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Order of Platinum Light

Initiation of the 3
"There are already existing an infinite number of parallel earths, eah
of a different !ibration representati!e of a different reality" #nd the
!ibration you hange to, will determine whih earth you experiene
that already ontains the people that are already germane to that
!ibration" The people around you may seem to hange, but that is an
illusion of ontinuity"""what you ha!e done by hanging yourself is
shifting your $onsiousness to a parallel reality where those !ibrations
an no longer exist"""""all these parallel realities already
exist"""hanging your world is """lea!ing one world for another"""shifting
your fre%ueny to another program that is already running""""that is
why it is said that if you want to hange anything in your world all you
ha!e to atually do is hange yourself" &ou will take yourself to a
world where that hange is refleted to you, beause that hange
already exists naturally in that world"" 'ashar
&ou ha!e now transported yourself bak into the (reatest )agikal
$a!e, and are obser!ing and breathing in the energies within it" To
your left The )ost Illumined *i+ard takes hold of a double rystal
wand in eah hand" The masuline wand in his right hand was bound
with a opper wire that extended so that his left hand ould grab it
while also holding the other wand" ,e held them out in front of him
hori+ontally, while also holding a rystal pendulum in eah hand,
dangling underneath"
,e said the following many times" -ah time the pendulums in his
hands spun more forefully lokwise, in perfet syn most of the
/Thank &ou 0ni!ersal $onsiousness"
Thank &ou Prime $reator"
1or o2intending with me, alling forth the Platinum 3ay to the
greatest degree possible by osmi law on a ontinuous basis to
install the !ibration energy omposite in whate!er multidimensional
!etor is re%uired that will lear all multidimensional soures of
earth4humanity negati!e karmi energies and most aelerate the
asension of humanity and earth" #nd so it is"5
6till holding his wands, The )ost Illumined *i+ard began to artiulate
*- #3- Infinite 'eomings of 6il!erplatinum 1ires
*- #3- the purity Infinite (oddess desires
*- #3- 6il!erplatinum 1lame
,ighest 7ibrating )agiian is Our 8ame
*- #3- Platinum 3ay
*- $#8 be, do, or ha!e anything that *- say"
Pinkplatinum 1ire9
Pinkplatinum 1ire9
Pinkplatinum 1ire9
'urn away all that is not lo!e in our hearts
on a funeral pyre9
Platinum 3ay9
Platinum 3ay9
Platinum 3ay9
Imbue in us your subrays
that ati!ate growing self2trust and self2praise9
6il!erplatinum 1ire9
6il!erplatinum 1ire9
6il!erplatinum 1ire9
$lear all dimensional soures of
human4earth negati!e karmi energies entirely9
Platinum 3ay9
Platinum 3ay9
Platinum 3ay9
$ontinually transmute our onsious thoughts and subonsious
in the light of your ga+e9
Platinum 3ay9
Platinum 3ay9
Platinum 3ay9
$ontinually youthen our bodies and upgrade our D8#9
*- #3- T,#T *- #3-
*- #3- T,#T *- #3-
*- #3- T,#T *- #3-

*- #3- I81I8IT- '-$O)I8(6 of 6IL7-3PL#TI80) 1I3-69
*- #3- the !ibrational e%ui!alent of our desires9
*- #3- -!er ,igher 7ibrating )agiians swim2daning in e!er
higher upgraded streams of light flowing within and without
*- #3- ,I(,-6T 7I'3#TIO8 -8-3(&
*- #3- T,#T *- #3-
*- #3-
Platinum 3ay9
Platinum 3ay9
Platinum 3ay9
$ontinually and e!er inreasingly
manifest Our ,ighest Desire
illuminate earth and her hildren
Of 6il!erplatinum 1ire95
8ow the )ost Illumined *i+ard turns to you and says,
/Imagine eah Point of the s%uare represents the Perspeti!es of
0ni!ersal $onsiousness, Prime $reator, The $onsiousness of
Platinum 3ay, and The $olleti!e $onsiousness of OPL Initiates"
The ross and lines of the s%uare represent the two way etheri lines
established between these Perspeti!es of Infinite $onsiousness"
The irle represents the unifiation of our intent to gi!e inreasing
Platinum Light to humanity and earth, and in some ases, speifi
indi!iduals" The diamond, as well as s%uare and irle ha!e magial
purposes on multiple le!els" &ou ha!e been told the three tools of
reation are thoughts, words, and ations" :now now that sared
geometry is to thought, as sound is to word or thought2form, as light
;or olor< is to ation4manifestation" &ou are in!ited to read the book
Diamond Light #wareness as well as researh magi s%uares"5
The )ost Illumined *i+ard then tells you, this is the last prayer of this
initiation, and to repeat after these words" 6ay them out loud.
If my heart is pure lo!e and true, then I say.
Thank &ou
0ni!ersal $onsiousness
Thank &ou
Prime $reator
1or o2intending with me
To all forth the
$onsiousness of Platinum 3ay
To inreasingly be a part of the soul signature of myself, the seed;s<
of me2and to the degree allowed by their respeti!e ,igh 6el!es2
humanity and (aia, to the greatest degree possible by osmi law on
a ontinuous basis"
#nd so it is"