Yol. 2

Friday, M a y 25,1945



T-2 Set For Graduation
Outdoor Eveut
Another m the lung line ol :ombat crew squadrons trained a 1 Walla Walla A m y Air Fielo will be honored with grduatior exercises, signifying that they haw wxessf ully finished their train ing mission at this field and an qualified t s facilitate the steadill increasing flow of Japanese to t h abode of their honorable ancestors [ n a departure from the custom d holding the went in the theatrc with a graduation speaker, exerzises will be held on Memorid Day, May 30, as part of the mern xial review and retreat parade tc be held on that day. All base uELih will participate t?te event.

THESE ARE the static and train* group afficers d ' Training SecM .Front r o w , left k right, Capt. Melvin W. P-son, sqnadr - commander; C@. <=lad P. Chrisknsen, k&iniag se&iom m d e r . Rear ron, h 4 to right, Capt. Billy 0. Masser, mess and supply fleer; 8nd L t . Mdvin Regnaldrs, adjutraat; 1st U . Hershel E . Simuwns, + r o v i s b a ~ l growp aemtnaading efficer-(Base Lab Photo1.

Left to right. 1st Lt. charles E. Cornelis. E Flight; 1st Lt. Lilburne C. smith,-F' Squadron; 1st Lt. Jesse D. Toombs, G Flight; and 1st Lt. Leo 3. West, Flight H.-(Base Lab Photo)

First Group of 24 'Releasees' - Head for Separation Centers
Twenty-four enlisted area were ia the pmecg c d leaving Walk this week for separation centers througbu the country, as the first quota 04 "releasees" to be discharged fron this field under the point system. I t is anticipated that future quota: will be alloted to this fieid from time t o time by Fourth Air Farcc Headquarters, according to Major Nicholas De Mai, Supervisor o4 Personnel, but just how large or how often these quotas'would bc forthcoming would be hard $0 predict. All of the men released have well over 100 points with T ,Sgt Warren Nordquish reputedly the highest man on the field, racking u~ a mere 172. A number of enlisted rstta k the 40-42age bracket were also pre flighting civilian detb &is week, following receipt of official worc that the discharge age, irrespective of points, had been lowered frm 42 to 40 years. 'However, men in this category can be bdd in the sew ice for as kmg as (ItlOthtr 90 tilays 3 mitable replacements are no availabk. The two donera men released un.

.Walk Amy Air Field

Squadron T-2 has made a m in+ pressive training record for its& a t Walla Walla, and will go fortt inspired by the full confidence 01 the officer and enlisted persome who conducted their training. Major General James E. Parker, commanding genera1 of the Three crews, number 214, 2 3 Fourth Air Force, has departed for an undisclosed foreign assignment, and 234, were awarded the title 01 his headquarters at San Francisco announced Tuesday. Pending as''three best crews", due to thei~ all-around proficiency and spirit ir signment of his successor, Brigadier General Edward M. Morris, training. Their pictures appear ol deputy commander, has assumed command of the Pacific Coast AAF page four of this issue, and thej organization, -which includes instailations in five Western states. will receive awards in the form o General Parker. succeeded Major General William E. Lynd July watches for first pilots and wal lets for balance of the crew mem 14, 1914, and was prclmoted to his present rank on December 7, 1944. bers. Each graduating crewmar General Morris, who has commanded the Fourth Air Force's 318th will receive a diploma signed b~ Training Wing with headquarters at Metropolitan Airport, Van the commanding officer in token o Nuys, California, formerly commanded the IV Figh-fer Command in the successful completion of hi: Oakland. H e has served in the Mediterranean theatre for eighteen training here.

Gen. Parker Goes Overseas; Gen. Morris Heads 4th AF

months prior to his return a few months ago to Fourth Air Force.

New Surgeon Mobile PX to G o Show Booked Assigned Here In Service Here Wednesday
Lt. COL Patter Is
Retired From Army
LL Col. Harold P. Tompkins ha4 been appointed base surgeon o Walla Walla Army Air Field, it ha: been announced by Col. Bertram C Harrison, base commancler. Col Tmpkins replaces Lt. Col. Clar ence G. Potter, who, because of ill ness, will be retired from the Armj after 20 years as a Reserve office] and 4 years of active duty. A native of Wichita, Kansas, Col Tompkins lists his permanent ad dress a s Riverside, California. H c was graduated from the Washing ton University School of Medicini in St. Louis in 1937 and served hi: i;ternship in Santa Barbara, Cali fornia. In the same year he re ceived a commission as first lieu tenant in the Reserve. With "19th" He was called to active duty witl the A M at March FkM,Californi; in 1940 and was assigned to thc famed 19th Bombardment Group He spent much o f his time travel ing with Flying Cadet examining boards throughout California, Ne vada and Utah. In 1941 he was transferred to t h 14th Pursuit Group as group sW
m e epost exchange will begin operating a mobile exchange Friday, May 25, according to Captain Walter D. Diekmann, base exchange officer. A Ford truck, completely furnished with shelves, ice cMam cabinet and coffee server, will be operated by two young ladks. The mobile exchange will operate on the flight line and will stop a t each hangar and base operations. It will afford personnel a chance to buy cigarettes, candy, coffee, cookies, ice cream, doughnuts, etc. with a minimum loss of time. It has also been planned to serve Air Corps Supply, Quartermaster and Motor Pool area. Time schedules will be announced in Daily Bulletin.


