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BUSI 520


In the first week of class, you will be assigned to a group where you will work with other classmates for the purpose of completing the Marketing Management Group Project (MMGP). While you will complete the MMGP as a group, you will complete an individual assignment in Modules/Weeks 2, 3, 5, 6, & 7. Though you will be interacting within a specific group for your assignment, you must complete your assignment independently of the group. Each group is responsible for assigning the individual components for each of the module assignments. The individual assignments are due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) every Sunday. NOTE: The individual assignment must be at least 500 words (excluding references) and contain corroborating research. The preferred corroborating research for each individual assignment are peer-reviewed Marketing journals. At least two authored sources must be used each week that are unique to each of your individual papers. Then after each individual paper is graded and your instructor has included suggestions/comments for your assignment, each person will then make the necessary changes/edits to their individual paper. The group will then compile the individually edited components into one cohesive document for that Module/Week. These steps are repeated until Module/Week 7. (There wont be enough time for the instructor to grade the individual MMGP assignments in Module/Week 7 in time for the final papers deadline.) If each group stays on task with the edits and compiling, there wont much to do at the end of the course. In Module/Week 7, the cohesive paper is to be edited by all of the team members. Then paper will be submitted to a SafeAssign Draft to check for any plagiarism issues (three draft checks are available). In Module/Week 8, each group should compile the five group discussion board assignments, modifying them as necessary for the feedback given by the professor. In addition, a brief introduction delineating the purpose of the Group Marketing Management Project and a Recommendations and Conclusions section, of approximately two (2) pages in length, should be included. Within the Recommendations and Conclusion sections, information related to what you would do differently, or the same, based upon the research that has been conducted should be included. In addition, general recommendations should also be included. An appendix is included as well. With the length being 17-20 pages, it is recommended that students find at least 25 authored scholarly resources (i.e. 25 resources would result in minimal points for that category). A team member will upload the paper within that module/weeks SafeAssign MMGP: Research Paper Final Submission link. The final submission is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday.