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Order of Platinum Light

Initiation of the Magickal Yes

This is the ceremony of the Magickal Yes degree, as your subconscious will program you to
fully accept and express the Magickal Yes of your Guardian Angel while consecrating your
wand and body for The Great Work. old your crystal wand in your right hand while reading
the following of this document. With our intention, !isuali"ation and words, we are now
collecti!ely taking a portion of our indi!idual #erspecti!es of $nfinite %onsciousness to The
Greatest Magickal %rystal %a!e that is completely co!ered with all sorts of crystals, which
happens to reside next to The Greatest Magickal &ake. $ AM The Greatest Magician 'ing, and
am already there, and in fact, so A() Y*+. We could say W) ha!e always been here. $n
these more recent moments of this paragraph, we ha!e simply been connecting with what
always has been with our attention energy, while connecting to the springs of infinitely flowing
energies of The Greatest Magickal %rystal %a!e we e!oked so long ago. We sit in relati!e
silence next to each other, each looking out to the Greatest Magickal &ake, reflecting the first
,ew Moon of the Age, the setting sun, and newly emerging stars. We can smell the ioni"ing
lake essence coming in the ca!e with the fog, along with the essential minerals of the ca!e in
the air. $ then decide to pick up my magic -ournal and begin to read a fa!orite (udolph
.teiner /uote from (osicrucian )sotericism0
1Therefore, already known facts in the spiritual world can be percei!ed only when their import has
been consciously grasped as communications already made. This is the law that establishes for all
epochs the foundation of uni!ersal brotherliness. $t is impossible to penetrate into any domain of the
spiritual world without a link ha!ing first been made with what has already been fathomed by the )lder
2rothers of humanity. The spiritual world sees to it that nobody can become a law unto himself,
saying, 3$ am not concerned with what is already there. $ shall in!estigate only for myself.4 ,one of the
facts communicated in spiritual science today could be percei!ed by indi!iduals, howe!er highly
de!eloped and ad!anced, if they had not been pre!iously known. 2ecause a link must be there with
what has already been disco!ered, the theosophical mo!ement had also to be founded on this
basis.....di!ine beings fertili"e a faculty of seership only once in a human soul and if this single, !irginal
fertili"ation has been achie!ed, then other human beings must pay attention to what this first soul has
disco!ered in order to ha!e the right to see it themsel!es. This law lays the foundations of an inner,
uni!ersal brotherliness, a true brotherhood of men. 5rom epoch to epoch wisdom has passed through
the occult schools and been faithfully harbored by the Masters, and we, too, must help to preser!e this
treasure and maintain brotherliness with those who ha!e already achie!ed something if we wish to
make our way into the higher regions of the spiritual world1.
After a few breaths, you turn to your left, noticing $ now ha!e a pendulum spinning in my left
hand and a double pointed crystal wand in my right hand. Then you completely turn around to
ga"e into the unending ca!ern of this crystalline abyss and see the reflection of the stars,
moon and sun as dancing lights within the infinite crystals lining the walls of the ca!e. The
only sounds we create are from our breath, with e!ery inhale breathing in radiance of the
crystals, with e!ery exhale releasing tension and that which no longer ser!es us. You notice $
set down my pendulum and crystal wand, and pick up six sacred herbs and a conk shell. $
light the six herbs and blow my intention6prayer into the smoke. $ then pick up a !ery special
feather with my right hand and smudge myself, then the pendulum, then my wand, then you,
and the wand you take out of your medicine bag. $ then set down the smoldering herbs, and
pick up my pendulum with my left hand, and my wand with my right hand. $ look at your eyes
and communicate telepathically. You recei!e the message and take hold of my right
hand6wand with your left hand while holding your new double pointed crystal wand with your
right hand. $ begin to speak, thus0 1You know now that your desire to be The Greatest
Magician 7ueen6'ing has been born thru associating with me, your ,on8#hysical .elf has
achie!ed the !ibration of being The Greatest Magician, which is a state of continually
becoming a brighter star. The components ha!e been summoned from the +ni!erse. What
could more efficiently close the !ibrational gap, expressed by Abraham thru )sther icks,
between the !ibrational attainment to the e/ui!alent of our desires during moments of
contrast of the respecti!e ,on8#hysical .elf and the self experiencing itself as a point of
%onsciousness than e!oking the highest upgrade of light codes a!ailable from e!ery source
on a continuous basis91 $ pause, and the pendulum begins turning clockwise with increasing
rapidity. 1$ intend that e!ery moment henceforth the highest upgrade of light codes a!ailable
from e!ery source, which W) A(), with the cooperation of e!ery crystal in this ca!e,
including within our wands will install as magickal spheres of protection around us now and
fore!er more, which will only allow the exact energy !ibration composite around us that will
most accelerate our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etheric, and genetic e!olution to the
greatest degree possible on a continuous basis. $ thank the %reator for the Magickal Yes to
this intention as the !ibrational attainment of our souls without and the continual use of the
highest upgrade of light codes a!ailable without.1The pendulum in my left hand continues to
spin with e!er increasing force. $ continue01Thank you, %reator, Most igh Mother65ather, for
using the highest upgrade of light codes to program an etheric magickal connection between
these wands and the : Master %rystals of Atlantis,....4At that moment, you hear something
behind you, and turn around to look and you see nine crystals rapidly growing out of the sides
of the ca!e and you reali"e these are multidimensional expressions of these : Master crystals
of Atlantis empowering the Greatest Magicians whom !isit this ca!e to utili"e these energies
most potently to manifest their intention or will.
1.... so that our wands here may continuously passi!ely radiate the energies of these crystals
along with the highest upgrade of light codes from e!ery other source in whate!er !ibration
energy composite will most accelerate the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etheric and
genetic e!olution of humanity and the earth while not being used by us, and while being used
by us to express the !ibration energy composite most useful and supporti!e for increasing the
magis of the intentions, !isuali"ations, yoga, meditation, ceremony and other magic rituals of
these respecti!e indi!idual magicians as long as these rituals are within the parameters of
their ;i!ine Will.1
The energy pulse within the e!er faster spinning pendulum caused it to fling out of the deer
twine it was tied on and into the Greatest Magickal &ake with a plop. You reali"e now not only
will you be able to use a pendulum, but ha!e witnessed a biofeedback of the *uter Magickal
Yes reflecting the $nner Magickal Yes, which has programmed your subconscious to most
fully allow the unlimited growth and magickal potential inherent in your body8mind8soul
1.o must it be. And so it is.1