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356 S. Rosenberger Ave. Evansville, IN 47712 765 621-4705 (C ir!raser41"g#ail.$o#

PROFILE %resen&s &'e s(ills &o no& onl) #anage &'e so$ial #e*ia engines o! a +ro!essional s+or&s !ran$'ise, b,& also +ro*,$e &'e $on&en& an* gra+'i$ *esign ne$essar) !or all ne$essar) +os&s. -evelo+e* lea*ers'i+ s(ills, lea*ing a &ea# o! in&erns &o a$$o#+lis' &as(s *,ring 2013-14 season, .,s& one )ear a!&er +ersonall) being on in&ern s&a&,s. /ene!i$iar) o! #anagerial an* so$ial #e*ia $a#+aign e0+erien$e, as 1ell as &'e e0+erien$e o! 1or(ing $o'esivel) 1i&' sales &ea# &o $o##,ni$a&e &i$(e& sales an* +ro#o&ional even&s &o &'e +,bli$. E D U C AT I O N ( 2 0 1 0 - 1 4 ) 2niversi&) o! So,&'ern In*iana - Evansville, In*. - 2014 - /a$'elor o! S$ien$e in 3o,rnalis# FIELD EXPERIENCE

4anager o! -igi&al an* So$ial 4e*ia, Evansville I$e4en - Evansville, In*. A,g,s& 2013 - A+ril 2014
- Redesigned and relaunched Official Web Home of the Evansville IceMen. - Materialized/managed all content and graphics on ame previews and recaps! "Inside #he IceMen$ blog! promotional/tic%eting notices! etc.

- &oordinated team$s social media '(aceboo%! #witter! Instagram! )ou#ube! *torif+, at all times. - -ive #weeted during both home and awa+ games. - .irected a team of interns who post in/game photos on Instagram. - .eveloped "IceMen#0$ for both )ou#ube and website. - Wrote organization$s press releases 'pla+er transactions! organizational news matters! etc,. - 1rranged personnel interviews with local media '&ourier23ress! 4ews 5 6! 75 4ews! 89 4ews,. raphicall+ designed arena banners and :umbotron slides.

- -earned basic roster management s%ills and techni;ues.

4e*ia Rela&ions In&ern, Evansville I$e4en - Evansville, In*. A,g,s& 2012 - 3,l) 2013
/ Wrote post game summaries for website. *ummaries were sent out to media outlets in tristate area. / Wrote wee%l+ blog entries for team website! "Inside the IceMen$. / &onducted team$s social media operations before! during! and after home and awa+ games. / 1ssisted off/ice officials in %eeping stats and entering into -eague *tat for E&H- records.

In m+ two +ears wor%ing with the Evansville IceMen! I$ve learned how to fulfill a number of responsibilities to a high level. (rom wor%ing a full/time schedule and being a full/time student! I$ve developed the necessar+ tools to balance a strenuous agenda. #he benefit of wor%ing for a smaller franchise! such as one in the E&H-! is that there aren$t an abundance of people to ma%e the product loo% a certain wa+! forcing me to manage a number of responsibilities and to produce results. I$ve alwa+s been a good writer! but since :oining the IceMen! I$ve sharpened m+ graphic design! advertising and social s%ills! while also learning more about roster development and managing paperwor% such as a pa+roll and pla+er immigration documents. I also believe I$ve learned what it ta%es to build a winning team! as m+ ultimate goal would be to full+ ta%e on the role of a position in hoc%e+ operations. <ut in the meantime! I believe m+ strength has been grasping the sport of hoc%e+ and understanding what the fans want from a team$s 3ublic Relations and *ocial Media and .igital Media standpoint.


356 S. Rosenberger Ave. Evansville, IN 47712 765 621-4705 (C ir!raser41"g#ail.$o#

=eff 3+le / Head &oach and .irector of Hoc%e+ Operations '2013-14, / Evansville IceMen 9>? Main *t.! Evansville! I4 5@@?A / 'A78, 95B C5@B D&ellE

-u%e <ur%et / 0ice 3resident of *ales and Mar%eting (2011-14) / Evansville IceMen 9>? Main *t.! Evansville! I4 5@@?A / 'A78, @>5 C?9? D&ellE

<rian 0aal / .irector of &orporate .evelopment / Evansville IceMen 9>? Main *t.! Evansville! I4 5@@?A / 'A78, 59@ ?8?7 D&ellE