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2013-2014 Submitted To
Department of ana!ement Stud" #N$#N#T% ANA&E ENT ' EN&#NEER#N& CO((E&E #n t)e $u*fi**ment of t)e Re+uirement for t)e Pro,e-t Of a.ter of /u.ine.. Admini.tration
0nder t)e &uidan-e of #SS S1A$20E &#DEON Submitted /" 3ET3# &O%A( 4/4A ## ND SE

I hear by declare that every part of this project report entitled C0STO ER SAT#S#$ACT#ON S0R5E% ON /#R(A CE ENT #N SA&AR is genuinely prepared and organized by my own knowledge, sensibility, originality and hard work under the guidance and supervision of my teachers. he survey that I have conducted on the basis of which this report is formulated was held in !agar city by the customers of "irla #ement. I acknowledge that with best of my knowledge the report does not contain any work which has been submitted for the award of any degree anywhere if the respected e$aminers detect anything wrong in relation to this report of mine I re%uest him not to award me any sort of graces marks for my work.

3ET3# &O%A( &nd semester


his is to certify that the project report titled C0STO ER SAT#S#$ACT#ON S0R5E% ON /#R(A CE ENT #N SA&AR is prepared by 3ET3# &O%A( student of '"( )hons* +th semester under the guidance of faculty

#SS S1A$20E &#DEON for the parcial fulfillment of

/u.ine.. Admini.tration 61ONS7 is satisfactory in respect of.

a.ter O$

his work done has been carried to our satisfaction and it is a bonafied presentation of work by her under the guidance and supervision.


he project work is field which uses tools and techni%ues to transfer subjectivity in the environment into objectives also the findings of the research when applied show results which can be measured and evaluated so there is feedback this is what makes it a dynamic activity. his survey is analytical study of a different fact of product were focus is given on the brand image. he idea behind this project is to give knowledge and to make them to face real life situation. he project survey is commonly used for the collection from the respondents through %uestionnaire with sample size -. in this statistical techni%ues have been used systematically. survey is not only with my own efforts but also that of others. his project report

I was fortunate enough to get support from large number of people so I owe a great many thanks to great many people who have helped and supported me in the preparation of this project report. It is my privileged to e$press my gratitude towards respected R4 AS1$A2 S#DD#20E )/01* 0f 1epartment 0f "usiness 'anagement #N$#N#T% ANA&E ENT AND EN&#NEER#N& CO((E&E SA&AR a person with substance of genius, e$cellence in teaching skills for their guidance, cooperation and moral support and also for giving us there valuable time. I would like to give special thanks to #SS S1A$20E &#DEON for their guidance and inspiring nature has made possible the formulation of this project thank you mama for your valuable suggestion, #ooperation and supportive hands which you have kept upon me. I would like to give sincere thanks to all my faculty members2 hank you teacher3s for your skillful knowledge guidance, cooperation, supportive hands. I also wish to e$press my indebtedness to my parents as well as my family member whose blessings and support always helped me to face the challenges ahead. (t the end I would like to e$press my sincere thanks to all my friends and others who helped me directly or indirectly during this dissertation work.

Table of content
PART#C0(ARS Certifi-ate De-*aration A-8no9*ed!ement Prefa-e C1APTER -1 #ntrodu-tion #dentified Prob*em Need of t)e Stud" Ob,e-ti:e and S-ope C1APTER ; 2 et)odo*o!" Re.ear-) de.i!n Data Co**e-tion Samp*in! Pro-edure


Samp*in! P*an C1APTER ; 3 Data Ana*".i. and #nterpretation Ana*".i. 6Stati.ti-a* Too*.7 Di.!rammati- Repre.entation C1APTER 4 (imitation


