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Rocky river city school district

Strategic Plan FALL 2009

Globally Competitive
Exceptional Opportunities
Caring Environment
Successful Students
Strategic Planning Initiative MISSION
Our Strategic Plan outlines actions designed to achieve
desired outcomes. It is a statement of the Rocky River
City School District’s mission, beliefs, and goals. It
defines what we as a community envision for the future
of our schools, and details objectives and strategies to
guide us on our journey.

Approved by the Board of Education on June 25, 2009,

this Plan will serve as the compass by which the District
will chart its course for the next ten years.

It is with sincere appreciation that we thank the members

of the CORE and Action Planning Teams. These BELIEFS
community members, civic leaders, and Rocky River We believe…
City School District students, parents, and staff gave of
• Students are the heart of our purpose.
their time and talents as we addressed the challenges
of our global future. • Student success requires a partnership among family,
school and community.
We present this plan to the community with excitement • A Rocky River education empowers values, inspires
and look forward to working together to ensure its curiosity and encourages talents that lead to success.
• High expectations lead to high achievement.
• Lifelong learners thrive as they embrace the changing
global society.
Rocky River Board Of Education
An exceptional school district demonstrates all of the above.
Jay Milano, President
Kathleen Goepfert, Vice President
Jean A. Rounds, Member
Scott Swartz, Member By 2014…
• All students will engage in contemporary, globally
Superintendent competitive curricular and co-curricular programs of
Michael G. Shoaf, Ed.D.
• All students will achieve their educational goals
incorporating the highest international standards.
Internal Facilitator
Elizabeth A. Anderson • All students will participate in a student-centered
environment that addresses educational, social and
emotional needs.
• All students will learn through lessons and experience
that communication is open, sincere, timely and
• All students will attend schools that are state-of-the-
art facilities.
• All students will learn in an environment that is
technologically competitive on a global level.
Develop guidelines, protocol Provide facilities that meet Recruit, hire and retain
and procedures to disseminate our mission. exceptional staff and provide
information to all students, staff, professional development to
parents, alumni and community 1. Recommendations from the accomplish our mission and
about the strategic plan, facility study for repairs and strategic objectives.
including updates on progress updates to district facilities are
and status in achieving our complete. 1. The Rocky River Local
mission. 2. A facilities master plan provides Professional Development
a blueprint for buildings that Committee researches,
1. District staff members support student success. promotes and communicates
understand and are committed 3. District facilities meet available, pertinent professional
to the achievement of the instructional and operational development opportunities.
mission. technology needs for all 2. Collaborative opportunities are
2. Students understand and students, faculty, staff and provided in each building during
support the achievement of the administrators. the workday.
mission. 4. A facilities master plan provides 3. Administrators research,
3. Parents, alumni, civic leaders, a blueprint for non-instructional promote and communicate
and community members buildings and services available, pertinent training
understand, support and work (transportation, maintenance, opportunities for non-certified
toward the accomplishment of Beach, Wooster and Board of employees.
the mission. Education Offices). 4. A comprehensive approach is
4. Updates on the progress 5. The capital improvement plan in place to assure the district
and status of achieving our uses federal, state, local and continues to recruit and hire
District’s strategic objectives non-traditional funding sources. exceptional employees.
are accessible to stakeholders 5. Exceptional employees
in a variety of formats, choose to make a long-term
including social media. commitment to the district.


CO-CURRICULUM Provide traditional and non- Ensure availability of technology
Develop systems to ensure the traditional fiscal resources to and training necessary to support
same expectation of excellence meet our mission. achievement of our mission and
in all programs, curricular and strategic objectives.
co-curricular. 1. Alternative revenue streams
supplement traditional funding 1. All students have equal access
1. Curricula, instruction and sources for all District programs. and opportunities to use
assessments are aligned and 2. Operational efficiencies and technology.
articulated. cost-containment measures are 2. A culture is established
2. Data guides instruction, instituted to optimize resources where technological literacy
appropriate to an individual’s for District programs. is expected at all levels of the
skills, needs and developmental 3. The community is informed on organization.
stages. the District’s financial status and 3. A dynamic, comprehensive
3. A rigorous curriculum the Ohio school finance infrastructure exists that
ensures that every student is environment. supports teaching and learning.
appropriately challenged and 4. A “rainy day” fund is established
learning at his/her highest level. and maintained to help ensure
4. Multiple assessments provide financial stability.
student driven data necessary
to communicate progress
in each child’s growth and
5. Rocky River students are
prepared to succeed in an
increasingly interconnected and
competitive world.
Members Communication Human Resources
Chuck Bartsche Deb DeCarlo Carol Benyo
Deb Bernard Dianna Foley Ted Blank
Diane Boylan Kathy Goepfert Kathleen Erzen
Kathy Bryda Jean Rounds Anne George
Nancy Calcott Louise Vertal Kathy Goepfert
Jackie Daugherty Cathy Voitlein Candace Hecker
Donna English Gary Lanzen
Jon Fancher Curriculum and Jim Schieda
Dianna Foley Co-Curriculum Jackie Seedhouse
Deb Furry Elizabeth Anderson
Tara Grabowski Cathy Bitounis Technology
Brian Hagan Michelle Buttari Dave Abood
Nancy Hanson Laura Cook Elizabeth Anderson
Marybeth Harter Jackie Daugherty Henry Chaski
Anne Hartman Peg Liberatore Scott Crawford
Maeve Kessler Jean Rounds Dianna Foley
Vicki Kozub Anne Marie Snow Tom Gallagher
Rachel Marotta Betsy Lauer
James Meyer Facilities Ivan Locci
Jay Milano Anne Hartman Cherie Pandora
Todd Murphy Jay Milano Dave Root
Husein Nakhooda Mark Rantala Tim Shreve
Mark Rantala Dan Rose Kristen Stephens
Jean Rounds Jim Schieda Bence Toth
John Rowland Vern Sharbaugh Ed Vennetti
Vern Sharbaugh Michael Shoaf Mark Wagner
Michael Shoaf Rich Thomas Matt Williams
Louise Vertal
External Facilitators Chuck Bartsche
Paul Kapostasy Deb Furry
George Tarbuck Greg Markus
Rachel Marotta
Internal Facilitator Joseph Pampush
Elizabeth Anderson Scott Swartz