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Prepared by Rev. James T. Bretzke, S.J., S.T.D. Professor of Moral Theology Boston College School of Theology and Ministry 140 Commonwealth Avenue Chestnut Hill, MA 02467-3800 E-mail: STM Web-site: Jump to LATEST UPDATES to this Web-Page [As of April 18, 2014] N.B.: All URLs are CASE SENSITIVE!

Office 617-552-6514

Biographical Snapshot
Rev. James T. Bretzke, S.J., S.T.D. is currently Professor of Moral Theology at Boston College’s graduate School of Theology and Ministry. Prior to joining the Boston College faculty He did his doctorate at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, where he also taught for three years, before coming to the Graduate Theological Union and the Jesuit School of Theology-atBerkeley in 1993, where he taught for a decade before moving to the at the University of San Francisco and also serving as Chair of the Department of Theology & Religious Studies. He has also taught for several years in Seoul, Korea at Sogang University and as a Visiting Professor of Moral Theology at the Loyola School of Theology of the Ateneo de Manila, Philippines. He has published in various aspects of moral theology over seventy articles and reviews, plus five books, including A Morally Complex World: Engaging Contemporary Moral Theology and Consecrated Phrases: A Latin Theological Dictionary both from Liturgical Press. Besides teaching Fr. Bretzke 1

works on weekends at St. Michael's Parish in Bedford, MA, He grew up in Holy Family Parish in Whitefish Bay, WI and graduated in 1970 from Marquette University High School in Milwaukee, WI and immediately entered the Jesuits in the Wisconsin Province of the Society of Jesus. He was ordained by his uncle, Bishop Lambert Hoch on May 30, 1981 in Omaha, Nebraska where he had earlier taught for three years at Creighton Prep Jesuit High School.

Fr. Bretzke’s Curriculum Vitae:
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LATEST UPDATES as of April 18, 2014 Sin and Reconciliation Bibliography [Last update: April 18, 2014] Casuistry in Moral Theology Bibliography [Last Update January 1, 2014] Ecumenical Ethics Bibliography [Uploaded: January 1, 2014] Evil and Compromise in Moral Theology Bibliography [Last update: January 1, 2014] Human Rights Bibliography [Uploaded: October 13, 2013] 2

War and Peace Bibliography [Latest update October 13, 2013] Questions to the Moralist [Last updated September 29, 2013] Human Rights Bibliography [Uploaded: October 13, 2013] Bioethics Bibliography [Last update: September 8, 2013] Culture Bibliography [Uploaded September 8, 2013] Magisterium and Moral Theology Bibliography [Last update: September 8, 2013] Sexual Ethics Bibliography [Updated: September 8, 2013]

Natural Law Bibliography [Updated: September 1, 2013] Scripture & Ethics Bibliography [Last update: September 1, 2013]

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Study Questions for A Morally Complex World: Engaging Contemporary Moral Theology

Abortion-Related Issues:

edu/james-bretzke/AbortionAndPoliticsChurchTeachingQuizAnswers.pdf 20 Questions on Magisterial Catholic Moral Teaching Quiz with Answers Miscellaneous Issues & Documents: 4 .pdf Abortion and Politics Church Teaching Quiz Answers https://www2.pdf 20 Questions on Catholic Moral Tradition Teaching with Answers https://www2.pdf Magisterial Exegesis Guidelines: https://www2.bc.bc.pdf Aquinas & the Natural Law Gloss by Bretzke https://www2. 2012] https://www2.pdf Abortion and Canonical Penalties Administration & Counseling https://www2.pdf 20 Questions on Magisterial Catholic Moral Teaching Quiz https://www2.bc.bc.bc.bc.pdf Catholic Moral Tradition and/or Magisterium Related Issues: 20 Questions on Catholic Moral Tradition Teaching https://www2.pdf Magisterial Teaching on Regulation on Births Quiz Magisterial Teaching on Regulation on Births Quiz with Answers https://www2.pdf Magisterium Views by Members of the Magisterium Itself [Updated March and Politics Church Teaching Quiz

pdf Pastoral Counseling Points [HTML Version] These are course notes to a course I taught several times at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley on the theme of Scripture and Christian ethics.bc.pdf Seal of Confession Notes [PDF Version] http://www.Pastoral Counseling Points] Six [6] C’s of Moral Discourse Outline https://www2.pdf Sacrament of Reconciliation Related Issues: Abortion and Canonical Penalties Administration & Counseling https://www2.pdf Scripture and Ethics Course Notes: http://www.bc. 5 . 2013] Many of these would provide some illustration of how moral principles can be interpreted and applied to real-life situations.pdf Moral Triangle Worksheet Canonical Penalties Treatment Overview Questions to the Moralist [Last updated September [These are actual questions with my responses to a variety of moral issues and cases.bc.pdf Scripture & Ethics Issues Problematic Uses of Scripture in Ethics Introductory Exercise https://www2.

