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Unit: 4th Grade Overhand Throwing Teacher: Kevin Scheiwe PE4.


Subject: Physical Education Date: 2/3/14-2/21/14


Demonstrates competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities. Description: Students are able to combine skills in dynamic and complex situations, demonstrating sequences commonly associated with various sports and activities. All throwing and striking patterns are mastered during fourth grade, and students are able to catch or handle objects from any trajectory (low, medium, or high) in simple situations. Elements: A. Demonstrates an overhand throw. B. Uses proper technique when throwing overhand to a moving target during a game. 1. Creativity and innovation Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology. a. Apply existing knowledge to generate new ideas, products, or processes b. Create original works as a means of personal or group expression c. Use models and simulations to explore complex systems and issues d. Identify trends and forecast possibilities 5. Digital citizenship Students understand human, cultural, and societal issues related to technology and practice legal and ethical behavior. a. Advocate and practice safe, legal, and responsible use of information and technology b. Exhibit a positive attitude toward using technology that supports collaboration, learning, and productivity c. Demonstrate personal responsibility for lifelong learning d. Exhibit leadership for digital citizenship 1. Why is important to be physically active throughout life? 2. What are some ways to be physically active using overhand throwing? 3. What are the skill cues to a proper overhand throw? 4. Why is good sportsmanship important in group games? 5. How can technology enhance learning in PE? The students will: Understand the proper technique to an overhand throw. Be able to perform an overhand throw at a proficient level or better. Be able to perform overhand throws at a moving target in a game situation. Understand thoughtful decisions and positive team support leads to success. Understand team activities require cooperation and respect for others and provide opportunities for social interactions like teamwork, leadership and camaraderie. The students will: Understand thoughtful and ethical usage of web resources are our responsibility. Understand collaborative group work, a need of the 21st century learners can help create effective presentations. Understand how to use a digital camera, upload a picture and post it on the class webpage. Understand how to use web tools to further understanding of PE skills.

Essential Questions

PE Learning Objectives

Technology Learning Objectives

Lesson 1 Overhand Throwing Technique

Warm-up Students will come into gym and perform various locomotor movements on the track, then select classmates to create groups of 3-4. Choose students you will work well with. Discussion: Overhand throwing cues: 1. Ready position = get into T position 2. Step with opposite foot 3. Twist the trunk 4. Follow-through 5. Accuracy is important Essential Questions

Equipment: 16 medium cones, 16 matching poly spots, 16 gator balls, 16 four-inch balls Setup: Set the cones on the first row of black squares on the north end of the gym. Place gator ball and matching poly spot under each cone. Four-inch balls keep in bucket. Activities: Each group will go sit behind a cone = home base for the rest of class. THROW and GO One student at a time will step-up to the black square and get in the ready position (sideways, T position). On the magic word THROW student will throw ball, aiming at the back wall. Students should step, twist and follow-through. On the word GO students will run out and retrieve their groups ball. Next student will get up and get ready. (Teacher should remind students of the cues) THROW and GO with group (add target) Setup poly spot across gym. One student in each group will go stand on the poly spot (outfielder). Only magic word now is THROW. Students will throw to their teammate, then rotate with their group. (Teacher is correcting throwing techniques). HOW MANY? Give groups 1 minute to see how many throws and catches they can get in a minute. Can the beat their score the second time? RACE TO THE BASE Same setup as before. Students will play within their group, against their group members. Thrower will throw ball then race to the base. Outfield will retrieve the ball, then race to the base. First back to the base gets a point. Rules: 1)no sliding, 2)ball must be thrown inbounds, 3)tie goes to the runner.

Wrap-up: Students will line-up. One person in each group will record their names on a group form. Teacher will review essential questions. Ticket Out The Door: (technology integration)

Each student will take home a piece of paper with the PE Padlet web address. As a homework assignment, each student will be required to make a post on the Padlet wall. Ticket should include Padlet address and post directions (see below). Padlet wall also will be linked to PE webpage.
Ticket Out the Door: Go to the following web address, and make a post on the PADLET PE THROWING WALL. The PE Padlet Wall can also be found on the PE webpage. Link: Post should include: Name, 1 cue to the overhand throw. Post before next PE class.

