!e is !aine* "ro+!" !! &o or 2a erns o.eryone>s rainin! 2riori ies/! %+ll con rol o% "o) yo+r bo*y &o.y s"i E T"en i >s 2er%or&ance/ T"is basically &eans "o) yo+r bo*y &o.e li% in! " a!ain +n il yo+ !ain a cer ain an* reac s o cer ain s i&+li/ I +se* o ne!lec "is as2ec o% &y rainin! B+i e a bi ' an* i ca&e back o bi e &e in "e ass in co&2e i ion/ T"en I s ar e* *oin! &+c" &ore con*i ionin! an* car* an* o. "ere' I "ink "e en ire s a e o% "e co&&ercial %i ness in*+s ry' is' o 2+ i eloB+en ly' %+cke* +2/ Since )"en *o )e 2+s" o+rsel.erall "eal " is %irs / T"a &eans "a no "in! I *o )ill in en ionally 2+ &y bo*y' i&&+ne sys e&' or o "er bo*y sys e&s in "ar&s )ay/ Maybe I a& a li le biase*' b+ I belie.

e in o "e &ea o% "e 2ro!ra&/ 12 .er o% "e la es iss+e o% M+scle # Ci ness or S"a2e/ I >s no "a "a >s no a )or "y !oal' b+ "ere>s a co+2le "in!s )ron! )i " "a / Cirs ' i >s a &a er o% 2riori ies/ I% "eir "eal " is %ailin! "e&' an* "eir Aoin s ac"e %ro& ear o oe' "ose s"o+l* be "e %irs "in!s "ey a**ress/ T"ey s"o+l* care abo+ bein! aro+n* lon! eno+!" o li.ily 2"o o s"o22e* a% er)ar*s/ 8+ )i " &y ran in! an* A+*!&en asi*e' le >s *i.en o+c"in! on "o) a lo o% "ose i&a!es are "ea.e been aro+n*/ An* I>& no e.e an all-ro+n* %+l%illin! li%e/ Secon*ly' "e &o*els "a are on "e %ron o% &ains rea& %i ness 2+blica ions are rarely "e ?&o*el@ o% "eal " "a )e le* o belie.li2i* 2ro%iles )ere a &ess' an* "eir knees )ere bea o s"i / 8+ )"a *i* "ey )an = T"ey )an e* o look like "e &o*el on "e co.e/ In %ac ' so&e bo*yb+il*ers are "e &os +n"eal "y ?%i ness@ 2eo2le I>.

er basic bones o% "e en ire 2ro!ra& i sel%' s"all )e= Strength Progressions Here>s "o) "e 2ro!ra& is lai* o+ / T"ere are %o+r s a!es o% s ren! " 2ro!ression an* "ere are so&e es s o *e er&ine )"ere yo+ s an* an* in )"ic" 2"ase yo+ )ill s ar / Cor so&e o% yo+' "ere &ay be si +a ion )"ere yo+ )ill s ar )i " a & in a bi / 8+ %irs ' A+s Phase 1 Modified basic bodyweight training and corrective exercises Phase 2 Comprehensive balanced bodyweight training Phase 3 Non axial-loaded external resistance Phase 4 Axial-loaded external resistance 13 o lay i o+ ' "ere are &y %o+r s ren! " 2ro!ressions .e in o "e assess&en i sel%' le >s !o o.Basic Layout T"e ini ial assess&en is a es yo+ yo+ 2er%or& o *e er&ine in )"ic" s ren! " 2"ase' an* s+b-2"ase o% "a ' yo+ s"o+l* s ar in/ 8e%ore )e *el. o% 2"ases/ T"is )ill all be *e er&ine* by "e ini ial assess&en ' )"ic" )e>ll !o o.

e-in ensi y bo*y)ei!" e.e li% in! )ei!" s/ 8+ )"en yo+ %oc+s on bo*y)ei!" e.i*in! yo+ )i " 2ro!ra&&in! %or "e "ir* an* %o+r " 2ro!ressions' si&2ly beca+se "ose are areas "a I )ill !rea ly e.8y "e er& ?a.e +ni / Yo+ )alk be er' yo+ 2lay be er in s2or s' yo+ reac be er +n*er 2ress+re' an* o.ercises' s+c" as !y&nas ics/ No) I>& sayin! I>& an i.e&en "a 2+ )ei!" across yo+r s2inal col+&n' also kno)n as ?s r+c +ral &! %or soli* %o+n*a ion o% %i ness' i al)ays boils *o)n o "e si&2le bo*y)ei!" e.ery o22osi e i r+e1 I>& en "ralle* by i / I +se* o co&2e e in 2o)erli% in! co&2e i ions an* I "ol* %airly res2ec able ra) n+&bers in "e *ea*li% an* sB+a / I>& no an e.e&en s@ To be 2er%ec ly clear an* rans2aren ' "is &an+al is s2ecialiDe* o *eal only )i " "e %irs )o 2ro!ressions o% s ren! "/ I )ill no be 2ro.ce2 ional 2resser by any &eans' b+ "ose n+&bers aren> errible ei "er/ So I o ally !e an* lo.ercises' a &a!ical "in! "a22ens1 yo+r bo*y beco&es &ore balance* as a co"esi.2an* +2on in %+ +re &an+als o% &ine/ 8+ *on> )orry' beca+se )"en s ri.ercises "a &ake "e &os *i%%erence Yo+ can s ill !e so&e incre*ible res+l s )i " yo+r bo*y)ei!" alone' an* in &any cases' 2eo2le %or!o ra*i ional )ei!" rainin! al o!e "er in %a.erall yo+ %eel be er in li%e/ 14 .or o% 2ro!ressi.ial@ I a& re%errin! o basic barbell &o.ra*i ional )ei!" li% in!' beca+se in %ac ' "e .

