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Order of Platinum Light

Ritual of the Mystic Eagle 2nd Degree

Read the following story while intending to connect with the Eagle Oversoul as well as holding your ceremony wand in your right hand, and you will be initiated into the Mystic Eagle 2nd Degree. he !reatest Magician "ing awo#e with a strong desire to find bald eagle feathers. $e recalled where he had seen one or two a cou%le of months earlier, and decided to ta#e a bi#e a &ative friend had left at his %lace for several miles of riding the hills of west Duluth and Proctor, Minnesota. $e %ut on his medicine bag com%osed of a %oc#et'one side leather, the other orange and white fo( fur'and a deer hide fla% with a loo% of stra% %ulled thru a hole that was tied in a bow %rotruding from two holes in the leather from the bac#. )t was stitched with co%%er wire including the hem% twine that was the main stra% of the medicine bag. * loose #not was sli%%ed in loo%ed deer strings about half a centimeter thic# to encourage the fla% downward. )nside the medicine bag was an amethyst %endulum used in multi%le ceremonies, a crystal that was formally affi(ed ato% a multi%le consecrated wand'including but not limited to, having an etheric connection with Mother Mary, from a gnostic %ers%ective. *fter several miles of riding his friend+s bi#e, he !reatest Magician "ing found a bald eagle feather, well before the area he had intended to loo# most intensely. )t laid before him in a ditch between $ighland Road and a cemetery. )t was a modest feather, about seven inches, but unmista#ably eagle, from the right wing as an ancillary, su%%ortive, but non'essentially feather from the middle of the wing an eagle could easily live without. $e considered the near blac#, but dar# shimmering brown feather carefully, discerning the

%sychic energy of the feather to be bald eagle. $e #new from his esoteric studies that the right hand was %ositively charged, and therefore e(%ressed the vibration energy com%osite torroidial field of the individual, and that the left hand was negatively charged, and conversely, absorbed the vibration energy com%osite around it as a torroidial field. husly, he #new touching a feather with his right hand caused the feather to act as a magic# wand e(%ressing the will of a consciously creating master, blending the torroidial vibration energy com%osite of the magician with the torroidial vibration energy com%osite of the bird, imbuing the feather with his %sychic vibration energy signature resulting and consciously created from his focus. he !reatest Magician "ing also, then, understood touching the feather with his left hand induces the receiving of the eagle+s vibration energy com%osite torroidial ,uantum field into his mind-body matri( and resultantly, integrated into the overall vibration energy com%osition torroidial field of the magician. $e had concluded, ,uite correctly, that both %rocessi %roduce a nearly the same outwardly manifesting result by the law of harmonious attraction. $e held it in his right hand, said, ./E *RE $ighest 0ibration Energy,1 and breathed in. hen he !reatest Magician "ing said, ./E *RE he Earth,1 and breathed out, switching the feather to his left hand. *fter a few moments wal#ing the bi#e with the feather in his left hand, he !reatest Magician "ing tied the feather in the deer hide loo% on the front of the medicine bag that was near his heart and to the left. he !reatest Magician "ing had done intense yoga the day before and immediately felt the integration of the energies of the feather in his own vibration energy com%osite. his feeling was heightened with flying down hills 2with no helmet3 e(citement and bi#ing u%hill adrenaline, stimulation. he !reatest Magician "ing felt as though his heart was soaring as he breathed in the sun on the ,uiet outs#irts of 4civili5ation.6 $e #new he was connecting on a subtle energetic, tele%athic level to the individual eagle 2that was still alive3 and gifted him the feather, as he was aware of the multidimensionality of the D&* within the feather %rovided an

energetic %ortal that em%owered two'way line of connectivity between the radiations of his consciousness and the eagles7. )n this high, 8oyful state, he !reatest Magician "ing received a tele%athic message from the eagle whom gifted this feather. 9ou could say he $igh :oul of the Eagles was channeled by this eagle, whom acted as a conduit for the following communication; .<ongratulations, you have been initiated into he :ecret Order of he Eagle. 9ou have been found %ure and brave, as well as sharing our order+s mission to bring the light of the <reator into our world. &o longer give away any eagle feather you find for they will be continuously gifted to you to increase your connection with us. /e will %rotect and guide you, as well as send you our energies. $enceforth, every s%ell you cast with every word you intone will be imbued with Eagle Magic#. E(ce%t those you are e(%ressly ins%ired to s%ea# about this to, remain silent about our order, as it is singularly our %rerogative as to whom we allow the honor of 8oining, and all of those that have achieved awareness of us have 8oined our shared field in the etheric, by the law of ,uantum vibrational e,uilibrium.1 :ensing he !reatest Magician "ings ,uestion, he $igh :oul of he Eagle said, .9es, while many indigenous %eo%les of &orth *merica belong to our order, as well as indigenous %eo%les of :outh *merica belonging to our brother order, he :ecret Order of he <ondor, you are the first white man in several thousand years to 8oin our order, and even those before you in the secret subsets of %riest orders of *tlantis that had learned from their %ost'Lemurian, %re'Maya brothers where few. o his credit, one man of Euro%ean origin was a member of he :ecret Order of he <ondor. Many more of all ancestors will follow your %ath and his. ) see you have a trace of &ative origin. 9our great, great, grandmother is with you. :he is very %roud.1 .Meegwitch. *nd so it is,1 said he !reatest Magician "ing within the %rivacy of his own mind, cherishing in his heart what he had been given, brimming with gratitude and a%%reciation to the <reator. $e found no feathers at the area he had a %reconceived %lan to visit, and eventually arrived bac# home,

where he attached the feather to his newest com%osed double %ointed co%%er crystal wand, sowing it with deer strand and attaching the end of the strand underneath one of two stri%s of affi(ed fo( fur that acted as bridge from the crystal end %oints to the deer hide bound co%%er tube center. )nside the tube between the affi(ed crystals at each end was filled with agates and crystals found from a close %ro(imity to he !reatest La#e, as well as mugwart, damiana, sage, 8uni%er, mullen and other herb. )f you do not already have a ceremonial feather, then to finish your initiation of the Mystic Eagle degree, intend to not only find a feather, but also connect with the Oversoul of the bird of the feather you are gifted, for your own ceremonies.

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