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The CATIA V5 package consists of modules which contain various workbenches (eg Part Design under !echanical Design in "tart menu# containing icons which access menu operations$ The most commonl% used workbenches are the Part Design workbench for creating solids &enerative "hape Design workbench (under "hape in "tart menu# for creating so called open bodies which are surfaces and Assembl% Design workbench to assemble part bodies and open bodies$


'ach workbench contains a set of tools that is dedicated to perform a specific task$ The following workbenches are the commonl% used( ) Part Design: Design parts using a solid modeling approach ) Sketcher: Create *D profiles with associated constraints which is then used to create other +D geometr%$ ) Assembly Design: Assemble parts together with constraints ) Dra ting: Create drawings from parts or assemblies ) !enerati"e Sha#e Design: Design parts using a surface modeling approach

,elow is the la%out of the elements of the standard CATIA application$ !enu Commands "pecification Tree -ilename and e.tension of current document Icon of the active workbench Toolbars specific to the active workbench "tandard Toolbar Compass &eometr% area

The default reference planes are the first three features in an% part file$ Their names are derived from the plane the% are parallel to relative to the part coordinate s%stem( /0 plane 01 plane 1/ plane

Pr) ile: Create *D elements such as points lines arcs circles and$

O#erati)n: !odif% the e.isting elements such as chamfer fillet trim and mirror$

Sketch t))ls: Provide option commands

C)nstraint: "et various dimensional constraints (e$g$ length angle 2 radius# 2 geometrical constraints (e$g$ coincidence concentric hori3ontal and s%mmetric#

*is+ali,ati)n: "implif% the view

A. Pa/ (material added b% e.truding a sketch# B. P)cket (material removed b% e.truding a sketch# C. Sha t (material added b% rotating a sketch# D. !r))"e (material removed b% rotating a sketch# E. Rib (material added b% sweeping a profile along a center curve# '. Sl)t (material removed b% sweeping profile along a center curve# !. H)le (circular material removed from the e.isting solid#4 "everal t%pes of holes are available( "imple Tapered Counterbored Countersinked Counterdrilled$ H. 'illet (creating a curved face of a constant or variable radius that is tangent to and that 5oins two surfaces$# (. Cham er (removing 2 adding a flat section from a selected edge to create a beveled surface between the two original faces common to that edge$# 0. Basic Dra t (adding or removing material depending on the draft angle and the pulling direction# K. Shell (empt% a solid while keeping a given thickness on its sides# $. Translati)n (translating a solid along a direction# -. R)tati)n (rotating a solid about an b% a certain angle# N. Symmetry (translating a solid to the other side of the mirror plane# O. -irr)r (duplicating a solid on the other side of the mirror plane# P. S#lit (splitting a solid with a plane a face or a surface# 1. -+lti2secti)ns S)li/ (material added b% sweeping one or more planar section curves along one or more guide curves R. Rem)"e/ -+lti2secti)ns S)li/ (material removed in the same wa%#