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Maybe a message has been sent, But Biden like many others arent listening!

By Earl Lofland April 27,2014 What I am about to reveal all plays a significant role in how or justice system in Delaware is just as corrupted as much of our elected office, both in Delaware and in Washington DC and all across the US. In order to solve this problem, and many others it will take fresh new minds and ideas, that includes electing people from outside the two party paradigm, that holds much of the blame for the continued path , not only the state has followed but the path that has been taken by those given too much power all across the US. I am here to reveal that Beau and many inside the Democrat party; Choo Choo Joe Biden, Barry Soetoro-Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Bill Ayers, David Plouffe, Jack Markell and many more- too many to name, are following the strategies that Saul Alinsky outlined, how to take over a country. Saul Alinsky was a Communist/Marxist. And one of the strategies that is used and openly quoted by many like another Democrat Raham Emmanuel. Let no crisis go to waste. But the blame is not solely the Democrat party and the people controlling the party, who are leading the state and country down this path. It is people within the Republican Party as well. John McCain, Lyndsy Graham, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich. Pete DuPont, and many, many more, also too many to name. One of my favorite presidential speeches is from John F. Kennedy spoken on this very day,( April 27) , of 1961, titled The President And The Press. In this speech, he brought to light a very serious problem that was given in a rather light-humorous reflection as to who Karl Marx was, and how his ideas oppose our system of government and maybe if he had been given a raise by the Tribune we would not have to contend with such dangers, such as we see has infiltrated our government today. The news regarding drug evidence now missing in Delaware, Beau plans on using this crisis not to better the people of Delaware, but to better the government itself by proposing the state needs a new crime lab that will not only cost millions of dollars to build, it will cost millions of dollars to operate each year, that will add more money needed by the state to balance its fiscal budget, which we have as a Constitutional Amendment in Delaware, that the General Assembly must comply with. To show how corruption works, I present a recent case In Pennsylvania where two northeastern Pennsylvania Judges accepted $2.1 million in illegal payments from The builder, Robert Mericle.. Former Luzerne County Judges Michael Conahan and Mark Ciavarella Jr. plotted to shut down the dilapidated county-run juvenile detention center in 2002 and arrange for

the construction of the PA Child Care facility outside Wilkes-Barre and a second lockup in western Pennsylvania. These are elected officials in PA- judge who convicted for using his official positions to increase profits of a private prison system that has all the workings to create even more corruption dangers to society than already lies within the state run prison systems today. Sending juveniles to prison for crimes that normally would be better handled by providing rehabilitation in drug abuse programs as well as some cases involving minor violent offenses, being handled with anger management programs while under probation, instead of sending them into an environment that would change them mentally, and ultimately cause more damage to society after they are released.

In 1992 Bill Clinton gave an acceptance speech before the Democratic National Committee that revealed some things very revolutionary. One was a new Covenant (which was not really anything new just repackaged to look different). During his acceptance speech he said, As a teenager, I heard John Kennedys summons to citizenship. And then, as a student at Georgetown I heard that call clarified by a professor name Carroll Quigley, who said to us that America was the greatest nation in history because our people had always believed in two things: that tomorrow can be better than today and that every one of us has a personal moral responsibility to make it so. - William Jefferson Clinton So who is Caroll Quigley? And what else did he reveal? I encourage people to read his book Tragedy and Hope Something that actually reveals there is no significant difference between the two parties, when it comes to the end game. The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to the doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so the the American people can 'throw the

rascals out' at any election without leading to any profound or extreme shifts in policy. Professor Caroll Quigley. In 2009 I was a candidate for the only seat Delaware holds in the US House of Congress, I was originally the Candidate for the Constitution Party. That election, myself and Doug Campbell made Delaware, and maybe even US History where for the first time in Delaware two alternate party candidates were running for the same federal office, United States House of Representatives. Because of this crisis Delaware law makers decided to violate the state constitution and change an election law during the election year, instead of answering a very simple question. Does this cause the Constitution Party of Delaware to hold a primary election like the Democrats and Republicans who have more than one candidate running for the same office? Or do we have a convention where other alternate parties do not have more than one person running for the same office. That same year a new department was opened up at the University of Delaware Obama campaign manager David Plouffe and McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt worked together to develope the university's first Center for Political Communication, US News called this a coup for the Blue Hens, which has Vice President Choo ChooJoe Biden among their list of alumni. Now to most people this may sound like a great idea! Giving students a greater understanding in political science and helping to advance a persons interest in pursuing a political career. However, this too was not the case. During that election year. This new Communications department held a debate for candidates running for US Senate and the US House of Representatives. But the those running on an alternate party were denied even going in to the room where the debates were being held, Not to mention were never invited to be included. The problem with this, UD in accordance to their Articles of Incorporations are a not for profit organization and are required under the Internal Revenue Code to NOT DISCRIMINATE against individuals based on among other issues political party affiliation, while the debate was being nationally heralded as an Open forum for all candidates. This caused me to demand redress from the UD. Where I contacted the Board of Trustees and the Dean expressing this blatant violation and that unless a remedy was provided I would file a complaint against UD with the Internal Revenue Service for violation of their non profit status. (It may have gave a little more persuasion that I mentioned that I was recognized as at Tax Professional by the IRS). The remedy UD provided was equal amounts of air time on the UD Radio network, all the alternate party candidates running for the same offices, were interviewed by the radio news casters. There was no real remedy for being denied participating in the debate, the week prior but since they admitted their err, this was a fair compromise.

In closing this lengthy note, The problems we face are best resolved through looking at the problem, an agenda that has been long thought out, and played through exploiting the general populations trust in a false sense of integrity that has long since left the building like Elvis. It was a great run while it lasted, But now it is time to look for something new, Something without the corruption that is fed by people given too much power and authority, and by people who abuse that authority and power to abuse the very people who entrust them to make our society better, only to find they are making it worse, and causing the tax payer to pay for the problems that those elected are causing by following the same path of corruption and destruction of what was a great experiment that has now turned into a mad scientists Frankenstein.