d t r the p i n t system, their point: and squadrons are as follows: T,Sgt. Warren H. Nodquist, B 172; T.Sgt. Raymond J. Keating, B 153; S.Sgt. Allen 0.Clark, B, 129 T.Sgt. Renvue C. Harner, D. 127 S.Sgt. Joe D. Ivy, B, 126; S.Sgt Plans for the Seventh War Loan Oliver R. Germam, D, 123; T.Sgt Drive a t WWAAF were announced John D. Foley, T-1, 123; T.Sgt. Wes. , 122; S.Sgt. Paul L by Lt. W. W. Weldon, d o is laerv- ley J. Hill, E ing as war bond offices. T t a e drive Daily, T-4, 122; Cpl. Walter F .E u m started on 14 May and will end on Wick, F, 121; S S g t . John E 30 June. Orientation periods will banks, A, 121; S.Sgt. Robert R cover the drive for enlisted men Nlemela, B, 114; S.Sgt. Gilbert F and officers. Bonds will be sold for Parker, B, 119; T.Sgt. Clyde H cash on M a y 30, i n booths a t the Decker, B, 119; Pvt. Jack Petty Yost Exchange and Officer's Club. A, 118; S.Sgt. Estus F. Wuiff, 118 . Widman, F, 117 The National Associatien QQ Air S.Sgt. Clarence E Forces Women will be in charge of S.Sgt. Ralph I. Peters, F, 117 the stands. To increase the mornen- S.Sgt. Neale M Fosnwalt, B, 116, turn of the drive, Minute Men have TSgt. Peter R. Syvrud, B, 116 o SSgt. Donald M. Chamberlain, T-1 been appointed in each section t stimulate bond sales among the c i - 115; T.Sgt. Evan Arnold, F, 115 viiiaaa personnel working an the T.Sgt. Ken M. Elves, B, 115; T.Sgt base. As a n added convmienc~Raymond L. Day, E, 113. each squadron will e l l bonds for cash on payday. Soldiers m a y spen or increase elass B allotments a t %hesame time. T'he men and civilfan personnel a t the field have alway6 given full co-operation iaa past drives. How with t w o - d m - a n d A number a£ fieM. units will takc one-bgo, all must remember that part i n a parade k be heid um thi Ure final push is as hpolrtaQht k afternoon d Wednesday, June 6 Victory as the first. i downtown W a h Walla. Jwe I is trhe first a d v e r s a r y Bf D-Da] BAEBECUE DEMCA'X33 aed the parade wiU c o m e m e r a t c NEW PICmC GROUNDS 6fEicer persoanel and tbeir fami- this event and the Seventh Wal He?s are looking forward t o the big Loan drive. barbecue and picnic ot Memorial m f ' m m T Tsm Day, May 30, w h i c h will dedicate m i w m T H WAS L 8 M the new Mill CXeek picnic grounds. affair will get -dm way at 1700, iPnd tbe Officers' is pm3 viding free beer, barbeque, m e freshments and trmsportcrtion. ,,For enter(ainment there wiH *be a t & races, softball and p~eyba.tL M a c e r s sad tgei PrarsPlhes b v a

U S 0 Camp Show 'Who Goes There'
Wednesday nite May 30, will feature some highspot entertainment at Walla Walla Army Air Field, when "Who.Goes There", a USOCamp show will be presented here. A performance will be given at 6:N p. m. a t station hospital and one a t 8:30 p. m. a t the base theatres. The headline cast includes: Ferrari and De Costa, two expert musicians who studied a t the New England Conservatory of Music, and after a brief whirl of concert engagements let down their f hair a bit to perform in the field o "popular" musical entertainment. Jack Leonard, "fun by the ton", is a mastdonlc comedian who i s no newcomer tc3 the men in the service. He recently concluded a ten month tour in Army camps and Navy bases with the USO-Camp Shows production of the musical sensation "Hellzapoppin." Emerald Sisters, two girls whose rough house comedy knock-about act is breathtaking and hilarious. Annette Ames, singer and dancer, who, after ten gears of trouping, still looks like a pretty little doll. The Ross Dancers, a fine 04 five girls, whose previous experience includes motion pictures, legitimate theatre production, vaudevilk and night club engagements.

Plans Outlined For War Loan
C -


civilian Employes View Special Film

Parade Slated June 6 Downtown


(Cenkinued sa Page It9
!IWELVE POINTS THAT ARfUVED TOO LATE Distribution t o & a new turn fa Sgt. Jesse C. Wilder, Jr., of tha department a t base headquarter when a e stork distributed a sevel o him ant pound, tensunce boy t his wife a t St. Mary's hospital k Walla Walla Thursday, May 17. A 1 though the baby was born on Nor wegian Independence day, he wa named Terril Wayne. The father i going fair except f a t nervousnes and fatigue frem passing 0 u cigars.

.been inv-

"Defeat and Victory", a War DeCompartment Combat Film munique designed specifically for American War Workers, was shown to approximately 350 Civilian Personnel c d the Walla Walla Army Air Field on Wednesday and Thursday May 17 and 18. The "Defeat" of American forces was shown in combat footage taken at Kweilin, while " V i c t ~ y " was portrayed by cmbat Wtograghers during the invasion and f i n a l conquest of the P d a u Islands. "Defeat and Victory" filled with of heroism exciting closeup s h ~ t s 4 PAGES THIS WEEK and vicious fighting. showed that the way ahead is lcrng and tough, HERE'S WHY: and that it will take even g r e a t e ~ As it must to all men, basic trainquantities of men and equipmen1 , before the Japanese enemy can be ing came t s ye ed this week. % completely crushed. The foreword don't look for tbe four pages u s e by Under Secretary of War Patter. ally found in the center of this won't find son encouraged the personnel tc paper each week-you stick to their war jobs and not seek them. Next week WaUa Wallop will post-war jobs until c m p l e t e vie- b e back in brx'siness at the regulu: sic of eight pages. tory was 'wan.


Edited and published every Friday by and for the personnel of the 423rd . AAF Base Unit, Army Air Field, Walla Walla, a Fourth Air Force Installation, under the direction of the Special Service Department. All editorial matter pertaining to Walla Walla Army Air Field, cleared for publication bv the Public Relations Office, is available for general release and reprint in other publications. The Walla Wallop editorial office is located on the second floor of the Service Club, telephone 218. Deadline for copy is 1400 on the Wallop office. Tuesday preceding publication date. delivered to the Walla , -


Vol. 2

Friday, M a y 25, 1945

No. 3


BERTRAM C. HARRISON Commanding Officer

Cpl. Ivar A. S. Andersen Artist Pie. Ruth R. Wheeler Reporter

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T . Sgt. Jean Caillonet
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Squadron WC

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Cpl. Weiss looking worried now that he is on base flying status. Sgt. Snell with a pencil in his ear, a big wheel over a t T-2. The , Sgt. Snell with a pencil in his ear, a big wheel over at T-2, the Cpl. Fletcher in the T-2 office, a bigger wheel, with a pencil in one hand and a phone in the other. Cpl. Webster worrying about his girl m Pendleton. H e almost fell over thinking of her. , Cpl. Phillabaum trying t.0 borrow Sgt. Fkig's whip. B e is in charge, of T-3. Klotz polishing his carpenter shop. Rudy and the Mrs. a t the club. ,Nichdsons a t the rat race. , The (King) and Lou having a struggle. ,Sgt. Lindell and Sgt. Eluj doing a square a t the U.S.O. , S. Sgt. T. A. Arnold spending the night in camp, but only because he is restricted , M. Sgt. Gisholt with telegram in hand running t o Base Headquarters to get his discharge.

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Briefing and Griefing


BEING THAT YE ED is in the process of spending seven days a t the Provisional Training Squadron, it seems in order to devote this column to a few pithy comments on the subject of "on the job train'ing," or, as the men who take it describe it earthily, "basic." Knowing full well that we are risking all sorts of verbal abuse from our enlisted confederates, to say nothing of the many accusations that our proboscis is very chocolate in hue, we will come to the point and declare that we think the PTS is a good idea, and, if one can forget his natpral pre-unenthusiasm for his week a t the squadron, he can actually "enjoy" it and learn something. MUCH AS WE resent moving back to the base for a week, we freely admit it is the only way to effectively remind a GI that he is in the Army (until points do us part) and that many little GI customs, tricks and ways of doing things are easily forgotten. IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY spent your week at PTS,, here are some of the things you will discover over there: it is very smooth functioning organization, despite the fact that all but the "permanent party" personnel turn ove.' ---Fry week: the barracks are so clean, you can eat off the floors; S. Sgt. Gallagher, who puts you through your "hut, two, three fours," is a bearcat on drill and the best we have ever seen in th- army; you make the acquaintance of some mighty nice joes from other squadrons, who, up to now, you were probably oblivious to; and i t isn't half a s bad a s all the propaganda vou have been hearing.

Pvt. Ruth Redding is a native ( Rloomfield, New Jersey, where s k received her elementary and Jlig school training. It was a t Philade phia College that Pvt. Redding b 2 x 1 her preparation for a profe. ;ional career. After finishing a prt nedical course she was a n hono graduate in 1937, receiving a dc p e e to practice osteology. A year' :ellowship was also granted Pv Redding in the study of obstetric ~t the Philadelph~a College c lsteopathy, and she has enjoye .he practice of her chosen profe: ;ion in the city of Wilmington, De: mare. Last November in New York C i t ~ ?vt. Redding enlisted into th #omen's Army Corps and receive ler basic training in Ft. De VZoines, Iowa, after which she a] -ived a t WWAAF, and was a: ;igned a t Station Hospital in the dt 3artment 'of physio-therapy. Thi :harming young woman is not on1 3 professional in the field of wtec structure, she is also a trained ml ;ician and' has also received def ~ite notice in the literary world.

By S. Sgt. Walter Wakefield In the first official softball con,est of the season Squadron E drop3ed a close decision to Squadron r-1 with 10 8 a s the final tally. rhe game was a tight affaii up ,o the last inning when the Flyers nrned the tide in their favor and mshed across the winning run. Several of the boys a r e getting b e low-down on the high flying P18's a t the Mobile Training Unit which is here for 10 days of in, ;ensive schooling on the Lightning 5ghter. The unit is well equipped with several mock-ups and should afford a wealth of information for anyone interested in the operation and maintenance of our twin-boom ?ursuits. For Sale Sgt. William Warren has a railroad ticket for sale-a one way job from here to Washington, D. C. Anyone contemplating a discharge might contact Warren and save limself a little cold cash in train fares. For some of us this Army life 1 s just one school after another. rhree weeks ago S. Sgt. "Gag" Sagliola was learning the ropes of motor maintenance and wound up with a truck driver's license. He had hardly recovered from this strenuous course when the "gag" found himself learning to be a soldier all over again-OJT. Returning from his basic tralning the sarge was informed that he was


to attend P-38 school. "Now I'm sweating out. San Diego!" was his reply when asked how he liked being a school boy. The boys who left on DS to the ATC a few weeks ago have returned-but not willingly. From all reports that deal is one that anyone would volunteer for-even if that is against AR No 1 . Wheels We have had word a s to the activities of two of Section "C"'s former wheels. S. Sgt. Ole Silverstrand, former boss of the welding shop, is operating his own place of business back home in Minnesota as a civilian, and Mr. Silverstrand's private enterprise is doing quite well for itself. Another exforman, S. Sgt. Clarence Gray, is now performing his duties in England with the 8th Air Force. Gray just added 12 more points to his score & when a daughter was born to h wife in Pennsylvania. T. Sgt. Raymond Day, test flight radio operator, takes the honors a s being Squadron E ' s first GI to b e released under the point system. Day has no immediate plans other than to take life easy for awhile and get acquainted with his n e w daughter. The welding shop is losing another good man. Cpl. George B e s s e is leaving us with San Francisco a s his destination. The corporal's red nos& and ready wit will be missed by those who knew him. George has been with us for 17 months. Little Jack Horner Necked Sue in the corner When in walked the girl's dd man. With a grin on their face They rushed from the place And finished in Jackie's sedan.








Sgt. John H. Sassie and Cpls. John Klinko and Cpl. Louis David Kutt- We extend a hearty welcome to ner, a r e on the sweating out list for Lt. Col. Harold P. Tompkins, our this week, hoping and praying thal new Base Surgeon. their furloughs are approved. f the DeLeonardis is a member o Basic is still going strong. Head- ball team this year, and he can't ing the top of the list is T. Sgt. hit his weight, He doesn't weigh Gilbert Huck. Sgt. Ralph Nowlen much either. Rank sure counts. Snuffy moved base historian and Sgt. Frederich 1 right out of his room. Hunt, Jr., from the "Gestapo' A Dept. complete the boys who art - How do they expect Cochrane to residing off the post. Sgt. Elmel be able to play softball. He can't Adams, Bernard Hartman, Georgc keep a five inning scorecard corH. Woodland, Thomas Tumelson, rect. Cpl. Paul Liebler and Pfc. Ray- Nick, keep your trap shut while mond Hedrick round out the llst. going to church in town. i consider Massey did very well Once again the Squadron has a rifle class in progress with a least a t basic the past week, m l y three one G.I. from each department hours extra duty. every two weeks. Tat is going on a long trip this The 40 and 41 year old boys are week end. Anyope have a steamer in their glory. A few of them show- trunk? ed their faces in the orderly room Some folks around here call Tuesday morning. Sgt. (Sheriff) Warren "Honey". Paul Allison from the P.M. Office Huck had a wire from Burr and Sgt. (Snafu) George Nafus Head. Huck's little girl is apparfrom the Classification and Assign- ently enjoying the Tennessee sunment department. In the meantime shine and mountain dew. boys with 110 points or more are Opera stayed till the end of the getting the rush in clearing the dance for a change this week. The field. T. Sgt. Eugene W. Burkwist, re- reason, of course; the girl finally cently assigned from F. Squadron, put up with him for a few hours. "Over-raise" Saffran says Majek shedded the life of being a bacheh r on May 8. While on furlough is a hard man to understand. That the little girl said "I Do" Cpl. chicken dinner a t the club Sunday William Bender, a new member oi nite was really delicious. (Via the the orderly room, hopes to take a salami route). girl from Ellensburg, Washington, Bell is a very light eater. Two out of circulation in July. Monday chicken dinners just for a n appehe returned from a three day pass tizer, then to town for a small from the same place. Sgt. John steak, $2.50 type. Wilbert, after spending ten days in Chester seems very depressed the station hospital, returned to the these days. Could it be on account supply room Tuesday and Sgt. of the missing link a t the mess? James V. Smith from the same Hate of the week. When is my depa~tment took off for Utah on his turn on KP? furlough. Sq. A's Softball Team fell vie tim to Squadron C's powerful team 1st base and also pitcher; Cpl. Klinin the first game of the league, ko 3rd base, Sgt. Webb short stop, but in the second game shut oul S. Sgt. Sneider, left field; Sgt. Tarthe Gunnery Range with four runs. antinq center .field! S. Sgt. CotCpl. Perkins did the hurling, with sonas right field; Cpl. Toth, short Cpl. Daily doing the receiving stop; Lt. Souders 2nd base, M. Sgt. High honors go to Pfc. Gable, shorl Camp 1st base; and last, but not fielder, for his outstanding playing least Sgt. Tumelson right field. throughout the game. The o t h e ~ Tuesday night we meet Squadron members of.the team are. ' Capt M, with hopes of bringing our 3 6 6 . . . ,, *Haberg .2dM .base.a T.Sgt.+Longstrttl .average"Q pto 4

By CpL C. F. Dowd


By George Henry The one and only 'Cooky' Squadron "C" Day a t the Mai St. U.S.O. proved another smasl ing success, Sunday 20 May 194 Everyone who was present a t tk affair was honored with the trei they will probably never forget. T I Pasco Choir, who were among tk many guests a t the service, re] dered some fine selections for tl attendants. When our own Squat ron "C" Male Chorus sang the version 02 the Lord's Prayer, sc 2mn quietness seemed to Cree across the faces of the audience. I was really something to look a t an .isten to. The Mayor of Wall Walla headed the citizens of Wall Walla with a great compliment 4 the participants in the sponsorin 3 f a successful Squadron "C" Da: If it is a good time you want an 3 fine treat, all in one glorious hou then don't miss the next Squadrc "C" Day which will be the 17 Jur 1945 and every third Sunday therl after. We take this opportunity I thank all those responsible fc making Squadron "C'' Day the be; day in the month. The softball team, under the d rection of Sgt. Julius T. Simm bagged a win for the first officii game of the season with Squadrc "A". Highlights of the game wz the fourth inning when unfo tunately three men filled up tk bases with no outs and pitcher CF Vernon L. Brown was in a hole. E looked around, consulted the un pire as to the condition of the gam conversed a small while with tl. catcher, Pfc. Ernest S. 'King' Colt and resumed his position on tlr mound. Letting up only for tk time it takes a batter to get in p sition a t the box, Cpl. Vernon I Brown, the greatest pitcher in tl world, released the ball from h hands nine times and each time strike, and three of squadron "A' men died on the bags. Amazing d duction eh', Vernon L.? Thursd~ May 24, 1945, the Pasco Naval Ba: Softballers are scheduled for game here on the campus. Ou come not determined. On the follow ing Tuesday, 29 May '45, Squadrc "C" will visit Pasco for a retw game.

M . --A -Y - 25 -BASE THEATRE *'The Fighting BASE THEATRE Repeat of S Guardsman" with Willard Parker, and day,s Anita Louise. Also Boogie Musclal SOUTH CHAPEL. catholic M~~~ Parade and Babies Sports Parade. 5:15 P m., Confessions at 4:45 P . m.






MAY 29 BASE THEATRE-"The Body Snatcher" with Boris Karloff Bela Lugosi. .xetet.s ~o stepping9* wkh eon ~ r r o b "Unusual Occupations. -... USO, Alder St.-South ob ihe Border Dance USO: Main St. Whist Tournamenh prizes. and Party. SATURDAY ... OFFICERS' CLUB-Wrapping of su* MAY 26 gical dressings by Officers' Wives Club. BASE THEATRR Revival "Stormy 9:30 a. m. to 4:00 p. m. Bingo at 8:00 Weather" with Bill Robinson, Lena P. m Horne. Cab Calloway, Fats Waller and SOUTH CHAPEGCatholk Maws, 8 : l S Leon ~ r r o l . Confessions at 4:45 p. m. Movie, "In the US0 Alder .St. ~ e a n t i m e .Darlmg" 7;30 p. m. Bingo

sponsored by a 3 i n St. USO. Jive Bomb ers Orchestra cLU~-Bridge Night NURSES QUARTERS officers Wives club, Red Cross sewing, l : W p. m. to 3:W p. m. TTSO. -Alder St.-Informal dance, 8:00 P. m soirTH c H A p E b c a * o l i c M~~~ 5.15 p. m. Confessions 4:45 mass. p. m.Christian immediately Science service 7:30 p. m. J ~ W I ~ TEMPLE H 329 ~~~t R~~~ Street. Jewish Services 8:00 p. m.




~ ~ O USO, Alder ' St.-Ye Dances 8:30 m'