ensions1 . se s o% . se s o% 3 &in+ e "ol*s Ter&inal Knee E. se s o% 35 re2e i ions Geac" le!H $lank1 5 se s o% . se s o% 34 8enc" Lyin! s+2er&an1 5 se s o% . se s o% 30 Strength B 8an*e* La $+ll *o)n1 .Phase 1 $er%or& eac" se o% eac" e.0 re2s o al G*oesn> &a er "o) &any se yo+ break i +2 in' A+s !e "e re2s inH S)iss-ball Hi2 e. se s o% 34 8ar-assis e* 2+s"-+21 . ensions1 . se s o% 30 Sca2+lar Wall Sli*es1 4 se s o% 54 re2e i ions S+2er&an 2ose1 5 se s o% 3 &in+ e 15 .0 secon* "ol*s Trainee Strength A ("air SB+a 1 40 re2s o al Ga!ain' "e n+&ber o% se s *oes no &a erH S)iss 8all "i2 e. ensions1 .0 secon* "ol*s Strength B 8an* La $+ll *o)ns1 4 se s o% 30 Mo*i%ie* $+s"-+2 GkneesH1 . se s o% 30 Si in! Knee raises1 .0 secon* "ol* Ter&inal Knee E.ercise one a a i&e/ Ra) be!inner Strength A ("air SB+a 1 . ension1 . se s o% 30 Sca2+lar Wall sli*es1 .

0 o al $ike "an*s an* 2+s"-+21 30 re2s (+rls1 30 re2s A*.ance* be!inner # circ!its total for each Strength A 8o*y)ei!" SB+a 1 40 re2s One-Le!!e* S)iss ball c+rls1 30 re2s 2er si*e O.0 re2s S)iss-8all Le! c+rl1 30 re2e i ions Ci!" er>s s ance L+n!es G%or)ar*s an* back)ar*sH1 30 s e2s $lank1 3 &in+ e "ol* Strength B 8an*e*L2ar ial 2+ll-+2s1 30 re2s S an*ar* $+s"-+2sI .ercises in a circ+i %as"ion in "is 2"ase/ Traine* 8e!inner circ!its total for each" Minimal rest in between" Strength A 8o*y)ei!" SB+a 1 .0 secon*s Gs)i c" "al%)ayH Strength B 8o*y)ei!" $+ll-+2s1 50 re2s o al $+s"-+2s1 40 re2s o al 8enc"-assis e* "an*s an* 2+s"-+2s1 AMA$ Gas &any as 2ossible (+rls1 30 re2s 16 .Phase 2 $er%or&"ea* l+n!es G%or)ar*s an* 8ack)ar*sH1 50 s e2s T"ree-2oin $lank "ol* 3 &in+ e .

er"ea*H K As &any as 2ossible Push$ups K As &any as 2ossible Plan% K As &any as 2ossible Take as &+c" res as nee*e* o %+lly reco.ercise +n il yo+ canno *o ano "er re2e i ion/ Make s+re yo+ co+n "e re2s/ Cor "e 2lanks' kee2 rack o% "e i&e/ !"erhead s#uats G2+ "an*s s rai!" o.ance* be!inner 4&' points K yo+ *on> nee* "is &an+al' con!ra sE Look a "e e.ercise *escri2 ions s ar in! on "e ne. 2a!e %or %or& ins r+c ion/ 17 .er be%ore be!innin! eac" s+bseB+en e.i*e by "ree/ T"en look a "e key belo) o %i!+re o+ )"ere yo+ s"o+l* s ar / 1$1& points K $"ase 3' Ra) be!inner 11$2& points K $"ase 3' Trainee 2&$3& points K $"ase 5' Traine* 8e!inner 3&$4& points K $"ase 5' A*.ercise/ Once "e assess&en is %inis"e*' a** +2 all "e re2s an* i&e o% "e 2lank o!e "er an* *i.The Initial Assess ent T"e ini ial assess&en co&es in o *e er&ine in )"ic" s ren! " 2"ase yo+ )ill s ar / T"is is s +2i* si&2le/ Si&2ly *o eac" e.

ie) o% eac" e.ercises +2on )"ic" yo+ )ill b+il* e.e a basic o.ercise1 )"ic" &+scles i 2ri&arily )orks' "o) o *o i ' co&&on &is akes' e c/ T"ere are ?%o+n*a ional@ e.e&en 2a erns co&e na +rally/ 8+ "a >s no o say "ey are easy/ In "e *escri2 ions belo)' I !i.e al)ays )an e*/ T"a )ill co&e la er' "o)e.ercises lis e* earlier in "is &an+al/ En ire books can an* "a.ery "in! else' incl+*in! "a blaDin! %as 70 yar* *as" or "e 500 2o+n*s o% lean &+scle yo+>.2lana ions o% eac" o% "e e.e been )ri en "a are basically lis s o% *i%%eren Yea"' "a so+n*s clic"M' b+ as Nas sai*' ?T"e )orl* is yo+rs@/ 18 .ercises/ Don> !e &e )ron!' "ose books are !rea ' b+ i >s been o.()ercises In "is sec ion' yo+>ll %in* si&2le' b+ )i " 2a ience an* 2ersis ence' "ere>s no "in! yo+ can> "*one an*' as lon! as yo+>re no co&2le ely kines "e ically re ar*e*' &any o% "ese &o.

