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Planet Nilknarf

May 2014

Welcome to Planet Nilknarf!!!

Let the bells ring and the banners fly!! The Wild About Jungle Cats quilt is FINALLY FINI !"#!!! I a$ ha%%y to say I&'e sa'ed the best for last( Na$aste& is the White Tiger on the Carousel of Aloha in !a)aii( !e )as *reated in $e$ory of the real one )ho used to be at their +oo( You *an read about it here htt%,--)))(*arouselofaloha(orgNa$aste %assed a)ay in January, htt%,--)estha)aiitoday(*o$-*o$$unity.bulletin-na$aste.%anae)a.rainforest.+oo.gardens.)hite. bengal.tiger.has.died These are the other re$aining squares as this quilt neared *o$%letion,

Than/s to the 0reat Cleanu% I )as a*tually able to %hotogra%h $y quilt indoors on our li'ing roo$ floor instead of )aiting for the )eather to i$%ro'e so I *ould ta/e a %i*ture outside or )ait until I *ould 'isit so$e)here )ith $ore floor s%a*e( 1nfortunately2 it )as still a %retty tight squee+e! It felt li/e the li'ing roo$ )as !3IN4IN0! I /no) the ne5t one I finish )ill ha'e to be %hotogra%hed else)here be*ause it&s 6ust that bit bigger! The rest of $y squares *an be seen in greater detail on $y Fa*eboo/ %age, htt%s,--)))(fa*eboo/(*o$-$edia-set-7 set8a(9:;9<=<;>>>><=?(@;>A>?@<A;(@;;;;A<:A@@BA@;Cty%e8@Cl8;e;@dbB?=; I )as going to say *he*/ this out in %erson at $y sho) in Dob*aygeon2 ho)e'er I ha'e a %otential *usto$er for this quilt! Ene of Janette&s *o.)or/ers has dibs on it!!! At least this )ay it )ill be li/e bringing a %art of $y sho) to Janette&s )or/%la*e and $aybe )hen the rest of the offi*e see this quilt in %erson they )ill be interested in seeing the rest of $y stuff on dis%lay( In the $eanti$e2 I ha'e three $ore squares to go before I finish the Fositi'e "nergy quilt!! And I ho%e to ha'e that done by the end of A%ril( To see )hat I&'e finished *he*/ out $y Fa*eboo/ albu$,

htt%s,--)))(fa*eboo/(*o$-$edia-set-7 set8a(9==?9>@@>:A;A:;(@;>A>?@<9B(@;;;;A<:A@@BA@;Cty%e8@Cl8B:B;9*;a9= I %lan on ha'ing it finished by the ti$e $y sho) o%ens( In the $eanti$e2 I a$ )or/ing on the follo)ing square(((

Bobcaygeon Travelling Dolls Style!!!

I re$e$ber )hen I )as a /id and I&d see a *o$$er*ial for a really a)eso$e %la*e and )ant to go there so badly! "s%e*ially if this %la*e had a *arousel! Gy %arents )ould be li/e You *an&t go there! It&s in the Staaaaaaaaaates! or We *an&t do that! It&s in the Staaaaaaaaates! or )orst of all You )ant to go there 6ust to ride the da$ned $erry.go.round7 You&re nuts! Well2 I&'e been going there and doing that for $ost of $y adult life no) )ith a bun*h of %eo%le )ho are 6ust as nuts as I a$! In the $eanti$e2 there are $any )onderful things to see and do right here in Canada2 right in the Dob*aygeon area )here $y %arents had li'ed for $any years and )here I *alled ho$e )hen I )asn&t in *ollege or )or/ing( Dob*aygeon is the %la*e )here before $y fa$ily and I $o'ed there to stay2 )e shared $any ha%%y $e$ories( And if you&re in to)n to see $y art e5hibit2 you $ay be )ondering )hat else is )orth seeing to $a/e the tri% e'en $ore )orth)hile2 in *ase you ha'e to deal )ith s/e%ti*al %eo%le )ho are squa)/ing about the fa*t that You&re 6ust going to Dob*aygeon to see *arousel horses7 And they&re not e'en 3"AL ones! At least not yet! If you&re in Dob*aygeon2 there are se'eral great %la*es to 'isit and en6oy( I&ll start )ith one of $y fa'orites first, The !orseless Carriage Guseu$( Ad$ission is by donation and 'isits are by a%%oint$ent only,, htt%,--)))(horseless*arriage(netThey ha'e a )onderful assort$ent of auto$ati* $usi* $a*hines su*h as barrel organs and $usi* bo5es and they ha'e a great gift sho% )ith gorgeous leather 6e)elry for sale( I )ant to go ba*/ again one of these days to buy a ne) %air of %ig earrings to re%la*e the ones I((uh((lost in North Day The only *ri$e those %oor little %iggies *o$$itted )as being in the )rong %la*e at the )rong ti$e( They ha'e a great assort$ent of antique *ars and Fetroliana that&s definitely )orth *o$ing out to see( !ere are a *ou%le %i*tures our dolls %osed for )hile Janette and I )ere there,