htm [HTML Version] This bibliography focuses on the issue which arose in conjunction with federal Bioethics Bibliography [Last update: September Individual Bibliographies Abortion and Catholic Politics Bibliography http://www. Bibliography & Footnote Format Guidelines (based on the University of Chicago “Turabian” Manual of Style) [uploaded February 20.html [HTML Version Scripture and Ethics Interactive Exercise [Revised March 2.usfca. regarding the possibility and/or advisability of using reception of Communion as a tool for political coercion by bishops over the Catholic politicians and/or voters in their respective dioceses.htm [HTML Version] Using Scripture in Ethics Class Notes [Uploaded November 5. 2013] https://www2. 2004] http://www.htm Back to Top Research Bibliographies Online Annotated Research Bibliographies (See below for individual list) URL: https://www2.bc.pdf Comparative Ethics Bibliography 6 [PDF Version] http://www.usfca. 2003] http://www.Scripture and Ethics Guidelines [Uploaded November 2. 2008] [PDF Version] 2003] http://www.pdf Casuistry in Moral Theology Bibliography [Last Update January 1. 2014] https://www2.pdf [PDF Version] http://www.bc.usfca.

2012] https://www2.pdf Globalization & Ethics Bibliography https://www2. 2014] https://www2. 2012] https://www2.pdf Donum Vitae Related Key Bibliography [Uploaded November Fundamental Moral Theology & Christian Ethics Bibliography [Last update: April 2013] https://www2.bc. 2014] https://www2.bc.bc. Environmental & Ecological Ethics Bibliography [Uploaded August 20.bc.bc.bc. 2012 2013] 2012] 2012] https://www2. Inculturation General Works Bibliography [Uploaded August 21.bc. arranged both by topic and by author.pdf Conscience Bibliography [Last update: September 16. and Orthodox traditions.pdf Evil and Compromise in Moral Theology Bibliography [Last update January 1.pdf This bibliography contains both classical and contemporary sources and authors from the 7 .bc. as well as a number of entries related to East Asia and/or comparative ethics.pdf Ecumenical Ethics Bibliography [Last Update: January 1. Culture Bibliography [Uploaded September 8.pdf This bibliography includes both general titles related to human Protestant.bc.pdf Human Rights Bibliography [Uploaded: September 10.pdf Magisterium & Moral Theology Bibliography [Latest update September 8.pdf Liberation Theology Bibliography [Uploaded: August 13. 2012] 2013] https://www2.

edu/james-bretzke/NaturalLawBibliographyByBretzke. violence. Veritatis Splendor Bibliography https://www2.pdf [PDF Version] A bibliography on social ethics.pdf Social Ethics Bibliography http://www. Worship. revised and expanded electronic version here online.pdf War and Peace Bibliography [Latest update October Theology Bibliography https://www2.usfca.pdf Natural Law Bibliography [Updated: September 2014] https://www2.bc.pdf This bibliography is organized thematically and brings together ecumenical approaches to various aspects of human sexual ethics. 1997.pdf Print version published by Edwin Mellen Press. 2013] https://www2.pdf Scripture & Ethics Bibliography [Updated September organized thematically .bc. Sexual Ethics Bibliography [Updated: September 8.pdf This is a relatively short bibliography compiled to aid students in further research in the basic areas of war and peace. largely from the Roman Catholic 2013] https://www2.bc.pdf Back to Top 8 . 2013] https://www2. Sin and Reconciliation Bibliography [Last update: April 18. and punishment from the perspective of Christian 2013] principally around the papal social encyclicals. Prayer and the Sacraments in Moral Life Bibliography

edu/fac-staff/bretzkesj/BioethicsOverview.usfca.usfca.usfca. 2005] http://www. 2004] http://www. 2006] Catholic Teachings on End of Life: True or False? [Uploaded March 2003] http://www.htm 9 . 2008] Catholic Debates on End-of-Life Issues and Stem Cell Research [Uploaded October 27. 2004. NOT Course Sequential Order) Bioethics and Health Care Bioethical Challenges Power Point Presentation [uploaded September 17.htm Bioethics Introduction [uploaded August 23.htm Burden of Means (PVS Health Care Debate) Power Point Presentation [uploaded August 23. 2004.htm Bioethics for a Brave New World Power Point Presentation [uploaded October 12. and Reproductive Technologies [Revised March 3.usfca. 2003] revised May Bioethics and Moral Agency Power Point Presentation [uploaded March 2007] http://www.htm Bioethics & Moral Agency Overview Power Point Presentation [uploaded September 2005] http://www. 2003] http://www. 2003] http://www.htm Bioethics. 2004] http://www.htm Catholic Debates In Bioethics Power Point Presentation [uploaded February 4.usfca. revised and expanded October 28. Science: Three Contemporary Debates: PVS. Theology.usfca.POWER POINT PRESENTATIONS (In Thematic. 2004] Catholic Health Care Decision-making Principles [uploaded March 2.htm Bioethics Debates Power Point Presentation [uploaded October 4.usfca. Stem-Cell

