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BASIC CONTENT APPLICATION FORMS Private and confidential Please complete and return it to the Personnel Director Which

post are you applying for? How did you hear about it? Surname Permanent home address telephone Date of birth ationality Marital status umber of children !age" ame and address of ne#t of $in !state relationship" Forenames Mr/Mrs/Miss Present address Place of birth Maiden name !if applicable" Have you been employed by us before? %f yes& please give details

What training courses or further studies have you underta$en? 'anguages !state proficiency" (ive names and addresses of previous employers& wor$ing bac$wards from present )ob Dates ame/address salary *ob title and duties +eason for leaving

THE CURRICULUM VITAE A Curriculum vitae shoul i!clu e" P,+S- .' D,/.%'S your full name !first name& surname& middle"& address and telephone number date and place of birth nationality marital status !ages of any children" ,D01./%e#act dates and places of education& results& degree& training courses e#aminations passed& especially those internationally recogni2ed W-+3 ,4P,+%, 1,

previous employment and wor$ e#perience !going bac$wards& starting with the latest& ending with the first"5 State periods& name and address of company& )ob and responsibilities you had5 S3%''S $nowledge of foreign languages !state proficiency& certifications"& computer s$ills other interests& research& pro)ects& abilities !communication s$ills& team wor$ e#perience" hobbies names and addresses of two or three referees date and signature /H, SW-/ S1-+, 6 How to Sell Yourself
Suppose you are writing a covering letter to apply for a job. Pick five adjectives that best describe you. Then write five sentences that describe your qualities. esponsive! reliable! deter"ined! fle#ible! tactful! confident! persuasive! tidy! self$assertive! energetic! enthusiastic

Strengths7 ambitious& spea$s ,nglish& $ind& sociable Wea$nesses7 proud& does not wor$ easily in a team -pportunities7 single& resistant /hreats7 untidy& smo$es& wears glasses& impulsive sometimes

6 %hat qualities do you think you&ll need for your future career'
%hat qualities do hu"an resources "anagers look for in young graduates when they want to e"ploy the"' (rder the following according to their i"portance) *+,-.TY pleasant personality .ntelligence

good acade"ic record physical appearance well infor"ed about the co"pany! business ,"bition

At the I!tervie#

/here are different types of interview7 face to face& committee& screening& lunch and telephone interview5 Most common in our country are the committee interviews where several members of the company management will decide whether you are hired or not5 1ertain 8uestions fre8uently come up5 So it9s worth thin$ing about the answers beforehand5 :y rehearsing them you9ll become more familiar with your own 8ualifications and will be well prepared to demonstrate how you can benefit the employer ;5 WH< D%D <-0 ',.=, <-0+ '.S/ *-:? /he interviewer may want to $now if you had any problems on your last )ob5 %f you had problems& show that you can accept responsibility and learn from your mista$es :e positive5 ,mphasi2e e#periences you thin$ are relevant for the new )ob5 (ive a reason& such as7 relocated away from )ob& company went out of business& laid off& temporary )ob& no possibility of advancement& wanted a )ob better suited to your s$ills& etc5 :e as honest as possible without critici2ing your previous employer5 %f you found the )ob boring you can say that you could not ma$e full use of your true abilities >5 WH./ D%D <-0 D- % <-0+ '.S/ *-:? Do not )ust give the name of the )ob5 Describe the main duties and responsibilities you had5 :e sure to mention any promotion or advancement you had5 ?5 WH< D- <-0 W. / /- W-+3 F-+ 0S? /his is your chance to show you have found something about the firm before the interview5 Don9t tal$ only about what you hope to get from them ,mphasi2e what you can do for them& as well5 ,#plain how what you did in the past will be useful in the new )ob5 /al$ about how your professional s$ills will benefit the company5 %f you don9t wor$ in sales& your answer should never be simply7 @moneyA5 /he interviewer will wonder if you really care about the )ob5

