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Speakout Upper Intermediate

Writing a review
When you write a fi ! review, you need to he " "eo" e to decide if they !ight want to see the fi !. #ou shou d "rovide the na!es of the !ain actors and the director, and you shou d a so descri$e in genera ter!s what the fi ! is a$out and where it ta%es " ace. &owever, don't descri$e the " ot in detai as this can s"oi the fi ! for so!eone who decides to see it. (ina y and !ost i!"ortant of a , give your o"inion of the fi !.

Learn to write a review
1 Answer t e !uestions" 1 &ow often do you watch fi !s) 2 Where do you watch the!) * What is the $est fi ! you have seen recent y) # Read t e $i%m re&iew" Sa' i$ t e $o%%owing statements are true or $a%se" 1 2 * , +he +he +he +he +he review "rovides the na!es of the !ain actors and the director. fi ! descri$es in genera ter!s what the fi ! is a$out. review gives too !any detai s of the " ot and descri$es how the fi ! ends. review says where the fi ! ta%es " ace. reviewer isn't sure what he or she thin%s of the fi !.

Sherlock Holmes, which stars Ro$ert .owney /r. as &o !es and /ude 0aw as his side%ic% Watson, gives us a co!" ete y fresh view of the fa!ous detective. As the fi ! o"ens, &o !es and Watson are trying to so ve a series of !ysterious !urders that eventua y ead the! to 0ord 1 ac%wood, who is convicted and sentenced to hang. &owever, 1 ac%wood c ai!s to have !agic "owers and "redicts that he wi rise fro! the dead to ta%e over the country and then the wor d. 2f you want to find out !ore a$out the " ot, you' need to see the fi !3 S%i fu y hand ed $y the director 4uy Ritchie, the fi ! s ow y $ui ds to a gri""ing c i!a5 as it shows the tensions $etween the two friends, who ive and wor% together. +he scri"t is e5tre!e y we constructed and the action scenes, with Ritchie's trade!ar% s ow !otion fights, are thri ing. /ude 0aw as Watson "uts in one of the $est "erfor!ances of his career, giving the character a de"th and war!th which we've never seen $efore. +o su! u", Sherlock Holmes is a fast6"aced, a 6action adventure which %ee"s the viewer on the edge of his or her seat. &igh y reco!!ended3

Introdu(tion) a(tors and genera% des(ription

*%ot out%ine

+pinion o$ di$$erent aspe(ts o$ t e $i%m


Speakout Upper Intermediate

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4ive the na!e of the fi !.) 2n genera . $ : is $ecause of the e5ce ent acting. "rovide an out ine of the " ot.. / past parti(ip%e (om. a&e seen re(ent%' and write a re&iew o$ it 31#07180 words5" C e(k 'our re&iew" &ave you fo owed the writing " an) &ave you used so!e of the e5"ressions fro! e5ercise . 9ne reason 2'd reco!!end it : +he $est thing a$out : 2 suggest that : 2t's a good idea : t e endings 3a4d5 to make a : you don't ta%e the %ids to see the fi !. 2012 # .. c : to ta%e a $o5 of tissues with you. (ina "aragra"h. s"e ing and "unctuation of your review) Speakout Upper Intermediate Writing Reference © Pearson Educación. the actors. Writing pra(ti(e 6 C oose a $i%m t at 'ou Writing p%an • • • • (irst "aragra"h. "rovide an introduction. S.ination in t e t ird paragrap " 0 Use t e words in t e .to (omp%ete t e senten(es" a ternate y 1 2 * . 0ord 1 ac%wood is 777777777777 " ayed $y the a ways6e5ce ent 8ar% Strong. $ut do not give too !uch infor!ation. +he re ationshi" $etween &o !es and 2rene Ad er is 777777777777 charged. does your review give the reader a good genera idea of the fi ! and your o"inion of it) &ave your chec%ed the gra!!ar. 777777777777 directed $y 4uy Ritchie. Second "aragra"h.A. and a genera descri"tion of the fi !. e!otiona y s%i fu y convincing y wide y +he fi ! was 777777777777 "raised $y critics. it's we worth watching. conc usion. +hird "aragra"h. funny and "oignant. +he scri"t is 777777777777 gri""ing. E-tension 1 2at( t e senten(e . Find two e-amp%es o$ an ad&er.eginnings 31405 wit re(ommendations" 1 2 * . give your o"inion of the different as"ects of the fi !. d : the fi ! is the ca!erawor%.o.