htm End of Life Debates on Catholic Tradition and Teaching [uploaded October 28.ppsx This presentation was reported in the June 2012] https://www2. 2005] & Dying Catholic Debates [uploaded April 7.htm End of Life Catholic Issues: [Uploaded June 30.bc. Killing or Letting Die? Terri Schiavo Debate in the Catholic Moral Context Conscience 10 2005] http://www.htm Killing or Letting Die: Catholic Debates [Uploaded December 11.usfca. Stem Cell Research.usfca. Reproductive Issues)[ Ethical Responses to HIV/AIDS Pandemic [uploaded December 1. 2008] http://www. 2007] http://www.htm Liminal Questions in Bioethics(Genetics. 2007] The Phoenix Case Not Heard Moral Triangle Power Point Presentation [Uploaded May 18. 2012 online version of the National Catholic Reporter and a further report is found in the 2012 Proceedings of the HIV/AIDS Condom Debate [Uploaded May 2005] Stem Cells Liminal Debates [Uploaded March 2. available online at 2006] http://www.bc.htm HIV/AIDS Moral Triangle Analysis Power Point Presentation [uploaded August 23.htm Includes an update dealing with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s August 2007 Responsum to the question of whether artificial nutrition and hydration (ANH) is always required in PVS (Persistent Vegetative State) cases. 2004] http://www.

edu/fac-staff/bretzkesj/ConscienceMoralDecision. 2003] http://www.usfca.Revised January 11.htm Conscience and Fundamental Option Power Point Presentation [Uploaded November Conscience and Moral Norms Power Point Presentation [uploaded October 11.Church Teaching and Conscience [uploaded January 15.htm Conscience Formation and the Moral Life [uploaded 2 March 2005] http://www.htm Conscience and Moral Decision-making Power Point Presentation [uploaded October 12. 2007] Making Difficult Moral Decisions in Conscience [uploaded March 2.htm Conscience and Freedom Power Point Presentation [uploaded August 2003] http://www. 2004] http://www.usfca. & Moral Decision-Making and Moral Norms Power Point Presentation [uploaded October http://www. 2003] http://www.usfca. 2005] http://www.usfca.htm Conscience in the Catholic Tradition [uploaded February 14.usfca.usfca. 2003] http://www.htm Conscience and Discernment in Moral Decision-Making Power Point Presentation [uploaded December 11 . 2004] http://www.htm Conscience and Sanctuary Power Point Presentation [uploaded August 23. [uploaded January 2007] Moral Agency.pdf Conscience.usfca.htm Conscience & Morality RCIA Power Point Presentation [Revised January 17.htm Free Will.usfca. 2006] 2004] http://www. 2005] http://www.

edu/fac-staff/bretzkesj/ 2003] http://www. 2012] https://www2.htm Traditional Religious Culture in Korea [uploaded January 29. 2006] http://www. 2006] http://www.htm Pathways to Spiritual Wisdom Power Point Presentation [uploaded January 15.usfca.htm Dalai Lama’s Visit to USF Jesuit Community http://www. 2003] Miscellaneous Presentations Magisterium Power Point Presentation [Uploaded September 12.ppsx Also available on Microsoft Sky-Drive at https://skydrive.usfca.htm Religious Themes in Asian Art (from the San Francisco Asian Art Museum Collection) http://www. 2006] http://www.htm Cross-Cultural Perspectives Power Point Presentation [Uploaded with music on May 16.htm Cross-Cultural Perspectives Power Point Presentation [uploaded October 23.usfca. 2012] 12 2006] http://www.htm Theology of Accompaniment in Korea Power Point Presentation [Uploaded November 4C940397388EA82%21105 Cross-Cultural Hermeneutics and Inculturation [Uploaded April Zen Buddhism: and/or Inter-Religious Themes Confucian Culture in the Contemporary Korean Context [Uploaded March 16.usfca.

usfca.usfca.usfca.htm The Phoenix Case Not Heard Moral Triangle Power Point Presentation [Uploaded May 18. 2012 online version of the National Catholic Reporter and a further report is found in the 2012 Proceedings of the 2012] 13 .edu/fac-staff/bretzkesj/PoliticalChoices.htm Casuistry with A Human Face: Navigating A Morally Complex World [uploaded August Christian Moral Living in a Morally Complex World Power Point Presentation [Uploaded October 25. 2012] https://www2.ppsx Making Good Political Choices in a Morally Complex World http://www.php/ctsa/issue/view/235/showToc Moral Agency.htm Difficult Moral Agency [uploaded December 9.usfca. 2005] http://www. Weeks 1 & 2 Review] http://www.htm Fundamental Moral Concepts Review1 [uploaded February This presentation was reported in the June 8.usfca.bc.usfca. 2004] [Ignatius Institute Catholic Tradition II. 2003] http://www. 2004] Norms and Natural Law Archdiocese of San Francisco Lay Diaconate Introduction to Moral Theology available online at Concepts. 2004] Catholic Moral Theology Review Power Point (prepared for STM Theological Synthesis) [uploaded February Models of the Church and Faith [Uploaded 10 February 2008] Ethical Theories and the Moral Triangle [Uploaded February 9.