Su!!e.tion Con-*u.ion /ib*io!rap)" 2ue.tionnaire


r4 3umar an!a*am /ir*a Chairman, The Aditya Birla Group 'r. 6umar 'angalam "irla is the #hairman of the (ditya "irla group, which is among India7s largest business houses. (mong its major #ompanies in India are 8rasim, /indalco, Indo 8ulf, 9ltra ech #ement and (ditya "irla :uvo. Its ;<s include Idea #ellular )"irla= ata, > elecom?*, "irla !un @ife )Ainancial !ervices* and "irla :86 )Insulators*. Bhile 'r. "irla is the #hairman of

all of the 8roup7s blue=chip #ompanies in India, he serves as a 1irector on the "oard of the 8roup7s International #ompanies spanning 'alaysia, Dhilippines and Egypt. #hina, 9!(, 9.6. and (ustralia as well. /e is also on the "oard of 'aruti 9dyog @imited. (dditionally, he is on the "oard of the 8.1."irla 'edical Gesearch F Education Aoundation, and a 'ember of the "oard of 8overnors of the "irla Institute of echnology F !cience )"I !*, Dilani, and the prestigious Indian Institute of 'anagement, (hmedabad as well. /e is a 'ember of the @ondon "usiness !chool7s (sia Dacific (dvisory "oard, which provides counsel on the !chool7s strategy and curriculum. /e is H/onorary AellowH of the @ondon "usiness !chool )@"!*, a title conferred upon him by the 8overning "oard of the @"!. 'r. "irla has and continues to hold several key and responsible positions on various regulatory and professional "oards, such as2

hailand, Indonesia,

he 8roup7s operations e$tend to #anada,

ata Iron F !teel #ompany ) I!#0*, and

#hairman of the (dvisory #ommittee constituted by the 'inistry of #ompany (ffairs for &..4 and &..5 'ember of he Drime 'inister of India7s (dvisory #ouncil on rade and Industry #hairman of the "oard of #ommerce and Industry rade reconstituted by the 9nion 'inister of

#hairman of the :ational !afety #ouncil

'ember of the 8overnment of 9ttar Dradesh7s /igh Dowered Investment ask Aorce 'ember of he :ational #ouncil of the #onfederation of Indian Industry )#II* 'ember of the (pe$ (dvisory #ouncil of #ommerce and Industry of India he (ssociated #hambers of

0n he (dvisory #ouncil for the #entre for #orporate 8overnance 'ember of the 0rganising #ommittee for #ommonwealth 8ames, 1elhi &.1. In the ten years that he has been at the helm of the (ditya "irla 8roup, he

has won recognition for his contribution to Industry and to professionalising management. (n indicative list is as follows2 1<<= 'r. "irla was the first and only industrialist to have been appointed as a public nominee on the governing board of the !ecurities and E$change "oard of India )!E"I* by the Ainance 'inistry. /e served as the #hairman of !E"I7s 15=member committee on corporate governance constituted in mid=1III, and as chairman of !E"I7s committee on insider trading. he 6umar 'angalam "irla Geport on #orporate 8overnance became the cornerstone of corporate governance practices in India. Gecipient of the Gotary #lub7s H(ward for <ocational E$cellenceH. 1<<< he @ions #lubs International7s H he (chiever of the 'illenniumH.

he Gotary #lub of (hmedabad7s H he @egend of the #orporate BorldH. 2000 he "ombay 'anagement (ssociation honoured 'r. "irla as H he 'anagement 'an of the Jear 1III=&...H. 2001 he Gajiv 8andhi (ward for 7"usiness E$cellence and #ontribution to the #ountry7 from the 'umbai Dradesh Jouth #ongress he :ational /G1 :etwork7s )Dune* 7 he 0utstanding "usinessman of the Jear7 award he 8iants International (ward for 7"usiness E$cellence and his #ontribution to the Industry7 he Gotary #lub7s 7(ward for <ocational E$cellence7 he Institute of 1irectors 78olden Deacock :ational (ward for "usiness @eadership7 he /industan imes 7"usinessman of the Jear7 award 2002 he Kimpro Aoundation7s HKimpro Dlatinum !tandard (wardH. he (mity "usiness !chool (ward for HE$cellence in "usinessH. Ganked among the first five (sian business leaders for the #:"#LInsead sponsored H(sian "usiness @eader (ward &..&H. 2003

:amed H he "usiness @eader of the JearH by (wards for #orporate E$cellence &..&=&..,.

he Economic


#lose on the heels of the Economic imes7 H he "usiness @eader of the JearH (ward, he was selected "usiness India7s H"usiness 'an of the Jear = &..,H. his is indeed historic, as no #hairmanL#E0 has ever won both these prestigious awards in a single year. he :ational Institute of Industrial Engineering7s ):I IE* H he @akshya = "usiness <isionary (wardH. he Indo=(merican !ociety7s HJoung (chiever (wardH. H he &.., Institute of 'arketing and 'anagement (ward for E$cellenceH. 2004 #hosen by the Borld Economic Aorum )1avos*as one of the Joung 8lobal @eaders. In this capacity, 'r. "irla is committed to share his knowledge, e$pertise and energy over the ne$t five years to usher in a future of Hhope, progress and positive changeH. 1rawn from a pool of C... candidates from around the world, of whom 4.. were short listed and &,5 finally named, the Joung 8lobal @eaders have been hand picked by a :omination #ommittee of &C global media leaders. In recognition of his e$emplary contribution to Indian business, him. o salute his entrepreneurial e$cellence and e$emplary contribution to Indian business, the (ll India 'anagement (ssociation conferred its H/onorary AellowshipH on him.


"anaras /indu 9niversity awarded the 1.@itt )/onoris #ausa* 1egree to

200> H he Ernst F Joung Entrepreneur of the JearH (ward. Bill represent India at the Ernst F Joung Borld Entrepreneur (ward in 'onte #arlo, 'onaco in ;une &..4 :amed HJoung !uper Derformer in the #E0 #ategoryH by "usiness oday D/1 #hamber of #ommerce and Industry = 9dyog Gatna he media too has showered accolades on 'r. "irla. "etween 1II5 to= date, :1 < and !tar Dlus7 HIndia "usiness BeekH designated him as H he "usinessman of the JearH. 8lobal Ainance has cited him among the H1. !uper !tars of #orporate AinanceH. "usiness Borld ranked him among the top 1. of India7s most admired and respected #E0s and the top #E0 of the coming millennium, and /industan imes named him as H he "usinessman of the JearH as well. "orn ;une 1+, 1I45, 'r. 6umar 'angalam "irla was raised in #alcutta and 'umbai. /e is a #hartered (ccountant and earned an '"( )'asters in "usiness (dministration* from the @ondon "usiness !chool, @ondon. 'r. 6umar 'angalam "irla and his wife, :eerja have three children, (nanyashree, (ryaman <ikram and (dvaitesha. &(O/A( 5#S#ON? #ND#AN 5A(0ES@ he (ditya "irla 8roup is India7s first truly multinational corporation. 8lobal in vision, rooted in Indian values, the 8roup is driven by a performance ethic pegged on value creation for its multiple stakeholders. ( 9!M 5.-I billion conglomerate, with a market capitalisation of 9!M 1& billion, it is anchored by an

e$traordinary force of 5&,... employees belonging to over &. different nationalities. 0ver ,. per cent of its revenues flow from its operations across the world. he 8roup7s products and services offer distinctive customer solutions. Its 5& state=of=the=art manufacturing units and sectoral services span India, hailand, Indonesia, 'alaysia, Dhilippines, Egypt, #anada, (ustralia and #hina. ( premium conglomerate, the (ditya "irla 8roup is a dominant player in all of the sectors in which it operates. !uch as viscose staple fibre, non=ferrous metals, cement, viscose filament yarn, branded apparel, carbon black, chemicals, fertilisers, sponge iron, insulators and financial services. It is2 The world No. 1 in viscose staple fibre. The world's lar est sin le location palm oil producer. A non!ferrous metals powerhouse and amon efficient producers of aluminium and copper. The world's lar est sin le location world!scale copper smelter. The world's No. 1 in insulators, with its "oint venture with NG# of $apan. Globally, the fourth lar est producer of carbon blac%. The 11th lar est cement producer in the world and the seventh lar est in Asia. &ndia's premier branded arments player. Amon the world's best ener y efficient fertiliser plants. &ndia's second lar est producer of viscose filament yarn. The No. ' private sector insurance company, and the fourth lar est asset mana ement company in &ndia. he 8roup has also made successful forays into the I and "D0 sectors. the world's most cost