tt$yzmen's ~ e ~ ~ Old Time S w a n






- -





8 3 0 p. m. MAY 30 rrso. Main St.-Blngo. Prizes. Htmorilrl Day N C O C L U B - D ~ ~ C ~8:30 ; p. m. BASE THEATRE-"Where D o We G . SOUTH CHAPEL-Mass at 12 noon. Here"? wlth Fred MacMurray. Confessions at 4:00 p. m. to 5:00 p. m. From Joan Leslie. Army-Navy Screen M a e and 7:00 p. rn. to 8:W p. m. azine and RKO Pathe News. NORTH CHAPEL Protestant mi+ SUNDAY m&tiig,-7i30 p. m. MAY 27 SOUTH CHAPEL Catholic Ma* BASE THEATRE--"See My Lawyer" p. m. C?nfessions at 4:45 p. m. with Olsen and Johnson, Grace Mc- 5:15 OFFICERS CLUB-Picnic and BarDonald. Also "Fall Guy" Special, "DonFree Beer, 5:00 p. m. to 10:30 p. m. ald's Crime" Walt Disney Carton, RKO B-Q, USO, Alder St.---Cootie Party, 8:30 Pathe News. m Archery, Chess and-Ping-Pong. USO, Alder St.--Social and Sing. 4:30 p. USO, Main St.-Skating Party, P r ~ z e S pa m. Movle 7:30 p. m. USO, Main St.-Vesper, sponsored by THURSDAY the Central Christian church. MAY 31 OFFICERSy CLUB Combo Dance, 8:30 p. m. OFFICERS' CLUB Combo Dan* NORTH CHAPEL Protestant Serv- 8:30 p. m. ices, 10:OO a. m. Holy Communion, 10:45 BASE THEATRE-aepeat o f Weab a. m. Evening Worship, 7:30 p. m. nesday movie SOUTH CHAPEL--Catholic Services, 5:M SOUTH C A A P E L - - C ~ Mass. ~~O~ ~~ Holy Mass, 7:30 a. m. and 11:30 a. m. p. m. Confessions at 4:45 p. m. NCO CLUB-Dance, 8:30 p. m. NCO CLUB-Dance 8:30 p.. m wives stitch' a * U S 0 Alder St. For the Best In Film Fare Chat 5 - 0 0 p m t o 4 p. m. Arts and 1 crafts Class' 7:d0 p. m. to 9:00 p : I & YOUR BASE THEATRE , . Dance Class 8:00 p. mr Every Day o f the Week, ;. :-'b USO, Marm SL-Morm. ' ,
9 : OFF~CERS* 3 0 p rn. CLU-Dance,











' l

+ L



w A . L L , A -W A L L O P


., P e a



By Cpl. Stuart E. Haynes

Long .................................... 4 1 Spring is here and that is very . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 1 Konroe . bbvious for the sound of the squadjimms ................................... 4 O ron lawn mower can be constantly Young . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 0 heard going around and round the Siuins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ;.4 1 barracks. ?rye . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 1 Cpl. Gus Heller, the grass mas=ole . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. ....- 4 2 seur, is keeping the brush under Barnes . . . . . . . . . . . . , , . . . . . . . . . . . 3 0 control but soon his wife will be Jennings. ......................-.-..3 1 in town and there will be a need . . . . . . . .2.................... 3 0 Brown . for a n assistant. Remember; you Totals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 7 too, can maneuver a lawn mower, A AB. R. with practice, naturally. Webb ................................. 4 1 Correctipn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . 4 1 There was an error in one ediR ..H E Daley . . . , . . . . . . . . . . " . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . 4 0 tion of this column and we havc Elgin .................................. 3 4 5 Zarne . hurt a proud father's feelings. W e Air Base ,...................---. 23 '24 2 Sneider .......,...........-..........- 3 . 0 Tumelson , . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . ...3 0 would like to apologize by stating Shore .................................... 2 0 . that the latest addition to S.Sgt Klinko ...........,...........-.....--.1 0 1 Ted Kroner's family was a ver3 Souders , . , . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 0 1 husky baby boy and not a gir. Cotsons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 1 1 ds reported. Weighing in at o v e ~ Tartanio . . . , . . , . . . . ...3 1 1 seven pounds young Mr. Krone1 Totals . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . -33 4 )91 has but one handicap in life so fa1 The Walla Walla Tennis team and that is: Theodore George Kro. 1-2 VS. T-4 ner Jr. Oh, Daddy, why was I made a n excellent showing at Washington State College by winT-2 named after you? ning two singles and doubles. The AB. sports who scored the four points Dale . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .... .......... 4 Well what do ya know, the soft men were Major A. Carver, who de. . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . , , . .......... 3 ball team has won the first twc feated H. Baeson, 6-0, 6-3; Lt. S. Ripley . . . *..... 5 games in the league so far. Thosc Wachsberger over E. Ellis 6-1, 6-4. Zalewski , . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . .....-.4 practice games looked bad but now In,the doubles set was Major A. H. Henbest . . , . 4 they're coming out of it. All thej Carver and Captain William Bishop Hoffmaster -,--.- .....- 3 need now is support from the winning from M. Lundy and Lucas ............. Holdeman , . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . .4 bleachers. J. Dehnert 62, 6-0 and Captain Saucier .....-..-......-... --.. 4 Local Dirt Fred Wheeler and Lt. S. Wachs- Franks . . . . . . . , . . , . . . . . , . . . . . . . . .4 s all smiles now berger over D. Alke and J. P. O'Connel Sgt. Sadie Core i . , . . , . . , . -... 3 that Beulah is coming b a c k Lambert 6-0, 6-4. Totals . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 There'll be another man sleeping T-4 The Walla Walla netmen d i s in the supply room during the daj AB. played superior form throughoul pi etty soon. 5 the matches, despite the frequenl Flynn ....................... Who is the short Corporal fron interruptions of hail and rain. A . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .5 T Chabin . the oxygen unit who really cuts i players showed great skill anc Bradley ...............--........... 5 rug a t the N.C.O. Club and alway: drive, which entirely shut out theii Philhower . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 ends up on sick call with a n achinj opponents. This was a double dose Kirkler ...........,............--....-4 back? You're not as young as yo1 for'the Staters a s they lost anothe~Donofkio ........................ . . .4 used to be, Greenwald. tennis match to Whitman College. Miller .................................. 4 According to rumors, the spar This makes three wins out of foul Schenk ............................... 3 Mershell .............................. 4 rows in hangar No. 3 mistook M starts for the base netmen. Mount ...........,........- ........ 4 Sgt. McKown's new super statu! Totals .,........................... 42 board for the Boardman Bombin{ Range. Put a gold bar on thosc Gunnery Range vs. SQ. sparrows and they'd make gooc bombardiers. G-r~ Range AB. Barracks 415 is in dire need of ar Klienosky ..................... -. 3 elevator for a certain S.Sgt. cal Plans are under way for the base Adams ................................ 3 barely make the upper bay on hi: 3 hands and knees. He calls it thc Golf Team to fly down to Cali. Smith . ,.................. ....... , .... , ... .2 intoxicated Australian crawl. Wha fornia Saturday for a match witk Van . Fresno's crack foursome. Despite Herrera .............................. 3 about that, Rider? . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . 2 cancellation of the match with Fort Thompson , Beer Lover . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 The guys in hangar No. 3 arc George Wright last week-end, oui Beadman , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . , . . . . 2 wondering if M.Sgt. Redding i l four aces hope to be a t top form Mussilli . 2 . twins or even triplets. One ma1 and bring back another victory Beebe ............,.............-..... ean't possibly cover that mans like the one over Mountain Home, Cornwell ..................,........ 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..... . . . .25 beer joints in one night. There have been many new ar- Totals , A Sgt. Hubert Bxyars is having wo rivals on the field recently, and cer. AB. m a n trouble again. Some of u: tainly good golfers among them . . .3 have trouble in not having enougl These men are urged to turn ir Webb ......,.-................... . girl friends or not even having one their names a t the gym and joir Dally ...............,................. 3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 but Hugh is having trouble becausc in the interesting competition ar. Snieder , . . . . . . . i. . , . . . . . . . . . . -, . 3 h e has too many. Poor boy; hi: ranged for them. Don't delay; sigr Gable . Lmgstreth , . . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 health won't stand it. up today. Haber ................................ 3 Kirby's little ' brother, Sgt. No -...-.2 back, is going after that three d a ~ A gentleman in a telephone boot1 Klinko ...................-... . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 pass for having the most flyinj saw a girl's name, "Mabel," anc Tarantino , ............................ 3 ti~le this month. It seems he has ; after it a telephone number. Ht Cotsonas Perkins , ............................ 2 system of keeping his ship in thc called Mabel and a voice said: Totals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27 air. After each wash job or valve "Hereafter save your nickels and AB. cap change he calls it in for tesl buy war bonds." hop. Out of approximately 63 T1 vs. E hours flight time he has 12 for rou- Sheriff Cummins for what good is E tine flights and 51 hours of test Pierini , .............................. 3 an air rifle without bee bees. hops. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 Barracks 415 put on a new shine Petit . Cpl. Tony L i k is devoting all e other day when Sgt. Hulfck Harbin ,,.................-.-....- 3 o f his eff duty hours to swimming W ................................. 3 so that the six year old boys up washed all the windows for forget- Betts . . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 his dogtags when going to Bulvan , a t the Y.M.C.A. w o n ' t show him ting , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . - 3 town. Wonder if that's the reason Hanky , mP w i n . Klemz ....................-....,..... 3 Sgt. Rocco Guarino is out o f the they call him W. W. Adragnd , . . ..................... 1 White Collar Sttlif hospital after having his k g reWartett ,........................... 3 T.Sgt. Harner of Base Flight is Gansey paired. The broken leg resulted ,.,...................... 3 the first squadron "D" man to be from pretending he was a P-38 and Totals , ..................... -28 flying through the barracks with discharged from the army under T-1 : 3 much anti-freeze in his radia- h e point system. Having 12'7, not Dunnack , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .4 red, not blue, but good old zoot. suit Lagana .............................. 3 tar. What sergeant in hangar No. 1 points he will soon be a civie. Conte ................................ 2 Around the first of the month Egersic .....................-....... 2 was so proud of his last stripe he sewed them on the seat of his there will be an opening within the Carson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 3 pants? If you see three stripes fol- squadron overhead for a new mail Ferguson ............................ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 3 lowing a man you'll know it's the clerk. S.Sgt. Hit-da-doit Sievert is Dolinski . being made a civilian. Wonder how Hauffman ,.................... . .3 "Shape." Fronek , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , , . . . . . . . . . 3 S.Sgt. McCoy recently returned Cecelia will take it? Makar . , ......................... . . . .3 Item Of T k Week from furlough hoking like a &aTotals ............................30 Pfc. Mosner of Malicoat's Linen &w and I do mean shadow. Mart was actually seen running the Hunting 1VL.Sgt Cummins and his posse mess hall clipper. Therefore our ' "Now men," said the captain. "remember that the war must de, rr?e now hunting sparrows. No r e verse for the week will be; c~nltsas yet for they're having Now there is SbmRthing yw'U velop individuality, initiative anc real leadership. Okay, get goin$ trouble, getting ammo. -Anyone seldom :see, . * % . having. Wme ,pleawe Icrd,rlC. O, . Our squadron -bad LP. and do as I tell you."