edu/fac-staff/bretzkesj/ 2005] http://www.htm Making Good Political Choices in a Morally Complex World [Note-Taking File] Moral Theology Key Concepts [uploaded February 16. 2007] Modes of Moral Discourse Power Point Presentation [uploaded August 2004] updated October 17. 2008] http://www.usfca.usfca. 2004] http://www.usfca.Ethical Theories Introduction http://www. 2007] http://www.usfca. 2004] http://www. 2006] http://www.ppsx Moral Methodology Introduction Power Point Presentation [updated January 11.htm http://www.mht Moral Theology Basic Concepts [Uploaded January 24.usfca.usfca. 2004] [For notetaking] Moral Methodology Introduction BC-STM Power Point Presentation [uploaded September 5.htm Magisterium & Moral Teaching Power Point Presentation [updated August 23.htm [Full Power Point file] http://www.usfca.usfca.htm 2012] https://www2.htm 14 .edu/james-bretzke/ 2005] http://www.htm Good/Bad & Right/Wrong in Moral Theology [Revised November Moral Theology Introduction [Uploaded March 30.usfca.htm Making Difficult Moral Decisions in Conscience [uploaded March 2. 2005.pdf Moral Methodology Introduction USF Moral Theology ( Catholic Tradition II Courses [uploaded January 17.htm Moral Methodology for Discipleship [uploaded August 24.

edu/fac-staff/bretzkesj/NaturalLawMoralAgency. 2004] http://www. 2004] 2007] http://www.usfca.ppsx Reasons of the Heart: Ethics for Everyday Living [Uploaded November 8.usfca.htm Morally Complex World Deacons Formation Workshop Power Point [Revised September 23.htm Natural Moral Agency.usfca.bc. 2005] http://www. 2006] http://www. 2003] and Good & Principles [uploaded January 11.htm Theological Ethics Introduction Power Point Presentation [uploaded October 7.htm The Phoenix Case Not Heard Moral Triangle Power Point Presentation [Uploaded May 18.pdf http://www.pdf Natural Law and Moral Norms [Revised September 13.usfca. 2004] http://www.htm Reasons of the Heart: Shorter Version [Uploaded March 16. 2007] Revised November 2.Moral Theology Basic Concepts [uploaded January 25.usfca.htm 15 .htm Decoding 1 Corinthians 6:9 [Uploaded November 9.htm Morally Complex World Santa Barbara Deacons [uploaded March 23. 2004.htm Morally Complex World Introduction [uploaded August 2012] https://www2. 2007] http://www.usfca. 2004] http://www.htm Scripture Bible and Homosexuality Power Point Presentation [uploaded August 23. 2005]

edu/fac-staff/bretzkesj/SexEthicsDeacons. 2004} http://www. Revised November 2.usfca.htm Sexual Ethics in the Catholic Tradition [uploaded March Roman Catholic Sexual Ethics Tensions Power Point Presentation [uploaded October 2005] 2003] http://www.htm 16 .usfca. 2004] http://www. 2004] http://www.htm Gay Marriage Moral Triangle Debate [Uploaded February 17.usfca.Scripture and Ethics Power Point Presentation [uploaded August 23. 2003] 2008] Homosexuality and Christian Ethics Power Point Presentation [uploaded September 21. 2004] http://www.htm Sexual Ethics Overview Power Point Presentation [uploaded September Decoding 1 Corinthians 6:9 [Uploaded November 9. 2004] http://www.usfca. 2003] http://www.htm HIV/AIDS Moral Triangle Analysis Power Point Presentation [uploaded August 23.htm Sexual Ethics Bible and Homosexuality Power Point Presentation [uploaded August 2004] http://www.htm Sexual Ethics Contemporary Challenges Power Point Presentation [uploaded March Sexual Ethics Deacons Power Point Presentation [uploaded September Catholic Sex Birth Ethics [Uploaded March 2.usfca. 2004. 2007] http://www.

2003] http://www.usfca.htm Casuistry With A Human Face: Navigating A Morally Complex World [uploaded August Sin and Evil in a Morally Complex World Power Point Presentation [uploaded August 2004] http://www.usfca.usfca.htm Confronting Sin and Moral Failure in a Morally Complex World [uploaded January 11.htm 17 . Forgiveness.htm http://www. 2005] http://www. Reconciliation and Conversion [uploaded December 9.htm Reasons of the Heart: Pathways to Ethics for Everyday Life http://www.htm Catholic Social Teaching Overview [Uploaded April Justice.Sin. 2004] http://www. Pastoral Counseling and Spirituality Ambassador of Christ: Sin. Reconciliation.usfca.htm Social Ethics Catholic Social Concerns Methodology Introduction [Uploaded January [Note-Taking File] Spirituality for the Long Haul: Pathways for Christian Moral Living http://www. 2005] http://www.usfca. Suffering and Evil Power Point Presentation [Condensed from “Confronting Sin” Power Point] 2004] http://www. 2008] http://www. Social Sin & Reconciliation in Catholic Social Teaching [Uploaded March 28.htm Sin in Moral Theology [uploaded January 2007] http://www.

2005] http://www.usfca.htm Six C’s of Moral Discourse and the Moral Triangle http://www.usfca.htm Social Ethics and Just War Key Concepts Power Point Presentation [Uploaded April 18.htm Ignatian Sites & Sights Power Point Presentation Ignatian Tools for Growth [uploaded November 11.usfca.usfca. 2004] http://www.htm Homelessness & the Moral Triangle [Uploaded April 16.htm Models of the Church and Faith [Uploaded 10 February 2008] http://www. 2008] http://www. 2005] http://www.htm 18 .htm Christian Discipleship Spirituality [Uploaded 8 January 2008] http://www. Social Sin & Reconciliation in Catholic Social Teaching [Uploaded March 28.usfca. 2007] http://www.htm Social Ethics Overview [uploaded May 15.htm Social Ethics Key Concepts Power Point Presentation [uploaded November 7.Consistent Ethic of Life [uploaded April Moral Methodology for Discipleship http://www.htm Spirituality Catholic Eucharist Explained [Uploaded 12 February 2008] 2007] 2003] http://www.