B5 D- <-0 P+,F,+ /- W-+3 :< <-0+S,'F -+ W%/H -/H,+S? /he ideal answer is one of fle#ibility5 However& be honest5 (ive e#amples describing how you have wor$ed in both situations5 -/H,+ C0,S/%- S are about7 $our %uali&icatio!s7 We have a lot of applicants for this )ob& why should we appoint you? What new s$ills or capabilities have you developed recently? (ive me an e#ample from a previous )ob where you have shown initiative What is more important to you7 status or money? What salary do you e#pect? What motivates you in your wor$? What have you been doing since your last )ob? What 8ualities do you find important in a coDwor$er? What were your responsibilities in your last )ob? What has been your most valuable e#perience? $our career 'oals What would you li$e to be doing in five years from now? /ell me about yourself What are your longDrange goals? How long do you thin$ you9d stay with us if you were appointed? What do you e#pect from this )ob? Describe your present )ob E what do you find rewarding about it? What specific s$ills ac8uired or used in previous )obs relate to this position? $our e ucatio! Why did you choose your ma)or? Do you plan to continue your education? $our (erso!alit) How would you describe your personality? When did you last lose your temper? Describe what happened5 What are your strong/wea$ points? .re you an ambitious person? Describe your ideal boss5

The Busi!ess Letter

Ma)oritatea scrisorilor de afaceri conFin e#presii standard7 Formula e salut *o(e!i!' salutatio!+ Dear Sir/Madam Mr5/Mrs/Ms Wilson *ac$ Re&eri!,a *re&ere!ce+ With reference to your letter ofGG55

your phone call today&G55 your advertisement in the FlashGG5 /han$ you for your letter ofGGG5 The reaso! &or #riti!' *motivul (e!tru care se scrie+ % am writing to confirm en8uire about apologi2e forGG Re%uesti!' *solicitare+ A'reei!' to re%uests *acor ul cu solicitarea+ % would be grateful if you couldG % would be glad toGG5 -ivi!' .a !e#s*vesti (roaste+ ocume!te+ 0nfortunatelyGG55 Please find enclosedGG5 %9m afraid thatG55 % am enclosing 1losing remar$s !formule de incheiere" Please contact us if you have any problems/8uestions /han$ you for your help5 +eference to future contact !referinte la contacte viitoare" We are loo$ing forward to meeting you/hearing from you/ seeing you /he finish !incheiere" <ours sincerely& !daca ati inceput cu Dear Mr5 WilsonG5" <ours faithfully& !dacH aFi Inceput cu Dear Sir/MadamG" ,#ample IntelComputers >?J Pear /ree Street :ucharest /elGG55 Fa#GG eDmailGG *eremy Wilson Sales Manager %ntel 1omputer Supplies BK? Subway +oad -#ford -1? >+W ovember >?& >LLM E!closi!' ocume!ts *atasarea e

Dear Mr5 Wilson&

With reference to our telephone conversation today& % am writing to confirm our order for >K Photoconductors ref5 no5 NJLLK/$c We would be grateful if you could deliver them as soon as possible

/han$ you for your help

<ours sincerely& %oan :ratescu Purchasing Director

/o. uties % wor$ at @D515A 0niversity& Publishing House department5 % type on computer courses for our students5 For finishing a volume& it is necessary to pass through some steps5 /he first one consists in presentation the professor9s manuscript and depending on its comple#ity !number of pages& charts& graphics" % can estimate the time which is necessary to type it5 /he first printing gives the professor an overview of the new course and he can ma$e all the modifications he considers5 /he second step consists in correcting all the errors& first by me and then by the professors5 /he last step is the final printing which turns into a type matri# for its multiplication !by N5" % wor$ in the Publishing house where % coordinate the whole activity5 /his is the main occupation5 .lso& % represent the Cuality Management for @Dimitrie 1antemirA 0niversity and % ta$e part of several committee meetings& li$e7 board of license registration and board for registration of incoming students in the first year5 !by H.O"

Persoa!a a 01a 1 *ane is a tic$et agent for /arom5 She wor$s from M o9cloc$ in the morning to twoDthirty in the afternoon5 She has an hour for lunch and one for coffee brea$5 *ane stands behind the chec$Din counter5 She greets the passengers and chec$s their tic$ets5 She gives them boarding cards& information about flights& and answers their 8uestions5 She also assigns seats& weighs and chec$s their luggage5 She li$es her )ob but she doesn9t li$e to get up at five o9cloc$ every morning5 2escri.i!' res(o!si.ilities

