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Students in 2nd ESO worked in their Maths lesson. They worked in groups. After nishing the stories they voted the best one. Diego, Gonzalo and Mario were the authors of the chosen story.


Patrick (A) and his girlfriend, Angelina (B), went to the gym to become t. In the dressing room, Angelina, met her friend Alice (C). Patrick was t and hunk, Angelina had a normal weight and Alice, was overweight. They started running and they noticed that the three of them didn!t get the same muscle mass iat the same time. After twelve minutes exercises Patrick won 0!2 kilos muscle mass, Angelina won 0!6 kilos. However Alice only won 0!05 kilos. After 60 minutes, Patrick had won 1kilo, Angelina 1!8 kilos and Alice 0!2 kilos. After 84 minutes, Patrick had won 1!4 kilos, Angelina 2 kilos and Alice 0!6 kilos. After 108 minutes, Patrick had won 1!8kilos, Angelina 2!3kilos and Alice 1 kilo. After 132 minutes, Patrick had won 2!2 kilos, Angelina 2!4 and Alice 1!6 kilos. After 156 minutes, Patrick had won 2!4 kilos, Angelina 2!8 kilos and Alice 2 kilos. And nally, after 180 minutes exercise Patrick, Angelina and Alice had increased their muscle mass by 3 kilos.


A brand of Fluor toothpaste is trying to improve their product, so they made an experiment, they mixed water and Fluor in different ways, to see which one was better in order to present it to the market .A: rst little water water and then much water. .B: as always, progressively. .C: rst a lot of water and then little water. They compared the results and the best Fluor toothpaste was A, because it has the same ingredients but different elaboration and different texture.

DIEGO, GONZALO AND MARIO There are 3 different discos in a town: Disco A, B and C. They open at midnight. Disco A gets clients faster than the other two discos. Disco C gets clients slower than the other two discos. During the rst two hours, Disco A and B get more clients than in the rest of the night, but Disco C gets fewer clients than in the other hours, for example, at 2 o!clock Disco A had 190 clients, Disco B had 120 clients and Disco C had 50 clients. But then, at 4 o!clock Disco A got 260 clients, Disco B got 230 clients and Disco C got 180 clients. At 5 o!clock all of them, Disco A, B and C got 300 clients. Draw a graph that represents this.


Jack wanted to know how many calories he could lose in 180 minutes doing two of his favourite sports: running and climbing mountains. He also wanted to know how many calories he could lose walking. He did all the exercises and he recorded the time and the calories he lost. First he went running, then walking and then climbing a mountain. This is what he obtained: - During 24 minutes running fast he lost approximately 120 calories. The same time walking at the same speed he lost 40 calories. When climbing he lost 10 calories because he was at the bottom of a mountain and he didn!t need a big effort. - During 84 minutes running he lost 200 calories. The same time walking he lost 140 calories because he was going upstairs in a building. When climbing he lost 70 calories because he was starting the slope of the mountain. - During 144 minutes running he lost 260 calories. The same time walking he lost 240 calories.

When climbing he lost 190 calories because he was going up the mountain. - And at the end, after 180 minutes: running walking and climbing he had lost : The SAME calories: 300! Incredible! The exercises were different, and they were with different speed: First, when running he was very fast at the beginning because he wanted to give the maximum, but them he reduced his speed because he was getting tired. Then, while walking he went the same speed all the time and the calories he lost were regular with the time he was walking. Finally climbing the mountain he was ne at the bottom of the mountain where he lost less calories but then, in the slope he was losing more calories because he was making more effort. And they ALL lost the same amount of calories! His aim was completely successful!

SARA Liam, Sally and John wanted to know who was better running. They decided to run 30 minutes. the winner will be the one that could run more kilometers, Liam said. They started to run and they did this: Liam: he started very quickly. Sally: she started neither very quickly but nor very slowly. John: He started very slowly.

10 minutes later they were like this: Liam: he had run 1.7 km. Sally: She had run 1 km. John: He had run 0.3 km.

Liam was going the rst but when they had been running for 20 minutes, Liam started going slowly because he was very tired. Sally was running with the same rythm. And John was running more and more quickly. After 20 minutes running they were like this: Liam: 2.5 km. Sally: 2 km. John: 1.3

But to their surprise, the three of them arrived to the goal at the same time! Incredible! They rhad run different ways but the result was the same for the three.