Doth Dob*aygeon and Fenelon Falls ha'e great %la*es to get i*e *rea$ do)n by the lo*/s( And if you go do)n the street %ast the i*e *rea$ %la*e in Fenelon Falls2 you )ill find the Garyborough Fioneer Hillage( That&s )here this %i*ture )as ta/en,

This is a Chittering %iano2 the sa$e /ind 0lenn 0ould %referred( And there&s a story behind this %arti*ular %iano that says it )as the first one in the area! There&s lots to see at Garyborough( The only thing I don&t li/e about the %la*e is that there are no )ashroo$s on the %re$ises so $a/e sure you go at the one by the lo*/s first( It&s right a*ross fro$ the i*e *rea$ %la*e( Fenelon Falls is full of interesting sho%s( There&s to/es.En.Trent2 the Dargain store and a great dollar store )here I used to get a lot of $y *raft su%%lies but no) sells $ostly %arty stuff( There is also a )onderful antique-se*ondhand %la*e( Gy doll had these %i*tures ta/en there a *ou%le years ago,

Doth those horses and that suit of ar$or ha'e been sold years ago sin*e these %i*tures )ere ta/en in 9;@@( I belie'e the suit of ar$or *a$e fro$ the 0rand "5%erien*e in Lindsay( Da*/ )hen I li'ed in Lindsay2 the 0rand "5%erien*e )as $y fa'orite %la*e to eat( I lo'ed its )hi$si*al dI*or( The 0rand "5%erien*e used to ha'e a *ir*us the$e( There )ere *lo)ns e'ery)here and a *arousel horse 6ust inside the front entran*e( It )as an alu$inu$ Allan !ers*hell horse( The 0rand is still around today but I ha'en&t been there in years and I hear that it no longer has the *ir*us.the$ed dI*or but has no) been *hanged to a =;&s diner $otif( Lindsay isn&t far fro$ Dob*aygeon and Fenelon Falls and there&s lots to see and do there too( They ha'e an art gallery and they also ha'e the A*ade$y Theatre2 )here I&'e seen and been in se'eral %lays o'er the years( The Doyd Guseu$ itself2 )here $y e5hibit is on dis%lay is also the ho$e of Dob*aygeon&s *o$$unity library and their o)n $useu$ of Dob*aygeon&s history( Their library has this beautiful stained glass )indo),

They ha'e a great edu*ational diora$a )ith *o$$entary on Dob*aygeon&s history as a logging *o$$unity( And they ha'e an i$%ressi'e assort$ent of antique artifa*ts in*luding *lothing(

Gy doll e5a$ines a tree to see ho) old it is( This tree a*tually *a$e fro$ $y %arents& neighbour&s

yard! Then there&s ettler&s Hillage( htt%,--settlers'illage(org#a'e and I )ere there on*e 6ust to tour for the fun of it )hen there )ere no e'ents going on2 ho)e'er I&'e also been there for a fe) e'ents( En*e $y aunt too/ $e to an art sho) and t)i*e I ha'e had $y quilts on dis%lay at their !ar'est of Juilts sho) that they ha'e e'ery other e%te$ber( !ere are so$e %i*tures that ha'e been ta/en there,

And if you&re e'er in do)nto)n Dob*aygeon you don&t )ant to $iss the Curiousity ho%! These first %i*tures )ere ta/en the first ti$e Gargaret )as there on her o)n,

The rest )ere ta/en on our last 'isit )hen Gargaret and Janette )ere there together along )ith Waddle and Fluffy!

We found the $ost delightful garden in the ba*/ yard )here )e *ould 6ust en6oy sitting and rela5ing for a)hile(

And last but not least2 no tri% to Dob*aygeon is *o$%lete )ithout a salubrious tasty lun*h at the 0rilled Cheese !idea)ay( !ere is our friend Lorraine feeding Fluffy a *hi%!

There are only t)o things I don&t li/e about the 0rilled Cheese !idea)ay, @( It&s CA ! ENLY( They do not a**e%t *redit *ards or Intera*( 9( They are NET o%en on Thursdays( Whi*h is a real bu$$er be*ause the day I ha'e to go to Dob*aygeon to set u% $y art sho) ha%%ens to fall on a Thursday this year( Eh )ell( !o%efully )e *an all en6oy lun*h there on the last day )hen I ha'e to ta/e e'erything do)n( Not to $ention Hi*toria #ay )hen I *o$e to do $y Dig Fresentation( o don&t forgetK my display will be at the Boyd Heritage Museum Gallery from May the 1st until June the 30th, and on Saturday, June 17th will be ha!ing my "#esign $our %wn &arousel Horse' e!ent, (omplete with a (olourful )ower)oint presentation about the history of (arousels and my art pro*e(ts+

n! No" #or Somet$ing %om&letely Different

I&$ sure so$e of you ho*/ey fans out there )ill a%%re*iate this( o$e ne'er.before.seen %i*tures of Wayne 0ret+/y )ith a *a$el at the Getro Loo ba*/ in @:<@!

I had quite the *rush on hi$ ba*/ then!!!! o$e)here there are $ore %i*tures in*luding at least one

)here his younger brother2 Drett is riding )ith hi$ but I don&t /no) )here they&'e gone( We e'en had our %i*ture ta/en together but it didn&t turn out that great2 e'en though I had it %ut on a T.shirt(

Dear Mom an! Da!

Friday2 A%ril @;th2 9;@? #ear Go$ and #ad2 !o) are things u% in hea'en7 If you see Gi*/ey 3ooney or John Finette2 tell the$ that #a'e and I said hello( Things ha'e been %retty *ra+y around here( Ne'er a dull $o$ent( In fa*t I WI ! I *ould be bored for a *hange( You )ouldn&t belie'e all the dra$a around here( 9;@? has been a %retty *ra+y year so far( It&s been one thing after another! We still ha'e the ins%e*tion hanging o'er our heads on "aster Gonday( I&ll be %retty %issed off if )e TILL don&t %ass and ha'e to $o'e after all( !o) *an 3ob do that to us if )e&'e really $ade an effort and )e&'e e'en had hel% fro$ friends to i$%ro'e things around here( It&s felt li/e a $a6or season of *leansing and %urging( I don&t re$e$ber if I said anything about it last $onth2 but I&'e had the M "CEN#!N )orst Gar*h Drea/ "'er! This )inter see$ed li/e it )as N"H"3 going to end! It all started )hen a routine 'isit to the dentist turned into all hell brea/ing loose( They )ere frea/ing out be*ause they dis*o'ered )hite s%ots in $y $outh and they )ere insistent that I go see an oral surgeon! O?;; 6ust for the *onsultation2 than/ you 'ery $u*h( There&s no )ay I&$ for/ing out that /ind of $oney so I too/ ad'i*e fro$ friends on Fa*eboo/ and )ent to $y do*tor for her o%inion( I figured it )as Thrush $outh so I loo/ed u% treat$ents on the internet and ended u% bra'ing a NEW TE3G to buy yogurt( And of *ourse the %art of the store that sells yogurt )as boarded off under CEN T31CTIEN! tory of $y life! As if gro*ery sho%%ing isn&t diffi*ult enough for $e )ith $y sensory issues! At least it )as quiet there that day and the *ashier )as ni*e to go to the ba*/ roo$ to get it for $e( And at least the )eather )as better the ne5t day )hen I had to go to Toronto to see $y do*tor )ho ga'e $e a %hysi*al right then and there sin*e it had been so long sin*e I had one( At least I /no) I&$ NET diabeti* and I do NET ha'e thrush $outh either( Nothing gre) fro$ the