2012] Student Power Point Presentations Contemporary Moral Problems Class Capital Punishment Power Point Presentation by Duong Nguyen http://www.htm Disadvantaged Schools Power Point Presentation http://www.bc.usfca.Spirituality for Christian Living [uploaded May 8./fac-staff/bretzkesj/SpiritualityForChristianLiving.htm Spirituality for Christian Living Reflection Questions http://www. Current Semester Courses are indicated in BOLD and have a link to the Syllabus TM 860 Conscience and the Natural Law Seminar [2010] TM 735 Contemporary Moral Problems in Ecumenical Perspective [2009] TM 560 Critical Contemporary Ethical Issues [2010] TM 509 Cross-Cultural Christian Ethics [2008] TM 825 Ethics in an Ecumenical Perspective [2009] TM 726 Magisterium and Contemporary Moral Debates Seminar [ 2005] .usfca.htm Back to Top COURSES TAUGHT At Boston College N.htm Palestinian/Israeli Conflict Power Point Presentation last updated April 11.usfca.

usfca. 20th Century Moral Theology (USF M.htm [HTML Version] At the Loyola School of Theology.pdf Bioethics http://www.pdf [PDF Version] Manila.pdf Catholic Moral Tradition last updated April 19.htm [HTML] Catholic Social Concerns in Theory and Practice http://www. Philippines: 2000-06 Fundamental Moral Theology Pathways to Spiritual Wisdom http://www.pdf [PDF] Back to Top UPCOMING WORKSHOPS AND CONFERENCES 20 .A.pdf TM 529 Ministry & Theology of the Sacrament of Reconciliation Practicum [yearly from 2012] TM 845 Roman Catholic Fundamental Moral Theology [yearly from 2010] At Marquette University: 2007-08 Theology of Christian Discipleship Theo 115 At the University of San Francisco: 2003-08 M. Cohort) http://www.A.

bc.J. St. Bretzke. The Phoenix Case Not Heard Moral Triangle Power Point Presentation [Uploaded May 18. New Brunswick NJ https://www2.pdf Cross-Cultural Perspectives Power Point Presentation ] Electronic Version of Presentation Handout (with live links): https://www2. S.ppsx Also available on Microsoft Sky at Louis MO.bc. 2012] https://www2. 2012] Back to Top Selected Articles by James June 9. May 23-26.pdf “A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: Introducing Cross-Cultural Ethics in the Context of Religious Pluralism. 2012.ppsx Handout for the Phoenix Case Not Heard Presentation [Uploaded May 18. 2012. 2012] 4C940397388EA82%21105 Cross-Cultural Ethics in a Context of Pluralism & Multiculturalism: Teaching Where Religion and Ethics Intersect Paper Delivered 15 March 2012 to the New England Maritime and Mid-Atlantic Regional Convention of the American Academy of Religion. See the Curriculum Vitae for a more complete list of past Conferences “The Case Not Heard: Moral Methodology & the Phoenix “Abortion” Debate” Selected Session of the Catholic Theological Society of America (CTSA) Annual Convention.bc.B.” Georgetown University Pluralism Conference.pdf [uploaded March 21 .edu/jamesbretzke/BretzkeTeachingCrossCulturalEthicsPaperRegionalAARMarch2012.Back to Top RECENT PAST WORKSHOPS & CONFERENCES N.

pdf Was awarded the “Best Article in 2006” award by the College Theology Society. Numerous op ed pieces and longer position papers have appeared over the last several months.bc. “A Burden Of Means--Interpreting Recent Catholic Magisterial Teaching on End-of-Life Issues” Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics 60/2 (Fall/Winter 2006): 183-200.bc. and religious arenas. or rendered a rather problematic assessment in regards to an important dimension of the traditional principle of ordinary and extraordinary means which has been widely employed in health care ethics.bc. the conflicting ecclesial positions will also help to illustrate in greater depth some of the issues regarding the claims and competencies of Church authorities when they enter into a particular case with the aim of providing moral guidance. the Florida Bishops’ statement also seems either to have overlooked. has occasioned a great deal of attention and debate in the ethical. America 181 (6 November 1999): 14-19. political.pdf The struggle over the removal of the feeding tube of Terri Schiavo. However. and frequency of magisterial teaching in order to better determine the relative authority and weight of the magisterial https://www2. will center in on the notion of burden of treatment and will use a position adopted by the Philippine Bishops in the Filipino Catechism to critique the position adopted by the Florida Bishops. Next these criteria are applied to a careful reading of the Pope John Paul II’s various documents that deal with end22 . manner.” Landas 18/2 (2004): 211-230. “A Burden of Means: An Overlooked Aspect of the Terri Schiavo PVS Debate. the Florida woman who has been in a PVS condition for thirteen“After the Choice: The Church’s Post-Abortion Outreach to Women” Co-authored with Monika Rodman. https://www2. Furthermore. The major focus of the article. https://www2. The Catholic Bishops of Florida have also entered the fray with a statement which seems to come down on the side of Terri’s parents and Governor Jeb Bush. This article gives a brief rehearsal of the ordinary/extraordinary means principle as it relates to the Terri Schiavo case and provide of brief summary of some of the representative assessments that have appeared in the press. This article first presents general guidelines for interpreting magisterial documents using Lumen gentium’s triple criteria of considering the character.pdf This article details the post-abortion outreach program used in the Oakland Diocese in light of the Church's pastoral mission to those who have suffered through abortions. This overlooked aspect is the notion of burden of treatment.

An original exposition of the notion of the common good exegeted from the Confucian canon is presented and discussed in reference to the Confucian cardinal virtues. and the moral force of the notion of the T'ien-ming or Mandate of Heaven.pdf Recent discussion concerning multiculturalism. 1996.bc." even though the precise terminological equivalent is not found in the Confucian literature or philosophical tradition." Pacifica 10 (October 1997): though not without its problematic elements and critics. especially his controverted March 2004 Address to the Participants in the International Congress on "Life-sustaining Treatments and Vegetative State: Scientific Advances and Ethical Dilemmas." In Religion. the four cardinal virtues of jen. an understanding of community as fiduciary. globalization of ethics and the prospects for a "common morality" all provide a challenging context for critical ethical reflection on the notions of the common good as these are found in various cultural and religious traditions. Edited by James Donahue and Theresa Moser. as 23 . Ethics & the Common Good. https://www2. yi. such as patients diagnosed to be in a persistent vegetative state.of-life issues. https://www2. Mystic CT: Twenty-Third Publications. "Cracking the Code: Minjung Theology as an Expression of the Holy Spirit in Korea. "The Common Good in a Cross-Cultural Perspective Insights from the Confucian Moral Community. This article investigates the possibility of enriching our liberal Western notion of the common good from a cross-cultural perspective afforded by Confucianism and what might be called the Confucian notion of the "common good. This analysis concludes that the Pope did not in fact assert that artificial hydration and nutrition had to be used in virtually every medical case. Annual Publication of the College Theology Society. li. "Cultural Particularity & Globalization of Ethics in the Light of Inculturation” Pacifica 9 (1996): 69-86. 41. pluralism. and Increased interest in the so-called "globalization of ethics" has led to a number of studies which utilize various hermeneutical and communicative theories to sketch out viable paradigms for developing a fundamental Christian ethics as a whole. the notion of the chün-tzu (paradigmatic moral individual). https://www2. This article reflects on the inculturation of minjung theology in terms of a five-stage framework suggested by the Pentecost account in Acts 2:1-42.pdf Minjung theology's development Korea as an indigenous theology of liberation is a genuine response to the Holy Spirit in Asia's fastest growing Christian population.

explores how the 2008 document from the Pontifical Biblical Commission. Ethical Times Bulletin of the Program in Medicine and Human However. Vatican II is taken as a watershed period for a backward and forward look at such ecumenical efforts. as well as several of its key documents.pdf This article.pdf Response to a concrete case study which involves an analysis of how to apply Catholic bioethical principles on ordinary and extraordinary means to a elderly terminally ill patient who has additionally suffered from a stroke and is incapacitated. The Bible and Morality: Biblical Roots of 24 .edu/james-bretzke/BretzkeEthicistIsInEthicalTimes15Summer08.pdf This article considers the historical context and continued prospects.well as its various components such as moral reasoning. https://www2.bc. https://www2. “How Can Ethics Be Christian? What the Pontifical Biblical Commission Might Offer in Response. which together would be capable of entering into and maintaining such discourse. https://www2. The accent of most of these studies falls on the universalizability of ethical discourse and scant attention has been given to the cultural particularity of each and every ethos and ethical system. “Ecumenical Ethics in the Historical Context of Vatican II Moral Theology. Before Vatican II the atmosphere was marked among both Catholics and Protestants more by polemics and mutual misunderstanding.bc. principally from the Roman Catholic perspective. 15 (Summer 2008): 2-3.” Josephinum Journal of Theology 6 (Summer/Fall 1999): 18-38.bc. Several Conciliar documents are briefly analyzed. for the possibility of ecumenical collaboration in the field of Christian ethics. This article briefly rehearses the principal elements of the concerns raised by the globalization of ethics and then focuses on the particularity of culture using insights from both cultural anthropology and inculturation. as well as in the particular approaches Roman Catholic moralists take to their elaboration of fundamental Christian ethics. indicate a paradigm shift in the whole attitude toward ecumenism in and a number of other key paradigm shifts in Roman Catholic moral theology are discussed in order to describe a more positive future agenda for continued efforts in ecumenical Christian ethics.” Bible Today 48:4 (July/August 2010): 209-215. which is part of a dedicated issue celebrating fifty years of the Pontifical Biblical Commission. the Council itself. The Confucian context of Korea is employed to illustrate some of the issues raised by greater attention to cultural particularity. “The Ethicist Is In” (Catholic Teaching on ANH).

