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A full season in SoccerProject lasts only nine weeks.

with a total of 30 league games per season for every team. developed in Belgium and first released in 2004. Comprising teams from 241 diffe rent nations and available in 24 languages, the game is played by around 30,000 users (only active ones counted). A player isn't fully trained before he reaches 100 in experience, which might ha ppen around the age of 25 or higher depending upon the number of games played. T he players performance decreases at 31. Liga: 1st in 2nd in 3rd in 4th in 5th in 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in A A A A A B B B B B C C C C C D D D D D E E E E E F F F F F G G G G G : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : 3.000.000 1.600.000 1.000.000 600.000 400.000 2.790.000 1.488.000 930.000 558.000 372.000 2.580.000 1.376.000 860.000 516.000 344.000 2.400.000 1.280.000 800.000 480.000 320.000 2.250.000 1.200.000 750.000 450.000 300.000 2.100.000 1.120.000 700.000 420.000 280.000 1.950.000 1.040.000 650.000 390.000 260.000

1st in H : 1.800.000 2nd in H : 960.000 3rd in H : 600.000

000 Cupa: Tur Suma 1 10.00 Ca sa ajungi sa vezi si tu ce sume ai invarti intri la Transferuri / Priveste / in josul paginii ai numele echipei tale.000 2 20..) -Am cumparat un jucator cu 2.000 10 100. you could have played with 35% aggression. if the headskills and agression are bad I will put him on the TL.000 6 60.5M si l-am vandut cu 14.458.000 8 80. formula: team agression + highest agression in the first 11 + ref strictness < 1 80-190 It is true that you have an aggressive GK. Your most aggressive pla yer was at 71%.000 Sfaturi cipriansimi : (FC Foresta) -Este bine sa ai stadionul mai mare decat baza fanilor -Jucatori vanduti: 813.116.9M.000 4 40. And if his hidden skill is 90+ I will t rain his headskills and if his agression and headskills are nice (under 15 agression and both headskills above 85 or 90) I will train him to the end. Ca sa strangi bani trebuie sa lasi liga si s a te concentrezi doar pe transferuri.000 13 800. but you should only take into accoun t the field players when you calculate your aggression.600.000 9 90.00 Jucatori cumparati: 713.000 12 400.000 5th in H : 240.000 5 50. With a 94% strictness at the referee.100. dar se aduna bani fru mosi daca joci multe amicale acasa. Linerates depend on: performances of the players aggression of the team what you set teamspirit of the team tactics what you set red cards what the players receive home/away game This is the way I normally do it: If the HS is <85 I put him immediately on TL.192. -Ca sa faci bani tre sa cumperi si sa vinzi jucatori fest. click acolo .000 3 30.4th in H : 360.000 11 200.000 7 70.200. playing with a total of 190 as you did (mos t aggressive player + referee strictness + aggression level) is even worse than going over 200 because you increase the chances of getting a direct red card (wh .. From my experience.000 15 3.000 14 1. If his hidden skill is 85-90 I will train his headskills and put him on TL.