Sample Padlet Wall

LESSON 2: Overhand Throwing Games w/Picture taking

Warm-up: Get back into groups from previous week. Each group will get a ball and throw and catch with each other in the purple. Discussion: Discuss Padlet assignment. Any problems? Anyone unable to post? Review Essential Questions Review cues to proper overhand throwing Discuss importance of teamwork and cooperation (technology integration) Discuss proper handling of the schools digital cameras, how to use cameras and the objective of the cameras for class.

Equipment: Checkout the set of 15 school digital cameras for the week 16 large yellow cones, 30 short orange cones, all gator balls (approx. 70), 16 wiffle balls, basketball goals

Setup: Place the 30 short-orange cones down the middle black line Setup 8 large yellow cones on the baseline of both sides of the basketball court Place one wiffle ball on top of each yellow cone Dump all the gator balls in the playing area Lower basketball goals to approx. 8 feet

Activities: Wiffle Ball Knock Down Split the groups into 2 teams on either side of the court/playing area. Students will throw balls from their side of the gym, trying to knock the wiffle balls off the cones on the opposite side of the gym. The team that can knock all the wiffle balls down first, will be the winning team that round. o Rules: 1. Do NOT touch the wiffle balls or cones on your side 2. No blocking, no guarding 3. Target = yellow cones/wiffle balls o Variations: 1. Add guards to each team, change guards each round 2. Throw gator balls at the basketball goal on opposite side of court if a student makes a basket, they can put a wiffle ball back up on their side. 3. Make a basket students have a choice of putting a wiffle ball back up, sending a student from other team to jail, or rescuing their team from the jail. Capture the Throw (technology integration) Each group will use a digital camera to take turns being the group photographer. Each student will attempt to take a picture of another group member doing an overhand throw (pictures will be used in project next week).

Wrap-up: Students will line-up and review the essential questions. Ticket Out The Door (technology integration): Each student will receive directions/ticket for homework assignment. Each student will search online for a picture of a person/athlete making a proper overhand throw.

Ticket out the door PE Padlet Wall: - A link can also be found on the PE webpage. Directions: Do a google search for a picture of a proper overhand throw. Post the picture to the PE Padlet Wall. Include one cue the thrower is doing correctly. Be sure to tag your name as well.


Lesson 3: Overhand Throwing Assessment/Thinglink Project

Warm-up: Students will come into the gym and do various locomotor movements around the track, then sit with their group and discuss the essential questions and skill cues together. Discussion: Review the essential questions Review cues to a proper overhand throw Discuss ups and downs of playing as a team, working as a group the previous week

Equipment: *Reserve a computer lab for the last 30 minutes of each class. 16 gator balls, 16 medium cones, 16 matching poly spots, assessment rubric, pictures from digital cameras Setup: Setup will be the same as lesson 1.

Activities: Each group will choose one of the throwing games to play with their group. Choices: Throw and Go, Race To The Base, How Many?. While playing the game, students will take turns doing the partner evaluation/assessment using the overhand throwing rubric (attached). Thinklink project (technology integration) Class will go to the computer lab for last 30 minutes of class to do the Thinglink project. Each group will select the best photo they took the previous week of one of their group members making a proper overhand throw. Groups will upload the picture to Thinglink and use the web tool to create links inside their picture. Each picture must have at least 5 links, one of which must be a web link, picture or video. Students should label any throwing cues, when available. Post on the Padlet Wall (technology integration) each group will post their Thinglink picture to the PE Padlet Wall, to share with their grade level. Sample Thinglink on Padlet:

Wrap-up: While in the computer lab, students can look at other posts and critique. Review essential questions. Discuss assessment. Partner Assessment Rubric: In a game-like enviornment, watch your partner make 3 throws. If you see any of the cues or steps below, put a check for that cue in the box below. Add the check marks for a total score. The T position Step w/ opposite Twist the trunk Follow-through Accuracy Student is pointing to Students trunk/mid Student followsStudents throw is foot
target with ball behind head, standing sideways To start throw motion, student steps towards target with front/opposite foot section twists from a sideways position to facing the target through towards the target with throwing arm

close or to the target when throwing

Total Score: