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Full Infinitive 1. 2. To express a pourpose. I went to the supermarket to buy some milk. I go to the table dance to study anatomy.

After it + be + adjective (nice , luxurious).

- It was incredible to believe it. -Thah strong boy was handsome to kiss him. 3. After (first , second , last , best). - Pancho was the first dog to travel in spaceship. - Nancy was the first girl to love me. 4. After certain adjectives (afraid , surprise, free, happy , ready , sorry). - You are so happy to drink a lot. -He is surprise to think well. 5. After too and enough. - You are too young to go to a chippendale. - He is too ugly to be my boyfriend. -The teacher is strong enough to break a door. -You are short enough to knock the door. 6.After certain verbs(appear, decide , forget , hope , learn , need , offer , refuse). - I afford to buy everything. -we agree to have a new president. EXAMPLES -Petty was the first to finish the race. -The Mclaren is the best car to drive. -He is so angry to calm quick. -She is sad to dance. -He is enough old to enter. -It is too low to race. -You are decide to speak withe she.

-He is so hope to believe pass the exam. ING FORM After cerain verbs Like, Start, Love, Finish, Hate, Continue, Enjoy, Keep, Prefer, Stop, Suggest, Beggin, Spend, Imagine. I Like swimming She loves smokin He hates running We enjoy playing You prefer loving

Causative form Present Time Subject + have or get + object + Past Participle o o o o o I have my house painted I get my car washed I have my cake baked I have my hair cut I get my pan cleaned

Present Progressive Time o o I am having my boyfriend kissed I am getting my car washed

Past Time o o I had my hair cut I got my boyfriend kissed

Past Progressive Time o I was getting my room cleaned

Future Time o I will get my pan cleaned

Present Perfect Time o I have got my car washed

Past Perfect Time o I had had my dog fed

Must o I must have my cake baked.

MODAL VERBS Must Mustnt Should Shouldn`t Can Cant Could Couldnt I must do the homework. You Should do the homework I cant do the homework I couldnt do the homework

I must have forgotten my car. I could have the seen the movie. You cant have met the new boss. We Should have come th the party early. They shouldnt have shouted hard. You use could have when you express a posibility in the past. Must have when you want express that something happened in the past. Can have if you want express something that didnt happen Should have if you want express regret something that didnt happen in the past. CONDITIONAL TYPE 3 If + Past + Perfect-------------------------------------------would/could/might + Past Participle We use when talk about unreal or imaginary situations in the past. If i had wont the lottery. I would left my job If i hadn`t drink a lot I wouldnt have crashed my car.