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Nativity of the Holy Virgin Church Jackson, NJ MAY 2014 Ne sletter N!"#$!%%!

& #'(N#(&) M&#* J(ANNA +A&(N("#,Y CH&-#% -# &-#!N. -N/!!/ H! -# &-#!N. "! %HAN, Y(0) #1ecial %hanks to everyone in our 1arish ho 2a3e our cele4ration of 'ascha a very s1ecial ti2e* (ur $or35s &esurrection is a 2ost sole2n 3ay of our faith an3 everyone contri4ute3 to 2ake it very s1ecial* Again, May the $or3 sen3 3o n his +lessing u1on you an3 your fa2ilies an3 let us 1ray that e are 4lesse3 ith goo3 health for Many +lesse3 Years. Christ -s &isen. Christos Voskrese. -n3ee3 He -s &isen. Voistinnu Voskrese.

#0MM!& -# N!A&. "ho oul3 have thought that e are only a fe 2onths a ay fro2 su22er* After a 4rutal inter of col3, ice, an3 sno the sun has 4een shining 4rightly an3 it see2s e are on our ay for the ha6y la6y 3ays of su22er* 'lease re2e24er that our church is o1en an3 the /ivine $iturgy is cele4rate3 at 10 AM each an3 every #un3ay in the su22er. #o 4efore you think a4out going ater skiing, fishing or 4oating sto1 in an3 atten3 the /ivine $iturgy. HA''Y 70th +-&%H/AY ) 8ather John has al ays 2a3e an effort to re2e24er our 1arishioners ho have +irth3ay Cele4rations each 2onth* %his year the Very &everen3 8ather John 'roko1iuk our rector ill 4e cele4rating his 70th 4irth3ay on May 24th* 'lease 9oin us in the 1arish

ho2e on #un3ay May 2:th for a luncheon in his honor after the /ivine $iturgy* '$!A#! '&AY 8(& %H! #-C, (8 (0& 'A&-#H) 'lease re2e24er in your 1rayers the sick an3 suffering 2e24ers of our 1arish ho are ho2e4oun3 an3 hos1itali6e3* May ;o3 ;rant the2 1eace, goo3 health an3 2any 4lesse3 years. Christ -s &isen. -n3ee3 He -s &isen. $-%0&;-CA$ -%!M# N!!/!/) $iste3 4elo are so2e liturgical ite2s that are nee3e3 for church services) Charcoal) < 2:0 for a year $i=ui3 'araffin) <400 for the year ;ol3 Covers) <1,000 re2aining Holy "ater Container) <>00*00 +$AC, V!#%M!N%#) <1>00*00 re2aining*

'lease see Matushka $u32ila at the can3le 3esk. ;!N!&A$ C(N8!##-(N) ;eneral Confession ill 4e serve3 on the first #un3ay in June* 'lease 2ake an effort to 4e ith us on June 1st 4eginning at ?)@0AM* N( ,N!!$-N;) 8ro2 'A#CHA 0N%-$ '!N%!C(#% #0N/AY) %here is no kneeling in church fro2 'ascha until the #un3ay of 'entecost hen 8ather John rea3s the kneeling 1rayers 3uring the Ves1ers serve3 after the /ivine $iturgy. 'A&-#H H(M! N!!/#) %he 'arish Council is looking to 1urchase three air con3itioners for the 'arish ho2e hall* Cost for each of these floor units are <@00 each* -f you oul3 like to 1urchase one of these units 1lease see Matushka $u32ila at the can3le 3esk* At this ti2e e have t o units

still availa4le for 1urchase* "e thank Mrs* Joanna +arono sky for 1urchasing the first one* M(%H!&5# /AY) 'lease re2e24er in your 1rayers the 2other5s of our 1arish on #un3ay May 11th* (n this 3ay the Mother5s of our 1arish ill receive a s1ecial flo er in their honor on this 3ay* "e ill also 1ray for the 3e1arte3 2other5s of our 1arish an3 our s1iritual fa2ily ith the singing of A!ternal Me2oryB after the /ivine $iturgy* 'A&-#H C(0NC-$ M!!%-N;) %he 'arish Council ill hol3 their 2onthly 2eeting on #un3ay May 1Cth after the /ivine $iturgy in church* All 'arish Council 2e24ers are aske3 to 4e 1resent on this 3ay* CH(-& M!M+!&# N!!/!/) %he choir 3irector is looking for singers. No

eD1erience is nee3e3. All e ask is that you take a leisurely alk u1 the stairs to the choir loft an3 offer your assistance. "e nee3 your hel1...... 'A&-#H '-CN-C) "e oul3 like to hol3 our Annual 'arish 'icnic in June. -f you oul3 like to hel1 or contri4ute to this function 1lease see Matushka $u32ila at the can3le 3esk to contri4ute to ar3s the 1urchase of foo3* 'A&-#H HA$$ 8(& &!N%) /o you kno anyone ho 2ight 4e having a s2all affair to honor so2eone5s 4irth3ay, sho er, or e33ing anniversaryE 'lease contact Matushka $u32ila for availa4le 3ates*

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