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March 1, 2014 by Brian Gaps Costa Mesa, CA – The Newport-Mesa Thunder, hosting the Mission Viejo Blazing

Mustangs in the Orange County YMCA boys’ basketball league (8-9 years old) on Saturday in Costa Mesa, came away with a 19-9 victory to start their season at 3-0. The game was a back and forth battle, which was a close 10-8 at the start of the last period, before the Thunder pulled away with Steven Somoya making several key plays en route to 6 points. Jake Chun took the ball to the hoop all game, resulting in 7 points and 10 free throw attempts. He also led with three steals. Other team leaders were Bradley Sebastian with seven rebounds and Stuart Jeremias with three passes. John Mayhew had a strong game with 4 points, an assist, and a steal. Trey Solomon played a stifling defense and added 2 points. Geoffrey Gaites turned in a solid effort notching a rebound, pass, and steal. The team continues to improve with a cooperative effort. Adam and Alec Tong added balance, while Enzo Marino contributed in the important final period. Coach Tim Heuer turned in another solid coaching effort, including last period substitutions which put his team on a 9-1 roll to seal the victory. Next Saturday the team hosts the Mission Viejo Running Mustangs at 8am.

and 2 steals. down by 14. and 4 steals. Solid ball-handling and penetration by Steven Somoya helped keep the pressure. 5 rebounds. The team started to work well together. Bradley pulled in a couple of rebounds. leading to more turnovers and scoring chances. The Mustangs opened up a mid-game lead using a zone defense and effective double-team trapping. rebounding. Adam Tong bypassed the zone defense and drove to the basket for a shot. As for the rest of the numbers. Within the last 2 minutes. And with time winding down. 9 rebounds.March 8. 4 passes. Jake added 7 field goals for 17 total points. which led to several turnovers. the Thunder had pulled within 6 and could feel the momentum shift. 2014 by Brian Gaps Costa Mesa. 3 passes. trapping. Overtime was as super-charged as the final period. Team effort often leads to turn-overs. CA – The Newport-Mesa Thunder matchup against the Mission Viejo Running Mustangs lived up to the expectation as their toughest test of the season with the hosting Thunder pulling off an exciting 35-32 victory in overtime. And Alec Tong offered outside help. Jake Chun hit two critical free throws to tie the game. Coach Tim Heuer’s decision to teach man-to-man defense paid off as the Thunder was able to initiate a full court press. These statistics are unofficial and by no means completely accurate. John had 6 points. and 5 steals. and passing. Score Total 1st Score Total 2nd Score Total 3rd Score Total 4th Score Total 5th Score Total OT Newport-Mesa Thunder Mission Viejo Running Mustangs 6 6 6 16 16 24 18 32 32 32 35 32 . Bradley Sebastian continued to fight down low for rebounds. Early confusion set in as the Thunder attempted to execute their man-to-man defense while four of seven Mustang players wore duplicate jersey numbers. Trey Solomon began trapping at half-court while his teammates defended the basket. went on a scoring run. two rebounds. Trey had 10 points. Stuart Jeremias helped a lot by bringing the ball up the court for the team. 5 passes. but the team pulled ahead on Trey’s outside stunner and secured the win with another free throw by Jake. and a steal. Next Saturday the team visits the Mission Viejo Stampeding Mustangs at 11am. a rebound. Great passing by John Mayhew and Geoffrey Gaites led to scoring opportunities. Passes are difficult to track in a fast game. With just over three minutes to play. The game began to turn in the final period when the Thunder. Early in the game Enzo Marino registered with two points. This game was a classic example of never giving up and playing until the final buzzer. stealing.

