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PROFILE BASED: Sydney, Australia MOBILE: 0433 803 449 VITAL STATISTICS D.O.B: 30/1/1985 WAIST: 60cm HEIGHT: 160cm NECK: 30cm EMAIL: WEBSITE: WEIGHT: 49kg CHEST:82cm BUILD: Small SHOE SIZE: 7 ½ HIPS: 84cm

NATIONALITY: Australian born Vietnamese EDUCATION 2007 2002 FEATURE FILM YEAR
2013 2013 2013 2012 2012

LANGUAGES(S) Vietnamese (Fluent), English & Japanese (Basic)

Bachelor of Psychology, University of Western Sydney (UWS), Bankstown Year 12 HSC, Canley Vale High School
Comedy Drama Martial Arts Action Martial Arts Action Drama Musical comedy drama

Change of Our Lives Fist of The Dragon (US & China) The Gathering (US) Seeing The Elephant The Sapphires

Cancer Council New Horizons & Ace Studios Independent Information & Cultural Exchange (ICE) Goalpost Pictures

Director/ cameo actor for “Bich” Action fight team & acting role as “Zhen”; female rogue assassin Vietnamese fighter Supporting actor; Anna Guerrilla armed female fighter

Associate Producer: Debbie Nguyen Dir: Antony Szeto Producer: Roger Corman Director: Johnyray Gasca Director: Amin Palangi Director: Wayne Blair

2014 2009 2008, aired Sept. 2008

TV Series TV Series TV Show

Maximum Choppage My Place ABC/ JTV Hack Half Hour – Episode 2 – “Fight” “Downtown Rumble”

Matchbox Pictures Matchbox Pictures ABC/ JTV

Stunt double for “Petal” Thi Mai, Vietnamese mother Interviewee

Director: Craig Melville Director: Shaun Seet

TV 6 part interstitial


Leading actress/ martial artist.

Director: Ryan Peters

2009 2005

Comedy Musical Musical

Aussie Cuoi The King And I

Fairfield City Council Cabramatta Community Centre

Cuoi’s wife & Community Liaison Fan Girl

Producer: Tiffany Lee Shoy Director: Caleb Winch

2013 2013 2013 2013 2012

Action Comedy 80s style Action Infomercial Short Doco Action Comedy Action Comedy

Enter The Dojo II Tiger Cop II Zero To Hero Share Your Story Gaffa
(Winner of Hoyts People’s Choice Awards for the 2013 Joyhouse Film Festival)

Jusmedla Studios & Fideo FIlms Jusmedla Studios & Fideo FIlms In association with Jusmedia Studios Cancer Council Jusmedla Studios & Fideo FIlms Jusmedla Studios & Fideo FIlms

Iron Lotus (Main martial arts fighter) Female Fighter Daisy – the captive Interviewer/ producer Female Fighter

Director: Adrian Castro Director: Adrian Castro Director: Corrie Chen

Director: Adrian Castro & Craig Anderson Director: Adrian Castro


Hit Girls

Charlie Vu

Winner of the 2013 Action of Film Festival, Los Angeles 2013 Breakout Action Star – Female 2013 Best Villain - Short

2012 2011

Action Comedy Mock Short Short doco Trailer

Enter The Dojo Hot Bread Shop
Officially selected for the 2011 Colourfest Film Festival

Jusmedla Studios & Fideo FIlms Dragon Vision Productions Phoenix Eye Production Phoenix Eye Production Information & Cultural Exchange (ICE) You Cake Productions You Cake Productions Fairfield City Council

Iron Lotus (Main martial arts fighter) Role of Kim Cuc, mother Writer/ Director/ Producer Producer/ Director Producer Director/ Writer Director Director

Director: Adrian Castro Director/ Writer Phoenixeye Production

Vietnamese Mosaic

Quest for Jackie Chan! Real or Imagine
Winner of Pop Series: Shorts that Speak Out! Competition


Short Drama Mock Short Mock Short Short Doco

Director: Moses Kuteesa Director: Somchay P. Director: Somchay P. Co-Producer: Joseph Dinh

Bullies Interpretations Vietnamese Storycubes
Screening at 2009 South East Asian: Text Ritual & Performance Conference, Riverside, California



Short Docodrama Short Drama Short Drama

Happy Dent

Mai Am Tan Binh

Director/ Writer


Best Film & Achievement in Directing 2008 Shortcuts Film Festival

A Little Dream The Elevator

Metro Screen Information & Cultural Exchange

Director/ Writer Producer/ Editor

Metro Screen Multicultural Grant People’s Choice Awards, YFlicks Film Forum

SKILLS MARTIAL ARTS 1998 - 2005 World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) Hwa Rang Taekwondo – Black belt - 1998 NSW Station Junior Champion (Orange Belt) 2006 - 2010 Teo Chew Association, Shaolin Kung Fu & Lion Dancing 2011 - Current Dong Tam Martial Arts – Hapkido; Yellow belt – green tip OTHER PHYSICAL SKILLS  Wirework for martial arts fight choreography  Gun and weaponry handling  Hand-to-hand screen fighting combat  Butterfly knives PUBLIC SPEAKING  5 years’ experience in MCing events, weddings and functions  TV presenting skills (Foxtel’s segment “Chatterbox TV”) & hosting GENERAL SKILLS  Workshop trainer and facilitator (Topics: Leadership, film, acting, creative abilities etc…)

REFERENCES (Please ask Maria for details)
Mouna Zaylah Community Cultural Development Manager Information & Cultural Exchange (ICE) Antony Szeto Director/ Producer Ace Studios, Nanhai - China Tiffany lee Shoy Senior Cultural and Urban Planner Fairfield City Council Danielle Antaki Managing Director Powerhouse Youth Theatre Craig Anderson Director/writer “Double the Fist” & “Myles Review” ABC TV Series

Craig Graham Executive Producer Fredbird Entertaiment

Mike Leeder Casting Director – Asia Screencorps

Trung Ly Youth General Manager Dong Tam Martial Arts Youth Association