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Michele Palazzo Teacher_____________________ Date________________________ Subject______________________ Objective: Students will be able to use their knowledge of producers, consumers, secondar

consumers, tertiar consumers, and decomposers to recreate food chains! Lesson Presentation: "! #n groups, students will recei$e pictures of different organisms from different le$els of the food chain! The students will be told that toda the are going to become different organisms of a food chain! %! &lass will re$iew lesson from esterda , roles of producers, consumers, secondar and tertiar consumers, and decomposers in food chains! '! (ach group will also recei$e ribbon) arn! *! The teacher will model how to recreate a food chain with two students, using the pictures gi$en! +! (ach group will create food chains connecting the picture the are wearing to the ne,t appropriate le$el b holding onto a piece of string and passing it! -! Students will create food chain from grasslands habitat and from an ocean habitat! .! /nce the ha$e completed their food chains, the will redraw what the created in their science notebooks, labeling each organism and its role! 0! (ach student will also recei$e a sheet of 1uestions to be answered in their science notebooks! 2! /nce students ha$e completed drawing the food chain and answering 1uestion, the students will share their answers with their group! "3! Students will recei$e a 4what stuck with me5 stick and post it to chart paper! Essential Questions: "! 6ow does _________ 7a producer, a consumer, or a decomposer8 pla a role in ecos stems and food chains9 %! #f ____________ 7producers, consumers, or decomposers8 how would the ecos stem and food chain be affected9 Differentiation: :roup "; organism pictures with description of role 7me8 :roup %; where the organism gets its energ 7para "8 :roup '; just picture of organism 7para %8 Materials: =ood chain pictures Science journals >uestion sheet ?arn) String Assessment: &ompletion of acti$it <ournal 1uestions

Scope and Sequence Standard: &lassif populations of organisms as producers, consumers, or decomposers b the role the ser$e in the ecos stem 7food chains and food webs8 @(! -!" a;d

Science <ournal >uestions :roup ": "! %! '! *! Draw a picture and label the name of what ga$e the producer energ ! Draw a picture and label a producer from the food chain ou created! Draw a picture and label who ate the producer! That is where its energ went! Draw a picture and label a decomposer!

Science <ournal >uestions :roup % "! :i$e an e,ample of a producer! 6ow do producers get their energ 9 %! Ahat would happen to producers if there was no sunlight9 '! &reate our own food chain from an habitat with a producer, consumer, secondar consumer, and decomposer! *! Ahat role to decomposers pla 9

Science <ournal >uestions :roup ' "! Ahat would happen to ecos stems if there was no sunlight9 %! #f we took decomposers out of food chains, what would happen9 '! Ah are the arrows in food chains important9 *! &reate our own food chain with a producer, consumer, secondar consumer, tertiar consumer, and decomposer!