Entering the period with only a one point lead. and two free throw attempts. shooting 2-for-2 from the field and pulling down a team leading 6 rebounds. 2014 by Brian Gaps Mission Viejo. the team scored eight unanswered points for a nine point victory. Jake Chun had another solid performance with 6 points. Trey Solomon fought his way to 4 rebounds. CA – The Newport-Mesa Thunder lived up to their name by rolling past the hosting Mission Viejo Stampeding Mustangs 26-17 to start at 5-0 on the season. an assist. Next Saturday the team hosts hometown rivals the Newport-Mesa Clippers at 8am. and a steal. Steven Somoya got the team started right by scoring four of his six points to start the game. 5 rebounds. John Mayhew added a much needed late game performance with 4 points. Passes are difficult to track in a fast game. a rebound. And for the second consecutive week the Thunder played a game-changing final period. Week after week this 10-man team faces 6 and 7-man squads that start strong but just cannot seem to match the depth and stamina of this team down the stretch. a block. mass substitutions. the Thunder faced tough competition against one of their top rivals in the league. Team effort often leads to turn-overs. 2 points. These statistics are unofficial and by no means completely accurate. while Coach Tim Heuer used man-to-man defense. while Geoffrey Gaites and Stuart Jeremias added rebounds with strong defensive performances. The game pretty much kept an even pace with the Thunder holding a slight lead most of the way. an assist. For the second consecutive week. and a late-game full court press to make the difference. Score Total 1st Score Total 2nd Score Total 3rd Score Total 4th Score Total 5th Score Total Newport-Mesa Thunder Mission Viejo Stampeding Mustangs 8 3 0 4 4 7 6 6 8 0 26 17 . an assist. Enzo Marino had a big game. Brothers Adam and Alec Tong worked on improving their ball-handling skills with bringing the ball up the court to set the offense in motion. and a block. a steal.March 15. Bradley Sebastian added a couple of points and a couple of rebounds to his stats.

assists (4). working on overall team play. Enzo Marino also had 6 rebounds. Coach Tim Heuer used the opportunity to balance game time for the squad. The game got off to a fast start as the Thunder built a 10 point lead and never looked back. Trey Solomon sparked his teammates with two assists. The Thunder also hit team highs in points (40). They round out their regular season against their two toughest opponents. CA – March Madness came to town as the Newport-Mesa Thunder (6-0) took on hometown rivals the Newport-Mesa Clippers. including an April 5th rematch against their overtime thriller opponents the Running Mustangs. an astonishing 3-pointer. and a hard-working 9 steals. The Thunder play in the Orange County YMCA (8 and 9-year-old) basketball league. This worked to maximum effect as eight of nine players scored. and Adam Tong. 2014 by Brian Gaps Costa Mesa. coming away with a 40-22 victory. 6 passes. Individual leaders were John Mayhew with 13 points.March 22. . attempts (60). 6 rebounds. Significant contributions were added by Jake Chun. Next Saturday the team hosts the Mission Viejo Stampeding Mustangs at 8am. While Steven Somoya and Alec Tong turned in inspiring performances. Bradley Sebastian led with 2 blocked shots. Geoffrey Gaites. and 3-pointers (1). rebounds (32).

also adding two rebounds. 2014 by Brian Gaps Special Thanks to Sandi Marino for additional photos Costa Mesa. while Adam Tong continued playing with heart against an older squad. two passes. adding 4 points and a steal. they played their most physical game of the season. Enzo Marino brought his point scoring streak to four games by adding 2 points. As the team steams toward the top seed in the playoffs. Once again the Thunder built a quick lead and then played a variety of matchups throughout the latter parts of the game. and a block. two rebounds. tallying eight team fouls. Geoffrey Gaites added 2 points and a pass with his hard working efforts. Jake Chun added a wellrounded 6 points. a rebound. Stuart Jeremias reached his season high with four passes including an assist. The team looks forward to next Saturday’s final regular season matchup against the Running Mustangs. Bradley Sebastian played a physical game on both ends. and a steal. three steals. CA – The Newport-Mesa Thunder notched a 24-19 victory against the visiting Mission Viejo Stampeding Mustangs in early morning action on Saturday.March 29. four passes. Trey Solomon led with eight rebounds. Score Total 1st Score Total 2nd Score Total 3rd Score Total 4th Score Total 5th Newport-Mesa Thunder MV Stampeding Mustangs 4 1 18 1 22 5 22 10 24 19 . opponents in their thrilling overtime victory just a few weeks ago. and 50% shooting. Alec Tong ended his drought with a rebound and added a field goal attempt. and a strong defensive effort resulting in more than a half dozen jump balls. John Mayhew continued his thievery with a teamhigh six steals and 10 points.