*ulture on the s)ab she got fro$ $e( 1nfortunately2 she is *on*erned about $y blood %ressure and had $e *o$e ba*/ again re*ently and I had to MH"3Y 3"L1CTANTLYN let her tal/ $e into losing a fe) tons before I see her again on June 9nd( Well2 @; %ounds( Dut it $ight as )ell be tons( I told her not to e5%e*t any $ira*les( Dut e'er sin*e I MH"3Y 3"L1CTANTLYN de*ided to $a/e the effort2 )ill%o)er hasn&t been the )orst of it! Aside fro$ the fa*t that I #" FI " the )eight.loss industry and I 3" "NT so*iety&s obsession )ith )eight.loss2 food these days see$s to fall into TWE *ategories, @( Foods I&$ NET 1FFE "# TE !AH" and 9( "'erything else $a/es $e CEN TIFAT"#!!! This %ast )ee/ has been an AD EL1T" LIHIN0 !"LL!!! "'er sin*e I&'e started this diet $y bo)el $o'e$ents ha'e been $ore and $ore %ainful and they basi*ally *a$e to a s*ree*hing halt on Tuesday( I&'e been in so $u*h %ain( I bought la5ati'e at the drug store after s*hool and it see$ed to ta/e fore'er to start )or/ing! I *ouldn&t e'en en6oy our %otlu*/ on the %enulti$ate day of *lasses( I&'e been too gassy2 *onsti%ated and nauseated( At least I a*tually did ha'e a de*ent du$% that $orning but I )as still in a lot of %ain( I )as so glad to see it I a*tually took a picture!!! Dut I ended u% deleting it be*ause I )ouldn&t )ant anyone to see it any)ay2 e'en if it&s the *losest I&'e e'er *o$e or e'er )ill *o$e to 0IHIN0 birth( Dabies are basi*ally s*rea$ing %oo% fa*tories any)ay( In $y situation I&'e eli$inated the $iddle.$an( The %oor neighbours do)nstairs $ust be 'ery frustrated )ith $e( I&'e done enough s*rea$ing for a nest of se5tu%lets! The only good thing about this situation is that I&'e hardly had any a%%etite( If I a*tually #E lose any )eight I a$ E NET bragging about it( For $e )eight.loss is a F3IHAT" thing and I find %eo%le )ho brag about it H"3Y annoying and 3"F1 " to 6in5 $yself by doing li/e)ise! At least before I got si*/ I en6oyed a )onderful field tri% to the t( La)ren*e Gar/et )ith $y *lass( We had sort of a s*a'enger hunt *he*/ list of things to loo/ for and I ended u% ha'ing an egg%lant %ar$igiana sand)i*h for $y lun*h( Gy last fling before sub6e*ting $yself to the ascetic life! No) that&s a ne) )ord I&'e learned in $y *lass( Today I %i*/ed u% $y re%ort *ard and got a final $ar/ of <;( We didn&t all go ho$e right a)ay( Gost of us hung around and *hatted for at least the ne5t half hour( Ashley2 $y tea*her is a$a+ing( I really li/e her and I really li/e $y *lass$ates( Gany of us )ill still be together and I )ill still ha'e Ashley for $y tea*her ne5t ter$ )hen I ta/e Aboriginal studies( I&'e heard good things about this *lass and I&ll %robably en6oy it as $u*h as I&'e en6oyed $y World 3eligions *lass( Gy %resentation on Loroastrianis$ )as a huge hit( I didn&t need notes( I felt *onfident enough about $y sub6e*t that I )as easily able to rattle e'erything off the *uff( After s*hool today I )ent to the ban/ to %ay at least %art of $y Hisa bill and ta/e out the $oney to %ut aside to %ay for renting $y s%a*e at the Doyd 0allery for the big sho)( I finally /no) )hat&s ha%%ening )ith $y boo/( It )ill be released later than e5%e*ted( Not until AFT"3 $y sho) is EH"3 but Fede is %rinting u% so$e *ards so that *usto$ers *an F3".E3#"3 *o%ies of $y boo/( !e&s su%%osed to send e a %i*ture of the *o'er he designed this )ee/end( !e and Jan )ere in G"PICE for a )ee/ to attend a fa$ily )edding and no) in TWE W""4 they are $o'ing to "#GENTEN! I C3I"# )hen Jan told $e that( It feels li/e e'eryone goes a)ay )hen I need the$ the $ost( At least Lorraine )ill still be around to hel% $e set u% $y dis%lay and Fede is /ee%ing his %ublishing business( Enly sin*e he&s gone I&ll be dealing dire*tly )ith the %rinter )hen the ti$e *o$es( I )ill re*ei'e the first *o%y and ta/e it to the %ost offi*e to be )eighed so I *an tell *usto$ers )hat to %ay for %ostage and handling( 0rilled Cheese !idea)ay isn&t o%en on Thursdays so I&$ treating Ted and Garnie to lun*h at Ti$ !orton&s( Lorraine )on&t be 6oining us for lun*h be*ause she used to WE34 T!"3"!!! I still ha'e to get flash dri'es for the Fo)erFoint %resentation and at least t)o or three $ore brass rods for the s$aller quilts( I also need to find a *ardboard bo5 for the $iniature *arousel( The one you