/e"ond bu.ine.. ( value=based, caring corporate citizen, the (ditya "irla 8roup inherently believes in the trusteeship concept of management. Dart of the 8roup7s profits are ploughed back into meaningful welfare=driven initiatives that make a %ualitative difference to the lives of marginalised people. hese activities are carried out under the aegis of the (ditya "irla #entre for #ommunity Initiatives and Gural 1evelopment, which is spearheaded by 'rs. Gajashree "irla. & Cement@ 8rasim #ement was set up as a greenfield cement plant at Gaipur, #hhatisgarh, in 1II-. "ased on the most advanced technologies, this plant has an annual installed capacity of &..4 million tpa. he plant3s uni%ue features include2 (sia3s first gamma ray belt analyser from 8amma 'atri$ )9!(* ensuring the highest standards in online %uality control. India3s first polycom )blast furnace slag grinder* with a dynamic air separator from 6rupp Dolysius 8ermany, which helps to generate the desired homogeneous particle size distribution. 0ne of the few single kiln cement plants producing more than eight varieties of cement. Its captive power generation ensures a reliable power supply. he plant is also an I!0 1+..1, I!0 I..1, and IKG! @=- certified unit. IN PRODUCT MIX BY REVENUE OF CEMENT IS 46 %




8rasim Industries @imited, !taple Aibre 1ivision, :agda, has received the Indian #hemical 'anufacturers (ssociation )I#'(* award for !ocial Gesponsibility. (t a function held in 'umbai on &5 (pril &..4, 'rs. Gajashree "irla received the award from 'r. 'ukesh (mbani, #hairman, Geliance Industries @imited. 8rasim, :agda has been involved in various meaningful, welfare=driven initiatives that distinctly impact the %uality of the weaker sections of society in the 9jjain district of 'adhya Dradesh. In working with the communities, the company gauged their real needs and identified these as access to potable water, sustainable livelihood, healthcare, education and infrastructure.

8rasim7s community development programme encompasses -- villages and some adjoining urban localities. It has helped more than 1.+ lakh people in this area and is implemented under the aegis of the (ditya "irla #entre of #ommunity Initiatives and Gural 1evelopment. he major programmes include watershed management including drinking water provision in &. villages and two

townships, and running three schools for ensuring %uality education to over -,... children. he Gural 1evelopment section is well e%uipped with vehicles, ambulances, tractors, training centres and other necessary infrastructure with doctors, paramedical staff and workers. 9nder the sustainable livelihood schemes, more than 4.. families are covered through self=help groups and income generation activitiesN over 1,4.. persons are trained in ,. different trades each yearN and increased crop productivity in 1,5-. hectares has enhanced the livelihood options for ,,-.. households. !everal other accolades have been conferred on 8rasim in recognition of its contribution to rural development. !ome of them are the AI##I (nnual #orporate !ocial Gesponsibility (ward &..+, the &..+ !tockholm Industry Bater (ward and the (sian #!G (ward &..-

/OARD O$ D#RECTORS@ 'r. 6umara 'angalam "irla, #hairman 'rs. Gajashree "irla 'r. '.@.(pte 'r. ".<."hargava 'r. G.#."hargava


'r. J.D.8upta 'r. #yril !hroff 'r. !.8.!ubhramanyan 'r. !hailendra 6.;ain )Bhole=time 1irector* 'r. 1.1.Gathi )Bhole=time 1irector* 'r. !.".'athur /0S#NESS 1EADS@ 'r. !hailendra 6.;ain, <iscose staple fibre 'r. !aurabh 'isra, cement 'r. Gavi 6astia, !ponge iron 'r. !.6.!aboo, e$tiles, !pinning 'r. <ikram Gao, e$tiles, Aabrics 'r. 6.6.'aheshwari, #hemicals A1O(E-T# E D#RECTOR AND C1#E$ $#NANC#A( O$$#CER@ 'r. 1.1.Gathi CO PAN% SECERETAR%@