Early foul trouble by the Running Mustangs helped the Thunder by putting them on the free throw line fourteen times. the team struggled to put points on the scoreboard. Enzo Marino ended his scoring streak but contributed a pass and a rebound. and Adam Tong gave their best efforts as the entire team seemed to be having an off day. Their second round game takes place on Sunday at 8am. Jake Chun led the scoring with 8 points. 2014 by Brian Gaps Costa Mesa.April 05. The winner of that game plays for the championship at 11am. Trey Solomon led the team with 6 rebounds and two passes. Score Total 1st Score Total 2nd Score Total 3rd Score Total 4th Score Total 5th Newport-Mesa Thunder MV Running Mustangs 3 4 5 10 5 19 7 26 14 28 . both defensively and offensively. including 6 of 10 shooting from the free throw line. Geoffrey Gaites. The top ranking has earned them a bye in the first round of next weekend’s championship playoffs. CA – The Newport-Mesa Thunder (7-1) suffered their first loss of the season to the visiting Mission Viejo Running Mustangs 28-14 on Saturday. He also led with three steals and fouled out of the game. Bradley Sebastian had a couple of rebounds and a pass. trailing 26-7 after four periods of play. With only 12% shooting from the field. John Mayhew added four points. while Steven Somoya added two points. The Thunder seemed sluggish throughout. Stuart Jeremias. The Thunder finished their regular season of the Orange County YMCA boys’ basketball league (8-9 years old).

and Alec Tong provided balance for the team. The game was a back and forth effort. The game was a hard fought effort by both sides and proved to be the most intense game of the playoffs. Coach Tim Heuer’s revised game plan led his team to victory and into the championship game. with plenty of defensive turnovers. The Thunder delivered another thrilling overtime victory 22-20. the Newport-Mesa Thunder faced the red hot Mission Viejo Running Mustangs in the second round matchup of the YMCA Orange County Winter League basketball championship. 1st Period 3 4 2nd Period 8 10 3rd Period 14 16 4th Period 18 16 5th Period 20 20 OT 22 20 Newport-Mesa Thunder Mission Viejo Running Mustangs . CA – After their first place finish in the regular season earned them an opening round bye. He finished the game with 17 points. and steals. keeping the team within two for an 8-10 halftime score. Geoffrey Gaites.April 13. taking the ball to the hoop with every chance. He hit a clutch free throw late in the game to force overtime and another for the game winner. He had all Thunder first-half points. As a result. 2014 by Brian Gaps Costa Mesa. ball control became a crucial part of the game and was aided by Steven Somoya. John Mayhew hit one of two free throws near the end of overtime to seal the victory. Jake Chun played another inspired game. shooting an impressive 4 for 8 from the field and 9 for 13 from the free throw line. ultimately fouling out of the game in the fifth period. stops. including strong efforts by Adam Tong and Bradley Sebastian. The matchup between these two rivals was the fiercest of the season. resulting in two exciting overtime wins and the Thunder’s only loss of the season. Both teams were well coached and executed skillful plays. These teams were so evenly matched that 5 of 6 periods were within two points of each other. Trey Solomon contributed on both ends of the court with 4 points and aggressive defense. Enzo Marino.

Solomon contributed 10 points. Stuart Jeremias was there to cheer his teammates from the bench after suffering an off-court season-ending leg fracture. including 2 for 2 shooting from the free throw line. while 7-year-old Adam Tong played well with this group despite playing above his age bracket. Trey Solomon led the charge on both ends. Steven Somoya delivered his best performance of the season with 10 points and 7 defensive rebounds. Bradley Sebastian gave his all with a rebound.April 13. 2014 by Brian Gaps Costa Mesa. swiping steals. while fouling out in the final period. His passing game was also on track and he added 4 points to the effort. Geoffrey Gaites elevated his game to championship level play. Enzo Marino made a heads-up pass which led to a scoring assist in his all-out effort. After a two-hour break between games. As he had done all season. 3 steals. and a steal. And his teammates kept pace in building an 18-6 halftime lead. pulling down rebounds. CA –The Newport-Mesa Thunder (9-1) and the Mission Viejo Blazing Mustangs met in the championship game of the YMCA Orange County Winter League basketball championship (8-9 Age Division) with the Thunder coming away 36-23 victors. Team scoring leader Jake Chun led with 12 points. the boys came out playing full steam. John Mayhew continued to jump out on anticipated passes and create numerous steals. Coach Tim Heuer did an outstanding job in teaching his young squad the core skills needed for future success and enjoyment of the game. 10 rebounds. while distributing playing time fairly and coaching a championship caliber team. and 2 assists. a pass. Alec Tong overcame personal challenges all season and never gave up to earn his place on the team. and shooting baskets for much of the first two periods. 1st Period 12 4 2nd Period 18 6 3rd Period 24 12 4th Period 28 20 5th Period 36 23 Newport-Mesa Thunder Mission Viejo Blazing Mustangs .

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