ie) "a yo+r l+&bar s2inal col+&n s"o+l* re&ain as %la as 2ossible "ro+!"o+ "e &o.ier )ei!" s/ 19 .e&en ' 2+s" "e "i2s o+ as %ar as 2ossible' )"ile a "e sa&e i&e' 2+s"in! yo+r knees o+ o "e si*e/ Yo+ )an o A+s break ?2arallel@' )"ic" &eans "a yo+r "i!"s )ill *ro2 a li le lo)er "an 2arallel o "e %loor/ Ceel %ree o e* 2osi ion/ Yo+r %ee )ill be sli!" ly )i*er "an s"o+l*er-)i* " a2ar ')i " yo+r oes 2oin e* sli!" ly o+ )ar* abo+ 34-50 *e!rees/ To ini ia e "e &o. en* yo+r ar&s o+ or be"in* yo+r "ea* %or balance/ SB+eeDe "e !l+ es Gass-c"eeksH o co&e back +2 o s ar in! 2osi ion/ Cor "e 2+r2oses o% "is 2ro!ra&' I *o no reco&&en* !oin! ?ass.Body*eight +ree S#uat Primary M!scles $or%ed& '!adriceps( )l!te!s Maxim!s( and *ip abd!ctors To s ar ' %ace any *irec ion s an*in! s rai!" +2/ Kee2 "e c"es erec an* yo+r "i2 in i s na +ral sli!" ly an erior.o-!rass@ as i is co&&only calle*/ T"is &eans !oin! so lo) in yo+r sB+a "a yo+r "a&s rin!s o+c" yo+r cal.i ably ro+n* o+ / T"ere is a lo o% *eba e abo+ "is' b+ I "ol* o "e .e&en W"ile "a >s no necessarily a 2roble& )i " bo*y)ei!" sB+a s' i can beco&e a learne* "abi an* a *an!ero+s one )i " " My &ain bee% )i " ATG sB+a s is "a )"en yo+ !o "a *ee2 in yo+r sB+a ' yo+r lo)er back )ill ine.

i*+als )"o lack "e s ren! " or "e learne* ?s re c" re%le.e&en ' 2lace a c"air' bo.' benc" or o "er %la -s+r%ace* obAec be"in* yo+ abo+ 3-3 N %ee / Se +2 like yo+ )o+l* on a re!+lar sB+a 1 S an*in! erec ' c"es +2' lookin! %or)ar*' an* "i2s in "e na +ral sli!" ly il e* 2osi ion/ 8reak a "e "i2s an* 2+s" "e& back as %ar as yo+ can +n il yo+r ass o+c"es "e c"air be"in* yo+/ DO NOT ac +ally si back in "e c"air' "a >s an en irely *i%%eren &o.e&en 2a ern as "e bo*y)ei!" %ree sB+a ' b+ i %or "ose in*! iss+es )i " "e &o.i*+als/ I% yo+ are "a.i*eo on "o) o *o "a "ere/ 20 .@ o !e +2 o+ o% "e bo o& o% "e sB+a / To 2er%or& "is &o.ersion %or *econ*i ione* in*i.e&en / Yo+ can %in* "e .e&en 2a ern )"en &akin! "e ransi ion o "e bo*y)ei!" %ree sB+a ' !o a"ea* an* s+bs i + e "e s)iss-ball )all sB+a +n il yo+ %eel co&%or able )i " "a &o. -hair$assisted body*eight s#uat Primary M!scles $or%ed& '!adriceps( )l!te!s Maxim!s( and *ip abd!ctors T"is is 2re y &+c" "e sa&e &o.e&en an* i *oesn> acco&2lis" )"a )e>re ryin! o *o "ere/ Once yo+ o+c" "e sea ' sB+eeDe "e !l+ es o co&e back +2 o s ar in! 2osi ion/ T"ink o% i as a ? o+c" an* !o@ y2e o% 2a ern/ T"is is "e &o*i%ie* .

e ro+ble )i " "is &o.e yo+r "an*s in an o.oi*in! se.e o.eral DWIs G+n il "ey break o+ "e 8rea "alyDer' !o ya no) bi c"EH Si&2ly "ink o% a l+n!es as )alkin!' b+ )i " e.ercises in e.e&en )"en "ey 2er%or& i %or "e %irs i&e/ I see a lo o% 2eo2le ryin! o ?)alk "e i!" ro2e@' by 2lace eac" s e22in! %oo *irec ly a"ea* o% "eir railin! %oo in "e "e sa&e line/ T"a is incorrec ' &ainly beca+se "e l+n!e is s+22ose* o ransla e o "e a "le ic arena' +nless yo+>re rainin! o be a 2ro%essional i!" ro2e )alker or yo+ 2lan on narro)ly a.a!!era e* s e2s' an* )i " eac" %oo in i >s o)n line/ To *o re.Lunges Primary M!scles $or%ed& '!adriceps L+n!es are a !rea & ence/ To 2er%or& a l+n!e' s ar by s an*in! erec )i " yo+r c"es +2' &+c" like in "e sB+a 2osi ion' an* ake one s e2 %or)ar* an* %inis" "e &o.erall balance' coor*ina ion' an* a "le icis&/ T"e are one o% "e bes +nila eral G%oc+sin! on one si*e a a i&eH s ren! " e.e&en o i&"ea* 2osi ion G2ic +re*H or in a %i!" er>s s ance 2osi ion' )i " yo+r %is s o+ in %ron o% yo+/ Make s+re yo+ s)i c" "e %ron %is in conA+nc ion )i " "e lea*in! le! *+rin! eac" s e2 Many 2eo2le "a.e&en by !enera in! %orce +2)ar* "ro+!" "e 2lan e* s e22in! le!/ T"ese are )alkin! l+n!es' )"ere yo+ )ill )alk in a s rai!" line/ Yo+ can "a.erse l+n!es' si&2ly *o "e sa&e "in!' b+ s e2 back)ar*s/ An* by "e )ay' *on> +se a bos+ ball %or "ese' &ainly beca+se i is !ay/ 21 .

a e* on "e ball/ T"e 2oin o% con ac %or yo+r le!s s"o+l* be on yo+r cal.S*iss$ball Leg -urls Primary M!scles $or%ed& *amstrings T"e "a&s rin!s are a !ro+2 o% &+scles "a ! beca+se "ey *on> *o To 2er%or& "e &o.ercises o s ren! "en "e&/ Us+ally "e e.e a lo o% 2eo2le a "ar* i&e' b+ +l i&a ely "e bla&es lies on "e&sel.ercise is 2eo2le no kee2in! "eir core i!" "ro+!"o+ "e se / In o "ers' *o "e le!s c+rls )i " "e b+ sB+eeDe* o!e "er "e en ire i&e/ 22 .c+se is ?I *on> "a.e access o a "a&s rin! c+rl &ac"ine@ Well' s+ck i +2 2rincess' beca+se yo+ can s ren! "en yo+r "a&s rin!s )i " &ini&al eB+i2&en / Na&ely' a s)iss ball/ To se -+2' si&2ly !rab a s)iss ball' layin! on yo+r back )i " yo+ %ee ele.e&en ' sB+eeDe yo+r ass-c"eeks +n il yo+r core is i!" / No)' *i! yo+r "eels +n il "e ball +n il yo+r %ee are in a 2osi ion "a is 2re y &+c" +n*er yo+r ass/ A co&&on &is ake I see in "is e.