Formally opening the baseb'qll ;eason a t Elgin, Oregon, Sunday, ,he Air Field Flyers shellacked a ;rying but green Elgin team to .he tune of 22-3. Held to six runs m their last .hree games, the Flyers really exAoded with a bang, Captah Fred Iienle with six straight hits, S.Sgt. Louis Klock with a homerun trip.e and a double in three trips, to ;he plate. Sgt. Wm. Green, Cpl. Petrocjllo and Sgt. McReynolds with three hits each led the rout. Pfc. Wm. Lekoff, T.Sgt. Bob Dedo and Cpl. Thurston were outstandmg in the field.

Flyers Shellac Baseball Intra- Flyers Defeat Cindermen Are at Meet Nine 2nd Mural Scores . Whitman Oregon Team ,

A vs. C C

AB. R.

Base Tennis Team Defeats Wash. SC

The air field Flyers took the lead in the city league Thursday night a. by winning a thrilling 12 innmg 2 battle over the Whitman Mission2 ries, 1-0. 2 With 1st. Lt. Louis Hanson on 2 econd by virtue of an error, coach e n Dobbs of the Missionaries de1 L 2 ided to purposely pass hard-hit2 ing T.Sgt. Robert Dedo. This 0 rought to bat Pfc. Hal Davis. 0 )avis promptly sent the fans home y driving a single to right to 1 t 14 core Hanson with the only run of he game. H. I t was a sweet victory for 1st 1 ,t. Phil Wolf, who sent 21 Whit2 man Batters back to the bench via 1 he strikeout route. Dedo made a 2 unning one-handed catch of a 1 ong blow k aid Wolf in his tri1 ~mph.

Team Looks.Good
C -

- -

. ............




Golfers to Play At Fresno*Sat.
P .