'r.(shok 'alu

#ement is the basic binding material, which is used for construction purpose and it is a commodity which has become a part of our life and will find demand till time stands still. he Indian cement industry is on a roll. Giding on increased activity in real estate, cement production has registered a growth of 5.&+ per cent in (pril, &..-,


at 11.+1 million tones as against 1..+I million tones in the corresponding period a year ago. he growth trend has been on for some time now. In the (pril=;anuary &..+=.- period, the sector registered a rise of 5.1 per cent, producing 1.C..4 million tones. If these trends are anything to go by, it will not be long before the sector meets the production target of 1,, million tones set by the government in the fiscal &..+=.-. 1uring the enth Dlan, the industry, which is ranked second in the world in terms of production, is e$pected to grow at 1. per cent per annum adding a capacity of +.=-& million tones, according to the annual report of the 1epartment of Industrial Dolicy and Dromotion )1IDD*. he report reveals that this growth trend is being driven mainly by the e$pansion of e$isting plants and using more fly ash in the production of cement. ( number of cement industry leaders have reported increase in dispatches ranging from -.++ per cent to around 1. per cent for the year ended 'arch ,1, &..-.

(ssociated #ement #ompanies said its dispatches of 14.-4I million tones are the highest it has ever achieved. Jearly dispatches showed an increase of 5.I per cent over the previous year )1-.,4+ million tones* while production at 14.4.4 million tones )1-.,-, million tones*, showed an increase of C.- per cent. 1ispatches from the (ditya "irla group )from 8rasim and 9ltra ech* rose -.++ per cent to touch &4.&4. million tones. #linker dispatches stood at &.I4- million tones. Droduction rose -.41 per cent. 8rasim recorded cement dispatches at 1,.,5I million tones, and clinker dispatches at

&I4,... tones. Aor 9ltra ech, the figures were at 1&.CC1 million tones and &.44I million tones, respectively.

Aor the (mbuja #ement group, which observes a ;uly=to=;une fiscal, the cumulative despatches for the first three %uarters of the fiscal rose 1. per cent to 1..5+- million tones from I.5,, million tonnesO Droduction for the same period was recorded at 1..5-4 million tones, showing a rise of 11 per cent. "oth (## and (mbuja #ement said their dispatches in 'arch were the

highest ever for their groups. (## reported dispatches at 1.-5& million tones, up by 4 per cent from the year=ago figure of 1.+C, million tonesN production rose 5.per cent, to 1.-54 million tones from 1.+44 million tones*. (mbuja #ements reported dispatches of 1.,-4 million tones, up by I per cent year=on=year and production of 1.,-C million tones, up by 1. per cent. he cement industry has also been witnessing a spurt in e$ports. India e$ported about C.1, million tones of cement and clinker between (pril=;anuary &..+=.-. he e$port figures for cement were ,.,1 million tones and +.C& million tones for clinker in the same period. he cement industry has also been witnessing a spurt in e$ports. India e$ported about C.1, million tones of cement and clinker between (pril=;anuary &..+=.-. he e$port figures for cement were ,.,1 million tones and +.C& million tones for clinker in the same period. Stora!e and u.a!e information@ STORA&E !tore bagged cement on a raised floor in a damp=proof shed. If this is not possible, then store the cement on a raised platform and cover with

waterproof sheeting. 9se the cement in the order you receive it. i.e. first in first out.

AATER In general, the more water used for a given %uantity of cement, the weaker the concrete or mortar will be. It is therefore important to use the minimum amount of water re%uired to make the mi$ workable.

#B#N& (ccurately measure all materials with a suitable container )wheelbarrow or bucket*. 'i$ thoroughly until a uniform colour is obtained. (dd water whilst mi$ing to avoid adding too much water.

C0R#N& #oncrete or plaster should be kept moist for at least 5 days to prevent cracking and to ensure that it7s strength increases. !pray gently with water and protect it with plastic sheets )or wet /essian* to prevent it from drying out. 1EA(T1 AND SA$ET% AARN#N&@

Bhen working with cement wear safety glasses and gloves. Bash you hands after working with wet cement.

In the event of cement contact with your eyes, rinse thoroughly with water and get medical attention if necessary. 6eep #ement out of reach of children.


ransport in vehicles with ade%uate protection from weather. (rrange cement bags on timber palletsLplatform at least 1-cm above the floor. Dlace stacks away from e$ternal walls and they should not e$ceed 1. bags. he cement should not be lumpy. #ement should be from bags that are not torn or interfered with.