“Life Matters: 6 ‘C’s’ of Moral Discourse” New Theology Review 15 (May 2002): 48-59. Beijing: Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. 458-475. This article briefly outlines the various principles in the Catholic moral tradition that permit doing evil to achieve good.pdf Part of a special issue devoted to the theological issues of good and evil. The article argues that Confucianism is a positive resource for both inter-religious dialogue and cross-cultural ethics and concludes by outlining some prospects for using the Confucian notion of human dignity. This article focuses on a cross-cultural discussion of human rights by considering the Confucian understanding of human rights as human rituals whose sacred claim is grounded in the notion of relationality based on the Confucian Five Relationships and the virtues of li (propriety) and hsin (fidelity). https://www2. inter-religious and cross-cultural dialogue.bc. namely cooperation. 25 . 2005. https://www2. tolerance.bc.” East Asian Pastoral Review 41/1 (2003): 44-67. “Human Rights or Human Rites? Insights from Cross-Cultural Ethics” In Faithful/Fateful Encounters: Religion and Cultural Exchanges Between Asia and the West: Proceedings From an International Conference. Judith Berling. might contribute to Vatican II’s mandate that Scripture be truly the soul of all theology and that moral theology in particular be more nourished by the Bible. rights and the common good to further discussion on” America (26 March 2007): 1618. double effect and then focuses on what is often the most problematic principle. and Philip Wickeri.pdf This article is an expanded version of “Human Rights or Human Rites? A Challenge of Sacred Texts and Traditions to Global Moral Discourse” Conference Proceedings of Faithful/Fateful Encounters: Religion and Cultural Exchanges Between Asia and the West.bc. https://www2. Beijing and Berkeley. “Human Rights or Human Rites?: A Confucian Cross-Cultural Perspective. Edited by Zhuo Xinping.Christian Conduct. Institute of World Religions. the minus malum (or lesser evil) principle. and multiculturalism all provide a challenging context for critical ethical reflection on the notions of human rights as these are found in various cultural and religious traditions. as well as related issues such as “The Lesser Evil: Insights from the Catholic Moral Tradition.pdf Recent discussion concerning the globalization of ethics and the prospects for a common morality.

" East Asian Pastoral Review 28 (1991): 108-130. “A New Pentecost for Moral Theology: The Challenge of Inculturation of Ethics. and second. duty. This article proposes six key evaluative criteria which can be applied to all of the various positions in the abortion debate. or obliterated.pdf One of the problems in establishing a common ground is the lack of evaluative criteria for moral discourse and dialogue for such hot-button issues. that a process of cross-cultural dialogue based on mutual respect for the various cultures will facilitate the cultivation of the richness of this moral pluralism. side-stepped. the common good. rather than an obstacle to be overcome. https://www2. 29-29 https://www2.bc.http://www. minjung” Josephinum 10:2 (Summer/Fall 2003): 250-260. "Minjung Theology and Inculturation in the Context of the History of Christianity in Korea. to a healthier pluralism whose central value is better expressed by the metaphor of "crossfertilization. Special attention is paid to the recent Synod on Asia. the natural law.pdf Discusses the Korean version of liberation theology. and whose primary moral claim is for mutual tolerance.usfca.pdf Suggests that a principal task for the discipline of moral theology at the beginning of the twenty-first century will be to engage the challenge of developing a cross-cultural ethics which will recognize first that a certain plurality of views on important moral concepts such as virtue. Digested version in Tinig Loyola (Quezon City. Philippines) 2 (September 2000): 11-14." Through ethical cross-fertilization a fuller understanding of the richness 26 . https://www2. The article develops and tests each of these criteria. “Moral Theology Out of Asia” Theological Studies 61 (March 2000): 106-121. If such an approach is adopted and followed then ethical pluralism itself can be transformed and we shall be able to move from a pluralism of "co-existence" in which several moral outlooks exist along-side one another. applying them to representative positions on both sides of the abortion debate and concludes by offering some concrete suggestions for better articulating a common ground position which must be used together in addressing concrete moral problems.pdf Review of some of the main issues. as well as other concrete moral recent developments and contributions of Christian ethicians and others working in East Asia. in the historical context of the development of Christianity in the Korean Peninsula.bc. is a positive value in itself.

pdf The initial response of Vatican II's call in Optatam totius for greater attention to Scripture in all moral theology. http://www. Edited by James Keating. 2004." in which both ethicians and exegetes tried to highlight better the ethical dimension of Scripture better in their respective disciplines and to allow Scripture as a whole to nourish 27 . Context." Coauthored with Luke Jong-Hyeok Sim. but also of NeoConfucian thought as a Often Neo-Confucianism has been studied primarily through the lens of concepts such as tao or ri. "The Notion of Sincerity (Ch'eng) from a Neo-Confucian Metaphysical Perspective. Moreover. The Soul of Moral Theology? -. Essays in Honor of James Hanigan. tao and ri lack an adequate epistemological basis which would translate the ideals contained in Confucian thought into the practical moral living which had always been the goal and hallmark of Confucianism from its earliest days.bc.pdf Discusses the concept of Sincerity (Ch'eng) in the Great Learning and Doctrine of the Mean in relation to moral cultivation in Confucian might be termed a "First Stage. https://www2. Acta Koreana 4 (2001): 77-94. Furthermore." Irish Theological Quarterly 60 (1994): 259-271.and complexity of the moral world would develop both within individual cultures as well as across cultures as well as to help correct some persistent and tenacious problems connected with the darker side of any culture's moral world-view and ethical values and practices. “Scripture and Ethics: Core.usfca. using sincerity as the hermeneutical key for Confucian metaphysics will facilitate the movement to an epistemology which in turn will translate more easily the Confucian ideals into the life of moral cultivation exemplified in the concept of sagehood. An in-depth study of the Confucian notion of sincerity (ch'eng) can remedy these deficiencies by providing a more unified understanding of not only this concept" Co-authored with Luke JongHyeok Sim. they suffer from a certain lack of clarity due to the Taoist and Buddhist influences these concepts invariably New York: Paulist Press. Journal of Chinese Philosophy 21 (1994): 179-212.bc. https://www2.bc. "The Notion of Sincerity (Ch'eng) in The Confucian Classics.pdf “Scripture. and Coherence” In Moral Theology: New Directions and Fundamental Issues. While Tao and ri provide a metaphysical basis for NeoConfucian thought. https://www2.The Second Stage.