Ad"anced Modification. !ne$Legged S*iss$ball -urls Primary M!scles $or%ed& hamstrings" Cor all yo+ ri2le OGs )"o s&oke* "e s an*ar* s)iss-ball le! c+rls like a %a L' "ere>s a &o*i%ica ion %or yo+/ Si&2le 2er%or& "e core & "ere' i "as o be 2re y a)eso&e/ O+s *on> be one o% "ose re ar*s )"o ryin! o *o a s&i "-&ac"ine back sB+a )"ile s an*in! on one o% "ese/ Ac +ally' !o a"ea* an* *o "a ' an* 2+ i on Yo+T+be/ 23 .e&en ' b+ )i " one le! ins ea* o% )o/ Yo+ see' %i ness is si&2le/ A!ain' kee2 "ose !o**a&ne* assc"eeks i!" / An* %or "e recor*' I like "e s)iss ball %or a lo o% "in!s/ T"ey )ere 2o2+lariDe* by a .ern&en o.ery s&ar !+y na&e* $a+l ("ek' an* "ey>re s)iss' so A+s like "e )o&an' %oo*' an* !o.

nee ()tension /T.ol.(0 Primary M!scles $or%ed& '!adriceps Ter&inal Knee E.ercises yo+ !e a lo o% looks %or *oin! in any co&&ercial !y&/ 8+ )"o !i. ension &ac"ine' beca+se i s ren! "ens "e B+a*s oo' ri!" = Well' in a )ay' yes/ An*' I>ll a*&i yo+ can *o le! ical 2os ' an* s ick "e o "er en* o% "e ban* be"in* "e crook o% yo+r knee )"ile on "e oes o% "e le! "a >s bein! )orke*/ T"ink abo+ con rac in! "e B+a* as "ar* as 2ossible an* brin! yo+r "eel o "e !ro+n*/ Rinse an* re2ea %or "e o "er le!/ Use a o)el ins ea* o% "e ban* %or "e lyin! an* sea e* .Ter inal .e&en o% "e VMO' an* also ca+se all kin* o% %+nky %irin! 2a erns' so A+s a.oi* i i% a all 2ossible/ Yo+ can 2er%or& TKEs s an*in! Gas 2ic +re*H' sea e*' or lyin! *o)n/ To 2er%or& s an*in!' !rab a A+&2 s re c" ban*' loo2 i aro+n* a .aria ions/ 24 . ension is +seless %or "a / W"a yo+ )ill en* +2 *oin! )i " "e &ac"ine is 2ro*+cin! lo s o% +nnecessary s"eer %orce on yo+r knee' !rea ly re*+ce "e in. ensions are one o% "ose a s"i )"en "ey )ork so )ell/ T"ey basically s ren! "en "e B+a*rice2s &+scle si&2ly "ro+!" s ron! con rac ions' b+ &os i&2or an ly' "ey s ren! "en "e VMO o% yo+r knees' )"ic" ac as ?s"ocks@%or yo+r le!s/ Yo+ &i!" be "inkin! o% o2 in! %or "e le! e.elo2&en / 8UT' I>& all abo+ %+nc ional s ren! " "ere' an* in &y o2inion' "e le! e. ension +n il Oes+s co&es back an* !e so&e %reaky B+a* *e.

en *o one' s ar )i " "e &o*i%ica ion belo)/ An* be%ore anyone asks' a ?ki22in!@ 2+ll-+2 *oes no cons i + e a correc 2+ll+2/ Re&e&ber' )e>re "ere o b+il* %+nc ional s ren! " "ere' no *isloca e o+r s"o+l*ers/ To *o c"in-+2' si&2ly !rab "e bar )i " an +n*er"an* !ri2 an* 2er%or& "e &o.e&en "e sa&e )ay/ ("in-+2s )ork "e bice2s in a &ore *irec %as"ion "a 2+ll-+2s/ 25 .erall +22er-bo*y s ren! "/ Yes' "ey>re "ar*' b+ "ey>re SU$$OSED o be "ar*/ To *o a 2+ll-+2' si&2ly !rab a "ol* o% a 2+ll bar or 2+ll-+2 "an*les )i " an o.Pull$up1-hin$up Primary M!scles $or%ed& +ats $+ll-+2s an* c"in-+2 are one o% "e bes"an* !ri2' s ar %ro& a *ea* "an! G2ic +re*H an* con rac yo+r back an* ar& &+scles o !e yo+r c"in "e bar/ Rinse an* re2ea / I% yo+>re A+s s ar in! o+ an* can> e.ercises %or o.

