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FHE4810 & FHE 7704 Sales Associate I

Number o !ositio"s : 2 !ositio"s Fille# : 0 Hiri"g $a"ager : Mandracchia, Florence %ecruiter : Nyberg, Amantha

Age: 22 Days
!ost &y'e : Internal / External

!ositio" I" ormatio" A!!() * +++, ollett,com -o"li"e a''licatio"s o"ly.

/uali icatio"s0%e1uireme"ts :

0 12 months of re!io"s retail or clerical ex erience referred# $trong c"stomer ser!ice s%ills incl"ding effecti!e comm"nication# &om "ter literacy Ability to rioriti'e and organi'e (or%load#

2ob Descri'tio" :

)his osition greets c"stomers, assists c"stomers (ith store in*"iries, ans(ers the hone and/or directs callers, tab"lates "rchases "sing the register for transactions# +se safe money handling roced"res and sec"re transaction ractices# ,reet c"stomers and render assistance as necessary res onding to in*"iries of rod"cts and merchandise# Ans(ers hone and res onds to in*"iries or direct calls for a ro riate resol"tion# - erates cash register tab"lating transactions, acce ting ayments, gi!ing change, bagging "rchases and rocessing em loyee or fac"lty disco"nts as a ro riate# $tarts " and sh"ts do(n register, tro"ble shoots, co"nts do(n register, erform cashier a"dits, etc# .alances the cash dra(er incl"ding chec%s and the credit card recei ts and st"dent charge sli s# -bser!es safe money handling roced"res and sec"re transaction ractices (hen acce ting cash ayment, ma%ing change, acce ting chec%s and credit card ayments, and rocessing ref"nds/b"ybac%s# Incl"des cashier integrity to safeg"ard register and dra(er de osits# )est EA$ sec"rity system daily and a roach c"stomers (ho set off EA$ system in!estigating alarms, resol!ing iss"e and logging EA$ acti!ations# /ecei!e, sort and o en, as necessary, mail# May also ta%e o"tgoing mail to mailbox or 0ost -ffice#

&arry and shel!e merchandise in!entory1 may also "ll and ac%age merchandise for ret"rn to !endors# $traightens merchandise, stoc%s shel!es, rices merchandise and may assist in setting " dis lays and signs# May be re*"ired to mo , !ac""m, clean shel!es and ta%e o"t trash# Ens"re in!entory controls tags are remo!ed and/or re laced on merchandise according to com any standards as a licable# 0ic%, rocess and ac% orders for shi (ith /etail $tore - erations ing in accordance

Fill in for other em loyees d"ring absences, for brea%s and l"nches, and d"ring eriods of high !ol"me# May erform data entry or ty e sim le corres ondence incl"ding rinting and system bac%2" )a%e in!entory as needed and may ha!e res onsibility for ordering general merchandise items 3snac%s, be!erages, ne(s a ers, maga'ines, etc#4# May ro!ide c"stomer ser!ice/sales f"nctions for s ecial e!ents 3incl"ding b"t not limited to a"thor signings, grad"ation and athletic e!ents4 0erform other d"ties as assigned#
lications only4

!(EASE A!!() A& +++, ollett,com 3online a