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Intel DZ87KLT-75K - Port 80h Power On Self Test (POST) Codes

Ran es Ran e 0x00 – 0x05 0x10, 0x20, 0x30, 0x40, 0x50 0x08 – 0x11 – 0x21 – 0x2* – 0x31 – 0x3, – 0x41 – 0x50 – 0x,0 0x80 0x80 0x(0 0x*0 0x30 – – – – – – 0x0F 0x1F 0x2( 0x2F 0x35 0x3F 0x4F 0x5F 0x,F 0x8F 0x8F 0x(F 0x*F 0x3F

S!"s#ste$ Entering SX states S0 to S5. Resuming from SX states. 0x10 – 0x20 – S2, 0x30 – S3, etc. Security SE!" #$ase %E& #$ase #re 'R! execution 'R! memory )etection %E& #$ase #ost 'R! execution Reco+ery %-atform .XE )ri+er !%/ &nitia-i0ation %E&, .XE, S''" &12 3uses4 %!&, /S3, *5* etc. 0x5F is an unreco+era6-e error. Start 7it$ %!&. 3.S 2ut#ut )e+ices4 *-- out#ut conso-es. For future use &n#ut )e+ices4 9ey6oar)1'ouse. For future use 3oot .e+ices4 &nc-u)es fixe) me)ia an) remo+a6-e me)ia. :ot t$at criticasince conso-es s$ou-) 6e u# at t$is #oint. For future use For future use

0x!0 – 0x!F 0x.0 – 0x.F 0xF0 – 0xFF

0x00,0x01,0x02,0x03,0x04,0x05 0x10,0x20,0x30,0x40,0x50 0x08 0x0( 0x0* 0x03 0x0! 0x0. 0x0E 0x0F %E& %-atform )ri+er 0x11

Pro ress Code %n!$erat&on 'CPI S States Entering S0, S2, S3, S4, or S5 state Resuming from S2, S3, S4, S5 Se(!r&t# Phase (S%C) Starting 3&2S execution after !%/ 3&S5 S%& #refetc$ing an) cac$ing ;oa) 3S% microco)e ;oa) *%s microco)es %-atform #rogram 6asea))resses <a=e /# *-- *%s &nitia-i0e :E' %ass entry #oint of t$e %E& core P%I "efore )RC Set 6ootmo)e, >%&2 init

*: init Exit ear-y #-atform init )ri+er P%I S)*+S S'3/Sri+er init Entry to S'3/S execute rea)17rite Exit S'3/S execute rea)17rite P%I CK505 Clo(. )iscrete )e+ice init 13(4.&''s .one %rogramming '5RR Settings 0x31 0x33 0x34 P%I)s. from memory .0x12 0x13 0x14 0x15 0x1. S*5*" .oa)ing reco+ery ca#su-e Start reco+ery ca#su-e1 +a-i) ca#su-e is foun) CP+ In&t&al&/at&on CP+ P%I Phase 3egin !%/ %E& &nit X'' instruction ena6-ing En) !%/ %E& &nit CP+ P%I S)) Phase 3egin !%/ S'' &nit smm re-ocate 6ases Smm re-ocate 6ases for *%s En) !%/ S'' &nit 0x41 0x42 0x43 0x44 0x45 0x4. Pro ra$$&n Entry to !9505 #rogramming Exit !9505 #rogramming P%I O-er-Clo(.Re(o-er# !risis Reco+ery $as initiate) .&''s !onfiguring memory 5esting memory Exit 'R! )ri+er P%I after )RC Start to %rogram '5RR Settings . 0x18 0x18 0x1( 0x1* 0x13 0x1! 0x21 0x23 0x24 0x28 0x28 0x2( 0x2* 0x23 Ear-y c$i#set register #rogramming inc-u)ing gra#$ics init 3asic %!? init. . Pro ra$$&n Entry to entry to %E& o+er@c-oc= #rogramming Exit %E& o+er@c-oc= #rogramming )e$or# 'R! entry #oint Rea)ing S%.etecting #resence of memory .