Modification. Band Lat Pull do*n Primary M!scles $or%ed& +ats T"is is an a 2+ll +2 bar or so&e o "er "i!" "oriDon al bar/ To 2er%or&' 2+ll yo+r s"o+l*er bla*es back an* sB+eeDe "e& o!e "er %or 3 secon*' "en release in a con rolle* &! %+r "er back %ro& "e bar/ No oo &any )ays o &ess "is one +2' o "er "an no sB+eeDin! yo+r s"o+l*er bla*es o!e "er/ Yo+ can *o "ese in a B+ar er-sB+a 2osi ion G2ic +re*H' or sea e* in a benc" or c"air/ 26 .ercise yo+ can s+bs i + e i% yo+ can> *o a 2+ll-+2/ To se +2' si&2ly !rab so&e o% "e ban*s )i " "an*les on eac" en*' slin! >e& o.e&en G2ic +re*H' or &o.e&en / Yo+ can &o*i%y "e ension in "is e.ercise by 2+llin! s ron!er ban*s' +sin! &ore "an one ban* %or "e &o.

erall s ron!er an* i )ill "el2 yo+ a.e yo+r c"es o.ercises "a )ill 2robably ne.Push$up Primary M!scles wor%ed& Pecs( triceps $+s"-+2s are one o% "ose e.oi* "a +nless yo+ )an s"o+l*er iss+es/ T"e 74*e!ree an!le is "ar*er' yes' b+ i )ill &ake yo+ o.oi* inA+ries/ Also' re&e&ber o kee2 "e core i!" / I% "e "i2s are sa!!in! on "e )ay *o)n or +2' s+bs i + e one o% "e &o*i%ica ions belo)/ 27 .e&en ' an* once i o+c"es "e %loor' +se yo+r ar&s o 2+s" yo+r bo*y +2 in a s rai!" line/ A lo o% 2eo2le en* o s ick "eir elbo)s *irec ly o+ o "eir si*es a <0 *e!rees/ Yo+ )an o "e &i**le o% "e i&a!inary line/ Make s+re yo+r elbo)s are ro a e* a leas 74 *e!rees *o)n)ar* To 2er%or& a 2+s"-+2' le yo+r c"es *ro2 o)ar*s "e %loor in a con rolle* & !o %+lly a)ay in "e %i ness in*+s ry/ I >s al)ays been a !rea es o% +22er bo*y s ren! "' an* )ill con in+e o be i% a+!" 2ro2erly/ To se +2 %or a 2+s"-+2' %in* a s2o on "e %loor )i " 2len y o% s2ace' *ra) an i&a!inary line across "e %loor an* 2+ yo+r "an*s a eac" en* o% "e line/ T"en' 2+ yo+r %ee *irec ly back be"in* yo+ o!e "er an* &o.

e o "e easier &o*i%ica ion belo)/ 28 .Modification.ery "in! is "e sa&e as "e s an*ar* .nee push$up Primary M!scles $or%ed& Pecs( triceps T"is is a &o*i%ica ion o% "e 2+s"-+2 %or 2eo2le )"o "a.ersion' b+ ins ea* o% on yo+r oes' yo+>ll be on yo+r knees 2er%or&in! "e &o.e&en / Kee2 "e bo*y in a s rai!" line' or A+s &o.e "e "i2 o *o "e &o.e&en "e sa&e )ay/ T"ere>s no s"a&e in *oin! "ese' as lon! as yo+ kee2 2ro!ressin!/ A co&&on &is ake I see )i " "is one is 2eo2le kee2in! "eir "i2s +2 "i!"er "an "e res o% "e bo*y' an* "en only ben*in! "e abo.en a co+2le s an*ar* 2+s"-+2s/ Se in! +2 is 2re y si&2le' e.e a "ar* i&e *oin! e. .

aria ion %or ra) be!inners )"o can no 2er%or& a sin!le s an*ar* 2+s"+2 an* "a.e lo s o% ro+ble )i " "e knee .ely "ar*er/ Sa&e 2rinci2les %or "e s an*ar* 2+s"-+2 a22ly "ere/' b+ ins ea* o% an i&a!inary line' yo+ "a.Modification.e "e bar as yo+r line/ 29 . Bar$assisted Push$up /easiest0 Primary M!scles $or%ed& Pecs( triceps T"is a . 2+s"-+2s an* lo)er "e bar o &ake i 2ro!ressi.aria ion/ Si&2ly %in* a 2o)er rack )i " a barbell or a s&i " &ac"ine G "is is one o% i s only e%%ec i.e +ses' by "e )ayH' se i o an an!le )"ere yo+ can co&%or ably knock o+ &ore "an .

e&en ' !e a benc"' c"air' ele.aria ions belo)/ 30 .e&en / T"a >s )"ere "e benc"-assis e* "an*s an* 2+s"-+2s co&e in/ To se +2 %or "is &o.eltoids Le >s be "ones 1 "an*s an* 2+s"-+2s are %reakin! "ar*/ A lo +s' incl+*in! &ysel%' can> *o "a &any' or any a all/ 8ein! "a "ey>re so "ar*' i )o+l* be 2re y i&2rac ical o 2+ re!+lar )orko+ ro+ ine/ "e& in a 8+ )e can i&2le&en a &o*i%ie* .er/ $+ yo+r %ee +2 on "e 2la %or& be"in* yo+' 2+ yo+r "i2s all "e )ay +2' an* 2osi ion yo+r orso in a *o)n)ar* %as"ion' %or&in! so&e)"a o% an ?L@ 2osi ion/ Slo)ly lo)er "e cro)n o% yo+r "ea* *irec ly o)ar*s "e !ro+n*' an* )"en yo+r "air barely o+c"es "e %loor' 2+s"-+2' re +rnin! o s ar in! 2osi ion/ A!ain' "ese are "ar*' an* "ey ake 2rac ice/ I% yo+ can> *o "ese' ry one o% "e .a e* 2la %or&' ire' or )"a e.Bench$Assisted 2andstand Push$ups Primary M!scles $or%ed& .ersion an* !e so&e "in! o+ o% "e &o.