Cement performan-e of t)e Adit"a /ir*a &roup for Apri* 200C@ Droduction at &4.54 lakh mt P up by C.-, per cent 1espatches at &4.&C lakh mt P up by 4..C per cent he (ditya "irla 8roup7s cement production for (pril &..4 grew by C.-, percent at &4.54 lakh mt as against &+.44 lakh mt during (pril &..-. 1espatches moved up by 4..C per cent at &4.&C lakh mt in (pril &..4 as against &+.55 lakh mt in the corresponding period last year. Cement performan-e of t)e Adit"a /ir*a &roup for a" 200C@


Droduction at &4..I lakh mt up ,.4C per cent 1espatches at &C.&4 lakh mt up by 5.I& per cent he (ditya "irla 8roup7s cement production for 'ay &..4 grew by ,.4C percent at &4..I lakh mt, while despatches rose by 5.I& per cent at &C.&4 lakh mt, over 'ay &..-. he (ditya "irla 8roup7s cement production for the period (pril='ay &..4 at -&.C4 lakh mt is up by 4..C per cent vis=Q=vis +I.C, lakh mt for (pril='ay &..-, and despatches at -4.,, lakh mt reflect a rise of 5.-1 per cent as against -&.,I lakh mt. Cement performan-e of t)e Adit"a /ir*a &roup for June 200C@

Droduction at &+.&, lakh mt up 4.1. per cent 1espatches at &+.5+ lakh mt up by I.,5 per cent

he (ditya "irla 8roup7s cement production for ;une grew by 4.1. per cent at &+.&, lakh mt, while despatches rose by I.,5 per cent at &+.5+ lakh mt, over ;une &..-. he (ditya "irla 8roup7s cement production for the period (pril=;une &..4 at 55..I lakh mt is up by 4..I per cent vis=a vis 5&.44 lakh mt for (pril=;une &..and despatches at 54.CI lakh mt reflect a rise of 4.-+ per cent as against 5&.1C lakh mt.






he problems which prompt me to conduct such survey was to know to what e$tent the customers)retailer3s* of "irla white cement are satisfied as compared to consumers of other cement brands. (nother problem was to know the degree of stockiest satisfaction in comparison of what others, which will have direct impact on sales. !('D@I:8 D@(: D0D9@( I0: Aor dealer3s )retailer3s* satisfaction survey R total dealers of "irla white cement in !agar city. !('D@I:8 'E /01 Aor my survey I have used convince sampling method. !('D@E !ISE2 Kuota !ample )Getailers*2 &.T of -.. (="=# category retailers in !agar city 'arket. 9niverse !ample )!tockists*2 (ll !tockists in !agar city. 1.. Getailers selling "IG@( B/I E #ement F other products )like Ball care putty sold by Daint Getailers*. (ll !tockists of "irla Bhite "rands in !agar city. !election of !ample2 Gandom, from different markets of !agar city. he spread of 1.. nos.


Getailers is proposed as under R ( #lass )monthly off take U V I. bags* R '( nos. " #lass )monthly off take U V -. F W I. bags* R +- nos. # #lass= ,. nos. !ources for #ontact=details of Gespondents2 #ompany database



he scope of the study is confirmed to distribution channel with special reference to the "IG@( #E'E: in !agar district. X he study can help to the management to know the factors why their sales volumes are low. X he study will help to improve the sales volumes #E'E: X he recommendation and suggestion of the study can also be applied to the similar project or similar situation of the "IG@(



PR# AR% O/JECT#5ES2 o find out the distribution channels of "irla cement in !agar district. o compare the distribution system of "irla cement with other cements.

SECONDAR% O/JECT#5ES@ o find out the advertisement efficiency of "irla cement. o find out the marketing situations of "irla cement from others. o find out the present problems faced by dealers. o find out the any new scheme re%uired by the dealers. o give valuable suggestions to the company for increase the sales volume


!#D0E 0A !9G<EJ 1E19# E1 "J 'E A0@@0B!2

ake the importance=rating F satisfaction=rating of Getailers on the identified factors.

(lso, identify the brands which the Getailers hold in high esteem on each of the factors. 'ost preferred brand of consumers. Getailer survey for performance of "IG@( B/I E #E'E: .





Re.ear-) et)odo*o!"


