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Rachel Grant

3 Leonard Avenue, #2 Cambridge, MA 02139 10.!2".001! Education #randei$ %niver$it&, 'altham, MA, expected July 2014 Ma$ter o( Art$ in )eaching, *ublic +lementar& Concentration ,a$$ar College, *ough-ee.$ie, /0, May 2007 #achelor o( Art$, %rban 1tudie$ Certification Ma$$achu$ett$ 2nitial )eaching Licen$e, +lementar& 3rade$ 14 , expected July 2014 M)+L$ *a$$ed5 6oundation$ o( 7eading8 Communication$ and Literac& 97eading and 'riting 1ubte$t$:8 3eneral Curriculum 9Mathematic$ and Multi41ub;ect 1ubte$t$: Ma$$achu$ett$ 2nitial Licen$e, )eacher o( 1tudent$ <ith Moderate =i$abilitie$ 3rade$ >4?, expected July 2014 Ma$$achu$ett$ 1heltered +ngli$h 2n$truction +ndor$ement, expected July 2014 Qualifications @ver (ive &ear$ o( eA.erience in educational $etting$, in role$ including $tudent teacher, lead cla$$room teacher and teaching a$$i$tant +A.erience <ith $tudent$ (rom a <ide variet& o( cultural, lingui$tic and $ocioeconomic bac-ground$ Teaching Experience Student Teacher, Cambridge.ort +lementar& 1chool, Cambridge, MA Fall 2013-Present B*lan and im.lement multi.le <ee-4long le$$on $erie$ in math, reading, <riting, $cience and $ocial $tudie$, in accordance <ith Common Core 1tate 1tandard$ and di$trict curriculum guideline$ BManage diver$e cla$$ o( 19 $tudent$, including t<o $tudent$ <ith 2+*$ and t<o +ngli$h Language Learner$, u$ing 7e$.on$ive Cla$$room $trategie$ B*rovide $mall grou. in$truction and individual $u..ort acro$$ curriculum, targeted to $.eci(ic $tudent need$ B*lan and im.lement guided reading le$$on$ (or t<o grou.$ o( high4level reader$, a$ <ell a$ con(erence one4on4one <ith $tudent$ during reading and <riting <or-$ho. Readin !nstructi"n !ntern, *l&m.ton +lementar& 1chool, 'altham, MA Su##er 2013 B*rovided individual and $mall4grou. balanced literac& in$truction to ri$ing $econd grade $truggling reader$, including .honic$ le$$on$, interactive read aloud and guided reading BA$$e$$ed $tudent reading level$ <ith running record$ and 6ounta$ C *innell #enchmarA$$e$$ment 1&$tem

$an ua e and %ulture &ssistant, D. 7. DimEneF *rimar& 1chool, Madrid, 1.ain Fall 2011-Sprin 2013 B=e$igned interactive activitie$ to enrich +ngli$h and $cience curriculum BCollaborated <ith and $u..orted teacher$ in the cla$$room, giving individual attention to $truggling $tudent$ B*re.ared $tudent$ (or )rinit& College 3raded +Aam in 1.o-en +ngli$h B6o$tered o.en cla$$room atmo$.here and encouraged +ngli$h Language Learner$ to communicate orall& $an ua e and %ulture &ssistant, Alhambra 1econdar& 1chool, 3ranada, 1.ain Fall 2010-Su##er 2011 B=evelo.ed $u..lemental curriculum to (acilitate oral .ractice <ith +ngli$h Language Learner$ BCoordinated activitie$ <ith math, $ocial $tudie$ and $cience teacher$ B'or-ed one4on4one <ith $tudent$ and (acult& to increa$e +ngli$h conver$ation $-ill$ Third 'rade Teacher, G. C. Ander$on *rimar& 1chool, *achuca, MeAico Fall 200(-Su##er 2010 B2m.lemented reading, $cience, $.elling and grammar curriculum and develo.ed $ocial $tudie$ curriculum BAda.ted le$$on$ to meet the need$ o( +ngli$h Language Learner$ <ith a <ide range o( abilitie$ through di((erentiated in$truction and le$$on $ca((olding BManaged t<o cla$$room$ o( thirt&4three $tudent$ each !nstructi"nal &id and )"lunteer %""rdinat"r, 1+ 'or-$, *ortland, @7 Fall 200*-Su##er 200( B=evelo.ed and im.lemented college readine$$ curriculum (or at4ri$- &outh B*rovided eAten$ive one4on4one tutoring in math, $cience, <riting, reading and $ocial $tudie$ BA$$e$$ed $tudent need$ and develo.ed individualiFed educational material$ B7ecruited, trained, coordinated and $u.ervi$ed volunteer tutor$ Other Professional Experience Fundraisin &ssistant, 0e$ on "9 Cam.aign, *ortland, @7 Fall 2007 B*roce$$ed and trac-ed donation$ and managed (ollo<4u. mailing$ (or a $tate<ide environmental cam.aign BCoordinated admini$trative volunteer$ B*rovided general $u..ort in a bu$&, (a$t4.aced o((ice environment Language Skills 1.ani$h (luenc& 9(our &ear$ o( immer$ion: