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Order of Platinum Light

The First Magickal Initiation Pretext

"As the Magick Wand is the Will, the Wisdom, the Word of the Magician, so is the Magick Cu his !nderstanding" This Magical Will is the #and in $our hand %$ #hich the &reat Work is accom lished, %$ #hich the 'aughter is not merel$ set u on the throne of the Mother, %ut assumed into the (ighest" !ltimatel$ the Magical Will so identifies itself #ith the mans #hole %eing that it %ecomes unconscious, and is as constant a force as gra)itation" One ma$ e)en %e sur rised at one*s o#n acts, and ha)e to reason out their connection" +ut let it %e understood that #hen the Will has thus reall$ raised itself tot he height of 'estin$, the man is no more likel$ to do #rong than he is to float off into the air" " Aleister Cro#le$ Aleister Cro#le$ also defined magic as the art and science of causing change in conformit$ to the #ill" Will is the )i%rational e,ui)alent of all desires achie)ed %$ -on.Ph$sical /elf" The change caused in a highl$ consciousl$ creating magician is attainment of e)er rising )i%ration induced %$ t#o.#a$ etheric relationshi s induced %$ attention energ$ concentration, or intention" Magis is mind o#er or )i%rationall$ contoured light, flo#ing from Infinite Consciousness, #hich Itself is (ighest 0i%ration 1nerg$" All Pers ecti)es of Infinite Consciousness ha)e a Parent Consciousness from #hich It arises after the Parent Consciousness has %orn a ne# desire that has %ecome the

0i%rational 1,ui)alent of the desire.or Child Consciousness. ex ressing the e)er ex anding Infinite Intelligence of I-FI-IT1 CO-/CIO!/-1//" Once #e kno# W1 A21 (I&(1/T 0I+2ATIO- 1-12&3, #e ex erience oursel)es increasingl$ as higher )i%rating magicians, or oints of Consciousness e)er ex ressing higher )i%rating magis, or mind. o#er, or light, su orted %$ increasingl$ u graded energies #ithin and #ithout" If #e kno# all this, then #e kno#4ex erience W1 A21 1)er (igher 0i%rating Magicians s#im dancing in the 1)er (igher 0i%rating /treams of Light flo#ing out and in, from #ithin and #ithout" The highest )alue from relating #ith others is not #hat the$ can offer in materials, %ut #hat those materials essence contains, the %irth of ne# desires, the %lending of )i%rational energ$ com osite from close roximit$ or meeting in multidimensional etheric )ector thru reading another*s #ords, and thusl$, correlating attraction4manifestation" /o learning to read itself is initiation into a relati)el$ secret societ$" /o is learning from a great magician" Once the desire to %e The &reatest Magician 5ueen46ing is %orn from a$ing attention 7light8 to another, the -on.Ph$sical /elf %ecomes the )i%rational e,ui)alent, summoning the com onents %$ The La# of Attraction" Magickal Initiation is im ressing u on the su%conscious images of a master of esoteric ex ression as #ell as integrating energ$ signature of the Master #ithin and the master #ithout #ithin the mage %$ close roximit$ to or reading #ords of master" To re eat, kno#ing this and gi)ing affirmations4commands to su%conscious from Master to initiate 7e)en from Inner Master to initiate8, #itnessing another9s master$ to rogram su%conscious of initiate #ith images to as #ell as the energetic com osition %lend from a close h$sical roximit$ results in the %lending of %od$.mind allo# for the ossi%ilit$ of initiate manifesting master$ of as ect of high magic4m$sticism" This rocess %ridges the )i%rational ga %et#een -on. Ph$sical /elf and oint of Consciousness ex eriencing itself as an indi)idual, and thus, emerges e)er greater manifestation of e)er increasing )i%rational attainment #ith e)er greater unification of mind, %od$, soul" The mind, as I ercei)e it, is a energetic interface %et#een soul and %od$" With the

exce tion of highl$ magical inducing cutting edge thoughts, the negation of mind.#ith limiting memories and meditation, allo#ing for highest )i%rating energetic interface %et#een %od$ and soul" The use of attention energ$ in this context is s aringl$ used %$ The &reatest Magician, then, #hom, #hen not meditating, most consciousl$ and economicall$ s ends her or his magis, or attention.energ$, im%uing as ects of Consciousness #hich gi)e %ack as much magis or more resulting from the connection flo# induced %$ ethericall$ connecting %$ focusing attention.light" The Creator, Mother &oddess, our soul, the sun, stars, &aia, angels, chakras, energies, cr$stals" 3et, all aths #ithout in)aria%l$ lead #ithin" 1)er$ magician ultimatel$ %ecomes a m$stic, as their magic in)aria%l$ is used to increasingl$ unif$ %od$, mind and soul #ith e)er greater ex ression of light )i%ration com osite, or illumination" The #and, es eciall$ cr$stal4co co er ex ression, is highl$ useful to this end" The ie:o electric effect of the cr$stals %ound in the er tu%ing am lifies the magis flo#, going #ithin #ith left, negati)el$ er charged hand, #ithout #ith right, ositi)el$ charged hand" Indeed, the magician %ecomes, %$ definition, a cr$stal radio transmitter holding co cr$stal #and, and %$ doing so, am lif$ing the alread$ resent miniature )i%ration energ$ com osite torroidial attern of the magician holding it" Thusl$, #hat energies coming %ack from focus of magician, and radiating out#ard of torroidial energ$ com osite of indi)idual are radiating out#ard of #and as #ell, increasing otenc$ of magic, manifestation, light #ork, $oga, meditation or an$ other exercise of %reath, light and increased a#areness and ex erience of consciousness raising" In the ca)e of our Cr$stal Wand Magickal Initiation, a endulum is in m$ left hand and a #and in m$ right hand" 3ou #ill hold the #and in m$ right hand #ith $our left hand and $our ne# #and in $our right hand" The right hand is masculine, ositi)e, ex ressi)e, the left hand is feminine, negati)e, and rece ti)e" The right hand ex resses a miniture torrodial )i%ration energ$ com osite of the indi)idual" The left hand recei)es the )i%ration energ$ com osite from #ithout, in a torroidial sha e" The ie:o electric effect of the cr$stals %ound #ith co er

#ill induce the am lification of the ex ressi)e and rece ti)e torrodial fields of the hands" -o# $ou can understand ho# a conscious creator, or magician, could use these tools to increase the o#er of there intentions, )isuali:ations, $oga, mediation, healing and an$ ur ose using su%tle energ$" 3ou kno# energ$ flo#s #here attention goes" 3ou also kno# or easil$ understand, then, that #here e)er #e lace our attention energ$, #e create an etheric link #hich causes streams of energies of the essence of the )i%ration energ$ com osite of the as ect looked u on %ack to the o%ser)er and integrates these energies into the o)er all )i%ration energ$ com osite torrodial field of the o%ser)er, to %e ex ressed in miniature field from the right hand" I ercei)e the * ie:o electric effect* to %e a indicator of the multidimensionalit$ of cr$stals, #hich is enhanced greatl$ u on sim l$ attention, intention and ha)ing etheric connections #ith higher )i%rating as ects of 1)er$thing" The energies ex ressed %$ me then, am lified %$ the cr$stal #and in m$ right hand, #ill %e a%sor%ed %$ $our left hand, integrated into the field $our su%conscious has rogrammed $ou to ex ress and a %lending of the t#o fields #ill %e ex ressed in $our field, and #ill o#erfull$ make an etheric im ression u on the #and in $our left hand" This #ill %e done #hile I am sa$ing s ecific #ords I ha)e alread$ choosen and holding a ,uickl$ s inning endulum" The ur ose of the consecration ritual is t#o fold" I #ill make this more clear #hen #e arri)e at the ca)e"