hel%ed $e build2 dad( I a$ thin/ing of donating it to the $useu$ so %eo%le *an see it year round( Gaybe it&ll be in the *hildren&s %art of the library( It&ll be the *losest thing Dob*aygeon has to its o)n *arousel2 at least for the ti$e being( En $y )ay ho$e I ran into Gar/ LaFla$$e and he introdu*ed $e to #eane( We sat at the %i*ni* table and $ust ha'e *hatted for at least half an hour( #eane is %art aboriginal and does AGALIN0 bead )or/( !e $ight be able to fi5 $y belo'ed turtle ne*/la*e( While )e )ere tal/ing the sub6e*t of our friend Carl *a$e u%( I /no) Carl fro$ art *lass( !e is 'ery $u*h into bead )or/ too2 I )ent to sho) the$ the /ey.*hain he $ade for $e )hen )e )ere in art *lass together and it )as gone!! A*tually the string had be*o$e untied and all the little star beads ha'e been s*attered around to)n( And after I said goodbye to Gar/ and #eane I ha%%ened to $eet Carl do)n by the bridge behind the art gallery( Not only does Carl do bead )or/ but no) he is $a/ing )al/ing sti*/s( And he&d li/e $e to )or/ )ith hi$ designing the$! I get to dra) the designs on the sti*/s and he gets so$eone to *ar'e the$ and he sands and 'arnishes the$ and adds other de*orations su*h as 6e)els and feathers( !e got into $a/ing )al/ing sti*/s be*ause he found so $any good bran*hes than/s to that i*e stor$ )e had ba*/ in #e*e$ber( Those bran*hes ha'e been 'ery good to $e this )inter( There&s an area near the *orner of "l$gro'e and Far/ that I&'e had to %ass on $y )ay to s*hool that&s %arti*ularly i*y so I&'e been glad of the fallen bran*hes to hel% $e na'igate $y )ay along that stret*h( #a'e and I )ent to tuart G*Lean&s Hinyl Cafe at the 3egent Theatre on unday afternoon and had an a$a+ing ti$e! There )ere t)o N"W stories! The first )as about #a'e and Gorley&s neighbourhood *hi%%ing in to buy a defibrillator in *ase anyone had a heart atta*/( Ef *ourse2 they too/ a 'ote and de*ided that #a'e&s garage )as the best %la*e to /ee% it( And of *ourse2 the guys )anted to try it out to see )hat it )as li/e but it has a safety setting so it *an&t ele*tro*ute anyone by a**ident( o they started testing it out on hun/s of beef! They started )ith the *hildren&s setting and it turned out to be the $ost tender roast beef they e'er had! They tried the adult setting and it $ade it tougher( For a)hile there 4enny Wong&s had an unusually high de$and for his beef )ith bro**oli( I )ish I *ould re$e$ber )hat the se*ond story )as! After the sho) #a'e bought $e a Hinyl Cafe %at*h )hi*h I ha'e already se)n onto $y *oat and )e )ent out for Chinese food at the Ne) 0lobe( It )as a %erfe*t day( Well al$ost( We )aited FE3"H"3 for the bus to go ho$e and )hile )e )ere )aiting I )as fas*inated )at*hing a seagull struggling )ith a rather large and a)/)ard $orsel of food(((( htt%s,--)))(youtube(*o$-)at*h7'8P>!G=Q4+rFYCfeature8youtu(be hortly after the baby stroller arri'ed I got si*/ of )aiting for the bus and de*ided to )al/ ho$e( #a'e de*ided to stay %ut and sure enough the bus *a$e right after I left so he got ho$e before I did and the *ou%le )ith the baby stroller didn&t e'en 0"T EN the bus!!! 0o figure( At least I en6oyed getting the e5er*ise I needed( I *an&t belie'e Jan and Fede are $o'ing to "#GENTEN! Dut at least I /no) that if I go to 'isit the$ I *an also go to the West "d$onton Gall and finally see the Fort "d$onton *arousel( Gaybe Janette and I )ill go there together ne5t year( #a'e hates tra'elling( Janette and I )anted to go ba*/ to Niagara Falls ne5t year be*ause it )ould be the 9;th anni'ersary of our first tri% there! In the $eanti$e Janette and I are %lanning on going to 01"LF! for $y =;th birthday and )e ha'e the Ne) Yor/ tri% *o$ing u% in e%te$ber! !o)e'er2 I still ha'e the art sho) to deal )ith and the day is snea/ing u% fast!! Gaybe Gonday I&ll go to Canadian Tire and ta%les to get the *urtain rods and flash dri'es( Lo'e2 Gargaret

