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1. Read the text. For questions 1-5, choose the answer (A, B, or C) which you think best its the text. 1!x"#. $ "!# A day in th !i" #" Pa$!a Rad%!i"" - Ma&ath#n R$nn & '()0a* Sometimes, my daughter Isla wakes me and my husband, Gary, up, or, more often, we wake her up. After I get up, I always check my pulse. It's usually 38 !" beats per minute. If it is too high, I rest for the day. It's so important to listen to my body. I ha#e a drink and a snack while gi#ing Isla her breakfast. +()0a* $e take Isla to nursery and then I start my training. I run, and Gary rides his bike ne%t to me and gi#es me drinks. &our times a week, I ha#e a cold bath or go for a swim in a lake after training. ,2()0p* I pick up Isla from nursery and we go home and I eat a big lunch of cereal and fruit. 'hen I ha#e rice and salmon, or toast and peanut butter. I try to eat as soon as possible after training. After lunch, I play with my daughter. 2p* I ha#e a nap in the afternoon, and Gary usually takes Isla out while I sleep. $hen I wake up, I ha#e a drink and a snack while Isla has milk. I eat a lot during the day, especially bananas and dark chocolate. -p* I go running again. In total, I run about (!) miles e#ery week. I write about all my runs in my training *ournal. I record e#erything, including how I feel and what the weather is like. I train hard e#ery other day, go on an e%tra long run e#ery four days and rest e#ery eighth day. .p* In the e#ening, I do my e%ercises. 'hese keep me strong during long runs. Isla likes to climb on me while I stretch. Gary gi#es Isla her tea and cooks mine while I finish my e%ercises. 'hen I finish cooking dinner while Gary gi#es Isla her bath. .()0p* Gary and I eat our dinner. I ha#e red meat four times a week with rice, pasta or potatoes, and lots of #egetables. $e also eat a lot of stir fries, because they're +uick and healthy. 'p* $e put Isla to bed and rela%. I check my emails and watch ', or chat with Gary. I lo#e police and hospital dramas,0()0p* 'ime for bed. As I brush my teeth, I stand on one leg and then the other. 'his keeps my legs strong. I en*oy reading, but I ha#en.t read much since Isla was born. ( /sually,0 a1 2aula and Gary wake up Isla. b1 Gary wakes up 2aula and Isla. c1 Isla wakes up 2aula and Gary

then Isla goes to bed. Gary looks after Isla while 2aula0 a1 trains. c1 trains e%tra hard. 6h R#%7y M#$ntain2 'he 9ocky :ountains run almost the length . .3 $hile 2aula has her morning run. b1 climbs on her. c1 Gary and 2aul eat. .!1 <<<<<< by train. b1 cycles ne%t to her. then has lunch. c1 spends time with Gary. c1 collects her daughter. then collects her daughter. collects her daughter. b1 Gary bathes Isla. then Isla goes to bed. /SE OF ENGLISH 010 p#int23 M$!tip! %h#i% 2p4.ancou#er. c1 watches '.(1 <<<<<<< hundred miles from the center in more southern areas. c1 plays with Gary.. then has lunch. they are no less wonderful. =ou start from . Gary0 a1 takes Isla to nursery.31 <<<<< the best way to see them is to .0 a1 Gary bathes Isla. 2aula0 a1 has lunch. ) 2aula0 a1 eats large meals but ne#er eats snacks. b1 sleeps.0520 p#int2 1. b1 bathes. 2aula. b1 eats large meals and often eats snacks. 'hey start in the northwest. then Gary and 2aula eat.31 <<<<<<<< the Alps. b1 brushes her teeth. bathes. 4 5#ery two days. then Gary bathes Isla. b1 watches '. 8 In the e#ening. 7 2aula does e%ercises to strengthen her legs while she0 a1 cooks dinner. 3 After training. bathes. then Gary and 2aula eat. then Isla goes to bed. c1 goes to work. 6 $hile 2aula does her e%ercises. Read the text be%ow and choose the correct word or each s#ace (1-1!). a1 goes for a long run. she rarely0 a1 reads. 'here are many roads across the 9ockies. her daughter0 a1 has dinner. c1 eats small meals but often eats snacks.)1 ."1 <A< 8orth America. but lie only a .. ! After lunch. c1 eats. b1 runs (!) miles. II. Although the 9ockies are smaller . (" 8ow 2aula has a daughter.

41 <<<<<<< residents to ski on slopes *ust () minutes by car from the city .61 <<<<<<<<. B $rite something about the townCcountry where you are staying.ancou#er on the cross continent railway.play1 computer games with my cousins.tra#el1 to Ireland last summer.<<<<<<< most attracti#e of >anada. =ou can't see 'om now? he <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< . B 'ell your friend who you are on holiday with. A dri#e B tra#el C ride D pass ). B 'ell your friend what the weather is like.not understand1 him6. "#x1!$"!# (. A lea#e B get C take D set 7. A scenery B #iew C site D beauty 2.not cook1 dinner last night. A a B one C the D its 4. &i#e days ago.s big cities. 8ow there are *ust three a week. A center B circle C middle D heart 8. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<they <<<<<<<<<<<< . B Ask something about your friend. *Don´t forget to begin and end the postcard ..dance1 at the party.drink1 tea. =ou sleep on boards. 'hirty passenger trains a day used to .71 <<<<< is fun. A when B which C who D where (". Write something about three o the six o%%owin) #oints. B 'ell your friend about your plans for the rest of your holiday. @e usually <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< . but tra#el through some of the best . III. Standing with its feet in the water and its head in the mountains. this city . 3. A many B lot C few D couple 3.("1 <<<<<<< at night. A of B down C in D through (.drink1 coffee but today he <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< . :y brother <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< . @e sometimes <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< .break1 a window. ". A but B because C unless D since !. 3. I <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< . ).81 <<<<<< off from . . :y mum <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< . I kicked the ball and it <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< . B Say something about what you did yesterday. 8RI6ING 010 p#int23 You are on holiday and want to send a picture postcard to an English friend. In no more than 100 words you write to your friend. but the ride is still a great ad#enture. A from B to C as D than 3. yesterdayA 8. 4.ha#e1 a bath. &ut the 'erbs in brackets in the correct or(.speak1 so +uickly that I <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< . A lets B allows C offers D gi#es 6. !.

3.. 4. 'imp de lucru 3 ore. 3...)p ((.. rele#ance of ideas to topic 00000000....... is drinking.....!" points !.............. 6......... do not understand.... task achie#ement H original input 00000.....00.... a 3. cohesion and coherence 000... b 7. b 4./se of 5nglish D 5E ( ( > 3 F 3 A ! G ) > 4 G 6 A 8 F 7 G (" A 5E.....)p 7..9eading comprehension (...... 2layed..... ).... 3. b ("... #ocabulary and connectors....... 3. )p 6.. 3 (. is ha#ing.. range of grammar structures.. a 8. did not cook )........000. b !.)p (".... c 6.("p 4.. correct use of grammar...... drinks...... a .. 3. b )........ III. speaks..... 8.)p.. connectors and #ocabulary00000.. Fid they danceA....... A II.. >reati#e writing000.............. 8u se acorda puncte din oficiu.. o#erall effect000000000...00000......)p 8.broke. tra#elled.............0... BAREM DE COREC6ARE SI NO6ARE I. length constraint0000... !....0.8ota-'oate subiectele sunt obligatorii..