Walla Walla cindermen accumulated enough points in the Northwest Relays held a t Washington State College on Saturday, May 19, to place second, but the places taken by the team were not counted in the meet due to the fact that the other service teams entered did not appear for the Servicemen's Division. Due to a shortage of lanes, Walla Walla could not enter f the all of her men in most o events, but made excellent showings in the events they were in. Lt. Edward Callahan ran an excellent quarter mile. Starting from the outside lane he maneuvered place for the turn and then, coming into the stretch, he made his R H E bid. Gaining steadily he passed Vhitman ..........000 000 000 000 0 4 2 four men, but was just nipped out Lir Field ........ 000 000 000 001 1 4 2 of first place by the University of Washington man. The winning time was 50.2 sec. Capt. Don Johnson had not the least bit of trouble winning the shot fCoatinued from Page One) put, discus and javelin, which were good for fifteen points. S.Sgt. Stan!eon. After war with Japan began, ley made a fine showing in the his group was sent to Hamilton discus for Walla Walla also. pield near San Francisco, where Despite the hail and rain, the ts mission was the defense o f the track was fast a s Capt. Robert ;an Francisco Bay area. Walling proved by taking a close In the summer of 1942 Col. Tomp- second in the 120 high hurdles in a :ins went to England with a P-3E fast race. The high jump was not ~ o u p After . several missions from in a s good condition a s the track, Zngland, the group moved south tc but Tom Gallagher managed to jarticipate in the North African in- c o m b a t p - a d v e r s e conditions and rasion m Noyember. Col. Tomp took th event with 5 feet 9 inches, tins then proceded with a n ad, which>as a good jump in spite of ranced echelon into Tunisia. the obstacles. Col. Tompkins left' the group ir Walla Walla placed fourth in the ranuary 1943 to become officer ir 100, 220 and 880 while F-0 Fraun:harge of medical personnel of the feM tied for first in the pole vault. 12th Air Force with headquarter! Lt. Ray Wiles, from Walla Walla n Africa. In November of that yea] who tied with Frauenfeld 1 a s t le moved into Italy a s executive week, was forced to drop out be~fficerto the 12th Air Force sur cause of an injured ankle. ?eon. Many other contestants were disReturns appointed because there was not . After 22 months overseas, Col room for them to compete; perhaps rornpkins returned to the Unitect if they had been able to, the score States and the Fourth Air Forcca might have been a little different ast June, being assigned to Marc11 in Walla Walla's favor. The score, counting Walla Field, and later becommg tem Walla's mints, would have been: 3orary commander of the ~ a m m e r f Washington, 4% Field Regional Hospital a t Fresno. university o He wears the Silver Star, the Walla Walla, 35; Whitman College, American Defense ribbon and the'27; and University of Idaho, 23. European-African-Middle Eastern cheatre ribbon with four battle A female shopper is a woman stars. who can hurry thru a department His wife and baby daughter, who store aisle 18 inches wide without still reside in Fresno, California, brushing against the piled u p will join him in Walla Walla a s glassware, and then drive home a t soon as housing facilities a t e avail- and knock the doors off a 12 b able. garage.

New Surgeon


The best ball club jn the Northwest, and that includes our favorites, The Air Field Flyers, is stationed at Camp Lewis, Washington What a manager's dream-Bill Fleming, Ray Mueller, Ron Northey, Torn Heath, Tony York, Frank Kelleher, Dmny Litwhiler, Don DalesJoe Dlatak, the Chicago sandro and Mickey Burnett, WOW! . . Ace, has regained the national AAU handball title, his ninth crown in 10 years. As Captain D. F. Stevens would say "is he good or isn't The army used walkie-talkies in running their track meet he?" the other day. This modern age. . . Babe Ruth and T y Cobb, two of baseball's greatest performers, will match managerial talent when the east meets west in the all-American Boy's Game, s p o n w r d by Esquire magazine, at the Polo Grounds in New York on August 28. A swell break for some lucky youngster. . . Con O'Kelly, one of Great Britains leading boxers, has been ordained a Roman Catholic Priest after seven years of study; undoubtedly, his greatest triumph. John W. Baker, star guard m d field goal kicker of the 1931 University o f Southern California football team, will coach the Fourth Air Force eleven o f March Field this fall. A headache for the guy who beat Notre Dame, for he has to start from scratch. See where the New Ysrk Yankees are going to experiment with twilight ball in their game Tuesday with Connie Mack's Athletics. S. Sgt. Louis Klock's home run Sunday was a tremendous clout The ball sailed far and wide over the 400 marker in center field. Captain Fred Kienle showed his boys how with his six straight hits. The applause meter read a thousand when big 1st Lt. Phil Wolf shuffled off the mound in the 12th inning after throwing 21 strike outs at a dazzled Whitman nine. "Don't give me all the credit" he said after the game. "Remember I had a pretty fair catcher in Greenie." Sgt. Stars and Stripes prints a challenge to Max Green is all of that. Echmeling by Cpl. Billy Conn. The proposed bout to be staged fff Yanks in &rope with no gate receipts, but it's only a dream. * .




> I


Page Forr



B y Sgt. H. W. Imaer

B y S. Sgt. George J. Srreider


Sure and 'tis a fair day for the Irish and a foine day for the wearin' 0' the green. Ask McCarty. 'Es the boy what knows. I t has indeed been a week of long faces. Twas a shock to us all to learn that civilians are rationed. In order to become one you must have points. Just Uke meat and stuff. Most of us are only worth about Ik lb. of burger. Then there's a few who might have enough for a small T-bone. Barracks 304, after a long and detailed discussion by its pointless occupants, from now on will be known as "Der Little Waifs Detent~on Home" for homdess children, kidnaped children, and runaways. SSgt, O'Brien, who i s now back with us after his furlough. d l be the matron in charge. Lt. Olson will be the councilor of t h e naughty. Cpl. Shirley will pass out the details. Decon Jones will punch their eards, and Mitchell will hold the punch. Chapman, Maples, Trevino, Minihan, Porter, Newell, Holland, T i n c h, Bloomquist, Singleton, Rogers, Barrun, Desroisers, Pollack, D a h , Hoffman, Henbest, R i p ley, Cogan, Dalton, Rambo, Sechrest, Sayre, Franks all have been appointed deputies. They're all the fatherly type.

CREW No. 233. Front row, left to right, 2nd Lt. Jo hn Jepsan, co-pilot; 1st Lt. Lee f . W e s t , airplane commander; 1st M. Francis E. Jehnson, bombardier; and 2nd I&. Walter M. Kepley, navigahr. Back row, left to right, Cpl. Earle Wescott, ball gunner; C pl. George T. Trevisani, tail gunner; S. Sgt.. Walter J. Watker, engineer; Cpl. Harry T. Morrison, w a i s t gunner; Cpl. Joim P, Sullivan, radio opera*; aPd Sgt. Eelmando Vasqnez, armorer gunner.-(Base L a b Photo).