Presentation to the Korean Religions Group of the American Academy of Religion Annual Convention 2228 . The thesis of the article is that the moral matrix provided by the web of social relationships is what allows the Confucian ethics of virtue to function well. East Asian Pastoral Institute (EAPI). 2012] Theology of Accompaniment as a Post-Minjung Theology in Korea.bc.usfca. this Second Stage itself points to the necessity of a Third Stage in which reflection will center development of a concrete and practical methodology for the use of Scripture in Christian” In Living Theology: the Intersection of Culture. Philippines. and moral theology in particular.bc. New Brunswick NJ S. "The Tao of Confucian Virtue Ethics.Quezon City. the moral vision of the tao (Way). suggests a reconsideration of some of the relevant documents from Vatican II. Spirituality.usfca. 2001.pdf [uploaded March 7. Edited by Jose Mario C. the particular Confucian virtues of jen (benevolence) and li (propriety). now we need to move beyond this First Stage to a Second and Third Stage.pdf Investigates the key aspects of the Confucian virtue ethics in relation to the notions of the chün-tzu (Superior Person). https://www2. Finally. 2001.J. The article concludes by outlining some of the July 23-27. However. “Spirituality USA: Surveying the Scene. “Teaching Across the Cultural Digital Divide: Cross-Cultural Christian Ethics on the Pacific Rim”" International Philosophical Quarterly 35 (1995): 2541. Manila: Jesuit Conference of East Asia and Oceania. This Second Stage. which still need to be addressed if Scripture is truly to nourish our Roman Catholic moral theology. Francisco. which is the focus of this article. and the understanding of the t'ien-ming (Mandate of Heaven). in order to ground better our reflections on the integration of Scripture with theology as whole. 4-12. such as the authority of Scripture and the problematic of hermeneutics. http://www. and Theology in Asia and the Pacific. the Five Relationships of society.theology more completely.pdf Originally given as a paper presented to the JCEAO Theological Study Week.pdf Cross-Cultural Ethics in a Context of Pluralism & Multiculturalism: Teaching Where Religion and Ethics Intersect Paper Delivered 15 March 2012 to the New England Maritime and Mid-Atlantic Regional Convention of the American Academy of Religion. especially Optatam totius and Dei verbum.

As a practical example of how a concrete course might be developed for undergraduate. Critical evaluation of the course's theological and pedagogical premises. TX.25 November 2003 Atlanta. coupled with recent discussion concerning the globalization of ethics and the prospects for a common morality. hopefully will stimulate further reflection on both the theological issues connected with doing cross-cultural ethics in the Christian theological tradition as well as aiding concrete curricular development in this area. Theology of Accompaniment in Korea Essay [Uploaded November 11. theological centers and seminaries.pdf As the 20th century closes our universities. 10 June 2006. William Spohn’s Contribution to Moral Theology Originally presented as a paper in a panel at the Catholic Theological Society of America (CTSA) Annual Convention. This fact. theological centers and even seminary settings. This article outlines both some of the major concerns raised in teaching ethics from cross-cultural. Selected Paper. The participants in these courses reflect a diverse background both theological and culturally and thus may provide a reasonable microcosm of many of our contemporary academic institutions. graduate. and multiculturalism all provide a challenging context for critical reflection on how religious ethics can and should be done in these universities. and seminary settings I utilize a course I have designed entitled "Cross-Cultural Christian Ethics" which I have taught regularly at the Jesuit School of Theology/Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. Back to Top 29 .edu/fac-staff/bretzkesj/ 2003] http://www. as well as developing a coherent methodology which is grounded in the theological tradition of Christian ethics. but which seeks to integrate these different perspectives. and inter-religious perspectives in the United States. pluralism. as well as related issues such as inculturation.pdf Theology of Accompaniment in Korea Power Point Presentation [Uploaded November 11. can no longer presume a homogeneous religious and cultural academic community among either students or professors.htm “Through Thick And Thin: Teaching Ethics in a Cross-cultural Perspective” Horizons 27 (Spring 2000): 63-80. 2003] http://www. as well as discussion on the students' participation and feedback on the course.usfca.bc.bc.usfca. ecumenical. San Antonio.

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