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CONFIDENTIALITY AND NONDISCLOSURE AGREEMENT This Agreement is made on this ______ day of ______________, 2009 by and between R TV,

("Discloser" , and _______________________________, (Reci!ient" " #hereas, the Discloser has de$elo!ed certain $al%able information, conce!ts, or ideas, for a tele$ision show which the Discloser deems confidential (hereinafter referred to as the "&nformation" ' and #hereas the Reci!ient is a ________________________ and wishes to re$iew the &nformation for the !%r!ose of assisting the Discloser in _________________________________ or for other !%r!oses related to the !romotion of the &nformation' and #hereas the Discloser wishes to disclose this &nformation to the Reci!ient' and #hereas the Reci!ient is willing to not disclose this &nformation, as !ro$ided in this Agreement" (ow, Therefore in consideration of the foregoing !remises and the m%t%al co$enants hereinafter set forth and other $al%able consideration, the )arties hereto agree as follows* +" Disclos%re* Discloser shall disclose to the Reci!ient the &nformation, which concerns the Discloser,s ________________________, (the ")rod%ct" " 2" )%r!ose* Reci!ient agrees that this disclos%re is only for the !%r!ose of the Reci!ient,s assistance in e$al%ating Reci!ients f%t%re !artici!ation with the Discloser regarding the )rod%ct" -" .imitations on /se* Reci!ient agrees not to co!y, sell, deal in, man%fact%re, !rod%ce, or otherwise %se or a!!ro!riate the disclosed &nformation in any way whatsoe$er, incl%ding b%t not limited to ada!tation, imitation, redesign, rewrite, or modification" (othing contained in this Agreement shall be deemed to gi$e the Reci!ient any rights whatsoe$er in and to the &nformation" 0" 1onfidentiality* Reci!ient %nderstands and agrees that the %na%thori2ed disclos%re of the &nformation by the Reci!ient to others wo%ld irre!arably damage the Discloser" As consideration and in ret%rn for the disclos%re of this &nformation, the Reci!ient shall 3ee! secret and hold in confidence all s%ch &nformation and treat the &nformation as if it were the Reci!ient,s own !ro!rietary !ro!erty by not disclosing it to any !erson or entity" 4" 5iscellany* This Agreement shall be binding %!on and shall in%re to the benefit of the )arties and their res!ecti$e legal re!resentati$es, s%ccessors, and assignees" &n #itness #hereof, the )arties ha$e signed this Agreement as of the date set forth abo$e" Discloser* __________________________ 6or R TV Reci!ient* __________________________ ACTOR / MODEL PICTURE AND NAME RELEASE +" 6or $al%able consideration recei$ed, &, ___________________________, hereby irre$ocably grant to R TV, its s%bsidiaries, affiliates, nominees, licensees, their s%ccessors and assignees, and those acting with the a%thority (hereinafter collecti$ely referred to as ")rod%ction 1om!any" , with res!ect to the !hotogra!hs, film or ta!e ta3en of me by or on behalf of the )rod%ction 1om!any (the ")ict%res" , the %nrestricted absol%te, !er!et%al, worldwide right to*

(a Re!rod%ce, co!y, modify, create deri$ati$es in whole or in !art, or otherwise %se the )ict%res or any !art thereof in combination with or as a com!osite of other matter, incl%ding, b%t not limited to, te7t, data, images, !hotogra!hs, ill%strations, animation and gra!hics, $ideo or a%dio segments of any nat%re, in any media or embodiment, now 3nown or hereafter to become 3nown, incl%ding, b%t not limited to, all formats of com!%ter readable electronic magnetic, digital laser or o!tical8based media (the "#or3s" for any !%r!ose whatsoe$er, and (b /se and !ermit to be %sed my name, whether in original or modified form, in connection with the #or3s as )rod%ction 1om!any may choose, and (c Dis!lay, !erform, e7hibit, distrib%te, transmit or broadcast the #or3s by any means now 3nown or hereafter to become 3nown" 2" & hereby wai$e all rights and release and discharge the )rod%ction 1om!any from, and shall neither s%e nor bring any !roceeding against any s%ch !arties for, any claim, demand or ca%se of action whether now 3nown or %n3nown, for defamation, in$asion of the right to !ri$acy, !%blicity or !ersonality or any similar matter, or based %!on or relating to the %se and e7!loitation of the )ict%res" -" & agree that there shall be no obligation to %tili2e the a%thori2ation granted by me here%nder" The terms of this a%thori2ation shall commence on the date hereof and be witho%t limitation" 0" & warrant and re!resent that & am o$er the age of +9 years and that & am free to enter into this agreement" (ame* Address* ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ Date* ___________

#itness* Address*

http://forums.c soc!"t#.or /$rch!%"/!&'"(.php/t)*+,-./.htm0

1. Decide on a theme and the foundation of your cartoon series ( asy enough!

". #hink of the different characters that $ould make up your cartoon series Done %. ngage a good cartoon script$riter to de&elop a pilot script and a set of synopsis based on your theme and idea 'ithout saying! :)

(. )et a good design or animation house to design a set of characters for your cartoon series *ere is the one problem area. +n some cases if not most cases this $ill take a lot of money. +f you look here e&en on this board so many people are not $illing to collab at all due to the high ideas but not going any$here factor lea&ing them burned. *o$ did you o&ercome this hurdle, + kno$ ho$ + o&ercame them but ho$ $ould others o&ercome them. -tep . goes $ithout saying

/. 'ith a character bible0 you can approach an animation house and ask them to produce a teaser or a pilot episode based on the series Do you ha&e a list of animation houses looking for pro1ects and $ho $ould produce %-. minutes $ithout the "20222 dollar a minute price tag at the least, 3. 4rom here0 you can take t$o routes. #he first route $ould be to approach a distribution company. #his one + liked. 5ery useful for me. + thought of this before but passed it up. +6m going to re&isit this idea. asiest $ay to find them for folks reading this is find the type of film you $ant to produce. )o look at films similiar to your film and find out $ho distributed it. +t6s as easy as looking on the back of a D5D bo7 and doing a )oogle search. :) 8ou should not sign any contract at this point because you can t guarantee production of the sho$ yet. 8ou should instead ask for a letter of interest from the distributor. 'ith this letter of interest you can approach in&estors to sho$ them that a distributor $ould take your sho$. *ere in lies the problem. 'here do you find these in&estors, *o$ do you look for one, +s there a place you can go to find one, *o$ did you find your in&estors, 'ho do you approach and take it to, 5ery good approach. +6d lo&e to see you e7pand. 8our sight is no$ one of my fa&s!