2a!eH/ 31 .aria ion' al "o+!" yo+ )on> !e B+i e "e ran!e o% &o ion' b+ "a >s )"y "ey>re easier/ I% yo+ can> *o e.eltoids T"ese are an easier .Modification.en "ese' )ell !o a"ea* an* *i c" "an*s an* 2+s"-+2s allo!e "er %or no) an* s ar o%% )i " "e sca2+lar )all-sli*es %or no) Gne. Pi%e Position 2andstand Push$ups Primary M!scles $or%ed& .er e* .-s"a2e/ $lace %or e&2"asis on !e in! yo+r orso in an al&os *irec ly *o)n)ar* 2osi ion/ $er%or& "ese "e sa&e )ay yo+ )o+l* "e benc"-assis e* .ersion o% "e benc"-assis e* "an*s an* 2+s"-+2s/ To s ar ' !e in 2ike 2osi ion' )"ic" is basically a 2+s"-+2 2osi ion )"ere yo+r "i2s are "ike* +2 as %ar as "ey can !o' &akin! yo+r bo*y %or& sor o% an in.

e&en / T"ey are !rea %or eac"in! sca2+lar re rac ion G2+llin! "e s"o+l*ers backH' )"ic" is .Scapular 3all Slides Primary M!scles $or%ed& .e&en s' an* %or !oo* 2os +re in !eneral/ T"is one is 2re y easy1 %in* a )all' 2+ yo+r "an*s +2 like a %iel* !oal' an* sli*e "e "an*s s rai!" +2' "en back o s ar in! 2osi ion/ I% yo+ ac +ally %in* a )ay o *o "is incorrec ly' &i!" I reco&&en*////o"' I *on> kno)' 2layin! c"ess or so&e "in! ins ea*= 32 .eltoids Sca2+lar )all sli*es are a !rea ' albei +n*er-+se*'s"o+l*er &o.i al %or eac"in! o "er a "le ic &o.

er %or c+rls' &ainly beca+se "ey>re %+ckin! c+rls an* i *oesn> really &a er in "e !ran* sc"e&e o% "in!s/ To se +2' s an* erec ' )i " yo+r knees .e bi! ar&s@' c+rls "a.ery sli!" ly ben Gkno)n as &icro%le.-urls Primary M!scles $or%ed& -iceps Uni.e !o en a ba* ra2 in recen years beca+se o% "ose &o+ "-brea "in!' c"ronically s"o+l*er-2rona in! %ellas/ 8+ ' le &e say "a I like c+rls' si&2ly %or elbo) "eal " reasons/ T"ey s ren! "en "e *is al bice2 en*on Gon yo+r elbo)' *+"H an* "a can i&2ro.ionH an* yo+r elbo)s %i.e* o yo+r si*es/ 8rin! "e ar&s in a c+r.e* +2)ar* &o ion' s ill kee2in! "e elbo)s in 2lace/ W"en yo+ !e o "e o2' sB+eeDe "e bice2s %or one-secon*' an* re +rn o "e bo o& in a con rolle* &anner/ A.o &o.e&en beca+se ?bi c"es lo.ersally "eral*e* by %ra i*io s as "eir !o.e yo+r o.y s"i o%% "e !ro+n*/ 8+ ' i% *one )i " incorrec %or&' yo+>re askin! %or inA+ry/ Ceel %ree o +se ban*s' *+&bbells' a barbell' )"a e.erall s ren! " in &any si +a ions' es2ecially )"en 2ickin! "ea.oi* +sin! lo s o% bo*y lan!+a!e an* &o&en +& in !e in! "e )ei!" +2' +nless yo+ like lo)er back inA+ries' "en by all &eans' !o %or i / 33 .

Seated .nee 4aise Primary M!scles $or%ed& Abdominals T"is is a rela i.e&en "a )orks !rea %or "e e.ance* a "le es alike/ To 2er%or&' si&2ly si all "e )ay back in a c"air' !rab "e si*es o% "e c"air an* raise yo+r knees as "i!" as yo+ can %ro& "a 2osi ion/ Hol* a "e o2 %or one secon* an* re +rn o s ar in! 2osi ion/ T"a >s i / T"e bea+ i%+l "in! abo+ "is e.ely +n+se*' b+ s +2i* si&2le &o.ely lo)-risk' &eanin! nearly anyone can *o i ' b+ i can be 2re y br+ al' es2ecially *oin! "i!" re2s/ I% yo+>re no a "i!"-re2 2erson' ry ankle )ei!" s or "ol* a *+&bbell be )een yo+r knees %or 2ro!ression/ 34 .ercise is "a i is rela i. re&ely *econ*i ione* an* a*.

Plan% Primary M!scles $or%ed& . en*e* 2erio* o% i&e/ To se +2 %or "e 2lank' %in* a s2o on "e !ro+n* )i " 2len y o% s2ace/ Ge on yo+r knees 2lace yo+r )ris s s rai!" o+ in %ron o% yo+/ To 2er%or& brin! +2 "e "i2s sli!" ly "i!"er "an "e res o% "e bo*y' an* )"ile kee2 "e core i!" ' "ol* "a 2osi ion %or )"a e.ercise/ 35 .e&en is brin!in! "eir "i2s o "i!" or o lo)/ T"is is no s+22ose* o be an easy e.e&en s' s2eci%ically beca+se i )orks all o% "e& in +nison *+rin! "e iso&e ric "ol*/ Yo+>ll %eel i in "e ab*o&inals' lo)er back' !l+es' "i2s' an* "a&s rin!s' an* all yo+ *o is "ol* yo+r bo*y in one 2osi ion %or an e.ntire Core T"e 2lanks is "e !ran**a**y o% all core & "e 2rescribe* i&e is/ T"e bi!!es &is ake I see 2eo2le &ake on "is &o.

ntire core" I% yo+ can !o lon!er "an one &in+ e on "e 2lank' "is &o*i%ica ion is %or yo+/ Si&2ly 2er%or& "e 2lank "e sa&e )ay an* *escribe* abo.ely o ei "er si*e )"en *oin! "is/ S)i c" le!s "al%)ay "ro+!" "e se / 36 . 3$point plan% Primary M!scles $or%ed& .Ad"anced odification.e' b+ "ol* one le! o%% "e !ro+n* )"ile yo+ *o i / Try no o ro a e e.cessi.