35 Mrs5 adine Wilson is the Human +esources Director5 She is responsible for all personnel matters5 She recruits new staff& contacts health and safety representatives& organi2es training courses and also deals with retirement arrangements5 45 A travel a'e!t helps travellers with information5 He helps them to ma$e the best possible travel arrangements5 He/she offers advice on destinations and ma$es arrangements for transportation& hotel accommodations& car rentals& and tours for their clients5 More and more& a travel agent advises travelers about the customers9 destinations& such as the weather conditions& customs& attractions& and e#hibitions5 For those travelling internationally& agents also provide information on customs regulations& re8uired papers !passports& visas& and certificates of vaccination"& and currency e#change rates ead the advertis"ent and co"plete the following recruit"ent file)

*-: SP,1%F%1./%Company
-ocation Position 1uties The Or'a!i'ram
H0M. +,S-0+1,S /raining Personnel Wages and Salaries P+-D01/%Production Pac$ing Distribution Cuality Maintenance M.+3,/% ( Mar$eting Sales .fterDsales service .dvertising F% . 1, Purchasing 1ustomer .ccounts Financial Services

Salary /enefits 0ontact

Which department or division buys supplies? Sells products? Plans how to sell new products? -rgani2es training courses? +ecruits new employees? Sends the products to the customers? Pac$s the products? Manufactures the products? 1hec$s the 8uality? Sends invoices to the customers? /a$es care of the machines? Pays the staff? %s responsible for afterDsales care? Deals with ta#ation& investment& and cash management? +uns advertising campaigns? /as$7 +eproduceti organigrama firmei/societatii/unitatii in care lucrati sau a unei societati internationale pe care o gasiti pe internet5


Performance appraisal is an important part of a company9s activity that is performed every year by the Human +esources Manager and it refers to positive and negative aspects of the employee9s performance5

The Accou!ta!t Helen wor$s conscientiously and accurately5 She is dependable and reliable and totally trustworthy5 Her monthly financial reports are always correct and delivered punctually5 She might benefit from a course in timeDmanagement and computer systems for accountancy in order to help her cope with the amount of wor$ she has to handle& as she wor$s far too many hours overtime5 Huma! Resource O&&icer ic$ is hardDwor$ing and has learnt his duties very 8uic$ly in the short time he has been in the company5 He has ta$en the initiative to develop new systems for dealing with the salaries and other staff payments and has coped e#tremely well with the new income ta# laws5 He wor$s well with figures and has coped very efficiently with all the necessary company documents sent out and received by the Department5 /he training courses that he has facilitated& have run very smoothly5 *ohn still has a lot to learn about people management and needs to present a more @humanA face to members of staff5 He must try to improve his ability to listen& be patient and show understanding of staff problems5


2iscuss People tend to regard their peers as having similar characteristics with their own5 /he fact that a manager considers his employees to accomplish their tas$s only if forced and afraid& implies that himself would behave similarly as an employee5 /he employees should be influenced through7 motivation& personal e#ample& and not through e#terior means such as7 command& punishment& reward D%S10SS%- 7 /al$ to your parnter/in groups and report7 Have you been involved in any of the following? .ny tips you9ve found out?
1. Check or write job description 2. Prepare a person specification 3. Advertise a job 4. Carry out screening and interviews 5. Conduct second interviews . !e"ect the #ost va"uab"e candidate $. !end feedback to unsuccessfu" app"icants. %. &ake a job offer.

/OB 2ESCRIPTIONS AN2 PERSON SPECIFICATIONS E two important H+ tools What type of information do they include? Sort them out7 Previous e#perience location of wor$place s$ills and 8ualities needed for )ob )ob title

+eporting relationship !who is responsible to whom and for what" Main purpose of )ob 8ualifications/training $ey duties/responsibilities Practical re8uirements !shift wor$& travel& etc" Personal style/behavior *-: D,S1+%P/%P,+S- SP,1%F%1./%-

Voca.ular) e7ercise7 1hoose the correct verbs to complete the sentences7

1. 'he training #anager reports(#anages(#onitors the genera" #anager. 2. 'he suitab"e app"icant #ust be ab"e to deve"op(work(i#p"e#ent c"ose"y with branch offices and deve"op(introduce(support a good tea# spirit. 3. )e need to contribute(i#p"e#ent(train new training courses and identify(deve"op(#anage needs for the future deve"op#ent of the staff. 4. 'here is a certain a#ount of hands*on work which invo"ves carrying out(ensuring(contributing training courses for +,*based personne". 5. -irst you need to #aintain(prepare(operate a new staff training #anua". . +, branch offices need to be supported. so the job #aintains(ensures(invo"ves a "ot of trave""ing.

A ma!a'er8s com(ete!cies7 . manager should be able to7 :0%'D& D,=,'-P& , S0+,& %D, /%F<& %MP+-=,& M-/%=./,& +,.1/ /GGGGGGGGG55staff performance GGGGGGGGGGan effective team GGGGGGGGGGchange5 GGGGGGGGG55staff GGGGGGGGG55creativity GGGGGGGGG55problems GGGGGGGGG55deadlines are met5 P,+S- SP,1%F%1./%- E match5 !for a training manager9s position" .DD%/%- .' % F-+M./%S3%''S . D C0.'%/%,S ,,D,D F-+ /H, *-: D,S%+.:', S3%''S P,+S- .' S/<',/:,H.=%-0+ P+,=%-0S ,4P,+%, 1,

C0.'%F%1./%- S//+.% % (
1. /ducated to degree "eve" or e0uiva"ent e1perience. 2nstitute of 'raining certificate. 3anguage ski""s in -rench and 4er#an an advantage

2. At "east 5 years5 e1perience in a "eadership(#anageria" training ro"e in an 2' or a high*tech co#pany6 &e#ber of recogni7ed training organi7ation(s.

3. App"icants #ust be ab"e to de#onstrate success in the fo""owing areas8 #anageria" abi"ity. tea# bui"ding and abi"ity to #otivate staff. creativity8 to identify future training needs. to design #ateria"s and #anua"s. to design and carry out training progra##es6 Preparation and i#p"e#entation of training budgets and audits. #onitor staff perfor#ance throughout the organi7ation. #aintain open "ines of co##unication on a"" training issues with #anagers and 9oard.

4. !ound 2' e1perience and know"edge of a"" genera" software progra#s. custo#er care and 0ua"ity #anage#ent e1perience.

5. Proven interpersona" ski""s6 abi"ity to co##unicate at a"" "eve"s of the organi7ation6 active decision*#aker ab"e to work on own initiative6 innovative6 intercu"tura" awareness6 tea# worker.

. &ust be #obi"e and ab"e to trave" on a week"y basis. 'his is a progressive ro"e with opportunities for pro#otion in the +! and /urope.

Recruitme!t sources Which sources of recruitment does your company use to find new employees? Which sources do you thin$ are most effective? Define them in your own words7 Word of mouth /rade press advertising recruitment agencies internal advertising media advertising online recruitment 0nsolicited applications


Match the two/find your partner and wor$ with him/her S,4 D%S1+%M% ./%/reat someone of either se# unfairly 1- /+.1/ -F ,MP'-<M, / +educed wor$ing hours& usually when a company has a decrease in production ,C0.' P.< .ccidents that happen at wor$ M./,+ %/< ',.=, Period of absence for a woman who has had a baby W-+3P'.1, % *0+%,S /he same salary for men and women SH-+/ /%M, W-+3% ( Stress caused by negative factors in the )ob D%S1%P'% .+< . D (+%,=. 1, Procedure when an employee brea$s the P+-1,D0+, rules and what the employee can do if unhappy with a decision W-+3 +,'./,D S/+,SS Written details given to an employee to confirm terms and conditions Phrase explanation7 Osub)ect to satisfactory reference9 %n 03 managers collect references themselves& they are not included in the application procedure5 /herefore the offer of employment is sub)ect to satisfactory reference5 A CONTRACT OF EMPLO$MENT 2ATE THE EMPLO$MENT BE-INS RATE OF PA$ AN2 6HEN9HO6 PAI2 NORMAL HOURS OF 6OR:9OVERTIME9SHIFT PATTERNS HOLI2A$ ENTITLEMENT *INCL5 PUBLIC HOLI2A$S+ /OB TITLE *OR BRIEF 2ESCRIPTION OF THE /OB+ LOCATION OF 6OR:PLACE NOTICE PERIO2 SIC: PA$ PROVISION PENSION SCHEME TERMS 2ISCIPLINAR$ RULES AN2 -RIEVANCE PROCE2URES
a. 'he a#ount of notice you are re0uired to give or be given by your e#p"oyer in the first four years is four weeks b. A copy of the co#pany5s discip"inary procedure is attached to this contract and e#p"oyees are asked to read it carefu""y c. :our basic sa"ary wi"" be 3; pounds per annu#. payab"e #onth"y in arrears by credit transfer to your bank d. :our nor#a" p"ace of work wi"" be the above address. -ro# ti#e to ti#e the co#pany #ay re0uire you to work at other sites on a te#porary basis. e. :our e#p"oy#ent begins on.......... <date= f. 'he co#pany does not offer a pension sche#e but provides access to a stake ho"der pension. >etai"s can be obtained fro# the personne" depart#ent.

g. :ou #ay be re0uired to work on a pub"ic ho"iday. 2f so. you are entit"ed to ti#e off in "ieu. h. ?or#a" hours of work are 3$ @ hours a week. A a# to 583; p#. &onday to -riday. with one unpaid hour for "unch each day. i. j. :ou #ust infor# the office by 1;a# on the first day of absence. -ai"ure to do so #ay render you subject to discip"inary action and #ay a"so bar you fro# sick pay. :our current job tit"e and responsibi"ities are deai"ed in !chedu"e 1 and #ay be a#ended fro# ti#e to ti#e. Any changes wi"" be discussed with you fu""y and notified to you in writing.

>2> :B+ ,?B)C

2uvet a)7 A paid day's work in which the

employee is allowed to stay at home for rest and relaxation. %t differs from holiday allowance in that no prior notice is needed5 You are not ill! you don&t want to lie to the boss2 you just need a day in bed33 this helps to foster an environ"ent of respect and trust between e"ployer and e"ployee. /he idea follows the introduction of dressDdown Fridays and water coolers as the latest office innovation to cross the .tlantic5 PDuvet days are the latest in a list of PemployeeDfocusedP benefits5

umber the following #or;(lace stress &actors in order of importance and compare the results with a parner9s7 %nterpersonal relationships at wor$ !problems with coDwor$ers"

/ight deadlines !pressure to get wor$ done in time" %ntimidation from supervisors Wor$ environment/e8uipment !unsatisfactory wor$ conditions" Wor$load *ob security !fear of losing one9s )ob" Wor$ing hours 'ow autonomy !wor$ing under constant supervision +epetitive wor$ Wor$/life balance !finding time for responsibilities at home" What health and safety measures is your company ta$ing to reduce stress levels of staff? HR evelo(me!t5 Which aspects of development does your company use? .ppraisal Mentoring to motivate a group of employees to wor$ together effectively regular evaluation of an employee9s performance& development re8uirements and potential to provide an employee with an e#perienced person who can assist with professional development anf offer support and advice to inform new staff about the company and its procedures and to help them to settle successfully into their new )ob

%nduction programme

/eam development

REMUNERATION PAC:A-E Pay Q salary Q remuneration Fringe benefits/per$s E rewards companies give their staff in addition to money /hin$ about fringe benefits connected to different aspects such as7 1anteen D lunches 1ompany car E fuel& mileage allowance What fringe benefits& if any& are nogotiable in your company? .re new employees ever as$ed what benefits they would prefer to have?


F-+M7 ver. R !e"s D pers5? sg5 % wor$ wor$ <ou wor$ wor$ He wor$s wor$ She wor$s %t wor$s Forma !e'ativ=7 D- -/ !D- 9/" / D-,S -/ !D-,S 9/" % don9t wor$ in the afternoon shift He doesn9t wor$ at night5 /hey <ou We

0S,S7 ;5 habitual actions !usually& generally& every day" He wor$s in the currency department5 % read and answer my eDmail every day5

S(elli!' *orto'ra&ie+ 'a adHugarea terminaFiei Es au loc urmHtoarele transformHri7 ;" consoanH R y R s Q iesS try Q triesS cry Q cries >" anumite verbe adaugH Ees7 go E goesS do E doesS watch E watchesS wash E washesS dress E dresses5 Pro!u!ciatio! *(ro!u!,ie+ /erminaFia pre2entului simplu la persoana a ?Da singular se citeTte7 /s/ /2/ /i2/ coo$s goes watches spea$s does washes stops tries dresses

? 2O92OES 2o I #or; > 2o )ou #or;> 2oes he #or;> 2oes she #or;> 2oes it #or;> 6here o )ou #or;> 6hat o )ou o> Ho# o )ou 'et there> 6he! oes he #or;> 2o #e #or;> 2o )ou #or;> 2o the) #or;> Ne'ative I o !ot * o!8t+ #or;5 He oes !ot * oes!8t+ #or;5

E'5 Do you wor$ in the tourism industry? Does he wor$ in the tourism industry? D%S'%3,S7 6 % dont li$e the rain and % don9t li$e the mud& the dirt on the streets after the rain5 6 % don9t li$e the gossip and the lies !and especially now7 the lies before elections"5 6 She li$es reading boo$s about everything5 She doesnt li$e coo$ing every day
45 SIMPLE PAST 9 trecutul sim(lu To .e .ffirmative egative % was Eeu am fost % was not E wasn9t <ou were E tu ai fost <ou were not E weren9t He was E el a fost He was not E wasn9t She was E ea a fost She was not E wasn9t %t was E el& ea a fost %t was not E wasn9t We were E noi am fost We were not E weren9t <ou were E voi ati fost <ou were not E weren9t /hey were E ei& ele& au fost /hey were not E weren9t e5g5 Was he at the meeting yesterday? <es& he was/ o& he wasn9t Where was he yesterday? He was at wor$5 Where were you yesterday afternoon? % was at home5 RE-ULAR VERBS9ver.e re'ulate F-+M7 D VERB1E2

%nterrogative Was %? Were you? Was he? Was she? Was it? Were we? Were you? Were they?

0S,7 actions finished in a definite past !actiuni terminate in trecut7 yesterday& last year/month/wee$& an hour ago/ ieri& anul/luna/saptamana trecutaG" e5g57 :etween >LL> E >LLB he wor$ed in the accounts department5 Ver.ele re'ulate formea2H timpul trecut prin adHugarea terminaFiei ,D care poate fi cititH7 /t/ /d/ /id/



wanted needed ended nodded accepted ie7 try tried

wor$ed warned dropped played helped travelled wished arrived Scriere D verbele terminate In Ey precedat de consoanH7 y dar @playA rHmUne neschimbat7 played5 D nu se dublea2H Ee final7 live R ed Q lived

,g5!%& you& he& she& it& we& you& they" wor$ed hard yesterday5

IRRE-ULAR VERBS 9 ver.e !ere'ulate =erbele neregulate au trei forme& forma a >Da !=erb>" repre2entUnd timpul trecut si este la fel la toate persoanele7 ;5 (o E >5 went E ?5 gone

%nfinitiv trecut participiu e5g5 !%& you& he& she& it& we& you& they" went to wor$ yesterday morning5 '%S/ -F %++,(0'.+ =,+:S
% %F% %/%=, P.S/ P.+/%1%P', % F% %/%=, P.S/ P.+/%1%P',

be beat become begin bend bet bite blow brea$ bring broadcast build burst buy catch choose come cost creep cut deal dig do draw drin$ drive fat fall feed

was/were beat became :egan :ent :et :it :lew :ro$e :rought :roadcast :uilt :urst :ought caught chose came cost crept cut dealt dug did drew dran$ drove ate fell fed

been beaten become begun bent bet bitten blown bro$en brought broadcast built burst bought caught chosen come cost crept cut dealt dug done drawn drun$ driven eaten fallen fed

leave 'end 'et lie 'ight 'ose Ma$e Mean Meet Pay Put +ead +ide +ing +ise +un say See See$ Sell Send Set Sew Sha$e Shine Shoot Show Shrin$ Shut

left lent let lay lit lost made meant met paid put read /red/ rode rang rose ran said saw sought sold sent set sewed shoo$ shone shot showed shran$ shut

left lent let lain lit lost made meant met paid put read /red/ ridden rung risen run said seen sought sold sent set sewn sha$en shone shot shown shrun$ shut

feel fight find fly forbid forget forgive free2e get give go grow hang have hear hide hit hold hurt $eep $neel $now lay lead

felt fought found flew forbade forgot forgave fro2e got gave went grew hung had heard hid hit held hurt $ept $nelt $new laid led

felt fought found flown forbidden forgotten forgiven fro2en got given gone grown hung had heard hidden hit held hurt $ept $nelt $nown laid led

Sing Sin$ sit sleep spea$ spend stand steal stic$ sting stri$e swear sweep swim ta$e teach tear tell thin$ understand wa$e wear win write

sang san$ sat slept spo$e spent stood stole stuc$ stung stro$e swore swept swam too$ taught tore told thought understood Wo$e Wore Won Wrote

sung sun$ sat slept spo$en spent stood stolen stuc$ stung stric$en sworn swept swum ta$en taught torn told thought understood wo$en worn won written

Trecutul sim(lu i!teo'ativ9!e'ativ %nterrogative7 D%D R =erb; Did he wor$ for %:M? egative7 D%D -/ Q D%D 9/ R =,+:!;" o& he didn9t5 He didn9t #or; forGG He wor$ed for /he +omanian :an$ for Development <es& he did5 He #or;e for -/P :an$5 o& she didn9t5 She didn9t wor$ in a travel agency5 She wor$ed in a private company5 /hey launched the new product last spring5 % sent it two hours ago5 :ecause it had some problems5

Did he wor$ for -/P :an$? Did she wor$ in a travel agency? When did they launch the new product? When did you send the fa#? Why did they return our product?

/impul viitor se formea2H cu a)utorul au#iliarului will la toate persoanele5 % will call you tomorrow <ou will be present at the meeting5 He will have to meet the delegation at the airport5 She will tal$ to you soon5 %t will arrive tomorrow5 We will write to you about it5 <ou will have the answer in due time5 /hey will give you an answer as soon as possible5 Forma scurt=7 9ll !%9ll& you9ll& he9ll& she9ll5555 etc5"

Ne'ativul7 will not Q won9t I!tero'ativul7 inversion& e5g5 Will you be present at the meeting? When will the order arrive?
?5 PRESENT PERFECT FORM" have9has @ ver. *e 90+ He has resigned5 .ffirmative egative !short form7 haven9t/hasn9t" % have shipped the product % have not shipped !haven9t <ou have shipped the product shipped" He has shipped the product She has shipped the product She has not shipped !hasn9t shipped"GG %t has arrived5 %t hasn9t arrived yet5 We have shipped the product <ou have shipped the product /hey have shipped the product USE2"

%nterrogative !inversion"

Have you shipped the product?

Has it arrived?

;5 acFiune terminatH IntrDun trecut nepreci2at !re2ultatul este vi2ibil In pre2ent"

e5g % have read the boo$ He has bro$en his leg We have paid our staff He has signed the contract 1u urmHtorii indicatori de timp7

>5 ,=,+ !vreodatH" Have you ever wor$ed in a production factory? ,=,+ !niciodatH" % have never been fired5 *0S/ !tocmai" He has )ust applied for the position of tourism agent5 .'+,.D< !de)a" We have already finished the report5 <,/ !IncH" /he delegation hasn9t arrived yet5 /H%S <,.+& /H%S W,,3& /-D.< 7 We have sold >L units this wee$5 ?5 actiune InceputH In trecut care continuH pUnH In pre2ent7 % have been a student for half a year5 % have been a student since october >LLM5 We haven9t seen him since >LLL5 We haven9t seen him lately5 S% 1, E indicH de cUnd !Inceputul perioadei" F-+ D indicH de cUt timp !durata perioadei" './,'< E In ultima perioadH SPEA:IN- TOPICS ;5 *ob description D )ob responsibilitites

>5 Person specifications ?5 ,mployment file7 the 1= B5 Personal 8ualities7 SW-/ analysis K5 /ypes of )ob interviews M5 1ommon 8uestions at the interview V5 1ontract elements J5 Which sources of recruitment do you thin$ are most effective? N5 Wor$place stress factors ;L5 Fringe benefits ;;5 :usiness eti8uette !corporate culture"