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This section defines financial terms and ratio used in this publication.

Total Advances = Bills purchased & discounted (Short term) + Cash credits, overdrafts & loans (Short term) + Term loans Total Deposits = Demand Deposits + Savings Bank Deposit + Term Deposits CASA Deposits = Demand Deposits + Savings Bank Deposits CASA Ratio (%) = CASA Deposits/Total Deposits Total Business = Total advances + Total deposits Net-worth = Capital + Reserves & Surplus Total Borrowings = Secured Borrowings (In India and Outside India) + Unsecured Borrowings (In India and Outside India) Total Assets = Cash in hand + Balances with RBI + Balances with banks inside/outside India + Money at call + Investments + Advances + Fixed Assets + Other Assets Average Total Assets = [Total Assets CY+ Total Assets PY]/2 Total Liabilities = Capital + Reserves & surplus + Deposits + Borrowings + Other liabilities & provisions Free Funds = CASA + Net-worth Funds Deployed = [Total Assets {Fixed Assets + Other Assets}] Average Funds Deployed = [Funds Deployed CY + Funds Deployed PY]/2 Funds in carry Business = Funds Deployed Non SLR Investments Average Funds in carry Business =[Funds in carry Business CY + Funds in carry Business PY]/2 Borrowed Funds = Borrowings + Deposits + Bills Payable Average Borrowed Funds = [Borrowed Funds CY + Borrowed Funds PY]/2 Incremental Free funds = Free funds CY Free funds PY Net Interest Income = Interest Earned Interest Expended Net Interest Margin (%) = Net Interest Income/Average Assets Non Interest Income Margin (%) = Other Income/Average Assets Interest Cost (%) = Interest expended/Average Borrowed funds Yield in carry business (%) = Interest earned/Average funds in carry business

Spread (%) = Yield in carry business Interest cost Core fee income = Other income [Net Profit/Loss sale of investments, land and other assets + Net profit/Loss on revaluation of investments + 50% of the miscellaneous income] Core fee income Ratio (%) = Core fee income/Average funds deployed Operating Expense Ratio = Operating Expenses/Average funds deployed Operating Profit Margin (%) = [Net interest income Operating expenses]/Interest earned Cost to Income Ratio (%) = Operating expenses/[Net interest income + Other income] Cost to Net Income Ratio (%) = Operating expenses/[Net interest income + Other income {Net P&L from sale & revaluation of other assets, land and investments}] Net Profit Margin (%) = Spreads + Core fee income Ratio Operating expense Ratio Return on Assets (%) = Net Income or Profit/Average Total Assets Return on Equity (%) = Net Income or Profit/Net-worth Cash/Deposit Ratio (%) = [Cash in hand + Balances with RBI]/ Total deposits Credit Deposit Ratio (%) = Total Advances/Total Deposits Incremental Credit (Advances) = Total Advances CY Total Advances PY Incremental Deposit = Total Deposits CY Total Deposits PY Incremental Credit Deposit Ratio (%) = Incremental Advances/ Incremental Deposits Investment Deposit Ratio (%) = Total Investments/Total Deposits Incremental Investment = Total Investment CY Total Investments PY Incremental Investment Deposit Ratio (%) = Incremental Investments/Incremental Deposits SLR Investments = Investment in Government Securities + Investment in Approved Securities SLR Investment Ratio (%) = SLR Investments/Total Investments Statutory Liquidity Ratio (%) = SLR Investments/Total Deposits Slippage Ratio (%) = Additions to Gross NPA/Opening Standard Assets Provisioning cover (%) = NPA Provisions/ Gross NPA Restructured Assets = Corporate Debt Restructured {Standard/Sub-standard/Doubtful} + Other than Corporate Debt Restructured {Standard/Sub-standard/Doubtful} Off-balance sheet exposure = Outstanding Forward Exchange Contracts + Guarantees given on behalf of constituents + Acceptances & Endorsements + Other contingent liabilities Sensitive Sector Advances = Capital Markets Sector Advances + Real Estate Sector Advances + Commodity Sector Advances Total Branches = Rural + Semi-urban + Urban + Metros Total Branches (including ATMs) = Branches {Rural + Semi-urban + Urban + Metros} + ATMs {Onsite/ Off-site} Business per branch = Total Business/Total Branches Business per branch (including ATMs) = Total Business/Total Branches (including ATMs) Business per employee = Total Business/ Total Employees Profit per branch = Net Profit/ Total Branches Profit per branch (including ATMs) = Net Profit/Total Branches (including ATMs) Profit per employee = Net Profit/ Total Employees Employee per branch = Total Employee/Total Branches Employee per branch (including ATMs) = Total Employee/Total Branches (including ATMs)