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*$$+$,( -.$/.'$01 The miuule lies between a place of a giowing anu fulfilling
faith in }esus Chiist anu a place of no faith at all. Too many miuule anu high school
stuuents have a faith that lies in the miuule. It is a faith that is stagnant anu
unuefineu which leaus to an aveiage, empty, anu puiposeless life. But the ieality is
that }esus nevei calleu us to live a life in the miuule. In fact, }esus came to give life,
anu to give it to the full. }esus came to uestioy meuiociity anu to give puipose. But
too often oui miuule anu high school stuuents settle foi a faith in the miuule. It has
become acceptable to live with one foot in the woilu anu one foot in the chuich. It is
all to common to claim }esus with oui lips but ueny Bim in oui heaits chaiacteiizeu
by oui actions anu attituue. The most uangeious thing about the miuule is that
unless given an outsiue peispective, it is almost impossible to iealize you aie theie.
We weie nevei calleu us to be peifect but iathei to live in a passionately engageu
ielationship with oui Savioi chaiacteiizeu by a giowing faith in Bim anu love foi

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Bottom Line: An unuefineu ielationship with }esus means an unimpoitant
ielationship with }esus.

Sciiptuie: Natthew 16:21-28, Revelation S:1S-16

Nessage 0veiview: When you aie in the miuule, it's haiu to see it unless someone
tells you. In this message, we will uesciibe anu unpack what it looks like to live in
the miuule. Anything that is in the miuule lacks uefinition. Anu ultimately, unuefineu
means unimpoitant. Anu if unuefineu means unimpoitant, then uefineu gives
uiiection anu that is exactly what }esus uoes. Be gives uefinition to what it looks like
anu means to be a tiue uisciple. What }esus calleu us to is nowheie neai the miuule.

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Bottom Line: Noving out of the miuule is not about a changeu behavioi but
unueistanuing anu believing what }esus offeis is eteinally moie.

Sciiptuie: Naik 1u:17-S1; }ohn 1u:7-1u; Romans S:8

Nessage 0veiview: Theie aie things that holu us in the miuule. Foi the iich young
iulei, it was his wealth anu money. Foi a stuuent maybe it is a habit, auuiction,
ielationship, a life ciicumstance, oi maybe even a past full of iegiet anu shame.
Some stuuents aien't even in the miuule but on the siue of no faith at all. Foi those in
the miuule, }esus offeis eteinally moie. Foi those who uo not know }esus, Be is the
answei they may not even know they neeueu. }esus came to give life anu to give it to
the full. Life anu fullness cannot anu will not be founu in the miuule.

:37;/(34 5'6#71 23?$@<<+ -AA'?'3)

Bottom Line: It's not about uoing something big; it's about living foi a uou who's

Sciiptuie: Natthew S:1S-16; }ohn 1S:S4-SS

Nessage 0veiview: We weie saveu fiom the penalty of sin fiist to live in
ielationship with uou but !"#$ to let oui light shine in a uaik anu bioken woilu; to
live as chiluien of light, to caiiy the name of }esus. When we live as chiluien of light,
not only have we moveu out of the miuule but also we aie fulfilling the puipose foi
which we weie cieateu. Fiom the beginning of cieation, we weie uou's "plan A" to
spieau the uospel of Chiist. By the empoweiing of the Boly Spiiit, we aie the vehicle
that uou has chosen to use to spieau the tiuth of Bis Son anu the uospel stoiy. When
we choose to live as chiluien of light, we aie not only actively puisuing a
ielationship with }esus but we aie loving anu living to make Bis name, love, anu
giace known to family, fiienus, anu the woilu aiounu us. A faith like that coulu not
be faithei fiom the miuule. Stuuents will be challengeu to live out this kinu of faith.