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Donald Allard Instructor May Honors Composition March 20, 2014 Evolution or Creation for our Schools One of the biggest debates that have been happening for the past couple of hundred years is the debate on which is correct: Evolution or Creationism. There are numerous amounts of people on both sides of the fence, but the debaters have reached an impasse since neither side is willing to give up on their argument. This has been an issue since Darwin published „The Origin of Species‟ as creationists seem to think, just like Darwin, that their way is the correct way. Will we ever overcome this and reach a logical conclusion? We may not know the answer to that in our lifetime. This has always been an issue, but never so much a problem. The reason that it is being brought in front of the school board today is to show you the problem that is surfacing from this debate. Recently in the news there has been talks about allowing parents to opt out of evolutionary teachings for their children. As we know, the theory of evolution is need to know for one to understand the biology of the human body. Everyone, at some time, has the questions deep inside them of what makes us, us. The answer can be discovered in biology class, as it teaches students how our body works in many different aspects. Since some parents rather teach their children creationism instead of evolution, and frown upon the teaching of the theory of evolution, there may be a solution so the students get the


to the students so they can know the history of the world.Allard 2 science from evolution. 2|Page . The proposal involved is to design a class that teaches all of these theories. Together we need to attempt to fill our children with more knowledge of the origins of life. More or less. as well. you could make it another mandatory subject like English or Mathematics would be. knowledge. This would also allow them to take a further in-depth look at their friends‟ heritages and not be prejudiced simply based on being forced into the same way of believing as their parents and other kin before. whether they have their parents choose to allow them to have that particular belief system or not. Some of you may be asking yourselves why this class is so important. while allowing them to see the origins of other belief systems in the world. When it is stated to create a class to teach the theories of creationism and evolution. The class would be designed to reach out to the children who search for the answers to philosophical questions. there has to be some compromise for the sake of the children. as well as appeasing the parents and their teachings of creationism. we have to think about what is necessary about the teachings of everything. not just one. Just as a sample idea as what the classroom curriculum would entail. it would be teaching creation from every religion so no one can say that they feel left out. but they have to understand that with today‟s society not agreeing on the matter. The answer is simple. It is felt like this class should also be mandatory to receive the proper education to graduate high school. There are many atheists and theists alike that will not like the idea imposed here. It is of one‟s own belief that it would be possible to start off with the basics and gradually raise it every year they are in school as the students grow in age.

Allard 3 Another question that might arise would be that is there going to be any difference in what is learned in this class.3. Although. Here is a table of a study that was conducted in 2009 where they asked students that were entering college what the concepts of their biology class entailed. The choices were as follows: My high school biology course included Evolution only Creationism only Evolution and Creationism Neither Evolution or Creation (Moore.9 44 +/.4. It must be noted that this table only reflects their knowledge of evolution. as opposed to what is already being learned currently.3 The table above speaks for itself with the knowledge that was gained from said courses. having this class could possibly be a good idea so students do get a better understanding of all of the ideologies throughout society.5 41 +/. It cannot be stated that they will be exactly the same. Sehoya and Bates) % of Students KEE Score 62. test higher in that subject.6 22. 3|Page . but you can pretty much use that as a rough estimate. of course.3.2 2. it can be said that the results would be similar.4. students who have a learning background of one subject will. it is known that students with knowledge in all subjects will test equally in any of the given subjects. So.9 57 +/. with gathered information from the table above.3 12. Although their knowledge of creation was not tested.5 53 +/.

the NTSA. but show them the bright side that their children will have a more in depth look at the religion of their choosing from a more scholarly level.” (Directors) With that being said. The problem being that we should not allow parents to opt their children out of the teachings of science solely due to their religious beliefs. it will be explained the downside of not teaching evolution shortly.Allard 4 There is a NTSA (National Science Teachers Association) position statement that was also come across. That may 4|Page . The way mentioned above is just one way that was thought of to overcome this issue that we are faced with in our society. Technology. The proposed way of avoiding any situation to be involved is nothing more than a creative way to make everyone. happy to a certain extent. as stated earlier. stated: “If evolution is not taught. Of course. It goes in depth of how the teaching of evolution is a must for students in the grades of k-12. instead of just learning about it from someone who is biased on the situation. the class is the only work around so. it appeases people with the non-secular belief system. you will have the parents who are furious that their child must sit and learn about other religious beliefs and the theory of evolution. in their statement. and Mathematics) careers. It is assured that there are ways that have been thought out on numerous occasions that provide a solution to this problem. Since evolution needs to be taught. students will not achieve the level of scientific literacy needed to be well-informed citizens and prepare for college and STEM (Science. As far as the downside of not learning evolution. it is a must that we overcome this impasse that is brought up with creationists and evolutionists. and creationists do not choose to have their children be taught this. on both sides of the argument. Engineering.

The Journal of Effective Teaching. S. R. The Influence of Religion and High School Biology Courses on Students’ Knowledge of Evolution When They Enter College.. In closing. this paper was to persuade you to. Martin Luther King Jr. 2004. once and for all. Martin Luther King Jr. 211-233. put an end to the problem of allowing parents to choose what their children learn. Moore. E. A. 2009. If not for scientific teachings. Creationism. Even if that means our children learning something that we are not particularly fond of due to our beliefs. “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools. Evolution vs.Allard 5 help lighten the mood of the ones who are overwhelmed with anger pertaining to the decision proposed. Online Article.” –Dr. It would now like to be ended with a quote from Dr. NTSA Position Statement: The Teaching of Evolution. References Scott. C. We all have to make sacrifices in some aspects of life. 2013. To appease others. and Bates. NTSA Board of Directors. Print. Greenwood Press.. 5|Page . attempting to find out the answers of the cosmos. Cotner. a majority of the scientists today would not be where they are. we need to swallow our pride and come to a compromise that is not normally within limits of our own personal justification.