Blasts from t$e Past' ()r S*%(ND Niagara Tri&

When Janette and I )ent on our first Niagara tri% together in @::=2 )e /ne) that the ne5t ti$e )e *a$e ba*/ )e 6ust !A# to stay for $ore than 6ust a day! It )as Gay of @::B and )e&d %lanned to lea'e on Friday after )e got off )or/( Gy boss and I )ere still )or/ing fro$ the house at the ti$e and it )as u% to $e to get as $any dolls stuffed as %ossible before I left $y )or/%la*e( Gy boss )as out so Janette tried as best as she *ould to hel% $e get all those dolls stuffed( We a*tually ran out of stuffing before )e got all those dolls filled( And then )e had the brilliant idea of ta/ing a ta5i fro$ the #ufferin Gall rather than ta/ing the sub)ay( The dri'er too/ the longest2 $ost *o$%li*ated route i$aginable and hit e'ery %ossible red light but you don&t argue )ith so$eone )ho has fingernails li/e Freddie 4reuger! We $ade it to the bus ter$inal )ith barely $inutes to s%are2 bought our ti*/ets and ran to the bus and then s%ent the ne5t three hours or so sitting in so$e of the )orst rush.hour traffi* I&'e e'er seen( We )ere too restless to e'en try entertaining oursel'es )ith ga$es su*h as hang.$an( And on aturday $orning it )as %ouring rain out there( We tried sitting through the Dlosso$ Festi'al %arade(((

I guess this %i*ture of the Es*ar Geyer )einer$obile is the only %i*ture I bothered s*anning( Any)ay2 after about @= or 9; $inutes of sitting there getting soa/ed trying to share one u$brella bet)een us2 )e basi*ally got u% and had a %arade of our o)n2 $ar*hing u% the street in the o%%osite dire*tion of )hi*h )ay the %arade )as going until )e found oursel'es inside the Niagara Guseu$ gift sho%(