asp?TID=12 http://forum.13% A .82 HS .0% agresiv .nota 62 . Francis Bernd L. . 1 2 is the optimum. Fernando Ruiz (antrenor). 89% A .nota 66 .VANDUT 2.3 milioane . Ticketp rice at 2/3 is around 20. Quirino A.VANDUT 3 MIL.5 HS . Try to invest as less as possible in you r climb up and invest in relative young players which can play for you a lot of seasons.RB . so my advice is: Start slowly to buy some useful playe r and climb slowly up in the divisions.5 HS .75.90% agresiv . bu t gathering money is not fun (is my opinion).CB .77% agresiv.79.nota 65 5% A . but my stadium was never full yet. A year ago it was just 44k.5 HS .nota 65 .lipsa .nota 63 Edy De Wilde .php?f=25&t=10361 Te uiti ce cal are cand ti-l da si la cat e antrenat la rezintenta. so for the mo ment 18k seats would be enough already. .62 % agres . you have around 15 I think and my ticketprice is 12 now. but I had enough money to b uild it .nota 65 .VANDUT 600K 60% A .Kristof D'Huyvetter .din Belgia .89 HS .You stadum is big enough.66 . In the build-up fase 2/3 of your fanbase is just fine. so I can mainta in a better team.) I have pla ns in A-division and with a larger stadium the income is bigger.VANDUT 850K . Good luck! . Hurlin G. Steve Mariani Anders Orvarodd lipsa Hidden Skill .90 HS . 50M is not enough to reach A division. Les H.Jan Persa RM . Dennis A.VANDUT 800k 6% A .Thiebaut De Proft CF .soccerproject.96 HS 0 -VANDU T 3.84. Daca are pes te 25 GR si antrenat la rezistenta mic se face bun.77 % agres .CB .ich you did get).) http://www.nota 64 99% A .71 HS . Around 2/3 your fanbase is teh minimum.92 HS . .96 HS .nu mai exista 18% A .din Gibraltar Chad D.62 . Al Kas lipsa Dan Briliantt lipsa lipsa SW SW CM CF CF SW RM CF LM 69% agresivitate .nota 64 .5 HS .66 best Perf . I recently build 46k more seats.Koen Pocognoli RB . b ut it's a start to reach at least the subtop. Mojtaba T.LM .72 HS .5 HS .nota 62 .47% A ..82.H.91 HS - .42% A . Mpendulo N.nota finala 67 52% A . because with money you can buy the needed players.CF .5 HS ..Yes.86.battle-strategy.nota 62 100% A . Gathering money is useful.7 MIL. Playing each match for the win is the most fun of the game.28% A .84 HS -VANDU T 900k .92 HS .VANDUT 5 mili oane .Pieter Borlee LF.

your opponent plays kick and rush.5 HSVANDUT 3 milioane . You should consid er other tactics when playing 4-3-3.3 MIL -lipsa -lipsa -VA .8 MIL -Boris Keller RF 78 % agre 89.1 mil.67 .5 HSUT.VANDUT 1.61% agre96. midfield and attack) are based on the players performance.5 HS-Günter Clabots RB.2 mil -lipsa -Alexandre Leroy LF. -Sören Goris CF-81% agres78 HSNDUT 1.3 MIL -Egon Van Den Brandt SW 70% agre 77. The ratings a team gets during the game (defence.Ben Sotteau RB.93% agre78.VA VAND VAND VAN VANDU VANDUT VANDUT 2 mil VAN VANDUT 8 VANDU Secondly.2. with passing y ou focus on the midfield (so higher lineratings on the midfield for you).5 HSUT.66.5 HS 00k -Jonathan Verscheuren CB 55 % agre 80 HS T 2.2 mil -Bart Van Houdt RB.4 mil -Remy Moons LB .5 HSNDUT 1.48% agre77. agression and the tactic you choose.Govert Netteb LF . With kick and rush. and you play passing.2 milioane .1% agre89.5 HS -Guillaume Gerets SW 49% agre 101 HS -lipsa -Stijn Vandenberghe LF 74% agre 84 HS 67best 1. 68. you focus on the attack to be better (higher lineratings). cam ce echipa treb sa am: portar 69 .69 CF 69. teamspirit.67. 2 rezerve slabe LB 2x69 CB 70.5 HSDUT 3 mil -Maarten Smet RF.5 HS-Nicolas Sacré LF. 4x67 RB 72.4% agres 88.5 HS -Nico Kéromest RF 22% agre 85.3x70 RM 73.5 HS -Jonathan Chen CF 41% agre 88 HS DUT 2.68 CM 2x69. 68 LM 69.2 MIL -lipsa -Vedran Chatelle SW 91 % agre 87. Passin g is not the most ideal tactic to play with a 4-3-3 formation.69 LF 70.1.87% agre 93.3% agre101 HST 4.79% agre88.

RF 2x69 .