Gesearch methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. It can be understood as a science of studying how research is done scientifically. It takes many dimensions and research methods to constitute a part of the research methodology. hus when we talk of research methodology, we not only talk of the research methods but also consider the logic behind the methods used in conte$t of the research study in such a way that results are capable of being evaluated either by the researcher himself or by others. 9nder this head, the methods and techni%ues used in preparing this report are discussed. Re.ear-) Pro-e..@ Information Need
Fe t

Se"ondar) Re!ear"#

Define Re!ear"# O$%e"ti&e

Primar) Re!ear"#

Pre'are Re!ear"# De!i(n

Ta$* ation and +na )!i!

De!i(n Re!ear"# Met#odo o()


Re'ort ,ritin( and Pre!entation

De.i!n Re.ear-)


he research methodology selected was influenced by the target population i.e. the /yundai car owners. he major parts of the research methodology were2 et)od of Data Co**e-tion "oth, secondary as well as primary methods were used. Samp*in! P*an !ampling echni%ue R :on Drobability Durposive and #onvenience !ampling !ample 9niverse R (ll the "IG@( !hop sowners in !agar !ample Arame R !(8(G !ample 9nit R (ll respondents !ample !ize R -. 2ue.tionnaire De.i!n he %uestionnaire was designed in order to meet all the primary and secondary objectives of the study. Stru-tured open and -*o.e ended +ue.tionnaire 9a. u.ed4 P*an and Do Se-ondar" Re.ear-) Se-ondar" Data


It included the data like Indian #ement Industry, :eed for #onsumer behaviour and "uyer - !tep process. Se-ondar" Data Sour-e.2 Internet, #ompany profile, brochures. P*an and Do Primar" Re.ear-) Primar" Data Drimary data was collected via Kuestionnaire. Primar" Data Sour-e.@ Drimary data is collected directly by meeting the consumers who own /yundai #ars Tabu*ation and Ana*".i. he analysis of data involved a number of closely related operations such as establishment of categories, the applications of these categories into raw data through tabulation, charts etc and then drawing inferences. (ll analysis was univariate in nature and was of !imple tabulation type. In this report mostly judgmental analysis was applied. he data collected were grouped into research characteristics and further subjected to segmentation and then the scores were obtained by using tally bars. he scores and percentage are presented in tables, graphs and charts. "y percentile inferences were drawn. Every table for each test is represented through charts and graphs.





1a:e u u.ed bir*a -ement for bu*din! "our )ou.e or offi-e 6a7 %e. D> 6b7 No 2>

80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0






Did "ou *i8e t)e produ-t 6a7 %e.

6b7 No

30% Yes No. 70%


A)o are t)e -ompetitor. of bir*a -ement E 6a7 J3 6b7 Ambu,a 6-7 ACC 6d7 Ot)er

40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 ACC Ambuja JK Other


Ai** "ou re-ommened an"bod" to u.e /ir*a Cement 6a7 %e. D3 6b7 No DD

27% Yes No 73%


A)i-) ot)er produ-t. of /ir*a -ement )a:e u u.ed 6a7 Aa** -are putt" 30 6b7 A)ite -ement Ot)er. 30 Ot)er 40

40 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Wa !are "utt# Wh$te Ceme%t Other 30 30


Do "ou *i8e t)e .er:i-e. of ot)er produ-t. of /ir*a A)ite 6a7 %e. 40 6b7 No 20 6-7 Partia**" 40



Yes No &art$a #



A--ordin! to "ou .)ou*d it no9 *aun-) .ome ne9 produ-t. or .er:i-e. 6a7 %e. >= 6b7 No 42

58 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Yes No 42


A)i-) feature of bir*a 9)ite do "ou *i8e 6a7 C)eap rate. 2> 6b7 2ua*it" 1> 6-7 Ea." A:ai*abi*it" 3> 6d7 Ot)er. 2>

35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0
Chea" rates 'ua $t#





(as# A)a $ab$ $t#



#. /ir*a 9)ite -ement ea." a:ai*ab*e in t)e *o-a* mar8et 6a7 %e. D0 6b7 No 30

30% Yes No 70%


$rom 9)ere did "ou !et to 8no9 about /ir*a 9)ite -ement 6a7 T5 20 6b7 Ne9. Paper 10 6-7 $riend. 30 6d7 ot)er .our-e. 40