E/ay2 so I /no) that the %i*ture of $e sitting on the head of that tri*erato%s turned out loo/ing slightly obs*ene( Janette *alls this %i*ture of herself on the right %orting the Annie Taylor.6ust.gone.o'er.the Falls Loo/( That )as the day it rained all day and after ha'ing loo/ed around the Niagara $useu$2 )e a$bled a*ross the 3ainbo) Dridge to the tates side( And )hat a ti$e )e had there! That )as )hen )e )ent to that big greenhouse and there )ere )eddings "H"3YW!"3" )e loo/ed!! And that )as in the day )hen seeing so $any )eddings all o'er the %la*e $ade us feel de%ressed be*ause )e

felt li/e )e&d N"H"3 $eet our s%e*ial $en in our li'es and get our turn( That )as )hen )e )ent to To$$y 3yan&s for su%%er and ordered a bottle of )ine )ith our $eal and got salubriously sla++o++led! When I&'e had too $u*h to drin/ I get quite silly2 tal/ati'e and boisterous( Janette tends to 6ust +one out( I )as laughing and tal/ing so $u*h I )as forgetting to eat so all of a sudden I loo/ed at Janette&s %late and I )as li/e GORDON BENNET!! YOU'RE FINISHED A READY!" That )as the tri% )e $et Charlie Cha%lin and )ent to Ea/s 0arden Theatre as usual(

At one %oint )e had a 'ideo ta/en of oursel'es riding a flying $agi* *ar%et o'er the gorge( The ne5t day )as beautiful and sunny so )e )ent u% the Ginolta To)er and )e also en6oyed the greenhouse(

+ome S"eet +ome an! (t$er Testimonies!

It&s offi*ial!! We %assed the ins%e*tion! #a'e and I TILL LIH" !"3"!!! This has been an ans)er to %rayer after these last three $onths of )or/ing so hard and feeling so s*ared!!! We&re NET D"IN0 "HICT"#! And I&$ ha%%y to say )e did it )ithout any hel%( Well2 a*tually )e did ha'e so$e hel%( Janette hel%ed $e sorting a fe) things here and there2 A$y hel%ed $e bring stuff to the al'ation Ar$y and buy shel'es( Jan and Fede brought $ore shel'es and fi5ed the big one in the hall)ay( What I $ean is I a$ glad I didn&t ha'e to rely on the hel% of a so*ial )or/er or o**u%ational thera%ist to hel% $e )hi% this %la*e into sha%e( No) the na$e of the ga$e is to /ee% this %la*e loo/ing good( !a'ing all this e5tra s%a*e feels good( It&s ni*e to ha'e a %la*e )here I *an be %roud to in'ite 'isitors inside( This has been a *ra+y last fe) *ou%le $onths )ith lots of u%s and do)ns( 0od has been faithful in ans)ering our %rayers( We&'e really had to learn to trust !i$ $ore than e'er these days( When #a'e )as off )or/ )ith *ellulitis in his leg )e thought )e )ere s*re)ed! "s%e*ially sin*e Cheryl )asn&t going to do our in*o$e ta5es this year( It a*tually turned out to be a blessing in disguise be*ause if she did do the$ as usual2 the $oney )ouldn&t ha'e rea*hed us in ti$e( #es%ite the %ainful sensory o'erload I e5%erien*ed )aiting around at the $all2 it )as )orth it going to !C3 Dlo*/ to get our $oney right then and there in order to $a/e ends $eet( Gu*h to $y disa%%oint$ent2 ho)e'er2 the Wild About Jungle Cats quilt didn&t get sold after all( Just as )ell( No) I *an still dis%lay it at the gallery along )ith the rest of $y quilts( And here it is! The CEH"3 EF GY DEE4!!!!

