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Prehistoric cultures in India 2. Indus Civilization. Origins. The Mature Phase: extent, society, economy and culture. Contacts ith other cultures.Pro!lems o" decline. #. $eogra%hical distri!ution and characteristics o" %astoral and "arming communities outside the Indus region, "rom the neolithic to early iron %hases. &. 'edic society. The 'edic texts( change"rom )igvedic to later 'edic %hases. )eligion( *%anishadic thought. Political and social organisation( evolutuion o" monarchy and varna system. +. ,tate "ormation and ur!anization, "rom the maha-ana%adas to the .andas. /ainism and 0uddhism. 1actors "or the s%read o" 0uddhism. 2. The Mauryan 3m%ire. Chandragu%ta( Megasthenes. 4so5a and his inscri%tions( his dhamma, administration, culture and art. The 4rthasastra. 6. Post7Mauryan India, 0C 2887 49 #88. ,ociety: 3volution o" -atis. The ,atavahanas and state "ormation in Peninsula. ,angam texts and society. Indo7$ree5s, ,a5as, Parthians, :ushanas( :anish5a. Contacts ith the outside orld. )eligion : ,aivism, 0hagavatism, ;inayana and Mahayana 0uddhism( /ainism( Culture and art. <. The $u%tas and their successors =to c. 6+8 49>. Changes in %olitical organisation o" em%ire. 3conomy and society. ?iterature and science. 4rts. Section-! @. 3arly Medieval India. Ma-or dynasties( the Chola 3m%ire. 4grarian and %olitical structures. The )a-a%utras. 3xtent o" social mo!ility. Postition o" omen. The 4ra!s in ,ind and the $haznavides. 18. Cultural trends, 6+871288, )eligious conditions : im%ortance o" tem%les and monastic institutions( ,an5aracharya( Islam( ,u"ism. ?iterature and ,cience. 4l!eruniAs BIndiaB. 4rt and architecture. 11712. Thirteenth and "ourteenth Centuries: $horian invasions causes and conseCuences. 9elhi ,ultanate under the B,laveB )ulers. 4lauddin :hal-i : ConCuests( administrative, agrarian and economic measures. Muhammad TughlugDs innovations. 1iruz TughluC and the decline o" the 9elhi ,ultanate. $ro th o" commerce and ur!anization. Mystic movements in ;induism and Islam. ?iterature. 4rchitecture, Technological changes. 1#. The "i"teenth and early 12th Century : ma-or Provinicial dynasties( 'i-aya7nagara 3m%ire. The ?odis, 1irst %hase o" the Mughal 3m%ire: 0a!ur, ;umayun. The ,ur em%ire and administration. The Portuguese. Montheistic movements: :a!ir( $uru .ana5 and ,i5hism( 0ha5ti. $ro th o" regional literatures. 4rt and Culture. 1&71+. The Mughal 3m%ire , 1++271686. 45!ar: conCuests, administrative measures, -agir and mansa! systems( %olicy o" sulh7i75ul. /ahangir, ,hah-ahan and 4urangze! : ex%ansion in the 9eccan( religious %olicies. ,hiva-i. Culture: Persian and regional literatures. )eligious thought: 4!ul 1azl( Maharashtra dharma. Painting. 4rchitecture.

22. Indian )enaissance. 3arly structure o" 0ritish ra-: )egulating and PittDs India 4cts. 28. Indian 1reedom struggle7the "irst %hase: $ro th o" national consciousness( 1ormation o" 4ssociations( 3sta!lishment o" the Indian . Civil 9iso!edience and Fuit India Movement( Other strands in the . 0order con"lict ith China and Chinese aggression. 1<. gro th in trade( commerce ith 3uro%e. )egional states. 3conomic Im%act o" the 0ritish )a. . Planning and state7 controlled industrialization. 2&.on7alignment. 9ecline o" Mughal 3m%ire.indu Mahasa!ha( The %ost 71@&+ develo%ments( Partition and Inde%endence. 4grarian re"orms. Cultural encounter and social changes: Introduction o" estern education and modern ideas.technicalsymposium.e%aratist Trends in Indian nationalist %olitics7 the Muslim ?eague and the .ingh. secular. democratic =re%u!lic the 1@+8 Constitution>.u!has Chandra 0ose and the Indian . course and conseCuences.Visit: For More Information www. 4 %arliamentary. )ise o" *rdu language. Maratha %o er under the Pesh as. nature. astronomer.ocial re"orms measures !e"ore 1<+6.ational Congress and its Moderate %hase(7 3conomic . 2#. .a ai /ai .com .com 3conomy: conditions o" %easants and artisans. adeshi Movement( The gro th o" B3xtremismB and the 1@86 s%lit in Congress( The 4ct o" 1@8@ 7 the %olicy o" 9ivide and )ule( Congress7?eague Pact o" 1@12. the ?e"t. 1oreign %olicy o" . )esistance to 0ritish rule : 3arly u%risings( The 1<+6 )evolt7 causes.: 9rain o" Eealth =Tri!ute>( land revenue settlements =zamindari. /a aharlal .ocial strati"ication and status o" omen. 12. ryot ari. Mysore and its resitance to 0ritish ex%ansion: The three 4nglo7Maratha Ears. Section-" 16. ConCuest o" 0engal. .ehruDs vision o" a develo%ed. socialist society.ational 4rmy. Causes !ehind decline.technicalsymposium. The 4"ghans. 21. India inde%endent to 1@2&. . Visit: For More Information www. $andhi and his thought( $andhian techniCues o" mass mo!ilisation7 :hila"at and . social and religious re"orm movements( gro th o" Indian middle class( The %ress and its im%act: rise o" modern literature in Indian languages. mahal ari>( 9eindustrialisation( )ail ays and commercialisation o" agriculture( $ro th o" landless la!our. 1686721.on Coo%eration Movement. 0ritish ex%ansion : The Carnatic Ears. 1@.ationalism( . .ational Movement7)evolutionaries. Ma-or elements o" com%osite culture.