ice in "e 2rocess/ Yo+>re *oin! "is o !e a s ron!er core/ 37 .en e* a ba*-ass bo*y)ei!" & )an Me ro2olis' sa.e&en s ren! "en yo+r lo)er back' na&ely' "e S+2er&an 2ose/ To se +2' si&2ly %in* a s2o on "e !ro+n* an* lie on yo+r belly/ To 2er%or& "e s+2er&an 2ose' look *irec ly *o)n a yo+r "an* an* le!s an* "i!" as "ey can !o/ "e %loor )"ile raisin! o So&e co&&on &is akes are 2eo2le raisin! +2 "eir "ea* as )ell' )"ic" is no a *eal-breaker' b+ i >s a !oo* )ay o !e a )eake* neck/ Also' 2eo2le en* o 2+ "eir "an*s o!e "er' )"ic" *oes &ake i easier' b+ yo+>re *oin! yo+rsel% a *isser.erall/ 8+ ' re!ar*less' S+2er&an! *a&sels in *is ress= o be S+2er&an' %lyin! "ro+!" Yea"' &e nei "er/ 8esi*es "e *a&sels 2ar ' so&e "in! abo+ S+2er&an s r+ck &e as a little !ay/ 8a &an )as "e s"i "o+!"' )i " all "is !a*!e s' &ar ial ar s' an* really A+s a be er 2lo o.Super an Pose /bac% e)tension0 Primary M!scles $or%ed& +ower -ac% W"en yo+ )ere yo+n!er' *i* yo+ e.

e a "ar* i&e !e in! on an* o%% "e !ro+n*/ O+s *on> %all o%% "e benc"/ S2la E 38 .ac ly "e sa&e as "e s+2er&an 2ose on "e !ro+n*' b+ se.Modification.erely *econ*i ione* 2eo2le )"o "a. Bench$assisted Super an Pose Primary M!scles $or%ed& +ower bac% T"is is e.

e rainin! 2ro!ra& )ill incl+*e bo "' as )ell as 2o)er an* "y2er ro2"y co&2onen s in .o-"i!" !ra*e "ill a :0P o% yo+r all-o+ in ensi y %or .ercise an* also ?"ar* con*i ionin!@ -onditioning R+n a a &o*era e 2ace %or 50 &in+ es/ Walk back %or 70/ T"is )orks "e bo*y sys e&s &ore aerobically' an* is )"a I consi*er ?so% con*i ionin!@ 39 .asc+lar e.asc+lar %i ness' as )ell as res2ira ory %i ness/ E%%ec i.eryH@ 2"ase/ Do "is a a <0-<4P in ensi y/ T"is )ill )ork yo+r bo*y sys e&s in a anaerobic %as"ion' an* "is is )"a I er& ?"ar* con*i ionin!@ -onditioning B R+n a &i*.erall )ork ca2aci y' car*io.aryin! ra ios War& +2 be%ore "ese e.-onditioning (on*i ionin! can be consi*ere* ano "er )or* %or car*io.0 &in+ es/ Walk back *o)n eac" i&e/ T"is is also anaerobic e.ercise' b+ also "ro+!" li!" er in ensi y s ren! " rainin!' or a &i. o% bo "/ I is i&2or an o *o bo " s ren! " rainin! an* con*i ionin! in a 2ro!ra&/ Any e%%ec i.e con*i ionin! )orko+ s can be acco&2lis"e* "ro+!" ra*i ional car*io e.ercise' b+ r+ " be ol*' i >s &+c" &ore "an "a / (on*i ionin! is *esi!ne* o increase yo+r o.ercises as )ell/ -onditioning 3or%outs -onditioning A R+n in er.als on a rack Gor car*io &ac"ineH in a 50-secon* ?on Gs2rin H@ 2"ase an* 70-secon* ?o%% Greco.

ery )orko+ ' re!ar*less o% s ren! " or con*i ionin!' %or a leas 34 &in+ es/ Also' ry *oin! "is e.0 &in+ es o 3 "o+r/ T"is "el2s kicks ar s yo+r bo*y>s &e abolic sys e&s' an* i )ill "el2 yo+ b+rn a li le bo*y%a in "e 2rocess 40 .ery &ornin! )"en yo+ )ake +2 on an e&2 y s o&ac" Gor a% er a li le bi o% co%%eeH %or abo+ .er %ro& yo+r )orko+ s' so *o "is a% er e.0 &in+ es/ T"is is so% con*i ionin! as )ell/ 6666-onditioning (6666 Do "is e.-onditioning 5 Oo! a a li!" 2ace %or .ery *ayE T"is is si&2ly !oin! %or )alks/ No r+ns' no Ao!s' b+ )alks/ T"is "el2s yo+r bo*y reco.0 &in+ es/ Walk back %or .

er ion/ Yo+ see' "ere>s a yin-yan! balance )i " e.e rea* "is %ar' i >s no B+es ion "a &y rainin! 2"iloso2"y re.ery &e "o*s1 Slee2 T"is is sel%-e. carbs an* B+ali y co&2le e 2ro ein so+rces/ I>& no !oin! o really !e in o n+ ri ion "ere' &ainly beca+se I "ink i >s 2re y c+ an* *ry 'b+ &ore "ones ly' I "ink i >s %+ckin! borin!/ 8+ also' i% yo+>re rea*in! "is &an+al )i " "e in en o% i&2le&en in! i ' yo+>re 2robably no a a le.ery/ Yo+ nee* o + iliDe bo " o !e "e &os o+ o% yo+r rainin!/ Here>s so&e o% &y 2re%erre* reco.4eco"ery I% yo+>.er ion an* reco.e i or no / Na2s are !rea oo i% yo+ "a.2lana ory in &y o2inion/ 6-< "o+rs o% slee2 aro+n* !o "ar* o "e bes o% yo+r abili ies e.e&en / I&2ro.e in "e i&2or ance o% 2ro2er' %+ll reco.ery ni!" is o2 i&al' +n il I %in* so&e "in! be er G)"ic" I>& ac +ally )orkin! on' belie.Qs"i G!enerallyH/ Coc+s on !oo* co&2le.e i&e/ $ro2er ea in! T"is boils *o)n o ?c+ o+ "e s"i @/ Cas %oo*Qs"i / Any "in! in a bo.el )"ere yo+ nee* o )orry abo+ co+n in! yo+r calories an* &acros/ T"a *oes "a.ery an* balancin! i )i " "ar*' )i " "a bein! sai*' I also belie.e yo+r ea in!' c+ o+ "e s"i / T"e en*/ 41 .ery i&e yo+ )orko+ Ho)e.e i >s 2lace' b+ in &y o2inion' a be!inner is be er o%% A+s %oc+sin! on "e si&2les i&2ro.ol.