The a*tual boo/ itself )on&t be out until July though( Fede says he&ll get to )or/ on it as soon as he arri'es in "d$onton! I figure the finished %rodu*t )ill sell for OA= %lus %ostage and handling( I 6ust had all the bro*hures %rinted u% at ta%les the other day( I )as ho%ing $y boo/ )ould be a'ailable in ti$e for *o%ies to be for sale at $y art e5hibit2 but unfortunately2 that )asn&t $eant to be( I a$ ha%%y that Fede used the three original %i*tures I *hose after all( The ones he *hose I thought )ere too rando$ and busy.loo/ing and only in*or%orated t)o of $y o)n %hotos( The rest )ere rando$ i$ages of *arousels2 $ostly "uro%ean ones2 fro$ the Internet(

Gy boo/ is $y baby( The *o'er is it&s fa*e2 so of *ourse I )ant it to loo/ li/e $e( I )ant %i*tures that I ha'e a %ersonal *onne*tion )ithK %la*es I&'e been and art)or/ I&'e done( 0o figure( Gy first boo/ is in the *an so to s%ea/( It hasn&t e'en been %ublished yet and already I&$ thin/ing about )hat the sequel is going to be li/e( And surely the sequel is going to *hroni*le at least one tri% to Alberta ne5t year if things go as %lanned( I )ant to 'isit Jan and Fede there and )hile )e&re there I ho%e I *an 'isit the Fort "d$onton *arousel2 the West "d$onton Gall and the *arousels at the Calgary Loo and that Fioneer %la*e( I )as there in @:<> but I destroyed all $y fil$ be*ause $y tri% to Calgary then )as su*h a fias*o I )anted to forget I&d e'er been! And no) it&s ti$e for((((

%aro)sel of t$e Mont$

This $onth&s *arousel is the @:9> Illions *arousel at Worlds of Fun in 4ansas City! It )as %erha%s the last *arousel e'er built by the Illions fa*tory and used to run at 0eauga La/e a$use$ent %ar/ in Ehio before it *a$e to 4ansas City( This had to be $y fa'orite *arousel on this tri%! I $ust ha'e ta/en nearly a hundred %i*tures of this *arousel2 all the )ay around( The only thing I #EN&T li/e about this *arousel is that it has this stu%id sign that says it has a )eight li$it of @>= %ounds! The good ne)s is I didn&t see this stu%id sign until AFT"3 I&d had a ride or t)o! Gost %eo%le I /no) at the NCA are %robably hea'ier than that( I don&t thin/ I&'e been that s/inny sin*e the @:<;&s!!! @>= is the ne) @@;! And I did NET brea/ the *arousel li/e $y aunt )as le*turing $e about!! They did NET enfor*e this stu%id rule( Ef *ourse2 at first )hen they o%erated the ride at full *a%a*ity2 they didn&t o%erate it at full s%eed( Detter a *ra)l than not at all I say! KN !o)e'er to)ard the end of the 'isit )hen fe)er %eo%le )ere riding they started running it faster( I had it all to $yself after lun*h and 6ust sat in the *hariot and that )as a fast ride( It&s a $a*hine and the *hariot ben*hes are really long! This is that footage I shot )hile riding in the *hariot((( htt%s,--)))(youtube(*o$-)at*h7'8I;L>A5QaonA

"'ery horse on this *arousel see$ed to be e'en $ore stunning and breathta/ing than the one before! !ere is $ore footage of this gorgeous $a*hine in a*tion! htt%s,--)))(youtube(*o$-)at*h7'80+QP+6+DCdA And this is $y first ride(((! htt%s,--)))(youtube(*o$-)at*h7'8rDBs.oAgt0I As you *an see it )as %a*/ed! I )as on the inside ro) and *an *at*h gli$%ses of $yself in the $irror no) and then(

W$at re T$ese,,,,

tarting to loo/ fa$iliar7 Find out in ne5t $onth&s issue! Er better still(((see the$ in %erson )hen you 'isit $y art sho)2 #a$ica% &our'eys ()*+ at the Doyd !eritage 0allery2 9@ Canal treet2 Dob*aygeon2 Entario( "'en better2 *o$e and 6oin the fun on aturday2 Gay @>th for $y Fo)erFoint %resentation and #esign Your E)n Carousel !orses )or/ sho%! !ere&s the lin/, htt%,--)))(theboyd$useu$(*o$De sure to reser'e your s%ot for $y )or/sho% on the @>th by *alling the Doyd 0allery at M>;=N.>A<. :?<9( ee you ne5t $onth2 es%e*ially then! KN


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