40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0





(# #TAT#ON


(# #TAT#ON
0ne of the important of the study was lack of time. hough the respondent to the study was vast due to the time constraints the sample size was limited. he researcher has difficulty with most of the respondents who was not willing to cooperate with the study, as they were very busy with their work. he research had also difficulty in getting some information, which the respondents were not interested to give. he researcher had difficulty with the respondents because they did not fill up the %uestionnaire in proper time. (nother limitation of the study was confined with not only retailers but also consumers for survey of this study.



he performance of "irla white is good in the market F also "irla white has a brand name and it is very popular. "ut from the survey I found that there is more need to fre%uent advertisement is not considered directly in buying, but it3s essential to promote the sales.

o satisfied retailer and stockiest company should give more commission to retailers F give more credit terms and to satisfy retailers more attention on %uality at fair prices.

#ompany should try to manage competition between retailers and try to build an association of retailers so they stop cut throat competition and get enough profit. #ompany should do few more retailer meet in a year.


(s a part of my study, I have done my Ainal project in "irla white )8rasim Industries @imited*.I have done Ainal project work on Kuantitative Gesearch on measuring satisfaction level of Getailers with "irla Bhite brand vis=Q=vis other brands.

I have taken visit of the unit F collected all the information regarding to the project report. (nd then take a survey on retailers3 satisfaction in !agar city. Arom the survey of retailers, I conclude that retailers play an important role with the help of retailers product reached to the consumer. !o it is important to satisfy them and they satisfied whileN they went well %uality at fair price F from the survey of retailers because retailers are key factor for the cement industry. If retailers are satisfied with level they get from the company than adversely it affects the company3s sales.

Ainally I would like to conclude that "irla white )8rasim Industries @imited* is one of the most reputed companies in the Indian market but still there are better scope of improvements. #ompany should take in to account dealers )retailer* suggestions F views to improve the performance.



"I"@08G(D/J AR3ET#N& Aeb.ite Re.ear-) ANA&E ENT@ - P1#(#P 3OT(ER 613T1 Edition7 @et)odo*o!" @ 9994bir*a9)ite4-om C4R43OT1AR#4






Re.ear-) 2ue.tionaire @ Cu.tumer .ur:e" on /ir*a A)ite Cement #n Sa!ar Dear Re!'ondent! - This &nformation is re)uired for my survey report wor% titled as above. *our responses will be %ept confidential and will be used for academic and research purpose only 2ue.tionnaire Name@ Conta-t Number@ Emai* #d@ A!e@ 241 1a:e u u.ed bir*a -ement for bu*din! "ou )ou.e or offi-e 6a7 %e. 6b7 No 242 Did "ou *i8ed t)e produ-t 6a7 %e. 6b7 No 243 A)o are t)e -ompetitor. of bir*a -ement E 6a7 J3 6b7 Ot)er. 244 Ai** u re-ommened an"bod" to u.e /ir*a Cement 6a7 %e. 6b7 No 24> A)i-) ot)er produ-t of /ir*a -ement )a:e u u.ed 6a7 Aa** -are putt" 6b7 A)ite -ement Ot)er. 24C Do "ou *i8e t)e .er:i-e. of ot)er produ-t. of /ir*a A)ite 6a7 %e. 6b7 No 6-7 Partia**" 24D A--ordin! to "ou .)ou*d it no9 *aun-) .ome ne9 produ-t. or .er:i-e. 6a7 %e. 6b7 No 24= A)i-) feature of bir*a 9)ite do "ou *i8e 6a7 C)eap rate. 6b7 2ua*it" 6-7 Ea." A:ai*abi*it" 6d7 Ot)er. 24< # /ir*a 9)ite -ement ea." a:ai*ab*e in t)e *o-a* mar8et 6a7 %e. 6b7 No 2410 $rom 9)ere did "ou !et to 8no9 about /ir*a 9)ite -ement 6a7 T5 6b7 Ne9. Paper 6-7 $riend. 6d7 ot)er .our-e. 2411 An" Su!!e.tion.