"is an* an i.Coa& Rollin!LSMR Coa& Rollin! an* o "er sel%-&yo%ascial release GSMRH ec"niB+es are a %or& o% sel%-&assa!e/ I 2ersonally *o &os o% &y SMR )ork as a )ar&-+2 be%ore I )ork o+ / Yo+ can %in* links o &y SMR ins r+c ionals "ere' "ere' an* "ere/ S re c"in! Wi "in "e %i ness in*+s ry' yo+ %in* all sor s o% an i.i*eos "a yo+ can )a c" %or so&e i*eas %or s a ic an* *yna&ic s re c"es/ 42 .en> !+esse* by no)' I a& reco&&en*e* yo+ s re c" *aily/ T"ere are )o 2ri&ary y2es o% s re c"in! "a I )ill re%er o in "is &an+al' s a ic an* *yna&ic/ As %ar as rela in! o )orkin! o+ !oes' I )o+l* reco&&en* *oin! *yna&ic s re c"in! be%ore yo+ )orko+ ' an* s a ic ri!" a% er yo+>re %inis"e* )i " yo+r )orko+ / I "a.e ."a lobbies/ T"ese 2eo2le c"allen!e "e s a +s B+o so&e i&es %or !oo* reasons' an* so&e i&es A+s o s ir "e 2o / Or so&e i&es a li le bi o% bo "/ As &+c" as I like o s ir +2 s"i ' )"en i co&es o s re c"in!' I s an* by i 300P/ No base* +2on researc"' "e la es s +*ies' or any "in! really scien i%ic a all/ T"is is base* 2+rely on "e %ac "a "ro+!" s re c"in!' bo " s a ic an* *yna&ic' "as "el2e* &y 2er%or&ance re&en*o+sly/ So' i% yo+ "a.

o-)eek Cor )ar&-+2' I reco&&en* SMR an* *yna&ic s re c"in! an* 2er%or& s a ic s re c"in! a% er e.el' "ere>s )"a I reco&&en*1 Phase 1( /aw beginner1 S ren! " )orko+ s )ice 2er )eek )i " )o a**i ional *ays %or con*i ionin! )orko+ s/ Re&e&ber o )alk e. or &ore i&e 2er )eek/ Wi " "e con*i ionin!' A+s cycle "e )orko+ s )eek.ery )orko+ / Ea a )"ole %oo* &eal ric" in co&2le.Putting it all together Okay' so no) yo+ "a.o%% G(on*i ionin! EHIT"+rs*ay K S ren! " 8I Cri*ay con*i ionin! ( Make s+re yo+ al erna e "e s ren! " )orko+ i% yo+>re )orkin! o+ .e reco.ery*ay/ Phase 1( 0rainee1 S ren! " )orko+ s )ice 2er )eek' )i " "ree a**i ional con*i ionin! *ays 2er )eek Phase 1( 0rained beginner1 S ren! " )orko+ s . i&es 2er )eek' )i " "ree a**i ional con*i ionin! *ays 2er )eek/ Phase 1( Advanced beginner1 S ren! " )orko+ .-7 i&es 2er )eek' )i " .e all "e n+ s an* bol s o% "e 2ro!ra&' b+ "o) *o yo+ &ake i )ork= T"a >s 2re y si&2le ac +ally/ 8ase* +2on yo+r rainin! le.ery G)alkin!' SMR' s re c"in!H' on ?o%%@ *ays/ 8oo&/ T"a >s i / 43 . carbs 3-5 be%ore yo+ )orko+ / Ea a )"ole %oo* &eal )i " si&2le carbs Gs+!arsH or so&e kin* 2os -)orko+ 2ro einLcarb co&bina ion/ Use ac i. a**i ional con*i ionin! *ays 2er )eek/ ()a ple /phase 17 ra* beginner01 Mon*ay K con*i ionin! AI T+es*ay K S ren! " AI We*nes*ay .

eral +nsanc ione* 2o)erli% in! an* 2+s"L2+ll &ee s' an* "as a co+2le siDable li% s' incl+*in! a ra) 444 lbs *ea*li% an* ra) 734 lbs back sB+a / In "is s2are i&e "e likes rea*in!' !rillin!' an* boa in! on "e lake/ ("eck o+ &y co&2any 44 .in! a s ron! &en ali y' "eal " an* i&&+ne sys e& be%ore s ron! &+scles/ He>s co&2e e* in se.r" Stef -radford" Mike Donnelly is a 2ersonal an* a "le ic rainer' a+ "or' an* o.onnelly( and /ip2s right-hand woman( .es all "in!s s ren! " an* %i ness/ T"ro+!" "is co&2any' Visceral S ren! " # $er%or&ance' "e s ri.erall s)ell !+y %ro& "e S / Lo+is' Misso+ri area "a lo.About the Author +eft to right& +egendary strength coach Mar% /ippetoe( Michael .es o e*+ca e "e &asses on )ays o !e s ron!er %ro& "e insi*e o+ ' )"ic" &eans "a.

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