Aft* getting an 8 W W & and W g his beard grow, %eve Maleski, w h o gets im more trouble than AJi Oop, now looh l h the symphonies villain in the Popand Steve has a voioe to match. Crew U4 has ostracized BaQ Gunner Robert Ore & such time as nabre endows him with me4 hirs&e iwhrnment aus Oo mahe 1 necessary b strare 4 l o m a 4 orrr, every krtsight. B ~ H-hop d ccrew lr09 i r i n dither, as who w o u l d n ' t be over bi8 lorthcornirrg marriage b M i s s Helen Kmtaon .o f Maywood, 1% Bill's home town i . Marenga, Ill. The T-1 softban team is gettin@ 3 0 hwm" what with the numob tmous regularity wii4a whish they now dollva theis opponents. HeaW? gunner Egercic broke up the return game with Squadron D last week m the last inning with a time& hit. In their baptism to league play the T-l Maulers, behind four r u M going into the final inning, staged a brilliant rally to score seven runa and subdue the previously w beaten Squadron E team by lo-& Everybody hit and raa the basL i k e Pepper Martin iPP his hey-dap Dunnack provided the playoff M o r rn a drive Oo left, which he stretched b a h o w mua by fa&



Legging. We're pointen.

Sgt. "Whitey" Fleig

The boys' prayer for the week in barracks 321 is: "Oh, please, give us a crew quickly. We want to fly the big ones and get into action to end the Japs. Sgt. Higgins and his nice old lady: does she have lots of points, Higgins? Cpl. Ray Howell is running his noisy one man band. With his worn out horn, he i s driving the boys to ~ into jitterbugging. Pv+ R o came the barracks looking bad. What is the matter? Too much Pendleton? If anyone on the field needs a good shower bath, CpL Parker and Cpl; Mitchel have shower on wheels. Their jallopy has plenty of holes in the roof-. Ask the boys about the crate. The boys did a wonderful job lasl week unloading the new outfit's baggage in all the rain. They were soaking wet-outside, not in. Cpl. Weiss had a birthday party Wednesday. Cpl. CordeU has a new girl friend and is deeply in love with her. We have two new engineers, just arrived from Tonopah, Sgt. John S. Organ and Sgt. Robert C. Pierce.

hasbg o r t hadr+i& T.Sgt. Fdey and S.Sgt Chamberhin bo4h got that white slip o f paper most of tlr a m waib ing h .These two boys have been working haxi for that minute +csl k n o w l e d g m d fop. quite a Mtle l khe while. Here's hoping them d luck possible but, from past expert ences, these boys can really hathemselves, If any d you have hard peub kms concerning your points k t my council take care o f them. Hours are from 6 t o 12 a t our Down Town Briefing Room. Perhaps we can find a s d u t h ; namely 'Xickapoo Toy Juice" or Pioneer to yoti*

We saw Pfc. John Manecke ret u r n from the hospital, after being there about two months. Our best wishes to his long visit. Since the point system has come t o our attention, everyone is working for extra points for himself. Mitzie, the band mascot, had birth to nine little pups on May 15. Three of them died, but there still a r e six black rips left. We wish we had the dependency points our dog has to get out of the Army. This week, Cpl. Donald Ludwig returned from a furlough in Pennsylvania. On May 31, we trudge over to Lewiston to play for a benefit show.

Herbert K Fuller Makes Majority
Amnouncement has been made a t Walla Walla Army Air Field of the promotion of Herbert K. Fuller of West Point, Georgia, from the rank of captain to that of major. Major Fuller is base armamant ordinance mmrdinator. H e is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge W. Fuller o f West Point and was graduated from the Georgia School of Technology a t Atlanta, . Georgia, a s a textile engineer before entering the army as r second lieutenant from a reserve

CREW No. 234. Front row, left to right, 1st Lt. Way land S. Merrison, bombardier; F A . W a r r e n W. Rabb, cepilot; 1st L t . Robert W. Bullock, pild; a n d F.-0. Jack D. Howell, navigator. Bsck row, iefl to right, Sgt. Ellery J. Volrath, engineer; Cpl. Robert H. Siperly, waist gumam; Cpk John W. Shopp, Jr., tail gunner; Sgt. Robert L. Hall, armorer gunner; and Cpl. Rabert L . Cordia, b d gunner, Missfrom photo is Sgt. Jshn W. Furness, radio operator.-(Base Lab Photo).
:ommission in July of 1941. Major Fuller went overseas to he Hawaiian Islands in October of $41 and was at Hickam Field vhen the J a p s attacked December ' , 1941. In February of 1942 he went o the Fiji islands and then to Au* ralia and New Guinea. In Ausralia he met and mu&d his wife

Fences are the moat m a r k a m things in existence. If you don't believe me, just ask Bob Killiaa o his l i d I'he latest alias added t a just plain "Fence." No, he isn't a loan shark o r any thing like that, mr is he one of t b carpenters responsible for the nice f l o w e r be& protectors to be found around the barracks. The whok sfory b too long, but a brief summary says that the fence invdved was one & several obstacles that had b be cleared For Bob to A& only make o attain h a the first team, but t goal. Frum now on, the sweet inm y w face k strictly nocent look c a good make up j o b r i g h t Bob? Td* Piay Aclarae, Adams, A d lorow Adsms? Ooopsl! -don me, tha.t was a dip. It should have bean "Who lra0w-sone Of the three Adams to be found h barraoks 316f" No4 that fhrm Adsms are foo many Adam% b? L when ihem are three A aad they are dl in the same plsae s 4 the same time and one fries to carry en m intelligent mmversation wZth one d the three it is nd possible. #ever y.d "Adamsn unless you speafy Miles G , Robert M . , or Roy A . They evem had tbe three laggiea from P r d t guessing &sturdar sight a4 the Arcad+. Pfc. Edward P . Z l e b k y d 440 was d n g wp a nice score in ttm bowling alley Friday night. Don'B mow whepe all the ambitian tame horn, but she must have been n i c e . rhat evil gleam that is seea so >ften i n Keetzie's eye was presen4 but definitely and it wasn't because of all those strikes.


Who? FJatrrud 3. G i a n i n o k d t ) . averyhadetart.BenaekiLaL the pOgt and iaOe $own SUnda~ night for the third time sime fH arrived here in Mar&. Sam, hrso to stay home anal read his amio book while the rest d hie ore* go out aabd wear his cZofh* speP&bif ~ . r a d t b e P w r ~ tb~hdsba&khecclt$

Mter a v i e w e e h d Pcrsrg, Howm a b a t sbdW a tim IIW

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