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Data Interpretation

Syllogisms Analogies Sitting Arrangements Direction Based Problems Data Sufficiency Input Output And Odd Pairs Non Verbal Image Type! Course Of Action Coding Decoding Cause %ffect Output Tracing

Problems On Times Problems On Speed Problems On Distance BODMAS Menstruation Permutations And Combinations "ine #rap$s Tables C$arts Pie And Bar!


General Awareness

Compression Passages 'umbled Sentences Correction Of Sentences Synonyms And Anonyms Close Passage

Ban&ing Terms Current Affairs "atest %(ents Computer )no*ledge Mar&eting +uestions

,o* to Deal *it$ ,ig$ Oil Prices. Multinational Corporations/ Are t$ey De(ils in Disguise. Are Indians "ess +uality Conscious. %t$ics in Business are 0ust a Passing 1ad . Is t$e Consumer really t$e )ing in India. Commerciali2ation of ,ealt$ Care/ #ood or Bad. Is t$ere any Point in $a(ing a Business Strategy *$en t$e 3orld c$anges from Mont$ to Mont$. Is t$e Patents Bill #ood for India. Is t$e Business of Business only Business. Public Sector being a #uarantor of 'ob Security is a Myt$ . Capitalism is a (ery 1la*ed System but t$e ot$ers are so muc$ *orse . ,o* can a Business get rid of t$e Bad Name t$at it $as earned. #o(ernment Pumping Money into t$e %conomy is not t$e Solution for our %conomic Problems . Is t$e Budgeting %4ercise of any 5se. S$ould Agricultural Subsidies be stopped6%ntrance %4am 7 An e(il 6Pros n cons of *inning lottery 63omen bill . Is MNCs Superior to Indian Companies. Ad(ertising is a 3aste of 8esources . S$ould India brea& Diplomatic Ties *it$ Pa&istan. S$ould businessmen run t$e finance ministry. S$ould important ser(ices li&e transport be left to mar&et forces-6 . 3$o says MNCs are superior to Indian companies. 3$at *e need to reduce scams is better regulatory bodies6 . Trade can $elp t$e poor63omen %ntrepreneurs in India 6 Importance of In(estment 6%ssay on SM% 6Ban&s play a (ital role in day to day life 63omen security at t$e *or&place a deep concern 6Inclusi(e gro*t$ . 3ater resources s$ould be nationalised

. Are Co9operati(es 8ele(ant in Today:s #lobal %n(ironment. Indian (illages 7 our strengt$ or our *ea&ness. Space Missions are a 3astage of 8esources for a 8esource9Star(ed Nation li&e India . Satyam Scandal *ould Impact 1oreign In(estments in India . Pri(ate Participation in Infrastructure is ,ig$ly Desirable . De(eloping Countries need Trade; not Aid . Po(erty in T$ird 3orld Countries is due to Prosperity in 1irst 3orld Countries . Indian %conomy/ Old 3ine in Ne* Bottle< . Is #lobali2ation 8eally Necessary. 3$at s$all *e do about our %(er9Increasing Population. Banning of Trade 5nions *ill be Beneficial in #ro*t$ of t$e %conomy . 3$y can:t India be a 3orld9Class Player in Manufacturing Industry as it is in IT = BPO Sectors. 3e Need Drin&ing 3ater and Not Co&e = Pepsi in 8ural India . 8ise of 8egional Blocs T$reatens Independent Nations li&e India . S$ould t$e public sector be pri(ati2edLetter Writing: >6 "etter to your sibling ad(ising $im?$er to prepare for a competiti(e e4am @6 3riting a 0ob offer acceptance letter for t$e post of Assistant Manager A6 Complaint to C%O regarding t$e e4tra *or& in office B6 "etter to sibling for teling benefits for future of money sa(ing C6 "etter to ban& manager reDuestng to e4tend t$e 0oining period as you $a(e recie(ed t$e offer letter for t$e ban& 0ob6