S Ste#14 3.S Ste#8 3.S ser+ice routine entry #oint can 6e ca--e) mu-ti#-e times" 3.S Ste#3 3.S'T' Resetting %*5*1S*5* 6us an) a-)e+ices Reser+e) for *5* 0x58 0x5( 0x5* 0x53 0x...S Ste#13 3.1 0x.0 0x.5 0x.* 0x.F *DS 3.1 or +S*) .2 0x.XE S'' %$ase en) I.S Ste#10 3.S Ste#4 3.4 0x.*%s !%/ .'T'PI.E 0x.( 0x.S return to .8 0A88 0x.S Ste#12 3.S Ste#( 3.S Ste#. 3.0x48 0x48 0x4( 0x4* 0x43 0x4! 0x4.XE %$ase En) CP+ D0% S)) Phase !%/ . 0x4E 0x4F 0x50 0x51 0x52 CP+ D0% Phase !%/ .S Ste#11 3. 0x.O *+S%S Enumerating %!& 6uses *--ocating resources to %!& 6us ?ot %-ug %!& contro--er initia-i0ation +S* Resetting /S3 6us Reser+e) for /S3 'T'. 0x.XE core s$ou-) not get $ere" Ke#"oard (PS.3 0x.! 0x.XE %$ase 6egin Refres$ memory s#ace attri6utes accor)ing to '5RRs .S )ri+er entry #oint initia-i0e 3.XE S'' %$ase 6egin Re-ocate S' 6ases for a-.oa) t$e microco)e if nee)e) &nitia-i0e strings to ?&& )ata6ase &nitia-i0e '% su##ort !%/ .3 0x.S Ste#2 3.S Ste#5 3.S Ste#8 3.

egacy 2#tion R2's R!nt&$e Phase.isa6-ing remo+a6-e me)ia .isa6-ing fixe) me)ia .E.R2' )etection etc.etecting #resence of mouse Ena6-ing mouse 2&3ed )ed&a Resetting fixe) me)ia ." Ena6-ing1configuring a fixe) me)ia 0x(8 0x(( 0x(* 0x(3 0x30 0x31 0x32 0x33 0x38 0x3( 0x3* 0x33 Re$o-a"le )ed&a Resetting remo+a6-e me)ia . !.etecting mouse .etecting t$e #resence of t$e =ey6oar) Ena6-ing t$e =ey6oar) !-earing =ey6oar) in#ut 6uffer &nstructing =ey6oar) contro--er to run Se-f 5est %S12 on-y" )o!se (PS.0x(0 0x(1 0x(2 0x(3 0x(4 0x(5 Resetting =ey6oar) .XE #$ase *DS <aiting for user in#ut !$ec=ing #ass7or) Entering 3&2S setu# !a--ing .1 or +S*) Resetting mouse ." Ena6-ing1configuring a remo+a6-e me)ia D0% Core Entere) .etecting #resence of a remo+a6-e me)ia &.E $ar) )ri+e )etection etc.etecting #resence of a fixe) me)ia &.%2I OS *oot EF& 6oot ser+ice Exit3ootSer+ices " $as 6een ca--e) EF& runtime ser+ice SetBirtua-*))ress'a# " $as 6een ca--e) 0xE4 0xE8 0xE8 0xE( 0xE3 0xF8 0xF( .isa6-ing t$e =ey6oar) .

5@859 5ec$ S#ec02.oa)ing reco+ery ca#su-e Entere) .etecting #resence of memory .&''s ..XE #$ase Starting a##-ication #rocessor initia-i0ation S'' initia-i0ation Enumerating %!& 6uses *--ocating resource) to %!& 6us .)e+ices .&''s !onfiguring memory 5esting memory .#)f .etecting t$e #resence of t$e =ey6oar) Resetting =ey6oar) !-earing =ey6oar) in#ut 6uffer 9ey6oar) Se-f 5est !a--ing Bi)eo 3&2S Resetting /S3 6us Resetting %*5*1S*5* 6us an) a-. 851(0 &nte.A889.)e+ices 5esting memory Resetting =ey6oar) !-earing =ey6oar) in#ut 6uffer <aiting for user in#ut &:5 1( Rea)y to 6oot %ag.etecting t$e #resence of t$e =ey6oar) Resetting =ey6oar) !-earing =ey6oar) in#ut 6uffer Resetting %*5*1S*5* 6us an) a-.Ta"le 456 T#7&(al Port 80h POST Se8!en(e POST Code 21 22 23 25 28 34 E4 12 13 50 51 (2 (0 (4 (5 E3 58 5* (2 (0 (4 5* 28 (0 (4 E8 01 00 Des(r&7t&on &nitia-i0ing a c$i#set com#onent Rea)ing S%. from memory .